The Deli NYC #55 - Half Waif, NYC MixCon 2018

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Issue #55 Vol. #3 Summer 2018 thedelimag.com

Editor In Chief / Publisher

Paolo De Gregorio


Charles Newman

art director

Kaz Yabe ( www.kazyabe.com)

executive Editor

quang d. tran

assistant editor

Tucker Pennington

Cover photography

Tonje Thilesen

hip-hop editor

Jason Grimste (aka brokemc)

Web Developer

Binod Lamsal

Extra Editing

Christopher Scapelliti

Contributing Writers

Ethan Ames

Ben Apatoff

Mackenzie Cummings Brady

Cameron Carr

Dave Cromwell

Geena Kloeppel

Lilly Milman

Amanda Ogea

Meghan Rose

William Sisskind

Henry Solotaroff-Webber

The Kitchen

Christopher Scapelliti

Brandon Stoner


Lily Crandall


The Deli Magazine, LLC

Mother West, NYC

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Table of Contents

p.6 Fresh Buzz

p.8 Records of the Month

p.10 Feature: NYC Record Industry

p.18 Half Waif

p.20 Recording Half Waif’s Lavender

p.22 Bands + Gear

p.28 NYC MixCon

Since the turn of the millennium, both

the record and recording industries have

gone through a major upheaval.

Because of the collapse of physical media

sales (CDs) and the minimal margins

on streaming, the record industry is a lot

smaller than it used to be, but it seems to

have now found its footing.

In this issue we interviewed four Brooklyn

label insiders about how they operate

within this new scenario. The result is a

feature many of our musician readers

should find informative, and at times

even surprising.

Recording also went through a similar

transition caused by the rise of home

recording, which empowered the artist—

while killing many professional studios.

The advice we’ll be providing for musicians

about recording is even better: six

live classes about mixing with some of

the best producers in the world, at the

fourth edition of the NYC Mixcon, hosted

at the Manhattan Center on July 21-22.

Hope to see you there!

Paolo De Gregorio

Editor in Chief

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