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Berita TAC, Issue 2 2017

The Fellowship of Indian

The Fellowship of Indian Denominational Churches (FIDC) Malaysia – Singapore, Conference 2017 The Fellowship of Indian Denominational Churches Malaysia – Singapore was initiated at a consultative meeting of the Anglican, Methodist and Lutheran Churches of Malaysia and Singapore on October 16, 2000. The meeting on that day took place at the Trinity Theological College, Singapore. Vision of FIDC As a body of Christ and as members of different Christian traditions, the vision of FIDC is to strengthen our churches and our outreach to the worldwide Indian Diaspora. Mission of FIDC Praying for one another, Finding ways to work together in Christian unity in our Ministry and Mission, Sharing resources for effective Ministering and reaching out to those who do not know Christ 4th FIDC General Assembly Presidential Address On May 25, 2017 the 4th FIDC General Assembly convened at the Sutera Hotel, Seremban. Fortyfour participants representing the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, Anglican Diocese of Singapore, Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (Methodist) Singapore, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia and the Tamil Annual Conference Malaysia gathered for the General Assembly that met till May 27, 2017. Our ten TAC representatives were, Rev. Dennis Raj, Rev. Raymond Raj, Rev. James Ravindaren, Rev. S. Jeevaratnam, Rev. Joseph Yesupatham, Mr. Basil Simmon, Mr. Steven Sekhar, Mrs. Shanty Sekhar, Mrs. Kany Jayapal & Mr. Jayapal Joseph. The President of the current term, Rt. Rev. Dr. Solomon Rajah, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia was unable to attend the General Assembly and as such the Secretary of the Assembly Rev. Eliezer Peter presented his address entitled “Holistic Mission and Ministry of the Church”. The Bishop’s message basically was a reminder and a call to think holistically as Christians and to build the Kingdom of God upon this holistic approach. Elections of the New Executive Committee The General Assembly also elected the new Executive Committee for the next 4 years. Bishop Dr. Jason Selvaraj of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia will Head the Fellowship over the next four years. Rev. Dennis Raj, Rev. Raymond Raj will also be on the Executive Committee with Mr. Steven Sekhar serving as the Treasurer. Interesting sharing I. Rev. Dr. Wilfred, Principal Sabah Theological Seminary On all three days the Assembly gathered, in line with the President’s address, Rev. Dr. Wilfred John Sundaraj shared on the holistic approach to Missions & Evangelism ministries. II. International Guests The Assembly also had the privilege of hearing the experiences of Pas. Paulson Caleb of Peniel Missions Myanmar and Bro. William of the Tamil Methodist Church Dallah. Pas. Paulson, an IT specialist, originally from India and now a Singapore citizen; shared his ministry of providing underprivileged youths (boys and girls) the opportunity to pick IT and tailoring skills and the transformation it brought to them and the community. Bro. William, shared a little of the history of the Tamils in Myanmar and also on how the involvement of our TAC with them, has helped brought changes to the community in Dallah. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for the testimonies that we heard and also for successful 4th General Assembly of FIDC. Jayapal Joseph 14

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