This more focused approach to cardiology was instilled in Dr.

Metzger early in his medical training. He attended Sackler School

of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in Israel where medicine is approached

differently than in the U.S.

“In a socialized medical system like in Israel, physicians are unable

to order a barrage of diagnostic tests for one simple complaint

the way much of medicine is often practiced here. The doctors

taught us that if you want to know what a patient has you can just

ask them, and they’ll tell you. Therefore, the true art of being a

good physician is in a careful medical history with good detailed

questions and attentive listening to the answers.”

Dr. Metzger is Board-Certified in Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular

Diseases and Internal Medicine. His training includes

an Internal Medicine Residency at Thomas Jefferson University

Hospital in Philadelphia, a Cardiology Fellowship at University of

Pittsburgh Medical Center and an Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

at Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, PA.

As a Cardiovascular specialist he sees a wide variety of pathology.

This includes patients with heart disease such as Coronary Artery

Disease, angina, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, High Cholesterol,

cardiac arrhythmias and palpitations from conditions like

atrial fibrillation, management of patients with devices like pacemakers

and defibrillators, as well as long term management of patients

who have had heart attacks and open-heart surgery. Many of

these patients complain of issues like chest pain, shortness of breath,

lightheadedness or dizziness, palpitations or rapid heartbeats.

“I enjoy a balanced practice with my time split between office

based consultations where the non-invasive diagnostic testing is

completed in our state-of-the-art practice in Delray Beach, while the

remainder of my work week is spent in the hospital setting seeing

inpatients and performing minimally invasive catheter based procedures

including angiograms, angioplasty and coronary stenting.”

Dr. Metzger was one of the first physicians to fully commit

his cardiac procedures to be done from a TransRadial approach

(catheterizations done from the wrist, rather than the groin). This

is known to lead to fewer complications with more patient comfort

and convenience.

Furthermore, Dr. Metzger has completed additional training to

treat vascular diseases including Peripheral Arterial Disease and

Chronic Venous Insufficiency. “These patients will often have pain

of their legs either with walking or at rest, as well as swollen legs,

discolored legs, or issues of poor wound healing. These conditions

can be treated with conservative noninvasive measures, as

well as minimally invasive catheter based therapies, either in the

office or at the hospital.”

Dr. Metzger was one of the first in the community to use a new

FDA approved treatment for vein disease called Venaseal. Venaseal

is a breakthrough in venous treatments. “The treatments can now

be done painlessly without needles, and without a need for compression

stockings to be worn afterwards. Historically, these were

2 major drawbacks of traditional vein treatments using radiofrequency

ablation (or burning the vein),” he said.

The CEO of South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, William Dalton,

has this to say about Dr. Metzger. “He is one of the most accessible

interventional cardiologists at South Palm Cardiovascular

Associates. We offer the highest quality cardiac healthcare, ease of

accessibility, friendly staff and we offer walk-in appointments,” said

Dalton, who has an extensive medical background himself.

Because of the nature of heart health – and its immediate call to action

– there is always someone on call in the practice. “We take calls

all hours of the day or night. The biggest issue with heart disease

is awareness. If symptoms are ignored at home or misinterpreted it

could be fatal. We are always there for our patients,” said Dr. Metzger.

South Palm Cardiovascular Associates is extremely dedicated to

thoroughly examining patients, making accurate diagnosis and executing

effective treatment plans. They also value the doctor-patient

relationship. “I find the time to talk to (and listen to) my patients

about their non-medical issues too, because patients are people.

Forming a relationship and connection with a doctor who is real,

listens and really cares about the patients is critical to receiving effective

care from a compassionate provider.”

Dr. Metzger lives in West Boynton Beach. He enjoys time spent with

his family, bike riding, traveling, as well as photography. As a former

college lacrosse player, he is also very involved in children’s athletic

endeavors committing a lot of time to coaching youth lacrosse.

Call Dr. Metzger and experience exemplary cardiovascular care.

South Palm Cardiovascular Associates

13550 Jog Road - Suite 204

Delray Beach, FL 33446

Tel 561-515-0080

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