ITB China News 2018 - Day 2 Edition

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<strong>China</strong><br />

Your Official Information Source at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />


17 th MAY <strong>2018</strong><br />

DAY 2<br />


Stand No. 500<br />

Stand No.<br />

200/201<br />

Stand No. 430<br />

Welcoming Chinese<br />

Travellers to Europe<br />

EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year takes a big leap forward<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />


Craig James<br />

<strong>China</strong> Manager, APT (Australian Pacific Touring)<br />

Because we have such a broad range<br />

of products (…) we are starting to look at<br />

offering the Kimberly, and the luxury<br />

private jet (…) and also other different<br />

itineraries that have never been offered<br />

before in <strong>China</strong><br />

Read page 7<br />


Jonathan Cheung<br />

CEO, Abercrombie & Kent – <strong>China</strong><br />

Travelling by private jet allows guests to<br />

experience far more than a conventional<br />

itinerary - with greater comfort<br />

Read page 9<br />

A report just released by the European Travel<br />

Commission on tourist arrivals in the first<br />

part of <strong>2018</strong>, shows more than one in two<br />

reporting destinations saw growth in Chinese<br />

tourists. Serbia (+254%) and Montenegro<br />

(+153%) reported fastest growth. Croatia and<br />

Poland were up 46% and 30% respectively,<br />

aided by increased promotional activities.<br />

Finland (+21%) also saw sustained growth<br />

benefitting from Finnair’s Asian strategy.<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year (ECTY)<br />

is expected to further increase the visibility<br />

of Europe as a tourism destination in <strong>China</strong><br />

and help sustain Europe’s inbound tourism<br />

market share.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is an official partner event of the<br />

ECTY, and, as <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> General Manager<br />

David Axiotis so rightly points out, “<strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> is the best marketplace to be that<br />

connecting bridge between the prospering<br />

Chinese travel market, the world and<br />

specifically Europe.”<br />

… An idea shared by James Jianzhang<br />

Liang, Co-founder, Executive Chairman of<br />

the Board, Ctrip, who says <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> “helps<br />

all partners to engage in shaping the future<br />

of Chinese tourism” (read our exclusive<br />

interview page 8).<br />

James Jianzhang Liang<br />

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of the Board, Ctrip<br />


EUROPE<br />


EUROPE<br />


© Office de Tourisme de Malte<br />

Eduardo Santander<br />

CEO , European Travel Commission<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year is a<br />

great opportunity for the European tourism<br />

industry to explore the Chinese market<br />

Read page 11<br />

<strong>China</strong> continues to fuel<br />

arrivals growth across<br />

European destinations<br />

helped by its expanding<br />

middle class, increased<br />

air connectivity and<br />

easier visa procedures,<br />

altogether contributing<br />

significantly to the surge of<br />

outbound travel from this<br />

market. Discover some of<br />

Europe’s top destinations<br />

showcased at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> in<br />

our special section, from<br />

page 11.<br />

Citadel, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

4 NEWS<br />


Richard<br />

Barnes<br />

Belt and Road Moving<br />

Forward<br />

“Belt & Road” is often bandied<br />

about these days, but just what is<br />

the Belt & Road, and how do the<br />

pieces fit together?<br />

More than two millennia ago the<br />

diligent and courageous people<br />

of Eurasia explored and opened<br />

up several routes of trade and<br />

cultural exchanges that linked the<br />

major civilisations of Asia, Europe<br />

and Africa, collectively called the<br />

Silk Road by later generations. For<br />

thousands of years, the Silk Road<br />

Spirit of “peace and cooperation,<br />

openness and inclusiveness,<br />

mutual learning and mutual<br />

benefit”, has been passed from<br />

generation to generation, promoted<br />

the progress of human civilisation,<br />

and contributed greatly to the<br />

prosperity and development of<br />

the countries along the Silk Road.<br />

When Chinese President Xi Jinping<br />

visited Central Asia and Southeast<br />

Asia in September and October<br />

of 2013, he raised the initiative<br />

of jointly building the Silk Road<br />

Economic Belt and the 21st-Century<br />

Maritime Silk Road (now referred<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS is a CLEVERDIS Publication.<br />

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to as the Belt and Road), which<br />

have attracted close attention from<br />

all over the world. These will also<br />

see enhanced cooperation in and<br />

expansion of the scale of tourism,<br />

the holding of tourism promotion<br />

weeks and publicity months in each<br />

other’s countries, joint creation of<br />

competitive international tourist<br />

routes and products with Silk<br />

Road features, and heightened<br />

convenience in applying for tourist<br />

visa in countries along the Belt and<br />

Road.<br />

Many at this year’s <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> will<br />

be working to harmonise and move<br />

the project forward. Indeed, even<br />

conference sessions such as a<br />

keynote speech and a case study on<br />

the “Belt and Road Initiative – How<br />

Does It Affect the Business Events<br />

Industry in <strong>China</strong>?”, Moderated<br />

by Philip Pang, Marketing and<br />

Membership Manager, PCMA<br />

ICESAP, will spotlight this extremely<br />

important initiative. Yet another<br />

factor making <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> a “not to<br />

be missed” event.<br />

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<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong> Kicks Off<br />

in Style<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>’s second edition<br />

officially kicked off in style<br />

with an official ribboncutting<br />

ceremony at 9:30 am<br />

yesterday, followed by a tour<br />

of the show floor.<br />

Official attendees included Dr<br />

Christian Göke, CEO, Messe<br />

Berlin; Paavo Virkunnen, CEO,<br />

Visit Finland; Leo Liu President<br />

of Greater <strong>China</strong>, Wyndham<br />

Hotel Group; Dr Martin Buck,<br />

Senior Vice President, Messe<br />

Berlin; Eduardo Santander,<br />

Executive Director, ETC,<br />

Steven Shu, CMO, Meituan;<br />

David Axiotis, General Manager,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>; Rungang Zhang, Vice<br />

President & Secretary General,<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism Association;<br />

Bo Sun, Senior Vice President,<br />

Ctrip; Charlie Li, CEO, Travel<br />

Daily <strong>China</strong>; Elena Kountoura,<br />

Minister of Tourism, Greece;<br />

and Konstantinos Tsegas,<br />

General Secretary of Greek<br />

National Tourism Organisation.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> has firmly established itself<br />

as an international brand.<br />

With the start of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong> the brand new <strong>ITB</strong> logos<br />

were launched, combining<br />

the individual profiles of three<br />

trade shows under the umbrella<br />

of an international hub.<br />

Changing views of the globe<br />

reference the individual<br />

trade show locations and create<br />

variations of a monolithic brand<br />

family which, sporting uniform<br />

trade show and product colours,<br />

font styles and logo designs, will<br />

in future be perceived globally<br />

as a single brand.<br />

With an expected attendee<br />

number of 15,000, more than<br />

700 exhibitors from 80 countries<br />

and around 800 buyers,<br />

<strong>China</strong>’s three-day B2B travel<br />

trade show shows significant<br />

growth after its premiere. The<br />

18,000 sq m of exhibition space<br />

was completely sold out well<br />

before the show. The success<br />

of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is reflected in<br />

the 50% increase of the gross<br />

exhibition area compared<br />

to last year. Meanwhile, a total<br />

of 2,700 attendees are expected<br />

to take part in the lectures,<br />

discussions and keynotes of<br />

the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference,<br />

supported by more than<br />

120 industry speakers. The<br />

recognized travel think tank,<br />

running parallel to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>,<br />

will invite business leaders and<br />

experts both from <strong>China</strong> and<br />

abroad to deliver their expertise<br />

and ideas on market hotspots in<br />

the industry<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />


NEWS<br />

5<br />

What They Said…<br />

“Quotable quotes” from the official opening<br />

ceremony of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> kicked off in inimitable style with an official opening<br />

ceremony on Tuesday evening at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong,<br />

Shanghai attended by 600 high level industry dignitaries from<br />

around the globe. Following is a non-exhaustive selection of<br />

quotes from some of the speakers.<br />

Dr Christian<br />

Göke<br />

CEO Messe Berlin<br />

Here we again have felt<br />

the power and the influence<br />

of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> and <strong>China</strong> Travel<br />

Daily. As the most important<br />

tourism exhibition, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

will offer you new business<br />

opportunities, new thinking,<br />

as well as the solutions to your<br />

existing challenges. We are<br />

looking forward to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong> which oversees the<br />

Leo Liu<br />

President, Greater <strong>China</strong>,<br />

Wyndham Hotel Group<br />

tourism and hospitality market<br />

in the Greater <strong>China</strong> region.<br />

I guess most of you have<br />

experienced the exponential<br />

growth in the history of the<br />

world’s tourism industry. In<br />

face of this fast growth and<br />

fierce competition, how we are<br />

going to overcome the future<br />

challenges, let’s explore the<br />

solution together.<br />

Now, supported by Messe<br />

Berlin’s 85 worldwide offices, our<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> team runs 3 shows every year:<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin, in Berlin, <strong>ITB</strong> Asia in<br />

Singapore, and for the second time,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> in Shanghai which is cohosted<br />

by TravelDaily.<br />

This is a special moment. I am<br />

thrilled to share with you our new<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Global logos combining the<br />

individual profiles of three trade<br />

shows under the umbrella of an<br />

international hub. After its premiere<br />

last year, the success of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is<br />

set to continue.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> builds bridges and offers<br />

a multitude of networking events<br />

and opportunities for making new<br />

valuable industry contacts. This<br />

is real social networking! But<br />

there’s one thing that’s even more<br />

important: Not only <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>, but<br />

also tourism builds bridges - bridges<br />

connecting nations, companies and<br />

individuals. There’s a saying: ‘We are<br />

all foreigners, nearly everywhere’.<br />

And so, ultimately, I would argue<br />

that tourism and <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> promote<br />

understanding among nations.<br />

I really want to<br />

congratulate the success<br />

which has been achieved by<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>. We want to thank<br />

<strong>ITB</strong>, because after building<br />

the successful <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin,<br />

they have brought the global<br />

professional experiences<br />

into <strong>China</strong> and established<br />

the important <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

platform. I also want to thank<br />

Travel Daily, because they<br />

have served as an important<br />

bridge for introducing <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Zhang Rungang<br />

Vice-President &<br />

Secretary General,<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism<br />

Association<br />

into <strong>China</strong>. I also want to<br />

thank the companies for<br />

supporting <strong>ITB</strong>, and we have<br />

a very fast tourism market<br />

in <strong>China</strong>. The growth, speed<br />

and the size are very unique<br />

across the world. This has<br />

provided infinite opportunities<br />

to service providers across the<br />

world. <strong>ITB</strong> builds the platform<br />

to connect everyone in the<br />

industry. I wish the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong> a great success.<br />

Eduardo<br />

Santander<br />

Executive Director,<br />

European Travel<br />

Commission<br />

Jiqin Fang<br />

Senior Vice President,<br />

Ctrip Group<br />

Why <strong>ITB</strong>? Because they are the<br />

best. It’s a simple risk. We took the<br />

risk last year. It was the first time.<br />

Nobody knew how it was going to go.<br />

But we came and we demonstrated<br />

that we were a partner destination<br />

last year, representing the unity<br />

of Europe. If there is strength, it is<br />

when there is unity. And this is what<br />

we have to learn about this EU <strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Year. It’s not only about<br />

creating business, but it’s about<br />

joining two ancient civilisations,<br />

working together, and not only<br />

working together, but trusting each<br />

other. Also, looking in the same<br />

direction for sustainable tourism,<br />

for the future generations. The EU<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year is also a huge<br />

opportunity to connect not only the<br />

main destinations of Europe, but<br />

also the lesser known destinations<br />

in Europe, but also in <strong>China</strong>.<br />

I am here on behalf of the<br />

corporate service in charge<br />

of business trips for many<br />

companies. We know that in<br />

terms of service and market<br />

development, we are still<br />

lagging behind the excellent<br />

companies in overseas<br />

countries. So, taking <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong>, the important platform,<br />

we would like to learn from<br />

the excellent players from<br />

all across the world about<br />

business models, technology<br />

application, and innovative<br />

concepts. We want to build the<br />

world class service providers or<br />

companies in <strong>China</strong>’s tourism<br />

industry and contribute to the<br />

<strong>China</strong> dream.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong>

6 <strong>ITB</strong> CHINA CONFERENCE<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA<br />







Travel Tech, Online Travel, Business Travel<br />

and MICE are on the agenda for the second<br />

day of the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference on 17 May.<br />

The morning sessions of “Travel Tech” will<br />

be presented by Lei Guan, CEO from Beijing<br />

Babel Technology with the topic of “The<br />

Innovative Application of AI Translation in<br />

Cross-border Tourism”. Allen Chen, Vice<br />

President, JIGUANG will talk about “Big Data<br />

Application of Tourism and Analysis Practice<br />

of Tourist Behaviour” and Jarhead Gai, CEO,<br />

Yundijie.com will deliver a keynote speech<br />

on “Reform of Scientific and Technological<br />

Innovation in Supply Side of Customised<br />

Travel”.<br />

Bin Du, Vice President from Mafengwo.com<br />

opens the “Online Travel” sessions with a<br />

speech on “The Strategy of New Tourism:<br />

How to Grow Business in the Time of Great<br />

Changes” followed by a keynote from Wells<br />

Zheng, Vice President, Fliggy. Fisk Yu, CEO,<br />

Haoqiao.com discusses “The New Roles of<br />

the Travel Agencies in New Internet Era”<br />

afterwards.<br />

Meanwhile, the Business Travel <strong>Day</strong> will<br />

kick off with a panel on “How Technological<br />

Innovations Are Transforming Business<br />

Travel”.<br />

Alicia Yao Hong, Regional Vice President,<br />

PCMA ICESAP will set the scene for the MICE<br />

session featuring a keynote speech and a<br />

case study on the “Belt and Road Initiative<br />

– How Does It Affect the Business Events<br />

Industry in <strong>China</strong>?”<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA 论 坛 第 二 日<br />

将 宣 布 中 国 旅 游 业 最 新<br />

趋 势 与 发 展<br />

<strong>2018</strong> 年 <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> 参 观 嘉 宾 们 敬 请 期 待 今 年 包 含 了<br />

超 过 120 位 业 界 资 深 人 士 参 与 的 、 振 奋 人 心 的 论<br />

坛 日 程 。<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> 论 坛 是 展 示 中 国 和 全 球 旅 游 业 最 新 趋 势<br />

和 创 新 的 平 台 。 此 论 坛 是 由 环 球 旅 讯 联 合 主 办 ,<br />

举 行 于 展 会 期 间 。 今 年 论 坛 的 第 二 天 ( 即 5 月 17<br />

日 ) 将 聚 焦 旅 游 科 技 、 在 线 旅 游 、 商 务 旅 行 和 会<br />

奖 旅 游 。<br />

今 年 还 将 首 次 推 出 “ 商 务 旅 行 ” 专 题 讨 论 会 , 为 商<br />

务 旅 行 市 场 人 士 提 供 一 个 理 想 的 学 习 和 商 务 交 流<br />

平 台 。<br />

“ 旅 游 科 技 ” 早 间 会 议 演 讲 嘉 宾 及 主 题 包 括 : 北 京<br />

分 音 塔 科 技 CEO 关 磊 将 分 享 “AI 翻 译 在 跨 境 旅 游<br />

的 创 新 应 用 ”、 极 光 副 总 裁 陈 宇 将 分 析 “ 旅 游 大 数<br />

据 应 用 与 游 客 行 为 分 析 实 践 ”、 云 地 接 首 席 执 行<br />

官 盖 书 华 将 讨 论 “ 定 制 游 供 给 侧 的 科 技 创 新 变 革 ”<br />

。WeHotel、WebBeds、Hotelbeds、 金 陵 酒 店 和 德<br />

比 软 件 的 参 会 嘉 宾 将 从 11 点 到 11 点 50 分 展 开 一 场<br />

关 于 “ 酒 店 营 销 新 变 局 ” 的 座 谈 。<br />

在 “ 在 线 旅 游 ” 演 讲 环 节 , 马 蜂 窝 旅 游 网 副 总 裁 都<br />

斌 将 探 讨 “ 新 旅 游 兵 法 : 时 代 变 革 下 的 增 长 之 道 ”<br />

; 飞 猪 副 总 裁 郑 伟 斌 也 将 做 主 题 演 讲 ; 好 巧 网 首<br />

席 执 行 官 于 章 涛 将 探 索 “ 互 联 网 下 半 场 的 旅 行 社 新<br />

业 态 ”。<br />

最 后 , 大 会 将 举 办 第 二 届 “<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> 旅 游 创 业 企<br />

业 大 奖 ” 颁 奖 典 礼 来 结 束 这 一 天 的 日 程 。 获 奖 者 将<br />

被 授 予 <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> 2019 免 费 展 位 。 评 审 团 由 行 业<br />

资 深 人 士 组 成 , 包 括 Phocuswright 创 始 人 Philip C.<br />

Wolf、 携 程 旅 行 网 投 资 部 以 及 投 资 者 关 系 部 副 总<br />

裁 周 世 伟 、 光 速 中 国 基 金 合 伙 人 韩 彦 、 元 钛 长 青<br />

基 金 合 伙 人 游 磬 基 , 以 及 华 住 酒 店 战 略 投 资 和 资<br />

本 市 场 部 副 总 裁 叶 菲 。<br />

与 此 同 时 , 在 “ 商 务 旅 行 ” 专 题 讨 论 会 中 , 将 首 先<br />

由 “ 科 技 创 新 如 何 引 领 商 务 旅 行 的 变 革 ” 的 座 谈 开<br />

始 , 由 BCD Travel 大 中 华 区 董 事 总 经 理 高 思 伟 主<br />

持 , 座 谈 嘉 宾 包 括 : 芬 兰 航 空 大 中 华 区 总 经 理 罗<br />

伯 特 (Robert Öhrnberg)、 玛 丽 蒂 姆 酒 店 集 团 亚 洲 区<br />

市 场 销 售 副 总 裁 段 惠 莲 、 泛 嘉 国 际 董 事 长 &CEO<br />

杨 隐 峰 , 以 及 HRS 大 中 华 区 业 务 拓 展 总 监 许 晓<br />

磊 。 今 年 “ 商 务 旅 行 ” 的 独 家 合 作 伙 伴 是 : 国 旅 运<br />

通 全 球 商 务 旅 行 、 中 航 嘉 信 和 BCD Travel。<br />

在 “ 会 奖 旅 游 ” 环 节 , 亚 太 会 奖 活 动 协 会 (PCMA<br />

ICESAP) 副 主 席 姚 红 将 围 绕 “‘ 一 带 一 路 ’ 政 策 如<br />

何 影 响 中 国 的 商 业 会 奖 与 活 动 行 业 ?” 的 主 题 展<br />

开 演 讲 。 接 着 会 由 亚 太 会 奖 活 动 协 会 (PCMA<br />

ICESAP) 销 售 及 会 员 推 广 经 理 彭 伟 荣 主 持 座 谈 ,<br />

座 谈 嘉 宾 包 括 : 觅 星 创 始 人 兼 CEO 徐 璇 炫 、 缇<br />

一 ( 上 海 ) 商 务 咨 询 有 限 公 司 总 经 理 欧 明 山 、 腾 邦<br />

差 旅 集 团 副 总 裁 张 良 , 以 及 上 海 锦 江 旅 游 控 股 总<br />

裁 助 理 林 宇 。<br />

最 后 ,“ 商 务 旅 行 ” 专 题 讨 论 会 将 举 行 差 旅 创 新 、 去<br />

人 工 化 服 务 和 数 字 智 能 应 用 等 主 题 的 主 题 演 讲 和<br />

座 谈 会 。 其 中 , 国 旅 运 通 全 球 商 务 旅 行 副 总 裁 兼 总<br />

经 理 谭 浩 凌 将 主 持 主 题 为 “ 一 带 一 路 下 的 商 务 差 旅<br />

国 际 化 ” 的 座 谈<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />



7<br />

Leading Australian Tour<br />

Operator Enters <strong>China</strong> Market<br />

Australian Pacific Touring leverages <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> to promote new<br />

itineraries for Chinese travellers<br />

APT is very well known “down under” for its broad offering<br />

of travel products. Now the company is entering <strong>China</strong>, and<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is the gateway. We asked the company’s <strong>China</strong><br />

Manager, Craig James, to tell us about APT’s background.<br />

The APT (Australian Pacific<br />

Touring) story started back in<br />

1927. There was a tram strike<br />

in Melbourne. Geoff McGeary’s<br />

father Bill had an old Bedford in<br />

the back yard and he put a few<br />

chairs in the back of the truck and<br />

started driving up and down the<br />

tram lines, because Melbourne<br />

was paralysed. But when the<br />

trams went back to work, the<br />

locals asked Bill to keep the<br />

service going. One bus route grew<br />

into two, three, four and five, and<br />

so on. In 1956, they realised there<br />

was more money in group travel,<br />

so they got rid of the bus routes,<br />

and bought some bigger coaches.<br />

In the 1960’s, the controversial<br />

musical, “Hair” was on in Sydney,<br />

and they started running weekend<br />

tours from Melbourne. From<br />

there, they stretched-out to New<br />

Zealand, the United States, in<br />

‘91 we started doing Canada and<br />

Alaska. We now do somewhere<br />

upwards of 9,000 passengers to<br />

Canada and Alaska. In 2006,<br />

we built our first ship. Today we<br />

have 18 ships cruising in Europe,<br />

two ships in the Mekong, two in<br />

Myanmar, and we now offer travel<br />

to every continent in the world.<br />

So, you’re Australia’s biggest tour<br />

operator?<br />

Yes, operating under a number<br />

of brands. The star is Captain’s<br />

Choice. So, if APT is five-star luxury,<br />

Captain’s Choice is six. Captain’s<br />

Choice does private ‘round the<br />

world jet tours. They were the<br />

original private jet operator. They<br />

first chartered a Qantas 767 back<br />

in 1992 and went around the<br />

world. That moved to Qantas 747s<br />

and now it’s a 50-seater 757 – still<br />

doing a variety of itineraries. They<br />

do Antarctic day trips – four hours<br />

down, four hours over the ice, and<br />

four hours back. I did it, and it was<br />

amazing.<br />

Then we have “Travel Marvel”,<br />

which is our value three and<br />

four-star brand, and we have<br />

“Botanica” – specialising in<br />

garden tours – everything green.<br />

They go beyond the garden gate<br />

into private gardens you couldn’t<br />

normally get into.<br />

How important is the Chinese<br />

market to you?<br />

It’s the international market we<br />

are currently going after. Because<br />

we have such a broad range of<br />

products, we are not only doing<br />

European river cruising here,<br />

which we’ve had here for three<br />

years, we are starting to look at<br />

offering the Kimberly, and the<br />

luxury private jet, so we’ve had<br />

a lot of collateral translated into<br />

Mandarin, and also other different<br />

itineraries that have never been<br />

offered before in <strong>China</strong>, such as<br />

a seven-night eastern European<br />

circuit just for Chinese travellers.<br />

What’s your take on <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>?<br />

We have been searching to get<br />

into the Chinese market for about<br />

three years, in a couple of different<br />

ways. In the first year, we did full<br />

charters out of <strong>China</strong>. Now, we have<br />

an allocation of cabins on each of<br />

our cruises for Chinese travellers.<br />

On board, we translate the menus<br />

and have Chinese guides. <strong>ITB</strong> is the<br />

number one show we are doing<br />

worldwide for the international<br />

market. It’s been recommended<br />

to us as the premium show. We<br />

have tried other shows here. But<br />

as the premium show, we could<br />

only really budget in an emerging<br />

market to do one, and this was<br />

billed to us to be the one to be at.<br />

Because not only does it establish<br />

your company to meet other<br />

tourism operators, the simple fact<br />

of being at <strong>ITB</strong>, because it is the<br />

premier show, is critical. We are a<br />

luxury operator. We are not cheap,<br />

but you get what you pay for. So,<br />

to be connected at that <strong>ITB</strong> level<br />

says “luxury upmarket”. There are<br />

a lot of other shows where we<br />

could go and spend a few hundred<br />

bucks, but it doesn’t give the same<br />

message that <strong>ITB</strong> does<br />

Craig James (right)<br />

APT <strong>China</strong> Manager<br />

David Axiotis<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> General Manager<br />





MESSAGE THAT <strong>ITB</strong> DOES.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong>








James Jianzhang Liang<br />

Co-founder,<br />

Executive Chairman of the Board,<br />

Ctrip<br />

Service as a Pillar<br />

of the Value Proposition<br />

Exclusive Interview: James Jianzhang Liang, Co-founder,<br />

Executive Chairman of the Board, Ctrip<br />

As the travel industry comprises nearly 10% of global GDP,<br />

huge opportunities still lie ahead, with online penetration<br />

remaining relatively low in many pockets of the world. Ctrip is<br />

positioned for not only travel opportunities in <strong>China</strong>, but also<br />

global opportunities, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.<br />

By the same token, Ctrip’s CEO Jane Sun recently spoke<br />

about the fact that travel is a “gateway to global peace and<br />

prosperity”. We asked James Jianzhang Liang, Co-founder,<br />

Executive Chairman of the Board what his thoughts are on<br />

this.<br />

Travelling is a natural bridge<br />

to different cultures and races.<br />

<strong>Day</strong> in and day out our teams<br />

work tirelessly to ensure travel<br />

becomes easier and safer through<br />

technologies and services. This is<br />

a passion of ours. Travel is the key<br />

to better understanding, respect<br />

and happiness, which we feel is<br />

the foundation to promoting global<br />

peace and bringing prosperity to<br />

all stakeholders.<br />

Over the past months, you have<br />

announced a number of joint<br />

ventures and partnerships.<br />

Which of these do you feel are<br />

the most important in helping<br />

Chinese travellers have a better<br />

experience?<br />

We continue to seek new<br />

partnerships in order to ensure<br />

and address the needs of our 300<br />

million plus registered members.<br />

Along with all travel partners, we<br />

are constantly finding ways to<br />

boost the diversity of our travel<br />

products and assure better service,<br />

particularly for the growing Chinese<br />

outbound customer-base. I think<br />

there are a lot of areas we can<br />

improve upon to enable better<br />

experiences and services in the indestination<br />

category. We’ve been<br />

working with more and more local<br />

partners to enable local services<br />

like attractions, restaurants, trains<br />

and car services, just to name<br />

a few. These are all important<br />

links of the travel ecosystem<br />

which would greatly enhance the<br />

customer experience.<br />

The 2017 <strong>China</strong> Outbound<br />

Tourism Travel Report came<br />

up with some very interesting<br />

findings, for example with regard<br />

to Chinese travellers’ concern<br />

for safety. How has Ctrip been<br />

able to leverage this report and<br />

consequently better meet the<br />

demands of its customers?<br />

Service has always been a pillar<br />

of our value proposition to users.<br />

Chinese people travelling overseas<br />

require more service capabilities<br />

given language barriers and cultural<br />

differences. This is why over 50%<br />

of our employee-base are in the<br />

customer service unit, providing<br />

24/7 support for our customers.<br />

Calls are answered within 20<br />

seconds to ensure prompt reply<br />

and efficiency. We’ve innovated to<br />

make service even lower friction<br />

with our Virtual Tour Managers<br />

(VTM) function. Travellers visiting<br />

certain destinations can join<br />

messenger chat groups that are<br />

managed by group managers<br />

who have in-depth destination<br />

knowledge, to provide instant<br />

replies about almost anything our<br />

travellers need. We also have the<br />

Global SOS system which can<br />

provide timely information and<br />

travel arrangement options in<br />

emergency situations. With recent<br />

emergency situations such as the<br />

Las Vegas shooting, Bali volcano<br />

eruption and Hawaii earthquakes,<br />

Ctrip was really able to shine in<br />

helping our travellers through<br />

these unforeseen situations. Such<br />

information has allowed tour<br />

groups and independent traveller<br />

to avoid certain areas that might<br />

hinder the rest of their itinerary<br />

or, for those already affected,<br />

give more alternatives to safely<br />

evacuate.<br />

What are your thoughts about <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> which is in its second year<br />

this year?<br />

We have a good relationship with<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> and are happy to support <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong>. It’s always great for the<br />

industry to gather and find ways<br />

to make travellers’ lives easier<br />

and safer. <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> offers a great<br />

platform to focus on the Chinese<br />

travel market. Not only is it a great<br />

way to examine the market trends<br />

of the coming years, it also helps<br />

all partners to engage in shaping<br />

the future of Chinese tourism<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />



LUXURY<br />

9<br />

From humble beginnings in Africa, Abercrombie & Kent has<br />

today become a global organisation. So how is it evolving<br />

in this part of the world? We put the question to Jonathan<br />

Cheung, CEO of Abercrombie & Kent <strong>China</strong>.<br />

As our founder Geoffrey Kent said,<br />

real luxury has three hallmarks:<br />

authenticity, flexibility and a sense<br />

of well-being. Authenticity means<br />

the experience is true to its place<br />

and its traditions, incorporating<br />

elements of the past and reflecting<br />

the local culture. Flexibility refers<br />

to service that anticipates your<br />

needs and satisfies them in an<br />

unobtrusive manner. Peace of<br />

mind is the sense of well-being<br />

that comes from traveling with a<br />

first-class organisation staffed by<br />

professionals for whom the word<br />

“impossible” does not exist.<br />

lodges and camps in one-ofa-kind<br />

locations. Through our<br />

network of on-site offices around<br />

the world, we are able to deliver<br />

by-invitation-only access to the<br />

people and places that make each<br />

of these destinations unique,<br />

curating experiences beyond<br />

the reach of ordinary travellers.<br />

Many of our guests own their<br />

own planes but understand the<br />

challenges of seamlessly planning<br />

and coordinating a multi-country<br />

itinerary.<br />

In Peru, AKP helps severely<br />

impoverished Peruvian children<br />

“to dream, to play, to hope”. We’re<br />

also looking at establishing more<br />

AKP projects in <strong>China</strong>.<br />

What are your thoughts on the<br />

initiative by Messe Berlin to<br />

launch <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> – now in its<br />

second year?<br />

As an international B2B travel<br />

exhibition, <strong>ITB</strong> has proven its<br />

leading positions in the market and<br />

we are delighted to see it’s come<br />

to <strong>China</strong>, just like A&K. <strong>China</strong> has<br />

become one the largest and fastest<br />

growing source markets of many<br />

international industries, with <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong>, more chances are offered<br />

WE ARE<br />










When travelling, people are<br />

always looking for authentic<br />

experiences, thus we offer our<br />

clients not only exquisite viands<br />

or fancy accommodation but also<br />

chances to discover something<br />

that others had rarely discovered<br />

before. We have our own local<br />

offices around the world. When<br />

you travel with A&K, your guide<br />

is always local, someone with<br />

an intimate knowledge of the<br />

destination. Our guides are experts<br />

whose education, field research<br />

and personal accomplishments<br />

make them ideal companions.<br />

Most importantly, they are cultural<br />

interpreters who explain local<br />

customs and offer thoughtful<br />

insights that will transform your<br />

understanding of the destination<br />

and can arrange insider access<br />

to places and people you would<br />

never find on your own.<br />

What kind of interest is for your<br />

private jet ‘round the world tours?<br />

Demand is strong with many<br />

itineraries selling out within<br />

weeks of being announced.<br />

In <strong>China</strong> alone, we have seen<br />

increasing interest in the private<br />

jet experiences from our affluent<br />

clients who enjoy their highflying<br />

luxury lifestyles. Travelling<br />

by private jet allows guests<br />

to experience far more than a<br />

conventional itinerary -- with<br />

greater comfort. During those<br />

private jet tours, these people<br />

are offered a chance of meeting<br />

like-minded people with a deep<br />

curiosity about the world and<br />

sharing exclusive insider access<br />

experiences. These include<br />

exclusive use of some of the<br />

world’s finest hotels, boutique<br />

When “Impossible”<br />

Does Not Exist<br />

Jonathan Cheung, CEO of Abercrombie & Kent <strong>China</strong> –<br />

on the roadmap for this legendary organisation in this region<br />

Geoffrey Kent is a champion of<br />

sustainability. How does this get<br />

translated into what you do?<br />

The travel industry is in the<br />

midst of a transformation<br />

toward greater equity and<br />

sustainability. At Abercrombie &<br />

Kent Philanthropy (AKP), we are<br />

dedicated to positively impacting<br />

lives and livelihoods in the<br />

communities where our guests<br />

travel. We are equally committed<br />

to ensuring guests learn about<br />

our philanthropic investments<br />

as an integral part of their travel<br />

experience, and to witness and<br />

engage. From Africa to Asia,<br />

Latin America to the Antarctic,<br />

we are working with partner<br />

communities on education, health<br />

care, conservation and enterprise<br />

development projects. We now<br />

have 41 projects in 19 countries<br />

where we strive to work with our<br />

community partners to address the<br />

education, health care, enterprise<br />

development/job creation and<br />

conservation challenges they face.<br />

I would like to share just a couple<br />

of examples. In Cambodia, AKP<br />

brings fresh, clean water to rural<br />

areas, helping thousands of<br />

villagers avoid deadly diseases.<br />

to travel market professionals to<br />

integrate resources and shape the<br />

future together<br />

Jonathan Cheung<br />

CEO, Abercrombie & Kent <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong>





CRUISE<br />

Feenstra cruises are<br />

presenting “river cruising<br />

with a difference” at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong>. The difference<br />

comes through the fact<br />

that one can now travel<br />

in absolute luxury on<br />

European rivers, thanks to<br />

the fabulous ship, the Da<br />

Vinci.<br />

The company operates a<br />

fleet of 11 river cruise ships<br />

which vary from 3 to 5-star,<br />

each with its own character<br />

and style. They sail the<br />

Rhine, Moselle, Saar,<br />

Neckar, Main & Danube<br />

in addition to the Dutch &<br />

Belgian waterways. Group<br />

bookings and chartering<br />

entire vessels are also<br />

available on their ships.<br />

The Da Vinci is undoubtedly<br />

one of the most beautiful<br />

passenger ships in the<br />

Netherlands. This modern<br />

ship has the appearance<br />

of a large yacht with all<br />

kinds of contemporary<br />

conveniences. The Da Vinci<br />

has a lot of space for its<br />

110 passengers. All parts<br />

of the ship have a beautiful<br />

view through the large<br />

windows. There is also<br />

a sauna and a gym with<br />

modern fitness equipment.<br />

STAND No. 283<br />

Pullmantur Cruises<br />

Launches First Accessible<br />

Cruise in Europe<br />

Around 2,500 passengers<br />

with and without<br />

disabilities participated in<br />

the first accessible cruise<br />

organised by Pullmantur<br />

in Europe. For a week<br />

aboard the company’s<br />

Sovereign ship, guests<br />

enjoyed a route specially<br />

designed and adapted<br />

to their needs. All<br />

crewmembers received<br />

special training for the<br />

task, and in some cases,<br />

a crewmember was<br />

assigned to a specific<br />

passenger with special<br />

needs.<br />

The President &<br />

CEO of Pullmantur<br />

Cruceros, Richard J. Vogel,<br />

points out that from the<br />

first moment “We were<br />

aware of the challenges<br />

of this very specific cruise<br />

but all the Pullmantur<br />

Cruceros teams - on land<br />

and on board - were<br />

completely turned to the<br />

organisation of this cruise<br />

to make it a success.”<br />

Meanwhile, the company<br />

recently launched<br />

“Pullmantur Cruceros<br />

Exclusive Destinations”,<br />

where dreams that<br />

become journeys: a subbrand<br />

with routes that<br />

invite guests to experience<br />

intense holidays, enjoying<br />

the destinations to their<br />

full in an unforgettable<br />

way. Destinations<br />

include the Polar Circle,<br />

Secret Corners of the<br />

Mediterranean, and Dubai<br />

with “Legends of Arabia”<br />

STAND No. 910<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />


EUROPE<br />

REGION<br />

11<br />






Eduardo Santander<br />

Executive Director, European Travel Commission<br />

Boosting Europe’s Attractiveness<br />

The European Travel Commission implements a number of initiatives to<br />

further enchant Chinese travellers<br />

How is Chinese outbound<br />

tourism progressing in<br />

Europe, and what are the<br />

key trends? We put the<br />

question to the Executive<br />

Director of the European<br />

Travel Commission, Eduardo<br />

Santander.<br />

<strong>China</strong> is the world’s largest travel<br />

market in terms of both outbound<br />

travel and expenditure. With a<br />

14% share of the total Chinese<br />

outbound travel market, Europe<br />

saw a remarkable 16% increase<br />

in tourist arrivals from <strong>China</strong><br />

in 2017, reaching record 13.4<br />

million arrivals. We are confident<br />

that Europe will remain a<br />

popular travel destination for the<br />

Chinese outbound market. The<br />

ETC forecasts an average 9.3%<br />

annual growth in tourist arrivals<br />

from <strong>China</strong> over the next three<br />

years.<br />

Please tell us more about the<br />

<strong>China</strong> Operations Group.<br />

The Operations Group is ETC’s<br />

representative body in <strong>China</strong>,<br />

bringing together the European<br />

tourist offices in the market. The<br />

purpose of the OG is to provide<br />

guidance on the marketing<br />

activities of the ETC in <strong>China</strong>.<br />

As this year witnesses a strong<br />

focus on the EU-<strong>China</strong> relations,<br />

the role of the OG is of great<br />

importance for the organisation.<br />

The group is currently chaired<br />

by Ms. Ludivine Destrée, <strong>China</strong><br />

Market Manager at Wallonia<br />

Belgium Tourism.<br />

How important will the “EU-<strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Year” be in boosting<br />

tourism, and what part is the ETC<br />

playing?<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year is a<br />

great opportunity for the European<br />

tourism industry to explore the<br />

Chinese market, but also learn<br />

how to attract Chinese visitors and<br />

offer them the best experience.<br />

On this occasion, ETC has<br />

developed a series of cooperative<br />

marketing programmes to<br />

support the promotion of<br />

European destinations and travel<br />

experiences in <strong>China</strong>.<br />

These programmes include a<br />

variety of activities, from B2B<br />

matchmaking events to FAM<br />

trips for operators and media.<br />

Participants in these cooperative<br />

marketing programmes will<br />

gain access to joint activities<br />

at European level that are not<br />

feasible on a single basis or that<br />

they would be challenged to do on<br />

their own leveraged by economies<br />

of scale and their European scope.<br />

You organised a major fam-tour<br />

for Chinese tour operators in<br />

March. How did that go?<br />

We hosted a total of 70 Chinese<br />

operators in cooperation with our<br />

partners. They went to 15 different<br />

countries clustered in seven<br />

transnational itineraries, which<br />

included visits to landmark cities,<br />

cultural and natural attractions,<br />

meetings with local businesses<br />

as well as experiences in lesserknown<br />

destinations. We wanted<br />

to show them that there are<br />

many exciting destinations in<br />

Europe easily accessible from the<br />

traditional gateways for Chinese<br />

travellers. The FAM trips proved<br />

to be very successful with great<br />

feedback and satisfaction level<br />

from all participants. We intend to<br />

host another round of FAMs later<br />

in the year.<br />

How else are you working to<br />

facilitate Chinese outbound<br />

tourism into Europe?<br />

In addition to our cooperative<br />

marketing programmes, ETC, with<br />

the financial support of the EU, is<br />

co-investing in creative thematic<br />

transnational promotional<br />

campaigns developed and<br />

executed by partners of the EU-<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year. ETC is also<br />

co-organising the initiative<br />

“Partnerships in European<br />

Tourism”, an EU-funded project<br />

aimed at supporting EU tourism<br />

SMEs wishing to expand their<br />

businesses into the Chinese<br />

market.<br />

At the same time, visa facilitation<br />

is very high on the agenda and we<br />

expect that the EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism<br />

Year will provide an incentive to<br />

make further progress on visa<br />

facilitation and connectivity<br />

between both markets.<br />

What activities has the ETC<br />

planned around <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> this<br />

year?<br />

We were partner destination of<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> last year and ETC and<br />

our partners were very satisfied<br />

with our participation. This year,<br />

we again have a strong presence<br />

with a dedicated Europe pavilion<br />

hosting more than 30 European<br />

destinations and operators.<br />

We also expect to build up new<br />

contacts and exchange ideas on<br />

the Chinese travel market with the<br />

broad travel industry during these<br />

intense days in Shanghai. In this<br />

regard, we had a dedicated session<br />

in <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference to discuss<br />

challenges and opportunities of<br />

the EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year and<br />

beyond<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong>

EUROPE<br />

REGION<br />

13<br />

Greece:<br />

365-<strong>Day</strong> Destination<br />

With over 10% international tourism<br />

growth in 2017, Greece counts on<br />

tourism<br />

Greece’s tourism policies have<br />

helped to extend the travel season,<br />

promote different thematic<br />

products, open new markets and<br />

boost connectivity by air, land and<br />

sea.<br />

The World Travel & Tourism<br />

Council estimates that tourism<br />

in 2017 helped boost the Greek<br />

economy by 6.9% – supporting<br />

nearly one million jobs and<br />

representing 20% of the country’s<br />

GDP.<br />

According to Greece’s Minister<br />

for Tourism, Elena Kountoura,<br />

tourism truly unites people: “It’s<br />

all about open borders, freedom<br />

and democracy, and the right of<br />

everyone to be able to travel. At<br />

the same time, the megatrend is<br />

for people, when traveling, to seek<br />

authentic experiences. In the past,<br />

there were a lot of all-inclusive<br />

packages, but in the last two<br />

years we have been developing,<br />

with our regional offices, a lot<br />

of thematic products so we can<br />

give a broad number of different<br />

opportunities and choices to our<br />

visitors.”<br />

For 2020, Greece aims to have<br />

more than 35-million tourists and<br />

more than 20% extra capacity, and<br />

for tourism to account for 22% of<br />

GDP (+2%)<br />

STAND No. 610<br />

Riga, Latvia’s “Hidden<br />

Pearl” Grows in Popularity<br />

Riga hotels and other tourist<br />

establishments hosted 1.4 million<br />

foreign tourists in 2017, a 11.5%<br />

rise over 2016 figures.<br />

In 2017, the largest number of<br />

the foreign tourists welcomed<br />

in Riga hotels and other tourist<br />

accommodations were from<br />

Russia (12%), Germany (11,5%),<br />

Estonia (8%), Lithuania (7%),<br />

Finland (7%), the Great Britain<br />

(6%), Sweden, Norway, Italy.<br />

and the United States.<br />

The Head of the Riga Tourism<br />

Development Bureau Vita<br />

Jermoloviča attributes the<br />

successful growth to several<br />

factors. Among them is listed<br />

the successful advertising and<br />

Elena Kountoura<br />

Greece’s Minister for Tourism<br />

Dr Christian Göke<br />

CEO, Messe Berlin<br />

cooperation with journalists and<br />

bloggers as well as the opening<br />

of several new flight destinations<br />

not only in the traditional markets<br />

as, for example, Finland, Norway,<br />

Italy, Russia and Spain, but also<br />

in new ones – the United Arab<br />

Emirates and Israel<br />

STAND No. 200/201<br />

Tourists Outnumber<br />

Residents for First<br />

Time in Portugal<br />

In 2017, 20.6 million guests<br />

registered in Portugal (up 8.9%)<br />

and for the first time, the number<br />

of foreigners exceeded the<br />

Portuguese population. Portugal<br />

received 12.7 million foreign<br />

guests. The sector generated 335<br />

thousand jobs (accounting for<br />

7% of the national economy), an<br />

increase of 44 thousand jobs over<br />

2016.<br />

This year, Portugal was voted<br />

the most welcoming country in<br />

the world, according to an Inter<br />

Nations study published in the<br />

American magazine Forbes,<br />

rising nine places in relation to<br />

2016.<br />

Tourism Strategy 2027 seeks to<br />

position Portugal as one of the<br />

most competitive, innovative and<br />

sustainable tourism markets in<br />

the world, a leader in producing<br />

goods and services for tourism<br />

on a worldwide scale, a country<br />

that values work and that invests<br />

in human capital<br />

STAND No. 400<br />



The Malta Tourism Authority has<br />

been celebrating results achieved<br />

in 2017, in which inbound tourist<br />

trips from January to December<br />

2017 reached almost 2.3 million<br />

(+15.7%) while total nights spent<br />

surpassed 16.5 million nights<br />

(+10.3%).<br />

Reacting to these positive results,<br />

the MTA’s Chief Executive Officer,<br />

Paul Bugeja, noted that it is “clear<br />

by now that hurdles such as<br />

seasonality are being addressed”.<br />

He added, “Thanks to joint<br />

efforts between the Ministry for<br />

Tourism and the Malta Tourism<br />

Authority, Malta is successfully<br />

being promoted and visited all<br />

year round, which is positive<br />

for the industry, the economy,<br />

and ultimately the taxpayer. He<br />

added that all stakeholders must<br />

collaborate in order to ensure the<br />

sustainability of such success.”<br />

Malta’s success in sustaining<br />

such a positive performance<br />

in collective accommodation<br />

undoubtedly compliments<br />

the strong expansion in its air<br />

connectivity. Eight new airline<br />

routes from seven different<br />

countries began operating<br />

last year, adding to the already<br />

extensive network linking Malta<br />

with its source markets and<br />

bringing more tourists to the<br />

accommodation facilities in<br />

Malta and Gozo<br />

STAND No. 701<br />

© Finavia<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong>

14 REGION<br />

EUROPE<br />

Chinese Visitors Wooed<br />

to Austria by Shopping<br />

and… Memories of Sissi<br />

Austria is one of the most<br />

popular destinations in<br />

Europe for Chinese visitors,<br />

due to a number of factors.<br />

First and foremost, is perhaps<br />

shopping. According to<br />

a report in Der Standard,<br />

Chinese tourists visiting<br />

Austria in 2017 spent the<br />

most on shopping compared<br />

to other foreign guests. It is<br />

reported that Chinese visitors<br />

spent an average of 555 euros<br />

($685), a 32-euro increase<br />

over 2016, compared to a<br />

general average of 486 euros.<br />

Vienna has becoming very<br />

popular among Chinese<br />

tourists, thanks in part to the<br />

romantic 1950’s “Sissi” films<br />

of the past starring Romy<br />

Schneider. The films found<br />

an enthusiastic audience<br />

across <strong>China</strong> when they<br />

were broadcast on Chinese<br />

television in the 1980s. “Sissi<br />

sightseeing” is thus one of<br />

the favourites for Chinese<br />

travellers, who flock to<br />

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna’s<br />

most popular historic<br />

attraction and Sissi’s former<br />

residence.<br />



Innsbruck’s Year of Culture<br />

<strong>2018</strong> started at the end of<br />

January. With the name<br />

ART Innsbruck, the 22nd<br />

International Art Fair was<br />

held at the end of January<br />

(the 23rd edition will be<br />

held from 17 to 20 January<br />

2019). Ninety galleries<br />

and art dealers from<br />

ten countries exhibited<br />

international contemporary<br />

art of the 19 th , 20 th and 21 st<br />

centuries. Paintings, works<br />

on paper, editions, original<br />

prints, sculptures, objects/<br />

installations, artist books,<br />

photographs, new media<br />

and other delightful items -<br />

collectors and art lovers love<br />

the renowned ART Innsbruck<br />

fair, but it also appeals to all<br />

those keen to develop their<br />

interest in collecting<br />

STAND No. 600<br />




AT <strong>ITB</strong> CHINA<br />

Slovenia has in the past been one of Europe’s<br />

best kept secrets. But that’s changing as<br />

tourism professionals warm to this country’s<br />

natural and cultural charms.<br />

One such often overlooked spot is the Julian<br />

Alps, announced as one of the world’s top<br />

three must visit regions in Lonely Planet’s Best<br />

in Travel <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

These Alps offer beautiful alpine landscapes<br />

with over two-thirds of the region protected by<br />

the Triglav National Park. The region is home<br />

to diverse terrain including Slovenia’s highest<br />

peak Mount Triglav along with wild gorges,<br />

rivers and valleys. The Triglav National Park,<br />

one of the oldest national parks in Europe, is<br />

renowned for its unique natural heritage with<br />

hikes taking visitors past sights including the<br />

Peričnik waterfall<br />

STAND No. 200/201<br />


魅 力 拉 脱 维 亚 为 中 国 市 场 提 供 各 式 旅 游 产 品<br />

体 验 拉 脱 维 亚 - 一 个 极 具 吸 引 力 的 新 兴 旅 游 胜 地 , 北 欧 的 璀 璨 明 珠<br />

拉 脱 维 亚 是 一 个 以 其 历 史 、 传 统 、 自 然 文 化<br />

遗 产 、 城 市 、 建 筑 、 饮 食 传 统 及 洁 净 的 自 然<br />

环 境 为 荣 的 小 国 。 而 这 些 都 只 是 吸 引 越 来 越<br />

多 来 自 不 同 国 家 游 客 的 部 分 原 因 。<br />

拉 脱 维 亚 会 成 为 您 下 一 次 旅 行 的 独 特 亮 点 !<br />

今 年 在 拉 脱 维 亚 展 位 , 您 将 有 机 会 与 代 表 该<br />

国 最 大 旅 游 机 构 的 数 家 拉 脱 维 亚 旅 游 公 司 会<br />

面 。 他 们 将 为 中 国 游 客 提 供 特 别 的 产 品 和 优<br />

惠 。<br />

此 外 , 您 还 可 以 与 拉 脱 维 亚 投 资 发 展 署 、 旅<br />

游 部 的 代 表 见 面 。 他 们 将 非 常 乐 意 为 您 提 供<br />

关 于 拉 脱 维 亚 旅 游 业 合 作 机 会 的 各 种 信 息 。<br />

拉 脱 维 亚 全 体 参 展 人 员 诚 邀 您 前 往 欧 洲 旅 游<br />

委 员 会 的 总 展 位 会 面 参 观 。<br />

展 台 号 200/201<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />



展 馆 平 面 图<br />

Stand No. 530<br />

Stand No. 283 Stand No. 801

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