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Sacred and Secular Works

Sacred and Secular Works Caldara, Antonio (1670–1736) Stabat Mater (Lat) for soloists (SATB), mixed choir and orchestra Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 8955-90° V.s. The Stabat Mater is the bestknown of Caldara’s smaller vocal works. This publication is based on E. Mandyczewski’s edition which has, until now, been the definitive edition. The notation and key signatures have been adapted to today’s standards. Any discrepancies between the score and vocal score have been corrected, and the work is presented in a modern, clear layout. The orchestral parts are available in computer print for the first time. Caldara, Antonio (1670–1736) Regina coeli laetare (Lat/Ger) for choir (SATB), piano (organ) ad lib. Ed. T. Kohlhase BA 6236 Choral score, playing score Charpentier, Marc-Antoine (1643–1704) In nativitatem Domini canticum H 416 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. J. Schwindt Piano reduction by the editor BA 7673-90 ° V.s. Messe de Minuit pour Noël H 9 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. H. Schauerte- Maubouet Piano reduction by M. Focke BA 7592-90 ° V.s. Te Deum H 146 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. H. Schauerte- Maubouet Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 7593-90 ° V.s. Te Deum H 148 (Lat) for mixed choir (SATB) and bc Urtext / Ed. H. Schauerte- Maubouet BA 7591 Score 14

Sacred and Secular Works Cherubini, Luigi (1760–1842) Requiem in C minor (Lat) Missa pro defunctis Urtext / Ed. H. Schellevis Piano reduction by the editor BA 8961-90 ° V.s. Cherubini owes his fame as a church composer primarily to the Requiem in C minor of 1817. It was held in extraordinarily high esteem by such composers as Beethoven and Schumann and served as a model for early 19 th -century Requiem settings. Dispensing entirely with solo voices, it captivates with its rigorous formal concentration and its restrained use of musical resources in both choir and orchestra. This Urtext edition takes into account not only the autograph score with spartitino (additional instruments written in by hand) but also the first edition and a copyist's manuscript. Distler, Hugo (1908–1942) Choralpassion nach den vier Evangelien op. 7 (Ger) for soloists (TB), mixed choir (SSATB) BA 633 Choral score Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (Ger) Chorale motet from the Weihnachtsgeschichte op. 10 for mixed choir (SATB) BA 681 Singing score From: Cherubini, Requiem in C minor · BA 8961-90 Distler, Hugo (1908–1942) Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren (Ger) Chorale-motet op. 6/2,1 for mixed choir (SATB) Gothic print BA 589 Choral score Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (Ger) Motet on Psalm 98/1, 4-9a op. 12/1 from Geistliche Chormusik op. 12 for mixed choir (SATB). Gothic print BA 751 Choral score Totentanz (Ger) Motet no. 2 from Geistliche Chormusik op. 12 for mixed choir (SATB) and flute ad lib. BA 752 Choral score Die Weihnachtsgeschichte (Ger) for soloists (SSTB) and choir (SATB) Gothic print BA 690 Singing score Dvořák, Antonín (1841–1904) Mass in D maj op. 86 (Lat) Choir & Organ series → page 34 BA 7511 Score Requiem op. 89 (Lat) Piano reduction by K. Šolc H 2924-90 V.s. Requiem op. 89 (B165) (Lat) Arrangement for Soloists, Choir and Chamber Orchestra by J. Linckelmann BA 9582 ° Score Instrumental parts available separately This edition is based on the full score from the Complete Edition of the Works by Antonín Dvořák. The edition is in keeping with the vocal score H 2924-90. ° = Performance material available on sale 15