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Southern View: June 13, 2017

Southern View: June 13,

6/105 Coleridge St, Sydenha * Conditions apply. Normal lending criteria, booking fee and an FREE TUESDAY JUNE 13 2017 A Star Media Event 379 7100 Southern View Proudly locally owned and published by Star Media Award winning publishing group Bellbird (Korimako) JUNE 30 - JULY 2 HORNCASTLE ARENA 10am - 5pm Adults $ 8 - Under 12’s free Spreydon, Hoon Hay, Hillmorton, Cracroft, Cashmere, St Martins, Somerfield, Sydenham, Addington, Waltham, Opawa, Beckenham, Huntsbury, Woolston HILL SUBURB UNDER SIEGE ANTISOCIAL: Noise from drivers doing burnouts on Vista Pl, bong smoking and using the area as a toilet is disturbing residents. Noise, burnouts, dope smoking • By Sarla Donovan BONE-SHAKING DUB music, bong smoking, squealing tyres, shouting and screaming. Just another Wednesday night in suburban Huntsbury. And Thursday night and Friday night and Saturday night. Residents of Vista Pl and Huntsbury Ave say they feel under siege from young drivers who park up at the scenic spot to socialise, listen to music and smoke marijuana. One woman, who didn’t want to be named, said there were sometimes five or six vehicles parked up. She said they’ve been advised by police to phone 111 when there is a problem. “Sometimes police come up, but not that often. “THe (youths) enter people’s properties and use the area as a toilet. There’s evidence in trees and bushes below our property – toilet paper, soggy bundles, cigarette butts and ends of joints. “You start to question your security when you see young guys running around entering properties. Often they’re looking for a hose to fill their bongs with but they could be looking to break in or suss a property out.” Residents contacted Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board chairwoman Karolin Potter (right) in despair last month after putting in regular calls to police about the disruptive noise. Ms Potter told a city council meeting about the issue last Thursday and said it had been happening for months. “We’ve got a real problem up there with people in cars smoking obscure substances and playing dub music at top (volume) and the local residents calling the police most nights. Last night they were there until 3am.” She told the Southern View it was happening five nights out of seven and sometimes during the day as well. “I’ve been up there and I parked next to a boy smoking a bong. He didn’t care.” THe board is trying to organise a meeting with residents, council staff and police to come up with some solutions. “We really wish we could resolve (this) issue. We’re trying to get a meeting between traffic engineers, police and us going. It’s very difficult to get police to come to meetings,” Ms Potter told city councillors. Residents say the music has a deep, thumping bass which they can hear above the volume of their televisions. OFFER FIT A FUJITSU TO HEAT YOUR HOME FULLY INSTALLED Accredited installers | 10yr workmanship guarantee | 6yr warranty on 8KW Heat Pum Deal Hot Hot Heat Pump for Just KW 8 ASTG24L Fujitsu $2,999 Six Year Warranty Fully Installed* PH 377 0034 OR 0800 800 734 Installed back to back, up to 3 met run and electrIcal supply wIthIn 6 m www.dimockheatpum Email: sales@dimoc Fujitsu 8 KW $2,999 FULLY INSTALLED* MODEL: ASTG24L Ph 377 0034 15/114 Sawyers Arms Road email: * Conditions apply. Installed back to back, up to three metre pipe run and electrical supply within 6 metres. Call for a FREE Home Consultation & Quotation today! BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored... Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service. Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS High-tech Cleaning We clean and repair all types of blinds – Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands, Romans and Pleated – with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Temperature Controlled Drying Re-oiling & Rejuvenating Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman Same Day Pick Up & Drop Off We offer a same-day, pick up and drop off service for most types of blinds. Bookings are required. Convenient Location Drop blinds into us by 9am, at 330 Cashel Street (near the Fitzgerald end), and collect them at the end of the day. New Blind Sales Priced from $30 Roller Blinds cleaned from as little as $20 per blind Ph 377 0770, 330 Cashel St, Christchurch SCAN QR code for Info > WE ARE OPEN Mon - Fri 8.00am to 5.00pm