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Newport knows the B-Line drill

Three months after the

B-Line’s launch, the

Government has announced

three days of geotechnical

surveys to help determine if

the intersection of Barrenjoey

Road and Neptune Road at

Newport is a viable location for

a roundabout and the possible

northernmost B-Line terminus.

Transport NSW informs

us that night drilling will

be conducted around the

intersection on March 6,

followed by day drilling on

March 7 and 8, to collect data

and soil samples to inform

the Review of Environmental

Factors (REF) that’s being

prepared. Surveys will also

be conducted through the

Newport Beach car park.

The REF will be ready for

assessment after Easter and

then placed on public display,

with the community invited to

make submissions.

Oh, if you see the Roads

Department camping in the car

park, don’t fret: coincidentally,

they are undertaking drainage

maintenance on a section

of Barrenjoey Rd near The


* * *

This month we look at the

development issue that’s

polarizing the peninsula: the

planned seniors living units on

a portion of Bayview Golf Club.

On the one hand we

have residents who say the

development would destroy

Pittwater’s highest-priority

wildlife corridor. On the other

are restoration ecologists

recruited by the developer

who claim no such corridor

currently exists – but whose

Environmental Assessment

Report and landscaping

recommendations, if

implemented along with any

approved DA, would increase

connectivity and provide an

environmental gain of 10:1.

Council certainly has a job

on its hands…

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