2017/2018 148 Snowbirds & RV Travelers - Dec/Jan

A perfect read for Snowbirds. Dec/January 2018

A perfect read for Snowbirds. Dec/January 2018


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& <strong>RV</strong><br />

Canada's Active <strong>RV</strong> Guide<br />

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$5.95 DEC <strong>2017</strong>/JAN <strong>2018</strong><br />

A Stunning Waterfront Destination<br />

VOLUME 14 ISSUE 8<br />

Canada Pub No: 42201513<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 1

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2 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong><br />

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<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 3

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4 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>


& <strong>RV</strong><br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember/<strong>Jan</strong>uary<br />

44<br />

Travel<br />

16 Bring the Snowbird Lifestyle Home<br />

With Parkbridge Communities<br />

22 Quebec City<br />

Always Enchanting<br />

26 Palm Beach County<br />

For Every Pleasure, Passion and Pastime<br />

56 California’s Best Sand Dunes<br />

So Much More Than Piles of Sand<br />

64 History and Magic Come Alive<br />

On the Grand Canyon Railway<br />

64<br />

Destinations<br />

32 Toby’s <strong>RV</strong> Resort<br />

Off the Beaten Path in Arcadia, Florida<br />

34 Vancouver<br />

Canada’s Waterfront Destination<br />

42 BC’s Best Little Secret<br />

Greenwood, BC<br />

72 Active Adult Living Mindset<br />

On An Affordable Budget<br />

74 Come Fly Away<br />

To the Balloon Festival in Pahrump<br />

Departments<br />

8 Great Stays<br />

10 Product Showcase<br />

Stay Warm in Your <strong>RV</strong> This Winter<br />

12 Travel Tips<br />

Don’t Fear Camping in the Cold<br />

44 10 New <strong>RV</strong>s<br />

That Are Ready to Roll for <strong>2018</strong><br />

54 Driving Skills<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Winter Driving Reminder<br />

63 Hi Tech<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Furnace Maintenance<br />

76 Gift Guide <strong>2018</strong><br />

16<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 5

Editor’s Note<br />


& <strong>RV</strong><br />


Jason Tansem<br />


Perry Mack<br />


Cassandra Redding<br />


Tracy Ubell<br />


Lisa Di Marco, Kate Parfitt<br />


Cassandra Redding<br />


Cindy Mack<br />


Megan Campagnolo<br />


Gordon Baron, William Ennis, Steve Fennell, Darcy Nybo,<br />

Perry and Cindy Mack,Cindy Phillips, Steve Rock<br />


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<strong>Snowbirds</strong><strong>RV</strong><strong>Travelers</strong><br />

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<strong>Snowbirds</strong>Magazine<br />

Escape this Winter<br />

Have you finalized your winter plans? Where<br />

will you go and what will you do? We hope that<br />

your plans do include some form of an escape.<br />

<strong>2017</strong> was a tough year with strange politics,<br />

extreme weather and more than its fair share of<br />

tragic events, so it seems fitting that we all end<br />

the year on a much higher note.<br />

We think you can use this issue of<br />

<strong>Snowbirds</strong> and <strong>RV</strong> <strong>Travelers</strong> to plan your winter<br />

excursion to a warmer land, but if you can’t<br />

escape the cold and snow this winter, you<br />

can at least use the issue as a break from the<br />

everyday for an hour or two.<br />

If you are dreaming of a trip that includes<br />

sun, water and sand, we have some fantastic<br />

stories on trips to Florida, California and<br />

Nevada — read about Palm Beach County,<br />

California’s Best Sand Dunes, and the History<br />

and Magic of the Grand Canyon Railway<br />

If you want to plan your adventure in a new<br />

<strong>RV</strong>, see page 44 for our 10 New <strong>RV</strong>s review —<br />

with fresh, innovative designs at price points<br />

for nearly every budget, <strong>RV</strong> manufacturers<br />

north and south of the border are meeting<br />

the needs of enthusiasts with a range of new<br />

models for <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

If you’ve been wondering how to afford<br />

the snowbird lifestyle this year we have two<br />

articles that will assist you - see page 16 for<br />

Bring the Snowbird Lifestyle Home and page<br />

72 for Active Adult Living Mindset: On An<br />

Affordable Budget. We’ve done some research<br />

for you and can help you to find a place and<br />

make it work for your budget.<br />

In this issue we have provided lots of tips<br />

on keeping you and your <strong>RV</strong> safe this winter<br />

(Don’t Fear Camping in the Cold; page 12, <strong>RV</strong><br />

Winter Driving Reminder; page 54, and <strong>RV</strong><br />

Furnace Maintenance; page 63). We’ve made<br />

sure you don’t get stuck in the cold!<br />

If you haven’t finished your gift buying, look<br />

to our Product Showcase on page 10 for some<br />

ideas on keeping your favourite <strong>RV</strong>er warm<br />

or to our Gift Guide on page 76 for some great<br />

backpacks and padfolios. See page 14 if you’d<br />

like to gift a subscription to our magazine.<br />

We wish you all the best with your winter<br />

and holiday plans. We’ll see you next year.<br />

Tell us more about you by sending us a photo,<br />

writing an email or visiting us online. See page<br />

78 for more info.<br />

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-No: 42201513.<br />

Volume 14, Issue 8<br />

We acknowledge the financial support of<br />

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Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF) for our<br />

publishing activities.<br />

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see or if you would like to submit a photo or story, please<br />

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SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS MAGAZINE<br />

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Proudly published by<br />

SunCruiser Media<br />

ISSN 1918-5081<br />

6 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>



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<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 7

y<br />

<strong>Snowbirds</strong> & <strong>RV</strong> <strong>Travelers</strong> is on the road every issue finding you “Great Stays”.<br />

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Claybanks <strong>RV</strong> Park is a tree-filled park situated next to the beautiful<br />

Coldwater River and within close proximity to downtown Merritt. The<br />

park is open year round, with heated showers/washrooms and electrical<br />

hook-ups for all sites. Claybanks has 44 large fully-serviced sites, 8<br />

fully winterized sites (winter <strong>RV</strong> storage space available) and 20 tenting<br />

sites with handicap facilities available. A new recreation building is now<br />

available for use by <strong>RV</strong> Park guests. It has a washroom, sink with hot and<br />

cold water, electrical outlets, tables and chairs. Pets are welcome but<br />

they must be on leash when in the park.<br />

Terracana Ranch<br />

Resort<br />

(877) 276-1555 • Deer Park, WA<br />

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Spokane <strong>RV</strong> Resort is a Good Sam 10-10-10 resort that caters to big<br />

rigs and family <strong>RV</strong>ing. It adjoins a challenging, excellently landscaped<br />

18 hole golf course with grill and sports bar. The oversized <strong>RV</strong> sites<br />

are all paved with full hookups, including 50 AMP service, WiFi, and<br />

cable television with over 60 channels, all for one flat rate with no<br />

surcharges. There is a northwest contemporary pavilion with a fireplace<br />

and dance floor that can comfortably table 50 guests. The heated<br />

swimming pool and walk-in hot tub are always popular. The bathroom<br />

and shower facilities are all tile, spacious and immaculate. There is also<br />

a laundromat. The resort is a great jumping off place for multiple lakes<br />

and rivers but it is also close to a major airline hub and Spokane cultural<br />

events.<br />

Pedder Bay<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Resort & Marina<br />

(604) 420-1722 • Burnaby, BC<br />

www.bcrv.com<br />


Deluxe <strong>RV</strong> Park for sightseeing the Vancouver, BC area. This<br />

campground has full hookup accommodation. Sites are paved and<br />

beautifully landscaped with privacy hedges. Cablevision and WiFi.<br />

Separate tent camping area. Indoor pool, jacuzzi, fitness room, games<br />

room, internet access, playground, store, large laundromat. Coinoperated<br />

<strong>RV</strong> wash as well as a free <strong>RV</strong> washing area. On transit route,<br />

minutes from the Skytrain (monorail) to Vancouver’s attractions. West<br />

Coast Tours picks up daily. Guided city tours. From Hwy 1 (East or West)<br />

take Exit 37. Turn right at the first light, left at the next light, the next<br />

right turn is access road. Open all year.<br />

Kimberley Riverside<br />

Campground<br />

(866) 968 4304 • Valemount, BC<br />

www.terracana.com<br />

Come for a wilderness resort getaway vacation at Terracana Ranch<br />

Resort, which is located one hour west of Jasper, and 20 minutes west<br />

of Mount Robson. Escape to a mountain paradise surrounded by the<br />

Canadian Rockies, Caribou Mountains and Monashee Mountains.<br />

Terracana has <strong>RV</strong> sites, a campground, and deluxe log cabin rentals<br />

with spectacular mountain views for rent. They can accommodate<br />

a single person to large groups. Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky<br />

mountain wilderness, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful hiking<br />

and biking. ATVing or fishing is available on-site, as are the countless<br />

world-class multi use trails in the area. They have year-round availability<br />

and activities.<br />

(250) 478-1771 • Victoria, BC<br />

www.pedderbay.com<br />

Pedder Bay <strong>RV</strong> Resort & Marina, located just 40 minutes away from<br />

downtown Victoria, is a secluded angler’s paradise. The Resort is<br />

surrounded by some of the finest fishing grounds on southern<br />

Vancouver Island and countless hiking trails. Enjoy the breath-taking<br />

natural beauty from your spacious ocean-view <strong>RV</strong> site or take advantage<br />

of our boat rentals, fishing charters and kayaks and go on an adventure.<br />

Whether you’re looking for pristine wilderness to explore or amazing<br />

west coast ocean activities, Pedder Bay is your headquarters.<br />

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www.kimberleycampground.com<br />

Nestled in the pristine St. Mary river valley, the Kimberley<br />

Riverside Campground offers incredible scenery, quiet and<br />

relaxing surroundings and endless opportunities for all to<br />

enjoy. The campground has over 130 spacious privately treed<br />

sites with partial or full services including; power (15-50amp)<br />

water and sewer. We have the choice of back in, pull through or<br />

Riverview sites along with a variety of tenting options. Enjoy our<br />

18 hole putting course along with a beautiful outdoor pool, free<br />

hot showers, coin laundry, hotspot internet access, children’s<br />

playground, and a convenience store. The friendly campground<br />

staff maintain clean washrooms, grounds, facilities and ensuring<br />

the most positive guest experience. Located only 8.6 kms south<br />

of the city centre, you can enjoy the shopping, dining, arts and<br />

culture of nearby Kimberley, BC.BOOK NOW FOR <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

8 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>




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<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 9

Product Showcase<br />

Stay Warm<br />

THIS<br />

WINTER<br />

Camco 36543 Pump Converter Winterizing Kit - Lead Free<br />

• Use the <strong>RV</strong> water pump to fill<br />

the <strong>RV</strong> pipes with antifreeze<br />

• Comes complete with brass valve, siphon hose, Teflon<br />

tape and pump adapters (pump not included)<br />

• Makes winterizing easier<br />

• Permanent, one-time installation<br />

• Compliant with all federal and state level low lead<br />

laws. CSA Low Lead Content Certified to NSF/ANSI 372<br />

• Camco’s permanent <strong>RV</strong> Pump Converter Winterizing<br />

Kit can be installed with just an adjustable wrench. The<br />

kit includes a brass valve; siphon hose, Teflon tape and<br />

pump adapters. Use this kit to bypass the fresh water<br />

supply line.<br />

www.homedepot.com $12.59 USD<br />

Here are some great ideas to stay<br />

cozy in your <strong>RV</strong> this winter.<br />

Reflectix ® Insulation<br />

Keep your <strong>RV</strong> warm this winter with Reflectix ®<br />

Insulation. It consists of two outer layers of aluminum<br />

foil that reflect 97% of radiant heat. Each layer of foil is<br />

bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength.<br />

Two inner layers of insulating bubbles resist conductive<br />

heat flow while a centre layer of polyethylene gives<br />

Reflectix ® high reliability and strength.<br />

Various prices www.reflectixinc.com<br />

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This Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Slow<br />

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cooking vessel with a clear glass lid and an easy-clean<br />

touch pad, for quick programming of desired cooking<br />

times and fast clean up. Its wraparound exterior helps<br />

ensure even cooking. Choose anywhere from two to<br />

ten hours of cooking time. Once your desired cook time<br />

is complete, the slow cooker will automatically switch<br />

itself to the warming setting. The Hamilton Beach<br />

Programmable 5-Quart Slow Cooker stoneware vessel<br />

and lid are dishwasher safe.<br />

www.walmart.com $24.95 USD<br />

Ivation DehumMini Powerful Small-Size<br />

Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier<br />

Quietly Gathers Up to 6oz. of Water Per Day<br />

• Quiet Small-Size Dehumidifier with No Moving Parts<br />

• Removable 17-oz. Water Tank & Washable Air Filter<br />

• Features ‘Tank Full’ Indicator Light<br />

• Auto-Shuts When Water Reservoir is Full<br />

• Measures Just 6.1” x 5.1” x 8.7” Inches<br />

amazon.ca $54.99 CAD<br />

Comfort Zone® CZ448 Oscillating Ceramic Heater –<br />

Portable Fan Forced – Black - 750-1500 Watt<br />

Small, quiet and powerful. The CZ448 heater with<br />

adjustable thermostat not only forces out air with a<br />

maximum of 1500 watts of power and it also has a fan<br />

only mode for year around uses but it also oscillates so<br />

all parts of the room will feel the power quicker. Low<br />

setting is 750 watts. The unit provides safety overload<br />

protection and a tip-over switch that will turn the unit<br />

off. This unit is ETL listed.<br />

www.globalindustrial.ca $32.95 ea. CAD<br />

10 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Explore with Wonder.<br />

A game-changer from the chassis up, the Wonder is packed with smarter space solutions<br />

that combine superior design with innovative functionality. From the ingenious Murphy Bed<br />

or all-new Front Twin Bed floorplans to the abundance of interior and exterior storage, every<br />

inch is utilized to its maximum potential in the Wonder.<br />

leisurevans.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 11

Travel Tips<br />

By Cassandra Redding<br />

A Foray into the Cold:<br />

Don’t Fear Winter <strong>RV</strong> Camping<br />

If you’re like me, you’d rather be warm 12 months of the year, so that means you’d rather be <strong>RV</strong>ing in the sun or on the beach than <strong>RV</strong>ing in the snow and cold. I’m trying to<br />

get over my disdain for the winter months, and think about the benefits of cold weather camping, such as the beautiful winter scenery and activities like skiing, skating, and<br />

snowmobiling. No wonder so many people use their <strong>RV</strong> year-round. A good idea to ease into cold-weather camping is to take a few shorter trips to work out all the issues that<br />

come with the colder season. (Longer trips may require a bit more planning and material, such as a protective skirt).<br />


1. First things first – the temperature will<br />

be below freezing. You should winterize your<br />

<strong>RV</strong> otherwise, if there is water in your system,<br />

your plumbing or water heater could freeze. If<br />

you haven’t winterized, it doesn’t take much<br />

effort to get it done, and it will save you from<br />

a massive repair bill that could happen if your<br />

lines freeze.<br />

2. Don’t worry; you can you still use your <strong>RV</strong><br />

bathroom after winterizing your <strong>RV</strong>. Take some<br />

four-litre jugs with you to fill the toilet and if<br />

your holding tanks are not heated add some<br />

<strong>RV</strong> antifreeze to them. You can add the <strong>RV</strong><br />

antifreeze through the toilet for the black water<br />

holding tank and down the shower drain for<br />

the gray water tank. You will also have to bring<br />

extra water with you for drinking, cooking,<br />

washing dishes and brushing your teeth.<br />

3. Make sure you know the location of all your<br />

<strong>RV</strong>’s plumbing. If your water system is below<br />

floor level, in areas that aren’t heated, it could<br />

again, freeze and damage the water lines. If you<br />

do hook up to an external water supply, you<br />

might want to leave your faucet dripping slightly.<br />

The flowing water decreases the chance of<br />

freezing. You could also use heat tape to cover<br />

any outside water lines. If you know it is going<br />

to be an extremely frigid trip and you don’t<br />

want to risk your water supply freezing, you<br />

could fill the fresh water holding tank if it’s in a<br />

heated area. But, a better idea is would be to use<br />

the campground’s facilities. This saves your grey<br />

water from filling up and you from worrying<br />

about freezing lines.<br />

4. Your <strong>RV</strong>’s heating system should be enough<br />

to keep the interior warm. Remember, that<br />

a forced air furnace, will not only consume<br />

propane but will also draw up to seven amps of<br />

electricity while operating. You could considerably<br />

drain the battery. Try to book a campground<br />

that you know has an electrical supply<br />

(batteries can also freeze in cold temperatures.)<br />

If you have electricity, then you can also supplement<br />

your heat with a portable ceramic heater.<br />

You won’t have to worry about fire or carbon<br />

monoxide poisoning. If you don’t have a hookup,<br />

you could use a generator, just be confident<br />

that the exhaust system is working correctly and<br />

that you have a carbon monoxide detector.<br />

5. Pack extra blankets (or an electric blanket),<br />

your thermal wear and an emergency kit.<br />

If possible, camp in a spot that faces the sun,<br />

and is protected from the wind. You can also<br />

minimize cold drafts by shutting your curtains<br />

and keeping the entry door closed as much as<br />

possible.<br />

After you have protected your <strong>RV</strong> from the<br />

cold, bundle up, get out outside, and enjoy<br />

those winter activities - you will feel better<br />

knowing you can come back to a cozy and<br />

secure <strong>RV</strong>.<br />

12 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

STZC<br />

www.WESTLAKETIRE.ca<br />




Easy Build supplies and installs steel building structures to<br />

municipalities, governments, airports, school districts, firehalls, work<br />

yards and farms. By using the uniquely engineered Versatube framing<br />

system, they are ideal for temporary and portable storage structures.<br />

Erected out of heavy duty 2” x 3” or 2” x 4” galvanized steel tubing,<br />

with the patented “slip-fit” technology, we are able to offer structures<br />

starting from 10’ wide up to 50’ wide<br />


Our sales team will work with you to customize your structure<br />

package to meet all your requirements. Easy Build packages<br />

come complete with everything you need, ranging from<br />

overhead and man doors, windows, insulation options, sheeting<br />

and flashing colours, and hardware.<br />

604.589.4280 | Toll Free: 1.888.589.4280 | easybuildstructures.ca<br />

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SAVING<br />


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On <strong>RV</strong>ing the Baja<br />

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November <strong>2017</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 1<br />

A GUIDE TO<br />


SOUTH<br />

GREAT<br />






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$5.95 OCTOBER <strong>2017</strong><br />

VOLUME 14 ISSUE 6<br />

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October <strong>2017</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 1<br />



Staying in the USA<br />


In Ontario's Yurts<br />

BEST of CANADA 150<br />

At the National Gallery<br />



Canada's Active <strong>RV</strong> Guide<br />

September <strong>2017</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 1<br />

SUMMER<br />


from Deserts to Caves<br />

to Haunted Hotels<br />


A Journey Back in Time<br />


Is Sasquatch Real?<br />


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Photo Credit: Minakwa Lodge<br />

Photo Credit: Bass Lake Park<br />

Photo Credit: Camp Conewango<br />

Celebrate<br />

with us!<br />

www.campinginontario.ca<br />

Photo Credit: Noelville Family Resort<br />

snowbirds <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>.indd 1<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 15<br />

12/09/<strong>2017</strong> 2:21:43 PM

O<br />

N<br />

T<br />

A<br />

R<br />

I<br />

O<br />



nowbird<br />

Lifestyle<br />


<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 17

Temperatures are rapidly dropping, and very soon the snow shovel will be your best ally: it’s time to head down to warmer<br />

destinations. As snowbirds, we look forward to the sense of community, security, activities, affordability, and freedom to travel<br />

that many southern properties provide. Many of us wish we could bring that lifestyle home when we return to the comfortable<br />

temperatures of spring and summer in Canada. Here are the top five reasons why any Canadians should consider embracing the<br />

snowbird lifestyle at home, and how they can achieve it:<br />

1<br />


yourself this winter! The Old Farmer’s<br />

Almanac has recently revealed it’s predictions<br />

for the upcoming winter season, and it’s not<br />

great news. The cold weather may be the<br />

number one reason we head south, and the<br />

opposite is why we head home! By April,<br />

many southern states are uncomfortably hot<br />

or stifling hot and humid - whereas home<br />

sweet home has gloriously agreeable spring,<br />

summer and fall weather. We leave with few<br />

cares about the southern property. If only we<br />

could do the same for our northern one.<br />

2<br />

FREEDOM OF LIFESTYLE: With just a little<br />

bit of planning, the snowbird lifestyle<br />

allows many Canadians and retirees a relatively<br />

stress-free lifestyle all year. Throughout<br />

Canada and the U.S., there are many<br />

communities that let us affordably split our<br />

time between two homes, without sacrificing<br />

our quality of life. In a land lease community,<br />

homeowners own the house but lease the<br />

land. They enjoy security, safety, and peace of<br />

18 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

mind when they head south for the winter or<br />

any trip during the spring, summer, and fall,<br />

as many of these communities look after and<br />

maintain their residence. These property<br />

management services can include snow shoveling,<br />

home watch security, mail collection,<br />

and more. The same worry-free lifestyle we<br />

enjoy down south.<br />

3<br />


a vast network for snowbirds where they<br />

can meet other like-minded people. Many<br />

Parkbridge communities have Social Clubs or<br />

Residents Associations, which organize dinners,<br />

dances, golf tournaments, and other social<br />

activities which foster social connectivity<br />

and that true sense of friendship. A current<br />

snowbird named Les Ferrey, a homeowner<br />

for seven years at Park Place, a Parkbridge<br />

Lifestyle Community, just outside of Wasaga<br />

Beach, Ontario says, “I love getting together<br />

with my neighbours for an impromptu drink<br />

or get-together or hosting my friends for a<br />

jam session at our home. What makes us so<br />

happy about Park Place is the wonderful people<br />

that we’ve met that make up the community<br />

and who we are proud to call our dearest<br />

life-long friends.”<br />

4<br />

ACTIVE & HEALTHY LIVING: By heading<br />

south snowbirds are not forced to hibernate<br />

indoors all winter, and they can stay<br />

active through planned activities and outdoor<br />

amenities. The same can be true at home<br />

where it can be easy to stay active and enjoy<br />

the warm weather when you have the proper<br />

facilities. Many Parkbridge communities<br />

have indoor and outdoor pools, work-out facilities,<br />

organized fitness classes, golf courses,<br />

walking & biking paths, and more.<br />

5<br />

HAPPINESS: Less stress equals more<br />

happiness. In fact, in a recent Dutch study<br />

it was reported that there was a “protective<br />

relationship” between optimism and mortality.<br />

People with less stress, and therefore a<br />

positive attitude, quite simply, lived longer.<br />

The land leasing concept of home ownership<br />

lends itself to a stress-free, happier lifestyle.<br />

Land leasing can be quite affordable for those<br />

transitioning into retirement and becoming<br />

snowbirds. It allows them to unlock money<br />

from their existing homes, start doing the<br />

things they’d rather be doing, and stop doing<br />

the things they’d rather not be doing (like<br />

grass cutting, snow shoveling or maintaining<br />

a house that feels too big.) In a sense, leasing<br />

lets a retiree have a happy, stress-free lifestyle<br />

that they have worked hard for, and deserve.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 19


Interested in the snowbird lifestyle and the land<br />

lease concept? Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities<br />

(www.parkbridge.com) is Canada’s leading<br />

land lease owner and developer. Learn more<br />

about their approach:<br />


Parkbridge is invested in their communities<br />

alongside their homeowners. They work continually<br />

with them to ensure there is ongoing,<br />

thoughtful investment in community infrastructure,<br />

standards, and amenities so they feel<br />

safe, proud and at home in the communities<br />

where they live.<br />


Parkbridge’s land lease approach is one of the<br />

most attainable housing options, allowing<br />

homeowners to maintain and grow equity in<br />

their homes at a lower cost relative to other<br />

home ownership options, while still having<br />

money available for life’s other priorities.<br />


Parkbridge fosters vibrant, active communities,<br />

giving homeowners access to well-maintained,<br />

shared amenities where they can participate<br />

in various activities and feel connected to the<br />

communities in which they live.<br />


Parkbridge believes in building sustainable<br />

communities. We introduced our first certified<br />

Energy Star home, offering an exceptional value<br />

while using significantly less energy, and continually<br />

look for new ways to make and sustain<br />

communities.<br />

20 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

ONLINE<br />

RESE<strong>RV</strong>ATIONS<br />




Lake Nipissing<br />

Trout Creek<br />

17<br />

South River<br />

Sundridge<br />

124<br />

11<br />

518<br />

60<br />

58<br />

41<br />

Killaloe Station 60<br />

Whitney<br />

Barry's Bay<br />

127<br />

62<br />

Cobden<br />

Dacre<br />

Cottage<br />

& <strong>RV</strong> Resorts<br />

22Parkbridge<br />

to choose from<br />

• Own a resort cottage from $189* bi-weekly<br />

• Stay with your <strong>RV</strong> for the season<br />

• Visit for a night, a weekend or more...<br />

Most within 90 minutes of the GTA<br />

Contact us today!<br />

18<br />

Lake<br />

St. Clair<br />

LAKE<br />

HURON<br />

Southwest<br />

Windsor<br />

3<br />

40<br />

Grand Bend<br />

Sarnia<br />

21<br />

21<br />

79<br />

402<br />

Glencoe<br />

3<br />

86<br />

1<br />

401<br />

21<br />

4<br />

Muirkirk<br />

4<br />

9<br />

8<br />

4<br />

LAKE<br />

ERIE<br />

23<br />

19<br />

Georgian<br />

Bay<br />

Georgian Bay<br />

9<br />

Chatsworth<br />

Kitchener<br />

London<br />

3<br />

59<br />

86<br />

19<br />

10<br />

7<br />

6<br />

59<br />

26<br />

4<br />

Flesherton<br />

24<br />

89<br />

Port Severn<br />

9<br />

24<br />

8<br />

Simcoe<br />

Barrie<br />

403<br />

Long Point<br />

Bay<br />

69<br />

Shelburne<br />

24<br />

400<br />

169<br />

Toronto<br />

401<br />

7<br />

6<br />

11<br />

Lake<br />

Simcoe<br />

Baldwin<br />

404<br />

Mississauga<br />

Oakville<br />

Burlington<br />

St Catharines<br />

3<br />

QEW<br />

48<br />

7<br />

118<br />

12<br />

Ajax<br />

Dorset<br />

Kawartha Lakes<br />

48<br />

7<br />

35<br />

7A<br />

Minden<br />

Norland<br />

36<br />

Pontypool<br />

Apsley<br />

Maynooth<br />

Peterborough<br />

115<br />

401<br />

121<br />

28<br />

45<br />

7<br />

28<br />

14<br />

33<br />

62<br />

LAKE<br />


Madoc<br />

Denbigh<br />

41<br />

Deseronto<br />

Kaladar<br />

Carleton Place<br />

Bath<br />

Tichborne<br />

Kingston<br />

33<br />

38<br />

7<br />

Activities<br />

tivities<br />

for<br />

for<br />

the<br />

the<br />

Whole<br />

entire family<br />

Family<br />

Several resorts offer<br />

direct access to water<br />

Proximity to<br />

golf courses<br />

OWN a Resort Cottage from<br />

under $200* bi-weekly<br />

Cottage &<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Resorts<br />

Ac<br />

Resorts.com<br />

*Terms & conditions apply.<br />

SNOWBIRD & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELLERS <strong>2017</strong>.04.20<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 21

Q<br />

U<br />

E<br />

B<br />

E<br />

C<br />

Story and Photos<br />

Quebec<br />

by William Ennis<br />

City<br />

Always Enchanting<br />

22 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Chateau Frontenac<br />

Quebec City’s ‘old world’ charm<br />

makes it a popular destination<br />

for <strong>RV</strong> travelers. Canadians are<br />

fortunate to have such a perfectly<br />

preserved slice of the country’s<br />

history. With its forts, battlefield<br />

parks, magnificent stone buildings,<br />

and tantalizing shops along narrow<br />

streets, Quebec City is ready to<br />

welcome you.<br />

Some 400 years ago France began sending<br />

explorers to North America with the intent of<br />

creating the Country of New France. In 1608<br />

Samuel de Champlain landed on the north shore<br />

of the St. Lawrence River, just where the river<br />

passes a large island and then narrows abruptly.<br />

Stadacona, a small Iroquois settlement, was nearby<br />

and it was there that Champlain proceeded to<br />

build the base camp for what he predicted would<br />

be a prosperous, and wealthy nation.<br />

His l’Habitation was protected with a palisade<br />

of stakes, which surrounded a crude fort<br />

with several floors. It was rushed to completion<br />

and took up much time that should have been<br />

used to hunt and store away food for the winter.<br />

The winter devastated them, leaving only a<br />

handful of the 25 men who wintered there alive.<br />

It was a poor start for the fulfillment of Champlain’s<br />

dreams.<br />

The camp persevered and the present day<br />

city of Quebec is the net result of the tumultuous<br />

centuries that have passed. The British never<br />

ceased in their efforts to displace the French and<br />

for a short period they were successful but were<br />

then driven off, though they continued attacks<br />

over the years. Meanwhile, the French built their<br />

ramparts, and their gates, and the stone buildings,<br />

and their churches.<br />

Religion played a large part in creating the<br />

beautiful structures you will see in the city. Huge<br />

churches are open for visitations. The early settlement<br />

became more active as fur trading took<br />

hold, and shiploads of furs headed back to Europe.<br />

The settlement exported forestry products.<br />

Everything seemed to be going well.<br />

In 1759, the British were back and laid a<br />

three-month siege. Quebec City was well placed<br />

for defence, located on high cliffs overlooking<br />

the river but it fell to the British by a strange twist<br />

of fate. All attacks onto the land had been met<br />

with disaster because of the well-established safe<br />

fighting positions of the French, who even used<br />

the fortified stone homes along the riverfront.<br />

Something, perhaps money and strong drink,<br />

gave General James Wolfe some information that<br />

led him into a secret attack on a least likely place,<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 23

a high sheer cliff with a battery of guns on top.<br />

His informer told him about a narrow track that<br />

led to the top of the cliff. A small group of British<br />

cleared out the sentries and left the cliff free for<br />

General Wolfe to lead his troops to the top. The<br />

morning brought an unhappy surprise to the<br />

unsuspecting French General Montcalm who ordered<br />

an attack without waiting to gather up his<br />

outspread troops and guns. The battle was short.<br />

The British overwhelmed the enemy. Sadly, both<br />

brave generals died in the battle.<br />

It’s this history that makes Old Quebec City<br />

such a great tourist destination. A visit to the<br />

Citadel is a good way to start your trip. The Citadel<br />

is the largest fortress on the continent. The<br />

changing of the guard ceremony at 10 am should<br />

not be missed. The huge star-shaped fortress was<br />

built in the 1770’s after attacks on Canada from<br />

the country to the south.<br />

Nearby, to the west, is the huge park featuring<br />

the Plains of Abraham where General Wolfe<br />

fought the battle that turned the ownership from<br />

France to England. A short visit to the Plains of<br />

Abraham Museum is an excellent way to see the<br />

history and learn about what to see as you stroll<br />

on the battlefield.<br />

Stroll easterly past the Citadel on the Promenade<br />

des Gouverneurs. This path is on the edge of<br />

the cliff, high above the river. Views to Old Quebec’s<br />

Lower Town and across the river are definitely<br />

outstanding. It’s a perfect place to see how the<br />

French made use of a great place for defence.<br />

Head east to the Chateau Frontenac, to see<br />

what is possibly the most photographed building<br />

in North America. There is no doubt as to why.<br />

This hotel is an immense stone landmark, of<br />

excellent old-world design, sitting high above<br />

the river near the cliff edge. It was designed,<br />

and built for the Canadian Pacific Railway, to<br />

encourage travel across Canada by the well-todo.<br />

It played host to two Quebec Conferences<br />

where the WWII allies met to plan strategy. The<br />

hotel is designated as a National Historic Site. At<br />

the front, there is a long boardwalk with good<br />

views of lower town and across the river, which<br />

provides access to the funicular. Rows of historic<br />

cannon still remain placed strategically to protect<br />

the town.<br />

Visit the lower town by taking the rather<br />

steep set of stairs, or if you don’t need the<br />

exercise, ride the funicular. The historic Lower<br />

Town is like a visit to a medieval town in Europe.<br />

The cobblestone streets are narrow, and lined<br />

with gaily painted shops. The mixture of colours,<br />

red roofs, and white buildings, or tan buildings<br />

next to white, makes it feel like you are entering<br />

a warm, welcoming part of town. The shops are<br />

filled with souvenirs, or antiques, and refreshments<br />

are available at cosy bistros. Artists putting<br />

on a variety of shows may occupy the streets.<br />

Here and there you may find a square with a<br />

fountain, and benches on which to rest and view<br />

the street. The tall belfries looming above the<br />

smaller buildings add to the European ambiance.<br />

There are several examples of religious<br />

heritage, in fact, there are over one hundred<br />

churches, two cathedrals, and two basilicas. The<br />

Basilica Notre-Dame de Quebec dates to 1647<br />

and is a National Historic Site. If the outside<br />

design attracts you, wait until you enter this huge<br />

building with its great vaulted ceiling, paintings,<br />

and statues.<br />

I don’t suggest you attempt driving in the<br />

historic part of the city. The narrow streets,<br />

horse-drawn carriages, local drivers, and crowds<br />

of people don’t make it easy. Searching for<br />

parking may keep you behind the wheel as you<br />

24 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Clockwise: The Old Walls, the harvest,<br />

Montmorency Falls, Old Town Shop and<br />

mural of Old Town.<br />

look and look. A better idea would be to leave<br />

the vehicle at your lodgings and take one of the<br />

many tours that are available. The tour guide will<br />

keep you informed with interesting commentary<br />

along the route. There are even open-topped tour<br />

buses that let you on and off at fixed stops. Make<br />

sure you visit Montmorency Falls, an impressive<br />

waterfall of white water and spray, marking the<br />

location where many local residents go for rest<br />

and relaxation.<br />

Quebec City has several campgrounds<br />

around the perimeter. One of the most convenient<br />

is Quebec City KOA on the south side of<br />

the river. They work with a tour company and<br />

you can select from several city tours, and for an<br />

extra fee, be picked up at the campground.<br />

If a visit to Quebec City is not yet on your<br />

agenda this winter, give it another thought. For<br />

a city with European charm, it’s a lot closer than<br />

Europe, and its Canadian history, and great architecture<br />

will draw you back again and again.<br />


For an overview of tours:<br />

https://www.toursvieuxquebec.com/en/home<br />

For a PDF guide of tours:<br />

https://www.toursvieuxquebec.com/assets/files/<br />


F<br />

L<br />

O<br />

R<br />

I<br />

D<br />

A<br />



Palm Beach<br />

COUNTY<br />



Beach Water Sports was the most affordable<br />

option, the staff were less than friendly. Nevertheless,<br />

we rented a 22’ Pontoon boat and<br />

set out on an afternoon cruise north on Indian<br />

River towards Peck Lake, which is a part of the<br />

Intracoastal. Along the way you can marvel at<br />

the waterfront homes and neighbourhoods,<br />

each has a boat dock or marina, but always be<br />

on the lookout for dolphins or manatees. We<br />

didn’t see any – dolphins or manatees that is,<br />

but lots of beautiful homes – most shuttered<br />

for the summer. Jupiter is the winter home for<br />

many golfing greats like Tiger Woods, Greg<br />

Norman, and Gary Player, and singers including<br />

Celine Dion, Alan Jackson and Kid Rock, and<br />

other celebrities and professional athletes - so<br />

bring along your binoculars and paparazzi<br />

camera lenses.<br />

We moored on the east side of Peck Lake<br />

(look for the tower) and walked 50 metres<br />

across Jupiter Island along a path to find the<br />

Atlantic Ocean and a relatively uninhabited<br />

beach. Another family had packed along a tent,<br />

chairs, cooler (and the family pet) to spend the<br />

afternoon – and so should you.<br />

This adventure into Seabranch Preserve<br />

State Park is great on a hot day as you can enjoy<br />

the breeze as you cruise, even if Mother Nature<br />

hasn’t provided any wind. The Intracoastal is<br />

protected from waves, so you do not need to be<br />

an expert boater to enjoy yourselves.<br />

Native fauna can be hard to spot in the<br />

wild, but not at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.<br />

This non-profit organization is dedicated to<br />

preserving Florida’s wildlife through the rescue,<br />

rehabilitation, and preservation - and education<br />

of local and visitor human inhabitants. While<br />

some of their ‘guests’ vary as they are rehabilitated<br />

and released, others are permanent<br />

residents, which can’t return to their natural<br />

habitat in Florida due to their injuries or complacency<br />

towards humans. Exploring along the<br />

lush tropical paths, you’ll typically be able to<br />

see everything from Florida’s foxes to falcons,<br />

skunks to snakes, parrots to panthers, and of<br />

course the infamous alligators.<br />

www.buschwildlife.org<br />

The wind whips past us, as our earmuffs<br />

attempt to protect us from the roar of the<br />

massive fan propelling us through the forest of<br />

tall grass. We are hunting (with cameras) for<br />

the elusive alligators that so far we’ve only seen<br />

at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. The adrenaline<br />

rush of crossing the small lake is replaced with<br />

26 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

capital of outdoor markets. We stopped there<br />

for the Farmer’s Market (every Saturday 8 am<br />

to 12 pm) to wander among the eclectic mix of<br />

vendors. Fresh fruits and veggies, exotic plants,<br />

spices, clothing, food and music – and all free to<br />

see. At the same time, you can also stop in at the<br />

Jazz Craft Market, or make it to the Wednesday<br />

Green Market instead. The Fort Pierce Marina<br />

even proclaims to have ‘Florida’s Best Fishing.’<br />

Next time we’ll let them prove it!<br />

Shopping can make you thirsty and tired, so<br />

it’s a good thing the ‘Original Tiki Bar’ is next<br />

door to the market, overlooking the marina<br />

with a great vibe and live music. Odds are you’ll<br />

hear Jimmy Buffet’s greatest ballads from the<br />

microphone, and enjoy another iconic Florida<br />

experience.<br />

Our only caveat is that the road into Fort<br />

Pierce, unfortunately, doesn’t display the<br />

prosperity of Jupiter, with barred, shuttered and<br />

abandoned businesses along your route to the<br />

market. While Marina Square and downtown is<br />

a fantastic place to visit for the day, I can’t say I<br />

would recommend you make this a home base<br />

for your stay.<br />

After exploring so much of the natural<br />

habitat, we needed some civilization and found<br />

ourselves with tickets in hand entering Roger<br />

Dean Stadium, home of the Jupiter Hammerheads<br />

and Palm Beach Cardinals in the triple<br />

A league, and the Gulf Coast Marlins and Gulf<br />

Coast Cardinals in the Rookie league. With four<br />

teams calling the stadium home, there is a game<br />

in the stadium almost every day April through<br />

August. Then during spring training, you can<br />

watch the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins<br />

practice from the end of February to the<br />

end of March.<br />

anticipation as we quietly idle through the<br />

narrow channels, peering into the murky grasslined<br />

banks, searching for the wary prehistoric<br />

predators that we know are all around us. ‘There’s<br />

one”, shouts Jason as our pilot cuts the engine<br />

and cameras follow eyeballs to the rustle and<br />

splash on shore. While that was our only sighting,<br />

our guide took us to see an alligator nest,<br />

and a small pond where gazing below the still<br />

surface, in water as clear as an aquarium, schools<br />

of fish swarmed towards the bread we tossed<br />

from the side. 45 minutes passed in the blink of<br />

an eye and then it was time to return to the dock.<br />

Eagle Boat Airboat rides have great staff, a small<br />

outdoor fresh food market, and of course – gator<br />

head souvenirs. For the hearty and the brave –<br />

you can hold a baby gator!<br />

Marina Square in Fort Pierce (an hour<br />

drive north of Jupiter) seems to be Florida’s<br />

Clockwise: Boat rental on Intracoastal, Eagle Bay Airport and the Roger Dean Stadium.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 27

Speaking of civilized, when I suggest service<br />

to your chair, a call button for food and alcohol,<br />

while in reclining seats with a tray table, you<br />

naturally think airplane. However, these words describe<br />

the luxury cinema experience at Cineopolis<br />

cinema in Jupiter. We purchased our tickets ($41<br />

US for two adults), chose our seats at the ticket<br />

counter, passed the full-service bar on the way to<br />

our theatre, reclined in our spacious, plush, leather<br />

seats, and then ordered food and beverages from<br />

the server after reviewing the menu. If we had any<br />

further food and drink desires, we pushed the call<br />

button on the arm of our chair, and our server<br />

reappeared. You can also order your tickets online,<br />

choosing your movie, time, and seats. There are<br />

also non-luxury theatres available as well. It is<br />

expensive for ‘going to the movies,’ but then again<br />

it is a quite an experience.<br />

West Palm Beach County, like much of Florida,<br />

is overflowing with a multitude of satisfying<br />

experiences for every pleasure, passion, and<br />

pastime. Don’t wait another year to get your fill!<br />

Top: Fort Pierce and bottom: Gator at the Eagle<br />

Bay Airboat.<br />

28 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

WE’RE HERE<br />



YOU HOME.<br />

5 5 + R E S O R T S T Y L E C O M M U N I T Y<br />

Stunning views, <strong>RV</strong> storage pads, active adult living;<br />

It’s time to live the resort lifestyle you’ve earned<br />

Welcome to Montesa, a resort-style community for active adults. We are in beautiful Gold Canyon, Arizona, just<br />

35 miles east of downtown Phoenix.<br />

Our exciting new floor plans now offer storage pads for <strong>RV</strong>s up to 44 ft long. We’ve also introduced roof decks as<br />

an option allowing you to savor the picturesque scenery and tranquil surroundings.<br />

Montesa is close to several golf resorts, lakes, hiking and shopping. And our full-time, on-site staff makes sure<br />

you never run out of activities and amenities to enjoy.<br />

• Themed Parties<br />

• Swimming Pool & Spa<br />

• Pickleball Courts<br />

• Tennis Courts<br />

• Ballroom & Clubhouse<br />

• Pet Agility Park<br />

• Private Walking Paths<br />

• Billiards Room<br />

• Arts & Crafts Room<br />

• Quilting & Sewing Room<br />

• 2,700 sq. ft. Fitness Center<br />

• Card Room<br />

• Quilting & Sewing Room<br />

• Wood Carving<br />

• Patio BBQ and Glass Fire Pit<br />



(888) 272-7710<br />


MontesaHomes.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 29

30 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong><br />


Join us at more than 100 amazing<br />

Sun <strong>RV</strong> Resorts locations from coast<br />

to coast. Whether you <strong>RV</strong>, camp, rent<br />

or own – you get it all without any<br />

membership or resort fees.<br />

Waterparks, pools, beaches and spas await.<br />

Swim, bike, hike, golf, fish and more, every day.<br />

Courts for volleyball, tennis, basketball and pickleball.<br />

Fitness centers, restaurants, clubs and activities.<br />

Big rigs, rallies and pets welcome.<br />

Stay connected and be the first to hear about<br />

new resorts, special promotions,<br />

news and more!<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 31

F<br />

L<br />

O<br />

R<br />

I<br />

D<br />

A<br />


Toby’s<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Resort<br />



When you find a place that feels as comfortable<br />

and enjoyable as being at home, chances are<br />

you’re going to want to stay there, especially if<br />

the weather is excellent! Toby’s <strong>RV</strong> Resort in<br />

Arcadia, Florida is extremely popular, in part<br />

due to its high value among Florida <strong>RV</strong> resorts<br />

and its location off the beaten path.<br />


They say if you want to know something about<br />

a place, you ask a local. While most <strong>RV</strong> resorts<br />

have a somewhat transient population, Toby’s<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Resort has residents who park their <strong>RV</strong>s<br />

here year-round and stay for more than a<br />

season. Bill Payne and his wife Ruth are two of<br />

those residents. They liked living here so much,<br />

they came down earlier than usual this year.<br />

“I heard about Toby’s from some friends<br />

that were down here,” explained Bill. “They<br />

loved it, so we came down to see it for ourselves.<br />

That was in <strong>Jan</strong>uary 2010, and we’ve<br />

been coming here ever since. We usually come<br />

down here for six or seven months. This year it<br />

will probably be eight or nine months.”<br />

Bill is one of the 800 or so people who come<br />

to stay at Toby’s <strong>RV</strong> every year. There are a few<br />

that live at the resort year-round. “We get a lot<br />

of people here from Michigan, Ohio, New York,<br />

New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, Maryland,<br />

Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut<br />

and quite a few who come down from all over<br />

Canada. We even have people come down here<br />

from Alaska,” he said.<br />


Bill knows how to keep himself and others busy.<br />

In fact, he arranges some of the activities. He<br />

sits on the activity board and is in charge of the<br />

Ice Cream Social, hall rentals, and helps with<br />

bringing in entertainment.<br />

“There’s so much to do here!” he exclaimed.<br />

“We have something pretty much every day<br />

and night. We have the Unknown DJ, a park<br />

resident from Canada, who DJs 50s to 90s music,<br />

and there’s live music a few times a month.<br />

We have Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve<br />

parties, Valentine’s parties…”<br />

Suffice it to say there are over 80 activities<br />

a month. Yes, that’s right, a month, which you<br />

can take part in. From pickleball to Pétanque,<br />

you’re bound to find a thing or two to keep you<br />

busy here.<br />

“Our Ice Cream Socials are every Sunday,”<br />

said Bill as he looked for his activities list. “We<br />

have regular Bingo on Monday and Friday<br />

nights and Card Bingo, that you play with a<br />

deck of cards, on Wednesday nights.”<br />

Bill found his list, and then the information<br />

started flowing. “Our most popular activities are<br />

shuffleboard, bocce ball, and horseshoes. We<br />

have a live music jam every Tuesday night and<br />

every other Thursday there’s a potluck supper.<br />

There are dances twice a month on Saturdays<br />

and shows twice a month too. About 100 - 200<br />

people will show up to each of these events. The<br />

hall here holds 300 people.”<br />

With all these activities, you might think it<br />

would be expensive, but the activity committee<br />

has that all figured out. “We sell activity cards<br />

for $12.50 for six months from November to<br />

end of March. That will get you into the dances<br />

and the shows for free. If you don’t have a card<br />

– it’s $10 each to get into the dance or a show.<br />

Coming up in March we even have Dion Pride,<br />

Charlie Pride’s son, coming to perform for us.”<br />

There’s more on Bill’s list. About once a<br />

month they have someone come in to cook<br />

lunch. The last few years they’ve had someone<br />

come in and smoke up ribs for their rib dinner.<br />

There’s coffee and donuts every Friday morning<br />

where the coffee is free, and donuts are 50 cents.<br />


There are classes here as well. Not just one or<br />

two, there are a dozen or so, with more being<br />

thought up every year. “You can take just about

any kind of class here,” Bill said with a touch<br />

of pride in his voice. You can tell he loves it<br />

here. “We have painting classes and if you want<br />

something different, there are classes for stained<br />

glass, quilting and needle work, plus crocheting.<br />

Beading classes are also held every Friday<br />

morning. “<br />

“There’s line dancing classes too, which is<br />

always fun. Then we have a younger gal from<br />

Canada who comes here and teaches Yoga and<br />

other movement exercises. You can even take<br />

tennis lessons here.”<br />

Should you want to learn something else,<br />

they have someone at the resort who teaches<br />

computer classes, woodcarving and basket<br />

weaving. “There’s something every day,” said Bill.<br />

“We’re pretty busy here. We just keep going.”<br />


For those who just want to sit back and relax a<br />

bit, there’s time and places for that, too. There’s<br />

a park with a large pond on the property.<br />

“The pond has alligators in it,” Bill said.<br />

“You don’t have to worry about them. You can<br />

just sit on the deck by the pond and watch<br />

them. They never come into the resort, and if<br />

the odd one does, we get rid of it quickly. You<br />

can fish here too. It’s all catch and release. If<br />

you want to go further out, Lake Okeechobee<br />

is only an hour east of here. You can go fishing<br />

and boating there.”<br />

Many residents just like to relax in the pool<br />

or have a soak in the hot tub. There’s an exercise<br />

room, a weight room, pool tables and even a<br />

well-stocked library on site.<br />


The land around Toby’s is relatively flat,<br />

making it easy to bike around the <strong>RV</strong> resort<br />

and into the town of Arcadia. “The only hills<br />

around here are man-made,” said Bill. “It’s<br />

fairly flat countryside so you can go quite far.”<br />

It’s about a 20-minute bike ride or a<br />

10-minute car ride to Morgan Park, which has<br />

some easy hiking trails. There are large open<br />

grassy areas for games and picnics. The park is<br />

located on the banks of the Peace River, which<br />

is reportedly an excellent spot for swimming<br />

and fishing. You may even see the odd armadillo,<br />

deer or squirrel as you walk the trails.<br />

“There’s a bike and hike trail near Toby’s,<br />

too and you can go up as far as the Winn Dixie<br />

and the hardware store,” said Bill. “You can<br />

even ride your golf cart up there.”<br />


The cozy town of Arcadia is just a few minutes<br />

away from Toby’s <strong>RV</strong> Resort. It has all the major<br />

amenities you’ll need including a Walmart<br />

Superstore, “There are some small restaurants<br />

as well as fast food joints,” explained Bill.<br />

“There are a couple good Italian and Mexican<br />

restaurants too. The town even has a walk-in<br />

clinic and a Goodwill store.”<br />

One of the more significant draws to<br />

Arcadia are the antique shops. “There are<br />

over a dozen shops here and then every third<br />

Saturday of the month they have an antique<br />

show and people come from all over.”<br />

As this is the middle of cow country, it’s<br />

a given that there’s an agriculture centre. The<br />

Turner Agri-Civic Center has horse pulls,<br />

dog shows, beef sales and car shows, all<br />

within minutes of the <strong>RV</strong> resort. “They have a<br />

rodeo here in Arcadia, too,” said Bill proudly.<br />

“They’re building a brand new rodeo station,<br />

which will be the biggest rodeo east of the<br />

Mississippi and will have riders from all over<br />

the world come here just for the rodeo in<br />

February.”<br />

For those who miss what the city has to<br />

offer, you can find all the theatres, live music,<br />

shopping and fine dining you need in the<br />

surrounding areas. “Port Charlotte is just 35<br />

minutes south of the resort, with Fort Myers<br />

about an hour and a bit south,” said Bill. “Then<br />

there’s Sarasota, about an hour away to the<br />

west. Fort Myers and Fort Charlotte have<br />

some great theatres. Pretty much everywhere<br />

you want to go is about an hour, hour and a<br />

half from here.”<br />


With so much to see and do you may feel<br />

obligated to get out there and do as much as<br />

possible. Remember, this is your get-away,<br />

your time. Do as you please, knowing that at<br />

any time, on any day, there’s always something<br />

else to do at Toby’s <strong>RV</strong> Resort.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 33

B<br />

R<br />

I<br />

T<br />

I<br />

S<br />

H<br />

C<br />

O<br />

L<br />

U<br />

M<br />

B<br />

I<br />

A<br />

Vancouver<br />

Canada’s Waterfront<br />




34 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Vancouver is known as one of the most scenic<br />

waterfront cities in North America, but it was<br />

Expo 1986 (The 1986 World Exposition on<br />

Transportation and Communication) and the<br />

2010 Winter Olympics that put Vancouver on<br />

the global map.<br />

Canada Place is Vancouver’s terminal for Alaska Cruise Ships.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 35

Burnaby Cariboo <strong>RV</strong> Park<br />

T<br />

he Burnaby Cariboo <strong>RV</strong> Park and<br />

Campground is a great place to stay,<br />

just off the Trans Canada Highway, 20<br />

minutes east of downtown Vancouver. The 212<br />

paved sites are very well set up for any recreational<br />

vehicle. They have everything you are<br />

looking for including a pool, store, games room,<br />

even a pressure wash facility to clean your <strong>RV</strong>.<br />

The manager of the park gave us helpful tips<br />

for alternative ways to travel around the city,<br />

so we could leave our vehicle at the campsite.<br />

It is only a ten-minute walk to the commuter<br />

transit “Skytrain”, the metropolitan rapid transit<br />

rail system serving the lower mainland. Transit<br />

was a much easier way for us to travel around<br />

the busy city, as we did not have to worry about<br />

traffic or where to park a large <strong>RV</strong>.<br />

Canada Place is Vancouver’s terminal for<br />

cruises to Alaska. This year, 237 cruise ships<br />

are destined for Canada Place. As many as four<br />

cruise ships can be docked at one time, creating<br />

an extra 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to the city.<br />

We were amazed at how well Vancouver was set<br />

up to handle the thousands of daily commuters<br />

and visitors to the downtown area. The Port<br />

of Vancouver is the busiest harbour in Canada<br />

and the third largest port in North America.<br />

The morning we were at Canada Place, the sky<br />

was busy bringing commuters in from Victoria,<br />

Vancouver’s West Convention Centre located next<br />

to Canada Place. Coal Harbour Marina and Stanley<br />

Park in the distance.<br />

Vancouver’s 22km (14m) seawalk starts at<br />

Canada Place, circles Stanley Park and False<br />

Creek, ends at Kitsilano Beach.<br />

36 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

memories are made here<br />


ONLINE<br />

RESE<strong>RV</strong>ATIONS<br />



Prince Rupert<br />

16<br />

Terrace<br />

16<br />


Mackenzie<br />

97<br />

6Parkbridge Cottage & <strong>RV</strong><br />

Resorts to choose from in<br />

c’est ici que se tissent les souvenirs<br />

Alberta & BC<br />

• 4 Resorts open all year<br />

• Tenting sites available<br />

2A<br />

Lesser Slave Lake<br />

2<br />

• Full service overnight & seasonal sites<br />

2<br />

Grande Prairie<br />

43<br />

• Variety of amenities onsite or nearby<br />

• No membership required<br />

63<br />

Bonnyville<br />

16<br />

16<br />

Edson<br />

43<br />

Edmonton<br />

16<br />

16<br />

2<br />


Red Deer<br />

97<br />

5<br />

2<br />

Drumheller<br />

9<br />

9<br />

Ladysmith, BC<br />

19<br />

99<br />

Whistler<br />

1<br />

5<br />

97C<br />

Kamloops<br />

97<br />

Kelowna<br />

1<br />

1<br />

Calgary<br />

2<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

4<br />

Nanaimo<br />

19<br />

Vancouver<br />

1<br />

97<br />

3<br />

Osoyoos<br />

Penticton<br />

Nelson<br />

Cranbrook<br />

6<br />

3<br />

4<br />

Lethbridge<br />

Book your site now!<br />

SNOWBIRD & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELLERS <strong>2017</strong>.04.20<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 37

Nanaimo, Comox, Whistler and the Gulf Islands<br />

to shop and work in the city. Seaplanes were<br />

landing on the water every five minutes on the<br />

west side of Canada Place, docking at Vancouver’s<br />

Harbour Flight Centre (VHFC) seaplane<br />

terminal. HeliJet helicopters were landing on the<br />

east side of Canada Place on the floating helipad.<br />

Big ocean-going freighters were entering the<br />

harbour to unload their cargo and a five-mast<br />

sailboat was anchored on the north side of the<br />

Inlet, along with the cruise ship “Star Princess”,<br />

which had just come in earlier that morning. All<br />

this activity happened before 9:00 am and we<br />

quickly understood why Canada Place is one of<br />

the city’s main attractions.<br />

The roof on the exterior has five sails and<br />

is an iconic landmark for locals and visitors<br />

entering Vancouver’s waterfront. Canada Place<br />

is also home to the 504-room Pan Pacific<br />

Vancouver Hotel, Vancouver East Convention<br />

Centre, the World Trade Centre and the iconic<br />

FlyOver Canada. This is a flight simulation ride<br />

that suspends you above the ground looking at<br />

a huge curved screen travelling across Canada,<br />

all while twisting, turning, and feeling the wind<br />

and mist on your face.<br />

It is also the start of the famous seawall<br />

walk to Stanley Park. The walkway continues<br />

around Stanley Park, passes through English<br />

Bay, circles False Creek to Granville Island, and<br />

ends at Kitsilano Beach. The total distance of 22<br />

kilometers (14 miles) one way, makes it one of<br />

the longest uninterrupted waterfront walkways<br />

in the world.<br />

The “Seawall Adventure Centre” located<br />

next to the seaplane terminal is one of many<br />

establishments in Greater Vancouver that rents<br />

bicycles to complete a shorter ten kilometre<br />

loop around Stanley Park.<br />

Vancouver is biking friendly with their own<br />

paved paths around the seawall and over some<br />

of the city’s bridges. We opted to get an Adult<br />

day pass with Westcoast Sightseeing Tour buses<br />

for $47 each. They have a family pass, which<br />

includes two adults and two children for $135.<br />

The Hop-On, Hop-Off convertible bus<br />

stops at 24 of Vancouver’s top attractions<br />

around the city. We caught the bus at their first<br />

stop at 8:30 am in Gastown. Their next bus left<br />

20 minutes later from that same bus stop. This<br />

meant that at any one of the stops where we<br />

wanted to get off, there was another Westcoast<br />

Sightseeing Tour bus only twenty minutes<br />

behind. What a great way to see the city on<br />

a sunny day. They have a taped narration on<br />

the tour that is translated into seven different<br />

languages using headphones.<br />

South of Canada Place is the saltwater Inlet<br />

of False Creek, a small body of water that separates<br />

downtown Vancouver from the rest of the<br />

city, the site of Expo 86. Located on the south<br />

side of False Creek is a 14 hectare (35 acres)<br />

Island (peninsula) known as Granville Island,<br />

which was our destination for our second day of<br />

visiting Vancouver.<br />

Granville Island has waterfront restaurants,<br />

oceanfront patio decks, galleries, theaters and<br />

studios, cafés, marinas, boat and kayak rentals,<br />

public ferries and an adventure playland for<br />

kids (consisting of more than 25 shops and activities).<br />

The Public Market is an open-concept<br />

indoor market selling fresh seafood, meat, produce,<br />

bread and cheese, crafts and cut flowers - a<br />

magnet for attracting the locals. The Market is<br />

Harbour Air is the biggest seaplane-only airline in the world. (Famous for their scheduled bird’s-eye<br />

tours of Vancouver’s waterfront).<br />

<strong>RV</strong> CARE DEALERS<br />


Big Boy’s Toys, Nanoose Bay BC<br />

Country Camping Leisure Products, Salmon Arm BC<br />

Mike Rosman R.V. Sales, Vernon BC<br />

Prevost <strong>RV</strong> & Marine, Terrace BC<br />

O’Connor <strong>RV</strong>, Chilliwack BC<br />

Peden <strong>RV</strong> Superstore, Sidney BC<br />

South Thompson <strong>RV</strong>, Kamloops BC<br />

Traveland <strong>RV</strong> Superstore, Langley BC<br />

Traveland <strong>RV</strong> Kelowna, West Kelowna BC<br />

Bucars <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Balzac AB<br />

Eldorado <strong>RV</strong> Sales, Lethbridge AB<br />

Happy Trails <strong>RV</strong>, Grande Prairie AB<br />

Holiday <strong>RV</strong> Super Centre, Redcliff AB<br />

<strong>RV</strong> City, Morinville AB<br />

Trailblazer <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Acheson AB<br />

Vellner Leisure Products, Red Deer AB<br />

GNR Camping World, Winnipeg MB<br />

Pik-A-Dilly <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Brandon MB<br />

Happy Camper <strong>RV</strong>, Prince Albert SK<br />

Lardner’s Trailer Sales, Saskatoon SK<br />

Sellers <strong>RV</strong> Center, Lloydminster SK<br />

Traveland Leisure Centre, Regina SK<br />

1000 Islands <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Gananoque ON<br />

Campkin’s <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Myrtle Station ON<br />

Camp-Out <strong>RV</strong>, Stratford ON<br />

Can-Am <strong>RV</strong> Centre, London ON<br />

Christie’s <strong>RV</strong>, Sault Ste. Marie ON<br />

Earlton <strong>RV</strong>, Earlton ON<br />

Ferguson <strong>RV</strong> World, St. Thomas ON<br />

Globetrotter <strong>RV</strong>, Bolton, ON<br />

Leisure Trailer Sales, Tecumseh ON<br />

McPhail’s of Harriston, Harriston ON<br />

Mobilife <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Kitchener ON<br />

Niagara Trailers, St. Davids ON<br />

Nickel Belt Camping, Chelmsford ON<br />

Ottawa Camping Trailers, Ottawa ON<br />

Primo Trailer Sales, Ottawa ON<br />

Recreation World <strong>RV</strong>, Thunder Bay ON<br />

Ruston <strong>RV</strong> Centre, Burlington ON<br />

Transit Caravane, Plantagenet, ON<br />

The Hitch House, Barrie, ON<br />

Caravanes de la Petite Nation, Gatineau QC<br />

Centre de Camping d’Amos, Amos QC<br />

Horizon Lussier, Marieville QC<br />

Passion VR, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield QC<br />

Roulottes Chaudiere, Levis, QC<br />

Roulottes Desjardins, L’Ange-Gardien, Quebec<br />

Roulottes Desjardins, St-Jerome QC<br />

Roulottes Lupien 2000, Drummondville QC<br />

Roulottes MLR, Chicoutimi QC<br />

VR Prestige, Terrebonne QC<br />

VR Souliere, Lanoraie, QC<br />

VR Souliere, Sherbrooke, QC<br />

Leisure Time <strong>RV</strong> Center, Quispamsis NB<br />

Moncton <strong>RV</strong> Center, Moncton NB<br />

<strong>RV</strong> World, Waasis NB<br />

Adventure Sports <strong>RV</strong>, Dartmouth NS<br />

Stone’s <strong>RV</strong> & Home Center, New Glasgow NS<br />

Stone’s <strong>RV</strong> Center, Sydney NS<br />

Islander <strong>RV</strong>, St. John’s NL<br />

Islander <strong>RV</strong>, Grand Falls - Windsor NL<br />

Toy Master <strong>RV</strong>, Charlottetown, PEI<br />

www.rvcare.ca<br />

38 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>



YOUR <strong>RV</strong><br />

Download our free app<br />

The largest <strong>RV</strong> dealer network with over 175 locations throughout Canada and the USA<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 39

open seven days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00<br />

pm. There were at least 45 vendors just selling<br />

food and beverages from around the world - a<br />

“Food Lover’s Paradise” for us.<br />

The False Creek Ferries and the Aqua Bus offer<br />

a daily scheduled service transporting people<br />

to and from Granville Island to the south side of<br />

downtown Vancouver. We went with the little<br />

blue and white boats from False Creek Ferries.<br />

They stop at nine ports of calls on False Creek<br />

about every 10 to 15 minutes. We bought a day<br />

pass for $16, which gave us unlimited time on<br />

the water to visit Yaletown, Science World, Plaza<br />

of Nations and the Maritime Museum. On our<br />

last stop, we got out at the Maritime Museums<br />

dock for a walk on the sand at Kitsilano Beach.<br />

What a gorgeous view looking out at English Bay,<br />

Vancouver, and West Vancouver.<br />

Vancouver is a beautiful waterfront city. If<br />

your timing and planning are right, you will have<br />

a holiday of a lifetime, just like we did.<br />

Top: Expo 86 World’s Fair landmark “Science<br />

World” on False Creek. Bottom: Westcoast Sightseeing<br />

touring buses stops at 24 attractions in<br />

Greater Vancouver.<br />


Tourism Vancouver Visitor Information Centre<br />

www.tourismvancouver.com 604-683-2000<br />

Canada Place<br />

www.canadaplace.ca 604-665-9000<br />

Burnaby Caribou <strong>RV</strong> Park<br />

www.bcrvpark.com 604-420-1722<br />

False Creek Ferries<br />

www.granvilleislandferries.bc.ca<br />

604-684-7781<br />

Westcoast Sightseeing Tours<br />

www.westcoastsightseeing.com<br />

1-877-451-1777<br />

Harbour Air Airlines www.harbourair.com<br />

1-800-665-0212<br />

Granville Island<br />

www.grandvilleisland.com<br />

Seawall Adventure<br />

www.seawalladventure.com<br />



british columbia<br />

start your alaska highway<br />


Visitor Centre<br />

900 Alaska Avenue<br />

250-782-9595<br />

1-866-645-3022<br />

Alaska<br />

Highway House<br />

10201 – 10th St<br />

250-782-4714<br />

1-866-645-3022<br />

Share your <strong>Snowbirds</strong> and <strong>RV</strong><br />

Travellers story with us on Facebook<br />

@myAlaskaHiWay #DawsonCreekBC<br />

facebook.com/alaskahighway<br />

facebook.com/TDCBC<br />



And our new <strong>2017</strong> Travel Trailer<br />

The <strong>2017</strong> 19'<br />


trailers come equipped with a complete galley,<br />

comfortable seating / sleeping areas and<br />

bathroom with interior shower. We offer a<br />

full line of <strong>RV</strong> trailers, a 17', 19', and 21' travel<br />

trailer and a 21’ Escape 5.0TA all designed<br />

specifically for smaller tow vehicles. All of our<br />

units are high quality, 100% molded fiberglass<br />

and come with a full, two year warranty.<br />

43851 Industrial Way,<br />

Bldg B. Chilliwack, BC, V2R 4L2<br />

Toll Free 1 855 703 1650<br />

escapetrailer.com<br />

We better call O’Connor Collision,<br />

they’ve been so wonderful to us in<br />

the past doing our <strong>RV</strong> repairs.<br />

44840 Yale Road West, Chilliwack, BC<br />

604-792-3170<br />

Email: terryc@oconnorcollision.com<br />

A Division of O’Connor Motors Ltd.<br />


B<br />

R<br />

I<br />

T<br />

I<br />

S<br />

H<br />

C<br />

O<br />

L<br />

U<br />

M<br />

B<br />

I<br />

A<br />

BC’s Best Little Secret<br />

Photos courtesy of Greenwood Museum<br />

Located along Highway 3, in the Kootenay<br />

Boundary region of Southern British Columbia,<br />

you will find Greenwood – the “smallest city<br />

in Canada”. Although the incorporated city is<br />

small, with only 676 residents, it has become<br />

a centre for both the history buff, who wants<br />

to explore the Old West, and the nature lover,<br />

who wants to enjoy Greenwood’s year-round<br />

activities. The city is just a two-hour drive east<br />

of the major centre of Kelowna and 20 minutes<br />

north of the US border, and with its turn of the<br />

century architecture and pristine environment,<br />

Greenwood has become one of BC’s best kept<br />

secrets.<br />

Greenwood’s rich history goes back to 1891<br />

when gold, silver and copper were all discovered,<br />

bringing great prosperity to the city. Fortune<br />

seekers came from all over the world to the<br />

booming city, which had quickly become the<br />

epicenter of the mining and smelting industry<br />

in Boundary country with a boisterous population<br />

of 3500 souls. The city rose in stature to<br />

become the seat of government in the region<br />

with more than 100 companies in the business<br />

district. Sadly, the success was short-lived and<br />

by 1931 the gold boom had passed and there<br />

was no market for copper so the smelters shut<br />

and the population dwindled to just 171.<br />

Then a tragic event that no one could have<br />

foreseen occurred to revitalize the city anew<br />

– Greenwood became BC’s first internment<br />

camp. After the bombing of Pearl Harbour on<br />

<strong>Dec</strong> 7, 1941, thousands of Japanese Canadians<br />

had their homes and assets seized and 1200<br />

were forcibly relocated to many of the empty<br />

buildings in Greenwood. Many stayed after the<br />

war and the population began to rebound to<br />

the roughly 700 residents that remain today.<br />

O’Hairi Park, located in the centre of town, is<br />

dedicated to the Japanese Canadian citizens of<br />

Greenwood.<br />

The city has proven its resiliency over the<br />

years and now is a destination rich with history.<br />

In his renowned Gold Trails and Ghost Towns<br />

series, Bill Barlee stated “Greenwood is one of<br />

the only two mining towns still in existence.”<br />

You can see the Victorian past in many of the<br />

42 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>



Members of CPA-BC and CPA-AB<br />

*Denotes a Professional Corporation<br />


Call us today; we can help you!<br />


303 -1630 Pandosy St., Kelowna, BC V1Y 1P7<br />

Tel: 250-763-4528 fax: 250-763-4529<br />

well-preserved buildings and homes. Be sure to stop at the Museum and<br />

Visitor Centre. They can arrange a tour of the court house at City Hall.<br />

This beautiful old building is one of the finest wooden structures in BC<br />

and was used as a BC Supreme Court in the County of Yale.<br />

If you wanted to immerse yourself completely in history, you could<br />

stay at Fort Greenwood <strong>RV</strong> Park, dubbed “the Old West’s finest gated<br />

community”, which was built to reflect those good old-fashioned western<br />

values. The owners have always been fascinated with the Old West, and<br />

over the years amassed a collection of authentic Old West antiques. They<br />

believed the artifacts were an integral part of Canada’s heritage and built<br />

the Greenwood <strong>RV</strong> resort in true Old West style, complete with the<br />

Pioneer Village where their collection has finally found a home. Their<br />

Pioneer Village includes a dance hall, wash house, pool hall, entertainment<br />

room, exercise room and WiFi. Visit www.fortgreenwood.ca or call<br />

1-866-650-6444 to learn more.<br />

From here you can visit and explore all the old mine sites and ghost<br />

towns you want. There are hundreds of them —everything from the City<br />

of Paris ghost town site to the Tramway Bore tunnel.<br />

Stroll down Main Street – with its great selection of shops and coffee<br />

houses. Be sure to stop at the Yellow Door Boutique, Copper Eagle<br />

Cappuccino and Bakery Ltd and Deadwood Junction Coffee and Bakery.<br />

There is even a saddle shop. The Pacific Grill was voted the best restaurant<br />

in Boundary country- it’s a great place for great food, don’t miss it.<br />

For the outdoor enthusiast, there are many great adventures for all<br />

ages and fitness levels. Greenwood is proud that the Trans Canada Trail<br />

is so easily accessible to town. You can hike, bike or ride an ATV or<br />

horse up the old mining and logging roads, climb to the top of Jubilee<br />

Mountain, or hike to Boundary Falls. Fishing, boating and camping are<br />

favourites at Jewel Lake, just nine kilometres north.<br />

Take a step back in time and enjoy life in Canada’s smallest city.<br />

www.bankaco.com<br />

------<br />

info@bankaco.com<br />

The FINEST Gated<br />

Community in the<br />

OLD WEST<br />



We knew this day would come that because of health or age we have<br />

to pass Fort Greenwood on to someone else. This would be an ideal<br />

situation for a retired couple who is looking for a part-time job that still<br />

would like to go south in the winter, and of course have some capital.<br />



1-866-650-6444 www.fortgreenwood.ca<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 43

Reviews<br />


10 NEW <strong>RV</strong>S<br />

that are Ready to Roll for <strong>2018</strong><br />

Adventurer LP 89RBS Truck Camper<br />

The Adventurer 89RBS is the latest addition to<br />

the company’s series for <strong>2018</strong> and joins a set<br />

of models to enhance your outdoor adventures<br />

whether your game is fishing, hunting, or simply<br />

outdoor exploring and touring.<br />

With a base weight of 3,072 pounds, the 89RBS<br />

can accommodate short or long bed trucks and has an<br />

interior floor length of eight feet, nine inches, an interior<br />

height of 78 inches, with a centre of gravity of 38<br />

inches. While compact for easier, long-distant travels,<br />

the one-slide design extends living space with a facing<br />

dinette, as well as a fridge. When night falls, steps<br />

lead up to a 60 x 80-inch queen bed where there`s an<br />

entertainment center, two nightstands, a small storage<br />

area, and wardrobe.<br />

Some additional highlights for a truck camper of<br />

this size are the wet bath complete with a one-piece fibreglass<br />

shower, porcelain-style fresh water foot-flush<br />

toilet and even a sliding bath door for privacy. While<br />

galleys can be limited in this segment of <strong>RV</strong> models,<br />

Adventurer upgraded them with new stainless steel<br />

appliances to include a seven cubic-foot Dometic<br />

double-door refrigerator, and a three-burner cook top<br />

with a glass top cover, oven, and range hood. They<br />

also added a new marble-look countertop with a<br />

double bowl stainless steel sink.<br />

Tank capacities on the 89RBS include a 44-gallon<br />

fresh tank, 25-gallon grey tank, 22-gallon black tank<br />

plus a six-gallon water heater. It can also accommodate<br />

two batteries and a pair of 20-pound propane tanks. If<br />

you like to dry camp, the RBS is also available with the<br />

optional 2500W Cummins/Onan LPG generator for<br />

extended stays.<br />

“The 89RBS is one of few models that can easily fit<br />

both short and long bed trucks with a factory generator<br />

installed,” says Greg Tucknies, director of sales and marketing<br />

for Adventurer LP. “When you add a generator<br />

to other 8.5-foot truck campers, it can only fit on short<br />

beds only. The 89RBS can accommodate both.”<br />

Other new treatments on the 89RBS are upgraded,<br />

brushed nickel fixtures, cabinet hardware, a low profile<br />

Dometic A/C system, magnetic exterior baggage door<br />

catches, plus full extension closing drawer guides (that<br />

also feature magnetic catches to keep the drawers<br />

secure and closed during travel).<br />

The company also announced a new <strong>2018</strong> Eagle<br />

Cap 811, which like the Adventurer 89RBS, is a<br />

hard-sided, single-slide unit designed for short- or longbed<br />

trucks with a base weight of 3,386 pounds. It has a<br />

floor length of eight feet, 11 inches, an interior height<br />

of 78 inches with a center of gravity of 38.6 inches. The<br />

water capacities are also ideal, including the options<br />

for a 44-gallon fresh tank, a 34-gallon grey tank, and a<br />

34-gallon black tank.<br />


Floor Length: 8’9” (2.7 M)<br />

Interior Height: 78” (1.9 M)<br />

Slides: 1<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 44 gal (166 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 25 gal (94 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 22 gal (83 L)<br />

Dry Weight: 3,072 lbs.<br />

Base Price: $29,750<br />

www.amlrv.com<br />

44 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

With fresh, innovative designs at price points for nearly every budget, <strong>RV</strong> manufacturers north and south of the<br />

border are meeting the needs of enthusiasts with a range of new models for <strong>2018</strong>. From luxurious Class A diesel<br />

pushers to compact fibreglass travel trailers, plush appointments and user-friendly features combine to provide the<br />

utmost functionality for life on the road. SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS MAGAZINE REACHED OUT TO 10<br />

MANUFACTURERS TO SEE WHAT`S NEW SO FAR FOR THE <strong>2018</strong> <strong>RV</strong>ING SEASON.<br />

Airstream Atlas Class B+<br />


Overall Length: 24’9” (7.5 M)<br />

Overall height: 10’6” (including A/C)<br />

Interior Height: 6’6” (2 M)<br />

Fuel Capacity (diesel): 26.4 gal (99 L)<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 23 gal (87 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 31 gal (117 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 23 gal (87 L)<br />

Sleeps: 2<br />

Base Price: USD 215,900 *no Canadian pricing<br />

www.airstream.com<br />

With a series of new upgrades to its existing<br />

motorized and towable lines, Airstream<br />

introduces its new Atlas class B-plus touring<br />

coach for <strong>2018</strong>. Inspired by its popular Class B Interstate,<br />

the Atlas rides smooth thanks to the combination<br />

of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cut-away Chassis,<br />

the 170-inch wheelbase, and the company’s proven<br />

rear Air-Ride suspension system. You get a little more<br />

mileage with the addition of the 3.0L V6 turbo diesel<br />

engine.<br />

At 24 feet, nine inches, with a width of a little more<br />

than eight feet, the Atlas is a good-sized unit in the B<br />

market, and its space is used well. Walk into the Atlas,<br />

and in an instant, you’ll see the interior reflects the<br />

company’s taste in plush fabrics, high-gloss laminate<br />

cabinetry and marine-grade woven synthetic flooring.<br />

The superior Magic Suede is on the trim and window<br />

coverings, and the Oceanair window shades provide<br />

that added touch, as well as privacy.<br />

The three-piece bath takes up most of rear and<br />

is complete with a corner shower (that highlights<br />

a stylish teak inlay), a mirrored medicine cabinet,<br />

Kohler hardware, and ample storage. Trends this<br />

year seem to be a rear bath on class B coaches, and<br />

this concept works for the Atlas as it provides more<br />

usable space in the living area.<br />

The main cabin is the heart of the Atlas — Airstream<br />

features the optional black or “moon” UltraLeather Villa<br />

Power Sofa that transforms into a large Murphy bed,<br />

with the added space provided by the one-slide system.<br />

It has the Froli Ergonomic Bed Support System for a<br />

good night`s rest and directly faces the 40-inch widescreen<br />

HDTV with sound bar. For added convenience, all<br />

settings for entertaining are controlled on the featured<br />

Multiplex Control System. Overhead is a powered<br />

sunroof/skylight with a screen and shade. The galley,<br />

too, is impressive with its solid surface countertop (with<br />

an aluminum backsplash), aluminum refrigerator, a<br />

pull-out shelf and more Kohler hardware at the sink.<br />

While the main features are apparent at a quick<br />

glance, Airstream is notable for the little, finishing<br />

touches. With features such as the flush-mounted<br />

cabinet hardware with soft close doors, heated swivel<br />

driver/passenger seats, rear/side view camera monitors,<br />

LED patio lighting, and storage with LED motion lights,<br />

your travels will be that much more convenient.<br />

The company also builds on its classic line of trailers<br />

with the addition of the <strong>2018</strong> Airstream Globetrotter.<br />

Collaborating with the UK-based design firm, Astheimer<br />

Limited, the Globetrotter represents some of its deep<br />

roots and the traveling spirit of company founder Wally<br />

Byam. It has a length of 27 feet, and four décor choices<br />

are available – each based on dark walnut and natural<br />

elm themes. The Globetrotter’s Euro-design theme also<br />

features aluminum walls set with panoramic windows,<br />

curved headboard and cabinets, and wrap-around upholstery,<br />

for a smooth, clean interior profile. A new appointment<br />

is the slim-fit radius doors for the overhead<br />

storage locker design, while woven vinyl flooring and<br />

hand-crafted Italian lite-ply laminated interior cabinetry<br />

are the other creature comforts. Also included are some<br />

practical features such as power stabilizer jacks, a threeway<br />

refrigerator, and premium appliances.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 45

Erwin Hymer Group North America<br />

Carado Banff/Axion Class B<br />

Based in Southern Ontario, Erwin Hymer Group<br />

North America has been gaining even more<br />

attention in the B van market, and just recently<br />

opened a new manufacturing facility in Cambridge,<br />

Ontario to handle capacity. For <strong>2018</strong>, the company<br />

sheds new light in its series of Class B <strong>RV</strong>s with three<br />

new models. There’s the Carado series – featuring the<br />

Axion and the Banff – and Hymer’s all-new Aktiv 2.0.<br />

The largest model in the Carado series is the Banff,<br />

which rides on the Ram Promaster 2500 chassis and<br />

has a 3.6L gas V6 engine with a fuel capacity of 24<br />

gallons. You’re provided with stable, smooth handling<br />

as it also sports 16-inch wheels and a wheelbase of 159<br />

inches.<br />

With an exterior length of 19 feet, six inches, an<br />

exterior height of nine feet, five inches, and width of six<br />

feet, seven inches, the Banff allows plenty of space for a<br />

<strong>RV</strong>ing couple or even a large group for day trips.<br />

“The overall concept of the Carado series is a modern,<br />

functional and affordable unit for a small family or<br />

couple to start their travel adventures,” says Lisa Phillips,<br />

marketing manager for Erwin Hymer Group North<br />

America. “Included with every Carado is a piece of mind<br />

with a bonus of two years roadside assistance coverage.”<br />

The Banff has six feet, two inches of interior height<br />

and among the many standards, there’s a rear wet-dry<br />

bath and a galley with its two-burner propane stove,<br />

700W microwave oven, and 3.1 cubic-foot refrigerator.<br />

You will find low-energy, high-output LED lighting<br />

throughout. Storage on the Banff is also impressive. It’s<br />

located in the full-length wardrobe with the addition of<br />

deep drawer storage, and more space is in the series of<br />

cupboards over of the lounges.<br />

While functionality continues on the outside –<br />

thanks to the 11.5-foot manual awning and external<br />

propane hook up — some worthwhile upgrades are the<br />

bike and roof racks, under-hood 280-amp generator,<br />

plus a 200-watt solar charging system (with a charge<br />

controller and 400 lithium power module). You can<br />

also enhance your driving experience with the optional<br />

blind spot monitoring, lane keeping/collision prevention,<br />

rearview cameras and navigation system.<br />

The Axion is another model in the Carado series,<br />

and while it’s designed more for solo <strong>RV</strong>ers, it shares<br />

many of the same appointments and options as the<br />

Banff. It has an exterior length of 17 feet and a width<br />

of more than six feet, nine inches, to offer great living<br />

space, functionality, and easy maneuverability.<br />

“The added benefit of the Axion is its smaller size<br />

that is perfect for one or two people,” says Phillips. “It’s<br />

a lower cost alternative while maintaining safety and<br />

quality. Its sleek modern styling will attract anyone<br />

looking to get into a campervan for the first time.”<br />

Rounding out Hymer’s <strong>2018</strong> models is the all-new<br />

Aktiv 2.0, a European-designed class B that’s big on<br />

style. Built on a Ram Promaster chassis, its European<br />

design flows throughout the living space, and some<br />

highlights are the king bed, compact bath (with a<br />

tambour door and ergonomic swiveling toilet) plus an<br />

optional soft composite leather power sofa bed.<br />


Overall Length: 19’6” (5.9 M)<br />

Overall Height: 9’ 5” (2.8 M)<br />

Interior Height: 6’3” (1.9 M)<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 17.6 U.S. gal. (66.8 L)<br />

Black/Grey Water Capacity: 23.1 U.S. gal.<br />

(87.4 L)<br />

Sleeps: 2<br />

Base Price: $77,958 CAD<br />

www.caradorv.com<br />

46 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Lance<br />

1475/1575 Travel Trailers<br />

With a continued effort to appeal to <strong>RV</strong>ers, expect<br />

to see new looks, designs, and features<br />

across Lance’s series of travel trailers and<br />

truck campers for <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

With a travel trailer line that includes a range of<br />

lightweight models ranging from 14 feet up to a little<br />

less than 24 feet, the upgrades start with the 1475 and<br />

1575 trailers. This year, Lance placed a strong focus on<br />

the exterior appointments of these two models. For<br />

instance, the range of new selections includes all-new<br />

standard graphics, and series of Euro-Thermopane<br />

windows, including what the company calls its Lance<br />

Sky View to offer expanded views, as well more natural<br />

light to the interior. Other new exterior features are new<br />

aluminum wheels with colour coordinated accents,<br />

molded LP covers, and protective TPO gravel guards<br />

with LED Jewel dock lighting.<br />

The interiors in these models have also been given<br />

a sight makeover by offering a new sofa option paired<br />

with two adjustable tables (available for the 1475) and<br />

European-style overhead cabinets.<br />

Other upgrades for the 1475 and 1575 – as well for<br />

its entire travel trailer fleet – are entry-step well lighting<br />

systems, new, large foot pads on the stabilizer jacks,<br />

and the company’s “Solar On The Side” pre-wired receptacles<br />

for a solar power option. Good Year tires are also<br />

available on all travel trailer models. What’s more, the<br />

galleys are given a fresh look with flush-mount stainless<br />

steel ranges (with black glass covers), and flat-bottom<br />

microwaves, which replace the turn table design.<br />

In its truck camper division, Lance has added new<br />

enhancements such as design modifications to fit<br />

better on Ford trucks and the company’s “Keyed-Alike<br />

System,” which allows you to use the same key for the<br />

entry door and storage compartments. Select models<br />

will also feature strategically-placed steps for easier<br />

access to the cab-over area. Lance’s truck camper series<br />

ranges from six feet, 10 inches to 11 feet, 11 inches<br />

and can accommodate short- or long-bed trucks.<br />


Floor Length: 14`10 (4.2 M)<br />

Interior Height: 78” (1.98 M)<br />

Slides: N/A<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 26 gal (98 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 26 (98 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 22 (83 L)<br />

Gross Dry Weight: 2560 lbs. (1,161 kg)<br />

Base Price: $40,000 CDN (w/o freight).<br />

www.lancecamper.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 47

Leisure Travel Vans<br />

Wonder FTB Class B+<br />

With a series of upgrades across its three van<br />

lines for <strong>2018</strong>, the big news from Leisure<br />

is its Wonder Front Twin Bed (FTB) Class<br />

B-plus. One of two models in this line – the other being<br />

the Wonder Murphy Bed (MB) – the FTB introduces<br />

a new, stylish floor plan providing a great option to<br />

meet personal traveling styles and preferences.<br />

The FTB has an exterior length of 24 feet, nine<br />

inches with a width of a little less than eight feet, making<br />

the FTB touring friendly for a variety conditions.<br />

Add the proven Ford Transit cutaway chassis, 3.2 L I-5<br />

Power Stroke turbo engine and the 178-inch wheelbase,<br />

and the FTB is ready to roll. Additional driving<br />

comfort is provided by the Ford SYNC with MyFord-<br />

Touch infotainment, GPS navigation, and a lane-keeping<br />

safety feature to alert you when the vehicle drifts<br />

out of a lane.<br />

One of the main focuses inside the FTB is the<br />

versatility of the forward sleeping area. By day, two facing<br />

lounges occupy the forward section of the coach,<br />

and when night falls, they serve as two large single<br />

beds (or day beds) by removing the back cushions.<br />

For more comfort, move the two single’s together to<br />

form a large queen, which measures 64 x 76 inches.<br />

There’s sizeable overhead storage on both sides on<br />

the lounges plus two opposing picture windows for<br />

cross ventilation. An opening skylight is also overhead.<br />

The flat screen and dining table, which are on swivel<br />

mounts can also be enjoyed in this area, and can even<br />

extend for use in the galley.<br />

Space in the galley (and the immediate area) is<br />

well thought out. There’s ample storage thanks to<br />

the large wardrobe, full-extension drawers, overhead<br />

cupboards, and extended pantry. The large Corian<br />

countertop has a deep sink plus more space for<br />

small appliances. Leisure also added a two-door,<br />

6.7 cubic-foot fridge/freezer, convection microwave,<br />

two-burner spark-ignition stove with a splash guard<br />

and a multi-purpose track. More sunlight and ventilation<br />

is provided by the large picture window over the<br />

sink, with pull-down valances.<br />

The large bath, positioned in the rear, extends the<br />

width of the FTB to maximize space and comfort. The<br />

enclosed shower measures approximately 30 inches,<br />

has more than six feet of headroom, and the integrated<br />

shower head has been upgraded with an on/off switch<br />

to conserve water. The deep stainless steel sink area,<br />

which is set into a Corian countertop, features a chrome<br />

facet, large mirror, and medicine cabinet.<br />

Other news from Leisure Travel Vans includes new<br />

paint schemes, as well as the available Winegard<br />

ConnecT WiFi Extender for all of its Class B models.<br />

The line also includes new standard accent lighting,<br />

redesigned bathroom doors and baths for the Unity<br />

IB and TB floor plans, and optional UltraLeather rear<br />

sofas for the Unity FX floorplan.<br />

A few updates in the Serenity series are standard<br />

upper cabinet accent lighting, an updated shower<br />

with integrated storage, and new shelves in the<br />

bedroom.<br />


Overall Length: 24’9” (7.5 M)<br />

Overall height: 9’11” (2.7 M)<br />

Interior Height: 6’5” (1.9 M)<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 34 Gal. (129 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 37 Gal. (140 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 28 Gal. (106 L)<br />

Sleeps: 2<br />

Base Price: $131,690 CDN<br />

www.leisurevans.com<br />

48 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Newmar Corp.<br />

New Aire Class A<br />

On the other end of the <strong>RV</strong> spectrum is Newmar’s<br />

<strong>2018</strong> New Aire, a luxury Class A diesel<br />

pusher featuring rich appointments, plush<br />

living areas, and the utmost functionality to qualify it as<br />

a true home-away-from-home.<br />

Purchasing the New Aire begins with your choice<br />

of three graphics packages, three interior-themed<br />

options, and three interior wood finishing choices — to<br />

customize to your liking. Two floor plans are available<br />

that include the 3341 with four slides and the 3343<br />

that offers three slides, including a full wall expansion.<br />

No matter which you choose, both share an interior<br />

height of 81.5 inches and width of 95.5 inches.<br />

Functionality on the New Aire starts from the<br />

bottom up. It has the Freightliner XCS chassis running<br />

a 360 hp Cummins diesel pusher with IFS Front<br />

Suspension and the V-Ride Drive Axle Suspension for<br />

cushioned, driving comfort. Adding to its structural<br />

integrity is the basement’s cargo liner, 3/8-inch floor<br />

decking, 1 ½-inch bead foam, and galvanized sheeting<br />

to prevent distortion.<br />

The XCS chassis also provides information directly<br />

to the cab thanks to the Electronic Chassis Information<br />

Center. Other driving-friendly appointments include the<br />

RoadWatch safety package, glass dash instrument panel,<br />

keyless ignition, trip travel Information and Comfort<br />

Drive Steering. Cab seating with its six-way power-lumbar<br />

and footrests provide ultimate comfort and a laptop<br />

workstation is a special treat for passengers.<br />

Boarding the New Aire is a breeze thanks to the<br />

automatic steps, which sit a mere four inches from<br />

the ground. Once inside, it will be hard not to be<br />

enamoured by the standard porcelain tile floor, Bermuda-glazed<br />

maple hardwood cabinets, and Flexsteel<br />

UltraFabric sofa.<br />

In the bedroom, the cathedral ceiling is designed<br />

to add six inches of headroom, while two nightstands<br />

serve as charging stations. There’s also a queen bed<br />

with a quilted bedspread with accent pillows, a sliding-window<br />

headboard, and ample storage.<br />

While the list of appointments goes on, this is a<br />

touring-friendly and richly-appointed coach. You’ll like<br />

the fully-equipped galley with pull-out pantry shelves,<br />

30-inch stainless steel convection microwave, and<br />

residential refrigerator. The New Aire is also prepped for<br />

a two-piece washer/dryer.<br />


Overall Length: 33’10” (10 M)<br />

Overall Height: 12’03” (3.6 M)<br />

Interior Height: 81.5” (2 M)<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 75 gal (283 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 60 gal (227 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 40 gal (151 L)<br />

Furnace: 50,000 BTU<br />

Base Price: $354, 467 USD<br />

*No CDN pricing available<br />

www.newmarcorp.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 49

Northern-Lite MFG<br />

8-11EX Dry Bath Special Edition Truck Camper<br />

While slide-outs are not uncommon in the<br />

truck camper space, the 8-11EX Dry Bath<br />

Special Edition Truck Camper from Northern-Lite<br />

has a host of features designed in one solid,<br />

non-slide unit for <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Built on a two-piece, moulded fibreglass shell with<br />

one-inch R6 block foam insulation, this is a four-season<br />

Canadian-made camper that has a floor length of nine<br />

feet, three inches, a width of eight feet, two inches, and<br />

is designed for ¾-ton short bed pick-up trucks. One<br />

of the highlights this year is its dry bath design, which<br />

according to the company is the only short-box dry bath<br />

truck camper on the market without a slide. It comes<br />

with a freshwater flush toilet, stand-up shower, sink plus<br />

a designated black holding tank.<br />

Truck campers often have limited space, but<br />

Northern-Lite made use of every inch to provide a<br />

functional interior. For instance, the galley has a 6.3<br />

cubic-foot two-door fridge, deep stainless steel sink, an<br />

Atwood stainless steel oven, plus a power range hood<br />

and glass stove top cover. A facing dinette was also<br />

accommodated and is an ideal appointment for a truck<br />

camper of this size. It even doubles as a fold-down 37 x<br />

67-inch sleeping area. If you need space for kitchenware,<br />

storage is in the cupboards and drawers, which<br />

includes smooth roller bearing drawer glides for ease of<br />

use. You can even upgrade the 8-11 with the optional<br />

microwave and U-shape dinette.<br />

When owners are ready to retire for the evening,<br />

there’s easy access to the sleeping area featuring a 60 x<br />

80-inch bed with two-inch R12 insulation underneath.<br />

Additional storage space, a Jensen 12V 19-inch LCD TV,<br />

and Thermopane skylight are nice touches. Rounding<br />

out the interior appointments are the Dometic<br />

Thermopane windows, removable carpeting for easy<br />

maintenance, and designated generator storage for a<br />

portable Honda generator.<br />

With a range of features on the inside, the 8-11EX<br />


Floor Length: 108” (2.7 M)<br />

Interior Height: 6’4” (1.95 M)<br />

Slides: N/A<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 33 gal (124 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 24 gal (90 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 12 gal (45 L)<br />

Dry Weight: 2650 lbs (1,202 kg) (Approx.)<br />

Base Price: $50,400 CDN<br />

www.northern-lite.com<br />

has many highlights on the outside. In true Northern-Lite<br />

fashion, protection from the sun is provided<br />

by two Carefree awnings, while the Fat Ladder allows<br />

easy access to the roof. The exterior shower will come in<br />

handy for many uses, and the convenient Rear Bumper<br />

Step System offers smooth, easy entry in and out of the<br />

camper.<br />

In addition to the range of standards, some options<br />

to consider include a 9200 BTU A/C unit, boat rack,<br />

camo graphics, gas/electric water heater and Happijac<br />

dually brackets.<br />

50 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

TV<br />

An all-new new floor plan in the Allegro Rear<br />

Engine Diesel (RED) line is a reliable indicator<br />

that the company is doing something right. The<br />

37 BA RED is currently in production and is set to hit<br />

showrooms for the <strong>2018</strong> model year, if it hasn’t already.<br />

Upgrading to the 37 BA means stepping up in the<br />

world of luxury touring. At approximately 39 feet, two<br />

inches, the 37 BA rides on a solid rear-engine Freightliner<br />

chassis, pushed by a turbo-charged Cummins ISB<br />

6.7 L Electronic Diesel that offers 360 hp at 2600 rpm.<br />

With Air-Ride Suspension and the comfort afforded<br />

by the newly designed cab, you’ll find the 37 BA as<br />

pleasurable on the road as it is at a campground.<br />

On the outside, the 37 BA’s full-body paint scheme<br />

offers seasons of use against the elements thanks to<br />

the use of premium paints and a sealant to resist UV<br />

rays. There’s even a scratch-resistant coating to protect<br />

the front, stairwell, and entry door lock. Other exterior<br />

components include fiberglass front and rear caps, a<br />

tinted one-piece windshield, and a power patio awning.<br />

Additional awnings are over the auto entry door and<br />

the three slide-outs. Other exterior features are single<br />

handle lockable storage door latches, a rinse hose/<br />

shower, and a back-up colour monitor.<br />

Another redesign on the 37 BA floor plan is the European-style<br />

driver’s centre. All controls and gauges are<br />

Tiffin Motorhomes<br />

Allegro 37 BA RED<br />

designed to be within easy reach or viewing. Two new<br />

UltraLeather chairs offer great support and an in-dash<br />

navigation system is available as an option.<br />

Inside the 37 BA, the stylish appointments mix with<br />

comfort to provide an ideal living space. UltraLeather<br />

furniture abounds and is set on the ceramic tile floor in<br />

the living and bath area. The decor offers easier maintenance<br />

– and also good, clean looks. Some nice added<br />

touches are the high-gloss raised panel hardwood<br />

cabinet doors, as well as the soft touch vinyl ceiling,<br />

accented fabrics, and LED lighting.<br />

The galley is a space where everyone commonly<br />

gravitates towards – and Tiffin designers made sure<br />

everyone will. The countertops and cooktop cover are<br />

a solid surface, while the three essential appliances<br />

include the residential refrigerator and three-burner<br />

cooktop with convection microwave. You’ll also appreciate<br />

the double bowl sink with single lever satin nickel<br />

faucet, plus the pull-out pantry, and lots of storage.<br />

At day’s end, the master suite is just as impressive<br />

with its designer fabrics, handcrafted wardrobe, side<br />

windows and queen bed.<br />

The 37 BA is just one model from Tiffin for <strong>2018</strong> as<br />

a handful of other models are in the works, including<br />

a redesigned Zephyr, a new 33 BR Breeze, 37 BH<br />

Phaeton and a new 24 FW Wayfarer class C.<br />






OHC<br />





PANTRY<br />

LIFT TV<br />


WASHER/<br />

DRYER<br />

OHC<br />

SOFA<br />

BED<br />

OHC OHC<br />




STEP<br />

OHC<br />

LAV<br />

TV<br />

60" X 80" QUEEN BED<br />

LAV<br />

LINENS<br />

SHOWER<br />



OHC<br />

OHC OHC<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Seen here is the<br />

37 PA floorplan<br />


Overall Length: 39’ 2” (11.9 M) (Approximate)<br />

Overall Height: 12’10” (3.6 M) (w/roof air)<br />

Interior Height: 84” (2.1 M)<br />

Fuel Capacity: 100 gal (378 L)<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 90 gal (340 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 70 gal (264 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 50 gal (189 L)<br />

Furnace: 15,000 BTUs (Two low profile roof ACs<br />

with heat pumps)<br />

Base price: $269,352 USD<br />

www.tiffinmotorhomes.com<br />

BOOTH<br />







37 BA<br />

Allegro RED<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 51

Team Trillium Trailers Manufacturing<br />

The Outback<br />

Fibreglass trailers – or ‘eggs” as they are often referred<br />

to – have a strong following in the <strong>RV</strong> community.<br />

They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, or with<br />

unique graphics and their compact design make them<br />

easy to tow with a variety of vehicles.<br />

Team Trillium Trailers Manufacturing Ltd. of Rocky<br />

View County, Alberta, builds its Outback Trailer for<br />

enthusiasts all across North America with its four different<br />

floor plans. If you’re looking for something truly unique<br />

and custom in the Outback, the company can build and<br />

design that, too.<br />

While the standard Outback floor plan may seem<br />

compact at first glance, it offers all of the necessities –<br />

and durability – you need on the road. It’s built with a<br />

two-piece aerodynamic fiberglass shell, a heavy-duty<br />

steel frame, and a hail-proof and leak-proof roof. It<br />

also rides on a torsion bar suspension to provide<br />

smooth, effortless towing.<br />

Inside the insulated interior, the double bed measures<br />

nearly 74 x 47 inches and houses all the ideal appliances<br />

such as a DC fridge, and two -burner flush-mount cooktop<br />

stove with sink. It even has a Suburban NT16 E furnace and<br />

25-amp converter with a battery charger.<br />

The standard items continue on the outside with<br />

mud flaps, a 1,000 –pound tongue jack, rear stabilizer<br />

jacks, and a custom wheel package. While the basic<br />

floor plan will get you on the road and way beyond, a<br />

bevy of options and three other layouts are available<br />

to meet your desired comfort level.<br />

The Outback has a series of configurations that are<br />

built with basic floor plans, but there’s the choice of<br />

an available mini couch and extended countertops, a<br />

bathroom model, and front dinette model. A bunk bed<br />

option is available for additional sleeping space.<br />

The options are just as impressive and extend its<br />

functionality. In addition to being available in more than<br />

100 colour combinations, some standouts include a<br />

brand new custom screen door, an awning, bike carriers,<br />

an all-wood interior, and a four-gallon water heater. For<br />

entertaining, you can break nature’s silence with the<br />

stereo system or add the TV antenna with booster, dual<br />

6V batteries and pair of 20-pound LP tanks. <strong>RV</strong>150 solar<br />

panels are available for when traveling off the grid.<br />

If you often trek along backcountry roads, perhaps<br />

choose the GravelGuard protection package, spare tires<br />

package, 14-inch custom wheel package and the exterior<br />

shower for easy washdowns.<br />


Overall Length: 14’2”<br />

Overall Width: 6’3”<br />

Interior Height: 6’2”<br />

Interior Width: 6’2”<br />

Sleeping Capacity: 1-2<br />

Dry Weight: 1500 lbs.<br />

Base Price: $14,900<br />

www.trilliumtrailers.com<br />

52 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Winnebago Industries<br />

Intent Class A<br />

T<br />

his all-new <strong>2018</strong> Class A is one of the first gas<br />

coaches from Winnebago to be available at an<br />

entry-level price and has been designed around<br />

user experiences – whether you travel with family or you’re<br />

a seasoned full-timer.<br />

Contemporary and sleek, the Intent is offered in four<br />

different floor plans – the 26M, 29L, 30R, and 31 P – ranging<br />

in length from a little more than 26 feet to just over 31<br />

feet. Depending on your lifestyle, the four plans are diverse.<br />

For instance, the 26M and 30R each feature separate dual<br />

slides, while the 29L and 31 P offer full wall slides.<br />

Regardless of which you choose, all floorplans share<br />

many highlights including exterior entertainment centres<br />

under the awning, residential refrigerators, Powerline Energy<br />

Management Systems, Smart Storage pass-through<br />

storage areas, and Versa Cab seating for extra comfort while<br />

you’re on the road or at rest.<br />

When it comes to driving comfort, the Intent has<br />

a newly designed cab offering optimum visibility and<br />

sightlines thanks to the narrow corner pillars and large<br />

windshield. You’ll appreciate the pivoting command center<br />

with the LCD colour touchscreen, plus the rear view monitor<br />

system, iPod/MP3 inputs, and Bluetooth. The cab seats are<br />

large and adjustable, with easy access for passengers to the<br />

dash workstation.<br />

The galley is the heart of the Intent. It has a standard<br />

three-burner range with oven, touch-controlled microwave,<br />

laminate countertops with a backsplash, and a road-worthy<br />

stainless-steel double sink. Added benefits include the<br />

pantry and powered roof ventilator fan.<br />

Between the cab and the fully appointed rear master<br />

bedroom is a plethora of comfort and features. The full-wall<br />

or dual slide-out designs on the Intent provide ideal living<br />

space. They pull out to offer a dinette (on the 26M) or a<br />

dinette and sofa bed, while the dual swivel cab seats and a<br />

multi-position table come into play to expand the seating<br />

or entertaining options.<br />

Rounding out the Intent is the LP tank system. Rather<br />

than having the fixed, industry-standard 60-pound LP tank,<br />

the Intent can house two 20 pound LP tanks, with the capability<br />

– and space – of adding two more. Extra tanks offer<br />

added convenience at a campground, and also means<br />

fewer fill-ups during your travels. Other new models from<br />

Winnebago for <strong>2018</strong> include the Horizon Class A diesel<br />

motorhome, Revel 4x4 Class B and a new Series of Minnie<br />

Plus Fifth-Wheels in the company’s towable division.<br />


Overall Length: 26’10” (8 M)<br />

Overall Height: 12’ (3.6 M)<br />

Interior Height: 7’ (2.1 M)<br />

Fresh Water Capacity: 48 gal (181 L)<br />

Grey Water Capacity: 45 gal (170 L)<br />

Black Water Capacity: 31 gal (117 L)<br />

Furnace: 30,000 BTU<br />

Base Price: $$119,525 CAD<br />

www.winnebagoind.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 53

Driving Skills<br />


<strong>RV</strong> WINTER<br />





1421 East Island Hwy<br />

Parksville, British Columbia<br />

1-800-492-2869<br />

www.bigboystoys.ca<br />

FRASERWAY <strong>RV</strong> LP<br />

9039 Quartz Road<br />

Whitehorse, YT Y1A 4Z5<br />

1-867-668-3438<br />

www.fraserway.com<br />


through a Canadian winter to reach sunnier climes can<br />

often be stressful, but adopting a professional attitude<br />

before you turn the ignition key will make a significant<br />

difference between being an average driver and being<br />

a good driver. Being a better driver, in turn, is bound to<br />

make a positive difference to the trip for you and your<br />

passengers should bad weather hit.<br />

The vehicle has been serviced, possessions are<br />

packed, and the route double-checked, but are you<br />

ready to operate an <strong>RV</strong> in adverse conditions? <strong>RV</strong> drivers<br />

can often choose when to travel, but professional drivers<br />

don’t have that luxury and so they should be prepared<br />

to operate in all situations, plus they have a responsibility<br />

to do it safely, as should you.<br />

Thoroughly circle your <strong>RV</strong> and check for issues. It<br />

doesn’t matter that it just came out of the shop, lights<br />

can blow, and oil leaks can occur on even the most<br />

rigorously maintained vehicle at any time, so get in<br />

the habit of doing a daily under-hood check and walkaround.<br />

It’s a legal requirement for the professional<br />

driver, but for the <strong>RV</strong> driver, it helps to protect your<br />

investment.<br />

Tires are often forgotten, and it’s not so much the<br />

tread depth we’re concerned about, but more the tire<br />

type and operating pressure. Pressures change with<br />

ambient air temperatures -roughly 1psi for every 10°F,<br />

so it’s important to check them several times during the<br />

trip, as under and over-inflated tires can seriously affect<br />

the vehicle’s braking and handling capabilities. Also,<br />

remember that even though snow tires are available,<br />

most <strong>RV</strong>’s are fitted with highway (summer) tires that<br />

don’t have a winter tread pattern or compound, which<br />

makes them unsuitable for driving on snow and ice.<br />

Most commercial trucks don’t have snow tires<br />

either, but they do have a weight advantage. Being<br />

heavier enables the vehicle to bite down through the<br />

snow to find traction. This is great to get going, but<br />

unfortunately, it’s a significant disadvantage when it<br />

comes to cornering or stopping when inertia usually<br />

overpowers the capability of the summer rubber. Your<br />

saving grace here is to employ defensive driving techniques;<br />

truckers that are piloting an 80,000-pound<br />

rig can’t stop on a dime in the best of conditions<br />

and need to drive defensively to remain in complete<br />

control of the vehicle. Using your wealth of driving<br />

experience, you know that the green light ahead will<br />

soon be changing to red, and you can also ‘read’ the<br />

actions of other motorists around you, enabling you<br />

to adjust your driving accordingly and in plenty of<br />

time. Smooth and steady steering, acceleration, and<br />

braking are essential to keep a large vehicle under<br />

control in adverse conditions.<br />

Good all-around observation is also essential, and<br />

the mirrors should be kept clean and set correctly to<br />

achieve this. A small spray bottle of windshield washer<br />

fluid and a squeegee will keep the muck off, and you<br />

should make mirror adjustments so that you can see<br />

what’s going on behind and alongside you. If there’s<br />

more than a small strip of sky along the top of the<br />

mirror or more than a tiny column of vehicle visible<br />

on the inside edge, then the mirrors aren’t set quite<br />

right. You’ll never eliminate the vehicle’s blind-spots,<br />

but correct mirror adjustment will go a long way to<br />

reducing them.<br />

Nothing is ever guaranteed, but careful preparation,<br />

a patient, professional attitude, combined with<br />

smooth and steady driving should ensure your <strong>RV</strong> trip<br />

through another Canadian winter is an uneventful<br />

one, and that your knuckles aren’t as white as the<br />

snow you’ve just driven through when you reach your<br />

destination.<br />

TRAVELAND <strong>RV</strong> SUPERSTORE<br />

Sainte-Hélène, Trois-Rivières,<br />

Châteauguay, Saguenay, Laval<br />

1-888-791-2727<br />

www.roulotte.ca<br />

<strong>RV</strong> SALES<br />

7610 Sparrow Drive<br />

Leduc, Alberta<br />

1-780-986-1333<br />

www.rvcity.ab.ca<br />

<strong>RV</strong> SALES, PARTS & SE<strong>RV</strong>ICE<br />

8704 100 St,<br />

Morinville, Alberta<br />

1-888-438-8588<br />

www.rvcity.ab.ca<br />

SMITH <strong>RV</strong> CENTRE<br />

940 Cobalt Crescent<br />

Thunder Bay, ON<br />

1-807-346-9399<br />

www.smithsrvcentre.com<br />

VOYAGER <strong>RV</strong> CENTRE<br />

9250 Hwy 97<br />

Winfield, British Columbia<br />

1-800-668-1447<br />

www.Voyager<strong>RV</strong>.ca<br />

54 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>


Quality time<br />

meets timeless qualitY<br />

From day one, Jayco has set out to build a better, more comfortable <strong>RV</strong>. And ever since,<br />

whether in a pop-up camping trailer or a luxurious motorhome, families have counted on<br />

us to help them shape the stories that last generations. Nearly 50 years and millions of<br />

memories—that’s the Jayco story. What’s yours?<br />

Visit Jayco.com to learn more and find your nearest dealer.

C<br />

A<br />

L<br />

I<br />

F<br />

O<br />

R<br />

N<br />

I<br />

A<br />


Sand Dunes<br />

Eureka Sand Dunes<br />

56 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

If you’ve never taken the time to visit some of California’s sand<br />

dunes, you are missing out. These dunes are much more than<br />

small piles of sand on the beach – they are some of the most<br />

magical places on the planet. Windswept and full of sandy waves,<br />

these majestic mountains are ever-changing into entirely different<br />

landscapes from one day to the next. Here are my top picks for the<br />

most mysterious and beautiful sand dunes of California.<br />

JAMES MA<strong>RV</strong>IN PHELPS<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 57

Imperial Sand Dunes<br />


The Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as the<br />

Algodones Dunes, are located in the southeastern<br />

portion of California, near the border<br />

with Arizona and the Mexican state of Baja<br />

California, and make up the most extensive<br />

dune system in the state. The system runs approximately<br />

72 km (45 miles) long, 10 km (6<br />

miles) wide and rises to over 90 metres (300<br />


ft) high. If you feel a sense of déjà vu when you<br />

arrive, it may be because filming for parts of<br />

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi took<br />

place here.<br />

You’ll feel like you are in another world<br />

as the dunes get higher on both sides of the<br />

highway as you drive through, and you won’t<br />

be able to resist pulling over to climb these<br />

dunes, especially at sunset.<br />

You will want to contemplate the timing<br />

of your visit - summer temperatures often<br />

rise above 43°C (110°F) and annual rainfall<br />

averages less than two inches. The mild<br />

climate between October and May might be<br />

more comfortable, just be aware that the area<br />

attracts tens of thousands of off-road enthusiasts.<br />

Where to Stay<br />

Imperial Sand Dune Recreation Area (IS-<br />

DRA) is commonly known as Glamis for the<br />

store, restaurant and pizza parlor at the northeast<br />

end of the ISDRA and vendor row, where<br />

you can rent ATVs and UTVs and get most<br />

anything you need for duning and camping.<br />

The historical Gold Rock Ranch is a full-service<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Resort. www.goldrockranch.us<br />

Getting There<br />

The dunes are southeast of the Salton Sea,<br />

and if you are traveling along Hwy 8, there is<br />

a great spot to stop for a nice hike. Just east of<br />

the public rest stop, take exit 156, and you will<br />

find yourself on the frontage road called Grays<br />

Well Rd which runs parallel to Hwy 8 on its<br />

south. The trail comes to a dead end, but you<br />

can usually park next to the <strong>RV</strong> hosts.<br />

Your Perfect Desert Getaway<br />


SPA <strong>RV</strong> RESORT<br />

Rejuvenating Hot Springs<br />

5-Star Amenities & Endless Activities<br />

Vacation Villa Rentals<br />

(888) 800-0772 foyspa.com<br />

Stay 2 Nights, GET 3 RD NIGHT FREE!<br />

(Must present ad. Some restrictions apply.)<br />

58 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

The Ultimate 5 Star Motor Coach Experience<br />

Located in the heart of the Coachella Valley. Surrounded by Dining,<br />

Theaters, Shopping, Major Sporting Events, and Year Round Festivals.<br />

• 18 Hole Par 3 Golf<br />

Course<br />

• 6 Pickleball Courts<br />

• 2 Tennis Courts<br />

• Gourmet Cafe<br />

• 4 Swimming Pools:<br />

Includes 1 Lap Pool<br />

• 5 Jacuzzi’s<br />

• Fitness Center<br />

• Laundry Facilities<br />

• Clubhouse: Movie<br />

Area, Library, Billiards<br />

• Full Time Activities<br />

Coordinator: During<br />

Primary Season<br />

• 7 Sauna’s 1 Steam<br />

Room<br />

• Each Site has complete<br />

hookups<br />

• Much More<br />



amenities and activities with<br />

friends that last a lifetime.<br />

Class “A” adult resort with<br />

both Ownership and Rental<br />

opportunities.<br />

80-394 Avenue 48, Indio, CA 92201<br />

800-892-2992 | 760-775-7255 | www.orindio.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 59


The dunes of Death Valley National Park are<br />

great places to enjoy both nature and recreation<br />

and include the Saline Valley Dunes, Panamint<br />

Dunes and the Ibex Sand Dunes – but the best<br />

areas are the Mesquite Flat and the Eureka Sand<br />

Dunes.<br />


These dunes are the best-known and most accessible<br />

dunes in the national park. A walk along<br />

these rippled dunes will have you convinced you<br />

are walking where no one has been before. There<br />

is no marked trail because the desert sands are<br />

constantly shifting, but the access is easy from<br />

Hwy 190 or from the unpaved Sand Dunes Road<br />

so make your own path and travel for as long as<br />

you want. For an extra special show of colour and<br />

light, make your way there before sunrise or just<br />

before sunset (beware at night of rattlesnakes,<br />

especially in the summer). Your photos will be<br />

fantastic.<br />

Where to Stay<br />

If you’re looking for an ideal camping experience,<br />

the National Park Service operates a rustic<br />

campground at Stovepipe Wells Village. The 190<br />

sites are available on a first-come-first-serve basis<br />

from October through April for $12 a night. No<br />

hookups are available. http://www.deathvalleyhotels.com/our-hotel/rv-park-and-camping/<br />

Getting There<br />

Located in central Death Valley near Stovepipe<br />

Wells, access is from either Hwy 190 or the<br />

unpaved Sand Dunes Road.<br />


These dunes are located in the northern section<br />

of Death Valley, in the remote Eureka Valley and<br />

although they only cover an area of 4.8 km (3<br />

miles) long and 1.6 km (1 mile) wide, they are<br />

the tallest dunes in California (some say in North<br />

America). The dunes are more than 183 metres<br />

(600 ft) above the valley with the even higher<br />

Last Chance Mountains, which rise 1220 metres<br />

(4000 ft) in the backdrop. You really will feel like<br />

you are on another planet.<br />

Even though you will be at the hottest<br />

and driest place in North America, you will<br />

be surprised at the amount of plant life here.<br />

Some species are so rare you won’t find them<br />

anywhere else.<br />

Getting to Eureka Sand Dunes is no small<br />

feat however, and it requires a 64 km (40 mile)<br />

drive down a dirt road. But you will be more<br />

than rewarded at the end with incomparable<br />

camping, hiking, and stargazing opportunities.<br />

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes<br />

Eureka Dunes<br />


JAMES MA<strong>RV</strong>IN PHELPS<br />

60 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Golf | Health Club | Large Lots | Pools | Tennis | Boating | Restaurant | Casitas | Natural Gas<br />

Motorcoach<br />

Lots for Sale<br />

In a beautiful setting with a panoramic view of<br />

the Santa Rosa mountain range, this motorcoach<br />

resort offers the ultimate experience. All of the<br />

quality features developed in over 20 previous<br />

Outdoor Resorts locations are included. There<br />

are 400 beautiful lots including 136 on a<br />

navigable waterway.<br />

• 400 beautifully landscaped motorhome lots<br />

• Private dock on all waterfront lots<br />

• Approximately two mile of navigable waterways<br />

approved for up to 18’ electric boats with up to<br />

7.5 horsepower motors<br />

• Every lot has 200 amp and natural gas services<br />

• Optional 9’x13’ casita available at an additional cost<br />

• Dedicated on-site staff<br />

• 10,000 square foot clubhouse with restaurant, bar,<br />

fitness center, lap pool, spa and tanning pool<br />

• Two additional swimming pools with spas,<br />

bathhouses and laundry facilities<br />

• Nine-hole par 3 golf course with golf cart paths<br />

• Private dining room and bar<br />

• Three lighted tennis courts<br />

• Individual lots are sold Fee Simple<br />

Contact Kerry Johnston<br />

Mobile: (541) 912-6409 • kdj.johnston@gmail.com<br />

Rental: (888) 277-0789 • (760) 863-0789<br />

Motorcoach Country Club, 80-501 Avenue 48, Indio, CA 92201<br />

Scan our QR<br />

code and take<br />

a tour through<br />

the resort.<br />

CalBRE # 00863474<br />

www.motorcoachlotsales.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 61

Pismo Dunes<br />

JAMES MA<strong>RV</strong>IN PHELPS<br />

Getting There<br />

Travel 4.3 km (2.7 miles) north of the Grapevine<br />

Entrance Station on Ubehebe Crater Road<br />

to the marked turnoff for the Eureka Dunes.<br />

Here pavement ends and a well-maintained<br />

graded dirt road begins. You’ll reach Crankshaft<br />

Junction in approximately 34 km (21 miles) and<br />

begin a winding climb through the Last Chance<br />

Mountains and down Winding Rock Canyon (the<br />

latter portion is partially paved). At 53.7 km (33.4<br />

miles) from the initial turnoff you will find the<br />

turnoff for the dunes - stay left another 15.7 km<br />

(9.7 miles) down a graded dirt road to the dune<br />

parking area.<br />


Halfway between Las Vegas and LA, in the Mojave<br />

Desert, you will find the Kelso Dunes, which<br />

cover over 72 sq km (45 square miles). This is the<br />

largest single area of wind-blown dunes in the Mojave<br />

Desert. The highest dune rises to more than<br />

183 metres (600 feet) above ground level. You<br />

get to the dunes by following a few kilometres of<br />

straight gravel road to the parking area. You could<br />

just view the dunes from here, but to get to larger<br />

dunes, you have to hike about two kilometres<br />

on a sandy trail. When you get to the base of the<br />

massive dunes, you can then make the steep climb<br />

up to conquer the summit. Many people run or<br />

sled down these dunes – super fun but a little<br />

dangerous. If you want to hear the sand “sing”, kick<br />

a bit of sand over top of the dune on the lee side.<br />

There are various theories as to why the sand sings<br />

– it may be caused by wind passing over the dunes<br />

or by just walking on the sand.<br />

Pismo Dunes<br />

Getting There<br />

Located between I-40 and I-15, close to the old<br />

junction town of Kelso and not far from Baker,<br />

California. For Kelso Depot Visitor Center, take<br />

Kelbaker Road exit from I–15 (head south 34<br />

miles) or I–40 (head north 22 miles), Mojave<br />

National Preserve, California.<br />


Officially known as the Oceano Dunes State<br />

Vehicular Recreation Area, the Pismo Dunes are<br />

outside the town of Oceano, a few minutes from<br />

San Luis Obispo and is a favourite weekend destination<br />

for many. These beach dunes are much<br />

JAMES MA<strong>RV</strong>IN PHELPS<br />

different than the desert dunes but are still a fun<br />

adventure. This area is unique because you can<br />

drive right on the beach. Pismo Beach and Oceano<br />

beach are one of the last remaining coastal<br />

dunes that allow off-highway vehicles (OHV).<br />

Where to Stay<br />

Camping is allowed right on the beach, in the<br />

area that is about two kilometres (1.2 mi) south<br />

from Pier Ave, which marks the beginning of<br />

the OHV area and is marked Post 2. Reservations<br />

are strongly recommended – call<br />

1-800-444-7275.<br />

62 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

From O’Connor <strong>RV</strong><br />

Hi Tech<br />

<strong>RV</strong> FURNACE<br />


Your furnace is one of the most critical appliances within your <strong>RV</strong> and if you are <strong>RV</strong>ing this winter you need your heater to work correctly – even if you<br />

are lucky enough to be <strong>RV</strong>ing in a sunnier climate, the temperature can still get quite chilly at night. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips that<br />

will help you solve your <strong>RV</strong> furnace problems. If you do need more than a simple repair, you let your favourite qualified <strong>RV</strong> technician do the work.<br />



If the fan isn’t working, check your battery<br />

first. Make sure that you have 12 volts at the<br />

furnace and that you haven’t tripped a circuit<br />

breaker or blown a fuse. If all checks out,<br />

then move on to your <strong>RV</strong>’s thermostat.<br />

Remove the cover and find the “anticipator”<br />

adjustment – this is an adjustable<br />

control with a sliding contact over a straight<br />

bare wire or a wire wound around an insulating<br />

material. (Some newer <strong>RV</strong>s may not have<br />

one).<br />

Start by setting the temperature to the<br />

maximum and then move the slider to see<br />

if the fan starts – wait at least 30 seconds. If<br />

the fan does start, then you most likely have<br />

found the issue. You might solve the problem<br />

by setting the slider just near its original<br />

position.<br />

However, if your anticipator adjustment<br />

has a wire that lies directly on the plastic<br />

housing, you should make sure it hasn’t sunk<br />

into the plastic. If it has melted a little, then<br />

it won’t make any contact, and you will have<br />

to replace the thermostat.<br />



Your thermostat is working if<br />

your furnace fan is running,<br />

but you might have an airflow<br />

problem if you can’t feel any<br />

warmth. An internal switch<br />

in the furnace will sense if<br />

the airflow is sufficient and if<br />

not, it prevents the furnace<br />

from igniting, your fan won’t<br />

run, and you won’t have any<br />

heat. If the motor is too slow,<br />

this could be because of a low<br />

battery or a bad connection<br />

in the wiring.<br />

The ‘brain’ of the system is<br />

the propane regulator, which<br />

works to lower the pressure<br />

from your propane cylinder,<br />

so it can deliver the right amount of pressure<br />

to operate your furnace. A lousy propane valve<br />

at the furnace or a bad regulator at the propane<br />

tank will affect the airflow, as well.<br />

Finally, check to see if any heat registers<br />

are blocked – your furnace might not tolerate<br />

even the smallest closure of a register.<br />

You should get your furnace checked at<br />

least once a year by a trained <strong>RV</strong> service<br />

technician.<br />

If you are not comfortable working on the<br />

<strong>RV</strong> furnace, have your maintenance performed<br />

by an authorized <strong>RV</strong> service centre.<br />

EXPERIENCE the<br />


PARTS: We know just how important <strong>RV</strong> parts are to our customers.We proudly stock both parts and accessories<br />

for all of our makes and models. SE<strong>RV</strong>ICE: Whether you need preventative maintenance or come to us for<br />

major repairs, we guarantee you’ll leave happy. Our skilled service technicians are committed to providing the best<br />

service, ensuring your experience is enjoyable and hassle-free.<br />


TO BOOK AN<br />


44430 Yale Road, Chilliwack • 604-792-2747<br />

1-877-912-3909 •www.oconnorrv.com

A<br />

R<br />

I<br />

Z<br />

O<br />

N<br />

A<br />

64 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

History<br />

& Magic<br />




Story and Photos Courtesy of Xanterra Parks and Resorts<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 65

R<br />

iding a train as it travels west always<br />

seems romantically nostalgic — you<br />

can’t help but remember the great<br />

stories of how the West was won. Many say it<br />

wasn’t the cowboys that changed the wilderness,<br />

but instead the mighty train. There is no<br />

better example of this bygone lifestyle than the<br />

Grand Canyon Railway.<br />

As far back as the 1880s people recognized<br />

the potential of the Grand Canyon, however,<br />

the area was so remote and difficult to travel<br />

to it might have just remained a giant hole, if it<br />

weren’t for William Owen “Buckey” O’Neill and<br />

his grand visions of a railroad to the canyon.<br />

O’Neill, who was mayor of Prescott at the<br />

time, owned several mineral claims and had<br />

built a substantial cabin on the South Rim<br />

of the Grand Canyon. While he’d found his<br />

wealth, he wasn’t able to unlock it from the canyon<br />

due to the high cost of transporting the ore.<br />

A man of action, he lobbied for nearly five years<br />

before securing the funding for the railway.<br />

On Sept. 17, 1901, O’Neill’s vision became<br />

a reality when the first steam train took passengers<br />

and supplies from Williams, Arizona to the<br />

South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Even though<br />

O’Neill wasn’t there to see it for himself – he<br />

died while serving as a Rough Rider in the<br />

Spanish American War – his spirit was smiling<br />

as the steam rose through the forest en route to<br />

the Grand Canyon.<br />

The railway revolutionized the canyon, sharing<br />

its natural wonder with the general public.<br />

In its heyday, Grand Canyon Railway – then a<br />

subsidiary of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa<br />

Fe Railway Company – had two scheduled arrivals<br />

per day at the South Rim, but as many as<br />

six special trains might also arrive at the Grand<br />

Canyon in one day.<br />

The final rays of golden sunlight disappeared<br />

June 30, 1968, as Train No. 14, a diesel locomotive<br />

pulling only one baggage car and one<br />

coach car left Grand Canyon Depot with just<br />

three people aboard. Beginning the 104 km (65<br />

mi) trek to Williams, the engineer gave the horn<br />

two short blasts heard only by those aboard and<br />

canyon wildlife. No one was present to send the<br />

train off, or to celebrate the contributions the<br />

railway had made. As the last passenger train<br />

66 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>



A Five Star Resort<br />

Full Amenities • Satellite T.V. • 2 Story recreation facility<br />

• Entertainment Center • Shaded BBQ Areas • Spas<br />

• Billiards and Shuffeboard Pavillion • Large Laundry Facility<br />

• Pet Play Area • Golf • Bocce ball • Wifi • And More<br />


1-800-624-7027 | Apache Junction, Arizona<br />

www.superstitionsunrise.com<br />

A 55+ Community<br />

Gated resort • Full Amenities • Craft Building • Cafe • Indoor/<br />

Outdoor Pools & Jacuzzis • Driving cages and putting greens<br />

• Walking Path • Pickleball • 2 Story Fitness Centre • Massage<br />

and Beauty Salons • Bocce ball • Wifi • And More<br />

SUN VISTA <strong>RV</strong> RESORT<br />

1-800-423-8382 | Yuma, Arizona<br />

www.sunvistarvresort.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 67

traveled out of sight, the tracks grew quiet and<br />

stayed that way for nearly 20 years.<br />

It wasn’t until a determined cropduster, and<br />

his wife, entered the scene that the railway had<br />

a chance of coming back to life. Reaching deep<br />

into their pockets and tapping all the resources<br />

available to them, Max and Thelma Biegert<br />

dedicated everything, including an initial $15<br />

million, to reinstate train service to the Grand<br />

Canyon.<br />

Pulling together a talented team of people<br />

including steam locomotive experts, Max and<br />

Thelma went to work restoring the much-dilapidated<br />

Williams and Grand Canyon Depots as<br />

well as the 104 km (65 mi) of weather-beaten<br />

railroad track. The team rebuilt washout areas<br />

and bridges, replacing 30,000 railroad ties and<br />

many more rails, beams, and spikes.<br />

Their hard work paid off, and on Sept. 17,<br />

1989 – 88 years to the day from the first train to<br />

the canyon – Max and Thelma Biegert brought<br />

the powerful pull of the steam locomotive back<br />

to Grand Canyon National Park.<br />

More than 10,000 people and dignitaries<br />

arrived in Williams to celebrate the return of<br />

the railway, with more gathered to greet the<br />

passengers arriving at Grand Canyon Depot. It<br />

seemed as though the whole world recognized<br />

Ready for LEASE<br />

or PURCHASE<br />



Financing Available<br />

(520) 586-1504 Office<br />

(818) 424-2955 Owner<br />

ArizonaLegends<strong>RV</strong>.com<br />

the importance of returning train service to the<br />

canyon.<br />

Grand Canyon Railway gained momentum<br />

with each passing trip to the canyon, growing<br />

into the operation it is today. Providing daily<br />

service and transporting more than 225,000<br />

passengers to the Grand Canyon each year<br />

(more than 2.5 million since 1989), the railway<br />

is much more than an alternative mode of<br />

transportation.<br />

The simple act of returning train service<br />

restored an integral part of the Grand Canyon’s<br />

68 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

history. The wail of the historic locomotives<br />

traveling the rails today shares the story of how<br />

the canyon came to be.<br />

No, the West was not won by cowboys or<br />

cavalry, but by the train and the people whose<br />

vision of grandeur was matched only by the<br />

Grand Canyon itself.<br />

Passengers depart from the historic Williams<br />

Depot and arrive at the Grand Canyon<br />

Depot, the last operating log depot in the<br />

United States. Located in the heart of Grand<br />

Canyon National Park’s historic district, near<br />

the world-famous El Tovar Hotel, Grand<br />

Canyon Depot is just 180 m (200 yd) from the<br />

edge of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.<br />

The trip to the canyon covers 104 km (65<br />

mi) of classic Old West territory, including<br />

high desert plains with endless vistas, small<br />

arroyos, and portions of the world’s largest<br />

ponderosa pine forest.<br />

Trip highlights include a daily Wild West<br />

shootout at the 1908 Williams Depot before<br />

the morning departure; and entertainment and<br />

live action aboard the train, featuring roaming<br />

western singers, as well as the infamous<br />

Cataract Creek Gang and the justice of a Grand<br />

Canyon Railway Marshal.<br />

Grand Canyon Railway is an authorized<br />

concessionaire of the National Park Service<br />

and Kaibab National Forest and was honoured<br />

in 2004 with the prestigious Governor’s Tourism<br />

Special Events Award for its Polar Express<br />

special engagement train (See sidebar).<br />


Grand Canyon Railway operates daily service<br />

(except <strong>Dec</strong>ember 25) from Williams, Arizona<br />

into Grand Canyon National Park. The Williams<br />

Depot ticket counter is open seven days a<br />

week, 7:30 am – 7:30 pm Arizona time.<br />


Passengers have the option to stay overnight<br />

at the canyon and return to Williams on the<br />

regularly scheduled train at a later date.<br />

Grand Canyon Railway <strong>RV</strong> Park is just west<br />

of the historic Williams Depot and opposite<br />

the famed Cataract Creek. Nature paths and<br />

a shuttle take guests from the <strong>RV</strong> Park to the<br />

Depot, where Grand Canyon Railway begins<br />

its daily journey to the South Rim of the Grand<br />

Canyon.<br />

For Grand Canyon Railway reservations, call<br />

1-800-THE-TRAIN (1-800-843-8724) or visit<br />

www.thetrain.com.<br />


Every winter the Grand Canyon<br />

Railway’s Polar Express comes<br />

to life on a journey from the<br />

nighttime wilderness of Williams,<br />

Arizona, to the enchanted beauty<br />

of “the North Pole”—where Santa<br />

Claus and his reindeer are waiting<br />

with a keepsake present for every<br />

good boy and girl. You’ll be smiling<br />

from ear to ear, as you watch<br />

children’s faces light up when the<br />

train arrives, and enjoy hot chocolate<br />

and chocolate chip cookies<br />

while listening to this timeless<br />

story.<br />

Make this a family holiday<br />

tradition, and call today to make<br />

your reservations (because space is<br />

limited to those who fully believe<br />

in the spirit of Christmas). The ride<br />

lasts a little over an hour, with the<br />

train leaving each night at 5:30 pm<br />

and 7:30 pm. Book online for <strong>2017</strong><br />

now, or call 1-888-848-3511.<br />

Picture<br />

yourself<br />

here...<br />

1-877-MY-PARKS<br />

azstateparks.com<br />

All Arizona state parks are open year-round, seven days a week.<br />

Lost Dutchman State Park<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 69

First<br />

Time Guest<br />

Rates starting at<br />

per<br />

month!<br />

And Dry Storage as<br />

$ 299<br />

$ 50<br />

First<br />

low as<br />

a month!<br />

70 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Ammenties<br />

Location<br />

Brighthaven<br />

Brookhaven<br />

Glenhaven<br />

Longhaven<br />

Newhaven<br />

Parkhaven<br />

Rosehaven<br />

Skyhaven<br />

Springhaven<br />

Sundowner<br />

Sunhaven<br />

Pool<br />

Jaccuzzi<br />

Clubhouse<br />

Dog Area<br />

Shuffle & Games<br />

Pool/Card Room<br />

Fitness Center<br />

Business Center<br />

WiFi<br />

Library<br />

Activities<br />

Laundry<br />

Showers<br />

8421 E. Main Street<br />

Mesa, AZ 85207<br />

480-986-1514<br />

2760 S. Royal Palm Rd.<br />

Apache Junction, AZ 85119<br />

480-983-1446<br />

2345 E. Main Street<br />

Mesa, AZ 85213<br />

480-964-8315<br />

5201 W. Camelback Road<br />

Phoenix, AZ 85031<br />

623-846-7230<br />

2015 E Old West Highway<br />

Apache Junction, AZ 85119<br />

480-982-6604<br />

306 S. Recker Road<br />

Mesa, AZ 85206<br />

480-830-1080<br />

10540 E. Apache Trail<br />

Apache Junction, AZ 85120<br />

480-986-4132<br />

800 W. Apache Trail<br />

Apache Junction, AZ 85120<br />

480-982-3231<br />

4220 E. Main Street<br />

Mesa, AZ 85205<br />

480-832-2700<br />

105 N. Delaware Drive<br />

Apache Junction, AZ 85120<br />

480-982-2521<br />

840 N. Idaho Rd.<br />

Apache Junction, AZ 85119<br />

480-982-1876<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 71

A<br />

R<br />

I<br />

Z<br />

O<br />

N<br />

A<br />

From Tricon Communities<br />



On An Affordable Budget<br />

Mobile home communities have risen to a<br />

higher standard and now offer a superior<br />

quality of living to meet the growing demands<br />

of modern seniors. Today’s 55-plus mobile<br />

home and <strong>RV</strong> communities are delightfully<br />

welcoming to active residents and snowbirds.<br />

As more boomers take to the road in hopes of<br />

finding the perfect vacation spot or destination<br />

resort, Tricon strives to meet their lifestyle<br />

desires while maintaining an affordable location<br />

to call home.<br />

“Mobile home and <strong>RV</strong> communities are<br />

back on the rise for Baby Boomers,” said Vicki<br />

Moore, Tricon Regional Manager. “They miss<br />

the feeling of community, the neighbourhood<br />

picnics, Canada Day and Fourth of July barbeques<br />

and community garage sales. They can<br />

find this in our communities. They grew up in<br />

suburbia and they want to go back to that.”<br />

With eleven communities in the Phoenix/<br />

Mesa area and three in California, Tricon is<br />

able to provide a broad range of amenity and<br />

lifestyle packages to meet the needs of many<br />

travelers and retirees. They have chosen unique<br />

locations convenient to shopping, dining and<br />

attractions in the more majestic portions of<br />

Arizona.<br />

For seniors not willing or able to pay a fortune<br />

for housing in their “golden years,” Tricon<br />

offers an affordable alternative to a traditional<br />

house, apartment, condo, or vacation rental.<br />

More and more seniors are discovering the<br />

hottest trend - community living. It provides an<br />

attractive alternative when considering where<br />

they will retire and where they will travel in<br />

their “Golden Years”.<br />

“Seniors and new retirees have taken a new<br />

old approach to vacationing. Road trips with<br />

the family were a valuable and memorable part<br />

of their lives. Exploring this beautiful country<br />

and reuniting themselves with each other has<br />

gained popularity and purpose; getting back to<br />

their roots. The days of hotel stays in comparison<br />

to <strong>RV</strong> traveling is closing in gap drastically.<br />

They have paid their dues and now deserve to<br />

enjoy themselves.” remarked Kim Lake, Tricon<br />

Regional Vice President. “We want to provide<br />

them with destination communities that are<br />

reminiscent of that same era; that hometown<br />

feel and sense of belonging.”<br />

Tricon, in an effort to meet the demand<br />

of the boomer market, has created multiuse<br />

communities where they offer a wide variety<br />

of mobile homes and park models for sale as<br />

well as <strong>RV</strong> sections for those on the hunt for an<br />

adventure.<br />

The majority of the communities in the<br />

Tricon portfolio are 55+ and pet-friendly. They<br />

provide exceptional amenities at all locations,<br />

planned activities onsite and field trips organized<br />

by an activities coordinator.<br />

“We strive to find something for everyone,”<br />

said Moore, “some just want to come and relax,<br />

and enjoy. Others enjoy golf tournaments,<br />

bowling leagues, dinners, and dances. It’s really<br />

about providing guests with the perfect vacation<br />

or living experience.”<br />

The residents, compromised of permanent<br />

and seasonal tenants, really appreciate quality,<br />

affordable social suburbia living in a community<br />

that is both well-maintained, and filled with<br />

engaging activities. Tricon aims to provide a<br />

healthy and safe environment for likeminded<br />

individuals.<br />

“… We just want to enjoy these years, we<br />

want to explore and have fun. See the things we<br />

were not able to when we were busy making<br />

the dollar… we are able to do that here. The<br />

community was just renovated and looks darling<br />

and the people are wonderful,” commented<br />

Laura Hovater, an annual resident at one of the<br />

Tricon communities in Apache Junction.<br />

Activities range from breakfasts, picnics,<br />

barbeques, dinners, to dancing in the clubhouse<br />

or enjoying crafts, karaoke, bingo, and cards<br />

in the community library. They also offer a<br />

community yard sale and spring craft show.<br />

There is also shuffle board and water aerobics<br />

in a heated pool, as well as a fitness room where<br />

residents are encouraged to exercise.<br />

“When people think of 55 plus, they often<br />

think of sleepy and boring,” said Kim. “Our<br />

signature properties are definitely not that. We<br />

encourage healthy active living for all of our<br />

seniors. And of course, to have as much fun as<br />

they can possibly stand.”<br />

72 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>



Sports, Vacation & <strong>RV</strong> Show<br />

JANUARY 20 TH TO 28 TH , <strong>2018</strong><br />

NEW & USED <strong>RV</strong>S<br />



<strong>RV</strong> PUBLICATIONS<br />

69,000 square feet of comfortable, covered and<br />

carpeted exhibit area under our GIANT BIG TOP TENT!<br />

12 service bays for immediate installation/repairs/service<br />

Great Food - Daily Entertainment - Great Location<br />


Open Daily 9 AM to 5 PM<br />

1/2 Mile South on I-10 on Hwy 95<br />

For Exhibiting and Other Information Call<br />

714-377-7940<br />

WWW.QUARTZSITE<strong>RV</strong>SHOW.COM<br />


<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 73

N<br />

E<br />

V<br />

A<br />

D<br />

A<br />

By Arlette Ledbetter, Photos from the Town of Pahrump<br />

Come F ly Away<br />

(Or Just Watch …)<br />



Each winter, azure Mojave Desert skies fill with a<br />

beautiful spectacle: the annual Pahrump Balloon<br />

Festival. During the weekend of Friday, February<br />

23 through Sunday, February 25, <strong>2018</strong>, more than<br />

20 balloon teams will gracefully float above the<br />

landscape suspended in baskets beneath colourful,<br />

buoyant envelopes filled with heated air. The<br />

wonderful aerial extravaganza brings thousands<br />

of visitors to Petrack Park for the family-friendly<br />

celebration.<br />

With three days of lighter-than-air events—including<br />

lift-offs at dawn and evening glow shows<br />

where balloon pilots synchronize the illuminating<br />

blasts of their burners to songs—we’ve assembled<br />

some handy tips for making the most of your<br />

festival experience.<br />


Make that very early! To watch teams set up and<br />

inflate their balloons, set your alarm clock and arrive<br />

at the park by 6:00 am. Pilots need very light<br />

winds to take to the air, and the window around<br />

dawn is frequently the calmest time of day. As a<br />

bonus, you’ll be able to watch the launching of<br />

an unmanned, helium-filled weather balloon;<br />

it tracks the direction and speed of prevailing<br />

winds, and helps determine if conditions are<br />

safe for take-off. It also helps map out the route<br />

manned festival balloons will take.<br />


Sure, there are stately palm trees in Pahrump<br />

and plenty of sunshine, but the desert can get<br />

downright chilly in winter, even more so in early<br />

mornings. A warm hat and pair of winter gloves<br />

are a must. Fingered gloves are best if you want<br />

to volunteer and hold the rope tethers that secure<br />

balloons to the ground pre-launch. Dressing in<br />

layers is a good idea, so you can shed insulation<br />

as the day heats up. Also, sunglasses are key, as<br />

you’ll be looking up into the brilliant sky most of<br />

the day.<br />


If you’re here just to watch, take in the surroundings<br />

from the comfort of camp chairs. This way,<br />

you can relax as the balloons inflate and ascend<br />

into the skies around 6:30 am. Of course, a<br />

camera is a must, too. You can use your smart<br />

phone to share the spectacle on social media as it<br />

happens, whether in photo or video. If you have<br />

a DSLR camera, a zoom lens comes in handy<br />

once the balloons rise high above, especially for<br />

frame-worthy photos to display back home.<br />


While many Pahrump Balloon Festival guests are<br />

happy with sitting back and watching the majestic<br />

aircraft float through the atmosphere, many also<br />

like to play a more hands-on role as a volunteer.<br />

When you sign up to participate, you’ll frequently<br />

help pilots and their crews fill the envelopes with<br />

heated air and set up the baskets and lines—all<br />

parts of going aloft. No experience is needed,<br />

though signing a release form is required. You’ll<br />

need to follow pilot instructions such as where to<br />

stand and what to do (or the reverse, where not to<br />

stand and what not to do). Sometimes, though it’s<br />

not guaranteed, volunteering can result in getting<br />

invited on flights — a true bonus.<br />

The Pahrump Balloon Festival is a full-fledged<br />

experience, morning through night. Beyond<br />

dawn adventures and evening glow-o-ramas,<br />

guests can purchase tethered rides—they’re a<br />

perfect introduction to ballooning; you’re in the<br />

air, but not too far up. There’s also music, arts and<br />

crafts, food and drink, and a carnival. Add in a<br />

rodeo, too! Admission to the festival is free, with<br />

pre-sale tickets to the carnival available from the<br />

Pahrump Valley of Commerce at 775-727-5800.<br />

Tethered ride tickets are a great value at $10 and<br />

are available at the festival. For hot air balloon<br />

superfans, the $25 VIP Field Pass includes an<br />

up-and-close view of Friday and Saturday night’s<br />

illuminated get-togethers.<br />

It’s always important to remember, however,<br />

ballooning depends on good weather. Strong<br />

winds, rain, and even snow flurries can affect the<br />

festival schedule.<br />

74 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>



VIEWS.<br />

Gaze up and watch dozens of hot air balloons<br />

take over Pahrump skies. When the sun sets,<br />

enjoy a synchronized glow show as balloons<br />

light up to classic tunes.<br />

The event is free; for more information<br />

head to VisitPahrump.com.<br />

TravelNevada.com<br />

Pahrump, Nevada — 60 Miles West of Las Vegas. 180 degrees different.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 75

Gift Guide <strong>2018</strong><br />

All-Star Hybrid Backpack / Duffel<br />

When your storage space in the <strong>RV</strong> is limited, versatility is a key feature<br />

for what ever you pack. This 49x27x12 cm (20” x 11” x 5”) travel bag can<br />

be used as a duffel bag, shoulder bag or backpack, with its cushioned mesh<br />

shoulder sling and hidden backpack straps. The comfortable backpack straps<br />

are a padded covered mesh and have an easily adjustable-height chest strap,<br />

perfect for short hikes or picnics. The large zipper pulls are effortless to grasp<br />

and we like the smooth nylon fabric, which doesn’t catch or pick up dirt easily.<br />

A padded separate compartment easily holds our 15” MacBook with room<br />

to spare, and internally there is a shoe/laundry compartment and five other<br />

compartments to organize your life.<br />

MSRP: $80 USD Solo.net<br />

Altitude Backpack – Black Ops Edition<br />

If you love separate compartments and the ability to hang accessories<br />

like water bottles and tripods – this is the pack for you. Aside from the<br />

innumerable pockets and strap points on the outside, the backpack straps<br />

are constructed from a wide cushioned mesh, with height-adjustable chest<br />

straps. The padded mesh backrest should ensure a comfortable and cool fit<br />

for day hikes – and – doubles as a luggage handle strap. On the inside, a<br />

padded interior pocket will hold a 17.3” laptop and an additional padded<br />

pocket will hold a tablet or eReader. There are plenty of additional pockets<br />

to keep your stuff organized – from pens to passports, food to first aid.<br />

One notable feature on our black pack was the contrasting yellow interior,<br />

which makes finding what you’ve stored so much easier than the confines<br />

of a black interior. It comes with a velcro ‘New York’ patch which you can<br />

easily substitute for one that suits your own personal taste.<br />

MSRP $80 USD Solo.net<br />

76 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

Premiere Leather Padfolio<br />

Every good <strong>RV</strong> navigator deserves a stylish case for their mini iPad<br />

or eReader to keep you on track and themselves entertained. Inside<br />

the full-grain leather body, the universal fit technology employs<br />

tension clips to securely cradle virtually all brands of small tablets<br />

and eReaders from 5.5 to 8.5 inches. The inside front section has<br />

sleeves for ID, small documents and a pen, which you can use on the<br />

accompanying paper pad – my kids would say ‘how retro’. The padfolio<br />

zips closed so nothing escapes.<br />

MSRP: $60 USD – 5.5 to 8.5” & $70 USD – 8.5 to 11”<br />

Solo.net<br />

The lowest price<br />

U.S. cell plans for<br />

<strong>Snowbirds</strong><br />

Join hundreds of thousands of Canadians and save<br />

up to 90% on U.S. phone service with Roam Mobility.<br />


Get a FREE USA Travel SIM † so you can try<br />

Roam Mobility on your next trip to the USA!<br />

Claim your free SIM online now at:<br />

get.roammobility.com/suncruiser<br />


PLANS<br />

www.roammobility.com<br />


Unlimited U.S./Canada calling<br />

Unlimited global texting<br />

Unlimited data with 4GB 4G LTE<br />

Voicemail, caller ID, and more<br />

Includes a U.S. phone number<br />

TALK+ TEXT<br />

Unlimited U.S./Canada calling<br />

Unlimited global texting<br />

Voicemail, caller ID, and more<br />

Includes a U.S. phone number<br />

Plans start as low as<br />

$<br />

34 95<br />

/mo*<br />

All prices in Canadian dollars<br />

† Offer ends <strong>Dec</strong>ember 31, <strong>2017</strong>. Online only. While quantities last. Subject to change.<br />

*Minimum service term applies. Snowbird Plans must be purchased in increments of<br />

90 days. Features and rates depend on plan type and duration purchased.<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 77

Getting Social<br />


TO SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS ON<br />


www.facebook.com/<br />

<strong>Snowbirds</strong><strong>RV</strong><strong>Travelers</strong><br />

Tweet us at<br />

@snowbirdsrv<br />

www.instagram.com/<br />

snowbirdsmagazine<br />


FMCA has rolled out exclusive,<br />

member-only pricing for FMCA<br />

Roadside Rescue, powered by SafeRide<br />

<strong>RV</strong> Motor Club.<br />


Why Not Try Camping in Ontario<br />

Awe-inspiring attractions. Fantastic<br />

festivals. Knockout nature. Distinct<br />

downtowns. Canadian history and<br />

heritage. It’s all right in the Heart of<br />

Ontario. Explore Hamilton, Halton,<br />

Brant and discover something new.<br />


Her name is Doris and she carried the<br />

gang to Cedar Creek winery for the<br />

Five for Fighting concert overlooking<br />

Okanagan Lake. @cedarcreekwine<br />


Did you catch last month’s story on<br />

Endangered Tortoises?<br />

TALK TO US<br />

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a<br />

line or send us a shot of your latest <strong>RV</strong><br />

adventure to cass@suncruisermedia.com.<br />



LATEST <strong>RV</strong> NEWS & ARTICLES.<br />

78 SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong>

• Boat Rentals<br />

• Bistro on the waterfront<br />

• Convenience store open July & August<br />

• Winery, Spa, Golf Course and Cultural Center<br />

Summerwithin walking distance<br />




Winter<br />

• Offers 180 winterized sites: 50/30 Amp available ( Monthly rates available )<br />

• Pool and hot tub open October to May; plus fitness room<br />

• Activities to choose from include: | Aquatics | Card/Poker Night | Crafts<br />

| Dances/ Parties | Jam Night | Pot Luck Dinner And much more!<br />

One of the South Okanagan’s largest parks, at the edge of the Sonora Desert and just minutes from the town’s main street,<br />

Nk’Mip <strong>RV</strong> Park offers over 380 sites ranging from simple tenting spots to full service <strong>RV</strong> stalls, a cabin with 4 bedrooms to round<br />

out the selection, all complete with free wifi access. Come enjoy the beach and family day area. The clubhouse is perfect for<br />

events or meetings, and offers an indoor pool & hot tub (open October - May) and a patio perfect for group BBQs.<br />

8000 - 45th Street, Osoyoos, BC P: 250-495-7279<br />

info@campingosoyoos.com | www.campingosoyoos.com<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2017</strong>/<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2018</strong> SNOWBIRDS & <strong>RV</strong> TRAVELERS 79

Come for the<br />

Sun<br />

stay for the<br />

Fun!<br />

$<br />

750<br />

PER<br />

$<br />

299<br />

PER $<br />

399<br />

PER<br />


Mesa Spirit <strong>RV</strong> Resort<br />

Mesa, AZ<br />

New customers only.<br />

Offer valid on a deluxe <strong>RV</strong> site<br />

from <strong>Jan</strong>uary 1 - March 31, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Mention promo code: SNOWB4<br />

10 South Texas <strong>RV</strong> Resorts<br />

New customers only.<br />

Offer valid on a standard <strong>RV</strong> site<br />

until July 1, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Mention promo code: SNOWB5<br />

Forest Lake Village <strong>RV</strong> Resort<br />

Zephyrhills, FL<br />

New customers only.<br />

Offer valid on a standard <strong>RV</strong> site<br />

until May 31, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Mention promo code: SNOWB6<br />

To Enjoy These Offers, Book Your <strong>RV</strong> Site Before <strong>Dec</strong>ember 22nd, <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

Call us to book!<br />

(855) 336-8841<br />

Visit<br />

<strong>RV</strong>ontheGo.com<br />

You must book by <strong>Dec</strong>ember 22, <strong>2017</strong>. Offers are subject to availability. Reservation required. Offers valid on new reservations only. Mesa Spirit offer is valid for new reservations between <strong>Jan</strong>uary 1, <strong>2018</strong><br />

through March 31, <strong>2018</strong> with a minimum/maximum length of stay of 28/31 days for new customers only on a deluxe site. South Texas $299 offer is valid at Alamo Palms <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Country Sunshine <strong>RV</strong><br />

Resort, Fun-N-Sun <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Lakewood <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Paradise Park <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Paradise South <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Southern Comfort <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Sunshine <strong>RV</strong> Resort, Tropic Winds <strong>RV</strong> Resort and Victoria Palms <strong>RV</strong><br />

Resort for stays completed by July 1, <strong>2018</strong>, with a minimum/maximum length of stay of 28/31 days for new customers only on a standard site. Forest Lake Village offer valid until May 31, <strong>2018</strong> with a<br />

minimum/maximum length of stay of 28/31 days for new customers only on a standard site. All rates are in US dollars. Stays of 30 days or less are subject to a $4 per day resort fee. Electric is not included<br />

for stays of 30 days or longer. Rates do not include taxes. Amenities vary by resort. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotions.

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