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Is that ‘junk’ in

Is that ‘junk’ in your attic or basement worth a fortune? By StatePoint From baseball cards and sports equipment to postcards and toys, is that “junk” in your attic or basement dusty treasure or just dusty? We’ve all heard of families getting rich from the sale of rare memorabilia. So how can you tell if your stuff is valuable and how can you sell it, if it is? “The general rule is that the older the item, the more valuable it is. 1980 is not old. 1960 is kind of old. 1910 is old,” says Al Crisafulli, Auction Director at Love of the Game Auctions, an internet sports auction house that has helped many families identify and sell valuable items. In one instance, Crisafulli determined that a family’s baseball bat that spent decades beside their front door to protect from intruders, was actually used by Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig -- and Love of the Game Auctions sold it for them for more than $430,000. He is offering these tips to help determine if your items are valuable: ESTATE PLANNING: • Wills & Trusts • Power of Attorney • Healthcare Proxy • Homestead Protection • Real Estate Protection • Irrevocable Life Trusts • Pre & Post Divorce Estate Planning • Life Insurance Trusts • Tax Planning • IRS/DOR Tax Resolutions Baseball Cards Cards from the 1960s and earlier are collectible, and those from before the 1940s can be extremely pricey. Do they have sharp corners, no creases and retain original gloss? Do they depict star players and Hall of Famers? A Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner or Mickey Mantle will sell for more than non-stars. With particularly old cards from the 1880s and early 1900s, look for tobacco and candy brands, such as Old Judge, Piedmont, Sweet Caporal or American Caramel. Unopened packs from almost any era can be valuable. HANSON ESTATE & ELDER LAW PLANNING CENTER TELEPHONE: 978-276-9030 Protect your loved ones with proper planning, because doing nothing may be the most costly thing you ever do. REAL ESTATE: • Purchase & Sales Agreements • Real Estate Closings • Homestead Declarations • Landlord/Tenant BANKRUPTCY: • Chapter 7 • Debt Negotiations • • Facsimile: 978-276-9830 Park Place East, 348 Park Street, Suite 103, North Reading, MA 01864 Memorabilia & Equipment Look for old advertising posters depicting sports stars and food, tobacco or sporting goods brands. This doesn’t mean ads torn from magazines, but those used as store displays and for other purposes. Tin signs are highly collectible from the 1900s into the 1960s, but low-quality reproductions aren’t. Pre-1950s catcher’s masks, baseball gloves and bats can be valuable, especially those endorsed by star players. Condition is important but used equipment can be valuable. When you go to sell sports items, consider a specialty auction, such as Love of the Game, which has the expertise to properly research sports pieces, and maintains lists of bidders specializing in this area so it can get top dollar for these items. More information is available at Postcards Postcards of your vacation destinations likely are worthless. But those depicting famous people, such as movie star cards and vintage baseball postcards, can be valuable. Look for early “real photo” postcards from the 1900s through the 1940s, which are photographs printed on postcard backs. No matter the type, the older, the better, and the more famous, the better. LONG TERM CARE PLANNING: • Nursing Home and Asset Protection • Mass Health Planning • Medicaid Application • Conservatorships & Guardianships • Special Needs Trusts ADOPTION • GUARDIANSHIP Top tips and decluttering insights for your next move By StatePoint Timothy P. Houten Real Estate Attorney Representing Buyers and Sellers for over 35 years 978-774-0646 Moving can be emotional and the ways you manage it – including the downsizing of your possessions – may be influenced by your age, suggests a new study. “From heirlooms to kitchen gadgets, moving is one of the few times in life when you’re forced to consider all your possessions and decide what goes and what stays,” says Pat Baehler, senior vice president, Mayflower Moving. “It can be a journey of ups and downs, from feeling brief guilt over purging gifts or older furniture, to pure joy in remembering the story behind a family heirloom and thinking of the memories you’ll soon make in your new home.” Baby boomers (64 percent) and Generation Xers (60 percent) are more likely than millennials (53 percent) to put an heirloom in a safe place to pass along, according to the 2018 Mayflower Mover Insights Study, which explored different generations’ relationships with their belongings. However, millennials (17 percent) are more likely than Generation Xers (12 percent) and baby boomers (10 percent) to refurbish or repurpose an heirloom into something new. The survey, conducted by Mayflower, which moves approximately 50,000 families annually, also explored how Americans feel about decluttering and purging unused items: 80 percent of survey respondents agree that clutter stresses them out, and half declutter their living space to feel more relaxed. While such emotional stressors are often unavoidable during a move, the following tips from the experts at Mayflower can help you ease the logistical and financial burdens. • Most people want to move on a Thursday or Friday, so if you can move earlier in the week there will likely be more availability. Likewise, it’s best to move in the early or middle part of the month, as well as to avoid summer — the busiest time for most moving companies. • Prevent mishaps. Consider letting Your Home Is Your Castle Let Me Treat You Like Royalty If you’re thinking of selling, now is the time. Contact Elaine for a Complimentary Home Evaluation 781-910-6454 • Specializing in Residential Homes • Rave Reviews from Sellers and buyers • 35 Years of Experience & Integrity you can count on • Skilled Negotiator • Multi-Million Dollar Producer • Full Service Marketing Plan ELAINE FIGLIOLA 781-910-6454 PHOTO | SOLISIMAGES/STOCK.ADOBE.COM professionals pack breakable items. • Help offset relocation costs by looking into programs such as CityPointe, provided by Mayflower, offering cash back on the sale and purchase price of your home. • Of the millions of Americans that move annually, fraud occurs in as many as 3,000 cases. Don’t get scammed. Ask for a moving quote from three companies and don’t be hooked by the lowest price. If one estimate is much lower than the others, it could be a red-flag that the company isn’t legitimate. Generally, reputable moving companies will not require a deposit, so don’t pay up-front. For additional moving tips and tools, visit Northrup Realtors 26 MAIN STREET LYNNFIELD, MA 01940 PENNY MCKENZIE-VENUTO REALTOR®, CBR®, SRES® Direct: (781) 929-7237 Office: (781) 246-2100 Ext. 20 Fax: (781) 213-7983 Email: Website: 10 | REAL ESTATE SHOWCASE SUMMER 2018 | 11