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ESC Annual Report 2018


FOOD & NUTRITION SOLUTIONS Nutrition in Head Start/Early Head Start MISSOURI EAT SMART CERTIFICATION The Missouri Eat Smart guidelines are a set of nutritional recommendation for child care facilities and schools. The guidelines were written to create a food and nutrition environment that will improve the health of Missouri’s children. ESC’s Head Start/Early Head Start (HS/EHS) program continues to be certified at the advanced level of Missouri Eat Smart since 2012. Through our efforts with Missouri Eat Smart, we are able to provide up to two-thirds of a child’s daily nutritional needs through 250,000 meals and snacks in our program. There are about 90 childcare centers who are eat smart certified throughout the state. Some of the things we do are: • Serve whole grains 3 times a week, • Serve fresh fruit and veggies 3 times a week, • no juice, soda, etc. Part of this effort to improve nutritional services for child in Head Start also includes parent involvement. In 2017, our HS/EHS nutrition coordinator completed over 24 parent consultations and held 3 nutrition based workshops and activities for our children and families. Topics included healthy recipes and cooking classes, shopping smarter at the grocery store, basic food safety, and age appropriate foods for your child. THE MO FARM TO PRESCHOOL PROJECT Growing with MO Harvest of the Season is a Missouri Farm to preschool program that offers resources and training for all types of early care and education settings. The goal is to educate children and the adults in their lives about the benefits of locally grown fruits and vegetables and help them find ways to eat more of these foods. The program focuses on 14 Missouri grown fruits and vegetables. Child care providers choose activities from these strategies: • Classroom learning experiences • Fresh fruits and vegetables in child care meals • Gardening with young children • Family engagement Head Start through this grant is able to have gardening activities in the classrooms, also we sent home newsletters called grow with MO, these newsletters talk about locally grown produce in Missouri, have pictures of what the produce looks like and how you can prepare the produce through recipes. 8

HEALTH & WELLNESS SOLUTIONS BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY WORKSITE PROGRAM Employer support of breastfeeding provides many benefits to businesses: Women who return to work while continuing to breastfeed need the support of their employers. Their needs are simple: a safe, private and comfortable location at the worksite and the opportunity to pump two or three times during the work day. The Missouri “Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Program” is available to help businesses in becoming a nursing friendly workplace by: • Identifying and setting up a suitable private room • Scheduling appropriate breaks for nursing employees • Reviewing written polices We provided breast pumps and mini refrigerators at five locations in Anderson, Carthage, Neosho, South Joplin and ESC. In an effort to Medical & Dental Services Children in Head Start and Early Head Start receive many preventative health services. When children are healthy, they are ready to learn. Because a healthy child is more likely to succeed academically, Head Start and Early Head Start Cost savings of $3 per $1 invested in nursing support • Reduced absenteeism to care for sick children because breastfed infants have less illness • Lower health care costs • Improved employee productivity with higher morale and greater employee loyalty • Increased ability to attract and retain valuable employees • Family-friendly image in the community better this program and achieve higher goals, we have received a grant through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, to make 5 of our locations certified “Gold Level” for a breastfeeding friendly worksite. At these five locations a lending library full of breastfeeding information is available for our families to utilize. ensures prenatal women and children receive preventative medical and dental care. HS/EHS conducts several health screenings within the program, such as hearing & vision, health & nutrition, and oral health screenings. In addition, the program ensures each family has a medical and dental home within their local community. If followup needs are identified, HS/EHS works to ensure the family has no barriers to obtaining those followup services. 9

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