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Berita TAC, Issue 2 2017

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away tooth brush and paste for 20 children. I am grateful to the following Doctors who were present at this event at no cost: 1. Dr.Yao 2. Dr. Jared Jayaprakash 3. Dr.Sam Raj 4. Dr.Michal Steven 5. Dr. Betsy Steven The aim of organizing this event is make an impact on Tamil Ministry. We witnessed the unity among our Indian worshippers. The Locals were there till the end to clean up the hall etc. I would like to thank the Faith Methodist Church, Conference MYAF, Doctors for making this event successful. Dr. Michal Steven for getting letters in Malay. My sincere thanks to all prayer partners. My thanks also goes to Mr & Mrs Lawrence (local) who helped with the hall arrangement. To God be the Glory R.Steven (Evangelist – Kuching Tamil Ministry) 17

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