Slipstream - March 1964


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


Published by and for the

A Maverick


President: Geffe H irsfall


Vice-Pres: James U Thlloh, i'

Secretary: Alverne horsfall

Treasurer: Robert J Parker F QUB


Editors: Tom & Anna Clayton tB

Vol II, No. 3 March 1964

Gruissen, Freund die Porsche:


The February meeting continued our stretch of excellent attendance.

While the attendance wained slightly, the membership waxed plump on the

superb venison served by the Tulloh's. Many thanks to them for their

gratious hospitality and also to the ladies who prepared the side dishes.

A hearty welcome to the Iglecia's, who were in attendance after a

lengthy stretch of inactiveness.

Surprises seemed the order of the day for the February meeting.

Biggest of all, was that our car badges finally arrived on the scene.

These handsome badges may be purchased from Bob Parker for amodest

otlay of $3.25.

A handsome and well deserved plaque, incorporating the new Maverick

Region badge, was presented to Hr. ,alter foot, Manager of Foreign Car

Company, in appreciation of his cooperation and assistance to the Region.

An additional plaque was presented to Jeff Horsfall for his original

design of the badge. Judging from the look upon his countenance, this

might also be considered as one of the largest surprises of the evening.


Speaking for all Maverick PCAers, congratulations to SCCA on a

"Good Show-." The convention was most interesting and the races proved

to be very enjoyable to all who attended.


By a majority vote, the PCA Maverick Region has accepted an invitation

to become affiliated with the SCC Regional Council. This acceptancerequi-

s that our Region sponsor a championship gymkhana, which is tentatively

planned for April 12. Volunteers are solicited to assist with

this gymkhana. Further details regarding time, place, etc. will be



Perhaps you have noticed that the Cascade Region has made, on several

occasions, an appeal for 35 mm slides showing regional scenery which

will be made available for loan to all regions when the set is complete.

If you are the proud possessor of such material, we would certainly like

to hear from you. If we receive a large enough quantity, a viewing by

the membership might be in order. Info or slides may be sent to the

editors or Jeff Horsfall.


The regular monthly meeting for March is scheduled for the 13th at

7:30 PM in the upstairs banquet room fthe Ramada Inn in Grand Prairie.

Thelsamida Inn is located on the north side of Highway 80 in west Grand



Hurrah! Come March One, we get a chance to put Hanson Mathis' new

timing device to the trial by fire. We understand that development is

complete and the box is ready for the test. Manson has laid out a

gymkhana and the folks at Six Flags have consented to let us use their

pi4ff ilot. We'd like to see a large turnout; so even if you dont

p:ainito run, come on out and watch the fun. Registration is at 1:30 PM

ard first car out at 1:45 PM.


It seems to me that the term "Displaced Persons" might very well apply to the

PCA Maverick Region. During the past month, we:have beeome on two occasions, at

two places, and for two very different reasibs.. First, -we were displaced from out

regular meeting place because of. its recent change of ownership and its subsequent

remodeling. Actually, no critical problem resulted from this occurrence because

shortly thereafter, the former owner of: the Surrey House in Arlington extended to

us an invitation to meet at his new establishment at the Ramada Inn in Grand Prairie.

We will accept for our March meeting.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Jim and Mary Lou Tulloh, who came to the rescue

when it was learned that the Surrey House was not available for our February meeting.

Not only did they invite us to meet in their home,: but they served delicious barbecued

venison which, together with assorted side dishes brought by our ladies, proved to be

"lickin' good eatin".

Our second displacement came to lightmore recently when we learned that the

planned location of our next event (a gymkhana on March lst) will not be available

for our use.. The management of Richland Plaza Shopping Center has decided that they

will not authorize any more sports car activities on their parking lot. As I understand

it, the reason for this action is 'that on .a recent weekend, members of one of

the area clubs became rather "rowdy" during one of their events and property owners

and/or residents of the area adjacent to Richland Plaza called the gendarmes. In

view of this then, regardless of the- location or type of event in which--we might be

participating, as in the past,. we must continue in the future to conduct ourselves

in a manner so. as not to bring discredit upon our own gzoup and sports car clubs in

general. Finding new sites for our events and getting permission to use them can be

very difficult work for our activities committeemen and other members who may join

in the search.



March 1

March 8

March 13

March 13

March 14

March 15

March 22

March 29

April 4,

April, 12

2.9 CTC Type .2. Rally - Seminary South - 5 PM

Maverick Cymkhana

Practice Gymkhana - FWSCC

. Maverick Region PCA Meeting

Tech Inspection at Continental Car -OCMC

Time Trials - OCMC

Championship Gymkhana #2 - CCT

Field Trials - DSCC (closed event)

CTC Tour


Rust ler"s Run kallye

Championship Gymkhana - PCA

1522 B West Tucker Blvd.

Arlington, Texas


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