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Eastbourne International Airshow 2016

18 Get social.

18 Get social. airbourneeastbourne eb_airshow RED Arrows The RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, is the public face of the Royal Air Force. Displaying since 1965, with their trademark combination of close formation flying and dynamic loops and rolls, they are an Airshow favourite. The team’s BAE Systems Hawk T1 jets carry a Union flag-inspired tailfin design that emphasises the team’s role as an ambassador for the UK. The Squadron is commanded by Wing Commander Martin Higgins and the nine-aircraft aerobatic display team is led by Red 1, Squadron Leader David Montenegro. Each of the pilots has previous fast-jet operational experience flying the Tornado or the Typhoon. The team’s 110-strong ground crew are known as the Blues because of the colour of their display coveralls and include skilled engineers, drivers, suppliers and other personnel. Based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, the Red Arrows had completed more than 4,700 displays, in 56 countries, by the start of 2016 – the team’s 52nd season. Bringing a display together takes months of hard work from the aircrew and the support team alike. The pilots spend the winter months learning to fly in close formation, starting with small group sorties. During these winter training months, the engineers and support staff work to ensure the jets are maintained and plan for the busy display season ahead. FLYING TIMES Fri 13:00; Sat 12:30 DIMENSIONS Height: 4m Length: 11.85m Wingspan: 9.39m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 622mph POWERPLANT 1 x Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 861 turbofan DID YOU KNOW? See the Red Arrow pilots on the Western Lawns in the Tri-Service Exhibition Zone on Friday 12th August (afternoon). See page 12 for more. EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL 2016

You can follow @rafredarrows on Twitter, like RAF Red Arrows on Facebook or visit WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM

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