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The Star: April 12, 2018

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The Star 9 News Local News Now Latest Christchurch news at Thursday April 12 2018 Fire rages, homes at risk Gallery director repelled army • By Julia Evans EVEN THE army couldn’t break Blair Jackson’s artistic passion on the night of the February 22, 2011, earthquake. But it’s a story the new art gallery director has never spoken of publicly. “It’s not something I’ve told anybody, but I think it appears in Bob Parker’s book,” he said. Mr Jackson, who was deputy director of the Christchurch Art Gallery at the time, said he fielded a late night call from the Civil Defence controller the night of the quake. “I was at home with my family, in that same state of shock or concern that everyone was feeling,” he said. He was told the army wanted to clear artworks from an exhibition space so it could be turned into more offices. “The Civil Defence team and army were using the foyer as a base but they needed more room.” Instead of letting the army storm in, he refused and organised a team of gallery staff to take the paintings down for safe storage early in the morning. The gallery spaces had been put into lockdown after the BASE: Former Mayor Bob Parker at the Civil Defence headquarters, which was set up in the Christchurch Art Gallery following the February 22, 2011, earthquake. PHOTO: JOHN COLLIE shaking to protect the art, a lot of which was borrowed, he said. “At that time all of the doors were locked, security staff had locked down all our gallery spaces. A lot of those works were valuable and on loan to us from other institutions, they were in our care.” So he told Civil Defence, it was not going to be possible. “What I said is: ‘No we’re not prepared to do that. That’s just not a responsible solution.’ And I said I would have a team here first thing in the morning to deinstall the exhibition properly,” he said. He said that’s exactly what happened. “We took it down ourselves and it was the most sensible outcome. There’s a way to move paintings, particularly when they don’t belong to you.” •Our People, p24,25 Councillor’s notices on stop signs removed • By Julia Evans CITY COUNCILLOR Aaron Keown has been rapped over the knuckles for putting a notice on a pole holding a compulsory stop sign. Cr Keown put signs up at Harewood, Breens and Gardiners Rds, encouraging residents to submit on the city council’s Long Term Plan. But he put them at the bottom of stop signs, so the city council removed them. A New Zealand Transport Agency spokesperson said placing signs there is “not helpful” as it distracts drivers who may read the notice instead of paying attention to the stop control. “You are not legally allowed to add other signs onto road safety signs or poles for the same reason.” A city council spokeswoman said a member of the roading team took them down. But Cr Keown told The Star he still did not consider it a safety issue, it was a “long bow” to draw. “In no way could they be distracting, in fact, you’re more likely to slow down and stop for a few seconds to read them.” Youth Guarantee Free training that makes a difference. Youth don’t always fit the academic mold expected of them in the mainstream education system. Thats where Youth Guarantee programmes come in. Government funded programmes developed to make students realise their potential, give them options for the future and open their eyes to the idea that they have something worth contributing to the world. Youth guarantee is about improving the transition from school to further study, work or training and offers youth between sixteen and nineteen years of age the opportunity to kick start their careers with free training. At Avonmore our courses have been developed to help students gain the skills they need for the future while learning about the topics their interest most closely aligns with. The best thing about Youth Guarantee is that students aren't 'stuck' in a certain area once they have finished, they will learn lots of skills that are transferable and that they can take to lots of other industries. Entry into Youth Guarantee programmes can be as little as having a couple of NCEA credits and meeting requirements like attendance, and having a good attitude. All prospective students are required to come in and attend an Information Session where we have a chat about where they’re at and make sure they are suitable for the programme they are interested in. More information about all courses and Youth Guarantee can be found on the Avonmore website: Youth Guarantee Key Facts No Fees No Course Related Costs Travel Allowance PLUS • Small classes • Hands-on learning • Industry Experienced Tutors • Time management skills • Job search skills • CV development YOUTH GUARANTEE COURSES AT AVONMORE • Hospitality & Tourism Level 2 • Hairdressing and Retail Level 2 • Tourism Level 3 • Hospitality Level 3 • Hairdressing Level 3 After leaving school at 15 Lilly Allen (above) completed the Youth Guarantee programme for Hairdressing and Retail Level 2 before pathwaying to a makeup course. She is now working in industry as a make up artist. Avonmore’s new campus in the city offers purpose built facilities for students studying Hospitality, Hairdressing, Tourism & Travel and IT. Mitch Owers came to Avonmore to study under Youth Guarantee and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He quickly found a passion for Hospitality and Tourism and began to dream of becoming a flight attendant. Today he works for Jetstar as Cabin Crew. WHY AVONMORE? FREE FEES OPTIONS - Even if you’re not eligible for Govt. offer SMALL CLASSES NZ QUALIFICATIONS INDUSTRY EXPERIENCED TUTORS REGULAR INTAKES - Every 4-6 weeks for most courses STUDENTS GRADUATE JOB READY GIVING YOU THE BEST START 0800 4 AVONMORE | WWW.AVONMORE.AC.NZ