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Slipstream - April 1964

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Slipstream - April

MAVERICK NEWSLETTER CK Published by and for the c i BOA Maverick Region - President: Geoffrey H Horsfall Vice -Pres: James N Tulloh, MD Secretary: Alverne Horsfall Treasurer: Robert J. Parker lUB of Editors: Tom and Anna Clayton Vol II, No. 4 April 1964 Grussen, Freund die Porsche!. WE LIKE IT With the advent of March and Spring, the;Mave-rick Region moved on to new and greener pastures. For those who have not as yet seen our new home in the Ramad4 Inn, we'd like to relate that our new home of Maverickdom is, in our way of thinking, improved over the old. Spaciousness, 'courtesy and a prelf.nt decour prevail in abundance. There is even enough room to move7about without fear of upsetting something or someome. Our first meeting in Grand Prairie was the occasion of a personal greeting by Mr. Roy Hyde, President of the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hyde's gracious welcoming speech was accompanied by the presentation to the Club on the behalf of the Ramada Inn of tro- -..phies for the "surprise poker rally" which was held after the meeting. Jim Tulloh expressed our thanks to Grand Prairie, the Ramada Inn and Mr. Hyde The "surprise poker rally," which was held after the regular meeting by Activity Chairman Manson Mathis, turned out to be a real ball; and a good time was had by all. The trophy for the shortest mileage went to the thinking team of Don Muncy and Howell McCreary, while Charlie Fern and Frau plied great skill in picking the best poker hand for the second trophy. MARCH EVENT The gymkhana held at Six Flags was a "jolly good show." Manson Mathis departed slightly from the orthodox "kana" course and gave the members a course they could really get their teeth into. With a little forethought and a practice run or two, it made for an enjoyable afternoon of skiliful driving. Trophies went out in the following manner: Ladies 1 - Leona Riley Normal 1 - Bob Jackson 2 - Jim Savage 3 - Tom Clayton Super 1 2 - - Charlie Fern Leonard Lacaze 3 - ,1:_Lc Wright REGIONAL SLIDES We used this heading last month, and the overwhelming response gives us cause to wonder if anyone receives a newsletter. We're still open for offers. HELP ? - WE GET HELP . Your editors would beg your indulgence while we bestow a laurel. One of the biggest problems we face in getting the "straight scoop" to you each month is the mechanical printing of the paper. We owe a debt of gratitude to Rick Hurlock for a fine job of shouldering this burdensome, behind-the-scene task,

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