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Selwyn Times: October 18, 2016

30 Tuesday

30 Tuesday October 18 2016 Gardening SELWYN TIMES Water has a calming and cooling effect IN THE heat of summer, water brings a welcome cooling effect to any garden and its use is one that every gardener should consider. Water’s cooling magic works in two ways – physical and psychological – and understanding these helps the gardener best harness its powers. Jumping into a cool pool is a great way of chilling out on a hot day, but even if we don’t take the plunge, a body of water has a cooling effect because evaporation from its surface helps cool the surrounding air. This air-cooling effect is greatest when water is splashed or dispersed into small droplets, because this tends to increase the amount that evaporates. And if some is splashed onto our skins and clothing, we notice this cooling effect directly. Water’s psychological cooling powers are partly due to association. We have all been exposed to its physical cooling features, so even just thinking about a gushing waterfall or bush pool helps us feel cooler. Seeing or hearing water has an even greater effect than imagining it. There’s a further way water seems to help us chill out on a hot day. This is due to its EFFECTIVE: Use a statue with flowing water in an untidy corner to give it some life, however, a pump and water supply will be necessary. calming effects. It’s hard to feel hot and bothered when contemplating a calm sheet of water or when soothed by the sounds of water trickling, gurgling or gently splashing. Even the impersonal, repetitive crash of strong surf can have a remarkably calming effect. The question for the gardener is how best to exploit these combined cooling powers of water in the summer garden, keeping in mind that the same cooling effects could also be an unwelcome in winter. Even the smallest garden space can use water effectively. For example, on a patio you can enjoy the sight and sound of water trickling over the edges of a simple receptacle or simple, sculptured shape before being recycled through a small pump. You will find examples of these at most garden centres, some complete with pump. All you need is access to power, which on a patio usually doesn’t create major problems. Alternatively, you can purchase a pump separately and design your own water spilling feature if have reasonable handyman skills. When choosing or designing such a feature, consider the merits of a piece that will look good when the water is not flowing because this may prove a more attractive option in winter. Another way to incorporate water in a small space is to purchase or make a water spout. Traditional examples include wall-mounted ones with water gushing out of a lion’s mouth but simple abstract spouts or those featuring natural materials can be as or more attractive. Again you will need a small pump to recycle the water from where it falls back to its source. Other ways to use water on a patio are in small containers, such as raised oblong troughs bordered by appropriate plants to soften their base. Waterfalls are harder to incorporate on the patio. A fairly popular interpretation is made of a series of tiny stacked ponds mounted in a corner. SPRING SALE WEEKDAYS 8:30–5PM OCTOBER 10 TH –24 TH FLAXES Black Rage, Golden were $9 .00 Ray, Dark Delight, Platts Black now $6 .00 ea SHRUBS & GROUNDCOVERS Large selection including Choisya, 15-30 % off Hebes, Mondo grass, Rhododendrons, Viburnums plus many more varieties LARGE GRADE TREES up to 50 % off GRISELINIA HEDGING 60cm plants $10 .00 ea 30cm plants $4 .00 ea NZ NATIVES 9 & 15cm from$2 .50 ea Pot Grade BONUS OFFER Buy 150 x 15cm plants and receive 150 green guard spray protector sleeves FREE! WWW.GREENLINC.CO.NZ

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday October 18 2016 31 October in the garden HOPEFULLY, THE highs and lows of spring have departed by now and the weather has become more settled. But be sure to keep an eye out for the possibility of late frosts. October is a very active month in the vegetable garden. Before planting add in copious amounts of compost to help create an ideal growing medium for newly planted seeds and seedlings. Vege plants for the summer garden can include capsicum, courgettes, cucumbers, eggplants (aubergine), peppers, pumpkin, tomatoes and watermelon. Maintain a close watch for slugs and snails that will devour young seedlings. A light side dressing with vegetable fertiliser will help young plants become well established. Water deeply when required, to encourage young plants to develop a deep root system. Preparation for your summer flowering ‘bed’ should begin in early October, including the addition of compost. Summer flowering annuals can include alyssum, asters, cornflowers, californian poppy, REWARD: Now is the time to prepare your summer flowering bed. cosmos, lobelia, livingston daisies, marigolds, nemesia, petunias, portulacas, phlox, salvia, sweet pea and zinnia. Spring blossoms should now be finished on pip stone fruit trees; apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches, pears and plums, with small fruit starting to form. Many of these trees have what can be described as ‘heavy post-blossom fruit drop’ and often only 5-10 per cent of their blossoms will actually become mature fruit, usually enough for a ‘heavy crop’. Apply fruit tree fertiliser at 5-6 weekly intervals. Shrubs that have flowered during the winter months, for example, azaleas and camellias may require some ‘tidy up’ pruning before new growth commences. With all shrubs, a side dressing of general garden fertiliser will encourage strong healthy growth. Mulching with compost around the shrubs will help inhibit weed growth and retain soil moisture, which is very important as the weather heats up. MAINSCAPE Garden Supplies “Making your great outdoors greater” free Hire trailer We deliver 6 days a week or pickup from our yard Mon & Fri 8am–5pm, Sat 8am–3pm Eftpos available Call us on 021 241 7908 1543 Springs rd, lincoln See our range of products on our website The magazine for gardeners who like To geT Their hands dirTy 100% Use your outdoor living areas all year round • Warm & dry in winter • UV protection for summer • Stylish & permanent • 5 year warranty “AS SEEN ON TV” Chris Thorndycroft Phone 0800 27 24 46 | 15 months INTEREST FREE Normal lending criteria apply ANNUAL PLANT SALE Save up to 60% on thousands of selected plants! Visit for details Includes Natives, Hedging, Grasses, Specimen Trees, Perennials, Forestry & Fruit Begins Labour Weekend - Sat 22 to Sun 30 October 9AM-5PM Open every day from EVERY 9am to 5pm, DAY with plenty of helpful staff! Deals instore only. STARTS 9AM SATURDAY 22 1133 Main South Road - Between Templeton & Rolleston Phone 0800 800 352