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Rotorua Grey Power March 2018

The Rotorua Grey Power News is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the local members informed on issues that directly affect them.

New Families Package

New Families Package including the winter energy payment The Government has just announced its new ‘Families Package’ which affects older people as well as low and middle-income families with children and we have been asked by the director, Office of Seniors to let you all know that MSD clients will receive new payments automatically. People receiving a benefit and seniors don’t need to do anything new or different. JAN PENTECOST Grey Power Federation Secretary For your information here’s a quick summary of what’s included: A new Winter Energy Payment to help older people and people on a benefit heat their homes over winter. This will start on 1 July to 30 September for 2018, and from 1 May to 30 September from 2019. Single people will get $20.45 a week, and couples or people with dependent children will get $31.81. A new Best Start payment to help all New Zealand families with a child born (or due) on CONTACT US GREY POWER, ROTORUA INC. OFFICE: 1333 Eruera Street, Rotorua (at rear of Age Concern premises, Ranolf St end of Eruera St) Phone: 07 346 1739 Email: Office hours: 10am - 2pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays temporarily from 13 March - 4 May 2018 during the subscription renewals period. Grey Power Rotorua Inc., PO Box 414, Rotorua 3040 COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2017/18 PRESIDENT Russell Hallam Phone: 07 348 6034 All inquiries: contact Russell SECRETARY Jennifer Francis Phone: 07 349 3185 TREASURER Judy Green Phone: 07 357 5867 COMMITTEE Sandra Greeks Wieland Hartwig Esther Johnson Damian Robertson Miriam Ruberl MAGAZINE COORDINATOR Miriam Ruberl If there are issues you would like Grey Power to take up, let your Committee know by phoning, contacting us via our website or email. Your Grey Power Committee meets on the 3rd Monday monthly. Remember Grey Power when you change your contact details. 14 Rotorua greypower News – March 2018 or after 1 July 2018. Families will get $60 a week for each child until they turn one, and for lower-income families until they turn three. The Working for Families Family Tax Credit payments are increasing. From 1 July 2018, the eldest child rate will increase to $113 a week and the subsequent child rate will increase to $91.25 a week. The Orphan’s Benefit and Unsupported Child’s Benefit rate will also go up to reflect the increase in the Family Tax Credit. The Independent Earner Tax Credit is being reinstated. It means those earning between $24,000 and $48,000 will continue to get a credit of $520 a year. Increases to Accommodation Supplement and Accommodation Benefit on 1 April 2018. This HOLLY THOMPSON Kiwibank Senior Communications Specialist SUDOKU ANSWERS 2 3 1 7 9 6 4 8 5 3 9 6 8 5 2 1 5 3 1 9 5 6 6 4 2 3 7 7 4 8 7 6 1 9 4 2 7 8 4 8 3 1 5 2 was announced in May 2017. Maximum payments are being increased and some places will be moved into a different Accommodation Supplement area to show housing costs in some locations have increased more than others. There is a simple calculator on the Working for Families website for people to get an estimate of the likely impact of the Accommodation Supplement changes for them. Full information see https:// Changes in Kiwibank services at NZ Post In November, NZ Post gave one month’s notice to three franchisees that, due to health and safety factors, Kiwibank banking and agency services would be withdrawn. The affected franchisees are located in Otara, Rotorua West and Owairaka. In light of the Rotorua West franchise owners’ constructive engagement with Kiwibank and NZ Post, NZ Post extended 9 the time for withdrawal of services until 14 February 2018 so that Kiwibank could engage further with the owners. A similar decision was made in relation to Otara. Kiwibank and NZ Post are also working directly with the Owairaka franchise owner but no extension is in place for this location as at today. The withdrawal of Rotorua West services has just been reversed and Kiwibank Rotorua West have been re-instated. 7 3 6 2 7 2 6 9 8 5 1 4 5 9 4 2 8 3 7 9 1 3 1 7 6 4 8 5 8 1 5 4 9 3 6 2

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