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17 th MAY 2018



Stand No. 500

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Welcoming Chinese

Travellers to Europe

EU-China Tourism Year takes a big leap forward

at ITB China


Craig James

China Manager, APT (Australian Pacific Touring)

Because we have such a broad range

of products (…) we are starting to look at

offering the Kimberly, and the luxury

private jet (…) and also other different

itineraries that have never been offered

before in China

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Jonathan Cheung

CEO, Abercrombie & Kent – China

Travelling by private jet allows guests to

experience far more than a conventional

itinerary - with greater comfort

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A report just released by the European Travel

Commission on tourist arrivals in the first

part of 2018, shows more than one in two

reporting destinations saw growth in Chinese

tourists. Serbia (+254%) and Montenegro

(+153%) reported fastest growth. Croatia and

Poland were up 46% and 30% respectively,

aided by increased promotional activities.

Finland (+21%) also saw sustained growth

benefitting from Finnair’s Asian strategy.

The 2018 EU-China Tourism Year (ECTY)

is expected to further increase the visibility

of Europe as a tourism destination in China

and help sustain Europe’s inbound tourism

market share.

ITB China is an official partner event of the

ECTY, and, as ITB China General Manager

David Axiotis so rightly points out, “ITB

China is the best marketplace to be that

connecting bridge between the prospering

Chinese travel market, the world and

specifically Europe.”

… An idea shared by James Jianzhang

Liang, Co-founder, Executive Chairman of

the Board, Ctrip, who says ITB China “helps

all partners to engage in shaping the future

of Chinese tourism” (read our exclusive

interview page 8).

James Jianzhang Liang

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of the Board, Ctrip






© Office de Tourisme de Malte

Eduardo Santander

CEO , European Travel Commission

The 2018 EU-China Tourism Year is a

great opportunity for the European tourism

industry to explore the Chinese market

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China continues to fuel

arrivals growth across

European destinations

helped by its expanding

middle class, increased

air connectivity and

easier visa procedures,

altogether contributing

significantly to the surge of

outbound travel from this

market. Discover some of

Europe’s top destinations

showcased at ITB China in

our special section, from

page 11.

Citadel, Victoria, Gozo, Malta





Belt and Road Moving


“Belt & Road” is often bandied

about these days, but just what is

the Belt & Road, and how do the

pieces fit together?

More than two millennia ago the

diligent and courageous people

of Eurasia explored and opened

up several routes of trade and

cultural exchanges that linked the

major civilisations of Asia, Europe

and Africa, collectively called the

Silk Road by later generations. For

thousands of years, the Silk Road

Spirit of “peace and cooperation,

openness and inclusiveness,

mutual learning and mutual

benefit”, has been passed from

generation to generation, promoted

the progress of human civilisation,

and contributed greatly to the

prosperity and development of

the countries along the Silk Road.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping

visited Central Asia and Southeast

Asia in September and October

of 2013, he raised the initiative

of jointly building the Silk Road

Economic Belt and the 21st-Century

Maritime Silk Road (now referred


65 av. Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée, 13006 Marseille, France

• Tel: + 33 442 77 46 00 • Fax: + 33 442 77 46 01

• SARL capitalised at e155,750 • VAT FR 95413604471 • RCS Marseille 413 604 471

• •

• •

to as the Belt and Road), which

have attracted close attention from

all over the world. These will also

see enhanced cooperation in and

expansion of the scale of tourism,

the holding of tourism promotion

weeks and publicity months in each

other’s countries, joint creation of

competitive international tourist

routes and products with Silk

Road features, and heightened

convenience in applying for tourist

visa in countries along the Belt and


Many at this year’s ITB China will

be working to harmonise and move

the project forward. Indeed, even

conference sessions such as a

keynote speech and a case study on

the “Belt and Road Initiative – How

Does It Affect the Business Events

Industry in China?”, Moderated

by Philip Pang, Marketing and

Membership Manager, PCMA

ICESAP, will spotlight this extremely

important initiative. Yet another

factor making ITB China a “not to

be missed” event.

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ITB China

2018 Kicks Off

in Style

ITB China’s second edition

officially kicked off in style

with an official ribboncutting

ceremony at 9:30 am

yesterday, followed by a tour

of the show floor.

Official attendees included Dr

Christian Göke, CEO, Messe

Berlin; Paavo Virkunnen, CEO,

Visit Finland; Leo Liu President

of Greater China, Wyndham

Hotel Group; Dr Martin Buck,

Senior Vice President, Messe

Berlin; Eduardo Santander,

Executive Director, ETC,

Steven Shu, CMO, Meituan;

David Axiotis, General Manager,

ITB China; Rungang Zhang, Vice

President & Secretary General,

China Tourism Association;

Bo Sun, Senior Vice President,

Ctrip; Charlie Li, CEO, Travel

Daily China; Elena Kountoura,

Minister of Tourism, Greece;

and Konstantinos Tsegas,

General Secretary of Greek

National Tourism Organisation.

ITB has firmly established itself

as an international brand.

With the start of ITB China

2018 the brand new ITB logos

were launched, combining

the individual profiles of three

trade shows under the umbrella

of an international hub.

Changing views of the globe

reference the individual

trade show locations and create

variations of a monolithic brand

family which, sporting uniform

trade show and product colours,

font styles and logo designs, will

in future be perceived globally

as a single brand.

With an expected attendee

number of 15,000, more than

700 exhibitors from 80 countries

and around 800 buyers,

China’s three-day B2B travel

trade show shows significant

growth after its premiere. The

18,000 sq m of exhibition space

was completely sold out well

before the show. The success

of ITB China is reflected in

the 50% increase of the gross

exhibition area compared

to last year. Meanwhile, a total

of 2,700 attendees are expected

to take part in the lectures,

discussions and keynotes of

the ITB China Conference,

supported by more than

120 industry speakers. The

recognized travel think tank,

running parallel to ITB China,

will invite business leaders and

experts both from China and

abroad to deliver their expertise

and ideas on market hotspots in

the industry

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018



What They Said…

“Quotable quotes” from the official opening

ceremony of ITB China 2018

ITB China kicked off in inimitable style with an official opening

ceremony on Tuesday evening at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong,

Shanghai attended by 600 high level industry dignitaries from

around the globe. Following is a non-exhaustive selection of

quotes from some of the speakers.

Dr Christian


CEO Messe Berlin

Here we again have felt

the power and the influence

of ITB China and China Travel

Daily. As the most important

tourism exhibition, ITB China

will offer you new business

opportunities, new thinking,

as well as the solutions to your

existing challenges. We are

looking forward to ITB China

2018 which oversees the

Leo Liu

President, Greater China,

Wyndham Hotel Group

tourism and hospitality market

in the Greater China region.

I guess most of you have

experienced the exponential

growth in the history of the

world’s tourism industry. In

face of this fast growth and

fierce competition, how we are

going to overcome the future

challenges, let’s explore the

solution together.

Now, supported by Messe

Berlin’s 85 worldwide offices, our

ITB team runs 3 shows every year:

ITB Berlin, in Berlin, ITB Asia in

Singapore, and for the second time,

ITB China in Shanghai which is cohosted

by TravelDaily.

This is a special moment. I am

thrilled to share with you our new

ITB Global logos combining the

individual profiles of three trade

shows under the umbrella of an

international hub. After its premiere

last year, the success of ITB China is

set to continue.

ITB China builds bridges and offers

a multitude of networking events

and opportunities for making new

valuable industry contacts. This

is real social networking! But

there’s one thing that’s even more

important: Not only ITB China, but

also tourism builds bridges - bridges

connecting nations, companies and

individuals. There’s a saying: ‘We are

all foreigners, nearly everywhere’.

And so, ultimately, I would argue

that tourism and ITB China promote

understanding among nations.

I really want to

congratulate the success

which has been achieved by

ITB China. We want to thank

ITB, because after building

the successful ITB Berlin,

they have brought the global

professional experiences

into China and established

the important ITB China

platform. I also want to thank

Travel Daily, because they

have served as an important

bridge for introducing ITB

Zhang Rungang

Vice-President &

Secretary General,

China Tourism


into China. I also want to

thank the companies for

supporting ITB, and we have

a very fast tourism market

in China. The growth, speed

and the size are very unique

across the world. This has

provided infinite opportunities

to service providers across the

world. ITB builds the platform

to connect everyone in the

industry. I wish the ITB China

2018 a great success.



Executive Director,

European Travel


Jiqin Fang

Senior Vice President,

Ctrip Group

Why ITB? Because they are the

best. It’s a simple risk. We took the

risk last year. It was the first time.

Nobody knew how it was going to go.

But we came and we demonstrated

that we were a partner destination

last year, representing the unity

of Europe. If there is strength, it is

when there is unity. And this is what

we have to learn about this EU China

Tourism Year. It’s not only about

creating business, but it’s about

joining two ancient civilisations,

working together, and not only

working together, but trusting each

other. Also, looking in the same

direction for sustainable tourism,

for the future generations. The EU

China Tourism Year is also a huge

opportunity to connect not only the

main destinations of Europe, but

also the lesser known destinations

in Europe, but also in China.

I am here on behalf of the

corporate service in charge

of business trips for many

companies. We know that in

terms of service and market

development, we are still

lagging behind the excellent

companies in overseas

countries. So, taking ITB

China, the important platform,

we would like to learn from

the excellent players from

all across the world about

business models, technology

application, and innovative

concepts. We want to build the

world class service providers or

companies in China’s tourism

industry and contribute to the

China dream.

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018









Travel Tech, Online Travel, Business Travel

and MICE are on the agenda for the second

day of the ITB China Conference on 17 May.

The morning sessions of “Travel Tech” will

be presented by Lei Guan, CEO from Beijing

Babel Technology with the topic of “The

Innovative Application of AI Translation in

Cross-border Tourism”. Allen Chen, Vice

President, JIGUANG will talk about “Big Data

Application of Tourism and Analysis Practice

of Tourist Behaviour” and Jarhead Gai, CEO, will deliver a keynote speech

on “Reform of Scientific and Technological

Innovation in Supply Side of Customised


Bin Du, Vice President from

opens the “Online Travel” sessions with a

speech on “The Strategy of New Tourism:

How to Grow Business in the Time of Great

Changes” followed by a keynote from Wells

Zheng, Vice President, Fliggy. Fisk Yu, CEO, discusses “The New Roles of

the Travel Agencies in New Internet Era”


Meanwhile, the Business Travel Day will

kick off with a panel on “How Technological

Innovations Are Transforming Business


Alicia Yao Hong, Regional Vice President,

PCMA ICESAP will set the scene for the MICE

session featuring a keynote speech and a

case study on the “Belt and Road Initiative

– How Does It Affect the Business Events

Industry in China?”

ITB CHINA 论 坛 第 二 日

将 宣 布 中 国 旅 游 业 最 新

趋 势 与 发 展

2018ITB China 参 观 嘉 宾 们 敬 请 期 待 今 年 包 含 了

超 过 120 位 业 界 资 深 人 士 参 与 的 、 振 奋 人 心 的 论

坛 日 程 。

ITB China 论 坛 是 展 示 中 国 和 全 球 旅 游 业 最 新 趋 势

和 创 新 的 平 台 。 此 论 坛 是 由 环 球 旅 讯 联 合 主 办 ,

举 行 于 展 会 期 间 。 今 年 论 坛 的 第 二 天 ( 即 5 月 17

日 ) 将 聚 焦 旅 游 科 技 、 在 线 旅 游 、 商 务 旅 行 和 会

奖 旅 游 。

今 年 还 将 首 次 推 出 “ 商 务 旅 行 ” 专 题 讨 论 会 , 为 商

务 旅 行 市 场 人 士 提 供 一 个 理 想 的 学 习 和 商 务 交 流

平 台 。

“ 旅 游 科 技 ” 早 间 会 议 演 讲 嘉 宾 及 主 题 包 括 : 北 京

分 音 塔 科 技 CEO 关 磊 将 分 享 “AI 翻 译 在 跨 境 旅 游

的 创 新 应 用 ”、 极 光 副 总 裁 陈 宇 将 分 析 “ 旅 游 大 数

据 应 用 与 游 客 行 为 分 析 实 践 ”、 云 地 接 首 席 执 行

官 盖 书 华 将 讨 论 “ 定 制 游 供 给 侧 的 科 技 创 新 变 革 ”

。WeHotel、WebBeds、Hotelbeds、 金 陵 酒 店 和 德

比 软 件 的 参 会 嘉 宾 将 从 11 点 到 11 点 50 分 展 开 一 场

关 于 “ 酒 店 营 销 新 变 局 ” 的 座 谈 。

在 “ 在 线 旅 游 ” 演 讲 环 节 , 马 蜂 窝 旅 游 网 副 总 裁 都

斌 将 探 讨 “ 新 旅 游 兵 法 : 时 代 变 革 下 的 增 长 之 道 ”

; 飞 猪 副 总 裁 郑 伟 斌 也 将 做 主 题 演 讲 ; 好 巧 网 首

席 执 行 官 于 章 涛 将 探 索 “ 互 联 网 下 半 场 的 旅 行 社 新

业 态 ”。

最 后 , 大 会 将 举 办 第 二 届 “ITB China 旅 游 创 业 企

业 大 奖 ” 颁 奖 典 礼 来 结 束 这 一 天 的 日 程 。 获 奖 者 将

被 授 予 ITB China 2019 免 费 展 位 。 评 审 团 由 行 业

资 深 人 士 组 成 , 包 括 Phocuswright 创 始 人 Philip C.

Wolf、 携 程 旅 行 网 投 资 部 以 及 投 资 者 关 系 部 副 总

裁 周 世 伟 、 光 速 中 国 基 金 合 伙 人 韩 彦 、 元 钛 长 青

基 金 合 伙 人 游 磬 基 , 以 及 华 住 酒 店 战 略 投 资 和 资

本 市 场 部 副 总 裁 叶 菲 。

与 此 同 时 , 在 “ 商 务 旅 行 ” 专 题 讨 论 会 中 , 将 首 先

由 “ 科 技 创 新 如 何 引 领 商 务 旅 行 的 变 革 ” 的 座 谈 开

始 , 由 BCD Travel 大 中 华 区 董 事 总 经 理 高 思 伟 主

持 , 座 谈 嘉 宾 包 括 : 芬 兰 航 空 大 中 华 区 总 经 理 罗

伯 特 (Robert Öhrnberg)、 玛 丽 蒂 姆 酒 店 集 团 亚 洲 区

市 场 销 售 副 总 裁 段 惠 莲 、 泛 嘉 国 际 董 事 长 &CEO

杨 隐 峰 , 以 及 HRS 大 中 华 区 业 务 拓 展 总 监 许 晓

磊 。 今 年 “ 商 务 旅 行 ” 的 独 家 合 作 伙 伴 是 : 国 旅 运

通 全 球 商 务 旅 行 、 中 航 嘉 信 和 BCD Travel。

在 “ 会 奖 旅 游 ” 环 节 , 亚 太 会 奖 活 动 协 会 (PCMA

ICESAP) 副 主 席 姚 红 将 围 绕 “‘ 一 带 一 路 ’ 政 策 如

何 影 响 中 国 的 商 业 会 奖 与 活 动 行 业 ?” 的 主 题 展

开 演 讲 。 接 着 会 由 亚 太 会 奖 活 动 协 会 (PCMA

ICESAP) 销 售 及 会 员 推 广 经 理 彭 伟 荣 主 持 座 谈 ,

座 谈 嘉 宾 包 括 : 觅 星 创 始 人 兼 CEO 徐 璇 炫 、 缇

一 ( 上 海 ) 商 务 咨 询 有 限 公 司 总 经 理 欧 明 山 、 腾 邦

差 旅 集 团 副 总 裁 张 良 , 以 及 上 海 锦 江 旅 游 控 股 总

裁 助 理 林 宇 。

最 后 ,“ 商 务 旅 行 ” 专 题 讨 论 会 将 举 行 差 旅 创 新 、 去

人 工 化 服 务 和 数 字 智 能 应 用 等 主 题 的 主 题 演 讲 和

座 谈 会 。 其 中 , 国 旅 运 通 全 球 商 务 旅 行 副 总 裁 兼 总

经 理 谭 浩 凌 将 主 持 主 题 为 “ 一 带 一 路 下 的 商 务 差 旅

国 际 化 ” 的 座 谈

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018



Leading Australian Tour

Operator Enters China Market

Australian Pacific Touring leverages ITB China to promote new

itineraries for Chinese travellers

APT is very well known “down under” for its broad offering

of travel products. Now the company is entering China, and

ITB China is the gateway. We asked the company’s China

Manager, Craig James, to tell us about APT’s background.

The APT (Australian Pacific

Touring) story started back in

1927. There was a tram strike

in Melbourne. Geoff McGeary’s

father Bill had an old Bedford in

the back yard and he put a few

chairs in the back of the truck and

started driving up and down the

tram lines, because Melbourne

was paralysed. But when the

trams went back to work, the

locals asked Bill to keep the

service going. One bus route grew

into two, three, four and five, and

so on. In 1956, they realised there

was more money in group travel,

so they got rid of the bus routes,

and bought some bigger coaches.

In the 1960’s, the controversial

musical, “Hair” was on in Sydney,

and they started running weekend

tours from Melbourne. From

there, they stretched-out to New

Zealand, the United States, in

‘91 we started doing Canada and

Alaska. We now do somewhere

upwards of 9,000 passengers to

Canada and Alaska. In 2006,

we built our first ship. Today we

have 18 ships cruising in Europe,

two ships in the Mekong, two in

Myanmar, and we now offer travel

to every continent in the world.

So, you’re Australia’s biggest tour


Yes, operating under a number

of brands. The star is Captain’s

Choice. So, if APT is five-star luxury,

Captain’s Choice is six. Captain’s

Choice does private ‘round the

world jet tours. They were the

original private jet operator. They

first chartered a Qantas 767 back

in 1992 and went around the

world. That moved to Qantas 747s

and now it’s a 50-seater 757 – still

doing a variety of itineraries. They

do Antarctic day trips – four hours

down, four hours over the ice, and

four hours back. I did it, and it was


Then we have “Travel Marvel”,

which is our value three and

four-star brand, and we have

“Botanica” – specialising in

garden tours – everything green.

They go beyond the garden gate

into private gardens you couldn’t

normally get into.

How important is the Chinese

market to you?

It’s the international market we

are currently going after. Because

we have such a broad range of

products, we are not only doing

European river cruising here,

which we’ve had here for three

years, we are starting to look at

offering the Kimberly, and the

luxury private jet, so we’ve had

a lot of collateral translated into

Mandarin, and also other different

itineraries that have never been

offered before in China, such as

a seven-night eastern European

circuit just for Chinese travellers.

What’s your take on ITB China?

We have been searching to get

into the Chinese market for about

three years, in a couple of different

ways. In the first year, we did full

charters out of China. Now, we have

an allocation of cabins on each of

our cruises for Chinese travellers.

On board, we translate the menus

and have Chinese guides. ITB is the

number one show we are doing

worldwide for the international

market. It’s been recommended

to us as the premium show. We

have tried other shows here. But

as the premium show, we could

only really budget in an emerging

market to do one, and this was

billed to us to be the one to be at.

Because not only does it establish

your company to meet other

tourism operators, the simple fact

of being at ITB, because it is the

premier show, is critical. We are a

luxury operator. We are not cheap,

but you get what you pay for. So,

to be connected at that ITB level

says “luxury upmarket”. There are

a lot of other shows where we

could go and spend a few hundred

bucks, but it doesn’t give the same

message that ITB does

Craig James (right)

APT China Manager

David Axiotis

ITB China General Manager






ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018








James Jianzhang Liang


Executive Chairman of the Board,


Service as a Pillar

of the Value Proposition

Exclusive Interview: James Jianzhang Liang, Co-founder,

Executive Chairman of the Board, Ctrip

As the travel industry comprises nearly 10% of global GDP,

huge opportunities still lie ahead, with online penetration

remaining relatively low in many pockets of the world. Ctrip is

positioned for not only travel opportunities in China, but also

global opportunities, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

By the same token, Ctrip’s CEO Jane Sun recently spoke

about the fact that travel is a “gateway to global peace and

prosperity”. We asked James Jianzhang Liang, Co-founder,

Executive Chairman of the Board what his thoughts are on


Travelling is a natural bridge

to different cultures and races.

Day in and day out our teams

work tirelessly to ensure travel

becomes easier and safer through

technologies and services. This is

a passion of ours. Travel is the key

to better understanding, respect

and happiness, which we feel is

the foundation to promoting global

peace and bringing prosperity to

all stakeholders.

Over the past months, you have

announced a number of joint

ventures and partnerships.

Which of these do you feel are

the most important in helping

Chinese travellers have a better


We continue to seek new

partnerships in order to ensure

and address the needs of our 300

million plus registered members.

Along with all travel partners, we

are constantly finding ways to

boost the diversity of our travel

products and assure better service,

particularly for the growing Chinese

outbound customer-base. I think

there are a lot of areas we can

improve upon to enable better

experiences and services in the indestination

category. We’ve been

working with more and more local

partners to enable local services

like attractions, restaurants, trains

and car services, just to name

a few. These are all important

links of the travel ecosystem

which would greatly enhance the

customer experience.

The 2017 China Outbound

Tourism Travel Report came

up with some very interesting

findings, for example with regard

to Chinese travellers’ concern

for safety. How has Ctrip been

able to leverage this report and

consequently better meet the

demands of its customers?

Service has always been a pillar

of our value proposition to users.

Chinese people travelling overseas

require more service capabilities

given language barriers and cultural

differences. This is why over 50%

of our employee-base are in the

customer service unit, providing

24/7 support for our customers.

Calls are answered within 20

seconds to ensure prompt reply

and efficiency. We’ve innovated to

make service even lower friction

with our Virtual Tour Managers

(VTM) function. Travellers visiting

certain destinations can join

messenger chat groups that are

managed by group managers

who have in-depth destination

knowledge, to provide instant

replies about almost anything our

travellers need. We also have the

Global SOS system which can

provide timely information and

travel arrangement options in

emergency situations. With recent

emergency situations such as the

Las Vegas shooting, Bali volcano

eruption and Hawaii earthquakes,

Ctrip was really able to shine in

helping our travellers through

these unforeseen situations. Such

information has allowed tour

groups and independent traveller

to avoid certain areas that might

hinder the rest of their itinerary

or, for those already affected,

give more alternatives to safely


What are your thoughts about ITB

China which is in its second year

this year?

We have a good relationship with

ITB and are happy to support ITB

China. It’s always great for the

industry to gather and find ways

to make travellers’ lives easier

and safer. ITB China offers a great

platform to focus on the Chinese

travel market. Not only is it a great

way to examine the market trends

of the coming years, it also helps

all partners to engage in shaping

the future of Chinese tourism

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018




From humble beginnings in Africa, Abercrombie & Kent has

today become a global organisation. So how is it evolving

in this part of the world? We put the question to Jonathan

Cheung, CEO of Abercrombie & Kent China.

As our founder Geoffrey Kent said,

real luxury has three hallmarks:

authenticity, flexibility and a sense

of well-being. Authenticity means

the experience is true to its place

and its traditions, incorporating

elements of the past and reflecting

the local culture. Flexibility refers

to service that anticipates your

needs and satisfies them in an

unobtrusive manner. Peace of

mind is the sense of well-being

that comes from traveling with a

first-class organisation staffed by

professionals for whom the word

“impossible” does not exist.

lodges and camps in one-ofa-kind

locations. Through our

network of on-site offices around

the world, we are able to deliver

by-invitation-only access to the

people and places that make each

of these destinations unique,

curating experiences beyond

the reach of ordinary travellers.

Many of our guests own their

own planes but understand the

challenges of seamlessly planning

and coordinating a multi-country


In Peru, AKP helps severely

impoverished Peruvian children

“to dream, to play, to hope”. We’re

also looking at establishing more

AKP projects in China.

What are your thoughts on the

initiative by Messe Berlin to

launch ITB China – now in its

second year?

As an international B2B travel

exhibition, ITB has proven its

leading positions in the market and

we are delighted to see it’s come

to China, just like A&K. China has

become one the largest and fastest

growing source markets of many

international industries, with ITB

China, more chances are offered











When travelling, people are

always looking for authentic

experiences, thus we offer our

clients not only exquisite viands

or fancy accommodation but also

chances to discover something

that others had rarely discovered

before. We have our own local

offices around the world. When

you travel with A&K, your guide

is always local, someone with

an intimate knowledge of the

destination. Our guides are experts

whose education, field research

and personal accomplishments

make them ideal companions.

Most importantly, they are cultural

interpreters who explain local

customs and offer thoughtful

insights that will transform your

understanding of the destination

and can arrange insider access

to places and people you would

never find on your own.

What kind of interest is for your

private jet ‘round the world tours?

Demand is strong with many

itineraries selling out within

weeks of being announced.

In China alone, we have seen

increasing interest in the private

jet experiences from our affluent

clients who enjoy their highflying

luxury lifestyles. Travelling

by private jet allows guests

to experience far more than a

conventional itinerary -- with

greater comfort. During those

private jet tours, these people

are offered a chance of meeting

like-minded people with a deep

curiosity about the world and

sharing exclusive insider access

experiences. These include

exclusive use of some of the

world’s finest hotels, boutique

When “Impossible”

Does Not Exist

Jonathan Cheung, CEO of Abercrombie & Kent China

on the roadmap for this legendary organisation in this region

Geoffrey Kent is a champion of

sustainability. How does this get

translated into what you do?

The travel industry is in the

midst of a transformation

toward greater equity and

sustainability. At Abercrombie &

Kent Philanthropy (AKP), we are

dedicated to positively impacting

lives and livelihoods in the

communities where our guests

travel. We are equally committed

to ensuring guests learn about

our philanthropic investments

as an integral part of their travel

experience, and to witness and

engage. From Africa to Asia,

Latin America to the Antarctic,

we are working with partner

communities on education, health

care, conservation and enterprise

development projects. We now

have 41 projects in 19 countries

where we strive to work with our

community partners to address the

education, health care, enterprise

development/job creation and

conservation challenges they face.

I would like to share just a couple

of examples. In Cambodia, AKP

brings fresh, clean water to rural

areas, helping thousands of

villagers avoid deadly diseases.

to travel market professionals to

integrate resources and shape the

future together

Jonathan Cheung

CEO, Abercrombie & Kent China

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018






Feenstra cruises are

presenting “river cruising

with a difference” at ITB

China. The difference

comes through the fact

that one can now travel

in absolute luxury on

European rivers, thanks to

the fabulous ship, the Da


The company operates a

fleet of 11 river cruise ships

which vary from 3 to 5-star,

each with its own character

and style. They sail the

Rhine, Moselle, Saar,

Neckar, Main & Danube

in addition to the Dutch &

Belgian waterways. Group

bookings and chartering

entire vessels are also

available on their ships.

The Da Vinci is undoubtedly

one of the most beautiful

passenger ships in the

Netherlands. This modern

ship has the appearance

of a large yacht with all

kinds of contemporary

conveniences. The Da Vinci

has a lot of space for its

110 passengers. All parts

of the ship have a beautiful

view through the large

windows. There is also

a sauna and a gym with

modern fitness equipment.

STAND No. 283

Pullmantur Cruises

Launches First Accessible

Cruise in Europe

Around 2,500 passengers

with and without

disabilities participated in

the first accessible cruise

organised by Pullmantur

in Europe. For a week

aboard the company’s

Sovereign ship, guests

enjoyed a route specially

designed and adapted

to their needs. All

crewmembers received

special training for the

task, and in some cases,

a crewmember was

assigned to a specific

passenger with special


The President &

CEO of Pullmantur

Cruceros, Richard J. Vogel,

points out that from the

first moment “We were

aware of the challenges

of this very specific cruise

but all the Pullmantur

Cruceros teams - on land

and on board - were

completely turned to the

organisation of this cruise

to make it a success.”

Meanwhile, the company

recently launched

“Pullmantur Cruceros

Exclusive Destinations”,

where dreams that

become journeys: a subbrand

with routes that

invite guests to experience

intense holidays, enjoying

the destinations to their

full in an unforgettable

way. Destinations

include the Polar Circle,

Secret Corners of the

Mediterranean, and Dubai

with “Legends of Arabia”

STAND No. 910

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018









Eduardo Santander

Executive Director, European Travel Commission

Boosting Europe’s Attractiveness

The European Travel Commission implements a number of initiatives to

further enchant Chinese travellers

How is Chinese outbound

tourism progressing in

Europe, and what are the

key trends? We put the

question to the Executive

Director of the European

Travel Commission, Eduardo


China is the world’s largest travel

market in terms of both outbound

travel and expenditure. With a

14% share of the total Chinese

outbound travel market, Europe

saw a remarkable 16% increase

in tourist arrivals from China

in 2017, reaching record 13.4

million arrivals. We are confident

that Europe will remain a

popular travel destination for the

Chinese outbound market. The

ETC forecasts an average 9.3%

annual growth in tourist arrivals

from China over the next three


Please tell us more about the

China Operations Group.

The Operations Group is ETC’s

representative body in China,

bringing together the European

tourist offices in the market. The

purpose of the OG is to provide

guidance on the marketing

activities of the ETC in China.

As this year witnesses a strong

focus on the EU-China relations,

the role of the OG is of great

importance for the organisation.

The group is currently chaired

by Ms. Ludivine Destrée, China

Market Manager at Wallonia

Belgium Tourism.

How important will the “EU-China

Tourism Year” be in boosting

tourism, and what part is the ETC


The 2018 EU-China Tourism Year is a

great opportunity for the European

tourism industry to explore the

Chinese market, but also learn

how to attract Chinese visitors and

offer them the best experience.

On this occasion, ETC has

developed a series of cooperative

marketing programmes to

support the promotion of

European destinations and travel

experiences in China.

These programmes include a

variety of activities, from B2B

matchmaking events to FAM

trips for operators and media.

Participants in these cooperative

marketing programmes will

gain access to joint activities

at European level that are not

feasible on a single basis or that

they would be challenged to do on

their own leveraged by economies

of scale and their European scope.

You organised a major fam-tour

for Chinese tour operators in

March. How did that go?

We hosted a total of 70 Chinese

operators in cooperation with our

partners. They went to 15 different

countries clustered in seven

transnational itineraries, which

included visits to landmark cities,

cultural and natural attractions,

meetings with local businesses

as well as experiences in lesserknown

destinations. We wanted

to show them that there are

many exciting destinations in

Europe easily accessible from the

traditional gateways for Chinese

travellers. The FAM trips proved

to be very successful with great

feedback and satisfaction level

from all participants. We intend to

host another round of FAMs later

in the year.

How else are you working to

facilitate Chinese outbound

tourism into Europe?

In addition to our cooperative

marketing programmes, ETC, with

the financial support of the EU, is

co-investing in creative thematic

transnational promotional

campaigns developed and

executed by partners of the EU-

China Tourism Year. ETC is also

co-organising the initiative

“Partnerships in European

Tourism”, an EU-funded project

aimed at supporting EU tourism

SMEs wishing to expand their

businesses into the Chinese


At the same time, visa facilitation

is very high on the agenda and we

expect that the EU-China Tourism

Year will provide an incentive to

make further progress on visa

facilitation and connectivity

between both markets.

What activities has the ETC

planned around ITB China this


We were partner destination of

ITB China last year and ETC and

our partners were very satisfied

with our participation. This year,

we again have a strong presence

with a dedicated Europe pavilion

hosting more than 30 European

destinations and operators.

We also expect to build up new

contacts and exchange ideas on

the Chinese travel market with the

broad travel industry during these

intense days in Shanghai. In this

regard, we had a dedicated session

in ITB China Conference to discuss

challenges and opportunities of

the EU-China Tourism Year and


ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018





365-Day Destination

With over 10% international tourism

growth in 2017, Greece counts on


Greece’s tourism policies have

helped to extend the travel season,

promote different thematic

products, open new markets and

boost connectivity by air, land and


The World Travel & Tourism

Council estimates that tourism

in 2017 helped boost the Greek

economy by 6.9% – supporting

nearly one million jobs and

representing 20% of the country’s


According to Greece’s Minister

for Tourism, Elena Kountoura,

tourism truly unites people: “It’s

all about open borders, freedom

and democracy, and the right of

everyone to be able to travel. At

the same time, the megatrend is

for people, when traveling, to seek

authentic experiences. In the past,

there were a lot of all-inclusive

packages, but in the last two

years we have been developing,

with our regional offices, a lot

of thematic products so we can

give a broad number of different

opportunities and choices to our


For 2020, Greece aims to have

more than 35-million tourists and

more than 20% extra capacity, and

for tourism to account for 22% of

GDP (+2%)

STAND No. 610

Riga, Latvia’s “Hidden

Pearl” Grows in Popularity

Riga hotels and other tourist

establishments hosted 1.4 million

foreign tourists in 2017, a 11.5%

rise over 2016 figures.

In 2017, the largest number of

the foreign tourists welcomed

in Riga hotels and other tourist

accommodations were from

Russia (12%), Germany (11,5%),

Estonia (8%), Lithuania (7%),

Finland (7%), the Great Britain

(6%), Sweden, Norway, Italy.

and the United States.

The Head of the Riga Tourism

Development Bureau Vita

Jermoloviča attributes the

successful growth to several

factors. Among them is listed

the successful advertising and

Elena Kountoura

Greece’s Minister for Tourism

Dr Christian Göke

CEO, Messe Berlin

cooperation with journalists and

bloggers as well as the opening

of several new flight destinations

not only in the traditional markets

as, for example, Finland, Norway,

Italy, Russia and Spain, but also

in new ones – the United Arab

Emirates and Israel

STAND No. 200/201

Tourists Outnumber

Residents for First

Time in Portugal

In 2017, 20.6 million guests

registered in Portugal (up 8.9%)

and for the first time, the number

of foreigners exceeded the

Portuguese population. Portugal

received 12.7 million foreign

guests. The sector generated 335

thousand jobs (accounting for

7% of the national economy), an

increase of 44 thousand jobs over


This year, Portugal was voted

the most welcoming country in

the world, according to an Inter

Nations study published in the

American magazine Forbes,

rising nine places in relation to


Tourism Strategy 2027 seeks to

position Portugal as one of the

most competitive, innovative and

sustainable tourism markets in

the world, a leader in producing

goods and services for tourism

on a worldwide scale, a country

that values work and that invests

in human capital

STAND No. 400



The Malta Tourism Authority has

been celebrating results achieved

in 2017, in which inbound tourist

trips from January to December

2017 reached almost 2.3 million

(+15.7%) while total nights spent

surpassed 16.5 million nights


Reacting to these positive results,

the MTA’s Chief Executive Officer,

Paul Bugeja, noted that it is “clear

by now that hurdles such as

seasonality are being addressed”.

He added, “Thanks to joint

efforts between the Ministry for

Tourism and the Malta Tourism

Authority, Malta is successfully

being promoted and visited all

year round, which is positive

for the industry, the economy,

and ultimately the taxpayer. He

added that all stakeholders must

collaborate in order to ensure the

sustainability of such success.”

Malta’s success in sustaining

such a positive performance

in collective accommodation

undoubtedly compliments

the strong expansion in its air

connectivity. Eight new airline

routes from seven different

countries began operating

last year, adding to the already

extensive network linking Malta

with its source markets and

bringing more tourists to the

accommodation facilities in

Malta and Gozo

STAND No. 701

© Finavia

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018



Chinese Visitors Wooed

to Austria by Shopping

and… Memories of Sissi

Austria is one of the most

popular destinations in

Europe for Chinese visitors,

due to a number of factors.

First and foremost, is perhaps

shopping. According to

a report in Der Standard,

Chinese tourists visiting

Austria in 2017 spent the

most on shopping compared

to other foreign guests. It is

reported that Chinese visitors

spent an average of 555 euros

($685), a 32-euro increase

over 2016, compared to a

general average of 486 euros.

Vienna has becoming very

popular among Chinese

tourists, thanks in part to the

romantic 1950’s “Sissi” films

of the past starring Romy

Schneider. The films found

an enthusiastic audience

across China when they

were broadcast on Chinese

television in the 1980s. “Sissi

sightseeing” is thus one of

the favourites for Chinese

travellers, who flock to

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna’s

most popular historic

attraction and Sissi’s former




Innsbruck’s Year of Culture

2018 started at the end of

January. With the name

ART Innsbruck, the 22nd

International Art Fair was

held at the end of January

(the 23rd edition will be

held from 17 to 20 January

2019). Ninety galleries

and art dealers from

ten countries exhibited

international contemporary

art of the 19 th , 20 th and 21 st

centuries. Paintings, works

on paper, editions, original

prints, sculptures, objects/

installations, artist books,

photographs, new media

and other delightful items -

collectors and art lovers love

the renowned ART Innsbruck

fair, but it also appeals to all

those keen to develop their

interest in collecting

STAND No. 600





Slovenia has in the past been one of Europe’s

best kept secrets. But that’s changing as

tourism professionals warm to this country’s

natural and cultural charms.

One such often overlooked spot is the Julian

Alps, announced as one of the world’s top

three must visit regions in Lonely Planet’s Best

in Travel 2018.

These Alps offer beautiful alpine landscapes

with over two-thirds of the region protected by

the Triglav National Park. The region is home

to diverse terrain including Slovenia’s highest

peak Mount Triglav along with wild gorges,

rivers and valleys. The Triglav National Park,

one of the oldest national parks in Europe, is

renowned for its unique natural heritage with

hikes taking visitors past sights including the

Peričnik waterfall

STAND No. 200/201


魅 力 拉 脱 维 亚 为 中 国 市 场 提 供 各 式 旅 游 产 品

体 验 拉 脱 维 亚 - 一 个 极 具 吸 引 力 的 新 兴 旅 游 胜 地 , 北 欧 的 璀 璨 明 珠

拉 脱 维 亚 是 一 个 以 其 历 史 、 传 统 、 自 然 文 化

遗 产 、 城 市 、 建 筑 、 饮 食 传 统 及 洁 净 的 自 然

环 境 为 荣 的 小 国 。 而 这 些 都 只 是 吸 引 越 来 越

多 来 自 不 同 国 家 游 客 的 部 分 原 因 。

拉 脱 维 亚 会 成 为 您 下 一 次 旅 行 的 独 特 亮 点 !

今 年 在 拉 脱 维 亚 展 位 , 您 将 有 机 会 与 代 表 该

国 最 大 旅 游 机 构 的 数 家 拉 脱 维 亚 旅 游 公 司 会

面 。 他 们 将 为 中 国 游 客 提 供 特 别 的 产 品 和 优

惠 。

此 外 , 您 还 可 以 与 拉 脱 维 亚 投 资 发 展 署 、 旅

游 部 的 代 表 见 面 。 他 们 将 非 常 乐 意 为 您 提 供

关 于 拉 脱 维 亚 旅 游 业 合 作 机 会 的 各 种 信 息 。

拉 脱 维 亚 全 体 参 展 人 员 诚 邀 您 前 往 欧 洲 旅 游

委 员 会 的 总 展 位 会 面 参 观 。

展 台 号 200/201

ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018


展 馆 平 面 图

Stand No. 530

Stand No. 283 Stand No. 801

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