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January 2017


Serving Southwest Riverside County Since 1989 VOLUME 28, NUMBER 1 And... Brotox JANUARY 2017 Virgil Gibson Are you prepared of the Platters for tax filing Special Valentine’s season? Concert page 31 page 26 Supervisor Chuck Washington Appoints Highest Jeff Comerchero as New Job Count Chief of Staff in City History Riverside County Third District Supervisor Chuck Washington, announced the appointment of Jeff Comerchero, a long-time Temecula councilman, by as his Helen chief of M. staff. Ryan SEE PAGE 29 Southwest Healthcare: Winner of the Inland Empire SEE PAGE 27 Top Workplaces Award SEE PAGE 25 By Ted Saul, Sr. Staff Writer One Simple Way to Live a Longer, Healthier Life When you think about improving your health or increasing your longevity, you probably picture yourself taking drastic measures like going vegan or switching to a lower-stress job. But there is actually one very simple way that you can get healthier and add years to your life, and almost everyone can do it. SEE PAGE 29 Presented by Steve Amante SEE PAGE 21 Dive into the New Year When Do I Need a Power of with More Energy, Attorney? Less Stress and Better page 27 New California Worker’s Comp Technology Trends to Consider city of temecula announces “ We are thankful for those businesses that made the decision to relocate and expand in Temecula. The City of Temecula continues to be focused on retaining, attracting and creating jobs here in town.” ~Mike Naggar, Mayor Are Your Prices Too High or Too Low ? Pricing basics and common sense tell us that if the price is too high customers won’t buy. There is also the perception that if a product or service is priced too low, quality may be questioned inhibiting sales. But another aspect often overlooked is simplicity. I ran into a “pricing conundrum”, during a recent visit to a favorite sandwich shop. Normally it’s a quick stop for my “usual” but unfortunately the chain changed their pricing options. Because of this new and improved advertised low price, to obtain the lunch with all the same extras the total ended up higher. Even after going through option one, two, three and so on with the cashier, it became evident I was lost in the world of pricing specials. FINANCIAL HEALTHY LIVING LEGAL NMA’s CEO Heather Petersen to Speak at the CES Digital Money Forum Health page23 page 14 page 19 page 19 page 19 Government