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June 2016

LD’s is moving to the

LD’s is moving to the new Tanglewood Pavilion Lenore Mohr, Owner of LD’s Clip Joint & Mohr, popular for “I’ll cut your hair in a New York minute” television commercials will be relocating her salon to the new Tanglewood Pavilion this summer. “With the new location pulling in people from Hertford and Edenton, I’m hoping to get a lot of our old clients back from when we first opened in Hertford back in 1994, plus some new ones as well.” Said Lenore Mohr, who has been in the Southgate Mall now for over ten years. Mohr said she hoped to be open in the new location “by the fourth of July.” She said the move has been delayed some time with the negotiations of the lease, “being a non-national franchise makes things harder when working with these huge publicly owned corporations.” Said Mohr. Also, Mohr said, “finding a civil engineer the building inspector would allow to approve our construction plans took more time than expected as well.” Her son-in-law, Patrick Baum, owner of Interior Custom Creations, LLC will be doing all the interior work. Tanglewood Pavilion began construction last summer. Which currently features Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Ross, Kay Jewelers, and more. The current location of LD’s Clip Joint & Mohr in the mall is between Hibbits Sports and RUE 21. Both of which have also left the mall and moved to the new Tanglewood Pavilion, in fact, the new salon will still be located in between them! Mohr is the first-ever locally based non-franchise tenant. When people say “Buy Local,” LD’s is one of the businesses they mean. The new hours will be Mon. – Sat. 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The phone number will remain the same (252) 338-0062, but she is changing the name slightly as she has done with each move, to LD’s Cuts. Try a little ® TENDERNESS The Family Gourmet Buffet 2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins 2 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops 2 Boneless Chicken Breasts (.5 lb. pkg.) 2 (4.5 oz.) Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat 4 (3 oz.) Kielbasa Sausages 12 oz. pkg. All-Beef Meatballs 4 (3 oz.) Potatoes au Gratin 4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets Omaha Steaks Seasoning Packet 46191DBY | Reg. $200.90 Now Only $ 49 99 PLUS, 4 Burgers FREE! Limit 2. Free gifts must ship with #46191. Standard S&H will be added. Expires 6/20/16. ©2016 OCG | 605B120 Omaha Steaks, Inc. Call 1-800-992-7317 and ask for 46191DBY If you wish an article written about your business call Scott at 252-312-2302 Try our Great tasting Hot Sauce! Call 252-219-2087 If you would like to carry our hot sauce in your place of business 18 Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016

Where everyone meets sooner or later By: T. Wade Nichols, Executive Director Sponsored By: The lovely patch of land called Mariners’ Wharf Park is a truly wonderful place, Recently we had a Senior Citizens day walk celebration there and one week later it was Potato Festival. Parks & Recreatio n keeps a contant eye on things and it may be the finest stretch of lawn in northeastern North Carolina. But we are just getting started! The Mariners’ Wharf Film Festival is just around the corner, followed by music on the green and Kidz Flicks films for the youngest citizens. Here’s hoping you have a chance to make good use of the location, beauty and festivals that make Mariner’s Wharf one of the busiest and best used outdoor spaces in northeastern NC. Plus, where else do you find that beautiful harbor view, see great sailing boats stopping by to visit, or to feel a nice breeze on an otherwise hot day? The next major event on Mariners’ Wharf is the annual Film Festival that offers a chance to see great American Classics for free, from the comfort of you own favorite picnic blanket or light weight lawn chair. We hope everyone gets out to enjoy the fine company and some of the most visually exciting films of all time. We start this year with Showboat, a great film version of the novel by the same name written by Edna Ferber. Word has it that she was in our area and enjoyed a ride or two on the old show boats that called in Elizabeth City and Edenton. Something sparked an interest in the lives and loves of the boat people of that day and she developed a novel. Two or three movie versions followed, all set on the Mississippi, but at least the final version included North Carolina’s own Eva Gardner , along with Howard Keel and Kathryn Graham. The location might be wrong, but you can still see a glimmer of the life of our waterways. No one does it better than Afred Hitchcock, and one of his classis suspense thrillers is North By Northwest. James Stewart is a hapless business man who is mistaken as a foreign agent by some, and make his escape to Mount Rushmore of all places. Dangerous climbs, damsels in destress,, and even a harrowing change in a cornfield that involves lowflying airplanes. It’s a classic in every way. Next in the schedule is a true gem, Cabin in the Sky, the breakthrough movie for Lena Horne. We usally just see clips from this in documentaries on PBS, but we have the full film with music and costumes that were done under the eye of Vincent Minelli, one of Hollywood’s top producers and directors. Of course, it didn’t make money in the southeast where Jim Crow laws frightened away paying customers, but Mariners’ Wharf Film Festival is proud to make sure Cabin in the Sky gets its due in Elizabeth City. Easy Living, a classic light-hearted comedy that was on the schedule for last year but was rained out, will out the month of June. It’s a comedy that focuses on money (and lack of it) to take a look at social and romantic relations. So give Easy Living another chance for this year. West Side Story hardly needs an introduction, having broken all kinds of boundaries and restrictions to create one of the most vibrant movie musicals ever. The music is by famed composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, and the cast included many great or soon to be, including Rita Morena, who has been celebrated for her 60+ year career of signing and dancing as an open Latin woman. Make sure any children who like to dance come to see this great masterpiece. The Quiet Man, one of the most different of John Wayne’s works, places Mr. Wayne in the unfamiliar territory of being an American suitor in an lovely Irish Village. Maureen O’Hara is his intended, but she’s making it clear that she’s not doing anything that is temporary. There’s comedy, dancing, Irish story telling, and tender romance in what many consider the best of both Wayne and Ohara’s work. Citizen Kane is one of those classic black and white films you might have seen in college but it’s always worth a second view. Charles Foster Kane builds up a national media empire before that was the standard, and seems to thrive on running events and people’s lives from behind the scenes. There’s a big dramatic ending that leaves everyone asking questions. We end with Wizard of Oz, a perennial favorite. We’ working on getting a digitally remastered version that is wildly bright and beautiful, and gives new strength to the good and bad times suffered by our Heroine Dorothy. Come join us at Mariner’s Whaf every Tuesday evening in June and July. Screenings will begin about 8;30 when the conditions are dark. Popcorn and drinks are always available. AESOP’S FABLES The Ass and the Charger AN ASS congratulated a Horse on being so ungrudgingly and carefully provided for, while he himself had scarcely enough to eat and not even that without hard work. But when war broke out, a heavily armed soldier mounted the Horse, and riding him to the charge, rushed into the very midst of the enemy. The Horse was wounded and fell dead on the battlefield. Then the Ass, seeing all these things, changed his mind, and commiserated the Horse. Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016 19