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Slipstream - January 1964

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Slipstream - January

S czz syMAERI. NET LETTR CCK RG Pa."ihed byl, and "Rfor a,. 'te Q\\ "Ap'va 'iled that day9 The field of 18 cowpetitors, which included 5 toe ieF entrtc ' Class, S Made I theorga' izerr' effor t s well wrthwhile oMy thanks to Ed Kristoff and Lute ile7, whose hel ,Ade the event so successful. Results of the gymbkhana w r :Ed 1ae irtoff; 2n d, ith; 'aemy ard 3rd, Regis Rhea 0 Ladies Class, lst, Leona it ey;v 2nd, Pat Kristoff; ad 3rd, Carol Clauseno Congratulations - trophies vill be a'irdd at th ,next meeting Nextice t Fxr d y3 , January 10th, T;30 pr, at the ur r ey House restaurant, 104 B 0 Division XUS hqy 80), Arlington, Texas. Next Event In ac ornce with the hallowed custom of the Maverick Region, the winner of Ihe stevent is usually requested to put on the next event (unles we have a prior vol uter) o T date, we do rot have an event plned for January because our last winner, Ed Kriltoff will be out of town for te next few weesm e should have an event before the end of Jnuary' therefore, volunteers are urged to step forward at the next meeting. A tour combined with a -Iener roast might be an idea for this season of the year, so make your choice 0 0 any type of event will e most welcome 0 The 'averik Regton was well represented , the CTC gymkhana (SCCA Chapionsip) held on 8 December 196' at Seminary South in Fort Worth Porsche-mounted con t estants included PCA members Mack "Rnois, Ed Krit'off, Lute Riley, and Stuart Wright 0 Our congratulations to Mack who took home a harrdsom trophy iNow that we have 'succeeding i getting the VERICK NEWSLETTER "off the ground" and put its appearance on a regular chedle, the time has come for me to turn this pleasurable dutyover to a new editor, so that I may devote energiess to my more reocely bestowed responsThblities of Presideto W r i ting the newsletter has been fun and 'sincerely hope that our kew ditorL To ankd %aClayton will ind it equally enjoyable I plan to continue as an active coantriut r to th letter Jy writing a "From the. President" eoliina dTI hA - I ac tr.cted from the Lrua:ry 196 isue of the ) RSRCE P:TF (bUll.etin of the PCA Rocky Mountain Region), the folliang marks by their new president, Brce r o ith "_ellow PCAers: I think hat the ttena ce of the last few meetings is a goo indicatuon of the interest we have in PCA The t,.r.out of the two recent tours and the pe eetin rally e are "urthersi of interest in group activities. Basically, we. hare a good 't club here inthe ' Dr er ' w }wev'er, if we were all honest with 0urrel tre -K we would admit tat we cked imetijnZo ay I submit that that something y e~fir'ogetherWe " W t ae Wt 5eof ''S h (n ot -1 ike drrriv n-n mdi rtadr y - grou t - pi nis - re-aallys, etc. Be that as it may we ha s l jind PA b s,d rf cor-mora'n-C tr et 9 sal In xii: ;i ihAothers who supposedlyshartto these interests,, sgg t that for the forthcoming year we unite our interest's, eerims. ''i. to mrI PC-Roky Mountain Region more enjoyable for 6alle For hose of us who d nut rally, f9T a s trive t make PCA railys t he best in the area. Let's get btminId these people Gdh the m we cn rn a rally. On the other hand let's have the rl iss'tk tpport the t 1 roup activity such as picnics, tours, gymkhanas, and ct Pll together we can Ke a real a> 'eZ interesting, fun organization fo~r e, v:yone BraceR. aitt" UNQUQTE O

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