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ESC Annual Report 2018


A LETTER FROM... Henry Lopez ESC BOARD PRESIDENT What an exciting year it has been. It is hard to believe we are at the end of 2017; we started out with a great big bang! We had quite the celebration for Weatherization with a $500,000 contribution from Empire District Electric Company (Liberty Central) to help energy innovation and keep homes safe and healthy. Then in March, Early Head Start won a $6,000,000 Early Head Start Childcare Partnership grant. Early Head Start Childcare Partnership grant has been busy this past year, opening over 7 new Early Head Start locations through Southwest Missouri and adding 74 new childcare slots, 50 new employment opportunities and 10 new partnerships, all of this within 9 months of the grant award. Amazing! Head Start continues to implement Results Oriented Management and Accountability measures. This innovative process takes data, and then analyzes the data that leads to programmatic evaluation. Head Start and Early Head Start has some incredible results based on this work. Our Board is very excited to learn about the results they are able to achieve. Permanent Supportive Housing is important to our agency and we are continuing partnerships with the City of Joplin and Vecino Group. Healthcare and Housing go hand in hand and Women’s Health and Family Planning Services love their partnership with the McDonald County Health Department. Women’s Health works with Head Start and Early Head Start employees who need wellness examinations, TB tests and flu shots, as well. Community Development has been able to keep over 9,421 households warm this past winter and cool in the summer. We guided 226 families toward their Family Self-Sufficiency goals resulting in over 43% of these families increasing their overall household income. We provided permanent housing to over 51 households, resulting in safe and stable housing. We kept 13 at-risk youth attending High School with the goal of achieving their high school diploma. We have had some staff changes and retirements this past year, but I am confident that our leadership team, staff and Board will be able to stay the course. Thanks to everyone this year that supported Economic Security Corporation and the Board of Directors. Henry Lopez ESC Board President 2

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Economic Security Corporation (ESC) is governed by up to twenty-four members on the Board of Directors. At least one-third of the board is comprised of community members who are currently living on lower incomes. These seats provide our customers with direct voices in shaping Economic Security Corporation’s policies, programs and governance to reflect low income needs. One-third of the Board must be local elected officials and the remaining members are part of the public interest groups. These representatives give freely of their time to further the impact, and assure the effectiveness of Economic Security Corporation’s vision, mission and goals. We applaud them for their dedication to improving living conditions for our low-income families and developing independence in our communities. Henry Lopez President Spring Knott Head Start Liaison Darieus Adams Karen Buckman Paula Carsel Becky Crane Cleo Crosby Mike Davis Randy Evans Doris Fast Janice Franklin David Halloway Jim Jackson Kevin Johnson Melissa Kennon Bethany Knoll Phillip Knott Chris Lee Jenna McGarrah Chester Neel Yanet Pacheco Nikki Tappana Leo Taylor-Bey Thomas Wilson 3

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