8 months ago

Australian blade 4th edition

a person that doesn’t

a person that doesn’t necessarily stick with tradition, Ian came up with a new handle design in Being and created what he calls his “coat hanger Bowie”. It all started with a nice piece of antler with 2016 coronet attached and an idea that he could create a solid handle mount without the need for the the number of pins or hole down the centre for a hidden tang. usual design allows me to feature the steel along “The full length of the spine and down the butt end the just something different I came up with to “It’s the best out of a beautiful piece of natural get Fitting the antler handle to a new Coat Hanger Bowie. of the handle, back into the antler at the bottom.” material.”

thing Ian has been playing with is the notion of incorporating “the kick” into the spring on a Another knife. The prototype he built eighteen months ago gets used every day and so far, works very folding and without the kick at the back of the folding blade, allows a maker to experiment with the well between knife and handle. A similar design is used in the production of some French folding transition is also a full member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild and hopes to attend the Guild Show in Ian in the not too distant future. Melbourne 2017, after previously showing his knives at Canberra and Tilba Knife Shows, Ian was awarded In New Maker” at the Sydney Knife Show, something that he says really showed how far he had “Best knives. 4 1/4" Nesmuk style skinner come and was a very humbling experience.