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Selwyn Times: October 18, 2016

38 Tuesday

38 Tuesday October 18 2016 HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Sprucing up the yard A lush green garden makes a lovely backdrop to the home. Tall trees and shrubs offer shelter and shade producing enjoyable places to linger. However, over time the garden can become overgrown, even when tended regularly and a good clean-up is needed. Rather than chopping trees down, consider undertaking some serious pruning and shaping to thin the tree. Some branches may be cut out to let light in and open up the garden. If the trees are tall, an arborist may be contracted to top these and cut out unwanted limbs allowing the shape of the tree to be maintained. Arborists are experts in dropping trees safely and will advise on any disease a tree might have and how it might be saved. With smaller trees and shrubs, a good saw or chainsaw and lopping shears can be used to thin and shape them so light penetrates through and other plants have space to grow. Prune back shrubs that are overtaking the garden and may be smothering other plants. Thin at the bottom also to allow space for lower growing plants, ground covers and flowers which add colour and interest to the garden. Now is also the time to cut out frost damage from plants and spray any that are diseased. If there are gaps, it is a good time to plant out and a visit to the nursery is bound to find some interesting new plants to add into the garden. Giving the garden a general weeding then topping up with bark, mulch, pea straw or another ground cover will make the garden tidy and help trap in moisture, assisting the garden over summer. Older lawns may need dethatching either by hand raking or using a scarifying machine. Like brushing your hair, this takes out the dead and cut grass, helping the lawn to absorb moisture and grow more easily. The lawn should also be sprayed periodically using a specific lawn weed killer that kills broadleaf weeds and clover. Take care not to use a weed killer like Round-up as this will kill weeds and lawn alike. If moss is growing in the lawn, a combined moss killer and fertiliser product can be purchased for this job. For an even and consistent lawn, spread soil over any dips and hollows before re-seeding any bald parts. Occasionally applying a fertiliser to the lawn will also help to achieve a lush green lawn. Turning your attention to the paths and paving, sweep these then spray weeds growing in the cracks, path joins and between paving slabs. Treat any moss on paths, paving or decking by spraying with de-moss treatment. This can be purchased from a garden or hardware centre. The moss might also need to be water blasted to remove it completely. Lastly, replace any rotten or damaged boards on the deck before restaining to freshen up a faded timber deck, pergola or wooden outdoor tables and seating. Manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality garage doors throughout New Zealand. • Cedar Doors • Specialising in “ one-off custom designs” • Negative detail /Flat Panel and Insulated designs • Merlin Auto Openers, repair & Maintenance Contact us for a free measure and quote. Showroom: 276 Larcombs Road, Weedons Phone 3478333 or 0800 661 366 CheCk Out OuR neW COmPetItIOn PAge On OuR WebsIte Paving, Irrigation, Lawns, Planting, Fences, Pergolas, Water-features, Outdoor fires, Raised Vege beds, Decks, Artificial grass & more... Call Aaron & the team today! Phone: 03 3474422 or 021542402 Email: Need a Professional Need a Professional Electrician? Electrician? Call Laser Electrical! Call Laser Electrical! 0800 438 0800 527 Call Laser Electrical 438 527 Rolleston! Need a Professional Electrician? Need a Professional Electrician? Call Laser Electrical! • Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Rural • Dairy 24 hour on-call service 0800 438 527 Laser Electrical Rolleston 831 Jones Road, Rolleston 0800 LASER 4 U (0800 527 374) LE0303

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday October 18 2016 39 HOME PROFESSIONALS Decks, patios and paving The choice of a deck, concrete patio or paving will largely be influenced by personal preference. Patios and paving are low maintenance and last longer than a deck, the aesthetics of which is more appealing. One advantage of a deck is the seamless movement it creates from house to outdoor living area. With no need to step down, there is a feeling of having a larger home with an outside room, especially if the roof overhangs a part of this area or there is a pergola structure overhead. Concrete patios can be smooth and grey, coloured or exposed aggregate and lines can be cut into the concrete to create a paved effect. When raised off the ground, the cost of the concrete may make the patio more expensive than a wooden deck would be. However, concrete patios are easy to keep clean and the concrete lasts considerably longer than wood. It will also be a smooth splinter-free surface on which children can play. On the down side, concrete heats up with the sun and can be glary. Paving is easy to lay and change. It is also reasonably easy to maintain though the pavers can shift over time causing an uneven surface, especially if the foundation on which they were laid has not been prepared properly. Dirt can also build up in the cracks causing weeds to grow, resulting in the need to spray or scrape these out. If choosing a deck, options include pine, hardwood, bamboo or a composite wood look product. Radiata pine is the most affordable wood for decking. It has the advantage of being treated and is available with a smooth surface or grip tread though is perhaps the least attractive of the decking timbers available. Currently hardwood decks are very popular, due to the attractiveness of the wood. Hardwood can bleed and stain surrounding concrete and brickwork and it will need regular staining to minimise the chance of it splitting and maintain its rich golden brown colour, something that could be a chore. Kwila, vitex, Pacific jarrah and garapa are popular decking hardwood timbers. They can be purchased smooth cut or with a tread on one side. While Kwila is the most popular, you might wish to check out that the timber has come from a sustainable source. A decking product that is relatively new to the New Zealand market is bamboo. If sourced from a credible supplier such as the local Christchurch brand, Evoca, then bamboo is said to be environmentally friendly. Bamboo’s advantage as a decking timber is its density and strength. Still more hardy and permanent are the natural wood looking composite products. These are made out of recycled materials and come in a range of colours. While pricier than wood, composite decking is said to be non-slip, hold its colour, and not warp, crack or splinter the way wood can; features that make it pleasant to walk on in bare feet or for the children to play on. STOP birdS hail, leaves, snow & vermin from blocking & damaging your spouting Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with unique patented louvre which will even keep out pine needles. Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty, range of colours Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years. FOR SAFE, PURE DRINKING WATER FROM YOUR ROOF. NOW AVAILABLE: STAINLESS STEEL MICRO MESH Call Rohan Rudd anytime Mon-Sat for a no-obligation assessment & quote 0800 486 532 03 982 8850 New Builds Home Alterations Bathrooms Decks BUILDERS LTD Painting/Plastering Renovations Extensions Kitchens Re-Roofing Insurance Work Phone Keith: 027274 9359 or (03) 325-4452 Fully Qualified Builder