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Australian blade 4th edition

members pitched in with

members pitched in with a will and discussed their mutual successes and failures. All QMAC that the workshop was a huge success, despite the heat and thanks to Wayne’s easy-going agreed have already begun discussing the next workshop – it will be held in July. That reminds me, We boys may need to buy a QMAC hoodie – put it on the list…. the those of you interested in finding out a bit more about QMAC, hop on to our website at For or find us on Facebook under Queensland Metal Artisans Collective. would highly recommend a visit to Wayne Saunders if you get an opportunity. More info can be We at found manner, great sense of humour and incredible energy.

January 2015 Ian Stewart came up with the idea that he would like to explore the world of knife In Having been a competitive axeman and axe finisher for over 20 years, migration to knives making. like natural progression and after a few enquiries, came up with a name to approach for some seemed being Keith Fludder, a well known Aussie maker and Journeyman Smith from Tahmoor near guidance, Ian’s words, “Keith lit the wick” and as they say in the classics, the rest is history. In Keith’s watchful eye, Ian forged his first knife but, it was to be more than 10 months before he Under Two Feathers Forge New Direction A Stewart Ian Sydney. decided to have a go at making one in his own workshop, that was October 2015.