Peninsula People Aug 2017

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Volume XXII, Issue 1

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 3


Volume XXII, Issue 1<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong><br />

P A L O S V E R D E S P E N I N S U L A M O N T H L Y<br />


Watercolor by Katrina Vanderlip<br />

depicting a sculpture of her grandfather<br />

as a boy with his favorite<br />

dog. The sculpture is by Rudolf<br />

Evans, whose other work includes<br />

the Jefferson Memorial in<br />

Washington D.C.<br />


10<br />

Chester Bennington remembered<br />

by Kevin Cody Chester Bennington enjoyed rockstar status.<br />

But it didn’t calm his personal demons. As he wrote in his last<br />

single release, “Heavy,” I keep draggin’ around/What’s bringin’<br />

me down/Why is everything so heavy?<br />

18 Rising ballerina<br />

by Esther Kang <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts<br />

ballerina Lauren Hunter performs on the international stage,<br />

enroute to London’s Royal Ballet School.<br />

22 America’s banker<br />

by Bondo Wyszpolski <strong>Peninsula</strong> writer Vicki Mack<br />

recounts the story of Frank Vanderlip, whom the New York<br />

Times called “the banker who changed America.”<br />

26 Palos Verdes’ first family<br />

by Bondo Wyszpolski Both figuratively and literally the<br />

Vanderlips have been the first family of Palos Verdes since<br />

financier Frank Vanderlip bought 16,000 acres on the peninsula<br />

over 100 years ago.<br />

52<br />

Truxtons Bistro’s family fare<br />

by Richard Foss The newly opened Truxtons Bistro raises<br />

the bar for family restaurants on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />


14 Whiskey and Wine with PV Performing Arts<br />

34 Encore Group luncheon at Villa Narcissa<br />

50 PV Arts at Catalina View Gardens<br />

54 <strong>Peninsula</strong> Family Businesses<br />

56 Palos Verdes Assembly Ball<br />

58 Affinity Volunteers luncheon<br />

60 Music on the Meadows at Terranea Resort<br />

62 Celebrate Wellness at the Botanic Garden<br />

64 Caring House’s Evening of Appreciation<br />


40 <strong>Peninsula</strong> calendar<br />

48 Around and About<br />

69 Home services<br />

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6 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

“Home is everything.”<br />

It’s where you come back to after a long day and<br />

can finally relax and be with your family.<br />

Your home is that place you’ve dreamed of ever<br />

since you were a child.<br />

It’s not easy to find that perfect home.<br />

We are here to help make that dream a reality.<br />

Mike Levine<br />

Mike@levine-homes.com<br />

BRE License # 01928630<br />

CSLB License # B985034<br />

Anita Kapilla<br />

Anita@levine-homes.com<br />

BRE License # 02007684<br />

Real Estate & Construction<br />

310.796.9088<br />

Rolling Hills Estates<br />

• Built in 2016<br />

• 3,700 Square Feet<br />

• 4 Bedrooms & 4-1/2 Baths<br />

• Stunning Pastoral Views<br />

• Water Filtration System<br />


<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 9

Music couldn’t save<br />

Bennington<br />

Chester Bennington wrote music to ‘numb’ his<br />

personal demons. It wasn’t enough.<br />

by Kevin Cody<br />

In March 2016, Chester Bennington told <strong>Peninsula</strong> parents who filled the Norris<br />

Theater, “The schools here are so great because the parents are so involved in<br />

their kids’ lives.”<br />

Bennington’s praise came during a break in the music at the From Classic to Rock<br />

concert, organized by Marten Andersson, of the band Lizzy Borden. The concert<br />

raised over $50,000 for <strong>Peninsula</strong> school music programs. Bennington and his wife<br />

Talinda had several children in <strong>Peninsula</strong> schools.<br />

Bennington’s band Linkin Park had won multiple Grammys. Their 2001, breakthrough<br />

album “Hybrid Theory” sold over 10 million copies. During From Classic<br />

to Rock, Bennington and Andersson performed with fellow South Bay music stars<br />

Stone Temple Pilots, Gary Wright (“Dream Weaver”) , Chas West (Bonham and Foreigner),<br />

Monte Pittman (Madonna), LA Philharmonic violinist Yutong and Long<br />

Beach Symphony cellist Stan Sharp<br />

The evening closed with the musicians singing Bob Dylan’s elegiac “Knockin’ on<br />

Heaven’s Door.” The <strong>Peninsula</strong> High School choir sang backup.<br />

On Thursday, June 20, while his family was vacationing in Arizona, Bennington<br />

was found dead in his Palos Verdes Estates home, of an apparent suicide. He was<br />

41.<br />

Bennington struggled with mental demons throughout his life. He traced them to<br />

having been sexually abused in his youth.<br />

“I have been able to tap into all the negative things that can happen to me by<br />

numbing myself to the pain, so to speak, and kind of being able to vent it through<br />

my music,” he said in a 2009 interview with the website Noisecreep.<br />

That year he declared himself free of drugs. But if his music offers any insight, he<br />

was not free of his demons. His last single “Heavy,” released in February, includes<br />

the lyrics:<br />

You say that I’m paranoid<br />

But I’m pretty sure the world is out to get me<br />

It’s not like I make the choice<br />

To let my mind stay so f….ing messy<br />

Following his death, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Unified Superintendent Don Austin<br />

told the Daily Breeze, “All day I’ve been receiving calls and texts from people expressing<br />

their sadness for the loss of someone whom, anyone who knows him,<br />

would describe as a great guy, and our interactions together were the same. It was<br />

very clear that being a dad was more important to him than anything else. Our<br />

thoughts are with his family.” PEN<br />

2016 From Classic to Rock performers<br />

and organizers (left to right) Bennington,<br />

Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo, musician<br />

and composer Gary Wright,<br />

Schools Superintendent Donald Austin,<br />

Ed Foundation Development Director<br />

Cheryl Ward, Ed Foundation Board<br />

President Roma Mistry, PTSA Council<br />

President Beth Myerhoff, School Board<br />

member Malcolm Sharp, Stone Temple<br />

Pilots’ Robert DeLeo, Lizzy Borden’s<br />

Marten Andersson, PYT singer Lauren<br />

Mayhew and event co-producer Amy<br />

Friedman. Photo by Cynthia Halverson<br />

(CynthiaHalverson.com)<br />

Chester Bennington performing with Stone Temple Pilots at the 2016<br />

From Classic to Rock concert at the Norris Theater. Photo by Cynthia<br />

Halverson (CynthiaHalverson.com)<br />

10 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Performing Arts Conservatory<br />

A Night to Celebrate Whiskey and Wine<br />

Peanie and Alex Wang hosted Whiskey, Wine and Dads on June 16 in<br />

the courtyard of their Tuscan style estate. This was the first<br />

fundraiser organized by Backstage, the new leadership team of parents<br />

for the Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory (PVAC). More than<br />

60 guests were in attendance to support dance performances and plays<br />

while immersing themselves in the nuances of whiskey through J.P.<br />

Cordero, the spirits sommelier, who served up rare, high-end whiskeys.<br />

The spread of delectables was prepared by Jean Cordero of Entertaining<br />

Friends Catering and included lobster bisque, beef and seafood sliders,<br />

salads, pasta bar and individual desserts. For more information visit<br />

PalosVerdesPerformingArts.com.<br />

1. Peanie and Alex Wang.<br />


2. Justine Roe Lee, Peanie Wang,<br />

Marta Rhodes, Tanya Mann, Cindy<br />

Boger and Maki Bara.<br />

3. Tanya and Paul Mann and Dave<br />

and Cindy Boger.<br />

4. Alex Wang, Marc Saalberg, Paul<br />

Mann, Michael Warner, David Boger<br />

and Hank Parker.<br />

5. Chris Gilbert, Maki Bara and<br />

J.P. Cordero.<br />

6. Maura Mizuguchi, Amy Firmani,<br />

Allison Holcher and Joanne Saalberg.<br />

7. Marta Rhodes, Cindy Boger, Kimberly<br />

Wood, Deborah North, Justine<br />

Roe Lee Azadeh Khatibi, Lisa Berry<br />

and Lynn Collins.<br />

8. Dessert and drink.<br />

9. Carrie Yamato, Devyn Park and Kathleen Warner.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

14 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 15


GREAT<br />


PRICE<br />


QUEEN'S<br />


VIEWS<br />

550 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 240, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275

<strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Prima<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts dancer Lauren Hunter competing at Prix de Lausanne International Ballet Competition in Switzerland this past February.<br />

Photos by Gregory Bartardon<br />

15-year-old Lauren Hunter earns a place on the international ballet stage<br />

by Esther Kang<br />

Fifteen-year-old ballerina Lauren Hunter walks, talks and dances with<br />

a poise beyond her years. Her journey as a ballerina began at the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts only three years ago, but Hunter<br />

has already ascended to some of the most prestigious stages in the world.<br />

This past February, she was one of six Americans selected to compete at<br />

Prix de Lausanne International Ballet Competition in Switzerland. As the<br />

youngest contestant, she placed fifth and took home the coveted prize -- a<br />

full tuition scholarship to Royal Ballet School in London for a three-year<br />

course beginning this fall.<br />

Upon returning home, Hunter has continued her streak. In May, she won<br />

the Spotlight Awards for Classical Dance at the Los Angeles Music Center,<br />

earning a $5,000 scholarship and a performance at the Walt Disney Concert<br />

Hall. She then traveled to New York to compete in the Youth America<br />

Grand Prix finals, placing third and earning a bronze medal in the senior<br />

women’s level.<br />

Hunter was born outside Seoul, South Korea, to an American father and<br />

Korean mother. The family moved to Texas when she was 2. The intuition<br />

of her mother prompted Hunter to begin taking dance classes at age 6, splitting<br />

her time between jazz and ballet. She says the main incentive for dancing<br />

was fun and exercise in these early years.<br />

“Everyone always says, ‘Oh I’ve been in love with ballet since I was 2<br />

years old’ … not me,” she said, laughing. “I didn’t like it that much at all.<br />

The older I got, the more I understood it. When I was younger, I was like,<br />

‘I’m just in pain! Why am I doing this?’"<br />

At age 10, she and her family moved to Palos Verdes.<br />

As she got older, Hunter found herself appreciating ballet over other styles<br />

of dancing. At 13, she began private instruction with Marina and Alex Kalinina<br />

at the <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing Arts, as well as with teachers<br />

Roberto Almaguer and Vera Ninkovic. Under their mentorship, Hunter<br />

began to understand ballet as an art form beyond the visceral technicalities<br />

of dance.<br />

“I’ve always liked to draw and paint,” she said. “And I realized I can draw<br />

and paint while dancing on stage.”<br />

Upon entering Palos Verdes High School, Hunter was faced with a decision<br />

between joining a team or continue dancing ballet. She followed her<br />

intuition and decided to continue dedicating her energy to pursuing dance.<br />

Hunter described this period as a very difficult time; she struggled to balance<br />

school with pursuing a professional career in ballet. She traveled to<br />

New York, Salt Lake City and Orlando, Florida, placing in each of these<br />

competitions.<br />

“What’s cool about ballet is that you’re an actress as well as a dancer,”<br />

Hunter said. “One part of artistry is being able to show different emotions<br />

— sadness, anger, happiness — in one ballet. You have to be able to do that<br />

18 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

and connect with the audience, but<br />

there’s also artistry in how we<br />

move.”<br />

In the spring of that year, just a<br />

year into private training, 14-yearold<br />

Hunter landed her first lead<br />

role in a show when a Royal Ballet<br />

dancer, due to visa issues, was unable<br />

to perform the role of Aurora<br />

in the <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing<br />

Arts production of Sleeping<br />

Beauty.<br />

“It was really new to do that big<br />

of a role,” she said. “It was a big<br />

step for me. After every performance<br />

you grow, and when you<br />

come back in the studio, you’re<br />

like, ‘Wow, I can do this so much<br />

better than I used to,’” she said.<br />

“It’s a big opportunity and experience<br />

every time you’re on stage.”<br />

Homeschooling, which she<br />

began last year, has freed Hunter<br />

to pursue her passion. On a typical<br />

day, she spends at least five hours<br />

practicing her craft. She begins her<br />

morning with homeschool, followed<br />

by an hour and a half of private<br />

instruction with her current<br />

mentor Alla Khaniashvili. That’s<br />

followed by stretch class, pilates or<br />

swimming, then a conservatory<br />

class at Marat Daukayev School of<br />

Ballet in LA, near Marina Del Rey,<br />

where her family now lives. After<br />

that, she attends another class at<br />

the <strong>Peninsula</strong> School of Performing<br />

Arts.<br />

The international recognition<br />

Hunter has garnered has not<br />

slowed her down. Her fierce work<br />

ethic, paired with natural ability,<br />

makes her insatiable as a young<br />

artist pursuing perfection.<br />

“There’s always something for<br />

me to work on,” she said. “Some<br />

people plateau or think they’ve<br />

achieved the best they can. That’s<br />

when it gets boring. But it could<br />

never get boring really if you think<br />

about it. You can always be cleaner<br />

when you’re dancing, or jump<br />

higher. There should be no opportunity<br />

to get bored.”<br />

Earlier this month, Hunter spent<br />

two weeks participating in an intensive<br />

program at the Royal Ballet<br />

School in London, where she will<br />

return as a student this fall. She<br />

hopes to take the stage as the Royal<br />

Ballet’s prima dancer in the near<br />

future.<br />

“There’s so many other schools I<br />

can try to put my mind to,” Hunter<br />

said. “But the Royal Ballet is my<br />

dream company, so this school is<br />

the best way to lead into that.” PEN<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 19

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Spirit of the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> founder Frank Vanderlip<br />

lived in Vicki Mack’s downstairs office,<br />

and very likely he’s still there<br />

Photo of Vicki Mack by Bondo Wyszpolski. Inset: Frank and Narcissa Vanderlip. Photo courtesy of Vicki Mack<br />

by Bondo Wyszpolski<br />

Vicki Mack has put so much heart and soul into her book about Frank<br />

Arthur Vanderlip that her husband thought she was going to leave<br />

him for Vanderlip, despite the fact the patriarch of the <strong>Peninsula</strong> died<br />

in 1937.<br />

The couple had lived in The Cottage, which was built in 1916 and was<br />

originally part of the vast Vanderlip Estate.<br />

Vicki is a noted author and photographer (her resume includes photo<br />

shoots with six U.S. presidents, among countless celebrities) who lives in<br />

Palos Verdes Estates. She had never intended to write about the elder Vanderlip<br />

until one day at a luncheon she met Don Christy, the stepson of Vanderlip’s<br />

brother John.<br />

At the luncheon, which took place at The Cottage and had as its agenda<br />

the Palos Verdes Historical Homes Tour, she overheard someone say to Don<br />

that he should write a book since he knew so much local history. He replied,<br />

“I always wanted to, but I don’t know how.” Perhaps emboldened by her<br />

second glass of wine, Vicki interjected, “Well, you know, I could help you<br />

with that.” The result was a book they co-authored called “Up Around the<br />

Bend.”<br />

Later, Don told Vicki, “You need to write a book on Frank Vanderlip.” (In<br />

1913, Frank Vanderlip, a New York banker at the time, purchased the entire<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>, 16,000 acres, and naturally had big plans for it, although<br />

very few of them were ever realized on account of the 1929 financial<br />

crisis.)<br />

Vicki replied that writing a book about Frank Vanderlip was the family’s<br />

job, not hers, but Don told her that no one was doing it. “So that’s when he<br />

gave me his copy of the autobiography,” Vicki says. “As I read his book, I<br />

started getting a sense of who he was.” She hadn’t known he had helped<br />

found the Federal Reserve and had consorted with prominent public figures<br />

in New York and Washington, D.C.<br />

Narcissa Vanderlip, Frank Vanderlip’s granddaughter, asked Vicki how<br />

long she thought the writing would take. “I said, ‘Oh, probably three<br />

months.’ And she goes, ‘Vicki, there’s no way you can write a book on Frank<br />

in three months.’”<br />

Narcissa was right. “Nine months later I finished the first round, and<br />

Kelvin (the elder Vanderlip’s grandson) said, ‘You know, Vicki, this is only<br />

your first edition.’ And I said, Naaaah, this is it. And he said, ‘No, you’re<br />

going to learn so much more after it gets published.’”<br />

Kelvin was right. The book, “Frank A. Vanderlip: The Banker Who<br />

Changed America,” was published in 2013, but Vicki has indeed discovered<br />

new material since, and is seriously thinking of another edition. “What I’d<br />

like to do this time is a little more scholarly because I have so much more<br />

information now, particularly on the founding of the Federal Reserve. I<br />

think I’ve put some things together in ways that other people haven’t because<br />

of the background knowledge I have on Frank.” This would include<br />

financing related to World War I and Japanese immigration in the 1920s.<br />

“He was quite strong on the fact that he didn’t like the way the Japanese<br />

people were being treated.”<br />

Vicki Mack can entertain you for hours about Frank Vanderlip, whom<br />

she began calling “Frank” because Vanderlip had complained that no one<br />

ever used his first name but always addressed him as “Mr. Vanderlip” or<br />

“Mr. Van.” This led to an amusing incident.<br />

Each morning at 9 a.m. Vicki would head downstairs to her office to work<br />

on the manuscript. Her husband David would ask her where she was going.<br />

“I’d reply, ‘Well, we’re off to the Spanish American War,’ or, ‘We’re dealing<br />

with his time in Washington, or whatever.’”<br />

One day, as she’d picked up her coffee cup and was headed to her office,<br />

she told him, “I’m off to bury Frank.”<br />

“And he said, ‘I knew it! I knew it was going to happen!’ And I said, ‘Well,<br />

you know I’ve come to the end; it’s going to happen sometime.’”<br />

“He thought what I’d said was, ‘I’m off to marry Frank.’”<br />

She then adds, “To me he’s just Frank, and I joked that he lives in my office.<br />

He died in 1937 but he’s really alive and well in my office.<br />

“So that’s kind of how it all came to be.”<br />

Now, in the works is a documentary about Frank Vanderlip that was first<br />

shown at the Norris Theatre in Rolling Hills Estates in 2015 but is being reedited.<br />

“We need to do some different things to get it sold for TV,” she adds.<br />

Vicki Mack was adamant in noting that “none of this would have happened<br />

if it weren’t for Don Christy.” Husband David was supportive throughout<br />

the process, but Don pushed her until it was completed.<br />

Frank A. Vanderlip: The Banker Who Changed America, by Vicki<br />

A. Mack, is available from Pinale Press, P.O. Box 293, Palos Verdes Estates, CA<br />

90274. More information is at vickimack.com. PEN<br />

22 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

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Narcissa Vanderlip (Frank Vanderlip’s granddaughter) and her<br />

husband Parmer Fuller in the living room of Villa Narcissa. They<br />

are the co-founders of the ETC Theatre Company.<br />

Photo by David Fairchild<br />

26 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>


Through the ages with the <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s “First Family”<br />

by Bondo Wyszpolski<br />

Photo by David Fairchild<br />

In the beginning was<br />

Reached only by a narrow and winding tree-lined country road, Villa<br />

Narcissa sits high above the Portuguese Bend Club and Wayfarers<br />

Chapel. If we stand on the home’s quiet terrace and face west, we<br />

can pretty much say this is where it all started, this is the story that became<br />

Palos Verdes.<br />

Just over 100 years ago, Frank Arthur Vanderlip, then president of National<br />

City Bank of New York, brought his family from the East Coast to<br />

see the 16,000 acres he’d purchased. Vanderlip had bought the entire Palos<br />

Verdes peninsula, sight unseen, for about $1.5 million.<br />

The “internationally known financier,” as the New York Times would<br />

write in his obituary, had a grand vision for Palos Verdes. Imagine several<br />

estates the size and grandeur of the Getty Villa or the Huntington Library,<br />

all perched above the cliffs, as spacious and expansive as Italian seaside villas.<br />

That could have happened, and the beginnings of it indeed did. But history,<br />

that mishmash of zig-zags and cul-de-sacs, intervened in the form of<br />

the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression that trailed in its<br />

wake. Details about this can be gleaned from Vicki Mack’s exhaustively researched<br />

2013 biography, “Frank A. Vanderlip: The Banker Who Changed<br />

America.”<br />

Bit by bit, parcels of land were peeled away. Today, the Vanderlip estate,<br />

that which remains in the family, is just over 11.5 acres. And although Villa<br />

Narcissa (named in honor of Vanderlip’s wife) is an impressive and solidly<br />

built home, one must keep in mind that it was never conceived as the chief<br />

residence, but rather as a guest house, originally referred to as the Italian<br />

Renaissance Villetta. So where is or was the main domicile?<br />

In 1924, Vanderlip commissioned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead,<br />

Jr., whose father designed New York’s Central Park, to draw up plans<br />

for a villa (to be called Villa Palos Verdes), based on the 16th century Villa<br />

Papa Giulia in Rome. “It was to be large enough,” Mack writes, “to rival<br />

San Simeon, the northern California hilltop mansion of William Randolph<br />

Hearst.” The villa, she adds, “was to be a regal Italian estate. There would<br />

be groves of fruit trees and formal gardens, a magnificent arched loggia,<br />

enough rooms for even an explorer to get lost in, and every comfort one<br />

could ask for.”<br />

The market crash put an end to that plan, although years after after Vanderlip<br />

died in 1937 building material, columns, stones, roof tiles, remained<br />

on the property.<br />

Second generation<br />

Frank Vanderlip had six children. Kelvin, one of the sons, took possession<br />

of the estate and improved what remained of the property. However, Frank<br />

Vanderlip’s true descendent wasn’t a blood relative, but rather a person just<br />

as savvy and hardworking as he had been. This person was Elin Brekke, a<br />

Norwegian Kelvin married in 1946.<br />

Again, in a story filled with what-ifs and could-have-beens, Kelvin died<br />

young, in 1956 at the age of 44 (he’d been born the day the Titanic sank,<br />

April 15, 1912). What Vicki Mack wrote about formal gardens and enough<br />

rooms to get lost in, while never to be realized by way of Villa Palos Verdes,<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 27

A hilltop view down the grand cypress allee from the Temple to the front door of Villa Narcissa. Photo by Bondo Wyszpolski.<br />

were carried out as if to the letter by Elin Vanderlip over the half-century<br />

that she ruled the roost, no exaggeration, and elevated Villa Narcissa into<br />

something truly grand.<br />

The marriage had yielded four children, Kelvin, Jr., Narcissa, Katrina and<br />

Henrik, all of them born between 1947 and 1952, and thus still very young<br />

in 1956. Within two years their coming of age in such a pristine environment<br />

was interrupted in yet another way.<br />

“When my husband died, I took my whole family and the help to Switzerland,”<br />

Elin Vanderlip told me in 1997. “Other people would hang around<br />

and moan and put everybody in public school. Not me.” As her eldest<br />

daughter Narcissa wrote in the eulogy she delivered for her mother, who<br />

passed away in 2009 at the age of 90, “For us she became, as she said, our<br />

‘mother and father,’ setting off for Switzerland to find us top schools, learning<br />

French, and making a life for us over there.”<br />

That was the end of one phase in the children’s lives, and of course the<br />

beginning of another. Henrik and Katrina, forever “the twins,” were just six<br />

at the time, with Kelvin and Narcissa not much older.<br />

The hiatus lasted eight years, beginning in 1958, with the family returning<br />

to the Villa for good in 1966. Much had changed. As Kelvin Jr. recalls in a<br />

recent email, “The Villetta had become the Villa Narcissa, the Casetta (“a<br />

three-bay garage with two apartments above to house workers and mechanics,”<br />

Mack writes) had been sold, and the Cottage (a prefab structure, although<br />

nonetheless one with style, where the family was first installed) was<br />

no longer a shared family home. Portuguese Bend had grown from a dozen<br />

houses to about 50, the Palos Verdes landslide was in full descent, Abalone<br />

Cove went from a small private club to a county beach, and the Hill was<br />

growing roads and new homes.”<br />

Frank Vanderlip had built a duck pond below the Cottage, and the<br />

grounds housed an aviary large enough to contain over 100 varieties of birds<br />

(including, ahem, peacocks that later ran wild), but I’m not sure how developed<br />

the acreage was with regard to vegetation. There was the grand cypress<br />

allee that still descends at least 250 steps from a “temple” with Doric<br />

columns, virtually to the front door of Villa Narcissa (at one point, it is said,<br />

continuing down to Narcissa Drive). What I do know is that, whatever landscaping<br />

was there before her, Elin Vanderlip added to it immeasurably, and<br />

would do so up until the very last years of her life.<br />

“My accomplishments are my gardens,” she told me. “I’m very proud of<br />

that because twice it was totally burnt.” When the film producer Lee Katz<br />

was in Italy filming “Man of La Mancha,” Elin Vanderlip “toured every Italian<br />

garden I could get into. When I came back I planted nothing but olives<br />

and cypresses and got Italian terracotta sculptures.”<br />

(Lee Katz, described as her “eternal fiancé,” was sometimes referred to<br />

by Elin Vanderlip as “my companion of 30 years” or simply as “Mr. Katz,”<br />

which always made me think of “The King of Cats,” which is what the<br />

painter Balthus called himself.)<br />

A landscape in bloom<br />

“The Villa Narcissa gardens were my mother’s passion,” Katrina says<br />

today, “and although I remember hating planting annuals for her when I<br />

was a teenager, she took me to every garden we could find in Italy, in<br />

France, and wherever else we went, so her passion for gardens has become<br />

mine as well.”<br />

Elin Vanderlip was an imposing woman, at times “difficult, demanding<br />

and challenging” as Narcissa put it in her eulogy. So I was astonished then,<br />

as I remain today, that one topic that at least momentarily brought us closer<br />

was the godfather of punk rock, Iggy Pop, who’d himself scaled the cypress<br />

allee and also, barechested and seated upon one of the railway ties that<br />

serves as a stair, was filmed strumming a guitar and singing “Candy.” Elin<br />

Vanderlip relished telling me this curious vignette, all the more surprising<br />

in retrospect since this was the same woman who, in the latter 1960s, had<br />

founded Club Bagatelle, a gathering place for well-mannered teens that existed<br />

for maybe two years at the Golden Cove shopping center. If it didn’t<br />

exactly take off, just remember that this was the era of The Byrds, Buffalo<br />

Springfield, and The Doors. Well-mannered teens were on the wane.<br />

Iggy Pop wasn’t the only celebrity to be filmed or photographed against<br />

the backdrop of the grand allee or the gardens. There were shoots for<br />

“Vogue” and Elizabeth Arden and many others. But although most of the<br />

growing up and the living took place indoors, “A garden connected to a<br />

house can be a second home more real to its inhabitants,” in the words of<br />

Robert Harbison, author of “Eccentric Spaces.” “We need these two homes,<br />

a green one and a brown one, a grown one and a built one, two worlds in<br />

tension.”<br />

My mother had a childhood friend who owned a house near a lake in the<br />

woods, a few miles from Paris, where the three of us spent an afternoon.<br />

28 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

The woman, rather stout with a<br />

manly voice, reminded me of<br />

Rodin’s statue of Balzac, a figure<br />

with gravitas, wrapped in a cloak.<br />

But what intrigued me then, and intrigues<br />

me still over 30 years later,<br />

was that I never was sure where her<br />

garden ended and where the inside<br />

of the house began. There was an intertidal<br />

zone, if you will, comprised<br />

of flora, fauna, and furniture. Before<br />

we step inside Villa Narcissa itself,<br />

let’s recall a passage from Henry<br />

Miller’s “The Air-Conditioned Nightmare.”<br />

Miller wrote that “to speak in<br />

architectural language of a house<br />

which is as organically alive, sensuous,<br />

and mellow as a giant tree is to<br />

kill its charm.”<br />

Which is to say that thanks to Elin<br />

Vanderlip’s penchant for growing<br />

more rooms, the way one of her trees<br />

grows another branch, we cannot or should not write about the home in<br />

conventional terms of square feet and number of bedrooms and baths. And<br />

that, let me say, is a woman after my own heart. The house, staid and sturdy<br />

in some parts, survives as a living ancestor. Perhaps Bernard Rudofsky says<br />

it better: “I believe that in the arts and in architecture, the sensual pleasure<br />

should come before the intellectual ones.”<br />

Do I hear any naysayers? I thought not.<br />

Books, and lost love letters<br />

The throughline with all this, in case you’re wondering, is the family’s<br />

abiding passion for the arts (it extends to the youngest or “fourth generation”),<br />

beginning with Frank Vanderlip’s fondness for education (he founded<br />

a school on the East Coast) and his<br />

love for books. Elin Vanderlip, herself,<br />

was a voracious reader and<br />

much of her personal library, and<br />

that of her father-in-law’s, remains<br />

intact.<br />

On the first floor of Villa Narcissa<br />

is a library, the kind with built-in<br />

shelves, all of them neatly lined with<br />

old, elegant books, the likes of which<br />

are hard to come by, except perhaps<br />

at an estate sale where the family has<br />

run out of steam after 37 generations.<br />

I’m reminded of a sentence in Gert<br />

Hofmann’s “Lichtenberg and the Little<br />

Flower Girl” that says “There was<br />

a smell in the library of book dust<br />

and erudition.” Book dust, I don’t<br />

know, but all venerable libraries<br />

The library with rare books from the collection of the patriarch, Frank A. have that scent of learning and erudition.<br />

One of the key volumes, and<br />

Vanderlip. Photo by David Fairchild.<br />

Narcissa takes it from the shelf, is a<br />

well-thumbed, complete works of Shakespeare, which, she says, “I like to<br />

think is the one my grandfather carried in his overalls as a teenager trudging<br />

the six miles to work in the tool shop every day. And that helped him get<br />

into the University of Chicago.” After all, and one can read about this in<br />

Vicki Mack’s biography, Frank Vanderlip really does stand out as an example<br />

of someone who pulled himself up by his bootstraps.<br />

On the other side of the house, and it’s quite a stroll, actually, is a dark<br />

passageway, nearly a tunnel, that is lined with books, at the end of which<br />

one turns left, then right, before entering yet another large room, one wall<br />

of which is overflowing with books on gardening and architecture. There’s<br />

that sense of having entered a treasure vault.<br />

However, it’s the older part of the Villa, before these various wings and<br />

maze-like hallways were added, that retains the charm and character of the<br />


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<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 29

estate’s glorious past. I’m referring<br />

to the living room and a dining<br />

room that seem to have been in suspended<br />

animation, for decades. This<br />

is the part of the residence where<br />

one is reminded most of Frank Vanderlip’s<br />

legacy. The furnishings are<br />

splendid, tasteful, the colors mostly<br />

somber but soothing, and the walls<br />

graced with portraits of family<br />

members long since or recently deceased.<br />

“I love the living room in the old<br />

part of the house,” says Eric deCarbonnel,<br />

the son of Katrina Vanderlip,<br />

who spent three years there as<br />

a boy, “especially the rug and sofas.”<br />

But also, he adds, casting a vote on<br />

both sides of the equation, “I love<br />

the new kitchen/dining room in the<br />

new part of the house with its bright<br />

colors and unique design.” As mentioned,<br />

the house is a living thing, and perhaps still growing.<br />

The upstairs rooms are also joined by a warren of passageways. Narcissa<br />

leads us into and through each chamber, describing which sibling or relative<br />

had which room. Kelvin’s seems to have been the least appealing, with just<br />

one window, fronting the hill, whereas “My bedroom was the best in the<br />

house,” Katrina claims. “It is the only one with two windows with views of<br />

the ocean and one overlooking the fish pond garden.” It’s hard to disagree.<br />

But it’s not only that. “The walls of the Villa are thick and literally full of<br />

history,” she continues. “There are inside wood shutters, and behind the<br />

shutters are storage closets with three shelves each, and also built-in storage<br />

chests under the windows. The ones in the living room held memories: old<br />

rolled-up plans, Daddy’s collection of records, glass slides of 3-D pictures,<br />

Japanese lacquer tea sets (her grandfather<br />

visited Japan in 1920), games,<br />

and silver wrapped in felt.<br />

“The window closets in my old<br />

room were forgotten by all,” Katrina<br />

adds, “and I could even leave love letters<br />

there undisturbed. I found some<br />

two years ago, nearly 50 years later!”<br />

It was after I’d half-joked to Narcissa<br />

that there could well be undiscovered<br />

rooms in the house that she<br />

led me to the basement, not something<br />

one routinely finds in California<br />

homes, although they are plentiful in<br />

the Northeast, and so the idea of including<br />

one here must not have<br />

struck Frank Vanderlip as being the<br />

least bit odd.<br />

The one at Villa Narcissa is not vast<br />

The elegant dining room of Villa Narcissa. Blue was Elin Vanderlip’s favorite but perhaps in decades long gone,<br />

color. Photo by David Fairchild.<br />

when lavish parties were frequently<br />

given, there were many more bottles<br />

of wine. As with most cellars, it eventually became cluttered with odds and<br />

ends, old children’s skis, for example. Narcissa says she’d spent some time<br />

cleaning out an accumulation of rubble.<br />

After the death of Elin Vanderlip, Kelvin and his wife Michele took up<br />

residence in the home. “My wife and I, mainly my wife,” he says, “did quite<br />

a bit of hands-on work restoring the house and its 10 surrounding rental<br />

cottages.”<br />

That may be an understatement. Narcissa calls it a “herculean task that<br />

Kelvin and Michele accomplished over six years,” and points out that they<br />

not only handled major repairs, including plumbing and electrical work,<br />

but also took upon themselves “rehauling the infrastructure of the main<br />

house, organizing, accounting, painting rooms, and property management.”<br />

30 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

Oh, and let’s not forget the 11.5 acres with their cottages and gardens that<br />

were and are always are in need of care and fire abatement work. The surrounding<br />

hills, dry in summer, now belong to the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy.<br />

There are also security cameras above and below the property.<br />

A climb to the top<br />

The rental cottages were added to the property many years ago by Elin<br />

Vanderlip as a means of securing additional income for maintaining the<br />

house and its gardens. One of these was occupied by the writer and actor<br />

Sterling Hayden, a handsome man who was one of Elin’s many suitors.<br />

“There are 10 rentals now,” Narcissa says as we begin the steep climb to<br />

the top of the estate. “There were 13 at one point.” They were built without<br />

permits because, as Narcissa recalls her mother saying, “We were here before<br />

the City; who are they to tell me what to do on my property?”<br />

But after Elin Vanderlip’s death the City intervened with rules and regulations,<br />

and the upshot is that one cottage was demolished and two others<br />

now have different functions. The best of the remaining cottages are, not<br />

surprisingly, ideal for artists of whatever persuasion.<br />

Instead of walking straight up the grand cypress allee, we make our way<br />

along the north side of the estate, where we pass the remnants of a maze,<br />

concentric circles of oleander, that didn’t fare so well during the drought,<br />

and we come to a level rectangular area that Elin Vanderlip dubbed “My<br />

blue heaven,” blue being her favorite color, and which was planted with<br />

rosemary and jacaranda. The drought wasn’t so kind with this area either,<br />

although Katrina has been helping to restore it to its former grandeur.<br />

In one remote area is a tall, leafy circle of pine trees, which Narcissa<br />

likens to a bohemian grove, This is where Narcissa’s daughter Lili was<br />

married this past May to Joe Sofranko, who, like Lili, is involved in film<br />

and theater. Much of their comedy TV mini-series, “Complete Works,” having<br />

to do with actors wanting to excel at performing Shakespeare’s characters,<br />

was filmed on the estate. And, notably, this connects Lili with her<br />

great-grandfather, who would surely have applauded her interest in the<br />

Bard.<br />

Lili says she grew up spending Christmas holidays at Villa Narcissa, and<br />

so to be wedded here, as her aunt Katrina had been, “felt historic in a way,”<br />

she says. “I really felt the sense of time, the generations, and a gratitude<br />

for what my great-grandfather and great-grandmother did, and my grandfather<br />

and my grandmother. It’s truly a special, magical place, and I feel<br />

so lucky to have gotten married there.”<br />

And then there’s that focal point, like a high-backed throne, that looks<br />

down upon the domain.<br />

“I love the fantastic view from the Temple, after climbing the 276 stairs<br />

to the top,” Eric deCarbonnel says. “Need to check that number; it has<br />

been a long time since I counted.”<br />

“Climbing up to the Temple and sitting down to catch my breath and<br />

look at the Pacific is the best therapy for thinking out any problem,” Katrina<br />

says. “When we were little my older sister Narcissa created fairy<br />

worlds up in the hills, tying candies to trees and making me firmly believe<br />

in fairies. She even made me believe they moved to Switzerland with us.”<br />

Like his twin Katrina, Henrik looks back fondly on his youthful days at<br />

the Villa.<br />

“It is so rare in these days of constant mobility to have a childhood home<br />

to return to,” he says. “We are fortunate to still be able to share a family<br />

home with such a rich history. It is wonderful to see the next generation<br />

taking an interest in the house as well.”<br />

Also at the top of the estate is a small amphitheater where plays and<br />

other events have taken place. It’s not large by any stretch of the imagination<br />

despite being outlined by freestanding Roman-style columns, but it<br />

does have an unsurpassed view and serves as a reminder that over the past<br />

60 years the Villa has hosted performances and soirees, and continues to<br />

support the community by being available for various activities. In April,<br />

the Villa hosted a luncheon for Friends of the Palos Verdes Library donors,<br />

and in June for Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center donors. Among others<br />

scheduled is a fundraiser for the small non-profit ETC Theatre Company,<br />

which was co-founded in 2000 by Narcissa and her husband Parmer Fuller.<br />

Narcissa hopes that ETC will present musical and theatrical performances<br />

at the house or in the gardens. Over the years, the company has created<br />

37 shows, garnered five Ovation Award nominations, and received<br />

the Ovation Award for Best Score of a New Musical. That’s not bad, considering<br />

the depth and range of professional theater across Los Angeles.<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 31

As pointed out earlier, the<br />

throughline for the Vanderlips has<br />

been their love for the arts. The<br />

pinnacle of this passion must be<br />

Elin Vanderlip and the Friends of<br />

French Art foundation that she<br />

kept going for over 20 years, resulting<br />

in nearly two dozen group excursions.<br />

Participants donated<br />

$6,000 before embarking on the<br />

adventure, which I’m sure it always<br />

was with Elin Vanderlip at<br />

the helm. The foundation raised<br />

hundreds of thousands of dollars<br />

that went towards restoring objects<br />

of cultural significance in France,<br />

ranging from tapestries and ceiling<br />

paintings to the outer staircase of<br />

the Château de Blois along the<br />

River Loire (which didn’t go unnoticed<br />

in France itself. Vanderlip<br />

was presented with the Commander<br />

of the Order of Arts and<br />

Letters, among other honors).<br />

“I went on five of those Friends<br />

of French Art trips,” Narcissa says,<br />

“and you’d be in these châteaus<br />

that had been in the family for six<br />

generations, or a thousand years.”<br />

Palettes in paradise<br />

“It is pure bliss to paint in the<br />

garden, always finding a different<br />

vista and time of day,” Katrina<br />

says. “We have the very best sunsets<br />

in California, especially when<br />

the Santa Ana blows the dust particles<br />

out to sea.”<br />

All of which brings us to the upcoming<br />

Villa Narcissa Painting<br />

Week, a plein air master workshop,<br />

with oil painter Daniel<br />

Pinkham and watercolorist Katrina<br />

Vanderlip, to be held from <strong>Aug</strong>ust<br />

21 to 26.<br />

Pinkham and his wife, Vicki,<br />

have resided for a good 20 years in<br />

what is known as the Gate House,<br />

situated at the based of Narcissa<br />

Drive, and which was built in<br />

1925. Not only does the Gate<br />

House serve as the home of the<br />

Portuguese Bend Artist Colony and<br />

the non-profit Pinkham Foundation<br />

for the Arts, it remains,<br />

Pinkham says, “a reflection of the<br />

spark in the eye of Frank Vanderlip’s<br />

original vision. All about the<br />

home and studio one can see artifacts,<br />

antiques, and pieces of the<br />

Italian furniture from the Vanderlip<br />

family.”<br />

Regarding the plein air workshop,<br />

he points out, “The surroundings<br />

and spirit of Villa<br />

Narcissa offer artists a rare opportunity<br />

to address their artistic and<br />

aesthetic ideals and principles<br />

while working in an almost retreatlike<br />

Italian atmosphere.”<br />

Katrina trained as an art conservator<br />

at Harvard and in Italy. She’s<br />

also worked retouching paintings at<br />

the Getty, the Louvre, and the<br />

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.<br />

“Plein air watercolor painting has<br />

a huge advantage in that you can<br />

complete the painting in a short period<br />

of time and catch the feeling<br />

and moment,” she says. “Each day<br />

I will teach different techniques of<br />

bleeding or layering colors that you<br />

can use to create effects, such as in<br />

clouds, shrubbery, or the velvety<br />

feel of flower petals. We will set<br />

ourselves up in different areas of<br />

the garden and paint, paint, paint!”<br />

“I can think of no finer location,”<br />

Pinkham adds. “Plein air painting,<br />

like all the arts, helps elevate and<br />

edify life itself. That is why a workshop<br />

like this is so important.”<br />

Little more evidence is needed<br />

that the Vanderlip family, which<br />

was here from the very beginning,<br />

continues to be a presence on the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong>. Their story, with its<br />

twists and turns, is still unfolding.<br />

For information on Villa Narcissa<br />

Painting Week email katrinavanderlip@yahoo.com.<br />

PEN<br />


Monday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 21 to Saturday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 26<br />

Plein air master workshop with Daniel Pinkham (oil painting) and<br />

Katrina Vanderlip (watercolors). Vanderlip will give a tour of the<br />

house and share some of the history throughout the week. To<br />

participate, email three pictures of your paintings. Selected participants<br />

are asked to make a non refundable deposit of $600. The total cost of<br />

the week is $1,200. The fee includes instruction, coffee and tea on arrival,<br />

a gourmet buffet lunch on the terrace and wine with critique at<br />

the end of the day.<br />

For more information email katrinavanderlip@yahoo.com or visit<br />

facebook.com/Painting-at-Villa-Narcissa-1511447065612521/.<br />

32 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />


Villa Narcissa luncheon<br />

Arts Salon<br />

The Villa Narcissa in Portuguese Bend, originally belonging to Frank<br />

Vanderlip, was the venue for the Encore Group’s Benefactor Appreciation<br />

Luncheon. Narcissa Vanderlip, granddaughter of the famed New<br />

York financier who is often referred to as the Father of Palos Verdes, gave<br />

tours of the 100-year-old, Norwegian styled villa and its expansive<br />

grounds. Following the luncheon prepared by Lisa’s Bon-Appetit, the Lunada<br />

Bay author Vicki Mack talked about her biography of Frank Vanderlip<br />

and shared interesting facts about the history of Palos Verdes and its<br />

first family.<br />

1. Narcissa Vanderlip leading the<br />

tour of the Villa’s park-like grounds.<br />

2. The venue at Villa Narcissa.<br />

3. The grand stairs leading up to the<br />

“temple.”<br />

4. Terracotta garden.<br />

5. Ann and David Buxton.<br />

6. Narcissa Vanderlip and Parmer<br />

Fuller.<br />

7. Aaron and Maude Landon.<br />

8. Allen and Dottie Lay.<br />

9. Jim and Nancy Welsh.<br />

10. Parmer Fuller, Abby Douglass<br />

and Bria Biesman-Simons.<br />

11. Maude Landon, Narcissa<br />

Vanderlip and Abby Douglass.<br />

12. Vicki Mack, Art Friedman and<br />

Don Christie.<br />

13. (Standing) Jim Hill and Sue<br />

Andrews.(Seated) Melody and Sal<br />

Intagliata and Larry Andrews.<br />

14. Thea Bower, Dick Moe, Pam<br />

Barrett Hill, Marilyn Klaus and<br />

Alberta Samuelson.<br />

14. Vicki Mack, Art Friedman and<br />

Don Christy.<br />

1<br />

2 3 4<br />

5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11 12 13<br />

14<br />

34 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>



M E D I C A L C E N T E R<br />

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat....<br />

Buy One, Get One<br />

FREE<br />

William J. Wickwire, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Neal M. Ammar, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Two Coolscuplting Devices to Treat Two Areas at Once!<br />

Specialists in Skin Cancer Detection<br />

• Skin Cancer • Mole Removal & Mohs Surgery<br />

• Reconstructive Facial Surgery and Scar Revision<br />

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• Hair Loss & Propecia • Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane,<br />

Juvederm & Sculptra • Botox and Dysport Injections<br />

• Age Spots & Sun Damage • Laser Surgery<br />

• Microdermabrasion • Glycolic and Chemical Peels<br />

• Ultraviolet B & PUVA • Pediatric Dermatology<br />

310-798-1515<br />

www.beachcitiesderm.com<br />

South Bay’s<br />

best equipped<br />

Dermatology<br />

Center!<br />

Redondo Beach —<br />

520 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 302<br />

Palos Verdes —<br />

827 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 101<br />

All PPOs Accepted<br />

Evening & Sat.<br />

Appts. Available<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 35

eventcalendar<br />


Compiled by Teri Marin<br />

You can email your event to our address: penpeople@easyreadernews.com<br />

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.<br />

Ongoing<br />

Native Plant Nursery Volunteer Days<br />

Monday – Friday, 9am. Enjoy nurturing seedlings and help shrubs grow for<br />

habitat restoration projects. Must RSVP 48 hours in advance. Sign up at<br />

www.pvplc.volunteerhub.com<br />

Rapid Response Team<br />

Fridays and Saturdays, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Work alongside Conservancy staff<br />

protecting important wildlife habitat by closing unauthorized trails! Task include<br />

trail maintenance, building fence, installing signage and more! We<br />

work at various locations around the Preserve where work is most needed.<br />

Directions to sites emailed upon sign up. No experience needed. 15 and up.<br />

http://pvplc.volunteerhub.com<br />

Saturday, July 29<br />

Bestselling Author<br />

The Palos Verdes Library District is proud to host New York Times Bestselling<br />

Author Mary Alice Monroe at Malaga Cove Library Garden. Mary will be<br />

promoting the latest in her Beach House series: Beach House for Rent, which<br />

explores the interconnection between two strangers and the natural world<br />

along with the South Carolina seashore on the Isle of Palms. Monroe is an<br />

active conservationist and lives in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. 2-4 p.m.<br />

2400 Via Campesina, Palos Verdes Estates. www.pvld.org.<br />

Friday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 4<br />

The Seaside Beaders<br />

A special interest group of the Embroiderers' Guild of America meets at 9:30<br />

a.m. This meeting continues teaching a peyote stitched miniature teapot. Visitors<br />

are welcome. You can always bring your own project to work on. St.<br />

Francis Episcopal Church, 2200 Via Rosa, Palos Verdes Estates. For more information,<br />

please call Idele (310)540-6104 or visit the web page:<br />

www.azureverdeega.com/bead_ projects.com.<br />

Saturday and Sunday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 5 and 6<br />

Bromeliad Show and Sale<br />

South Bay Bromeliad Associates show and sale. Free admission and parking.<br />

This is a judged show and all Bromeliad growers are welcome to enter. The<br />


• Jumbo Loan To $10 Million<br />

• Conventional Loans with only 1% Down (WHY RENT?)<br />

• FHA up to $636,150<br />

• 5+ Unit Financing<br />

• Construction Loans<br />

• Good Credit/Bad Credit<br />


(BRE: 01275204/MLO: 1153348)<br />

JACKIE COLLINS, Broker<br />

800-653-1022<br />

www.webmortgagefunder.com<br />

609 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 200, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

40 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

show will feature many species, hybrids, and cultivars not commonly seen.<br />

Many plants will be offered for sale from commercial vendors and SBBA members’<br />

private collections. Show times: Saturday noon-4:30 p.m.; Sunday 10<br />

a.m.-4:30 p.m. Plant sale both days, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Rainforest Flora<br />

Nursery, 19121 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance. SBBA members and Rainforest’s<br />

employees will be available to answer any questions you may have. Direct Inquiries:Bryan<br />

Chan, bcbrome@aol.com or (818)366-1858.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 5<br />

First Saturday Family Hike<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy First Saturday Family Hike at<br />

George F Canyon, 9 a.m. Bring your family and join a naturalist guide to discover<br />

habitat, wildlife and more on an easy hike up the canyon with amazing<br />

views of the city. Free. All ages welcome. 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. East, Rolling<br />

Hills Estates. For more information, contact (310) 547-0862 or RSVP<br />

at:www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At Portuguese Bend Reserve, 9 a.m. – noon. Help restore important wildlife<br />

habitat while looking out at a beautiful view! Sign up at http://pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 6<br />

Full Moon Hike<br />

At George F Canyon, 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. East, Rolling Hills Estates,with<br />

the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy. Explore nocturnal sights with<br />

an expert naturalist under a full moon at the George F Canyon Nature Preserve.<br />

Must be age 9 and up. $12 per person. Reservations required at<br />

www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Thursday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 10<br />

Needle Artists by the Sea<br />

Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild will hold its monthly meeting at<br />

10 a.m. Create small, round animal/pet ornaments. Ports O’Call Restaurant,<br />

1200 Nagoya Way, San Pedro. We will be Call 310-379-2921 for further<br />

information.<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 41

V ilicich<br />

Watch & Clock<br />

Established 1947<br />

Celebrating<br />

Our<br />

70 th<br />

Anniversary!<br />

(310) 833-6891<br />

714 S. Weymouth Avenue<br />

San Pedro, CA 90732<br />

Not affiliated with Rolex USA<br />

JUST SOLD! 23 Offers - $1,100,000<br />

28016 Acana Road, Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

Top 100 RE/MAX Agent<br />

• Great Lot and Location!<br />

• Large Flat Usable Lot over one quarter<br />

acre (11,286 sq ft) on a U-shaped street<br />

• One Level<br />

• Views of trees, mountains, peek of<br />

ocean, gentle breezes<br />

• Built 1962, original, needs renovation<br />

For Showing Appointment Call<br />

310-796-6140<br />

DianeStoneHomes@gmail.com | www.DianeStoneHomes.com<br />

Cal BRE# 01823115<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Saturday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 12<br />

Los Serenos tour<br />

Enjoy a guided hike lead by the Los Serenos docents along the Vicente Bluff<br />

Reserve and the Point Vicente Lighthouse, at 10 a.m. Tour the Point Vicente Interpretive<br />

Center museum, the native plant garden, and walk along the spectacular<br />

bluff top at the Vicente Bluff Reserve. There will also be a guided tour<br />

of the Point Vicente Lighthouse hosted by the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The hike<br />

is free and the public is welcome! The hiking difficulty is easy. Parking and<br />

meet up will be at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center. Hike will be canceled<br />

if there is rain. 31501 Palos Verdes Dr. W, Rancho Palos Verdes. For more information,<br />

please call (310) 377-5370 or visit our website at<br />

www.losserenos.org.<br />

Trail Crew Training<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy, 9 a.m. – noon. Join this indoor<br />

intro class to learn more about how to help improve <strong>Peninsula</strong> trails while enjoying<br />

nature and getting a healthy workout! Must be 18 years or older. Training,<br />

tools and work shirt provided.PVP Land Conservancy Office, 916 Silver<br />

Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates. RSVP: www.pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Guided Nature Walk<br />

By Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy at George F Canyon, 9 a.m.<br />

Wander along a willow-filled canyon stream with coastal sage scrub restored<br />

habitat. Look down on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s rare Catalina Schist from one of the few<br />

places you can see the rock exposed. An easy to moderate walk. Free and<br />

open to the public. For more information, contact (310) 541-7613 ext. 201<br />

or sign up at www.pvplc.org/_events/NatureWalkRSVP.asp.<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At White Point Nature Preserve, 1600 Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, 9 a.m. –<br />

noon. Help beautify the native demonstration garden and surrounding habitat.<br />

Sign up at www.pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Stories, Songs and More for All<br />

At the White Point Nature Education Center, 10 a.m. Share the joy of storytelling<br />

with your children and introduce them to the beauty of the natural surroundings.<br />

Your family will enjoy spending time with retired Children’s<br />

Librarian Carla Sedlacek for stories and activities featuring nature themes, exciting<br />

props and songs. Free. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar in San Pedro. RSVP at:<br />

www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 16<br />

Seaside Concert with<br />

Webster’s Big Band<br />

Free family-friendly concert hosted<br />

by the Neighborhood Church featuring<br />

local favorite swing and jazz<br />

specialists, Webster’s Big Band!<br />

They bring nostalgic sounds from big<br />

band music, to swing, rock and roll<br />

and more! Led by Bill Webster, longtime<br />

Palos Verdes resident, they have<br />

been performing in the South Bay<br />

and beyond for over 30 years! BYO<br />

picnic begins at 6 p.m., concert at 7<br />

p.m. No tickets or reservations required,<br />

seating is provided. 415<br />

Paseo del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates.<br />

Birding with Wild Birds<br />

Unlimited<br />

At White Point Nature Preserve,<br />

8:30 a.m. Explore the birds making<br />

a home in the restored habitat at this<br />

42 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

eautiful preserve. Binoculars supplied for beginners. The program is free. All<br />

ages welcome. White Point Nature Preserve is located at 1600 W. Paseo del<br />

Mar in San Pedro. RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 19<br />

Banning Birthday Concert<br />

Friends of Banning Museum will celebrate the birthday of the “Father of the<br />

Los Angeles Port” Phineas Banning with a special evening of music and dancing<br />

with JB and the Big Circle Riders. 5 - 8 p.m. General admission guests<br />

bring their own dinner and beverage, blanket/low chair and enjoy the concert,<br />

line dance instruction and dancing on the front lawn of the mansion: $10<br />

general admission, free for Friends of Banning Museum members and children<br />

11 and under. In the spirit of the Rancho-period of the Banning property, in<br />

addition to the Western-themed evening of music and dancing VIP guests will<br />

be treated to a good old fashioned barbecue buffet by The Outdoor Grill complete<br />

with birthday cupcake, reserved seating and gated parking: VIP -$45.<br />

Country Western attire is admired but not required. Guests are welcome to<br />

bring their own wine or beverage. Reservations required for all guests. 401<br />

East “M” Street, Wilmington. For more information or to reserve your ticket,<br />

call 310-548-2005.<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At Alta Vicente Reserve, 30940 Hawthorne Blvd., Rancho Palos Verdes, 9<br />

a.m. – noon. Help restore this unique canyon habitat home to many threatened<br />

and endangered wildlife species. Sign up at www.pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 23<br />

Birding with Wild Birds Unlimited<br />

At George F Canyon presented by the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy.<br />

8:30 a.m. Explore the birds in nesting season making a home in the<br />

canyon. The program is free and all ages welcome. 27305 Palos Verdes Drive<br />

East, Rolling Hills Estates. RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Thursday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 24<br />

Azure Verde embroiderers<br />

Meeting at 9:30 a.m. No program this month, just bring your unfinished projects<br />

to work on. Visitors are welcome.<br />

St. Francis Episcopal Church,<br />

2200 Via Rosa, Palos Verdes Estates.<br />

For more information, please<br />

call (310) 540-6104 or visit our web<br />

page at www.azureverdeega.com/<br />

calendar.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 26<br />

Guided Nature Walk<br />

Attend a naturalist-guided hike beginning<br />

at 9 a.m. Enjoy coastal<br />

views and learn more about the<br />

plants, animals, restoration area and<br />

more! Meet at the information kiosk<br />

between parking lot and Nature<br />

Center. White Point Nature Preserve,<br />

1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro.<br />

For more information call (310) 541-<br />

7613 or RSVP at: www.pvplc.org,<br />

Events & Activities.<br />

Calendar cont. on page 46<br />

eventcalendar<br />


Plumbing<br />

3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1<br />


Family Law Mediation<br />

After practicing law in the<br />

Manhattan and Hermosa Beach area for<br />

over 28 years I'm pleased to announce the<br />

relocation of my offices to Palos Verdes.<br />

Please call for a free consultation.<br />

F R E E<br />

E S T I M A T E S<br />


Attorney At Law<br />

655 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 125<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

(310) 544-2255<br />

Majoneslaw.com<br />

D E P E N D A B L E • P R O F E S S I O N A L • A F F O R D A B L E<br />

w w w . m a t t u c c i p l u m b i n g . c o m<br />

Since 1990 • License # 770059, C-36 C-34 C-42<br />

Vote!<br />


$ 9 8 0<br />

Residential Water Heater<br />

40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available)<br />

Includes hot & cold water supply lines<br />

Expires September 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />





$ 7 5<br />

Rooter Service - Main Line<br />

Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply.<br />

Expires September 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n<br />

s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t .<br />

Thank You<br />

For Your<br />

ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 43<br />


Calendar cont. from page 44<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At Native Plant Nursery, 9 a.m. –<br />

noon. Nurture seedlings and grow<br />

shrubs for habitat restoration projects<br />

all around the <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Reservations<br />

required by Wednesday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 23.<br />

Sign up at www.pvplc.volunteerhub.<br />

com.<br />

Blooming Begonia Show<br />

The Palos Verdes Begonia Society’s<br />

26th annual Begonia show at the<br />

South Coast Botanic Garden (SCBG)<br />

from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come see beautiful<br />

and unusual Begonias exhibited<br />

by society members. Parking is free<br />

and show is free with paid garden<br />

entry: adults $9, seniors and students<br />

with ID $6, children 5- 12 $4, and<br />

under 5 free. Entry to the gardens is<br />

free for SCBG Foundation members.<br />

26300 So. Crenshaw Blvd. For information<br />

contact Carol Knight at 310-833-3466.<br />

Amazing Honeybees<br />

A begonia arrangement<br />

'Campfire' by Jackie Johnson.<br />

The South Coast Begonia<br />

Society will hold its annual<br />

show Saturday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 26,<br />

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the South<br />

Coast Botanic Garden.<br />

Photo by Ted Johnson<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy Presentation, 11 a.m. at White<br />

Point Nature Education Center & Preserve, 1600 Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro.<br />

Join Nicole Palladino, Founder, Beequilibrium to celebrate National Honey<br />

Bee Day who will explain the importance of bees to the food chain. Free.<br />

RSVP to: www.pvplc.org: Events & Activities/Whitepoint Presentations or call<br />

(310) 541-7613.<br />

Native Plant Sale<br />

At White Point Nature Preserve, noon – 2 p.m. Plants sold on first-come, firstserve<br />

basis. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro. For more information call<br />

(310) 541-7613.<br />

Gourmet evening<br />

American Honda presents “Honda Evening Under the Stars” Gourmet Food<br />

& Wine Festival, benefiting Vistas for Children, Inc. and Torrance Memorial<br />

Pediatrics. The event takes place 6 to 9:30 p.m. on the grounds of Honda<br />

Headquarters in Torrance, 700 Van Ness Ave. It features a performance by<br />

saxophonist Kenny G, along with samplings of the best in South Bay cuisine<br />

and more than 80 varieties of wine. For more information or to purchase tickets,<br />

please visit www.facebook.com/eveningunderthestars.<br />

“Mr. Australia”<br />

New Zealand and Fiji Too!<br />

Your So. Bay Expert for Amazing, Customized,<br />

Independent Travel Packages “Down-under.”<br />

For a conference or appointment:<br />

Rick Stone, “Mr. Australia”<br />

310-793-6013<br />

mraustralia@verizon.net<br />

www.MrAustralia.net<br />

Proudly Affiliated with<br />

Beach Travel, Hermosa Beach<br />

46 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

calendar<br />

Sunday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 27<br />

Garden Concert Series<br />

St. Luke's third free Garden Concert<br />

for <strong>2017</strong> features The Firebird Quintet<br />

performing on traditional Russian<br />

instruments: the domra, a string instrument<br />

with a thin, fretted neck and<br />

round body first appearing in written<br />

records at the end of the 15th century;<br />

the balalaika, a triangular-bodied<br />

Russian instrument well known to<br />

Western audiences from the film<br />

Doctor Zhivago; and the bayan, a<br />

member of the accordion family popular<br />

in Russia and Ukraine. Their<br />

repertoire ranges from traditional<br />

Russian, Ukrainian, and Eastern European<br />

songs to well-known classics<br />

and original compositions. The Firebird<br />

Quintet is a winner of the<br />

2016/17 Beverly Hills National Auditions.<br />

Everyone is invited to come<br />

early to picnic in the lovely garden.<br />

5-7 p.m. During intermission, dessert<br />

and coffee are hosted by St. Luke's,<br />

located at 26825 Rolling Hills Road,<br />

Rolling Hills Estates. For more information<br />

call (310) 377-2825 M-F, 9<br />

am - 1 pm. www.stlukespres.com<br />

Monday, <strong>Aug</strong>ust 28<br />

Calling all Singers!<br />

Los Cancioneros Master Chorale auditions<br />

for the <strong>2017</strong>-18 season.<br />

LCMC, under director Allan Robert<br />

Petker, is a mixed chorus that performs<br />

in the South Bay region of Los<br />

Angeles County. Its repertoire ranges<br />

from classical to modern. The<br />

Chorale gives four performances a<br />

year, Just Desserts, Holiday, Classical<br />

(usually at the end of March),<br />

and Spring (usually in June) at the<br />

Armstrong Theater in Torrance California.<br />

To make an appointment,<br />

contact Lorraine Pickus at (310) 377-<br />

4978. lcmasterchorale.com.<br />

Wed., <strong>Aug</strong>ust 30<br />

Mac Users Meeting<br />

AllMac/iPad/iPhone users and potential<br />

users are welcome. Admission<br />

is free. 6:30 p.m., Beginners Q & A,<br />

followed at 8 p.m. with a presentation<br />

on a subject of interest to Mac<br />

users. See the website sbamug.com<br />

for more info, or call 310-644-<br />

3315. email: info@sbamug.com.<br />

PEN<br />

Robert T. Downs, Sharon A. Bryan* ** + ++, Christopher M. Moore* ** + ++, Rebecca L.T. Schroff** + ++, Jan T. Inoue*<br />

* Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization;<br />

** Certified Trusts & Estates Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization;<br />

+ Chosen to 2016 Super Lawyers; ++ Chosen to 2015, 2016 and <strong>2017</strong> editions of Best Lawyers of America ©<br />

Honored by our peers for our professional excellence,<br />

Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP<br />

2016 Super Lawyers<br />

Certified Family Law and Trusts & Estates Specialists<br />

Complex Property • Custody • Support Issues<br />

Personal Service • Exceptional Results<br />

Cost Effective • Timely Resolutions<br />

(310) 540-8855<br />

21515 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 490, Torrance<br />

www.mbsllp.com | mail@mbsllp.com<br />


"Its Like You’re There All Over Again"<br />


<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> 47

Highest Quality at a Fair Price<br />

• Stamping<br />

• Driveways<br />

• Pool Decks<br />

• BBQ/Firepits<br />

• Patios<br />

• Stonework<br />

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48 <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Afternoon in the Vineyard<br />

Chefs and Cellars<br />

On July 16, The Associates to Benefit the Palos Verdes<br />

Art Center and the Beverly G. Alpay Center for Arts<br />

Education, held a fun-filled event at the hilltop property<br />

of Catalina View Gardens, generously hosted by Jim and<br />

Kathy York. Guests savored and sipped curated wines<br />

from Boisset, spirits such as Tito's Handmade Vodka and<br />

craft beers from Stone Brewing Co. Guests dined on chef<br />

selected hors d’oeuvres from restaurants including Bettolino<br />

Kitchen, P.V. Grill and Rebel Republic Social House.<br />

The soiree was set amongst vineyards where establishments<br />

like Terranea Resort are purchasing their wines,<br />

and included a frontage panoramic view of the Pacific and<br />

Catalina Island, which gives the venue its name.<br />

1<br />

2<br />


3 4<br />

1. Ron and Billie Johnson and Kathy York.<br />

2. June Treherne, Sharon Ryan and Derek Treherne.<br />

3. Lynn Doran, Madan Syal and Rori Roje.<br />

4. Alex Quintana and Diane Barber.<br />

5. Susan and Mike Grimshaw and Mohini Syal.<br />

6. Danae Lester, C.J. Chiappinelli, Jimmy Banayot and<br />

Teresa Gordon.<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7. Jacqueline Glass and Maureen Takahashi.<br />

8. Roni Kershaw, Candi Gershuni, Sandra Olsson and<br />

Marvin Harris.<br />

9. David and Ann Buxton, Maude and Aaron Landon.<br />

10. Marlene Smyth, Michelle Wake and Chuck Smyth.<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

50 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 51

Oz Valle serves up Truxton’s Coca-Cola braised ribs. Photo by Brad Jacobson (CivicCouch.org)<br />

Better than fair family fare<br />

Truxton’s American Bistro raises the bar for family fare on the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

by Richard Foss<br />

The primary characteristics of a French<br />

bistro are casual, small, and cheap. The<br />

word is Russian for “quickly.” After<br />

Napoleon surrendered and Paris was occupied,<br />

impatient Cossack soldiers reportedly shouted<br />

“Bistro!” at restaurant workers so often that small,<br />

cheap places that could make a fast meal put out<br />

signs with that word. This was probably welcomed<br />

by restaurants because impatient shouting<br />

foreigners now all went somewhere else.<br />

The staples of French bistros are country classics<br />

such as steak frites, onion soup, and coq au<br />

vin. What, though, might an American bistro be?<br />

Our sense of flavor is much wider than the traditional<br />

bistro favorites.<br />

At Truxton’s American Bistro, the space in Hillside<br />

Village that was Restaurant Christine for almost<br />

two decades, the category has a quite<br />

different meaning. This offshoot of a popular<br />

Westchester restaurant is medium size, has an<br />

unusually large and wide ranging menu, and<br />

though it’s inexpensive for the neighborhood, it’s<br />

not a bargain basement. The place has a casual,<br />

bustling energy that attracts a range of people,<br />

and it’s the highest profile family restaurant in<br />

the area to open in years.<br />

I have visited three times and each time had<br />

trouble deciding because there are so many options.<br />

The starters I’ve tried were the ancho<br />

honey shrimp, a Caesar salad, brisket taquitos,<br />

and the charred broccoli. The shrimp are the<br />

kind of thing that everyone has put on menus<br />

since our inexhaustible appetite for things that<br />

are crispy, sweet, and spicy was discovered. The<br />

element that raised this a few notches was the<br />

gently spicy pepita cole slaw they were served<br />

with. Truxton’s has many different sides, some of<br />

which outshine the items in the spotlight.<br />

The Caesar dressing had just a hint of anchovy<br />

and garlic, and I might ask for a little extra next<br />

time because it was a bit tame. I liked the taquitos<br />

more, though I would like to have the chipotle<br />

crema on the side rather than pre-drizzled. The<br />

slow-cooked brisket in these has enough flavor to<br />

be enjoyed on its own, or with just the good guacamole<br />

that is also provided. I get that the presentation<br />

is prettier, but sometimes it’s good to<br />

give the diners the choice to adulterate their food,<br />

at will.<br />

The only starter that disappointed was the<br />

charred broccoli. Lightly cooking vegetables and<br />

then char-finishing them to get extra smokiness<br />

and texture is a sound idea, but the kitchen did<br />

this with pieces that had huge stems, and the<br />

base of these was very fibrous. If the broccoli<br />

stem had been trimmed, this would have been a<br />

winner. As it was, we ate the best parts with a<br />

dab of Dijon mayo and left the rest.<br />

The four mains we tried were wild mushroom<br />

linguine, Turkish spiced chicken, fish and chips,<br />

and a monthly special of Coca-Cola braised ribs.<br />

Odd as that last item might sound, braising meat<br />

in cola is actually a common practice. It’s usually<br />

done with cheap and tough cuts of meat because<br />

the acidity of the soft drink tenderizes the meat,<br />

while also infusing sugars that caramelize nicely<br />

when the meat hits the grill. The sweetness has<br />

to be balanced with pepper, ginger, chili, or other<br />

sharp spices not to be cloying. Truxton’s version<br />

falters here. The sweet barbecue sauce that was<br />

slathered on before serving didn’t have that bal-<br />

52 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

ance, and there was a lot of it. It would be better with a spicier sauce, or<br />

no sauce at all to cover up the interesting effect of the marinade. The ribs<br />

came with grilled corn and tangy cilantro coleslaw that was a good companion<br />

to barbecue.<br />

The Turkish spiced chicken was a more successful experiment, and a<br />

somewhat daring thing to put on the menu because most Americans have<br />

no idea what Turkish food is like. The chicken had been rubbed with savory<br />

but not hot spices before being grilled, and then topped with an intense<br />

herbal sauce. It was accompanied by an Israeli-style, large grain<br />

couscous with crisp garbanzo beans and barberries, a tart, tangy dried fruit.<br />

The flavors were spot on. It was easily the best item I had here.<br />

The fish and chips and mushroom linguine were traditional items competently<br />

made, and if that sounds like faint praise it isn’t. Getting the fish<br />

moist and the batter crisp takes talent, and they nailed it. As for the pasta,<br />

the parmesan garlic cream sauce complemented the peas, mushrooms, and<br />

other vegetables in the sauce and completed the fresh and natural flavors.<br />

It tasted like good home cooking, and that’s a compliment.<br />

The wine and beer program here is decent though wines are slightly<br />

overpriced, and the bar is curiously lacking in high-end spirits. This is definitely<br />

a food destination that serves drinks rather than a wine or craft bar,<br />

but they cover the basics. They should perhaps reconsider their dessert offerings,<br />

which are all sweet and heavy. The meals here are substantial, and<br />

some people like something light and fresh to finish. I had asked our server<br />

about the apple tart, but she said that it was very sweet and topped with<br />

caramel sauce, and that killed that.<br />

Truxton’s is open for brunch on weekends, and we were lucky enough<br />

to get in just before the rush. The place was half full when we arrived but<br />

had a line out the door as we left. Conventional eggy things were offered<br />

but we decided on a Vietnamese-style pork breakfast burrito and an order<br />

of salmon hash. The pork burrito had a mix of spicy harissa and fruity Chinese<br />

hoisin sauces, an idea I hadn’t seen before. It worked nicely with the<br />

eggs, pork, green onions, and avocado. My wife had ordered the hash in<br />

spite of it including kale, an item she doesn’t always like, but the combination<br />

of greens with onion, potato, and roasted salmon won her over.<br />

Truxton’s owners made a smart move when they decided to open here,<br />

because there is a shortage of family-friendly American restaurants on the<br />

hill. They deserve to succeed because they’re doing something that needed<br />

to be done, and generally doing it well.<br />

Truxton’s is at 24530 Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance. Open Mon-Fri 11<br />

a.m. – 10 p.m., Sat - Sun 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Parking lot. Wheelchair access good.<br />

Full bar, corkage $15. Menu at truxtonsamericanbistro.com. 310-373-8790. PEN<br />

310.539.6685 310.884.1870<br />

310.326.9528<br />

866.BEYOND.5<br />

310.534.9560<br />

310.539.2993<br />

310.530.3079<br />

310.997.1900<br />

www.cflu.org<br />


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310.326.4477<br />

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New Smiles Dentistry<br />

Stephen P. Tassone, DDS<br />

310.791.2041<br />

310.517.0324<br />

310.530.0566<br />

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CENTER<br />

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310.530.8411<br />

WineShoppe<br />

310.539.1055<br />

Truxton’s mushroom pasta (top) and Turkish Chicken. Photo by Richard Foss<br />

Northwest Corner of<br />

Crenshaw Blvd. & Pacific Coast Hwy. in Torrance<br />

~ For Information, Call 310.534.0411<br />


<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 53

Quality Seafood<br />

100 S. International Boardwalk Redondo Beach • (310) 372-6408 • www.qualityseafood.net<br />

uality Seafood was founded in it remains one of the largest and<br />

Q1953 by Nick Dragich and his finest seafood markets on the West<br />

son Peter Dragich Sr. After years of<br />

fishing from Alaska to South America,<br />

they decided to open a market<br />

Coast. The market continues to be<br />

family run, with Pete Dragich Jr. and<br />

Ann Belson at the helms. And recently<br />

and bring the freshest possible<br />

the 4th generation of<br />

seafood from the boats directly<br />

into Redondo Beach. Prior to the<br />

redevelopment of the pier, the<br />

Dragich family owned four separate<br />

seafood markets in Redondo.<br />

In 1968 the family combined those<br />

Dragich family members came<br />

aboard to help keep things running<br />

smoothly for years to come. As<br />

Cassie (Dragich) and her husband<br />

Jeff Jones recently relocated back<br />

to the South Bay, together, they<br />

markets into Quality Seafood Inc., foresee continuing the family<br />

and opened its current location on<br />

the International Boardwalk, where<br />

legacy of providing a truly unique<br />

experience and fresh seafood to all.<br />

M<br />

ary Lou Schatan began<br />

her professional career at<br />

Ballard Optical in the Riviera<br />

Village. The family owned<br />

and operated business gave her<br />

the opportunity to learn all aspects<br />

of the business from janitor<br />

to manager. It took 21<br />

wonderful years of "hands on"<br />

working experience in dispensing<br />

to become a Professional<br />

Dispensing Optician and an<br />

Award Winning Eyewear Consult-<br />

ant.<br />

Mary Lou began building<br />

Schatan Optical Gallery in March<br />

of 1988. It took 9 months to<br />

build and became an instant destination<br />

for "Exceptional Eyewear”!<br />

Schatan's "family" consists of<br />

two other women. Winky<br />

Stavropoulos, who has worked<br />

26 years at Schatan and loved as<br />

a "daughter" and Brittany Mine,<br />

an 11 year veteran, who assists<br />

both Mary Lou and Winky and regarded<br />

as the "most important<br />

sister".<br />

Family-owned and operated is<br />

an exercise in perfection. We<br />

have a stellar reputation because<br />

we respect our customers and<br />

offer only the very best quality<br />

that money can buy.<br />

We moved! Come see us in the<br />

Hillside Village across from Misto<br />

Cafe. We will open your eyes to<br />

the most wonderful eyewear<br />

you have ever seen!<br />

M-F 10-6<br />


New Location! 24580 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505 • (310) 378-3936<br />

The Neighborhood Meeting Place” is not just a slogan, but states the truth about<br />

Hennessey’s Tavern - all 10 of them! Now it their 41st year serving Irish Hospitality,<br />

owner and founder Paul Hennessey says he’s looking forward to the next<br />

40 years!<br />

It all started on Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach, September of 1976 when the first<br />

Hennessey’s Tavern opened for business. At half the size then, this flagship location<br />

has grown westward and up to offer diners spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean<br />

while enjoying great food and drinks. Each Hennessey’s offers a full bar & menu,<br />

serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.<br />

Paul Hennessey couldn’t stop with just the one concept. Apart from 10 Hennessey’s<br />

Tavern locations throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, Paul also<br />

proudly owns H.T. Grill, The Lighthouse Café, The Wine Bistro & Whiskey Bar in Dana<br />

Point, and an additional concept in Las Vegas, Mickie Finnz Fish House & Bar. Most<br />

recently Paul has partnered with 3 of his senior management team, to create Rebel<br />

Republic Social House in the Riviera Village which he’s hoping to take to other City’s<br />

in the near future.<br />

Paul Hennessey, married with 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren actively participates<br />

in the daily operations of all 15 of his locations. No matter what, the respected business<br />

& family man promises, when referring to his locations “You always run into<br />

someone you know there”. And that’s what has kept the Irish Hospitality going for<br />

over 40 years!<br />

Hennessey’s Tavern<br />

8 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach (310) 372-5759 • 1712 S. Catalina Ave. Redondo Beach (310) 540-8443 • 313 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach (310) 546-4813<br />

H.T. Grill 1701 S. Catalina Ave. Redondo Beach (310) 791-4849 • The Lighthouse Café 30 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach (310) 376-9833<br />

Rebel Republic Social House 1710 S. Catalina Ave. Redondo Beach (424) 352-2600<br />

www.Hennesseystavern.com<br />

54 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

For the three Chong brothers, Fernando, Roberto and Marcelino,<br />

the journey to success in the restaurant business began in their<br />

mother’s very own kitchen.<br />

“She had a passion for cooking, not only Chinese, but also Cuban<br />

and Peruvian cuisine. I picked up a lot of things from her,” recalled<br />

Roberto, who would grow up to become the executive chef of the<br />

family’s restaurants.It may be noted from Roberto’s quote above,<br />

that the three brothers were born in Cuba and raised in Peru before<br />

settling in California. Once here, Roberto furthered his culinary education<br />

while working for California Cuisine pioneers Robert Bell and<br />

Michael Frank at Courtney’s, in downtown Manhattan Beach.<br />

In the early 1990s the three brothers opened the family’s second<br />

Chong’s at the corner of PCH and Artesia. Subsequently, other<br />

Chong’s would open in Long Beach and Costa Mesa. Roberto, however,<br />

wanted to stretch his culinary legs. When the opportunity presented<br />

itself to open a formal, 80-seat restaurant in Manhattan<br />

Beach, they seized it.<br />

Ws China Bistro<br />

China Grill, like the family’s other restaurants, enjoyed immediate<br />

success. With its western influenced menu and upscale décor, the<br />

restaurant is often compared to PF Chang’s. But Fernando noted a<br />

critical difference. Unlike corporately owned restaurants, “because<br />

we are family owned, we are quality driven, instead of bottom line<br />

driven”. The western influences, Robert noted, allow him to use<br />

flavors that are bolder than traditionally mild Cantonese food. Ginger,<br />

garlic, peppers and other exotic spices are used to enhance the<br />

natural flavors. Over time, influences from the countries of their<br />

upbringing have worked their way into the menu, such is the case<br />

of the Asian Paella and the Peruvian Saltado.<br />

Continuing in this tradition of entrepreneurship, the family<br />

opened Rabano in Hermosa Beach this past February.<br />

No doubt, a new dynasty in Asian/Fusion cooking was started<br />

right here in the South Bay.<br />

Rabano<br />

Ws China Bistro 1410 S. PCH, Redondo Beach (310) 792-1600 • www.wschinabistro.com<br />

Rabano 2516 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach CA, 90254 (310) 318-1998 • www.rabano.com<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 55

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

PV Assembly<br />

Presentation Ball<br />

S<br />

ince 1964, <strong>Peninsula</strong> youth<br />

have participated in the Presentation<br />

Ball at the legendary<br />

Crystal Ballroom of the Millennium<br />

Biltmore Hotel. This year’s<br />

ball was May 8. The evening recognizes<br />

the students for their philanthropic,<br />

academic and athletic<br />

achievements. Over the past four<br />

years they have provided more<br />

than 8,000 hours of service, supporting<br />

a wide range of causes,<br />

from the environment to homelessness.<br />

Under the tutelage of<br />

Dance Masters Bobby Burgess<br />

and Carol Thomas they have<br />

learned ballroom dancing as well<br />

as manners and etiquette. After<br />

the medallion presentation members<br />

danced the mother/son and<br />

father/daughter Viennese Waltz.<br />

To learn more about the presentation<br />

ball, visit PVAsembly.com.<br />


Palos Verdes Assembly Class of <strong>2017</strong>: Front row (left to right) Nicole Suppelsa, Lauren Alimento, Kathryn Dodge, Siobhan<br />

Ortolano, Lindsey Yoshiyama, Sophie Jacobs, Saeko Kubo, Erin Kawakami, Emma Manis, Sabrina Lee. (Second row) Kastur<br />

Koul, McKenna Howard, Andrew Arrieta, Leslie Salcedo, Blake Pickman, Julianna Yonis, Conrad Boothe, Kathryn Kelliny,<br />

Bryce Kitagawa, Brittany Whang, Krislyn Jobes. (Third row) Cameron Hosmer, Sarah Aoyagi, John Matson, Allison King,<br />

Joshua Magid, Grace Addleman, David Willigrod, Sarah Taghavi, Kyle Beachboard, Kaitlyn DeRudder, Remo Ventura. (Top<br />

row) Mark McHugh, Frederic Doub, Ryan Chase, John Addleman, Randy Shaw, Gregory Osborne, Harrison Mitsanas, Mike<br />

Koyama and Joseph Polack.<br />

ony’s On The Pier today is known for its fresh seafood, ocean<br />

Tview sunsets and best customer service. Back in 1952, when<br />

Tony Trutanich opened its doors, it had that same positive reputation.<br />

Growing up in San Pedro, Tony was a successful tuna fisherman,<br />

and as the boat Captain, would be out to sea for months<br />

at a time. Just plain “tired of the long hours and extra hard work,”<br />

Tony decided to bring that tuna to the tables of his own restaurant<br />

- Tony’s On The Pier.<br />

With only 20 tables at first, Tony’s On The Pier grew quickly and<br />

was soon frequented by movie stars, as hundreds of photos on<br />

the walls depict. In 1964, Tony added the famous “Top of Tony’s”<br />

where guests, still today, walk up stairs to enjoy the most beautiful<br />

sunsets, full bar, food and live entertainment. His son,<br />

Michael, started working there when he was just 15, as a busboy<br />

and dishwasher, doing anything he could to help his father’s business.<br />

Moving up the ladder to become General Manager, Michael<br />

continued working with his father until he passed away in 2006.<br />

“Dad stayed active all the way to the end,” Michael recalls. “He<br />

taught me everything. I worked for him all my life.”<br />

Retiring three years ago, Michael still works for Tony’s, ordering<br />

all of the seafood, even living in Idaho. He communicates daily<br />

with now GM Regina Fong, who’s been at Tony’s for 40 years. And<br />

that’s not uncommon. In fact, the average employee has worked<br />

there for over 20 years. Downstairs bartender Billy Morgan has<br />

been there for 47 years while upstairs bartender Manny Jimenez<br />

just hit his 38 year anniversary. Tony’s son Michael says his father<br />

was such a “role model” and treated everyone at his restaurant<br />

like family. Today, Tony would be proud as everyone at Tony’s On<br />

The Pier is still his family.<br />

Tony’s On The Pier<br />

210 Fishermans Wharf Redondo Beach • (310) 374-1442 • www.oldtonys.com<br />

56 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

ickedler.com<br />


1821 VIA ESTUDILLO<br />


$1,899,000-JUST REDUCED<br />

3602 GREVE DRIVE<br />


$1,499,999<br />

7206 CREST RD<br />


$1,799,000-JUST REDUCED<br />

25219 DORIA AVENUE.<br />


$679,000<br />

55 ENCANTO<br />


$1,679,000-JUST REDUCED<br />

100 TERRANEA WAY #32-401<br />


$2,350,000<br />



310.872.4333<br />

CALBRE#01113145<br />



310.283.8790<br />


S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Affinity Volunteer Luncheon<br />

Honors service<br />

The Hill was alive with the sound of music on June 21 when Jeralyn<br />

Glass kept the luncheon crowd at the Palos Verdes Golf Club mesmerized<br />

with her performance of Broadway show tunes. It was the annual event<br />

of the Affinity Group of the Volunteer Center honoring three noteworthy<br />

women, Jean Adelsman, Joyce Kochanowski and Ann Buxton for their volunteering.<br />

Proceeds from the event went to support the Center’s Operation<br />

Teddy Bear, which annually provides 5,700 backpacks filled with educational<br />

materials to underserved first graders. Ann Buxton has been a key<br />

supporter of the Palos Verdes Art Center and its support group, The Circle.<br />

Joyce Kochanowski is the president of Las Vecinas, support group of the Assistance<br />

League.<br />



1. Honoree Ann Buxton, David Buxton,<br />

daughter Christie Vogt and<br />

grandson Brook Vogt.<br />

2. De De Hicks and Honoree Jean<br />

Adelsman.<br />

3. Honoree Joyce Kochanowski<br />

(center) and sons Doug and Paul.<br />

4. Honorees Jean Adelsman, Ann<br />

Buxton and Joyce Kochanowski.<br />

5. Honoree Jean Adelsman and<br />

friends Ellen Kircher, Katherine<br />

Joiner and Pam Popovich.<br />

6. Jen Ryan, Sharon Ryan, and<br />

Cherri Olson.<br />

7. Jeralyn Glass and mother<br />

Jacqueline Glass.<br />

8. Laura Lamping, Ann Buxton<br />

Honoree, Betty Wing and Nancy<br />

Howell.<br />

9. Lynne Neuman, Steve Kovary<br />

and Kelly Curtis Intagliata.<br />

10. Steve Kovary, Shirley Starke-<br />

Wallace, Roberto Reid and Silia<br />

Sofko.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6 7<br />

8<br />

9 10<br />

58 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

30 Year Anniversary<br />

The Palos Verdes Flower Talking Clock donated by<br />

Michel Medawar and his family, celebrated its 30th<br />

Year on the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />


OPEN<br />

SAT/SUN<br />

1-4<br />

TRULY<br />

A BARGAIN!<br />


$1,649,000<br />

Set in the prestigious community of Westfield in the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>…<br />

more that two thirds of an acre on 4 graded flat pads with wide views. It is not<br />

only the ultimate horse property, the house boasts 3 large bedrooms and 2 1/2<br />

baths (one with a whirlpool spa tub). The charming remodeled kitchen features<br />

convenient built-ins, wood cabinets and shiny granite countertops. Cozy fireplace<br />

in living room. Extensive use of travertine and gleaming hardwood and high grade<br />

laminate flooring and granite along with energy efficient dual pane windows<br />

throughout and on sewer system. Circular driveway and large garage allow ample<br />

room for multiple cars. Close to freeways, shopping, schools,<br />

medical facilities, entertainment, parks, tennis court, trails and riding ring.<br />

Armitra Properties Inc. • 310.994.7400 • arun@arjay.net<br />

Your clock reminds you of its presence every<br />

time you wind it. If the accuracy of the clock is<br />

not what it used to be, or the chimes are not as<br />

strong or rhythmic, or maybe it just stops; that means<br />

your clock is talking to you and telling you that its endless<br />

life is in jeopardy.<br />

It is imperative to maintain and service your clock<br />

regularly. Oil gets old and dry forcing the train of gears<br />

to work twice as hard to accomplish their goal. This results<br />

in damage that drastically shortens the life of a<br />

fine timepiece.<br />

Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of<br />

timepieces for over sixty years as his father did sixty<br />

years before. He is the inventor of the first talking clock<br />

in the world. He is a graduate from Patek Philippe in<br />

Geneva, Switzerland, The Theod Wagner Clock CO. in<br />

Zeeland, Michigan. Call him so that he may come to<br />

your and offer you a free estimate for servicing your<br />

clock. Or bring your wall or mantel clock to out store<br />

to see our showroom and receive the same complementary<br />

diagnosis.<br />

We are located at 810C Silver Spur Rd., in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca.<br />

90274. Or call us at (310) 544-0052<br />

Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday<br />

810C Silver Spur Road • Rolling Hills Estates • CA 90274<br />

Call 310.544.0052<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 59

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Music on the Meadows<br />

The Summer Soundtrack<br />

On Father's Day, Terranea Resort invited guests to celebrate<br />

summer’s start with their fourth annual program<br />

of live music on their sprawling, oceanfront grass<br />

lawn. The meadows of Terranea were bursting at the<br />

seams with hundreds of concert goers, foodies and<br />

oenophiles enjoying the beginnings of a blissful season in<br />

a quintessential California setting. Visitors enjoyed Farmto-Terranea<br />

BBQ inspired dishes, local breweries and signature<br />

cocktails. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Blasters and<br />

the eclectic group, Venice performed. Music on the Meadows<br />

is a celebration of life...a hope that each special event<br />

held at Terranea brings a deeper connection between the<br />

resort and the greater Palos Verdes Community,” said marketing<br />

vice president Agnelo Fernandes.<br />

1<br />

2<br />


1. The band Venice.<br />

2. Scott Ramsay and Dan Scala.<br />

3. Ted Lanes and Alysha Del Valle.<br />

4. Bill and Karen Savino, Gage, Kitti and Wally Hammons and<br />

(foreground) Kira Savino and Kira Hammons.<br />

5. Jessica, Louie and Jacob Alvidrez.<br />

6. Kerry and Kelly O’Brien.<br />

7. Kat Bloom, Gavin Steiner and Briana Thomas.<br />

8. Brian and Ali Whitaker.<br />

9. Dana, Paige and Ethan Ireland.<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

60 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

JoAnn DeFlon<br />

SRES, Palos Verdes Specialist<br />

310.508.3581 call/text<br />

joann.deflon@VistaSIR.com<br />

CalBre #01943409<br />

Every resource that is available to me and<br />

Vista Sotheby’s International Realty<br />

will be utilized to present your home in an Extraordinary<br />

and Targeted Manner.<br />

Call me about your current home or<br />

to find your next one.<br />

Each office is independently<br />

Owned and operated<br />

4203 Spencer St., Torrance, CA 90503<br />

(310)214-5049 • www.pevelers.com<br />

Appointment Recommended<br />

Showroom Hours: Monday Thru Friday 10-5<br />

Closed Saturday and Sunday<br />

License #381992<br />

• Serving the South<br />

Bay for over 35 years<br />

• Full Service Contractor<br />

• Complete Installation<br />

• New Construction<br />

• Remodeling<br />

• Second Floors<br />

• Additions<br />

• Cabinets<br />

Visit Our<br />

Kitchen &<br />

Bath<br />

Showroom<br />

Deep Water Conditioning<br />

with Variable Resistance Cuffs<br />

is the only program of its kind and is offered<br />

in the South Bay.<br />

Classes have been on going through all seasons<br />

for the last 25+ years in heated pools at the exclusive<br />

clubs of Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic<br />

Club in Palos Verdes and the Jack Kramer Club in<br />

Rolling Hills Estates.<br />

Great for all around conditioning, cross training,<br />

and rehabilitation. All ages welcome!<br />

Contact Trey Mason 310-809-2818<br />

treyenn@aol.com<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 61

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Cancer Support Community<br />

Sizzles hot at Celebrate Wellness<br />

The Cancer Support Community commemorated 30 years<br />

of service on June 25 at the South Coast Botanic Garden.<br />

Over 500 guests attended the 21st Annual Celebrate Wellness<br />

fundraiser. Attendees enjoyed sunshine and music as they<br />

sampled fare from over 30 restaurants, wineries and breweries.<br />

The day generated net proceeds of nearly $170,000,<br />

which will help fund over 200 free, monthly support programs<br />

for cancer patients and their loved ones. Adrienne<br />

Nakashima, CEO of South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation<br />

said, “We commend the work they have done to be a powerful<br />

resource for individuals and families affected by cancer.”<br />

1. Hanne Ekberg, Alicia Henderson and<br />

Sandra Frasso.<br />

2. Trump National Golf Club wine.<br />

3. Viviana De La Borda, Chris Garasic and<br />

Harvey Kano.<br />

4. Elise Asch, Adrienne Nakashima, Judith<br />

Opdahl, Thomas Simko MD, Anne Clary and<br />

Dan Hovenstine MD.<br />

5. Natalie and Dave Muckley.<br />

6. Brent Anderson, Andrea Sala, Randy<br />


Bowers, Jim Sala, Mark and Erika Smith.<br />

Smith.<br />

7. Meredith Grenier and De De Hicks.<br />

8. Bryan Chang MD, Phung Huynh MD and<br />

Thyra Endicott MD.<br />

9. Brian and Pauline Harris, Paula and Brad<br />

Moore.<br />

10. John Bucher, Craig Ekberg, Theresa<br />

Plakos, Guido Rietdyk and Kyle Kazan.<br />

11. Sasha Ohara, Randy Bowers and<br />

Judith Opdahl.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

8<br />

9<br />

7<br />

10<br />

11<br />

62 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

Southern California’s Newest Marina<br />

Guest Slips Available<br />

Suzy Zimmerman, Agent<br />

Insurance Lic#: OF71296<br />

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite<br />

103<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

Bus: 310-377-9531<br />

www.zimziminsurance.com<br />

That’s when you can count on<br />

State Farm®.<br />

I know life doesn’t come with a schedule.<br />

That’s why at State Farm you can always<br />

count on me for whatever you need –<br />

24/7, 365.<br />



1101198.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL<br />

Marina Amenities<br />

• SLIPS from 28’ to 130’<br />

• Dry Storage w/Crane Launching<br />

• New Restrooms w/Showers<br />

• Ice Machines & Laundry<br />

• Pumpout - Public & In-Slip<br />

• Ample FREE Parking<br />

Shortest<br />

Run to<br />

Catalina!<br />

Marina (310) 514-4985 • Dry Storage (310) 521-0200<br />

Cabrillowaymarina@westrec.com • cabrillodb@aol.com<br />

www.westrec.com/marina/cabrillo-way-marina<br />

2293 Miner St., San Pedro, CA 90731<br />

NOW<br />

OPEN!<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 63

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Caring House<br />

New Progress<br />

Caring House recently hosted "An Evening of Appreciation"<br />

for supporters at the Toyota USA Automobile<br />

Museum. Guests viewed the video "A Story of<br />

Three Hearts," which tells the stories of appreciative<br />

Caring House residents. The Torrance facility opened<br />

in February 2016 and is focused on end-of-life care.<br />

Honorary committee members in attendance included<br />

Dr. Ira Byock, Rev. Jonathan Chute, Kathleen Crane,<br />

Esq., Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey, Los Angeles<br />

County Supervisor Janice Hahn, Dr. Lisa Humphreys,<br />

Sr. Terrence Landini, Richard Lundquist, Dr. John Mc-<br />

Namara, Dr. Samuel Nam and Rabbi Didi Thomas.<br />

1<br />


1. Ed Long, Karen Hlavaty-Pearson, Judy and Craig Leach,<br />

Richard Lundquist, Judy Gassner and Sherry Kramer.<br />

2. Sister Terrence Landini, Jean Cordero, Barbara McAuley<br />

and Pat Simonetti (standing).<br />

3. Pat Baldivia, Robin Camrin, Dr. Thyra Endicott and Rev.<br />

Jonathan Chute.<br />

4. Chris Rogers, Don Van Buren and Bill Duncan.<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />


• Are you in or approaching retirement?<br />

• Do you want to stop worrying about your<br />

investment portfolio?<br />

• Do you lose sleep wondering if you may<br />

outlive your nest egg?<br />

• Do you want to know if you are on the<br />

right path financially?<br />

• Do you want to take control of your<br />

finances?<br />

• Do you feel you need a second opinion on<br />

your portfolio?<br />

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the<br />

above questions, you may need to contact<br />

me, to provide you with a personal financial<br />

plan designed to help you take control<br />

of your finances, reduce anxiety and ultimately<br />

achieve your financial goals. There<br />

is no cost or obligation for the initial meeting,<br />

as it is an opportunity for you to learn<br />

more about me, and for me to determine<br />

if I can help you achieve your financial<br />

goals and objectives.<br />

As a fee-only financial planner I will be<br />

compensated solely by my clients, I do not<br />

accept commissions, referral fees, or<br />

compensation from other sources, and I am committed to acting in<br />

your best interest.<br />

Abbas A. Heydari, CFP®<br />

Certified Financial Planner<br />

and Registered Investment Advisor<br />

Providing Financial Services<br />

in Torrance since 1986<br />

21515 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 1020<br />

Torrance, CA 90503<br />

E-mail: aahfp@Yahoo.com<br />

Web: www.aaheydari.com<br />

Phone: (310)792-2090<br />

64 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 65

PV Juniors distribute compassion<br />

n The Palos Verdes Junior Women’s Club's annual disbursement ceremony was<br />

held recently at the Palos Verdes Golf Club. Through financial assistance and<br />

hands-on care, the organization has<br />

been supporting women and children in<br />

crisis since 1958. Proceeds were raised<br />

from major donors, the annual holiday<br />

luncheon and annual spring fundraiser<br />

were distributed to 12 philanthropies, including<br />

Rainbow Services, Toberman<br />

Neighborhood Center and the Boys &<br />

Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor. Four deserving<br />

students , Ross Kalter, Caroline<br />

Kim, Mariya Naberezhna and Andres<br />

Seawright received scholarship awards.<br />

Congratulations to this year's recipients!<br />

around&about<br />

Eunice Sheng and Sheri<br />

Schrier. Photo by Marcus Hoffman<br />

Experience Handcrafted<br />

Fine Mexican Cuisine<br />

And Enjoy!<br />

Fresh Daily Specials Private Parties Catering<br />

Great Selection of Beer and Wine<br />

Open Tue-Sun at 4PM<br />

Salsa Verdes<br />

Authentic Fine Mexican Cuisine<br />

2325 Palos Verdes Drive West<br />

Palos Verdes Estates<br />

(424) 206-9456<br />

66 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

Special Children’s League celebrates 59th year<br />

n The Special Children’s League’s annual luncheon raised almost $90,000 to<br />

support efforts to aid individuals with developmental disabilities, including cerebral<br />

palsy and autism. The executive board is led by president Joyce Komatsu, along<br />

with Lori Delgado, Michele Dahlerbruch, Paula Boothe, Maria Ballinger, Monique<br />

Caine, Merin Dahlerbruch, Jacqueline Dunton and Mary Lynn Webster.<br />

New PCCH Board Members<br />

n The <strong>Peninsula</strong> Committee Children’s<br />

Hospital was founded in 1957 to raise<br />

funds for a new recovery unit at Children’s<br />

Hospital Los Angeles. The committee has<br />

grown to more than 170 families who<br />

volunteer throughout the year.. Since its inception,<br />

the committee has raised more<br />

than $14 million for the hospital through<br />

an annual horse show, golf tournament,<br />

and individual contributions.<br />

Photos provided by PCCH<br />

around&about<br />

New PCCH members Holly<br />

Gardner, Jenny Litchfield,<br />

Marnie Gruen.<br />

Incoming board from left to right: Joyce Komatsu, Michele Dahlerbruch,<br />

Kristina Mermelstein, Maria Ballinger, Paula Boothe, Amy Ball, Jacqueline<br />

Dunton and Maria Kroha. Photo courtesy SCL<br />

Alexey Steele unveils “El Rey Trabajador”<br />

n Artist Alexey Steele unveiled the newest addition to his “Love My Neighbor”<br />

series on June 27 at the new Artward Gallery in the Scottsdale neighborhood of<br />

Carson. The 72-inch by 48-inch oil on canvas was made possible by a grant<br />

from the City of Carson Cultural<br />

Arts Commission and<br />

from Wells Fargo Bank.<br />

Steele says the visitors to unveilings<br />

such as this are not<br />

your usual ‘art crowd’. They<br />

were neighbors, civic leaders<br />

of different communities,<br />

gang prevention activists,<br />

local government, sheriffs<br />

and and supporters. Steele<br />

selected one of Carson’s<br />

most beloved residents to be<br />

his subject, a 75-year-old<br />

gardener. “I hope that My<br />

Neighbor series will encourage<br />

visitors to see their own<br />

neighbors from a new perspective<br />

and take the message<br />

of love for one’s<br />

neighbor back to their own<br />

streets,” Steele said.<br />

Alexey Steele with 75-year-old Carson<br />

gardener Cirillo Campos, the model for<br />

Steele’s painting. Photo by Richard Rand<br />

PCCH <strong>2017</strong><br />

Board Karen Governar,<br />

Dawn<br />

Knickerbocker,<br />

Karen Miller, Flora<br />

Fairchild, Anne<br />

Farrell, Meredith<br />

Edwards, Susan<br />

Whelan, Carole<br />

Rowe, Shannon<br />

Cobb, Allyson<br />

Shen, Kim Whitcombe,<br />

Heidi<br />

Sampson,<br />

Heather<br />

Schuchert.<br />

Vinyl Windows<br />

Replacement and New Construction<br />


AND SAVE BIG $$$<br />



Lowest Prices Up Front • No Games<br />

Show Room 562-494-9069<br />

CONTRACTOR REFERRAL • Fax 562-494-2069<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 67

68 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

Woman’s Club scholarships<br />


Concrete & Masonry<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

310-534-9970<br />

G<br />


Lic. #935981 C8 C29<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />

D<br />

Remodeling<br />

Design<br />

Kitchens<br />

Bathrooms<br />

Room Additions<br />

New Construction<br />

Reserve<br />

your space in the<br />

next<br />


Pub Date: <strong>Aug</strong> 26<br />

Deadline:<br />

<strong>Aug</strong> 11<br />

Call direct<br />

s<br />

(424)<br />

Charles Clarke<br />

Local Owner/General Contractor<br />

Ph: (310) 791-4150<br />

Cell: (310) 293-9796<br />

Fax (310) 791-0452<br />

“Since 1990” Lic. No. 810499<br />

around&about<br />

n The Palos Verdes Woman's Club was established in 1926 as a Sunday school<br />

program at Malaga Cove School. Today, the organization is devoted to community<br />

social programs. Proceeds from the group’s fundraising events are distributed<br />

to local charities and as college scholarships.<br />

Maxwell LaForest, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

High School (Long Beach State)<br />

and Bryana Garcia, Rancho del Mar<br />

(El Camino College). Not pictured: Allison<br />

Hsieh, Palos Verdes High School<br />

(Cornell University). Photo courtesy PV<br />

Woman’s Club<br />

Los Angeles Maritime Museum receives federal grant<br />

n The National Park Service has<br />

awarded the Friends of the Los Angeles<br />

Maritime Museum a $40,000 Maritime<br />

Heritage Grant to create an interpretive<br />

master plan for the historic tug “Angels<br />

Gate.” Built in 1944, “Angels Gate” currently<br />

operates on a limited sailing<br />

schedule. The grant will be used to create<br />

opportunities for the public to enjoy<br />

dockside tours. “The award is a tribute<br />

to the efforts of our volunteer crew,” said Angels Gate Tugboat. Photo<br />

Marifrances Trivelli, Director of the museum.<br />

PEN<br />

courtesy Port of Los Angeles<br />

Classifieds 424-269-2830<br />

269-2830<br />


Call us to Discuss the<br />


Extreme<br />

Hillside Specialist<br />

Foundation Repair Experts<br />

Grading & Drainage<br />

Retaining Walls,<br />

Fences & Decks<br />

310-212-1234<br />

www.LambConBuilds.com<br />

Lic. #906371<br />

Classifieds 424-269-2830<br />


LYNCH<br />

ELECTRIC &<br />

General<br />

Building<br />

Contractors<br />

• Residential<br />

Troubleshooting<br />

• Remodel Specialist<br />

Scott K. Lynch<br />

P.V. Native<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />

Cell<br />

310-930-9421<br />

Office & Fax<br />

310-325-1292<br />

www.LynchElectric.us<br />

Lic 701001<br />



Handyman<br />

Services…<br />

Fix It Right the<br />

First Time<br />

We like small jobs<br />

/ Free estimates<br />

What we do…<br />

Plumbing,<br />

Electrical, Drywall,<br />

Painting & more.<br />

Valente Marin<br />

310-748-8249<br />

Unlic.<br />


Vocal Technician<br />

Piano Teacher<br />

Vocalist<br />

Jeannine McDaniel<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

20 year experience<br />

All Ages<br />

310-544-0879<br />

310-292-6341<br />

Jeannine_mcdaniel2001@yahoo.com<br />


Patch Master<br />

Plastering<br />

Patch Plastering<br />

Interior • Exterior<br />

• Venetian Plastering<br />

• Ceiling Removal<br />

• Drywall Work<br />

• Acoustic<br />

Ceiling Removal<br />

• Water & Fire Restoration<br />

310-370-5589<br />

Lic. # 687076 • C35-B1<br />


Thank You South Bay for<br />

50 Years of Patronage!<br />

Residential • Commercial • Industrial<br />

Plumbing 24/7 • Heating<br />

Air Conditioning<br />

pfplumbing.net<br />

800-354-2705 • 310-831-0737<br />

POOLS & SPAS<br />

POOLS • SPAS<br />


New Construction<br />

& Remodeling<br />

Excellent References<br />

Horusicky Construction<br />

310-544-9384<br />

www.Horusicky.com<br />

Credit cards accepted<br />

Lic #309844, Bonded, Insured<br />










Tile Reroof and<br />

repair specialist<br />

310-847-7663<br />

Family owned<br />

business since 1978<br />

Lic 831351<br />

Your Ad Here<br />

80,000 Readers<br />

424-269-2830<br />

ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />


310.543.2001<br />


Lic. #770059<br />

C-36 C-20 A<br />

2013<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 69

72 <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> • <strong>Aug</strong>ust <strong>2017</strong>

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