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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


ENRICHMENT COOMBESHEAD CAREERS On the 1 st December Coombeshead Academy launched its first Careers Day. The day focused on building up the skills and knowledge to help our young people make informed decisions about their futures and allow them to develop the skills to succeed in the world of work. All year groups were off timetable to take part in a programme of activities designed to challenge, engage and inspire. Year 7 spent their day developing skills in Languages, Geography and Food Technology. They baked magdalenas, investigated air miles, learnt some Spanish, looked at careers in the catering industry and how languages are useful. Year 8 considered their GCSE options and also worked in groups refining different models of wind powered cars. This allowed them to practise key skills such as product development and the application of skills from Technology, Science and Mathematics. Year 9 examined the wide variety of careers in the NHS and 8 Aspire Magazine | January 2017

DAY MAKES AN IMPACT had the opportunity to question two visiting paramedics. They also started to develop their qualifications' portfolio by gaining a First Aid certificate. A real Business Challenge faced Year 10 students. It was so encouraging to see young people really engaging with the task; the outcomes were impressive. Huge congratulations to all the students and the members of staff working with them. Year 11 students looked at their future pathways Post 16, be they vocational or A Level. They listened to a motivational seminar from Floyd Woodrow's excellence group that challenged them to think about where they want to be and how they might get there. Years 12 and 13 focused on Employability & Team Building with workshops run by the Army Outreach Team. Year 13 students used study workshops to look at applications in the workplace. All in all it was a great day. Many thanks to the staff and students involved. CAREERS Aspire Magazine | January 2017 9

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