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Coombeshead Academy Aspire Spring 2017

Spring 2017 edition of the Coombeshead Academy Aspire magazine.


SPORT & PE OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS IN CROSS COUNTRY Thursday 10 th November saw Coombeshead Academy take 37 students from Years 7 to 10 to represent the school in the South Devon Cross Country championships. The event took place at Stover School; the weather was not on our side! Torrential rain and wind featured from when we arrived, until mid-morning, so the students faced a real challenge in these conditions. However this did not seem to bother them and they gave it their all anyway. The day consisted of six races in total covering the different age groups; Year 7 girls and Year 7 boys, Junior girls and Junior boys, Intermediate girls and Intermediate boys. Each race had over 100 participants from the schools in the local area. The shortest distance covered on the day was 2 miles and the longest for our older competitors was 3.5 miles. Niamh Iddon and Kelis Rabley from Year 7 finished in the top 10 in their race so they now go forward to represent Devon in the Cross Country Championships. Mason Joint and Ollie Pead, also representing Year 7, finished in the top10 and have also been selected to represent Devon. Cerys Addy and Olivia Brooking from Year 9 represented us in the Junior girls finishing in 8th and 12th place. Tiago Ford and Jake Dan, also in Year 9 representing the boys, came in the top 15. All four now go through to also represent Devon in January 2017 at the championships. The Year 9 competitors ran a total distance of 3 miles on the day. Special mention must go to Khara Mitchell who finished just outside the top 15 and also to Year 10 student Ben Schafer. He was in 6th place all the way round until he pulled his quadriceps and sadly did not finish. A brilliant effort by each and every student – they are a credit to the school. YEAR 8 RUGBY CHAMPIONS Coombeshead Academy’s Year 8 rugby team attended a tournament for the independent schools in the area, so it was a real honour for Coombeshead to be invited. They came up against many good rugby schools with a very proud tradition of success, some of which have players on sports scholarships for rugby. The tournament was going to be a challenge! The team had had a fantastic season and they wanted that momentum to continue; they certainly did not disappoint. Our results against the following schools were: • St John's of Exeter: winners 15-0 • Shebbear College: draw 10-10 • Stover A: winners 10-5 • Stover B: winners 25-0 • Churston Ferrers Grammar School: 25 – 5 • Final vs. Plymouth College: winners 20 - 0 6 Aspire Magazine | January 2017 The team played with incredible passion and skill. No one player has been singled out for recognition as the whole team was incredible!

GIFTED AND TALENTED PROGRAMME LAUNCHED November saw the launch of the PE Gifted and Talented programme at Coombeshead. Earlier in the year students applied for a position on the elite athlete programme based on their sporting performance, both in and outside everyday school life. The applications received demonstrated the great strength and depth of the academy's elite athletes. Showing success in team games, their individual talents also shone through. The students selected included athletes from county up to international level across a range of sports, from water polo to football,from dancing to the martial arts. The aim of the programme is to further develop these young athletes and establish a framework to provide the foundation they need to become elite senior players in their sport. The following schedule illustrates some of the focus workshops already in place. Working with the Youth Sports Trust, it is proposed to create tailored programmes for elite athletes. There are also additional dates for opportunities to attend to professional fixtures to watch senior elite athletes first hand. Date Focus Venue 23 rd November Performance analysis for improvement - J.Tripcony Sports Hall 2 2 nd December Reaching your gools - Olympian Annie Vernon Sports Hall 2 17 th January 2017 Energy Systems in Sport Sports Hall 1 20 th February Sports Nutrition - Dr Burt Bond PE1 14 th March How to be elite - Royal Ballet school Aesthetics studio 23 rd March Sports Development - Exeter University visit Exeter University Aspire Magazine | January 2017 7

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