The Deli NYC #55 - Half Waif, NYC MixCon 2018

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Records of the Month

Renata Zeiguer

Old Ghost

On first listen, the songs and sounds of

Renata Zeiguer’s debut album Old Ghost

are deceivingly simple. Indie rock influences

clash with her delicate voice in interesting

if not straightforward ways. Yet

there’s an appealing aspect of Old Ghost

that continues to draw the listener in as

Zeiguer paints an image of the world that

is filled with naturally occurring voids

that are at once brutal and beautiful. Her

voice feels equally morose and triumphant

as she explores themes of identity

and loss. Nature also plays a large role in

Zeiguer’s lyrics; cosmic elements of our

world like the moon and the mundane

creatures who inhabit it both haunt and

captivate the singer. These poetic lyrics

burrow themselves in her ethereal voice

and unfold in expansive and cathartic

moments as the production swerves

from angular to harmonious. Old Ghost is

an album that burns softly if heard in the

background but illuminates brightly when

it is lived with. (Tucker Pennington)



In this new age of bedroom pop and DIY

everything, Georgia’s band Triathalon,

who recently resettled in NYC, offers a

sound all its own, blending elements as

varied as soul, pop, jazz, and electro. Attempting

to label their music proves challenging—and

that’s part of their plan. The

band’s third LP, Online, released earlier in

2018, refines their sound through a more

mature and focused (home) production.

A newfound passion for soul seems to

have shuffled the band’s sonic cards,

although leaving the dreamy element

untouched. Single “Hard to Move” is

reminiscent of a lo-fi, synthetic version of

Michael Jackson’s “Blame it on the Boogie,”

while “3” is backed with a thumping

bass verse that cleverly transitions to a

jazz-inspired keyboard interlude. But

“Couch” is the real gem here: based on

a plodding funk loop, it chronicles a moment

of bliss, with a lover, on the author’s

favorite couch. (Lily Crandall)

Amen Dunes


There are some albums that feel like spiritual

excursions the moment they start,

transfixing us instantly at the right time

and place. Amen Dune’s fifth record,

Freedom, is one such record. The introduction

informs us that the time is now,

and it belongs to Damon McMahon and

his finely tuned songwriting. Each track

is impeccably produced, precise and imperious,

as synths and bass lines appear

on the horizon before shimmering out of

view. The interplay between each instrument

is like multiple generations of mirages

materializing at once, and McMahon’s

vocals sit in the center commanding attention

with assured confidence in the

stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Freedom

was released wholly realized, yet it’s the

undefinable aspects that assert why it’s

an intoxicating and infinitely rewarding

album. (Tucker Pennington)

8 the deli Summer 2018

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