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Selwyn Times: September 19, 2017

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday September 19 2017 Latest Christchurch news at Our People SELWYN TIMES Brendan Shefford ‘Big Red’ settles into real estate Ray White town and life principal Brendan Shefford, also known as ‘Big Red’, has bought the Lincoln Ray White franchise. He spoke to Georgia O’Connor- Harding What made you decide to purchase the Ray White Lincoln franchise? I just bought our other two operations in West Melton and Rolleston. It made sense to line up all three of them. Lincoln is a growing place. All of Selwyn is a growing place. Ray White Lincoln co-founder Steve Morgan and his wife Leanne made their decision where they wanted to sit back and concentrate on day-to-day sales as oppose to running the business. You have probably been asked thousands of times but where did the ‘Big Red’ nickname come from and when did you get it? When I joined the New Zealand Army 1999. I was big and I have got red hair and that was basically the end of it. It is a great marketing tool. What was it like being in the NZ Army? I was posted to Waiouru Military Camp in 1999 after I left school and joined the army. In 2001 I got posted down to Burnham. I went to East Timor in 2002 and Afghanistan in 2005. What was your main role in the army? When I was in the army I was trained in the trade as a chef. It was a pretty high energy diet we followed. Did being in the army prepare you for the real estate industry? It taught you structure which is exactly what real estate is all about. Time management especially in the army. You have got three meals a day – breakfast LOCATION: Ray White town and life principal Brendan Shefford, also known as ‘Big Red’ has bought the Ray White Lincoln franchise. lunch and dinner. You knew if you failed, you looked like an idiot. It is your reputation on the line. Do you still do a lot of cooking now? I have got two kids now, they are seven and eight and my wife Sarah does most of the cooking. Tell me about your family, do your children know what they want to do when they eventually leave school? No, they are too young for that. Where did you meet your wife? In Christchurch. We got married a few months before I went to Afghanistan in 2005. Was it hard being away from your family while in the army? It was but it makes you appreciate the home comforts and being home. Was being based at Burnham what made you want to live in Selwyn? Yes it was being based in Burnham that made us eventually end up buying in Rolleston. I had a couple of rental properties in Hornby as well. After being in Afghanistan and having a re-evaluation of life, I sold the rentals and cleared the debts. I have lived in Rolleston since I got posted to Burnham. Did you ever feel concerned for your own safety while overseas with the army? You always were. In East Timor we were peace-keeping for the United Nations. In Afghanistan it was quite volatile. We were there five months. I was based in Bamyan. FILL UP FOR LESS THIS SEPTEMBER WITH YOUR SUPERGOLD CARD. Save per 12litre* *Terms and Conditions apply. Make your Sunday extra special with our popular Sunday Buffet Come and enjoy a delicious menu of classic and International flavours, accompanied by live music. Every Sunday 12:30pm Adults $45pp, Kids u12 only $20 Have you booked your Christmas FunCtion At Terrace Downs Resort? • Dinner Functions • Team Events • Activities • Accommodation High Country High Tea A Finest Slice of High Country! What better way to spend an afternoon with friends or family than in the tranquil setting of Terrace Downs Resort. Available everyday 11am - 3pm Illustration only. To find your local partcipating Challenge station, visit us online at Terrace Downs has so much to offer and there’s something for everyone! Our events team will organise a special Christmas event for you! Only one hour’s drive from ChCh Illustration only. $29 per person or $39 per person with a glass of bubbles Booking essential Minimum 2 people Gluten free available. Phone 03 318 6943 623 Coleridge Road Windwhistle, Canterbury Email:

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday September 19 2017 5 after life as an army chef Would you ever go back to Afghanistan if you had the chance? I would do. When they sort their lives out it will be a great place to go as a tourist. What was the biggest lesson you learnt from working in the army? Probably respecting people. When you were in school what about the NZ Army stood out to you? Being able to serve your country. I grew up in Geraldine before joining at 18. Did you have any other interests in high school before then? I always wanted to be a chef I guess and the army was the way you could see it out, do your trade and serve your country at the same time. I always enjoyed cooking. How long have you been involved in real estate? Just over 10 years. We had a couple of rental properties, I had an interest in real estate. What are some of the most interesting moments you have had so far in the real estate industry? The most interesting time was the aftermath of the February 22, 2011, earthquake. Trying to resettle properties after sales had fallen over in the earthquake. People were always going to need somewhere to stay. Then some of the best moments have been selling large blocks of land then being developed into residential subdivisions and seeing the end subdivision. The growth of Selwyn has also been a highlight. What is longest period of time you have had to work on a person in terms of selling a property? I had a house on the market for two years once. It was a higherpriced property. Just hard work – got the property sold. Do you have any tips on selling a house? It has to be inviting. There is nothing worse than when you turn up to a property on an open day and the owners haven’t lit the fire, so it is cold. When you are staging properties you hire furniture. That looks fantastic. SERVING THE COUNTRY: Brendan Shefford in Afghanistan. What do you do in your time off? Whitebaiting, fishing and gardening. I like fishing at Motunau and whitebaiting in South Westland where everyone goes, it is fantastic. I went over recently but it is just the start of the season. You mentioned you enjoy gardening? Just the vege garden. I maintain a good vege garden and fruit trees. I am well-known in Rolleston for lush green lawns. In Brief FACILITY BLESSING The site of the new West Melton Community and Recreation Centre will be blessed tomorrow. The blessing ceremony will start at 10am, beginning with a karakia by Justin Tipa of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, followed by a kapa haka performance by West Melton School pupils. Those who wish to attend the blessing should meet at the West Melton Community Centre on 1165 West Coast Rd at 9.50am. $1.4M FOR LINKAGE The district council approved $1.4 million to be funded from development contributions, for the construction of a transportation/ service linkage from Carnaveron Drive to Birchs Rd in Lincoln. The approval was made at the district council meeting last week. The development is part of plans to cater for future subdivision development of the adjoining land. CHRISTMAS EVENT The Flemington subdivision in Lincoln will hold its annual Christmas event on the Flemington Reserve. It is a free event for the community with live music, a lolly scramble, Santa and market stalls. The community is also invited to bring along kites. The event is to be held 11am-1pm on Sunday, December 3. Your place to meet, discover and connect Selwyn District Libraries are going to trial new opening hours, based on input we’ve received from you. These include at least one late evening and extended Saturday hours to better suit our communities. Some council services will be available on Saturday mornings until midday. The following hours will apply from Monday 23 October (Labour Day) until Saturday 28 April 2018. Darfield Library & Service Centre Monday 9am–5pm Tuesday 9am–7pm Wednesday 9am–5pm Thursday 9am–5pm Friday 9am–5pm (apart from 10am start on second and fourth Friday of the month) Saturday 9.30am–3.30pm Lincoln Library & Service Centre Monday 8.30am–5.30pm Tuesday 8.30am–5.30pm Wednesday 8.30am–5.30pm Thursday 8.30am–6.30pm Friday 8.30am–5.30pm (apart from 10am start on second and fourth Friday of the month) Saturday 9.30am–3.30pm Leeston Library & Service Centre Monday 9am–5pm Tuesday 9am–5pm Wednesday 9am–6pm Thursday 9am–5pm Friday 10am–4pm Saturday 10am–4pm Rolleston Library Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 8.30am–5pm 8.30am–6pm 8.30am–6pm 8.30am–6pm 10am–6pm 9.30am–4pm Launch events will be held on Saturday 28 October – see our website for more information.