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The Star: April 06, 2017

8 Thursday

8 Thursday April 6 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star News Life experiences boost earthquake • By Jamie Morton PEOPLE WHO have been involved in major accidents, or who serve as their office’s designated first-aider, are more likely to be prepared to deal with a big natural disaster in the future. That’s according to a justpublished New Zealand study that investigated what spurs people to prepare for earthquakes, and how their life experiences might contributed to their motivation. Julia Becker “We know that having some experience of previous earthquakes can prompt people to get prepared, through having a better understanding of how they might be impacted in future,” said lead author Dr Julia Becker, of GNS Science and Massey University’s Joint Centre for Disaster Research. “Earthquakes also raise people’s concern and motivate their need to get prepared. We saw a flurry of preparedness activity in Wellington following the Kaikoura earthquake.” Yet, in spite of New Zealand being rocked by several large earthquakes in the past five years, many Kiwis still would not have experienced quakes. This posed the question: What else might prompt them to prepare? The study, based on a series of interviews with people around the country and published in Star 129mm x 90mm 06/10/16 SUPPORT: Researchers say people who haven’t experienced natural disasters, like the Christchurch Earthquake, have been motivated after speaking with friends and family who have. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, showed that people who lived with an ethos of “preparedness is a way of life” were more likely to be prepared. Experiences such as helping out in an adverse event, being a civil defence volunteer, being involved in workplace safety at work, being a first aider, suffering ill-health, or being in an accident, all contributed, Dr Becker said. “So for those who haven’t been in a significant earthquake, we need to pay attention to people’s life experiences, and use those experiences as motivators of getting prepared.” The researchers also found people’s “vicarious” experiences Bathroom SEATING SHOWER & BATH – such as speaking with family or friends who live in places like Canterbury – were also important. “Their stories of how the earthquakes have impacted their lives can help people living outside the area understand what an earthquake might be like and what they might need to do to prepare.” For those who had lived through disasters, the events would surely have rocked them into vigilance. “For example, following the 2010 Darfield earthquake in Canterbury, a number of people stated that they didn’t get prepared because the earthquake didn’t impact them, and thus they thought future earthquakes wouldn’t impact them either,” Dr Becker said. “People who find earthquakes quite scary might find it difficult to get prepared – and those people need support and practical advice to help encourage preparedness.” Dr Becker also cited the 2013 Cook Strait and Lake Grassmere quakes that shook the Wellington and Marlborough regions. FOLDING SHOWER STOOL 81065 • Height adjustable • Folds for storage • Max user weight 100kg PHONE 354 5616 108 Sawyers Arms Rd, Papanui, Christchurch FOLDING SHOWER CHAIR 81060 • Height adjustable • Folds for storage • Max user weight 100kg 10% Off for SUPERGOLD card holders Conditions may apply SHOWER CHAIR 81080 • Height adjustable • Max user weight 100kg

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday April 6 2017 9 preparation “The first earthquake happened on a Sunday when everyone was at home, while the second happened on a Friday afternoon when everyone was at work. “After the Friday earthquake people got stuck in the city among the chaos, and had difficulty travelling home. “In a survey after the earthquakes, we found people were more likely to develop a household emergency plan after the Friday earthquake, than the Sunday one, because of the terrible experiences they had getting home. “So context is everything, and you have to think about the nature of people’s experiences in different earthquakes, how they might respond, and what we need to tell people to encourage and support preparedness.” Dr Becker felt the findings highlighted how planners could use people’s real-life experiences to get them better prepared – something that wasn’t a big focus with educational work with communities. “People’s life experiences are much more ‘real’ to them and they are more likely to pay attention when preparedness information is framed in a way that is ‘real’ and relevant to their situation.” EXPERIENCE: A flurry of preparedness activity followed the Kaikoura earthquake. 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In Wellington, 29 per cent of people were prepared and about a quarter of people in the Bay of Plenty and Gisborne region had basic GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only $2,299 PRE WINTER GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only $2,299 GE50 HEAT 5.8kW Heat PUMP Pump SPECIALS from only $2,749 GE50 Phone 5.8kW now Heat for Pump prompt from only expert $2,749 FH50 6.0kW advice Heat and Pump installation from only $3,499 FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only $3,499 (we can install the same week) Technology Technology preparations. •The regions with the lowest rates for basic preparation in 2012 were Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Otago, and Southland, where less than one fifth of people prepared. •Nationally, 17 per cent of people had better-thanbasic preparations for a natural disaster – they also had a torch, portable radio, spare batteries, first aid kit, and essential medicines, on top of a three-day supply of food and water and a household emergency plan. •This figure was up from 12 per cent in 2010. •Approximately onethird of New Zealand households had an emergency plan in 2012. 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