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Australian blade 4th edition

Second hammer knife - W2

Second hammer knife - W2 wrought iron with nickel san mai sheeps foot

the rare exception of a small With of Swedish cutlery steel, the amount commonly used steel for most high-performance knives in forging come from Hitachi Metal Japan in Yasugi, Shimane, Japan. Works the handful of products Hitachi Of known for, the two types of steel is frequently encountered are most steel and Blue steel. How White two steels came to be named these steeped in a bit of folklore, for is long-time employees at even will tell you slightly Hitachi versions of the story. The different explanation being that simple of the newly smelted steel bundles wrapped with either blue or were paper labelling to identify white I personally don’t think it them. that white steel, free coincidence alloys and perhaps the from factory steel in the world in cleanest of included phosphorus and terms is named the color sulphur, with sacred ritual and associated Japanese just love their snow-white rice, white bread and white clothing for swordsmiths and the The The naming of blue steel is a bit more of a mystery, and even adding to the confusion is the fact like. the word for blue in Japanese “ao”, is also the word for green! Whatever the original intent, to be that Hitachi white and blue steels are the envy of the cutlery industry. sure, White Steel, Blue Steel, Hot Steel, Cold Steel! Murray Carter purity.