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The Deli NYC #55 - Half Waif, NYC MixCon 2018

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Fresh Buzz | New NYC Artists While most acts take years to develop a mature sound and build a fan base, some stars seem to be born within a matter of weeks. This appears to be the case for Brooklyn-born, avant-soul-pop singer King Princess, who released her debut EP 1950 earlier in 2018 and just played two sold out shows at Elsewhere’s Rooftop. The first artist signed to Mark Ronson’s label Zelig, King Princess is also a producer and multi-instrumentalist with a deep musical background, and, judging from her kinky videos, an inclination towards subtle provocation that can only generate intrigue among music fans. (Paolo de gregorio) A shiver runs down our spines every time we read the words “self-directed video,” in particular when applied to artists that play musical genres that require top notch production values (like soul music). But in the case of NYC’s soul-pop artist Raveena (previously known as Raveena Aurora) our premonitions were proved wrong. With the help of director James Ronkko, the artist of Indian and American descent created a simple, but truly beautiful video that matches the breezy, lightheartedly intimate vibes of her single “Sweet Time.” A woman of many talents, Raveena not only looks incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, but also supports her art with commitment to social causes rarely found in soul pop acts. Her 2017 debut EP Shanti highlights her silky voice and mellow attitude, which evidently resonate with many New Yorkers, since she sold out Baby’s All Right for her July 27 show. (paolo de gregorio) Actress and singer-songwriter Lola Kirke dropped a double-whammy of news over the past month; she released the music video for her latest single “Supposed To”, and announced that her first full-length album Heart Head West will see the light on August 10. Both the single and the album deal with matters personal to Kirke; self-doubt, family matters, and pressures from society bubble to the surface in her lyrics. In the video for “Supposed To”, an older woman allows herself to let loose. Kirke says of the track: “How rebellious would you feel if you had spent your life just doing things that you felt that you King Princess The Nectars Avant-Soul-Pop Alt Pop-Rock were supposed to do? That society told you to do?” Kirke explores that theme and more on the upcoming LP; she’ll support its release with a residency at Union Pool on August 21, 22, and 23. (will sisskind) New Jersey quartet The Nectars is finding a way for the rock of 20 years ago to spill like a smashed Capri Sun pouch back into our consciousness. Their songs are about having fun, being free and in love, and offer a sound appropriately reminiscent of those positively punchy, female fronted, Lola Kirke Raveena Singer-Songwriter Soul Pop power pop bands of the late ’90s/early aughts (think No Doubt and Paramore). Singer Jessica Kenny has the presence and vocal prowess to take this band beyond the local circuit (as a matter fact, they have already toured the UK earlier this year) and songs like “I Want It” (our favorite) and recently released “We Will Run” have the melodic appeal to win over the new generation of melodic rock seekers. After a string of singles accompanied by lo-fi-ish videos, the band released debut album Sci-Fi Television on June 1st. (Meghan Rose) 6 the deli Summer 2018

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