Fah Thai Magazine Sep-Oct 2018

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SEP-OCT <strong>2018</strong><br />













Mark your calendar to run for the<br />

heroes in your lives or watch buffalos<br />

race if you happen to be in <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />


Harness the power of scent for<br />

him with fragrances that are<br />

‘Intense’ or ‘Obsessed.’<br />


Show no fear when you’re fashion<br />

forward in a pair of suede shoes.<br />

The latest styles come in cool<br />

neutrals that go with any ensemble.<br />


Find your type of vacation joy<br />

in the getaway destinations in<br />

nature and islands in Trat province.<br />

Inviting waters make swimming or<br />

boating ideal.<br />


The versatile fruit can be eaten<br />

raw or cooked, sweet or savoury.<br />

Find more about its history and<br />

the countless varieties that exist<br />

to be enjoyed.<br />


End up in the former jails of Hong<br />

Kong’s Tai Kwun Heritage Centre<br />

now revamped into a new glory;<br />

also learn how waste becomes<br />

treasures in the creative hands of<br />

upcycling in Myanmar.<br />

46 BACK TO FOOD’S<br />


Adventurous palates always<br />

seek the next big thing. For<br />

Singaporeans with their foodobsessed<br />

reputations, going<br />

back in time seems to be the<br />

order of the day.<br />


Bangkok-based artist Eiji Sumi<br />

engages in light inspired work<br />

that dissects the concept<br />

right down to its smallest<br />

particles yet showcases them<br />

on a large scale.<br />


<strong>Thai</strong>land becomes a stage for<br />

art when works from renown<br />

local and international artists<br />

exhibit at three different<br />

points in time for three<br />

separate biennales.<br />


Bangkok plays host to a monthlong<br />

celebration of dance and<br />

music with renown artists and<br />

performance companies.<br />


For the perfect destination<br />

wedding, <strong>Fah</strong> <strong>Thai</strong>’s list of<br />

places and wedding coordinators<br />

will be on hand to make your<br />

day special.<br />


In the vastness of an urban city<br />

like Hong Kong, there’s a lot<br />

to uncover. Our photographer<br />

embarks on a mission to do so<br />

despite inclement weather.<br />

100<br />

The<br />

Monsoon<br />

Mood<br />

8<br />




The latest must-dos and must-knows around the<br />

region as we enter into an eventful new season.<br />

110 BANGKOK<br />

116 SAMUI<br />

120 PHUKET<br />

124 CHIANG MAI /<br />


125 TRAT<br />

126 GUANGZHOU<br />

/ CHENGDU /<br />


128 HONG KONG<br />

130 SINGAPORE<br />

131 KUALA<br />

LUMPUR<br />

132 PHNOM<br />

PENH /<br />


134 HANOI /<br />

QUY NHON<br />

136 YANGON<br />

138 VIENTIANE<br />

139 MALDIVES /<br />

MUMBAI<br />

142 NEWS<br />

Bangkok Airways announces collaborations and<br />

winners.<br />

150 ROUTE MAP<br />




Seeking serenity in the beauty of<br />

Luang Prabang.<br />

This month’s cover:<br />

Dance and music<br />

luminaries perform<br />

in Bangkok.<br />

74<br />

World-class<br />

Performances<br />

Come to<br />

Bangkok<br />



It is with great pride for me and all of<br />

us at Bangkok Airways that our airline<br />

won two prestigious awards this year<br />

at the Skytrax World Airline Awards<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. Recognised as the “World’s<br />

Best Regional Airline,” this honour is a<br />

fourth time win for us, followed with<br />

the second award as “Best Regional<br />

Airline in Asia,” an honour we received<br />

for the eighth time. Besides these two<br />

world-class awards, Bangkok Airways<br />

was awarded the “Travellers’ Choice<br />

Regional Carrier-Asia and Travellers’<br />

Choice Economy Class-Asia from<br />

TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards<br />

for Airlines <strong>2018</strong>. Additionally, we were<br />

designated the “Best Brand for Travel<br />

<strong>2018</strong>” from Smart Travel Asia in two<br />

categories, including “Top Ten Airline<br />

Overall – Worldwide” and “Top Ten<br />

Best in Cabin Service – Worldwide”.<br />

On behalf of Bangkok Airways<br />

executives and staff, I’d like to<br />

extend our sincere thanks to all of<br />

you, our passengers, for flying with<br />

us and for your votes which earned<br />

us these awards. We promise to<br />

keep on working hard and doing our<br />

best to excel in providing services<br />

that give you the safest and greatest<br />

experience wherever you travel –<br />

from start to finish in any of your<br />

destinations. For all of us at Bangkok<br />

Airways, “Your happiness is our<br />

best reward”.<br />

Thank you very much.<br />

นับเป็นความภาคภูมิใจสำหรับผมและ<br />

ชาวบางกอกแอร์เวย์สอีกครั้ง ที่ในปีนี้<br />

เราสามารถคว้ารางวัลระดับโลกจาก<br />

Skytrax World Airline Awards มาได้ถึง<br />

2 รางวัล ได้แก่ รางวัลสายการบินภูมิภาค<br />

ยอดเยี่ยมของโลก และรางวัลสายการบิน<br />

ภูมิภาคยอดเยี่ยมแห่งเอเชีย ซึ่งปีนี้เป็นครั้ง<br />

ที่ 4 ที่เราได้รับรางวัลสายการบินภูมิภาค<br />

ยอดเยี่ยมของโลก และเป็นครั้งที่ 8 ที่เราได้<br />

รับรางวัลสายการบินภูมิภาคยอดเยี่ยม<br />

แห่งเอเชีย นอกจากนี้ สายการบินฯ ยังได้<br />

รับอีก 2 รางวัลจากเว็บไซต์ทริปแอดไวเซอร์<br />

(TripAdvisor) ได้แก่ รางวัลสายการบิน<br />

ยอดเยี่ยมในภูมิภาคเอเชียและรางวัล<br />

สายการบินที ่มีที่นั่งชั้นประหยัดยอดเยี่ยม<br />

ในภูมิภาคเอเชีย ประจำปี 2561 และในระยะ<br />

เวลาใกล้เคียงกันก็ได้รับรางวัลสุดยอด<br />

แบรนด์ท่องเที่ยวประจำปี 2561 จาก<br />

สมาร์ท แทรเวล เอเชีย ได้แก่ รางวัลท็อป<br />

เท็นสายการบินที่ดีที ่สุดในโลก (Top Ten<br />

Airline Overall – Worldwide) และ<br />

รางวัลท็อปเท็นสายการบินที่มีการบริการ<br />

บนเครื ่องที่ดีที่สุดในโลก (Top Ten Best<br />

in Cabin Service – Worldwide) อีกด้วย<br />

ผมในนามของคณะผู้บริหารและ<br />

พนักงานของสายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส<br />

ขอขอบคุณผู้โดยสารทุกท่านจากใจ ที่ท่าน<br />

เลือกเดินทางกับเรา และโหวตให้สายการบิน<br />

ของเราได้รับรางวัลต่างๆ ในครั้งนี้ พวกเรา<br />

จะมุ่งมั่น ทุ่มเท และพัฒนาการให้บริการ<br />

อย่างต่อเนื่อง เพื ่อสร้างประสบการณ์<br />

ในการเดินทางที่ประทับใจตั้งแต่ต้นจนถึง<br />

ปลายทางอย่างปลอดภัย เพราะ “ความสุข<br />

จากการเดินทางของท่าน คือรางวัลที่ดี<br />

ที่สุดของเรา”<br />

ขอบคุณครับ<br />

กัปตัน พุฒิพงศ์ ปราสาททองโอสถ<br />

Captain Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth<br />

กรรมการผู้อำนวยการใหญ่ | President, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited<br />


IS THE<br />



2017<br />




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Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok<br />

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“FAH THAI” is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company<br />

Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Co., Ltd. All articles and<br />

photographs published herein are created by the authors and photographers<br />

at their own discretion and do not necessarily represent the views of the<br />

airline. Bangkok Airways holds no responsibility or liability arising out of the<br />

publication of such articles and photographs.<br />

All information correct at press time. All rights reserved. No part of this<br />

magazine may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in<br />

any form or by any means without the prior written permission of Bangkok<br />

Airways Public Company Limited and MPMI Group Co., Ltd.<br />

Cover Photography: Courtesy of Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music<br />



Upcycling Ways<br />

Artists in Yangon begin an<br />

upcycling trend making<br />

colourful wallets and tilitarian<br />

objects from unwanted<br />

materials. The next souvenir<br />

you buy may be one of their<br />

re-creations.<br />






8SEP<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

1JUL<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

SAMUI<br />


Congratulations are in order for the 88-villa<br />

resort Banyan Tree Samui, recently recognised<br />

as the first and only resort in <strong>Thai</strong>land to be<br />

given a “Gold Certification” by EarthCheck.<br />

As the leading organisation for scientific<br />

benchmarking and the world’s certification<br />

and advisory group for travel and tourism,<br />

EarthCheck gave the luxury hotel the highest<br />

level recognition award as soon as it met with<br />

excellence standards in ten key performance areas.<br />

The green certification process assesses<br />

greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency,<br />

management of freshwater resources, ecosystem<br />

conservation and management, management<br />

of social and cultural issues, land use planning<br />

and management, air quality protection and<br />

noise control, wastewater management,<br />

solid waste management, and storage of<br />

environmentally harmful substances.<br />

The Banyan Tree Samui, nestled against<br />

a lush 38-acre hillside, overlooks a secluded<br />

cove of beach. With their green certification,<br />

guests are encouraged to join in their sustainable<br />

ecotourism activities, such as walking along<br />

a nature trail for bird-watching, along with<br />

participation in a coral regeneration project.<br />

banyantree.com/en/thailand/samui<br />

NOW- 30SEP<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />


RUN HERO RUN <strong>2018</strong><br />

Bangkok Airways Lanna Marathon <strong>2018</strong><br />

is calling all running enthusiasts and<br />

the ‘heroes’ in their lives in <strong>Thai</strong>land to<br />

participate in the “Run Hero Run” in the<br />

North and run together for our heroes in the<br />

south of <strong>Thai</strong>land. Register now until the end<br />

of <strong>Sep</strong>tember to be part of the charity run<br />

on Sunday 11 November <strong>2018</strong> at the Chiang<br />

Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium in Chiang<br />

Mai and a chance to win Her Royal Highness<br />

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Cup.<br />

The marathon’s objective is to raise funds to<br />

provide the highest quality bulletproof vests<br />

for officers that serve the country in the 3<br />

Southern border provinces. So, let’s protect<br />

those who protect us and the country and<br />

turn your sweat and effort into a bulletproof<br />

vest! For more information and registration,<br />

go to runherorun<strong>2018</strong>.com, facebook.com/<br />

runherorunthailand.com, teelakow.com<br />



Two of the biggest female pop icons from<br />

the 1980s will perform together on stage at<br />

the Lion City this <strong>Sep</strong>tember. Far from being<br />

rivals, pop princesses Tiffany and Debbie<br />

Gibson will unite in Singapore for a once-in-alifetime<br />

concert, where they will belt out their<br />

signature hits. The Smash Hits Concert will see<br />

the duo perform their sing-along hits, which<br />

topped the global music charts in that era.<br />

Both stars broke into the music scene<br />

in their teens with Tiffany riding the charts<br />

high with hit songs, ‘All This Time’ and her<br />

chart-topping hit, ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’.<br />

Gibson became a worldwide sensation at only<br />

17 with her high energy pop singles ‘Only In<br />

My Dreams’, ‘Shake Your Love’ and ‘Out of The<br />

Blue’. For fans of 80s pop, this one-night only<br />

performance is a rare opportunity to see these<br />

two icons on the stage for the first time in<br />

Asia. The Star Theatre Singapore, thestar.sg<br />

15, 17, 19<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

SEP<br />



Influential American rock band The Killers<br />

will draw the curtain on its <strong>2018</strong> Asia Tour<br />

with a highly-anticipated one-night only<br />

performance in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong<br />

Kong this month. Following their stops in<br />

Singapore on 15 <strong>Sep</strong>tember for the Singapore<br />

Grand Prix and Bangkok on 17 <strong>Sep</strong>tember at<br />

Thunder Dome, the Las Vegas rockers led by<br />

Brandon Flowers will be bringing their brand<br />

of music to Asian fans.<br />

The Killers last performed in Hong<br />

Kong in 2013 but this latest tour is bound<br />

to an exciting and entertaining affair as the<br />

American rock band will perform tracks from<br />

their latest album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’<br />

along with their enviable back catalogue of<br />

songs such as ‘Mr. Brightside’ and ‘Somebody<br />

Told Me’. thekillersmusic.com<br />

16SEP<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />



Following their sold-out performance in<br />

Kuala Lumpur in 2016, the collective known<br />

as Postmodern Jukebox will be making their<br />

way back to Malaysia for their Asia tour. The<br />

brainchild of Scott Bradlee, the band has<br />

garnered a huge following on YouTube since<br />

their debut in 2009 with their catchy soulful<br />

and jazzy renditions of modern songs.<br />

To date, Postmodern Jukebox has<br />

amassed more than 925 million YouTube<br />

views with 3.2 million subscribers and over<br />

1.3 million likes on Facebook. Nevertheless,<br />

watching the group live is an occasion that<br />

should not be missed, especially if you are<br />

a music fan with a penchant for enjoying<br />

great renditions of hit numbers done with<br />

a vintage twist. KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail,<br />

postmodernjukebox.com<br />

19<br />

<strong>2018</strong> OCT<br />

-32019<br />

FEB<br />



With the notable participation of artists<br />

from across the globe, the Bangkok Art<br />

Biennale <strong>2018</strong> marks its inaugural event<br />

in <strong>Thai</strong>land. With much time devoted to<br />

planning, the Bangkok Art Biennale <strong>2018</strong>’s<br />

theme is “Beyond Bliss.” The concept of ideal<br />

happiness and its creative interpretations<br />

get manifested and discussed by the world’s<br />

leading artists. Among those headlining are<br />

the likes of influential performance artist<br />

Marina Abramović who will be communicating<br />

art through her body to open up a better<br />

understanding about the physical and mental<br />

limitations as a human being. Korean artist/<br />

designer Choi Jeong Hwa who is known for his<br />

whimsical creation of large-scale and massive<br />

size different art forms, is among the roster<br />

of artists to show his work along with other<br />

artist heavyweights like Japanese artist Yayoi<br />

Kusama and more. bkkartbiennale.com<br />

18 19



<strong>2018</strong><br />

21OCT<br />



Take to running for a real cause with the Luang<br />

Prabang Half Marathon – a goodwill run in the<br />

Unesco World Heritage Site on the Mekong<br />

River. Organised by the Lao Friends Hospital<br />

for Children, the charity race will take place<br />

on Sunday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 21. Good for all fitness<br />

levels, the race offers three distances – 7<br />

kilometres, 14 kilometres and half marathon<br />

(21 kilometres). The starting and finishing line<br />

will be in front of the National Museum that<br />

was once a royal palace. With Luang Prabang<br />

tucked away in the mountainous valley of<br />

Northern Laos and sitting at the confluence<br />

of the Mekong and Khan rivers, the marathon<br />

takes runners along a route of Buddhist<br />

temples and colonial architecture. This annual<br />

race hopes to raise more than US$50,000 to<br />

benefit impoverished Lao children. The LPB Half<br />

Marathon will be providing free medical care<br />

for the children as well. Online registration, with<br />

an early-bird promotion rate, is available on its<br />

official website. luangprabanghalfmarathon.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

23OCT<br />



A different kind of race makes for a fun festival<br />

in <strong>Thai</strong>land. “Wing Kwai” or the Buffalo Racing<br />

Festival <strong>2018</strong>, held annually for more than 140<br />

years, takes place in front of Chon Buri City<br />

Municipality Office on 23 <strong>Oct</strong>ober, one day<br />

before the end of Buddhist Lent. The event<br />

follows the long period of hard work for farmers<br />

and buffaloes. You get to see water buffalo racing<br />

which is divided into various categories according<br />

to their age. Apart from the excitement of<br />

buffaloes racing each other, entertaining activities<br />

such as the Miss Farmer Beauty Contest, Buffalo<br />

Fashion Contest, the Healthiest Buffalo Contest<br />

round out the event. tourismthailand.org<br />

20-22OCT<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />



Mae Hong Son in northern <strong>Thai</strong>land will be<br />

celebrating the Chong Para Festival signalling<br />

the end of the three-month long Buddhist<br />

Retreat on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 20-22, highlighted with<br />

a cultural performance from the Shan ethnic<br />

group. Dancers dressed in half-bird costumes<br />

move to percussive beats before a bonfire,<br />

transporting the visitor back some 100 years<br />

with the dances. The festival marks the Lord<br />

Buddha’s return from heaven after visiting<br />

his mother for three months. The Shan people<br />

in Mae Hong Son build small wooden castles,<br />

decorating them with colourful paper and<br />

illuminating them with lanterns that welcome<br />

the Lord Buddha. The festival begins with<br />

local folks bringing offerings to monks in the<br />

temples in a procession and carrying the<br />

models of castles on poles. Performed on<br />

temple grounds will be theatre and dance<br />

performances — some of them unique to<br />

northern <strong>Thai</strong>land. Mae Hong Son’s beautiful<br />

province setting fulfils a travellers’ notion<br />

of how a northern <strong>Thai</strong> city should be, with<br />

white-washed pagodas topped with golden<br />

parasols, women with thanaka powder on<br />

their cheeks going past, while the air fills<br />

with the smoke of cheroots.<br />

tourismthailand.org<br />






The Secret’s In<br />

The Scent<br />

Fragrance when worn, becomes<br />

extraordinary and relevant, and lets<br />

people know who you are, along with<br />

your convictions. Finding the right<br />

scent goes beyond a passive sniff<br />

test. Make it an active mission and<br />

test out ones that work best for you<br />

and activated by the warmth of your<br />

skin. If someone brushes by and a<br />

whiff of their perfume simply makes<br />

you feel good – that’s a winner.<br />



100ML FROM PRADA<br />

(4,300 Baht)<br />

The energy when man and<br />

nature meets is captured<br />

in this scent with a dry,<br />

musky amber set off with<br />

patchouli and coumarin,<br />

with hints of a gentler<br />

bergamot and angelica<br />

that slowly builds and<br />

crashes with a seductive,<br />

masculine force.<br />



100ML FROM PRADA<br />

(4,600 Baht)<br />

Contemporary yet<br />

classic, this contrasting<br />

composition of unusual<br />

facets speaks to the<br />

modern day man who<br />

wants a chosen fragrance<br />

to be just as intriguing as<br />

his enigmatic, yet alluring<br />

personality.<br />



FOR MEN 125ML FROM<br />

CALVIN KLEIN (3,700 Baht)<br />

Memories of an infatuation<br />

can come unravelled with<br />

this fragrance; breathe in<br />

an intensity that’s brought<br />

on by the addition of an<br />

amber warmth and a higher<br />

concentration of oils that<br />

evoke a nearly tangible<br />

feeling of sensuality…<br />

including a reminder of the<br />

scent of another.<br />



SPRAY 100ML FROM<br />

COACH (3,800 Baht)<br />

A surge of crisp energy<br />

gained from the juice<br />

of the nashi pear and<br />

bergamot infuses itself<br />

with a spicy core of<br />

cardamom and aromatic<br />

coriander; also creating<br />

a subtle warmth that<br />

continues to dominate<br />

the earthy base of soft<br />

suede and addictive<br />

ambergris notes.<br />


Calvin Klein<br />

MF Siam Paragon<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2610 1000,<br />

#1714<br />

Coach<br />

MF Siam Paragon<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2610 1000,<br />

#1714<br />

Prada<br />

GF Central Embassy<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2610 5744<br />







(1,100 Baht)<br />

This mint-flavoured<br />

lip gloss collection<br />

features a profusion<br />

of creamy pinks,<br />

shimmering<br />

lavenders, and<br />

iridescent brightness<br />

that makes your<br />

lips lush with a<br />

lasting colour and<br />

unbelievable shine.<br />



URBAN DECAY (1,250 Baht)<br />

Simply buff powder over your foundation for<br />

long-lasting, locked-in coverage. Then finish<br />

up with your blush and highlighter routine.<br />



CAOLION (1,890 Baht)<br />

This anti-ageing, face lifting mask tightens<br />

rough and sagging skin, enhancing its texture<br />

and providing a strengthening skin barrier.<br />





(1,300 Baht)<br />

Easily blends and can be built<br />

up to create an even skin<br />

tone, maintaining a naturallooking<br />

matte finish that<br />

will not cake or crease.<br />

With a Look,<br />

A Statement<br />

All that’s needed to do to make your eyes glow<br />

invitingly while being elegantly chic requires<br />

smokey eyes with dark as night shades yet<br />

refined. Grey tones also look perfect with black<br />

and gold shades, and equally beautiful with<br />

brown. Cover your entire lid, or just highlight<br />

the corner of your eye. This can be done with<br />

a light pencil or eyeliner mark. These catchy<br />

colours look great with darker skin tones and<br />

completely glamorous for fairer skin tones.<br />

Tips<br />

Copper Eyes – There’s no reason why your<br />

eyes shouldn’t be dolled up using some copper<br />

eye shadow. It’s striking and sexy, and on the<br />

right side of subtle.<br />

Highlighted Skin – Go all out to create<br />

that subtle sheen on your face with the help of<br />

a highlighter.<br />

Strong Brows – Since we’re coming up to<br />

more parties as the rains have gone, get your game<br />

on with strong brows by filling them in thickly.<br />

Subtle Contouring – Take full advantage<br />

of the season and subtly contour your jawline<br />

and cheekbones.<br />

Dark Lips – Dark, bold lipstick needs a place<br />

in your makeup bag, we’re just saying.<br />


50ML FROM BURBERRY (2,800 Baht)<br />

Classic scents of British perfumery with<br />

unexpected ingredients of fresh, crafted<br />

top notes of crisp zesty grapefruit are cut<br />

with a seductive base of earthy vetiver<br />

and smoky guaiac wood.<br />


50ML FROM TOM FORD (3,700 Baht)<br />

A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich,<br />

dark accord and an alluring potion of black<br />

orchids and spice, Black Orchid is both<br />

modern and timeless.<br />



FROM GUERLAIN (2,350 Baht)<br />

The powder contains a cocktail of active<br />

ingredients to help your skin feel energised,<br />

protect against free radicals and pollution and<br />

preserve skin’s natural hydration, ensuring a<br />

long-lasting feel.<br />



TOM FORD (4,800 Baht)<br />

Noir Anthracite reflects light in the dark,<br />

featuring the brilliance of bergamot and spice<br />

against rich black woods such as cedar wood,<br />

Macassar ebony, and santal from Sri Lanka.<br />





(1,400 Baht)<br />

It controls oil and shine<br />

for 12 hours without<br />

drying skin, ensuring<br />

that makeup goes on<br />

flawlessly, looks better<br />

and lasts longer.<br />


Guerlain<br />

MF, The Emporium<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2269 1000<br />

Lancôme<br />

1F Central Chidlom<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2254 9146<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>hora<br />

1F Siam Center<br />

tel +66 (0) 2658 1616<br />

22<br />



STYLE<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Seductive Suede<br />

Suede can be a little intimidating, partly<br />

due to its need to be maintained properly.<br />

But with the right shirt and trousers<br />

combination, suede shoes can be worn in all<br />

situations – from that work meeting you’ve<br />

been dreading, to a date you’ve been trying<br />

to score for three months.<br />

FOR HIM<br />

SMOOTH<br />







(33,800 Baht)<br />


Christian Louboutin<br />

GF Central Embassy<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2160 5814-15<br />

SILKY<br />

NUBUCK<br />



SLIP-ON<br />


TOD’S<br />

(23,500 Baht)<br />

Tod’s<br />

MF Siam Paragon<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2610 9999<br />

SMOOTH<br />







(129,900 Baht)<br />


SMOOTH<br />





FROM TOD’S<br />

(24,500 Baht)<br />

1F Central Chidlom<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2251 9208<br />






SLIP-ON<br />

FROM TOD’S<br />

(27,500 Baht)<br />

FOR HER<br />







(16,800 Baht)<br />


Christian Louboutin<br />

GF Central Embassy<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2160 5814-15<br />

SADDLE<br />





DIOR<br />

(115,000 Baht)<br />

Dior<br />

GF Emporium<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2664 8363<br />

MF Siam Paragon<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2610 6799<br />

PATENT<br />



FROM<br />



(26,500 Baht)<br />






FROM TOD’S<br />

(26,500 Baht)<br />

Tod’s<br />

MF Siam Paragon<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2610 9999<br />

1F Central Chidlom<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2251 9208<br />







(32,600 Baht)<br />

Valentino<br />

MF Central Embassy<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2129 4868<br />

MF Emquartier<br />

Tel +66 (0) 2129 4868<br />

The Power<br />

of Red<br />

Scarlet, ruby, crimson, maroon – call<br />

this brilliant colour whichever way<br />

you want. If there’s only one that<br />

should be seen this season, it’s red.<br />

The colour typically screams of<br />

sensuality; but this time around, the<br />

approach is more refined, grownup and<br />

stands as an uplifting trend that feels<br />

entirely attainable for us mere mortals.<br />

24<br />




Trat: A Place of<br />

Dream Islands<br />

Translation Chusri Ngamprasert<br />

Story & Photos Courtesy of Tourism Authority of <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

Located to the east of <strong>Thai</strong>land, Trat province offers<br />

travellers a variety of attractions – from stunning<br />

blue seas, abundant forests and mountains, magical<br />

waterfalls, to community-based tourism. Strong<br />

practices in environmental awareness contribute to<br />

an endless list of activities.<br />

Koh Chang, <strong>Thai</strong>land’s second<br />

largest island after Phuket as a popular<br />

getaway boasts powdery white sandy<br />

beaches, a plethora of boutique resorts<br />

and restaurants to chill out. With<br />

abundant ecosystems, Koh Chang<br />

makes for a year-round paradise for all<br />

sea and beach lovers.<br />

For a different island vibe, there’s<br />

charming Koh Kood, also surrounded<br />

by the azure sea and blessed by bright<br />

blue skies that’s a haven from a busy<br />

city life. Enjoy the luxury of time while<br />

strolling around the fisherman village<br />

in Ao Salat (Pirate Bay) and embrace<br />

the slow-paced lifestyle. Dotted with<br />

Clockwise from Top<br />

A lighthouse stands<br />

tall at Bang Bao<br />

Bay, Koh Chang.<br />

Enjoy the endless<br />

view on Koh Mak.<br />

Rowing along Trat’s<br />

lush and green<br />

waterways.<br />

seafood restaurants, Ao Salat is a place<br />

to get the fresh catch of the day from<br />

the sea, both cooked and raw. Enjoy<br />

a variety of beach activities or laze<br />

around in the resort on the island.<br />

Koh Mak island sits between Koh<br />

Chang and Koh Kood. This idyllic island<br />

offers an enticing line of coconut trees<br />

along the powdery white sand beach<br />

that will put you in vacation mode. With<br />

crystal-clear water in the bays being<br />

calm and safe, visitors can choose to<br />

dive into Ao Ta Nid, Ao Phai, Ao Prong,<br />

Ao Pad and Ao Daeng. The villagers<br />

live a simple life, engaging in their work<br />

in rubber plantations and traditional<br />

fisheries. The abundant coral reefs<br />

around Koh Mak and its neighbouring<br />

islands make popular spots for shallow<br />

water snorkelling.<br />

Close to Koh Mak is Koh Kham, an<br />

island where a huge volcanic rock lines<br />

the shore, making a dramatic contrast<br />

against white sand and deep blue sea.<br />

The vibrant coral reef on the east side<br />

of the island is a beautiful place to<br />

snorkel and scuba dive.<br />

Apart from the beautiful islands<br />

and stunning sea, Trat also has various<br />

interesting community-based tourism<br />

attractions under its sleeve such as<br />

Ban Nam Chiao Ecotourism Group, and<br />

26<br />




Clockwise from Top<br />

Kayaking,<br />

one of the most<br />

popular activities<br />

on Koh Kood.<br />

Traditional woven<br />

hats made from<br />

palm leaves and<br />

bamboo called<br />

“Ngob Nam Chiao”.<br />

Huay Raeng Sub-district Ecotourism<br />

Group. These community-based tourism<br />

initiatives are outstanding places to<br />

learn how to live harmoniously with<br />

different cultures and beliefs and with<br />

nature. Ban Nam Chiao Ecotourism<br />

Group is a multicultural community<br />

where Buddhists, Muslims and <strong>Thai</strong>-<br />

Chinese groups live happily together<br />

with everyone respecting the different<br />

cultures and religious beliefs. Ban<br />

Nam Chiao community is proud of its<br />

famous handicraft “Ngob Nam Chiao”,<br />

traditional woven hats made from palm<br />

leaves and bamboo in the shape of a<br />

wok pan.<br />

Blessed with an abundant ecosystem,<br />

the Huay Raeng community dwells in<br />

the heart of major diversity with sources<br />

of fresh water, brackish water and brine.<br />

The seasonal tides give the shoreside<br />

plantations plenty of nourishment, making it fruitful all year<br />

round. The community is also well-known for its folk wisdom<br />

learning and sharing. By relying on their knowledge, the strongbonded<br />

community live harmoniously with nature. Villagers<br />

grow vegetables and fruits, catch giant freshwater prawn, make<br />

rice wrapped in betel nut bract as an eco-friendly lunchbox<br />

instead of using plastic containers or plastic bags while artisan<br />

soap is made from mangosteen rind.<br />

For more information, contact Tourism Authority of <strong>Thai</strong>land (TAT) Trat<br />

office at +66 (0) 39 597 259-60 or the Visitor Information Centre 1672.<br />




A Wonder Herb<br />

A popular garden herb in a <strong>Thai</strong><br />

household, lemongrass is much loved<br />

for its aromatic scent and a key culinary<br />

ingredient in the often requested<br />

tom yum soup. This plant is crucial<br />

among <strong>Thai</strong> herbs plants as it contains<br />

antioxidants, flavonoids and phenolic<br />

compounds that provide abundant<br />

health benefits. It helps in increasing<br />

appetite, alleviating flu symptoms,<br />

coughs and headaches while its<br />

anti-oxidant properties generate a<br />

youthfulness to the skin. When boiled<br />

and made into lemongrass juice and<br />

lemongrass tea that’s served either<br />

iced or hot, the herb miraculously<br />

refreshes and comes with a bonus to<br />

cooling down the body. Among its other<br />

benefits include aiding with digestion<br />

and reducing gastrointestinal gas. Most<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> people usually make sure they have<br />

lemongrass in their kitchen as it helps<br />

reduce a fishy or meat odour when it<br />

comes to cooking.<br />

Lemongrass also comes with another<br />

highlighted feature: its essential oil<br />

that’s found in the stems and leaves. Its<br />

fragrance finds common use as an insect<br />

and mosquito repellent. Apart from its<br />

relaxing fragrance, applying lemongrass<br />

essential oil on the skin gives a warmth<br />

that helps release muscle tension. When<br />

used to massage the body, the soothing<br />

oil rids the body of muscle strains and<br />

joint pain and a reason why lemongrass<br />

essential oil is a much sought-after<br />

ingredient in massage oils and spa<br />

products compared to other herbs.<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 4 lemongrass stalks<br />

• 4 cups of water<br />

• ¾ cup of sugar<br />

• Small ice cubes<br />

• 4 pandanus leaves<br />

to add fragrance<br />

Instructions<br />

Clean lemongrass and pandanus leaves<br />

in water.<br />

Chop the lemongrass and pound the<br />

chopped pieces. Tie them into chunks<br />

using pandanus leaves.<br />

Measure water and pour into a pot,<br />

followed by the lemongrass and pandanus<br />

leaves. Simmer on medium heat until<br />

the water boils and takes on a light<br />

greenish colour.<br />

Remove the pot from the flame. Filter<br />

the lemongrass and pandanus leftover<br />

from the liquid.<br />

Reheat the filtered juice. Add sugar until<br />

it melts. Adjust the taste as preferred.<br />

Let the liquid cool down, add ice<br />

cubes, and decorate the glass with fresh<br />

lemongrass.<br />

TIPS<br />

Filtered lemongrass<br />

stalks can be boiled 1-2<br />

more times. The taste<br />

may be less rich, but the<br />

drink is still wonderfully<br />

refreshing.<br />


30 31




A Good<br />

Bunch<br />

The crescent-shaped banana reigns<br />

as one of the world’s most favourite<br />

fruits. Neatly tucked in its own peel,<br />

the grab and go benefit makes it a<br />

portable choice and eco-friendly<br />

when it comes to disposing the<br />

skin. Just peel and take a bite – no<br />

utensils required.<br />

Loaded with valuable micronutrients<br />

especially potassium, this tropical<br />

fruit is an excellent source of vitamin<br />

C, D, B6, fibre, and carbohydrates.<br />

Bananas can be eaten alone or<br />

mixed into a fruit salad, added to the<br />

gelatin dessert of jello, or spun into a<br />

smoothie, a milkshake or baked into<br />

a delicious banana bread.<br />

The ancestors of the domestic<br />

banana plant and also a wild variety<br />

remain inedible due to several large<br />

black seeds are called Butuhan in<br />

the Philippines and Kluay Tani in<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land. The bananas we see today<br />

are the tasty mutants with immature<br />

seeds that won’t develop at all.<br />

Originally found in Southeast<br />

Asia, bananas were brought<br />

west by Arab conquerors, then<br />

moved from Asia Minor to Africa.<br />

From Africa to the Americas,<br />

Spanish and Portuguese colonists<br />

adopted the fruit’s African name<br />

“banana,” which might have been<br />

derived from the Arabic word<br />

meaning ‘finger’.<br />

There are more than 1,000<br />

varieties of bananas in Africa and<br />

Asia. They are the world’s most<br />

popular fruit which have been<br />

eaten everywhere from New York<br />

to Berlin, London to Moscow.<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land has plenty of banana<br />

varieties too, Kluay Nam Wa or<br />

Pisang Awak (sweet, firm and with<br />

a bit of sticky, starchy texture<br />

when eaten), Kluay Leb Mue<br />

Nang or Lady’s Finger Banana<br />

(creamy consistency with a sweet<br />

flavour), Kluay Khai or Baby<br />

Banana (rich and sweet, with a<br />

honey-like taste), Kluay Hak Mook<br />

or Silver Bluggoe (sweet, with a<br />

fluffy texture).<br />

Bananas in <strong>Thai</strong>land can be<br />

eaten raw or cooked as snacks<br />

or savoury dishes: Kaeng Luk<br />

Kluay (a young banana curry),<br />

Khao Tom Mut (banana in<br />

steamed sticky rice), Kluay Buat<br />

Chi (bananas in coconut milk),<br />

Kluay Ping (grilled banana) and<br />

Kluay Tak (sun-dried banana).<br />

Endless in taste and varieties,<br />

the tropical prosperity of bananas<br />

indeed knows no bounds.<br />






In the spirit of conversion, Hong Kong<br />

now sports a new art complex that<br />

widens the scope of what we mean<br />

by exhibition.<br />

For years, locals knew of its history<br />

as the Police Headquarters in the Mid-<br />

Levels section in Hong Kong’s Central<br />

district. With a nice, leisurely walk or ride<br />

along the escalators to get there, Tai Kwun<br />

Centre for Heritage and Arts is an ideal<br />

rendezvous spot for art, dining and<br />

community gathering in what was once<br />

a police station, courthouse and prison.<br />

Purposeful<br />

Rebirth<br />

There’s no stopping the practice of turning things<br />

abandoned or discarded to be of benefit again. Newfound<br />

ways now mean a prison yard in Hong Kong becomes<br />

an inspiring community space for higher art while<br />

entrepreneurs in the capital of Myanmar are using their<br />

artistic visions to try to fix a major problem.<br />

Words N Wright Photos Bigs Vatcharasith<br />

Hong Kong is home to many of<br />

the world’s leading commercial galleries<br />

but has always lacked a museumstandard<br />

not-for-profit art space.<br />

Tai Kwun, meaning “big station” in<br />

Chinese, fills that gap. Impressive in<br />

scale, three of the buildings are declared<br />

monuments that bore witness to rich<br />

history; surprising facts include Ho Chi<br />

Minh’s imprisonment there in the 1930s<br />

and its use as a Japanese army base<br />

during World War II.<br />

With a rebirth since it was<br />

decommissioned in 2006, the inviting<br />

complex of open spaces and courtyards<br />

of 16 heritage buildings and two new<br />

buildings by Swiss architect Herzog de<br />

Meuron blend seamlessly across the<br />

Hong Kong skyline. The designers have<br />

inserted two modern buildings in the<br />

complex; a gallery for contemporary<br />

art and a 200-seat auditorium for the<br />

performing arts, film screenings and<br />

events. Both are clad in monumental<br />

perforated aluminium bricks that mimic<br />

the façades of the buildings. JC Cube,<br />

the Laundry Steps, the Prison Yard<br />

and the Parade Ground will become<br />

performance spaces for theatre, music,<br />

dance and film, with a wide range of<br />

programming. Prison cells with their<br />

original numbers and locks can be<br />

toured with video projections depicting<br />

stories of time in incarceration, including<br />

attempted jailbreaks.<br />

Visitors can walk through more than<br />

1,500 square metres of exhibition space<br />

that hosts six to eight exhibitions every<br />

year. Catch two inaugural exhibitions:<br />

a group show titled Dismantling the<br />

Scaffold, curated by Christina Li of Spring<br />

Workshop, along with an exhibition<br />

of new work by Hong Kong artist<br />

Wing Po So. In a bid to connect<br />

visitors to the community’s past, an<br />

exhibition titled “100 Faces of Tai<br />

Kwun” gives an intriguing glimpse<br />

into the history, the compound and<br />

its neighbourhood, complete with<br />

interactive spaces and setup.<br />

Beyond art and culture, Tai Kwun<br />

offers dining options that range from<br />

a casual drink to cocktails to sit down<br />

meals including Café Claudel bistro<br />

and Old Bailey. Stay for as long as you<br />

can – there’s a light and sound show<br />

late evening and a perfect way to end<br />

the night if you happen to be in<br />

the neighbourhood.<br />

34<br />




Words & Photos Ronan O’Connell<br />



Yangon is one of Asia’s fastest-growing cities,<br />

swelling by the day as it becomes an increasingly<br />

attractive home for people from Myanmar’s rural<br />

areas. This overcrowding in Yangon has created a<br />

major trash problem, which resulted in a gigantic<br />

garbage dump fire which burned for almost two<br />

weeks this April.<br />

Now local artists in Yangon are trying to<br />

tackle this problem by re-purposing garbage to<br />

use as materials in their inventive artworks and<br />

household items. Leading this charge is a motherand-son<br />

team called Shin Thant Upcycle Craft.<br />

Daw Cingh Khaw Huai and her 27-year-old son<br />

Peter started this business in 2015 not just<br />

as a way of making a living, but as an attempt<br />

to change the way Burmese people think<br />

about waste.<br />

Peter explains this to me as we walk around<br />

Hla Day, a funky shop in downtown Yangon which<br />

specialises in eco-friendly products. This shop<br />

is one of the key outlets for the goods which<br />

are handmade by Peter and his mother in their<br />

apartment in Yangon’s eastern suburbs.<br />

“Conserving the environment is something<br />

which I’ve thought about for many years and been<br />

interested in but something which I think Burmese<br />

people don’t pay enough attention to,” Peter<br />

tells me, as he holds a wallet made from recycled<br />

newspaper. “So much stuff just gets thrown away<br />

which could actually be used to make things of<br />

value. We can’t keep doing that. Yangon is growing<br />

so fast, there will be more and more rubbish, so<br />

we have to become smarter about re-using it.”<br />

Peter’s family home is overflowing with used<br />

plastic bags and newspapers. He and his mother<br />

spend many hours each week sorting through<br />

these materials, cleaning them and then flattening<br />

them out. Once the bags and newspapers have<br />

gone through this process they are ready to be<br />

“upcycled”, as Peter likes to call it. The newspaper<br />

is compacted, folded and stitched together to<br />

make chic purses and wallets. The plastic bags,<br />

meanwhile, are heated and pressed into multiplelayers<br />

to create a strong material for items like<br />

handbags and lampshades.<br />

These products are designed to appeal to<br />

Yangon’s increasing number of Western tourists,<br />

who make up the majority of their customers.<br />

Unfortunately Shin Thant’s upycling efforts are not<br />

yet greatly appreciated by locals. The concept of<br />

upcycling is still very foreign to Burmese people,<br />

Peter says with a sigh of resignation. It was foreign<br />

support which had enabled he and his mother to<br />

start their upcycling. In 2014 Peter took part in<br />

an eco-friendly project funded by an Italian nonprofit<br />

organisation in which Yangon locals were<br />

encouraged to make creative and useful items<br />

from discarded plastics.<br />

This experience convinced Peter that upcycling<br />

had a big future in Myanmar. Now he just has<br />

to convince his fellow Burmese people of this.<br />

“Even though local people haven’t really got into<br />

our products much yet, or got into upcycling, I’m<br />

confident still that upcycling is the way forward<br />

for us as a country,” he says. “The more problems<br />

we have with having too much rubbish in the city,<br />

I think people will start to understand what we’re<br />

doing is important.”<br />





Who doesn’t find pleasure in a bit of<br />

pampering from time to time? When<br />

that time comes, the Santiburi Spa offers<br />

lavish indulgence and soothing solace<br />

within the confines of its Old Siaminspired<br />

design and concept.<br />

Nestled in the resort’s gardens, you<br />

are met with the sounds of trickling water<br />

and the sweet aroma of lemongrass.<br />

Stunningly-detailed carved wood panels<br />

accent the peaceful ambiance while you<br />

sip fresh fragrant tamarind juice. Begin<br />

your journey to relaxation by outlining<br />

your treatment preferences such as oil<br />

fragrance, massage pressure, and areas<br />

of the body for your therapist to focus<br />

on. Discover the marble-topped Vichy<br />

shower bed, steam room, outdoor soaking<br />

Finding Favourites in<br />

Koh Samui and Phuket<br />

Words and Photos Jeremie Schatz<br />

Anyway you look at it, no two<br />

resort islands are alike. But the<br />

one thing Koh Samui and Phuket<br />

have in common is the luxurious<br />

abundance of hotels, restaurants<br />

to spas to explore.<br />

tub, and the perfected traditions of<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> massage. Replenish your body and<br />

spirit with luxurious aromatic therapies,<br />

pedicures, manicures, and more.<br />

If you truly seek to revel in a state of<br />

heavenly bliss, the <strong>Thai</strong> oil massage will<br />

take you there. Simply lying face down on<br />

the massage table with a bowl of freshly<br />

picked orchids and aromatics is when you<br />

begin to realise what it must be like to be<br />

royalty. The trained and certified massage<br />

therapists are attentive and work in slow<br />

and deliberate movements – this is worlds<br />

away from the cheap massage parlours<br />

dotting all tourist areas in <strong>Thai</strong>land. In fact,<br />

Santiburi’s Spa was one of the first to be<br />

certified by the Ministry of Public Health.<br />

To obtain this certification, a spa must<br />

Clockwise from<br />

Top Left<br />

A massage right on<br />

the beach is part of<br />

an afternoon well<br />

spent.<br />

The elegant<br />

treatment room.<br />

It’s impossible to<br />

leave the Santiburi<br />

Spa without<br />

reaching a state of<br />

divine relaxation.<br />

Splendid spa<br />

products are also<br />

available in the<br />

gift shop.<br />

meet strict guidelines regarding ambience,<br />

equipment, management, products, quality<br />

of service and more. The Santiburi Spa is<br />

one of only 28 spas in <strong>Thai</strong>land to hold<br />

this certification.<br />

If you can’t pull yourself away from<br />

the sand, beachside massage is available<br />

just feet from the breaking waves.<br />

Whether you have booked one of the<br />

beautiful rooms at Santiburi or are staying<br />

elsewhere in Koh Samui and searching<br />

for a quality spa experience, the Santiburi<br />

Spa will leave nothing more to be desired.<br />

Santiburi Koh Samui<br />

12/12 Moo 1, Maenam Beach,<br />

Koh Samui, Surat Thani<br />

+66 (0) 77 425 031<br />

info@santiburisamui.com<br />






RESORT<br />

Blessed with its own private beach and<br />

blissful waterside location, the Tongsai<br />

Bay Resort also plays host to the Po Lad<br />

Beach Bistro. While the chic all-day<br />

dining spot lies at the heart of the resort,<br />

the doors are open to any who wish to<br />

explore the recently recreated menu.<br />

What lends to the bistro’s uniqueness,<br />

and is certainly intriguing to a growing<br />

number of diners, is the extensive and<br />

original vegetarian menu. Meat dishes<br />

are also available for those carnivores;<br />

however the plant-based creations are<br />

without a doubt some of the best to be<br />

found in Koh Samui.<br />

Fitting for an all-day bistro, a vast<br />

array of more than 60 menu options<br />

are offered up ranging from the freshbaked<br />

signature pizza sporting thinly<br />

sliced salmon with zingy rocket and<br />

mozzarella, onion-ring-topped wagyu<br />

beef burgers from the grill, to the rich<br />

and tangy seafood niçoise salad with<br />

homemade dressing.<br />

The collection of obligatory, yet<br />

carefully concocted <strong>Thai</strong> dishes have<br />

origins spanning the country. Try the<br />

crowd-pleasing sweet and savoury<br />

khao soi gai curry from Chiang Mai in<br />

the north, the pan-fried egg noodles of<br />

phad mee sapam thalay born in Phuket<br />

in the south, and the sweet and sour<br />

goodness of tom yum goong with its<br />

roots in central <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

Looking back to the vegetarian<br />

menu you will find dynamic creations<br />

Clockwise from Top<br />

Look out for specials<br />

like this spicy shrimp<br />

wrap - an ideal<br />

lunch option.<br />

Everyone loves<br />

a good tom yum<br />

goong, especially<br />

when it’s made with<br />

the freshest and<br />

most tender prawns.<br />

With a location<br />

like this, there’s<br />

no reason to rush<br />

through a meal at<br />

Po Lad.<br />

If you’ve never tried<br />

khao soi gai, do<br />

yourself a favour<br />

and discover your<br />

new favourite.<br />

like the roasted pumpkin and rocket<br />

salad sprinkled with fresh parmesan and<br />

feta. The pumpkin gnocchi which blends<br />

traditional tomato sauce and phanaeng<br />

curry is symbolic of the unique offerings.<br />

In addition to the plethora of<br />

omnivorous, vegetarian, and gluten-free<br />

offerings, Po Lad sources their organic<br />

“birds claw” rice locally, which is chosen<br />

for its high nutritional content and<br />

nutty flavour.<br />

Feeling inspired by your meal at<br />

Po Lad? Tongsai Bay Resort not only<br />

offers <strong>Thai</strong> cooking classes, but they<br />

will take you to their off-site organic<br />

garden where you personally harvest<br />

the ingredients for your meals.<br />

The Tongsai Bay<br />

84 Moo 5, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani<br />

+ 66 (0) 77 913 750<br />

info@tongsaibay.co.th<br />





Arguably Phuket’s most popular, and<br />

certainly most raucous, beach destination,<br />

Patong Beach is sometimes referred to as<br />

“Bangkok on the beach”. Steady streams<br />

of visitors from a diverse range of locales<br />

around the world come for the Andaman’s<br />

tropical sun, sand, and sea, and the<br />

promise of wild times on Bangla Road.<br />

Every type of imaginable<br />

accommodation can be found but<br />

none can quite match La Flora for its<br />

combination of prime location, beach<br />

front access, boutique-resort style,<br />

and friendly service. Situated right<br />

smack dab in the middle of Patong<br />

Beach, La Flora is fortunate enough to<br />

have staked a claim to 2.7 rai (about one<br />

acre) of some of the most desirable real<br />

estate in Phuket.<br />

The quaint 67-room property offers<br />

up seven lodging varieties ranging from<br />

the roomy, water-side pool view rooms, up<br />

to the 2-bedroom beach-front grand deluxe<br />

pool villas. The rooms are all tastefully<br />

outfitted with a blend of contemporary tile<br />

and warm, natural wood accents. Extensive<br />

lighting details help set the mood and<br />

create a beautiful atmosphere, all controlled<br />

from a central bedside remote. Add in<br />

the up-to-date flat screen TV, Bluetooth<br />

soundbar, and relaxing bathtub and you’ll<br />

feel right at home.<br />

All Photos Courtesy of La Flora<br />

La Flora might be a small property<br />

but they sport a spa, workout room, 2<br />

restaurants (one is rooftop), a beach bar,<br />

concierge/activities desk, and chill out<br />

spots sprinkled around the grounds. The<br />

Surface rooftop restaurant/bar is open<br />

to the public and is a choice sunset spot<br />

with its sublime views over Patong Bay.<br />

Kick back in a bean bag with a fruity<br />

cocktail while parasailers float past in<br />

front of another epic Andaman sunset.<br />

One of the most distinguishing<br />

features of La Flora is that despite it being<br />

only 200 metres from the uninhibited<br />

nightlife to be found at Bangla Road, it is<br />

an oasis of peace and solitude. While you<br />

can relax in the oversized lobby chairs and<br />

watch the world go by on the busy street,<br />

once inside of the resort you are met with<br />

quiet privacy and perhaps a much needed<br />

respite from the bustling city outside.<br />

Clockwise from<br />

Top Left<br />

No matter which<br />

room you choose at La<br />

Flora, the pool is right<br />

outside your door.<br />

Spectacular<br />

bird’s-eye view of<br />

a secluded beach<br />

— just steps away<br />

from La Flora.<br />

A specious, waterside<br />

pool view room<br />

awaits you in all<br />

seasons.<br />

Finding a comfy<br />

place to kick back and<br />

relax certainly isn’t a<br />

problem at La Flora<br />

as all rooms are<br />

stylishly decorated<br />

with a contemporary<br />

warm atmosphere.<br />

Only a few properties have their<br />

own little slice of Patong Beach and<br />

La Flora is one of them. You can work<br />

your way out from a comfy poolside<br />

lounge chair to a shady spot in the sand<br />

just steps away. Beach bar staff is on<br />

hand to keep your glass and belly full.<br />

Speaking of staff, La Flora has one<br />

of the friendliest and most warm-hearted<br />

teams you’ll encounter. They know<br />

you by name right away and make<br />

great effort to note what your likes and<br />

dislikes are. Such being the case, this<br />

explains why during the busy season you<br />

may find nearly every guest at La Flora<br />

is a return customer. After a visit, you<br />

might find yourself joining them.<br />

La Flora Resort Patong<br />

39 Thaweewong Road, Patong Beach,<br />

Kathu, Phuket<br />

+66 (0) 76 344 241<br />

info@laflorapatong.com<br />




discover asia’s premier shared<br />

holiday ownership programme<br />


While the popular saying is, “you’ll feel<br />

like you’ve died and gone to heaven,”<br />

let’s go ahead and skip straight to the<br />

heaven part – which is exactly where<br />

the Anantara Spa will leave you thinking<br />

you are.<br />

Tucked up on the hillside above<br />

the lobby of Anantara Layan Phuket,<br />

this little slice of heaven has a view of<br />

the glistening Andaman Sea, a kidneyshaped<br />

pool in front, surrounded by a<br />

tropical garden and serene lily ponds.<br />

The highly-skilled spa therapists are<br />

ready to expertly carry out the wide<br />

array of treatments offered by this wellreputed<br />

spa. Anantara spas take what<br />

they do very seriously with specialists<br />

44<br />

visiting often to further the knowledge<br />

and abilities of their therapists, training<br />

them in the latest techniques and stateof-the-art<br />

products.<br />

A well-rounded menu awaits guests<br />

to choose from any number of spa<br />

experiences ranging from 60 minutes<br />

to five days for individuals or couples.<br />

Treatments run the gamut from the<br />

classic world-renowned <strong>Thai</strong> massage<br />

where the masseuse guides your body<br />

through invigorating stretches to the<br />

Layan Bamboo Retreat where heated<br />

bamboo sticks are combined with<br />

aromatic oils to work out knots and<br />

relieve tension.<br />

Other Anantara Spa offerings<br />

include salt and hibiscus scrubs with<br />

exotic Monoi oil, acupressure and<br />

aromatherapy massages, steam rooms<br />

with relaxing <strong>Thai</strong> herbs, and after-sun<br />

treatments with aloe vera and soothing<br />

oils. The spa’s therapists have also been<br />

trained in specialised pre and post-natal<br />

massage to ease the stresses and pains<br />

of pregnancy on the body.<br />

The Sea Shell and Herbal Therapy<br />

treatment utilises unique techniques<br />

employing polished and heated sea<br />

shells. The shell’s shape helps match<br />

that of the body and naturally flow with<br />

the body’s contours. It’s also thought<br />

that calcium ions in the shells help to<br />

rejuvenate and firm the skin.<br />

Since you’re on vacation, you might<br />

as well spoil yourself with one of their<br />

Luxury Bath Rituals which can be<br />

enjoyed at the spa or in the comfort of<br />

your own room. There’s one for him with<br />

Clockwise from<br />

Top Left<br />

Tough decisions:<br />

to soak in the<br />

jacuzzi tub first,<br />

get a heavenly<br />

massage on the<br />

most comfortable<br />

massage beds ever,<br />

or hit the steam<br />

room?<br />

Anantara Spa<br />

carefully selects the<br />

finest quality spa<br />

products for you to<br />

take home.<br />

With a view of the<br />

sparkling Andaman<br />

Sea and filled with<br />

lovely aromatics,<br />

the spa’s foyer<br />

offers just a tease<br />

of what lies inside.<br />

Attain a deeper<br />

level of calm: sip<br />

freshly brewed<br />

fruit tea to the<br />

sounds of soothing<br />

music from a cushy<br />

daybed.<br />

more masculine scents like cedar wood<br />

and sandalwood and a glass of Johnnie<br />

Walker Gold, and one for her with more<br />

feminine fragrances like rose and lavender<br />

and a Mai Tai.<br />

Multi-day retreats provide an<br />

opportunity for your entire holistic<br />

wellbeing to be catered. The three or<br />

five day retreats include bath rituals,<br />

massages, detoxes, facials, manicures,<br />

pedicures, hair treatments, and more.<br />

The Anantara Spa Layan truly takes<br />

luxurious pampering to another level.<br />

Anantara Layan Phuket Resort<br />

168 Moo 6, Layan Beach Soi 4<br />

Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket<br />

+66 (0) 76 317 200<br />

spa.layan@anantara.com<br />


3 days, 2 nights – deluxe view room at<br />

anantara siam bangkok hotel<br />

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Daily breakfast for 2 persons included<br />

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3 days, 2 nights – one bedroom<br />

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mai khao phuket<br />

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Round trip airport-hotel transfers for 2 persons included<br />

Each entry automatically enrolls you<br />

for a chance to win a Grand Prize of THB 100,000<br />

Winners chosen 31 December <strong>2018</strong> and 31 January 2019<br />

Scan<br />

to win


Artisanally<br />

Words Sirin P Wongpanit<br />

Photos Permboon Wongpanit<br />

Yours<br />

Singapore tops the list of<br />

‘great small countries’ with<br />

outstanding examples of<br />

modernity, technologies<br />

and brains. Amidst all things<br />

modern however, Singaporeans<br />

now find meaning in the<br />

craft of edibles.<br />

You can say that the brain has a<br />

great ability to discern the good<br />

from the bad. But it is the stomach<br />

that “holds” your heart. The art<br />

of making good and delicious food does<br />

not have to be at all fancy, it is genuine<br />

sustenance and its old recipes that have<br />

not only made them survive, but also<br />

thrive amidst modern Singapore. Younger<br />

generations here, despite their aspirational<br />

education and high-paying professions, are<br />

seeking out the tradition of crafted foods.<br />

We now see the swift rise of artisanal eats in<br />

Singapore becoming as prominent as their<br />

economic prowess.<br />

Reading about the Lion City<br />

leads you to two main points.<br />

First, this island nation has a<br />

reputation stacking high with its<br />

long list of being the regoin’s,<br />

if not the world’s, centre stage<br />

in so many aspects. Finance trade,<br />

technology, and medical technology,<br />

they lead as a smart city or leader<br />

– even as a maritime port or in<br />

oil-refining. Earlier this year,<br />

CNBC confirmed that Singapore,<br />

for the fifth year in a roll, maintains<br />

its long-standing position as being<br />

the world’s most expensive city to<br />

live in, making it official that this<br />

place is even pricier to have<br />

a life in than New York, London<br />

and Paris.<br />

But then, if you talk to any<br />

Singaporean, or any food-obsessed<br />

native, you will notice one thing.<br />

The younger generations now<br />

favour hawker food, whose stands<br />

serve as the place where a multitude<br />

of tasty and satisfying bites can<br />

be savoured at good value. This<br />

creation of authentic food follows<br />

or sometimes develop from<br />

ancestral recipes.<br />

“We call them hawkerpreneurs,”<br />

says Peh Ching Her, the fourth<br />

generation owner of the 93-yearold<br />

Pek Sin Choon, the shop<br />

for original Nanyang Tea in<br />

Singapore’s Chinatown, in<br />

referring to the rise of young<br />

owners of old-school hawker food<br />

46<br />



Above<br />

Old-school method of<br />

packing tea by hand<br />

at Pek Sin Choon Tea<br />

Shop in Chinatown.<br />

A variety of<br />

hand-made steam<br />

dumplings at Jalan<br />

Kukoh Food Centre.<br />

Below<br />

Mr. Peh Ching Her,<br />

a fourth generation<br />

owner of Pek Sin<br />

Choon Tea Shop in<br />

Chinatown.<br />

stalls. “They are a breath of fresh<br />

air in our ecological food system.<br />

While many of them are trying<br />

to perpetuate the old-school<br />

eats of Singapore, many of them<br />

(the food entrepreneurs) develop<br />

something entirely new, that<br />

somehow maintain crucial links to<br />

the past.”<br />

Our four days in Singapore<br />

confirmed the fact that the city<br />

is exorbitantly pricey. Museums<br />

here do not offer a ‘free day’ of<br />

the week, and admission can cost<br />

up to S$26 per adult. Taking a<br />

taxi can produce a real sweat,<br />

especially if you are hurrying into<br />

the city centre while their smart<br />

road-congestion managing system<br />

or ERP (Electronic Road Pricing)<br />

ticking up the metre for the final<br />

cost. But when it comes to food,<br />

we are pretty impressed. There are<br />

a lot of great and delicious foods at<br />

amazing values. And we are talking<br />

about real artisanal and hearty fare<br />

that is available to everyone.<br />

The curry puff as a snack well<br />

represents Singapore with a mixture<br />

of Malay and Chinese characteristics.<br />

Spices came from its trading<br />

background, when its fragrant<br />

migration dominated its maritime<br />

ports. At Wang Wang Crispy Curry<br />

Puff stall at the Old Airport Hawker<br />

Center - perhaps the oldest part<br />

of Singapore - the puff pastry gets<br />

rolled by hand, stuffed with fillings<br />

and then speedily crimped before<br />

being deep-fried. The crispy, flaky<br />

and very yummy treat will cost you<br />

just about S$1.20.<br />

But if you are up for more,<br />

like chunkier pieces of chicken<br />

and potatoes, or creamy custard<br />

and luscious durian puffs, head<br />

to the air-conditioned Soon Soon<br />

Huat on East Coast Road in Katong<br />

area. A daughter now continues<br />

her grandmother’s recipes with<br />

a modern flair. A coffee or tea set<br />

with a signature handmade puff<br />

will cost you just S$2.60.<br />

The obsession with handmade<br />

edibles continues with many things<br />

Above<br />

Deep fried sesame balls at one of the<br />

hawker centres in Singapore.<br />

Below<br />

Singapore old-school tarts in local<br />

varieties and shapes.<br />

Above<br />

Curry puffs are like smaller pies filled<br />

with the goodness of a curry or other<br />

filling variation.<br />

Below<br />

Assorted old-school baked goodies at the<br />

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery<br />

(Hue Kee) in Alexandra Village.<br />

There are a lot of great and<br />

delicious foods at amazing<br />

values. And we are talking<br />

about real artisanal and<br />

hearty fare that is available<br />

to everyone.<br />

48<br />



Clockwise, from Left<br />

Sibling owners carry<br />

on the tradition of<br />

making kueh.<br />

Curry puffs at the<br />

Old Airport Hawker<br />

Centre are made<br />

fresh on the spot.<br />

Prepping recipes<br />

at the Chinatown<br />

Tai Chong Kok<br />

Confectionery.<br />

in Singapore. At Jalan Kukoh Food<br />

Centre not too far from the Chinatown,<br />

a nondescript Teochew Kueh shop<br />

is busy taking orders and turning<br />

away those who did not call and<br />

order in advance.<br />

Teochew Kueh, a type of steamed<br />

dumpling, has skin made from rice<br />

flour and the stuffing varies from<br />

bamboo shoots, turnips, dried<br />

shrimp to chives and yam. As you<br />

might guess, this stall makes every<br />

single thing by hand. Hand-kneaded<br />

‘kueh’ skin, with hand-chopped<br />

ingredients and stir-fried fillings<br />

make their way into each delicious<br />

treat that will cost you just about a<br />

dollar each.<br />

All food artisans we talked to<br />

confessed that going old-school is a<br />

tough choice, but it’s a better choice<br />

nonetheless. At the Chinatown<br />

Tai Chong Kok Confectionery<br />

(Hue Kee), heaps of fresh lotus<br />

seeds get hand-sorted, cleaned<br />

and made into the luscious and<br />

thick paste fillings for this year’s<br />

mooncake festival. Now into its<br />

second generation, Tai Chong Kok<br />

still perpetuates the use of ancient<br />

recipes - all done by hand. “It’s<br />

a natural thing to do,” explains<br />

Wing Cheong who from dawn each<br />

day checks into this production<br />

unit in Aljunied area, while he’s<br />

prepping and producing oldschool<br />

Cantonese confectioneries.<br />

“Although it is tiring, handmade<br />

foods are always better.”<br />

Above, from Left<br />

to Right<br />

Curry puffs at Old<br />

Airport Hawker<br />

Centre are freshly<br />

made at their spot.<br />

At Tai Chong Kok,<br />

lotus seeds are<br />

hand-picked for this<br />

year’s mooncake<br />

festival.<br />

Apart from the homemade lotus<br />

paste, Tai Chong Kok is also a master<br />

in recreating nostalgic treats. This is<br />

my first time biting into the crispy,<br />

yet with a bit of chewiness, savoury<br />

cookie called ‘baby chicken cookie,’<br />

or ‘gai zai pang.’ It’s made with<br />

traditional ingredients, including<br />

lard and preserved red bean curd,<br />

hence its distinct sharp aroma and<br />

texture. This particular cookie recipe<br />

might have been a century old, going<br />

back to the time Chinese settlers here<br />

would have asked for a fresh brew of<br />

strong and fragrant tea to go with it.<br />



In 1965, Singapore, which used<br />

to be a part of Malaysia, became a<br />

sovereign nation. With a land area<br />

of about 590 square kilometres,<br />

no hinterlands and not much<br />

in natural resources, Singapore<br />

completely depends much on<br />

imports and making do with what<br />

they have. But look at Singapore<br />

today and the locals will say to<br />

you with a swell of pride. “We have<br />

nothing, yet we have everything.”<br />

Nanyang Tea, a particular tea<br />

blend which has become truly<br />

native to Singapore, is the one<br />

local staple that can best tell the<br />

story of this nation. It’s about<br />

thinking ahead, backing it up,<br />

improvising and comparing.<br />

Above, Clockwise<br />

Mother-daughter<br />

team of Soon Soon<br />

Huat.<br />

Curry puffs and<br />

kopi drinks at Café<br />

Soon Soon Huat.<br />

Kueh Dar-Dar,<br />

white coconut roll:a<br />

Peranakan dessert<br />

at Galicier.<br />

Peranakan desserts<br />

at Galicier.<br />

Artisanal kueh<br />

making at Galicier in<br />

Tiong Bahru.<br />

Instead of depending on just<br />

one resource for teas that could<br />

peril its supplies, Singapore tea<br />

merchants decided to blend their<br />

own, using a variety of teas from<br />

different places, thus reducing<br />

their risk of overdependence on<br />

one source. So they made their<br />

very own series of this healthy and<br />

ambrosial tea.<br />

“The brands, the logos, the<br />

names of our teas are as political<br />

as they are historical,” says Mr. Peh,<br />

of Pek Sin Choon. “We were<br />

founded back in 1925, our teas<br />

have been through a series of<br />

political and social events in<br />

Singapore; hence products were<br />

developed in homage to those<br />

(events). But through it all, it is<br />

great to know that even as old as<br />

we are, a new generation of people<br />

are looking back and studying the<br />

past. Tea, food, all the cultures of<br />

Singapore, we hope, will be then in<br />

good hands.”<br />

Artisanal Eats in Singapore<br />

• Get fresh blends of the<br />

• Enjoy an early afternoon tea,<br />

• Soon Soon Huat Crispy Curry<br />

• For refreshing, sparkling teas<br />

signature Nanyang tea at<br />

Teochew style, at Jalan Kukoh<br />

Puff, 220 East Coast Road. opens<br />

made from the old-school style<br />

Pek Sin Choon in Chinatown.<br />

Teochew Kueh (call and reserve<br />

daily: 7.30-17.30.<br />

of Nanyang Tea, head to Danger<br />

peksinchoon.com<br />

in advance), Block 1, Jalan<br />

T +65 6841 5618<br />

Close Tea and ask for their<br />

Kukoh, Kukoh 21 Food Centre,<br />

‘Chinois’ blend. Block 120, Bukit<br />

• Order the most traditional<br />

01-19/20. Opens Tuesdays<br />

• Try Nonya kueh and mango<br />

Merah Lane 1 #01-05,<br />

mooncakes and “baby chicken”<br />

7am until sold out, and 4-9pm,<br />

cakes and other Peranakan<br />

T +65 9435 9194<br />

cookies from Tai Chong Kok<br />

Wednesdays to Sundays 7am<br />

pastries at Tiong Bahru Galicier<br />

Confectionery (Hue Kee),<br />

until sold out, closed Mondays.<br />

Pastry, Block 55, Tiong Bahru<br />

• Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff,<br />

chinatowntaichongkokconfec-<br />

T +65 9838 0235<br />

Road, T +65 6324 1686, daily:<br />

#01-126, Old Airport Food Centre.<br />

tioneryhuekee.com<br />

10.00-21.00 (closed Mondays).<br />

Opens daily: T +65 9090 7009<br />



อาหารไม่ใช่แค่สารที่หล่อเลี้ยงร่างกาย...แต่<br />

อาหารคือชีวิตและจิตวิญญาณ นี่คงจะเป็น<br />

เหตุผลที่หนุ่มสาวชาวสิงคโปร์แสวงหาตำรับ<br />

อาหารโบราณอันโอชะ จนทำให้ศิลปะแห่งอาหาร<br />

เติบโตอย่างรวดเร็วในสิงคโปร์เทียบเท่ากับการ<br />

พัฒนาทางเศรษฐกิจเลยทีเดียว<br />

เมื่อได้พูดคุยกับคนสิงคโปร์ ต่างพูดเป็น<br />

เสียงเดียวกันว่า คนหนุ่มสาวนิยมอาหาร<br />

ฮอกเกอร์ฟู้ด (แหล่งรวมร้านอาหารหลายอย่าง<br />

ไว้ในที่เดียวกัน) เพราะทั้งราคาถูกและอร่อย<br />

แถมส่วนใหญ่ก็เป็นตำรับอาหารโบราณ หรือได้รับ<br />

แรงบันดาลใจจากตำราเก่าแก่<br />

Peh Ching Her เจ้าของรุ่นที่ 4 ของร้าน<br />

Nanyang Tea ดำเนินกิจการมาแล้วกว่า<br />

93 ปี เขาเรียกเจ้าของธุรกิจร้านอาหารเหล่านี้<br />

ว่า “hawkerpreneurs” เขากล่าวว่านี่คือ<br />

บรรยากาศแปลกใหม่สำหรับธุรกิจอาหารใน<br />

สิงคโปร์ มีทั้งร้านที่ขายอาหารในแบบต้นฉบับ<br />

แม้แต่อาหารที่แปลกใหม่ก็ยังเชื่อมกับความ<br />

ดั้งเดิมไม่ทางใดก็ทางหนึ่งอยู่ดี<br />

เมื่ออยู่สิงคโปร์หลายวันเข้า ก็ค้นพบว่า<br />

กระเป๋าไม่ตุงอยู่สิงคโปร์ไม่ได้ ไหนจะค่าพิพิธภัณฑ์<br />

(ไม่มีวันเข้าฟรี) ค่าแท็กซี่บวกค่าธรรมเนียมจาก<br />

ระบบจัดการจราจรหากต้องการเข้าไปยังกลาง<br />

ใจเมืองในเวลาเร่งด่วน แต่ค่าอาหารกลับตรงกัน<br />

ข้าม ของถูกและดีมีอยู่จริงในสิงคโปร์<br />

อาหารจากรสมือดั้งเดิมในสิงคโปร์<br />

• ชิมชา Nanyang ต้นตำรับที่<br />

Pek Sin Choon ในไชน่าทาวน์<br />

peksinchoon.com<br />

• สั่งขนมไหว้พระจันทร์และคุกกี้<br />

“baby chicken”จาก Tai Chong Kok<br />

Confectionery (Hue Kee)<br />

chinatowntaichongkokconfectioneryhuekee.com<br />

• จิบชายามบ่ายสไตล์ Teochew ที่ Jalan<br />

Kukoh Teochew Kueh (โทรจองล่วงหน้า)<br />

บล็อก 1, Jalan Kukoh, Kukoh 21 Food<br />

Centre, 01-19/20. T +65 9838 0235<br />

• Soon Soon Huat Crispy Curry Puff,<br />

220 ถนน East Coast T +65 6841 5618<br />

• Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff,<br />

#01-126, Old Airport Food Centre<br />

T +65 9090 7009<br />

บน<br />

ขนมไหว้พระจันทร์เลื่องชื่อ<br />

ของร้าน Chinatown<br />

Tai Chong Kok<br />

พิถีพิถันคัดเมล็ดบัวด้วย<br />

มือทุกขั้นตอน เพื่อเป็น<br />

ส่วนประกอบชั้นดีของ<br />

ขนมไหว้พระจันทร์<br />

หน้าร้าน Tai Chong<br />

Kok Confectionery<br />

(Hue Kee)<br />

ล่าง<br />

กรรมวิธีทำขนมอบโบราณ<br />

ของร้าน Tai Chong Kok<br />

Confectionery (Hue<br />

Kee) นำขนมเก่าของวัน<br />

ก่อนมาผสมผสานด้วย<br />

อย่างกะหรี่พัฟการผสมผสานระหว่าง<br />

วัฒนธรรมมาเลย์และจีน ให้ตรงดิ่งไปยังร้าน<br />

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff ใน Old<br />

Airport Hawker Center ทางร้านแป้งนวด<br />

แผ่นบาง ใส่ไส้น่าทาน จับจีบอย่างรวดเร็วด้วย<br />

ความชำนาญ แล้วทอดจนเหลืองกรอบ ทั้งหมด<br />

นี้ซื้อได้ในราคาเพียง 30 บาท!<br />

ถ้ายังไม่หนำใจ มุ่งหน้าไปที่ Soon Soon Huat<br />

บนถนน East Coast ย่าน Katong พัฟไก่มันฝรั่ง<br />

แน่นเต็มคำ หรือจะเป็นพัฟครีมคัสตาร์ดทุเรียน<br />

พร้อมกับเซ็ตชาหรือกาแฟ ก็ราคาเพียง 65 บาท<br />

หรือจะเป็น Teochew Kueh หรือขนมจีบ<br />

แป้งข้าวเจ้า ใส่ไส้หน่อไม้ หัวไชเท้า กุ้งแห้ง<br />

ปลาแห้ง และกุ้ยช่าย ร้านหาไม่ยาก อยู่ใน<br />

Jalan Kukoh Food Center ไม่ไกลจากไชน่าทาวน์<br />

นัก ราคาชิ้นละไม่ถึง 30 บาท แต่ต้องโทรมาจอง<br />

คิวก่อน ไม่งั้นอดทานแน่<br />

เจ้าของร้านอาหารเหล่านี้ต่างพูดเป็น<br />

เสียงเดียวกันว่าการตัดสินใจทำอาหารแบบ<br />

ดั้งเดิมนั้นไม่ง่ายเลย แต่เป็นทางเลือกที่ดีกว่า<br />

ทางเลือกอื่น อย่างที่โรงงาน Tai Chong Kok<br />

Confectionery (Hue Kee) คนงานแกะเมล็ด<br />

บัว เลือกสรรอย่างประณีต ล้างให้สะอาด<br />

แล้วนำมาเป็นส่วนผสมของไส้ขนมไหว้<br />

พระจันทร์ในปีนี้ นี่แหละคือการทำอาหาร<br />

อย่างที ่ควรจะเป็น นอกจากนี้ยังมีขนม Gai<br />

Zai Pang หรือคุกกี้กรอบแต่เหนียวนุ่ม ทำมา<br />

จากส่วนผสมดั้งเดิม สูตรอายุกว่าร้อยปีจาก<br />

ผู้อพยพชาวจีนรุ่นแรกๆ เหมาะกับทานคู่ชาแก่<br />

กลิ่นหอมหวน<br />

ที่ขาดไม่ได้คือ Nanyang Tea ชาสัญชาติ<br />

สิงคโปร์ ที่พ่อค้าชาตัดสินใจผสมชาขึ้นเอง<br />

เพราะไม่ต้องการพึ่งพาใบชาจากเพียงแหล่ง<br />

เดียว เกิดเป็นชาเพื่อสุขภาพหอมกรุ่น คุณ<br />

Peh แห่ง Pek Sin Choon กล่าวว่า แบรนด์<br />

โลโก้ และชื่อของชาสะท้อนแนวคิดทางการ<br />

เมืองและประวัติศาสตร์ที่ดำเนินมาตั้งแต่ปี<br />

1925 ได้เป็นอย่างดี เพื่อให้คนรุ่นหลังได้มอง<br />

ย้อนกลับไปและศึกษาอดีตของประเทศ เขา<br />

หวังว่าคนรุ่นหลังจะสามารถบำรุงรักษาทั้งชา<br />

อาหาร และวัฒนธรรมทั้งหมดของสิงคโปร์ไว้<br />

ตราบนานเท่านาน<br />


Tucked in a desirable spot in Phuket’s Bangtao/Laguna area and just minutes away from everything<br />

you need – Botanica Luxury Villas property boasts 21 custom-built elite residences of large open<br />

plans, bespoke design and sophistication in a tropical climate setting. Completed by January<br />

2020, enjoy nearby beaches, restaurants, boutique shops and numerous activities for the family.<br />

Winner of the “Best Luxury Villa Development Phuket” at The Dot Property <strong>Thai</strong>land Awards 2017;<br />

Botanica Luxury Villas is now ready to create your dream home. Three standard designs offer<br />

spaces from 265 to 700 sq. metres with a signature feature of a covered terrace that seamlessly<br />

interconnects all spaces. Other amenities include smart home technology along with 24-hour security.<br />

The Botanica Luxury Villas are also an ideal investment for short term rental accommodations<br />

vacations. Enjoy the remaining duration for your family. For a visual tour and discussion of your<br />

aspirations and dreams in a home, please contact us at info@botanicavillasphuket.com.<br />

• ลิ้มลอง Nonya kueh เค้กมะม่วงและขนม<br />

ชาว Peranakan ได้ที่ Tiong Bahru<br />

Galicier Pastry, บล็อก 55, ถนน Tiong<br />

Bahru, T +65 6324 1686<br />

• ดับกระหายด้วย น้ำชาซ่าๆ จากNanyang<br />

Tea ต้นตำรับ มุ่งหน้าไปยัง Danger Close<br />

Tea และสั่งเมนู ‘Chinois’ บล็อก 120, Bukit<br />

Merah Lane 1 #01-05, T +65 9435 9194<br />

www.botanicavillasphuket.com | Tel: +66 (0) 98 394 7097, +66 (0) 81 893 2113<br />

botanicavillasphuket botanicavillas<br />



Artist Eiji Sumi shows us<br />

that the power of light<br />

lies not just in its ability to<br />

illuminate. It also has the power<br />

to make a social statement and to<br />

change perceptions.<br />

Words Korakot Punlopruksa, N Wright<br />

Photos Korakot Punlopruksa<br />

A<br />

roommate’s innocent ‘theft’ of<br />

artist Eiji Sumi’s art work in his<br />

early career became a light bulb<br />

moment. What was considered<br />

a ‘hobby’ sat on the wall of a café in the<br />

Lower Eastside neighbourhood in New<br />

York, propped up together with a friend’s<br />

faith in the Japanese artist’s work. “Back<br />

then, I painted and my roommate stole my<br />

artwork and brought it to the café because<br />

he thought it was interesting,” Sumi<br />

relates. A few weeks later the café called,<br />

saying someone wanted to buy it.<br />

“At first, I was unhappy he did<br />

this behind my back. But then it hit<br />

me: hey, people are interested in<br />

my work,” the Japanese artist<br />

now based in Bangkok recalls in<br />

wonderment. After studying art<br />

and design, his art career led to<br />

collaborative works commissioned<br />

by notable hotels like the Bowery and<br />

the Maritime Hotel in New York.<br />

His creative path included painting<br />

and photography, which evolved<br />

into his current specialisation in<br />

on-site large installations that<br />

interprets his visions of light, backed<br />

by deep science and innovative<br />

digital technology.<br />

What got him noticed during<br />

his time in New York was one large<br />

scale work using bubble wrap,<br />

where the packing material became<br />

the canvas and digitised patterns<br />

formed in synchronicity to electromusic.<br />

Using a low-cost material<br />

and recycling it into complex art<br />

garnered him an invitation to be a<br />

lecturer in Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn<br />

University. The play of light, created<br />

and manipulated via a tablet, became<br />

another one of his success story.<br />

“The bubble wrap projection<br />

was why ‘Chula’ invited me because<br />

not too many people were doing<br />

something like that, even in New<br />

York. If they did, it would be someone<br />

I know, a friend.” While his focus<br />

was on teaching art, he also created<br />

work that got noticed and shown<br />

around Bangkok.<br />

More works making a statement<br />

came in the shape of an exhibit,<br />

“Quark,” where he used a reflective<br />

powder that created swirling<br />

patterns, shown at leading H Gallery<br />

56 57


Above, Clockwise<br />

Sumi ponders<br />

potential<br />

lighting ideas<br />

in his studio.<br />

At Play(e)scape, the<br />

artist shows<br />

versatility as an<br />

equally skilled<br />

photographer.<br />

Thoughts in<br />

motion for an<br />

art project.<br />

Below<br />

Deliberate ‘stage’<br />

design and lighting<br />

are meant to make a<br />

social statement.<br />

in Bangkok. Art meets science as<br />

Sumi’s work created extragalactic<br />

effects. His art trajectory meant<br />

numerous exhibitions including art<br />

festivals in Bangkok and abroad.<br />

With work that’s been curated by<br />

notable people in the art world<br />

like Eric Shiner, Helen Homan Wu,<br />

Brian Curtin, Gridthiya Gaweewong,<br />

Keiichi Miyagawa, Lyno Vuth,<br />

Ni-kun, amongst others, Sumi<br />

modestly says, “I’m lucky to work<br />

with good curators.”<br />

Now producing art projects<br />

using light and its many hues,<br />

Sumi combines science interwoven<br />

with personal expressions of<br />

social issues. He believes that in<br />

order to be relevant, a certain<br />

kind of focus is needed, especially<br />

for an artist whose world is ever<br />

changing. “For example, if Yayoi<br />

Kusama did a painting like Picasso,<br />

people wonder, what happened to<br />

her? No one would recognise her<br />

artwork.” But installation artists<br />

like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst<br />

can change everything because they<br />

are established artists. He points<br />

out that he’s not just a lighting<br />

artist, “because I do photography<br />

and virtual reality work.” But the<br />

constant themes revolve around<br />

social issues and urban development.<br />

A recent installation, Play(e)<br />

scape features just that, from<br />

photography of theme parks to a<br />

see-sawing platform similar to<br />

yesteryear’s spinning playground<br />

equipment at Bangkok’s Gallery<br />

Ver. Although Play(e)scape derived<br />

from a localised <strong>Thai</strong> context,<br />

universal issues on power balance<br />

plays out with the combination of<br />

physics and politics. People step up<br />

and randomly plant themselves on<br />

the stage and coloured lights get<br />

activated by their movements. “The<br />

intention is that not everyone is<br />

equal to begin with in society; some<br />

people have power, and some have<br />

more power than others,” Sumi<br />

says, wanting dialogue to happen<br />

while moving around the platform.<br />

When balance is achieved and<br />

less see-sawing occurs, a singular<br />

colour is created and the message<br />

gets across.<br />

He likens some of his work to<br />

being child-like. “I like my artwork<br />

to be simple so that children can<br />

connect to it, have a good time and<br />

get excited about it, get involved.<br />

It’s like my inner child coming<br />

out and making things. I know<br />

what children cannot practise and<br />

I am like an adult playing a role<br />

for children,” says Sumi, who was<br />

born in Tokyo and graduated from<br />

Rikkyo University.<br />

Now producing art projects using light<br />

and its many hues, Sumi combines science<br />

interwoven with personal expressions of<br />

social issues. He believes that in order<br />

to be relevant, a certain kind of focus is<br />

needed, especially for an artist whose<br />

world is ever changing.<br />



He ensures that his work has<br />

a certain quality that has to be<br />

met.” If we make something and<br />

it’s mediocre work, the audience<br />

will know it and I will know it.<br />

So it is my challenge, I have to<br />

please myself first. Before showing<br />

to people, I want to see it first.<br />

Curiosity is the starting point.<br />

First I have to please myself, I<br />

have to wow myself for it has to<br />

worth something.” Sumi is about<br />

to launch an exhibit outside of<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land, a fact he is coy about<br />

until details are finalised.<br />

To make the concept accessible,<br />

he points out that art appreciation<br />

should be commonplace and<br />

transformative. “For me, art can<br />

be in an ordinary life. In a place<br />

This Page<br />

Lights change<br />

according to<br />

the balance and<br />

number of people<br />

on the see-sawing<br />

platform.<br />

where there’s a painting – when<br />

you are working from 9 to 5 and<br />

come home, when you see the<br />

painting you already detach from<br />

the normal daily life, the consuming<br />

part.” Detach from the routine in<br />

a regular life where art has a role,<br />

he suggests. Connect with this<br />

artwork and disconnect from the<br />

daily, consuming life, he suggests.<br />

He even voices hope that the simple<br />

task of cooking may result in an<br />

inspired recipe.<br />

Meanwhile, <strong>Thai</strong> art is setting<br />

foot in the global art community as<br />

big international players are coming<br />

this year with the three biennale this<br />

year going into early February 2019.<br />

Sumi says it will be good for galleries<br />

since more new collectors and the<br />

general public might be more<br />

familiar with art. Art will be a part of<br />

a lifestyle, part of entertainment –<br />

just like watching movies. Currently,<br />

art is quite exclusive among the<br />

general <strong>Thai</strong> audience.<br />

He presses the point that art<br />

plays a role to stimulate us. When<br />

we look at it, Sumi says our brain<br />

refreshes, resets. “The DNA, or<br />

brain cells divide when it gets<br />

stimulated, it makes us younger.”<br />

What to look for then where art is<br />

concerned? “I guess it depends on<br />

your interest, but what I look for<br />

is stimulation, brain nutrition and<br />

having intellect thrive. Good art has<br />

elaborate elements and it gives us<br />

a mysterious energy, of power, to<br />

rejuvenate our minds.”<br />



เรื่องทั้งหมดเริ่มจากเพื่อนร่วมห้องเจ้า<br />

ปัญหาในนิวยอร์ก “ขโมย” งานศิลปะของ<br />

ไอจิ ซูมิ ไปแขวนไว้ผนังของร้านคาเฟ่แห่ง<br />

หนึ่ง ไม่กี่อาทิตย์จากนั้น ซูมิก็ได้รับโทรศัพท์<br />

แจ้งว่า มีคนสนใจซื้อผลงานของเขา แรกที<br />

เดียวซูมิรู้สึกแย่ที่เพื่อนคนนั้นทำไปโดยไม่<br />

บอกกล่าว แต่พอคิดดูอีกที เออ...มีคน<br />

สนใจงานของเราด้วย<br />

หลังจากเรียนศิลปะและการออกแบบ<br />

ซูมิได้ร่วมงานกับโรงแรมที่มีชื่อเสียงอย่าง<br />

Bowery และ Maritime ในนิวยอร์ก<br />

ร่วมสร้างงานศิลปะที่ผสมผสานการวาด<br />

ภาพและภาพถ่ายเข้าไว้ด้วยกัน เป็นงาน<br />

จัดแสดงขนาดใหญ่ที่ตีความผ่านแสงและ<br />

เงา ผ่านวิทยาศาสตร์และเทคโนโลยีดิจิทัล<br />

งานที่ได้รับความสนใจมากที่สุดของ<br />

เขาในช่วงที่ใช้ชีวิตในนิวยอร์ก คืองานที่ใช้<br />

บับเบิ้ลหรือพลาสติกกันกระแทก แล้วฉาย<br />

ลวดลายสอดประสานกับดนตรีอิเล็ก<br />

ทรอนิกส์ จนทำให้ซูมิได้รับเชิญให้เป็น<br />

อาจารย์ที่จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย<br />

ซูมิทำงานสอนระดับมหาวิทยาลัยไปด้วย<br />

แต่ก็ยังสร้างงานศิลปะอยู่บ่อยครั้ง เช่น<br />

นิทรรศการ “Quark” จัดแสดงที่ H Gallery<br />

กรุงเทพฯ เขาใช้ผงสะท้อนแสงสร้างเป็น<br />

รูปแบบหมุนวน เกิดเป็นสีสันเหมือนอวกาศ<br />

และยังมีงานจัดแสดงในเทศกาลศิลปะอีก<br />

มากมายในกรุงเทพฯ<br />

การทำให้ศิลปะอยู่ในกระแสจะต้องมี<br />

จุดสนใจ โดยเฉพาะงานศิลปะในโลกที่<br />

เปลี่ยนแปลงไปอย่างรวดเร็ว งานศิลปะ<br />

ของซูมิแสดงถึงแง่มุมทางวิทยาศาสตร์<br />

และประเด็นต่างๆ ในสังคมไปพร้อมกัน<br />

ซูมิเลือกที่จะใช้การถ่ายภาพและศิลปะ<br />

เสมือนจริงเพื่อวิพากษ์ประเด็นในสังคม<br />

และการพัฒนาของชุมชนเมือง<br />

Play(e)scape เป็นงานจัดแสดงศิลปะ<br />

ล่าสุดที่เล่นประเด็นเรื่องความสมดุลเชิง<br />

อำนาจ โดยผสมผสานฟิสิกส์และการเมือง<br />

ไว้อย่างลงตัว ผู้ชมงานศิลปะจะขึ้นไปบน<br />

เวที การเคลื่อนไหวของร่างกายจะทำให้ไฟ<br />

หลากสีฉายออกมา เพื่อสะท้อนว่าแต่ละ<br />

คนไม่ได้เกิดมาเท่าเทียมกัน คนคนหนึ่ง<br />

อาจมีอำนาจน้อยหรือมากกว่าคนอีก<br />

คนหนึ่งเสมอ แต่เมื่อไรที่เกิดความสมดุล<br />

ขึ้น แสงของไฟจึงจะฉายออกมาเป็นสี<br />

เดียวกัน<br />

ซูมิอธิบายว่า เขาต้องการสร้างงาน<br />

ศิลปะที่แม้แต่เด็กเล็กก็สามารถเข้าถึงได้<br />

เหมือนกับเป็นการดึงตัวตนความเป็นเด็ก<br />

ในตัวเขาออกมา เพราะซูมิรู้ว่ามีบางอย่าง<br />

ที่เด็กไม่สามารถทำได้ ในฐานะผู้ใหญ่<br />

เขาจึงอยากทำสิ่งนี้แทนเด็กๆ<br />

แน่นอนว่างานของซูมิต้องมีมาตรฐาน<br />

ความท้าทายคือการที่เขาต้องทำให้<br />

ตัวเองพอใจกับงานก่อนจึงจะจัดแสดง<br />

ต่อสาธารณชน ซูมิเห็นว่าการเสพงาน<br />

บนและล่าง<br />

ผลงานของไอจิ<br />

ที่ชอบเล่นกับแสง<br />

สีและเงาของไฟ<br />

เป็นงานที่ตีความผ่าน<br />

มิติของวิทยาศาสตร์<br />

และประเด็นต่างๆ ใน<br />

สังคมในคราวเดียวกัน<br />

ศิลปะควรเป็นเรื่องธรรมดาสามัญและ<br />

ก่อให้เกิดการเปลี่ยนแปลงได้ งานศิลปะ<br />

ควรมีหน้าที่ช่วยทำให้เราตัดขาดจาก<br />

ชีวิตประจำวันที่ยุ่งยากและยุ่งเหยิง ทำให้<br />

ทุกคนตัดขาดจากโลกแห่งความเป็นจริง<br />

และเป็นหนึ่งเดียวกับศิลปะ<br />

ศิลปะกำลังกระจายตัวและเป็นส่วนหนึ่ง<br />

ของวิถีชีวิต โดยเฉพาะเมื่อจะมีการจัด<br />

งานเบียนนาเล่สามงานในประเทศไทย<br />

จนถึงช่วงเดือนกุมภาพันธ์ปีหน้า เป็น<br />

โอกาสอันดีที่บุคคลทั่วไปจะได้มีโอกาส<br />

สร้างความคุ้นชินกับงานศิลปะ และทำให้<br />

งานศิลปะกลายเป็นความบันเทิงอีกแขนง<br />

ที่ไม่ต่างจากการชมภาพยนตร์สักเรื่อง<br />

ซูมิยังย ้ำอีกว่า เซลล์สมองของเราจะ<br />

แบ่งตัวเมื่อได้รับการกระตุ้น ทำให้เรา<br />

อ่อนเยาว์ลง หน้าที่ของศิลปะคือการ<br />

กระตุ้นผู้ชม ซึ่งถือเป็นอาหารสมองที่ให้<br />

พลังงานอันลึกลับ ให้เราได้สัมผัสถึง<br />

พลังอำนาจ และทำให้จิตใจของเราอ่อนวัย<br />

กระปรี้กระเปร่าอีกครั้ง<br />



A<br />

Triple<br />

Treat<br />

in Contemporary<br />

for <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

Art<br />

Words Ariane Kupferman-Sutthavong<br />

Photos Courtesy of Bangkok Art Biennale,<br />

The <strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale, and The Bangkok Biennial<br />

Cultural landmarks, temple grounds and beckoning beaches in<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land become exhibition spaces for relevant curators and<br />

renown artists to launch new works. Here’s what to expect from the<br />

different art extravaganzas taking place around the country.<br />

64<br />



t last, <strong>Thai</strong>land is<br />

joining the pack<br />

of art biennialshosting<br />

countries,<br />

with no less than three<br />

major art events running in<br />

Bangkok, Krabi and other<br />

cities through February 2019.<br />

Iconic sites, from the capital’s<br />

famous temples to lush<br />

natural reserves on the<br />

Andaman coast, will soon<br />

host a plethora of artworks<br />

and exhibitions by both <strong>Thai</strong><br />

and international artists.<br />

As a large number of visitors,<br />

artists and curators converge<br />

towards <strong>Thai</strong>land, could this<br />

unprecedented occurrence<br />

boost the country’s<br />

reputation as an emerging<br />

contemporary art destination?<br />

about hosting artworks, notes<br />

Kunavichayanont. Art practitioners<br />

working in such environment also<br />

had the opportunity to engage at<br />

a deep level with local actors and<br />

local communities since the early<br />

stages of the project.<br />

Supported by business tycoon<br />

Thapana Sirivadhnabhakdi, CEO<br />

and President of <strong>Thai</strong>Bev, the<br />

Bangkok Art Biennale promises<br />

to be a lavish affair, running<br />

from <strong>Oct</strong>ober 19 until February 3<br />

under the theme “Beyond Bliss”.<br />

Seventy-five artists, including<br />

international big-names such as<br />

Marina Abramovic, Yayoi Kusama<br />

and the Nordic duo Elmgreen<br />

& Dragset, have positively<br />

responded to veteran curator, and the<br />

Biennale’s artistic director, Apinan<br />

Poshyananda’s invitation to take<br />

part in the event’s inaugural<br />

Right<br />

Chemi Rosado-Seijo’s<br />

photo collage “Bowl-<br />

Pool La Perla”, 2007.<br />

Bottom, Clockwise<br />

Artists who will take<br />

part in the <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

Biennale and their<br />

previous work;<br />

Dusadee Huntrakul,<br />

Wichoke Mukdamanee’s<br />

sculpture in 2005,<br />

Mella Jaarsma<br />

‘DogWalk’ Two<br />

channel video, 3’ 10’’<br />

2015/2016,<br />

Yuree Kensaku,<br />

Hot Pot Sweet<br />

Dream, 2014.<br />

Could this unprecedented<br />

occurrence of 3 art biennials<br />

boost the country’s reputation<br />

as an emerging contemporary<br />

art destination?<br />

edition. Their <strong>Thai</strong> counterparts<br />

include Kawita Vatanajyankur,<br />

Pichet Klunchun, Dujdao<br />

Vadhanapakorn, Jakkai Siributr and<br />

Tawatchai Puntusawasdi.<br />

For this occasion, indoors<br />

institutional sites such as the BACC<br />

will accommodate a number of art<br />

performances and installations,<br />

while <strong>Thai</strong>Bev Plc is also putting<br />

to contribution its real estate<br />

properties such as the East<br />

Asiatique Building on the Chao<br />

Phraya riverside and the newlybuilt<br />

One Bangkok complex in the<br />

heart of the city.<br />

In Krabi province, where the<br />

Ministry of Culture is holding its<br />

first-ever <strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale in<br />

luxuriant settings, international<br />

and <strong>Thai</strong> artists taking part in<br />

the event have also immersed<br />

“This year, the spotlight<br />

is shining on <strong>Thai</strong>land,” says<br />

Luckana Kunavichayanont, a<br />

member of the Bangkok Art<br />

Biennale’s curatorial team and<br />

former director of the Bangkok<br />

Art and Culture Centre (BACC).<br />

Of course, this attention comes<br />

with a number of questions<br />

raised, particularly regarding the<br />

fact that there are three parallel<br />

events – The Bangkok Biennial,<br />

Bangkok Art Biennale and<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale – sharing similar<br />

purposes and timing. Nevertheless,<br />

Kunavichayanont believes it is<br />

in part explained by <strong>Thai</strong>land’s<br />

ultimate readiness to host such<br />

events, both on institutional and<br />

artistic levels.<br />

Since the 1990s, the <strong>Thai</strong><br />

contemporary art scene has<br />

become more and more vibrant<br />

with each passing year. Many<br />

Above, Clockwise<br />

Discussing art to<br />

pave the way for the<br />

upcoming Bangkok<br />

Art Biennale.<br />

Elmgreen from the<br />

Nordic duo Elmgreen<br />

& Dragset on a visit<br />

to Bangkok, Bangkok<br />

Art Biennale.<br />

Korean artist Choi<br />

Jeong Kwa who<br />

will take part in the<br />

Bangkok Art Biennale.<br />

Left, Top and Bottom<br />

Cinema Taipei<br />

new galleries and art centres have<br />

opened their doors, while <strong>Thai</strong><br />

artists are increasingly exhibiting<br />

their works abroad. Within the<br />

country, appetite for art has never<br />

been more pronounced. “This<br />

maturation has been continuous<br />

over the past decade and we’ve<br />

reached a point where hosting<br />

an international manifestation<br />

of contemporary art is the next<br />

natural step,” adds the curator.<br />

Mixing cultural heritage with<br />

contemporary art practices, the<br />

Bangkok Art Biennale also makes<br />

history in <strong>Thai</strong>land through its use<br />

of temples - touristic highlights<br />

Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Wat<br />

Prayoon for instance - as pavilions<br />

to showcase artworks, a first in the<br />

country, where these sites retain<br />

an active religious and cultural<br />

role. Abbots and monks looking<br />

after the sites have been very keen<br />

Courtesy of the artist and 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok<br />

66<br />



Photo Phasin Sudjai<br />

themselves in the local culture<br />

through numerous site visits.<br />

The <strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale draws its<br />

singularity from its outdoors-only<br />

exhibition sites, in a province popular<br />

with visitors. Set against natural<br />

backdrops, the site-specific artworks<br />

curated by Jiang Jiehong under<br />

the theme “Edge of Wonderland”<br />

will dialogue with the Andaman<br />

coast beaches, fertile lands and<br />

mountain ranges.<br />

Despite its reputation as a<br />

touristic spot, Krabi is accustomed<br />

to hosting international art events,<br />

ever since the introduction of an<br />

“art cities” policy by the Office<br />

of Contemporary Art and Culture<br />

to promote the decentralisation<br />

of art exhibitions, usually taking<br />

place in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.<br />

Clockwise,<br />

from Above<br />

“Coming Soon”<br />

pavilion of the Bangkok<br />

Biennial, created by<br />

Lara Van Meteeren<br />

and Bart Wissink.<br />

Video installation by<br />

François Roche.<br />

Opening ceremony of<br />

the Bangkok Biennial<br />

at Rama VIII bridge.<br />

Right<br />

COOP Pavilion of the<br />

Bangkok Biennial.<br />

Bottom Left & Right<br />

Tintin Cooper at<br />

Artist + Run.<br />

Im-mature at TARS<br />

Gallery.<br />

The <strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale furthers this<br />

strategy by inviting international<br />

artists such as Camille Normant,<br />

Giuseppe Penone and Hong Kong’s<br />

Para-Site co-founder Chi Wo Leung<br />

to participate in the event. The<br />

curatorial team, which includes<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> curators Vichaya Mukdamanee<br />

and Vipash Purichanont, also<br />

handpicked several of <strong>Thai</strong>land’s<br />

finest contemporary artists for the<br />

Biennale. Established practitioners<br />

such as Kamin Lertchaiprasert will<br />

see their works presented alongside<br />

those of mid-career artists like<br />

Jedsada Tangtrakulwong, Dusadee<br />

Huntrakul, as well as rising star<br />

Chulayarnnon Siriphol.<br />

Decentralisation appears to be a<br />

theme common to several of the art<br />

events taking place in <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

this autumn. Aside<br />

from the Bangkok<br />

Art Biennale and<br />

the <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

Biennale,<br />

independent<br />

pavilions<br />

are opening<br />

their doors to<br />

visitors in Khon<br />

Kaen or Pattani.<br />



An up-and-coming destination<br />

for art aficionados in <strong>Thai</strong>land, the<br />

Southern town is hosting “Re/Form/<br />

Ing Patani,” an exhibition that looks<br />

at the region’s past and present<br />

identities. With the participation<br />

of local artists and <strong>Thai</strong> artists from<br />

elsewhere in the country, the show<br />

- set in four different locations,<br />

including the Patani Artspace, a<br />

vanguard space in the region’s<br />

art scene - involves communitybased<br />

artworks.<br />

“<strong>Thai</strong>land’s different biennales<br />

provide opportunities for many<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>s to be in contact with artists<br />

and contemporary art from varied<br />

origins,” says artist Jakkai Siributr.<br />

Siributr’s textile works, often<br />

dealing with the complex history<br />

and identities of ethnic minority<br />

groups, will be displayed in the<br />

context of the Bangkok Art Biennale,<br />

as well as in Pattani.<br />

“In a sense, we’re bringing<br />

contemporary art to non-art<br />

communities, as well as drawing<br />

art-initiated audiences in cities or<br />

areas they may not be familiar with,<br />

thus creating dialogue,” he adds.<br />

In Khon Kaen, where the<br />

Khon Kaen Manifesto will take<br />

place starting on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 6, <strong>Thai</strong><br />

artists from the Isaan region<br />

and elsewhere in the country,<br />

will collectively imagine an<br />

inclusive definition of “<strong>Thai</strong><br />

contemporary art,” whilst using<br />

art as a platform to reflect on the<br />

country’s socio-political situation.<br />

Often criticised for being<br />

tools to boost international<br />

“In a sense, we’re bringing contemporary<br />

art to non-art communities, as well as<br />

drawing art-initiated audiences in cities or<br />

areas they may not be familiar with, thus<br />

creating dialogue.”<br />

Clockwise<br />

from Above<br />

Assembling the art<br />

at the Bangkok<br />

Biennial; Works by<br />


Left<br />

Artist + Run<br />

tourism, Biennials are nonetheless<br />

important meeting points for local<br />

and international art enthusiasts<br />

and promote intercultural dialogues<br />

and exchanges.<br />

“<strong>Thai</strong>land is famous with<br />

visitors for its beautiful,<br />

natural landscapes, as well<br />

as its rich cultural heritage.<br />

Beaches, temples and palaces,<br />

that’s what we’re known for,”<br />

Kunavichayanont notes.<br />

“This year’s international<br />

art events will definitely be a<br />

showcase to the world of our<br />

contemporary art scene.”<br />

Which of the Bangkok<br />

Biennial, Bangkok Art Biennale<br />

or the <strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale will<br />

hold the most influence is yet<br />

to be assessed. But all three are<br />

sparking a new conversation on<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> contemporary art and the<br />

potential for Bangkok to become a<br />

new art hub in Southeast Asia.<br />

70<br />




AT<br />

Anantara Layan Phuket Resort<br />

และแล้วก็มาถึงวันที่ทุกคนรอคอย วาระพิเศษที่<br />

ประเทศไทยได้เป็นเจ้าภาพร่วมจัดงาน เบียนนาเล่<br />

ในกรุงเทพ กระบี่ และจังหวัดอื่นๆ ตลอดเดือน<br />

กุมภาพันธ์ 2019<br />

คุณลักขณา คุณาวิชยานนท์ หนึ่งในทีม<br />

ภัณฑารักษ์ และอดีตผู้อำนวยการหอศิลป<br />

วัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร (BACC) พูดถึง<br />

งานศิลปะสามงานจัดขึ้นในเวลาไล่เลี่ยกัน ได้แก่<br />

บางกอกไบแอนเนียล บางกอกอาร์ตเบียนนาเล่<br />

และไทยแลนด์เบียนนาเล่<br />

เธอมั่นใจว่านี่จะสะท้อนให้เห็นความพร้อม<br />

ของประเทศไทยในการจัดงานศิลปะทั้งสาม<br />

งานนี้พร้อมกันได้ สืบเนื่องจากความสนใจศิลปะ<br />

ร่วมสมัยที่เติบโตอย่างต่อเนื่องในไทยตั้งแต่ปี<br />

พ.ศ. 2533 นอกจากนี้ยังได้รับการสนับสนุน<br />

จากคุณฐาปน สิริวัฒนภักดี ซีอีโอ และประธาน<br />

บริษัท ไทยเบฟเวอเรจ จำกัด (มหาชน) ได้รับ<br />

ความอนุเคราะห์สถานที่จาก BACC รวมไปถึง<br />

เอเชียทีคริมแม่น้ำเจ้าพระยาของกลุ่มไทยเบฟ<br />

และ One Bangkok คอมเพล็กส์ใจกลาง<br />

กรุงเทพฯ งานศิลปะร่วมสมัยยังจะจัดแสดงที่<br />

แหล่งมรดกทางวัฒนธรรมของไทยอย่าง<br />

วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามราชวรมหาวิหาร<br />

(วัดโพธิ์) วัดอรุณราชวรารามราชวรมหาวิหาร<br />

(วัดแจ้ง) และวัดประยุรวงศาวาส เพื่อสื่อถึง<br />

อิทธิพลของศาสนา วัฒนธรรม และชุมชนที่มี<br />

ต่องานศิลปะร่วมสมัยอีกด้วย<br />

ตามเข็มนาฬิกา<br />

จากบนซ้าย<br />

Cinema Taipei ส่วน<br />

หนึ่งของงาน Bangkok<br />

Biennial<br />

ศิลปินเยือนสถานที่<br />

จัดงานที่ชายหาดจังหวัด<br />

กระบี่ก่อนหน้าจะมีงาน<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land Biennale<br />

อาร์ติสต์ทอล์คที่หอศิลป<br />

วัฒนธรรมกรุงเทพฯ<br />

(BACC) จัดโดย<br />

Bangkok Art Biennale<br />

ในขณะเดียวกัน กระทรวงวัฒนธรรม<br />

รับหน้าที่เป็นเจ้าภาพจัดงานไทยแลนด์เบียนนาเล่<br />

ในจังหวัดกระบี่ แสดงงานศิลปะกลางแจ้ง<br />

ท่ามกลางพื้นหลังของธรรมชาติ หาดทราย<br />

ขาว น้ำทะเลใส และหุบเขาอันอุดมสมบูรณ์<br />

ทั้งชาวไทยและต่างประเทศจะได้ยลโฉมความงาม<br />

ของจังหวัดกระบี่ให้สมกับที่เป็นเมืองท่องเที่ยว<br />

และสถานที่จัดงานศิลปะระดับนานาชาติอยู่<br />

บ่อยครั้งตามนโยบายการกระจายการจัดงาน<br />

ศิลปะให้ครอบคลุมทั้งประเทศ<br />

เมืองปัตตานีก็ไม่น้อยหน้า เพราะมีการจัด<br />

นิทรรศการ “RE/FORM/ING PATANI” เพื่อ<br />

สื่ออัตลักษณ์ดินแดนใต้ตั้งแต่อดีตจนถึงปัจจุบัน<br />

โดยศิลปินจากปัตตานีและจากทั่วประเทศไทย<br />

จักกาย ศิริบุตร หนึ่งในศิลปินที่จะจัดแสดงศิลปะ<br />

บนผืนผ้าในนิทรรศการครั้งนี้กล่าวว่า<br />

เบียนนาเล่ทั้งหมดนี้เปิดโอกาสให้คนไทยได้<br />

สัมผัสกับศิลปินและงานศิลปะร่วมสมัยจาก<br />

แหล่งที่มาที่หลากหลาย<br />

จังหวัดขอนแก่นก็ไม่แพ้กัน ศิลปินในภาค<br />

อีสาน และศิลปินจากทั่วประเทศจับมือร่วมกันให้<br />

ความหมาย “ศิลปะร่วมสมัยไทย” และสะท้อน<br />

สถานการณ์ทางสังคมและการเมืองของประเทศ<br />

บางกอกไบแอนเนียล บางกอกอาร์ตเบียนนาเล่<br />

และไทยแลนด์เบียนนาเล่ เป็นจุดหนึ่งที่จะช่วย<br />

ส่งเสริมการท่องเที่ยว รวมถึงจุดประกายการ<br />

พูดคุยและแลกเปลี่ยนแนวคิดหลากวัฒนธรรม<br />

อีกทั้งยังแสดงศักยภาพของไทยในฐานะศูนย์กลาง<br />

ศิลปะของเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ให้ทั่วโลกได้<br />

จับตามองอย่างแน่นอน<br />

Relish layers of spice, zest and sweetness from across the kingdom.<br />

Lean back onto triangular pillows and take in sweeping views of the Andaman from<br />

Dee Plee. Indulge in a seven-course menu for two or peruse the a la carte options<br />

lovingly prepared. Sharing dishes the traditionally <strong>Thai</strong> way, enjoy crispy appetisers,<br />

fresh seafood, creamy curries and zesty salads. Cleanse the palate with homemade<br />

sorbets of coconut or ginger and honey. Popular items on Dee Plee’s menu include<br />

Massaman Nua, a beef massaman curry from southern <strong>Thai</strong>land, Khao Soi Gai, a<br />

northern favourite comprising curried chicken with noodles in a spicy broth.<br />

Reserve your table today, please call +66 (0) 7631 7200 Email: fb.alay@anantara.com<br />

The Bangkok Biennial<br />

ล่างซ้าย<br />

ผู้ชมรุ่นเยาว์<br />

กำลังศึกษากลไกของ<br />

ลำโพงกระดาษ ออกแบบ<br />

โดยศิลปิน Ye Khant<br />

ล่างขวา<br />

พาวิลเลียนของศิลปินไทย<br />

อังกฤษ อัจฉริยโสภณ<br />

ในโครงการ Artist + Fun<br />

ของ Bangkok Biennial<br />

Photo Preecha Pattara<br />

72 73


A Festival<br />

Extravaganza<br />

in Bangkok<br />

Words Sarita Urupongsa<br />

Photos Courtesy of Bangkok’s<br />

International Festival of Dance<br />

and Music<br />

The City of Angels will soon host an array of mesmerising<br />

cultural performances, from operas, ballets, and musicals to<br />

hip hop, dance percussion, and magic. Bangkok’s International<br />

Festival of Dance and Music celebrates its 20th anniversary<br />

with an enchanting line-up of world class performances.<br />

The star-studded Moscow State<br />

Classical Ballet of Russia will perform<br />

three of their flagship shows.<br />

74<br />



o celebrate two<br />

exciting decades,<br />

Bangkok’s International<br />

Festival of Dance and<br />

Music will host thousands<br />

of professional artists from<br />

around the world, including<br />

the legendary conductor<br />

Zubin Mehta and a talented<br />

cast of over 250, many of<br />

whom hail from the historic<br />

opera theatre, Teatro di San<br />

Carlo in Naples, Italy.<br />

Among the scheduled<br />

participating shows, the starstudded<br />

Moscow State Classical<br />

Ballet of Russia will perform three<br />

of its flagship shows. The list<br />

goes on with more performances<br />

from the Karlsruhe Theatre from<br />

Germany, ballet performances<br />

from the Singapore Dance<br />

Company, a Korean Symphony<br />

Orchestra and the Hangzhou<br />

Philharmonic Orchestra. Aside<br />

from classic works, unique shows<br />

spotlight the energetic percussion<br />

ensemble from the Ju Percussion<br />

Group in Taipei, the Magnificent<br />

Seven Magician show by New York’s<br />

International Magicians Society,<br />

tango and hip hop performances<br />

from Argentina and Switzerland, a<br />

Bollywood musical from India, and<br />

a Flamenco dance performance<br />

from Spain. Finally, a Michael<br />

Jackson Tribute Concert will bring<br />

the event to a close.<br />

At the Bangkok International<br />

Festival of Dance and Music,<br />

members of the world’s oldest,<br />

and probably the most elaborately<br />

decorated opera house will be<br />

Above, Clockwise<br />

George Bizet<br />

opera ‘Carmen’.<br />

The Korean<br />

Symphony Orchestra<br />

holds a performance<br />

to celebrate diplomatic<br />

relations between<br />

Korea and <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

Violin soloist<br />

Ning Feng.<br />

Bottom Left to Right<br />

The Korean<br />

Symphony Orchestra<br />

performs on <strong>Sep</strong>t 24.<br />

Maestro Zubin Mehta<br />

conducts the San<br />

Carlo Symphony<br />

Orchestra.<br />

Members of<br />

the Hangzhou<br />

Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra.<br />

teaming up with the celebrated<br />

conductor and maestro Zubin Mehta.<br />

The Teatro di San Carlo<br />

in Naples dates back to 1737<br />

and founded 41 years before<br />

the birth of Milan’s La Scala<br />

and 55 years before Venice’s<br />

Fenice theatre. As one of the<br />

iconic landmarks in Naples, the<br />

opera house has stood the test<br />

of time, showcasing the stars<br />

and a venue of grandeur in the<br />

world of arts and performances.<br />

Legendary conductor Zubin<br />

Mehta meanwhile will lead the<br />

San Carlo Symphony Orchestra<br />

in two symphony concerts<br />

on <strong>Sep</strong>tember 13 and 15. An<br />

Evening with Beethoven features<br />

a chorus from Leonore Overture<br />

No.3 and Symphony No.9 to<br />

be performed on <strong>Sep</strong>tember 13<br />

whereas Tchaikovsky Symphonies<br />

(Symphony No. 4, Symphony<br />

No.6) will be unveiled on<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>tember 15. The aforementioned<br />

performances also aim at<br />

commemorating the 150th<br />

anniversary of diplomatic ties<br />

between Italy and <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />



Audiences get to see George<br />

Bizet’s Carmen in Four Acts. The<br />

San Carlo Symphony Orchestra<br />

meanwhile will be presenting<br />

two symphony concerts. Carmen<br />

will be staged by the San Carlo<br />

opera house along with its 256<br />

members on <strong>Sep</strong>tember 12 and 14.<br />

Tenors Saimir Pirgu and Carlo<br />

Bosi, mezzo sopranos Veronica<br />

Simeoni and Giuseppina Bridelli,<br />

sopranos Jessica Nuccio and<br />

Sandra Pastrana, and baritones<br />

Vito Priante, Fabio Previati,<br />

Roberto Accurso, and Gianfranco<br />

Montresor are leading names in<br />

the world of opera, and among<br />

the regulars performers at Milan’s<br />

La Scala, St. Petersburg, the Royal<br />

Opera House in Covent Garden;<br />

New York’s Metropolitan Opera,<br />

Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, Paris<br />

Opéra and Sydney Opera.<br />

To celebrate 60 years of<br />

diplomatic ties with the Republic<br />

of Korea, performances and shows<br />

from the Republic of Korea feature<br />

in the festival. On <strong>Sep</strong>tember 24,<br />

the Korean Symphony Orchestra<br />

entertain with Western classical<br />

music while the Hangzhou<br />

Philharmonic Orchestra takes to<br />

the stage on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 1. The Korean<br />

Symphony Orchestra will be led by<br />

Chi-Yong Chung, one of the most<br />

sought after conductors and will<br />

be featuring famed piano soloist<br />

Jiyeong Mun who will interpret<br />

Top Left & Right<br />

The Moscow State<br />

Classical Ballet, one<br />

of Russia’s top dance<br />

companies.<br />

Below, from Left<br />

The Singapore Dance<br />

Theatre stages<br />

‘Classical Weddings,’<br />

on <strong>Sep</strong> 26.<br />

The international extravaganza runs for six weeks<br />

with world-class artists and performers engaging in<br />

exceptional performances.<br />

The Karlsruhe Ballet<br />

from Germany will<br />

bring two delightful<br />

performances.<br />

The Moscow State<br />

Classical Ballet will<br />

perform on <strong>Oct</strong> 5,<br />

6 & 7.<br />

Bedrich Smetana’s Ma Vlast<br />

(The Moldau; My Fatherland),<br />

Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto, and<br />

Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No.1.<br />

Praised as one of the top five<br />

orchestras in China, the Hangzhou<br />

Philharmonic Orchestra will be<br />

bringing its 120 musicians and<br />

violin soloist Ning Feng to<br />

present Jiping Zhao’s Violin<br />

Concerto No.1 and Gustav Mahler’s<br />

Symphony No.5.<br />



Clockwise from Top<br />

Break the Tango,<br />

the dancers and<br />

musicians from<br />

Argentina &<br />

Switzerland.<br />

International<br />

Magicians Society’s<br />

top seven magicians<br />

of the world.<br />

Born To Dance by the<br />

brothers who make<br />

up Los Vivancos.<br />

Clockwise from<br />

Below Left<br />

Ju Percussion Group<br />

from Taipei.<br />

Taj Express<br />

will present a<br />

Bollywood musical.<br />

A Michael Jackson<br />

Tribute Concert<br />

on <strong>Oct</strong> 8.<br />

The International Festival<br />

of Dance and Music will not<br />

be complete without graceful<br />

ballet performances. In this case,<br />

the Singapore Dance Theatre<br />

performs on <strong>Sep</strong>tember 26, as they<br />

celebrate their 30th anniversary,<br />

with a performance of “Classical<br />

Weddings” on <strong>Sep</strong>tember 26 from<br />

the selected ballets of Coppelia<br />

Act 3, Sleeping Beauty Act 3, and<br />

Don Quixote Act 3. Additionally,<br />

performances from the Moscow<br />

State Classical Ballet takes place on<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 5-7, and the Karlsruhe Ballet<br />

from Germany on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 14-15.<br />

Russia’s top ballet companies,<br />

the Moscow State Classical Ballet,<br />

will be performing The Firebird<br />

and The Rite of Spring on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 5.<br />

In the first story, themes of love,<br />

magic and danger are presented<br />

and glorified whereas the latter<br />

tells the pagan tale of human<br />

sacrifice. Favourites like The<br />

An eclectic selection of cultural offerings<br />

range from the creme de la creme in Russian<br />

ballet to a tribute to Michael Jackson.<br />

Nutcracker and Legend of Swan Lake<br />

and the Ugly Duckling will also<br />

bewitch audiences with the magic of<br />

its fairytale and sheer talent.<br />

The Karlsruhe Ballet from<br />

Germany will also be enchanting<br />

audience with classics like A<br />

Midsummer Night’s Dream on<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 14 and Gala Performance<br />

on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 15 with Youri Vámos<br />

as choreographer for the former<br />

performance, promising a stunning<br />

spectacle of elaborate set design.<br />

Packed with such cherished<br />

classics and impressive performances,<br />

Bangkok’s International Festival of<br />

Dance and Music will definitely<br />

appeal to a wide audience.<br />

For more information: bangkokfestivals.com<br />

Tickets: <strong>Thai</strong> Ticket Major (thaiticketmajor.com; Hotline 02 262 3191 and at the counters)<br />

Venue: Main Hall, <strong>Thai</strong>land Cultural Centre, Bangkok<br />



กลับมาอีกครั้งกับมหกรรมศิลปะการแสดงและ<br />

ดนตรีนานาชาติ กรุงเทพฯ เฉลิมฉลองสอง<br />

ทศวรรษแห่งความตระการตา ระหว่างวันที่ 12<br />

กันยายน - 18 ตุลาคม 2561 นอกจากศิลปิน<br />

หลายพันคนจากทั่วทุกมุมโลกแล้ว กรุงเทพฯ<br />

ยังได้รับเกียรติจากวาทยากรระดับตำนาน<br />

Zubin Mehta กับอุปรากรที่เก่าแก่ที่สุดของ<br />

โลก พร้อมกับนักแสดงมากกว่า 250 ชีวิต<br />

เตรียมพบกับบัลเลต์คลาสสิกจากมอสโก<br />

และสิงคโปร์ การแสดงจากเยอรมนี ซิมโฟนี<br />

ออร์เคสตราจากเกาหลีและจีน รวมไปถึงการ<br />

แสดงอื่นๆ เช่น การแสดงเพอร์คัสชันจากไทเป<br />

การแสดงมายากลจากนิวยอร์กและห้าม<br />

พลาดการแสดงเพื่อระลึกถึงไมเคิล แจ็กสัน<br />

ที่หาดูที่ไหนไม่ได้อีกแล้ว<br />

ดื่มด่ำไปกับคณะอุปรากรที่เก่าแก่ที่สุดใน<br />

โลก ที่เริ่มขึ้นตั้งแต่ปี 1737 ในเนเปิลส์ อิตาลี<br />

บน<br />

ฟลาเม็งโกแนวผสมผสาน<br />

กับ 7 หนุ่มสเปน Los<br />

Vivancos ใน Born to<br />

Dance<br />

ขวา<br />

คณะบัลเลต์จากประเทศ<br />

เพื่อนบ้าน Singapore<br />

Dance Theatre กับการ<br />

แสดงในชุด Sleeping<br />

Beauty Act 3<br />

ซ้ายล่าง<br />

ตื่นตากับมายากลสุด<br />

อัศจรรย์จาก 7 สุดยอด<br />

นักมายากลนิวยอร์ก<br />

The Magnificent Seven<br />

มหกรรมครั้งนี้จะเผยความงามแห่งศาสตร์<br />

อุปรากรให้ทุกคนตื่นตะลึง แสดงโดยคณะ<br />

ละคร San Carlo Opera House ผสมผสาน<br />

กับดนตรีโดยวาทยกร Zubin Mehta ใน<br />

Carmen อุปรากร 4 องก์<br />

ยังไม่จบแค่นั้น Zubin Mehta ยังแสดง<br />

คอนเสิร์ตซิมโฟนีออร์เคสตรา 2 รายการใน<br />

วันที่ 13 และ 15 กันยายน ได้แก่ An Evening<br />

with Beethoven และ Tchaikovsky<br />

Symphonies เพื่อเฉลิมฉลองความสัมพันธ์<br />

ไทยอิตาลีอันยาวนานกว่า 150 ปี ความ<br />

สัมพันธ์อันแน่นแฟ้นของประเทศไทยกับ<br />

ประเทศอื่นๆ ยังสื่อผ่านการแสดงจาก<br />

Korean Symphony Orchestra ในวันที่ 24<br />

กันยายน และ Hangzhou Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra จะแสดงวันที่ 1 ตุลาคม พร้อมกับ<br />

นักดนตรีกว่า 120 ชีวิต<br />

มหกรรมครั้งนี้จะสมบูรณ์ไปไม่ได้เลยถ้า<br />

ขาดการแสดงบัลเลต์โดย Singapore Dance<br />

Theatre ในวันที่ 26 กันยายน the Moscow<br />

State Classical Ballet ในวันที่ 5-7 ตุลาคม<br />

และ Karlsruhe Ballet ในวันที่ 14-15 ตุลาคม<br />

รวมไปถึง Moscow State Classical Ballet<br />

คณะบัลเลต์อันดับหนึ่งของรัสเซียในชุดการ<br />

แสดง The Firebird and The Rite of<br />

Spring วันที่ 5 ตุลาคม<br />

ที่กล่าวมาเป็นแค่ตัวอย่างไฮไลต์ความ<br />

อลังการเพียงเล็กน้อยเท่านั้น ความตื่นตาตื่นใจ<br />

ยังรอให้ทุกท่านมาสัมผัสได้ในมหกรรมศิลปะ<br />

การแสดงและดนตรีนานาชาติ กรุงเทพฯ ในปีนี้<br />



Destined<br />

to Get<br />

Married<br />

Words Pallavi Mehra<br />

Destination weddings are increasing in popularity. More and more couples<br />

are choosing to plan their nuptials in interesting getaways. In exotic<br />

locations, guests take a break from their busy schedules to celebrate a<br />

joyous occasion. They often turn the destination wedding into a personal<br />

holiday and explore a new country.<br />

More importantly, the wedding hosts are able to relax and celebrate while the<br />

execution is taken care of by the venue’s knowledgeable professionals. Often,<br />

destination weddings turn out to be more cost effective and easier to plan as<br />

luxury hotels have a team of experts to make your dream wedding a reality.<br />

Home to some of Asia’s most scenic locations<br />

and unforgettable experiences, the Kingdom of<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land is truly majestic as a setting for weddings.<br />

A melting pot of religions and traditions, the<br />

country has a rich history of cultural influences,<br />

which are visible even today.<br />

Thus imagine a serene beach, a magnificent<br />

sunset, crashing waves and soft ocean breeze all<br />

coming together as a picture-perfect backdrop for<br />

your special day. In the romance of this setting,<br />

some couples choose to be bound together by the<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> tradition of tying a string together.<br />

With countless luxury resorts dotted along<br />

the shores, a wedding in <strong>Thai</strong>land offers guests<br />

a remarkably unique experience. The country<br />

hosts destination weddings all year round and<br />

sees over 100 Indian weddings a year. I’ve had<br />

the wonderful opportunity of attending over<br />

50 destination weddings all over the world. I<br />

have been a part of marriage revelries in places<br />

near and far, across the US, Europe, Asia and<br />

closer home in Kerala, Rajasthan, and Mumbai,<br />

amongst others.<br />

84<br />



Ideal Spots for a Dream Wedding<br />

Some of my best experiences have been in <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

From Bangkok’s famed nightlife to Koh Samui’s serene<br />

beaches, Phuket’s hidden gems and Pattaya’s diverse<br />

entertainment options, you’ll find the best of everything<br />

in this beautiful country.<br />

When it comes to astounding, dreamlike beauty, it’s<br />

difficult to come close to wedding destinations like that<br />

of Koh Samui. The magical island of Koh Samui is ideal<br />

to tie the knot. Plan a wedding to remember with striking<br />

backdrops, exceptional hospitality, expert culinary<br />

teams and a personalised touch at one of Koh Samui’s<br />

extravagant resorts.<br />

Photo The Naka Phuket<br />

Top and Bottom Left<br />

Island resorts are the masters<br />

of providing wedding colours,<br />

themes and decorations.<br />

Bottom Right<br />

Le Méridien Koh Samui Resort &<br />

Spa offers a stunning walkway<br />

on the water for the ideal<br />

oceanside vow exchange.<br />

Photo Conrad Samui<br />

Clockwise<br />

from Above<br />

Beach weddings add<br />

extra romance to<br />

the occasion, topped<br />

off with elegantly<br />

inspired décor.<br />

Wedding planners<br />

can always be<br />

relied upon for their<br />

countless ideas to<br />

create your vision,<br />

with nature as the<br />

perfect backdrop.<br />

Koh Samui, <strong>Thai</strong>land’s third largest<br />

island, is famed notably for its<br />

beaches. But it’s also gaining a<br />

reputation for its environmental<br />

awareness initiatives and promoting<br />

well-being through its yoga<br />

retreats, spa therapies and<br />

healthful dining. It now hosts a<br />

large variety of travellers, and the<br />

island’s uncanny ability to fit in<br />

travellers with different tastes,<br />

preferences, and budgets, while<br />

retaining its unique local culture,<br />

makes the island paradise a great<br />

destination for weddings.<br />

Many properties are set on a<br />

private beach, often with dramatic<br />

views of the Gulf of <strong>Thai</strong>land. The<br />

island’s breath-taking coastline,<br />

expanses of golden sand, sprawling<br />

lawns, and bright blue waters all<br />

form an idyllic backdrop for your<br />

fairy-tale wedding. Whether it’s a<br />

tropical vibe, or whimsical southern<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> architecture, or unrivalled<br />

views, all can create a sense of awe.<br />

Photo Conrad Samui<br />

Some resorts sprawl over 20<br />

acres in isolated areas or hills.<br />

Others provide spaces that jut out<br />

120 meters into the sea, creating<br />

a dream-like feeling of watery<br />

expanse and weightlessness.<br />

Numerous enchanting venues can<br />

host either intimate ceremonies or<br />

grand weddings.<br />

And you don’t necessarily<br />

have to travel far from Samui<br />

International Airport. Several<br />

resorts are just 10 minutes away,<br />

with pickup services easily arranged<br />

to and from there. Getting around<br />

the island can be arranged by the<br />

hotels; metred taxis on the island<br />

abound and daring souls who want<br />

to rent motorbikes may do so at<br />

their own risk if they are experts at<br />

manoeuvring sharp curves along<br />

the road.<br />

Wedding themes offer <strong>Thai</strong><br />

and Western wedding ceremonies,<br />

which includes blessings from<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> monks and other local rituals.<br />

Themes can also come from the<br />

space itself – is it water, lush<br />

greens surroundings, or hills with<br />

a view that couples want, and<br />

what kind of emotions do they<br />

want to evoke?<br />

On Koh Samui’s more virgin<br />

north shore, guests can feel<br />

like they’re more isolated with<br />

its magnificent beach frontier.<br />

Whether it’s a gorgeous garden<br />

oasis or a golden sand beach,<br />

wedding festivities can feel very far<br />

removed from mundane reality.<br />

All in all, Koh Samui guarantees<br />

lush green natural landscape,<br />

private bays and ambience of<br />

discreet charm offers an unmatched<br />

backdrop for a vow exchange.<br />

Phuket is another natural<br />

choice for a destination wedding,<br />

and the biggest island of <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

that sits on the Andaman Sea. The<br />

Tourism Authority of <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

(TAT) website points out the many<br />

beaches to visit and note the fact<br />

Photo Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket<br />

that Laem Phromthep Viewpoint<br />

features the most beautiful sunsets<br />

in <strong>Thai</strong>land for even more romantic<br />

moments. For a beach break, cultural<br />

elements include classical architecture<br />

and heritage spots, the famous Phuket<br />

nightlife, and world-class shopping.<br />

In Phuket, I had a chance to<br />

attend an intimate destination<br />

wedding at a resort situated in the<br />

unspoiled Kamala Bay. The resort<br />

offered two natural settings — a<br />

private beach and an untouched<br />

hillside. Additionally, I have also<br />

been invited to a destination<br />

wedding in Phuket at a resort that<br />

has access not to one, but to three<br />

beaches. At the resort, verdant<br />

greenery rolls down to golden<br />

sand beaches, which gives way to<br />

blue waters that stretch out to the<br />

horizon. The wedding functions<br />

were hosted at the resort’s chic<br />

beach club, beach lounge and beach<br />

restaurant, amongst other venues.<br />

I have also been lucky to<br />

attend destination weddings in<br />

Photo Nikki Beach Samui<br />

Preparing for<br />

a Destination<br />

Wedding<br />

Some tips for guests<br />

to survive a taxing<br />

destination-wedding<br />

season include booking<br />

flights in advance,<br />

packing the essentials,<br />

drinking responsibly,<br />

being social, and always<br />

respecting the venue and<br />

laws and etiquette of the<br />

country. On the other<br />

hand, hosts should pick<br />

a venue which is easy<br />

for their guests to travel<br />

to and offers a good<br />

team of professionals to<br />

help plan the festivities.<br />

Finally, both hosts and<br />

guests should let their<br />

hair down and enjoy the<br />

merriment!<br />

Photo Le Méridien Samui<br />

Bangkok, Pattaya, Rayong<br />

and Hua Hin in <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

The nuptial in Bangkok is<br />

one of the best weddings I<br />

have experienced. The first<br />

night of the extravagant<br />

revelries was held at a<br />

popular Bangkok rooftop<br />

bar, overlooking the city’s<br />

dazzling skyline. The next<br />

day, a leisurely pool party<br />

was organised for the guests<br />

at a lavish hotel’s pool deck,<br />

followed by a cocktail night<br />

and wedding ceremony at<br />

the hotel’s grand ballroom.<br />

The in-house events team<br />

of all the venues seemed to<br />

have extensive knowledge<br />

of Western, <strong>Thai</strong> and Indian<br />

weddings, and offered highly<br />

personalised service.<br />

Couples usually wed<br />

during the cooler months<br />

of November to February,<br />

when the rainy season has<br />

departed. From May to<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober, the skies may be<br />

grey, but <strong>Thai</strong> people are<br />

unfazed by this as sporadic<br />

showers are mostly of a short<br />

duration and the sun continues<br />

to shine. One thing to consider<br />

for the rainy season are<br />

special packages and offers<br />

during these months, since<br />

airfares may be lower with<br />

special hotel discounts prices<br />

offered during the so-called<br />

“green” season.<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land offers<br />

spellbinding retreats that<br />

serve as a romantic setting<br />

for a celebration of love.<br />

I hope to keep coming<br />

back to <strong>Thai</strong>land for more<br />

destination weddings, and<br />

one day even host my own<br />

destination wedding in<br />

enchanting <strong>Thai</strong>land!<br />

86<br />



Blissful Nuptials<br />

พิธีแต่งงานในต่างแดนกำลังได้รับความ<br />

นิยมอย่างมากในหมู่คู่รักที่ต้องการหลีกหนี<br />

ตารางชีวิตอันเร่งรีบ พร้อมกับได้ท่องเที่ยว<br />

สถานที่แปลกใหม่ในคราวเดียว นับเป็น<br />

ทางเลือกที่เจ้าบ่าวเจ้าสาวแทบไม่ต้อง<br />

ตระเตรียมอะไรเลย แค่ไว้ใจทีมงานมือ<br />

ฉมัง ก็เนรมิตงานแต่งในฝันให้กลายเป็น<br />

จริงได้ในชั่วพริบตา<br />

และประเทศไทยคือสถานที่จัดงาน<br />

แต่งที่หลายคู่ใฝ่ฝัน ทั้งเจ้าภาพและแขก<br />

ในงานจะได้สัมผัสกับวัฒนธรรมอันวิจิตร<br />

หาดทรายขาว อาทิตย์อัสดง คลื่นสงบ<br />

เย็น และลมทะเลอันอ่อนโยน อีกทั้งยังมี<br />

โรงแรมหรูริมชายหาดเพื่อจัดงานแต่งงาน<br />

ที่ทุกคนจะไม่มีวันลืม<br />

จากที่ผู้เขียนได้รับเชิญไปงานแต่งงาน<br />

ต่างแดนมาแล้วเกือบทั่วทุกมุมโลก<br />

ประเทศไทยคือที่สุดในทุกๆ ด้าน และหาก<br />

ไม่พูดถึงเกาะสมุยคงเป็นไปไม่ได้ ลองนึก<br />

ภาพงานแต่งงานที่มีฉากหลังเป็นทะเล<br />

อันงดงาม ทีมปรุงอาหารมือหนึ่งและ<br />

รีสอร์ตที่จัดเตรียมมาเพื่อคุณโดยเฉพาะ<br />

นอกจากความอลังการทางธรรมชาติ<br />

สมุยยังขึ้นชื่อในเรื่องเป็นเกาะผู้นำที่มุ่งมั่น<br />

ในการสร้างจิตสำนึกด้านสิ่งแวดล้อม<br />

และเป็นเกาะเปิดกว้างไปด้วยกิจกรรม<br />

อันส่งเสริมคุณภาพชีวิตและสุขภาพอันดี<br />

สมุยจึงกลายเป็นทางเลือกสีเขียวที่ลงตัว<br />

ของคู่รักยุคใหม่<br />

ไม่ไกลนักจากท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติ<br />

สมุย เดินทางด้วยรถแท็กซี่มิเตอร์เพียง<br />

ไม่ถึงสิบนาที คุณจะพบกับรีสอร์ตจำนวน<br />

มากที่ล้วนมีเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะตัวเรียง<br />

รายรอคอยคู่รัก พร้อมจัดงานทั้งพิธีการ<br />

แต่งงานแบบไทยดั ้งเดิมและแบบสากล<br />

บ้างเป็นรีสอร์ตส่วนตัวที่แฝงตัวอยู่ ณ<br />

พื้นที่สงบห่างไกลผู้คน บ้างก็เป็นรีสอร์ต<br />

ที่พร้อมจัดงานเล็กๆ ท่ามกลางคนรู้ใจ<br />

โอบล้อมด้วยธรรมชาติแสนงดงามเป็น<br />

ฉากหลังให้บ่าวสาวได้พบประสบการณ์<br />

ครั้งหนึ่งในชีวิตอันน่าจดจำ เกาะสมุย<br />

เป็นดั่งสถานที่จัดงานแต่งงานที่มอบทั้ง<br />

ความสวยงามของธรรมชาติรอบขุนเขา<br />

Photo Nikki Beach Samui<br />

บน-ล่าง<br />

จะมีสิ่งใดที่คู่บ่าวสาวจะ<br />

ปรารถนา นอกเหนือไป<br />

จากงานแต่งงานสุด<br />

โรแมนติกบนหาดทราย<br />

พร้อมพิธีสมรส<br />

ท่ามกลางสายลม<br />

แสงแดด ท้องทะเล<br />

และเพื่อนเจ้าบ่าว<br />

เจ้าสาวที่รู้ใจ<br />

การเตรียมการสำหรับ<br />

งานแต่งงานต่างแดน<br />

สำหรับแขกที่มาร่วมงาน<br />

ควรจองตั๋วเครื่องบินล่วงหน้า<br />

จัดเตรียมของที่จำเป็น<br />

ดื่มอย่างมีความรับผิดชอบ<br />

เคารพสถานที่ กฎหมาย และ<br />

ธรรมเนียมของประเทศ<br />

เจ้าภาพควรเลือกสถานที่จัด<br />

งานที่ง่ายต่อการเดินทาง และ<br />

มีทีมงานมืออาชีพที่เชื่อถือได้<br />

เพื่อให้ทั้งเจ้าภาพและแขกได้รับ<br />

ประสบการณ์และความสนุก<br />

อย่างเต็มอิ่ม<br />

มีหาดทรายขาวละเอียดทอดยาวตัดกับ<br />

น้ำทะเลใสบริสุทธิ์ และอ่าวส่วนตัวที่<br />

บรรดาคู่รักโรแมนติกไม่ว่าจากชาติไหน<br />

ต่างฝันถึง<br />

อีกฟากของประเทศไทย เกาะภูเก็ต<br />

นับเป็นสถานที่จัดงานแต่งงานอีกแห่งที่<br />

ทุกคนจะตราตรึงไม่มีวันลืม สรวงสวรรค์<br />

บนดินที่มีท้องทะเลอันดามันสีฟ้าคราม<br />

สดใสเป็นฉากหลัง ลงตัวที ่สุดสำหรับ<br />

การให้คำมั่นแห่งความรัก<br />

ภูเก็ตเต็มไปด้วยโรงแรมระดับเวิล์ด<br />

คลาสมากมาย โอบล้อมด้วยทัศนียภาพ<br />

งามงดบนเกาะอันเขียวขจีด้วยแนวต้น<br />

มะพร้าวและต้นสนทะเลเรียงราย นอกจาก<br />

ที่กล่าวมาทั้งหมดนี้ เกาะภูเก็ตยังเต็มไป<br />

ด้วยกลิ่นอายของวัฒนธรรมเขตร้อน<br />

แถมด้วยทางเลือกการจัดงานทั้งภายใน<br />

ห้องจัดเลี้ยงและสถานที่กลางแจ้งที่ทีมงาน<br />

ตระเตรียมไว้ได้อย่างน่าประทับใจ<br />

ผู้ขียนยังมีโอกาสได้รับเชิญไปร่วม<br />

งานแต่งงานทั้งในกรุงเทพฯ พัทยา ระยอง<br />

และหัวหิน ได้มีโอกาสยลแสงสียามค่ำคืน<br />

ของกรุงเทพฯ ยามราตรีจากบนสุดของ<br />

รูฟทอปบาร์ พร้อมพิธีแต่งงานแบบอินเดีย<br />

ในห้องจัดเลี้ยงอันโอ่อ่า โดยทีมงานมือ<br />

อาชีพ พร้อมกับบริการเพื่อเจ้าบ่าวและ<br />

เจ้าสาวโดยเฉพาะ<br />

ประเทศไทยคือสวรรค์ที่แท้จริงของ<br />

คู่รักที่ต้องการจัดงานแต่งงาน เก็บความ<br />

ทรงจำที่ไม่มีวันลืมเลือน และพร้อมจะ<br />

ย้อนกลับมาเยือนที่นี่ครั้งแล้วครั้งเล่า<br />

ผู้เขียนเองแอบหวังในใจว่าสักวันจะจัด<br />

งานแต่งงานของตัวเองขึ้นที่ไทยเช่นกัน<br />

Bliss Events & Wedding<br />

(<strong>Thai</strong>land), a professional<br />

events management and<br />

wedding planning company<br />

based in the paradise islands<br />

of Koh Samui and Phuket;<br />

specialises in destination<br />

events all over the Land of<br />

Smiles. Established in 2012,<br />

a young and energetic team<br />

with extensive experience in<br />

events management in various<br />

luxury hotels all over <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

guarantee expert management<br />

in weddings of all sizes.<br />

With their own sound and<br />

lighting systems along with<br />

different styles in décor, you are<br />

only limited by your imagination.<br />

Their selection of fabrics, vases,<br />

cutleries, and decorative items<br />

bring out the wow factor. The Bliss<br />

team is versatile when it comes to<br />

ideas, planning and execution. No<br />

detail is left unattended to ensure<br />

the smooth running of weddings.<br />

Bliss Events also makes sure<br />

that the special moment is<br />

captured with experienced<br />

photographers and videographers.<br />

With the belief that not two<br />

weddings are alike, personalised<br />

service reassures each wedding<br />

couple in creating an unforgettable<br />

day. With a service that’s not<br />

only limited to a photographer<br />

and videographer, a vast selection<br />

of renowned hair and makeup<br />

artists work on creating the<br />

right look in keeping with your<br />

ideas for a dreamy wedding.<br />

More importantly, they offer<br />

a personalised and stress-free<br />

experience throughout the<br />

whole planning and execution<br />

process for lasting memories.<br />

Contact Ms. Chatjuta Limapant,<br />

info@blisseventthailand.com<br />



An Ideal Tropical<br />

Destination Wedding<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land’s sun, sea and fun<br />

vibe ranks the country as one of<br />

the top places for a destination<br />

wedding. From wedding packages<br />

to all-inclusive packages created<br />

by hotels and venues, all the<br />

plannings have been done for you<br />

with the right beach wedding or<br />

celebration ideas. Planners give<br />

you ideas for unique ceremony and<br />

reception venues, right up to your<br />

wedding bouquet, boutonnieres,<br />

table centrepieces or ceremony<br />

and reception flowers. To create<br />

memories that last a lifetime, it’s<br />

all in the details.<br />

A Beach Wedding to Remember<br />

Santiburi Koh Samui offers unmatched romantic beach wedding packages<br />

complemented by personalised services, world-class accommodation, rounded<br />

out with delicious cuisine on stunning Koh Samui. Exchange your vows with<br />

a breathtaking tropical backdrop to a soundtrack of lapping waves on the<br />

champagne shores of a peaceful bay. Choose a western-style ceremony, or<br />

a <strong>Thai</strong>-inspired blessing. Indulge in a gourmet cuisine prepared by worldrenowned<br />

chefs and enjoy special entertainment performed for you and your<br />

guests. Whatever your preferences, an efficient team will help you create the<br />

perfect day. weddings@santiburisamui.com, Tel +66 (0) 77 425 031<br />

Romance on Lipa Noi Beach<br />

Nikki Beach Koh Samui Resort & Spa is perfectly situated<br />

on the stunning Lipa Noi beach in <strong>Thai</strong>land. Ideal for a<br />

romantic getaway or wedding, Nikki Beach Koh Samui<br />

offers picturesque view that faces the sunset side of Lipa<br />

Noi beach. As the first location in the Nikki Beach Hotels &<br />

Resort portfolio, no detail was spared when it came to this<br />

award-winning property, which is known for its five-star<br />

service and amenities. Brides can be kissed in the paradise<br />

setting of Koh Samui, with the hotel property able to<br />

accommodate a western wedding celebration for 30 guests.<br />

Hold a private wedding on their beachside Garden Villa,<br />

complete with flowers and decorations, enjoy an open<br />

bar and BBQ buffet and complimentary use of an evening<br />

reception venue. For more information, contact<br />

info.kohsamui@nikkibeach.com, Tel +66(0) 77 914 500<br />

Lavishly Celebrate Your Day<br />

A Clear Stage to Exchange Vows<br />

Dreams of a perfect wedding can come to life in<br />

sunny Koh Samui. With miles of golden sand and lush<br />

tropical gardens, the setting of Anantara Bophut creates<br />

memorable moments that make your fairytale wedding<br />

come true. Walk down an aisle of soft sand strewn with<br />

flowers that leads to a canopied archway, or choose to<br />

honour your love in an intimate garden ceremony.<br />

At Anantara Bophut, your special day can be tailored<br />

with a choice of Western or <strong>Thai</strong> ceremonies in aweinspiring<br />

venues. Colourful rituals and lavish extras add<br />

finishing touches to your romance.<br />

bophutsamui@anantara.com, Tel +66 (0) 77 428 300<br />

Have your ideal wedding at Conrad<br />

Koh Samui, where the ceremony can<br />

be an intimate one for both of you<br />

or as grand as you wish, right up to<br />

200 guests. Exchange your wedding<br />

vows while barefoot on soft, white<br />

sand, in the romance of a place<br />

surrounded by coconut trees. Adding<br />

to the ambience is the sound of waves<br />

lapping gently at the beach. For the<br />

ultimate experience, exchange your<br />

vows over the water, as you stand<br />

on the resort's signature wedding<br />

platform: a transparent stage. Book<br />

their signature wedding package,<br />

starting from THB 108,888 net<br />

before <strong>Oct</strong>ober 31, <strong>2018</strong> and save<br />

up to 10% when confirming your<br />

wedding dates before June 30, 2019.<br />

For wedding enquiries, email<br />

USMKS.events@conradhotels.com,<br />

Tel +66 (0) 77 915 888<br />

A “Hiro” for Your Day<br />

Wedding couples at Tongsai Bay rely quite a bit on the<br />

eco-luxe property’s wedding planner. One guest says,<br />

“Hiro (pronounced ‘hero’ which is very fitting!) is a<br />

genuinely kind and helpful man and we cannot speak<br />

highly enough of him and how wonderful he is at his job.<br />

His communication and organisation skills are second<br />

to none and he did all in his power to make the day run<br />

smoothly. The cake and the flowers were beautiful and<br />

just as we had requested, the ceremony and private<br />

dining setup were breath-taking and Hiro helped us<br />

choose the perfect makeup artist, entertainment and<br />

celebrant.” weddings@tongsaibay.co.th,<br />

Tel +66 (0) 77 913 750<br />

Uniquely Exquisite Way to Wed<br />

Le Méridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa unveils the perfect venue that<br />

transforms the wedding you’ve dreamed of into reality. The resort’s<br />

spectacular Ocean Pier floats the length of 120 metres out into the<br />

water with panoramic views over the Gulf of <strong>Thai</strong>land. It’s simply<br />

a unique setting for all couples to indulge in romantic private<br />

dinners, enjoy celebratory cocktails at sunset and intimate wedding<br />

ceremonies. Exclusive wedding packages are at the ready, should you<br />

be inclined towards a Western wedding or wish to explore a <strong>Thai</strong>themed<br />

ceremony. A professional team will go above and beyond to<br />

create memorable moments. Wedding packages at Le Méridien Koh<br />

Samui Resort & Spa start from THB 110,000 net. For more inquiries,<br />

please contact, sales.kohsamui@lemeridien.com,<br />

Tel +66 (0) 77 960 888<br />

90 91


With A View to Say “I Do”<br />

At Novotel Phuket Resort, a perfect and memorable wedding day begins with a<br />

view and a team of experts dedicated to making your day special. Nestled on<br />

a hillside overlooking Patong Bay on 8 acres of tropical landscaped garden,<br />

it’s just a short stroll from Patong Beach; the island’s nightlife and shopping<br />

centre. Bridal couples can relax in the three-tiered swimming pool with a<br />

panoramic view of the Andaman Sea, savour the local cuisine and take in the<br />

sunset on the terrace. Novotel Phuket Resort is just truly a place for living the<br />

wedding fantasy. Chris and Kerri who got married there say, “We have some<br />

fond memories of our time spent when we had our wedding,” and already have<br />

plans to book the same room to celebrate their one-year anniversary, along<br />

with Christmas and New Year. event@novotelphuket.com, Tel +66 (0) 76 342 777<br />

Location is Key<br />

to A Dreamy Day<br />

Embark on a journey of<br />

wedded bliss at Banyan Tree<br />

Samui, where romantic vistas<br />

of the Gulf of <strong>Thai</strong>land and<br />

the serenity of a private<br />

bay combines to create a<br />

setting as unique as your<br />

love story. Whether for a<br />

wedding ceremony nestled<br />

beachside or perched on<br />

the hillside overlooking<br />

the resort, this intimate<br />

destination delivers a retreat<br />

to nature and tranquillity,<br />

setting the mood for the<br />

most unforgettable day of<br />

your life.<br />

The resort’s wedding<br />

specialist, along with their<br />

team of dedicated associates,<br />

is fully committed to help<br />

ensure your dream wedding<br />

proceeds smoothly and<br />

becomes a cherished<br />

memory for you and your<br />

special guests.<br />

An Indulgent Getaway<br />

for Couples<br />

Twinpalms Phuket is literally a paradise to<br />

indulge for the honeymoon of a lifetime. With a<br />

location that’s within a stone’s throw from the<br />

enchantment of Surin beach, it’s easily one of<br />

the most beautiful and least crowded stretches of<br />

sand on Phuket’s west coast. Popular as a couple’s<br />

destination, the resort offers a wide-range of<br />

activities, from local experiences to luxurious<br />

pampering in a quiet and peaceful setting.<br />

The resort offers ‘strictly romance’ that<br />

lives up to the dreams of most couples. An<br />

inviting swimming pool amidst the guest room<br />

chalets is designed in harmonious blending with<br />

their water garden. Another romantic venue at<br />

Twinpalms Phuket is the HQ Beach Lounge, a<br />

place to dine, celebrate and soak up the sea views.<br />

With the chic simplicity of your surroundings,<br />

enjoy light beachside fare, wine and music that’ll<br />

soothe your soul. book@twinpalms-phuket.com,<br />

Tel +66 (0) 76 316 599<br />

62<br />

Dream Beach Wedding<br />

At the Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, the kiss after<br />

an exchange of vows becomes more special<br />

while barefoot on a white sand beach, or you can<br />

choose the soft blanket of a green lawn.<br />

As the hotel aims to please, they strive to<br />

create a “heaven on earth” experience for an<br />

unforgettable and exotic dream beach wedding.<br />

Choose your choice of venue, along with a<br />

meticulous preparation and service. Hosting your<br />

wedding reception is a treat for all senses, with<br />

cuisine and settings to suit your personal taste<br />

and preferences.<br />

The resort’s dynamic wedding team offers<br />

a personalised service to ensure distinctive and<br />

individual weddings while paying close attention<br />

to details. Contact dream maker:<br />

naruebadin.hm@dusit.com, Tel +66 (0) 76 362 999<br />

Above and Beyond<br />

Memorable<br />

The Naka Phuket is the ultimate<br />

destination for memorable<br />

weddings in paradise. With<br />

its spectacular architecture<br />

and views, it’s the perfect<br />

location for intimate wedding<br />

ceremonies of up to 120 of<br />

your closest friends and family.<br />

A variety of exotic locations<br />

are available within the hotel<br />

property – from a white sandy<br />

beach to their lush green lawn,<br />

or the MEKA sky lounge.<br />

dos@thenakaphuket.com,<br />

Tel +66 (0) 76 337 999<br />

Your Contact for Weddings<br />

Pawadee Sangthamrong<br />

Food & Beverage, Romance & Dining Concierge<br />

E-mail<br />

pawadee.sangthamrong@banyantree.com<br />

Create Unforgettable Memories<br />

In An Unforgettable Setting<br />

Banyan Tree Samui<br />

99/9 Moo 4 Maret Samui, Surat Thani<br />

84310 <strong>Thai</strong>land<br />

+66 (0) 77 915 333, +66 (0) 77 915 388<br />

www.banyantree.com<br />



A Well-crafted<br />

Wedding<br />

Samujana provides full-serviced Wedding Planning –<br />

and will happily welcome an external wedding planner<br />

if you prefer. A dedication to 5-star service means<br />

they effortlessly combine contemporary luxury with<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> hospitality, to create bespoke and well-crafted<br />

experiences and everlasting memories.<br />

From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations,<br />

Samujana can host your entire wedding party for the<br />

ultimate destination wedding. With expert wedding<br />

associates, and international suppliers, you are<br />

assured utmost attention is given to all details.<br />

Samujana’s scenery alone is a beautiful backdrop<br />

for a picturesque wedding. Knowing that every bridal<br />

couple deserves the best, you can enlist the aid of their<br />

best team of set designers, to bring beauty to life in each<br />

wedding. With a personal touch from experts, Samujana<br />

can help turn wedding ideas into cherished memories<br />

when you celebrate ‘forever,” be it a luxury-themed<br />

arrangement or a gorgeous rustic-theme.<br />

A dedicated personal wedding specialist will help<br />

craft and organise your dream wedding, priding<br />

themselves on that personal touch. From plans that<br />

begin with the wedding date down to the how the<br />

lighting should be shown at the reception, all these<br />

factors contribute to first-class service.<br />

No Wedding<br />

Is Too Big or<br />

Too Small<br />

If it’s a cosy affair you’re after for your wedding,<br />

Beach Republic on Koh Samui’s paradise setting<br />

can easily work with you to make it an intimate<br />

one for both of you. But if you want to go big,<br />

Beach Republic can easily take the lead in making<br />

all the arrangements for your perfect wedding.<br />

“Relax” may be the last word that comes<br />

to mind but leave the planning to their<br />

wedding coordinators so that you can<br />

focus on you and your loved one.<br />

Having done this countless times,<br />

their professional team aims to exceed<br />

all expectations on your special day. Find<br />

out what pre-set packages and menus<br />

are on offer for a wedding ceremony<br />

and celebration as they aim to please. In<br />

addition to a Perfect Wedding, the team<br />

is happy to put together a Commitment<br />

Ceremony, Stag Night, Hen Night, or all<br />

manners of vow renewals.<br />



Personal Touches<br />

to a Special Day<br />

For heartfelt beach weddings with a personal touch, the ideal<br />

setting of Banana Fan Sea resort on Koh Samui's Chaweng<br />

Beach offers not only an incredibly charming venue for your<br />

wedding day, but also a remarkable team. They’ll organise a<br />

memorable event in a lush landscape along the picturesque<br />

stretch of white sandy beach. From the exchanging of vows,<br />

to the cheers of champagne popping, the celebratory dinner<br />

or an intimate romantic dinner for two, even a joyous gala to<br />

share the blissful moments with all your friends and family, all<br />

is done right on the beautiful beach with backdrop of cerulean<br />

blue oceans of <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

Reasons For a Tropical Wedding<br />

At Amari Koh Samui the setting is picture<br />

perfect. Blue skies, aquamarine seas, white<br />

sand beaches and swaying palms are the bonus<br />

points to an island resort with a contemporary<br />

airy design. Add delicious dining options, the<br />

latest conveniences and touches of legendary<br />

<strong>Thai</strong> hospitality to the mix, and couples have a<br />

recipe for the perfect wedding destination on a<br />

tropical island.<br />

A Western-style Wedding Package at Amari<br />

Koh Samui has all the details covered from<br />

the moment guests arrive, to planning and<br />

organising throughout the ceremony until the<br />

after party ends. Alternatively, enjoy nuptials<br />

that has the vibrant mix of ritual, colour and<br />

music special to <strong>Thai</strong> weddings. The Buddhist<br />

Wedding Package covers all the details, leaving<br />

everyone to bask in its uniqueness.<br />

A wedding on the beach is the best way to<br />

ensure the most stunning wedding photos. A<br />

photographer will not only get photos of the<br />

ceremony, but will also follow the couple on a<br />

romantic walk along the sandy shore and take<br />

candid snapshots in the best possible light.<br />

A Beach Wedding That’s Uniquely Yours<br />

Banana Fan Sea Resort<br />

201 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road,<br />

T. Bophut, Koh Samui,<br />

Surat Thani 84320, <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

For further information on wedding packages, please contact:<br />

sales@bananafansea.com<br />

www.bananafansea.com<br />

Tel: 66 (0) 77 413 483-6


Bespoke Romance,<br />

Anantara Style<br />

Your paradise beach wedding<br />

comes to life in extraordinary style<br />

at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort.<br />

Visualise pristine sands and the<br />

dazzling Andaman Sea as your<br />

backdrop, framed by exquisite<br />

floral tributes. Begin that first<br />

step to the wedding march with<br />

a lullaby of waves joining in.<br />

Choose between an array of<br />

wedding options, and enjoy the<br />

professional and attentive service<br />

of a dedicated wedding planner<br />

who will ensure that every fantasy<br />

is realised to perfection. Create<br />

a lavishly grand or intimate<br />

celebration, before relaxing into<br />

an unforgettable honeymoon.<br />

Their Wedding Package includes:<br />

• Elegant cabana set-up<br />

• Instrumental background music during<br />

ceremony (from an in-house library)<br />

• Chair and table set-up for ceremony<br />

• Anantara wedding certificate<br />

• Anantara wedding planner services<br />

• Four hours with a professional<br />

photographer<br />

• One bottle of sparkling wine for the<br />

wedding night<br />

• Roundtrip airport transfer for bride<br />

and groom<br />

The First Step to “Together”<br />

Begins With the Right Place<br />

Find out more about our<br />

wedding packages and how we<br />

can create the perfect celebration,<br />

please contact our dedicated<br />

Wedding Specialists at<br />

+66 (0) 76 317 200 or<br />

email: jiraporn_jo@anantara.com<br />

Anantara Layan Phuket Resort <br />

168, Moo 6, Layan Beach Soi 4,<br />

Cherngtalay, Amphur Thalang,<br />

Phuket 83110 THAILAND<br />

T+ 66 (0) 76 317 200,<br />

M+ 66 (0) 93 574 2297<br />


N THE MOOD<br />



Words and Photos Bigs Vatcharasith<br />

A photographer lands in Hong Kong with<br />

expectations to capture the essence of<br />

multidimensional Hong Kong. Stuck in what he<br />

called a complicated opportunity of either being<br />

caught in the rain or bestowed teasing bursts of<br />

sunshine, his reward was the island’s fierce beauty.<br />

hat can you expect if you arrive in Hong Kong<br />

during the monsoon season and a typhoon greets<br />

you? Sure, it’s common enough during the season<br />

but what does the wrath of Category 8 storm advisory mean?<br />

Perplexed with the rain’s shifting moods, I start and stop,<br />

the changing weather plays with my emotions.<br />

I woke up every morning for days on end in Hong Kong<br />

with this conundrum – what can I expect? I don’t want to go<br />

out, there’s a storm warning posted everywhere.<br />

I try to cheer up. If you want something different, you’ve<br />

got to fight for it.<br />

I’m walking in the rain, it’s crazy windy. I’m giving<br />

myself a pep talk. Be patient, I repeat to myself, and wait for<br />

the perfect light. Use my instincts, find the hidden message<br />

in this situation.<br />

Hong Kong skyscrapers do a nightly<br />

symphony of colourful lights that’s<br />

best experienced from the water.<br />

100<br />




The Hong Kong Observation Wheel<br />

offers rides day and night at the<br />

iconic Harbourfront.<br />

Locals still flock to traditional<br />

eateries for Cantonese favourites.<br />


Des Voeux Road West, also known<br />

as the “Dried Seafood Street”,<br />

where families buy ingredients for<br />

dinner banquets.<br />

Street scenes intensify in colour<br />

after the rain.<br />

One should try the ferry crossing<br />

between Kowloon and Hong Kong<br />

Islands for the view.<br />

102 103



The colours and moods contrast on a rainy day.<br />

Culinary destinations in Hong Kong include dining<br />

spots popular among locals and tourists.<br />


Still non-stop at night in the Central district<br />

of Hong Kong.<br />

104<br />




Bigs Vatcharasith is a high-profile<br />

fashion, commercial and fine art<br />

photographer currently based<br />

in Bangkok.<br />

He has studied at Silpakorn<br />

University in the <strong>Thai</strong> capital, the<br />

London College of Printing and the<br />

London College of Fashion. Bigs<br />

comes from a creative background<br />

that spans architecture, fashion<br />

and art.<br />

His work has appeared in various<br />

magazines as well as corporate media<br />

and advertisements in Asia.<br />

ABOVE<br />

Man Mo temple: a serendipitous<br />

exploration during a downpour.<br />

Located in Sheung Wan,<br />

the altar is dedicated to the<br />

literature god Man Tai.<br />

BELOW<br />

Life goes on, even during<br />

a monsoon. Busy lanes lead<br />

to small, intimate alleys<br />

of discovery.<br />


Waiting to watch the<br />

‘Symphony of Lights’; in<br />

Mongkok with a treasure<br />

trove of bargains.<br />


Lan Fong Yuen, an old tea<br />

house known for inventing the<br />

smooth, malty milk tea strained<br />

through a ‘stocking’.<br />

106<br />



Calling on LINE<br />

LINE friends come to<br />

life in Bangkok. Stroll<br />

through their digital<br />

theme park or hang<br />

out for a game with a<br />

favourite character.<br />

BANGKOK 110 / SAMUI 116 / PHUKET 120 / CHIANG MAI & CHIANG RAI 124 / TRAT 125 /<br />








“Line” Up for a Digital World<br />

People who go gaga over the cuteness of the<br />

characters from Line Friends will get the chance<br />

to experience the adventures of Brown, Cony,<br />

and their pals in a different dimension with Line<br />

Village Bangkok. From their beginnings as a<br />

messaging app, the Line characters now feature<br />

in their own digital theme park. With a sprawl<br />

across 1,500 sq. metres in the capital city, various<br />

sections of the place draw inspiration from each<br />

Line character’s passion and style. One of which<br />

is Brown’s Room where visitors glimpse the<br />

world of the popular though silent bear, along<br />

with Cony’s House where players help our rabbit<br />

friend cook via a touch-screen game. This digital<br />

destination features a space that offers not only<br />

adventures in virtual reality, but also the best<br />

spots for Instagram destined shots. Siam Square<br />

One, 388 Rama I Rd, linevillagebangkok.com,<br />

+66 (0) 95 503 6666<br />


This is great (and delicious) news for pancake lovers as famed<br />

Gram Café & Pancakes finally opens in <strong>Thai</strong>land. From its<br />

original spot in Osaka, Japan, the ever popular Gram Café &<br />

Pancakes brings its mouth-watering interpretations that’s been<br />

tagged as “the best, no.1 pancake house in Osaka” by those<br />

who’ve enjoyed the light batter and presentation. All this<br />

goodness can be had with their location on the ground floor<br />

of the Siam Paragon shopping complex here in Bangkok. With<br />

their distinctive green logo, the café guarantees its famous<br />

“Premium Pancakes”, a tower of fluffy good that comes in three<br />

sumptuous layers. To celebrate its first branch in the Land<br />

of Smiles, Gram Pancakes is launching an exclusive menu of<br />

“Premium to Go.” Ground floor, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Rd,<br />

facebook.com/grampancakesthailand<br />


Brisuthi or “pure” in <strong>Thai</strong> definitely sums<br />

up the essence of this organic beauty<br />

brand. The founders’ passion for skincare<br />

products led to the major step towards<br />

customising their organic oil involving<br />

meticulously-sought premium and<br />

beneficial ingredients from all over the<br />

world. If your quest is for true beauty<br />

results, Brisuthi caters that need with their<br />

organic product line that is minimalist in<br />

design, but maxes out when it comes to<br />

benefits. Its star, the “African Baobab Oil<br />

Treatment Cleanser”, as an<br />

example, truly gets to the heart of the<br />

brand. The cleanser contains Morocco’s<br />

best organic oil as certified by the USDA<br />

Organic symbol and gently washes away<br />

all make-up, helps unclog pores, and leaves<br />

skin wonderfully refreshed and balanced.<br />

Ecotopia, 4th floor, Siam Discovery,<br />

989 Rama I Road, facebook.com/brisuthi<br />






The Empyrean Offering from<br />

the Avocado<br />

Nothing beats lying down<br />

on an avocado-shaped<br />

cushion or sharing a table<br />

with strangers in <strong>Thai</strong>land’s<br />

first ever avocado-themed<br />

café. The Hass Bistro was<br />

inspired by the owners’<br />

passion for the buttery<br />

richness of avocados. The<br />

name of the café also derives<br />

its name from what is the<br />

world’s top cultivar for the<br />

avo, now the café’s star<br />

product in their savoury and<br />

sweet menu flavours.<br />

Having the fruit by itself<br />

is just the tip of the avocado<br />

iceberg. Hass Bistro proves<br />

that avocados suit various<br />

dishes, sliced or smashed in<br />

hamburgers, into Vietnamese<br />

spring rolls – all that beyond<br />

guacamole and tortilla chips.<br />

Don’t forget to try the softest<br />

of the soft – an avocado<br />

cheesecake with avocado<br />

sauce, sure to satisfy avocado<br />

lovers. 1/6 Sukhumvit 49,<br />

facebook.com/thehassbistro,<br />

+66 (0) 99 192 9626<br />


Located on the 3rd floor of Brasserie Cordonnier, The Bar<br />

Upstairs provides a wine library housed in décor inspired by<br />

the rustic charm of a Provençal house. It offers a fun and<br />

laid-back atmosphere in which guests can discover the art and<br />

enjoyment of wine under its high-ceiling roof. With classes,<br />

a retail space and everything dedicated to all things wine,<br />

The Bar Upstairs welcomes anyone wishing for a good time<br />

and excellent wine. Homemade terrines, imported cheeses,<br />

cold cuts as well as light fare is available from Brasserie<br />

Cordonnier’s kitchen. 33/30 Sukhumvit Rd, Soi 11 (Chaiyos),<br />

upstairsbkk.com, +66 (0) 2821 5110<br />






The Chiang Mai-based Forest<br />

Bake is finally introducing<br />

Bangkokians to the delicious<br />

charm of their bakery. Apart<br />

from offering sumptuous<br />

artisanal baked goods using the<br />

best ingredients, Forest Bake<br />

BKK adjusts itself to the fast<br />

beat of an urban lifestyle by<br />

offering delivery and grab-andgo<br />

baked goods. Designed like<br />

a modern cabin, the bakery<br />

stands out from the cluster<br />

of Sukhumvit 22 shophouses,<br />

and attractive in warm wood<br />

tones. Upon entering, customers<br />

are immediately greeted with<br />

a long table full of baked<br />

goods inspired by recipes<br />

from around the world from<br />

their Bakery Showcase where<br />

customers can grab what they<br />

want to take back.<br />

224/3 Soi Ma Seuk Sukhumvit 22,<br />

forestbake.com,<br />

+66 (0) 61 397 7077<br />


Revival in Therapeutic Arts<br />

The Oriental Spa at the Mandarin<br />

Oriental Bangkok celebrated its<br />

25th anniversary by unveiling two<br />

new treatment packages that reintroduces<br />

ancient <strong>Thai</strong> traditional<br />

therapeutic arts, namely the <strong>Thai</strong><br />

northern Lanna style of Tok Sen<br />

and the Isaan style bamboo<br />

massage. Such total indulgence<br />

includes an herbal foot bath, a<br />

body wrap and scrub, your regional<br />

choice for therapy, a warm herbal<br />

body oil massage and a warm foot<br />

herbal compress.<br />

While the Spirit of Isaan package<br />

features body scrubs made from<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land’s northeastern region that’s<br />

famous for black sticky rice and<br />

jasmine rice, the Lanna Ceremony<br />

meanwhile is beneficial by using<br />

indigenous staples. “Bai miang”<br />

or preserved tea leaves and fang, a<br />

native plant with a red bark from<br />

the <strong>Thai</strong> northern region is known<br />

for promoting blood circulation and<br />

strengthening the skin structure. The<br />

ancient massage of Tok Sen uses a<br />

small wooden wedge and hammer to<br />

lightly tap away muscle tension along<br />

the body’s meridian lines. The 2.5 hour<br />

package is at 7,000++ Baht including<br />

a standard massage room. The Deluxe<br />

Suite and their iconic Oriental Suite<br />

are also available. Indeed, it’s a great<br />

and quality escapade to one of the best<br />

luxury spas in Bangkok. Opens daily<br />

9.00 - 22.00, 48 Oriental Avenue, Bang<br />

Rak, mandarinoriental.com/bangkok,<br />

+66 (0) 2659 0000<br />




SAMUI<br />

High in the hills of Chaweng Noi<br />

sits a favourite local venue with<br />

arguably one of the best views on<br />

the island. That legendary resort,<br />

restaurant and lounge is The<br />

Jungle Club. With an outstanding<br />

reputation for relaxed vibes,<br />

delicious cocktails, and inventive<br />

food cooked by a five-star chef,<br />

the Jungle Club is not giving up<br />


A Jungle Up High<br />

its top spot anytime soon. The breathtaking<br />

coastal views combined with the<br />

comfortable bohemian setting can have<br />

you spending a whole afternoon and<br />

evening at this high-up venue. Offering<br />

bungalows and an infinity pool for guests<br />

as well, the Jungle Club really does have<br />

it all. Pick-up services are available<br />

for patrons as the drive up to this<br />

beautiful location is not for the faint of<br />

heart. Guests are encouraged to book<br />

in advance for optimum seating and<br />

pick-up services. jungleclubsamui.com,<br />

+66 (0) 81 891 8363<br />


Hidden off the beaten path in Maenam Soi 1 is some daring fun those with a keen<br />

eye and a steady hand. The Flying Arrow Restaurant & Archery is a heart-pumping<br />

day activity for novices or pros to practise shooting a variety of bows at staggered<br />

targets. Archery lessons and instructions are offered on site and the highest safety<br />

precautions are taken for visitors wanting to test their skills. The Flying Arrow<br />

Restaurant & Archery offers not only the recreational activity of Archery in a<br />

beautiful setting, but also delicious local and western food and drinks for patrons<br />

to enjoy throughout the day. Bookings can be made in advance or in person.<br />

flying-arrow.net, +66 (0) 83 045 8209<br />

Photos by Chatta Phoyen<br />


Located in Maenam Soi 5 is one of Samui’s most unique sports<br />

offerings – Samui Disc Golf, where you try your best to swing<br />

a disc into a basket. With challenging courses laid out amongst<br />

towering palm trees, and beautiful rolling grass fields, a day spent<br />

here is more than just a fun sporting event, it’s also an immersion<br />

into nearly untouched nature. With annual competitions being<br />

held at the course, Samui Disc Golf has established itself as a<br />

top destination for professional Disc Golfers from all over the<br />

world. International crowds gather each year for competition<br />

and comradery. In addition to the annual competitions, Samui<br />

Disc Golf is open to the public year-round and regularly holds<br />

barbecues and parties. samuidiscgolf.com, +66 (0) 98 670 1768<br />




SAMUI<br />


Running the Distance<br />

The annual Samui Festival Marathon & Trail Run<br />

is returning for its 12th year on 30 <strong>Sep</strong>tember,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. In conjunction with the annual Samui<br />

Festival, the marathon draws long distance<br />

runners from around the country. A number<br />

of different race lengths<br />

are available. Each year<br />

participants come together<br />

to push themselves past<br />

physical limits amongst the<br />

picturesque island setting. After<br />

the race, runners can enjoy<br />

entertainment, food, and fun<br />

at the Samui Festival in Nathon<br />

town. gotorace.com/event/<br />

samui-festival-marathon-<strong>2018</strong><br />


Emerging as Lamai’s new favourite café on the<br />

beach is Yousabuy Samui, which offers guests fresh<br />

food and drinks on an idyllic beachfront setting.<br />

Positioned perfectly on a low-tide area of Hua-<br />

Thanon beach, the café draws guests from all areas<br />

of the island. Beautifully painted wood, breezy<br />

white drapes line the café, adding to the relaxed<br />

island feeling you can only find on a beach. Located<br />

only 700 metres from the Guan Yu Shrine of Koh<br />

Samui, the Yousabuy is an obvious stop after a day<br />

of cultural activities on the island. facebook.com/<br />

Yousabuysamui, +66 (0) 89 450 0895<br />

Photos by Chatta Phoyen<br />


One of the most unique and true-toits-roots<br />

restaurants, Sweet Sisters<br />

Café lies far off the normal beaten<br />

tourist paths of Chaweng and Bophut.<br />

It’s proven to be well worth the journey<br />

to its southern location. Khun Noi’s<br />

emphasis on local, organic, and<br />

healthy ingredients combined with<br />

her creative flair keep her customers<br />

coming back for more. Not to mention<br />

the impressive and extensive menu<br />

featuring over 100 options, and special<br />

that change daily. After a healthy and<br />

fulfilling meal enjoyed in the open-air<br />

café, guests can go to the connected<br />

shop to purchase local snacks, imported<br />

and local health foods, and handicrafts<br />

made by skilled <strong>Thai</strong> artisans.<br />

facebook.com/sweetsisters.cafe.samui,<br />

+66 (0) 86 470 8631<br />


With the rainy season approaching here in the South,<br />

you might find yourself looking for adventure while being<br />

sheltered from the rain. Those adventure seekers need not<br />

look further than the Escape Break Room housed in Beach<br />

Republic in Lamai. For those who want a true challenge, a<br />

night in the EBR allows guests a one hour to escape from<br />

a locked room full of riddles and mysteries. Deductive<br />

reasoning and a group effort are needed to escape before<br />

time runs out. Opened in 2014, the Escape Break Room has<br />

only continued to grow in popularity while offering a number<br />

of different options and themes in each room. While not<br />

required, advanced bookings are advised, either by phone or<br />

website. facebook.com/escapebreaksamui, +66 (0) 77 458 100<br />




PHUKET<br />


Khao Khad’s Towering View<br />

Photos Jeremie Schatz<br />

When it comes to killer views in<br />

Phuket, the vast majority of travellers<br />

find themselves atop the iconic Big<br />

Buddha with its towering statue, or<br />

the favoured Karon viewpoint with a<br />

birds-eye view of Kata Noi, Kata Yai,<br />

and Karon beaches.<br />

A lesser known yet equally magical<br />

spot to soak in the sights is the Khao<br />

Khad View Tower in Cape Panwa.<br />

Located just a quick jaunt south from<br />

Phuket Town, this well-marked<br />

mountaintop can be easily accessed via<br />

car or motorbike with ample parking to<br />

boot. Enjoy the drive as the road sneaks<br />

through the dappled light of lush jungle<br />

and rubber tree plantations. A staircase<br />

directly accesses the 360-degree<br />

lookout tower while a circuitous<br />

walkway takes you to several picnic<br />

tables tucked into banana trees off to<br />

the sides. Bring some snacks and make<br />

a picnic of it amongst the mountain<br />

breezes and buzzing cicadas. Don’t be<br />

surprised to have it all to yourself.<br />

T. Wichit, A. Muang, Phuket,<br />

+66 (0) 63 536 7045<br />

8080 CAFÉ<br />

Following their grand opening three years ago across from<br />

Central Festival shopping mall, 8080 Café Phuket has found<br />

its niche as a popular motorcycle-themed hotspot for night<br />

life. Hosting live rock entertainment, this industrial-style bar/<br />

music venue/motorcycle shop gets hopping on the weekends.<br />

It’s a magnet for local “big bike” enthusiasts to show off their<br />

rides from cool café racers and rumbling Harley Davidson’s to<br />

stylish Triumphs and trendy Vespas. Join in on an organised<br />

ride around southern <strong>Thai</strong>land. Buy a new Vespa, or swing by<br />

for a cold one, shoot some pool, and enjoy the scene.<br />

Beside HomeWorks Phuket, T. Wichit, A. Muang, Phuket,<br />

+66 (0) 61 176 7744, 8080cafephuket.com<br />


With its world famous beaches and<br />

tepid azure seas, it’s no wonder Phuket’s<br />

visitors flock to the water. However, the<br />

sea is not the only place to cool off and<br />

have fun. Anthem Wakepark can be<br />

found on the shores of their very own<br />

lake oasis tucked beside Wat Manik in<br />

Cherngtalay. The ultra-friendly staff,<br />

pro-level equipment, and laid back vibes<br />

make Anthem a choice spot to post up<br />

with friends or the family. Never wake<br />

boarded before? Worry not as one of<br />

their experienced instructors will have<br />

you carving it up in no time. Sporting a<br />

650-metre-long cable with 11 obstacles<br />

and a separate beginner’s cable, all level<br />

of rider can participate and progress.<br />

Get out on the water or chill on the deck<br />

with something tasty from the kitchen<br />

and a mojito and watch the show.<br />

194/6 M.7 Si Sunthon Road, Phuket,<br />

+66 (0) 76 620 034, anthemwakepark.com<br />




PHUKET<br />


Vegetarian Festival Phuket<br />

Occurring from <strong>Oct</strong>ober 8-17,<br />

this ritual celebration by the<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>-Chinese community is<br />

an act of veneration to honour<br />

one’s ancestors and gods.<br />

Although celebrated around<br />

Southeast Asia, about a third of<br />

Phuket locals take part making<br />

it the largest such celebration.<br />

Devotees dressed in white,<br />

which signifies purification via<br />

their abstinence in consuming<br />

meat and stimulants, will enter<br />

trance-like states, and perform<br />

flagrant acts of self-mutilation.<br />

All the festivities and processions<br />

come to a head on the final day<br />

where spectators line the streets<br />

and fill the temples to witness<br />

the crescendo of this impressive<br />

albeit bizarre tradition.<br />

During this time, visitors<br />

will see Phuket transform<br />

with restaurants, street stalls,<br />

and pop-up tents serving up<br />

all variety of vegetarian fare.<br />

Be brave, some dishes may<br />

look suspect but the flavours<br />

can be surprisingly varied and rich. Despite the<br />

seemingly violent nature of this Taoist tradition,<br />

there’s a festive air and visitors are welcome<br />

to view the processions and temple activities.<br />

Jui Tui and Bang Niaw Shrines in Phuket Town<br />

are the buzzing epicentres of festivities during<br />

the celebration. For more information, contact the<br />

Tourism Authority of <strong>Thai</strong>land, 191 Thalang Road,<br />

T. Talad Yai, A. Muang, Phuket, +66 (0) 76 211 036.<br />


Following its recent inclusion as an<br />

Olympic sport, surfing’s popularity in<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land is on the rise. Good beginner<br />

surfing beaches like Kata and Khao<br />

Lak have seen a surge in domestic and<br />

international tourists looking to learn<br />

how to hang ten. There is a smattering<br />

of surf shops peddling goods around<br />

the island, but none with the style of<br />

the Green Room Surf Shop in Nai Harn<br />

Beach. You’ll find something for everyone<br />

from a selection of men’s and women’s<br />

beachwear, swimsuits, accessories,<br />

bicycle rentals and, of course, surfboards.<br />

Secondhand boards can be found as well<br />

as a rack full of locally-made Elleciel<br />

Surfboards. These unique wood and epoxy<br />

masterpieces are equally at home on the<br />

waves or on artistic display. Custom boards<br />

available and encouraged. Stop by and<br />

say hi to Nueng who will brew you up<br />

a strong coffee to sip while you shop<br />

for your new board. 15/53 Viset Road,<br />

Rawai (Nai Harn beach), Phuket,<br />

+66 (0) 83 102 9532<br />


This <strong>Sep</strong>tember, Central Pattana Group (CPN) officially<br />

debuts Central Phuket – the newest flagship resort<br />

shopping destination in the heart of Phuket. It comprises<br />

a complex shopping centre with 2 buildings (Floresta and<br />

Festival) connected by a sky-link to bring the concept of a<br />

leisure and luxury lifestyle and family excursion that’s all in<br />

one place.<br />

Housing over 400 retail stores, Central Phuket adds<br />

many options to entertain its visitors with 3 world-class<br />

attractions, including “Tribhum” – the Mystery of Three<br />

Worlds in a 3D walkthrough theme park, “Aquaria,” <strong>Thai</strong>land’s<br />

largest aquarium and “Tales of <strong>Thai</strong>land” – where people<br />

can shop, browse and chill within the atmosphere of a<br />

traditional <strong>Thai</strong> floating market. centralphuket.com<br />


Tucked away down a winding coastal<br />

road on Phuket’s Cape Panwa peninsula<br />

is a small unassuming strip of tropical<br />

sea-kissed sand split in two by a rocky<br />

headland. Although not on the same list<br />

as Phuket’s famous west coast beaches,<br />

this little gem is a quiet, scenic spot<br />

perfect for a peaceful sunset with your<br />

toes dangling in the Andaman. A weekend<br />

favourite of the locals, you’ll find families<br />

picnicking and teenagers taking selfies<br />

with the cool formations on the rocky promontory.<br />

You will discover several small cafés and restaurants<br />

as you stroll the golden sands.<br />

When the northwest monsoon isn’t blowing<br />

(November-April) the sailing school offers training,<br />

team building, day trips and more. In calm weather,<br />

adventurous souls can rent a kayak and paddle across<br />

the channel to Lon Island to wander the beach or<br />

bring a snorkel and explore the aquatic wonders of<br />

the barrier reef. T. Wichit, A. Muang, Phuket<br />







Luxury, a unique design, and the<br />

tranquil banks of the Ping River set<br />

the scene at X2 Chiang Mai Riverside<br />

Resort, immersing guests with a<br />

good balance of Lanna heritage<br />

and an active Chiang Mai city. X2<br />

(pronounced “cross-two”) Chiang<br />

Mai Riverside Resort blends modern<br />

design elements with the traditional<br />

Lanna style that is a hallmark of<br />

northern <strong>Thai</strong>land, with touches<br />

of the local architectural influence<br />

through decorative motifs and red<br />

brick walls. Two Tamarind Suites<br />

overlook X2’s green courtyard, while<br />

20 Riverfront Suites offer picturesque<br />

river views from the balconies. The<br />

six Grand Suite River View include<br />

a separate indoor seating area and<br />

the two Pool Suite River View open<br />


Luxury and<br />

Indulgence<br />

onto their own gardens with 10 metre<br />

private pools. The resort, built on<br />

grounds formerly used for rice wine<br />

making, found inspiration from Chiang<br />

Mai’s widely-known Wat Umong, a<br />

temple for meditation retreats. X2<br />

Chiang Mai Riverside Resort aims for<br />

peacefulness, also for exhilaration of<br />

the senses through pampering at its<br />

spa or spending time at the rooftop<br />

bar. 369/1 Charoenraj Road, Wat Ket,<br />

+66 (0) 53 931 999, x2resorts.com/<br />

resorts/chiang-mai-riverside<br />


Chilling with a View<br />

After a refreshing fun dip in the ocean,<br />

what makes it even better is a great<br />

meal with an amazing view at Oasis<br />

Koh Chang, whose restaurant offers<br />

such an experience. Nestled in the jungle<br />

and built like a pirate’s hideaway, the<br />

restaurant overlooks the beautiful coast<br />

itself and nearby small islands. It’s a perfect<br />

place to enjoy both <strong>Thai</strong> and international<br />

dishes, deliciously prepared in picturesque<br />

surroundings. The restaurant’s signature<br />

dish of “Los Pollos Hermanos” is not to<br />

be missed with its hearty homemade<br />

chicken burger topped with melted brie<br />

cheese and cranberries, served<br />

with breaded onion rings and<br />

potato wedges. Guests are also<br />

welcome to soak up the laidback<br />

atmosphere up on the<br />

restaurant’s tree house where<br />

everyone can linger over a glass<br />

of wine or a cold beer to further<br />

enjoy a spectacular sunset for<br />

every moment that counts.<br />

oasis-kohchang.com/<br />

koh-chang-restaurant<br />


Chiang Rai in the north of <strong>Thai</strong>land distinguishes<br />

itself with its temples and also the infamous<br />

Golden Triangle. With a high altitude, cool<br />

climate, and plenty of sun, Chiang Rai now<br />

makes a further mark as fertile ground for<br />

growing Arabica coffee. When in the area,<br />

get a caffeine kick and experience the local<br />

coffee culture as an addition to the roster of<br />

must-dos. Visit Chivit Thamma Da, a beautiful<br />

coffee house in a colonial style setting that<br />

serves coffee with a seriously good apple<br />

crumble pie in an English garden<br />

by the river. Their coffee<br />

is rich and fragrant,<br />

especially The Chivit:<br />

iced coffee cubes<br />

with milk poured<br />

over them. Also in<br />

Chiang Rai, Local<br />

Coffee – a friendly<br />

coffee house with<br />

a cosy ambience – is an ideal destination for<br />

coffee sipping since it has a large collection<br />

of local and international beans. Within a<br />

15-minute drive from the Chiang Rai Airport,<br />

Time, a stylish coffee house-cum-coworking<br />

space, creates the link between coffee and<br />

creativity. It serves local brews along with light,<br />

organic fare. About 10 kilometres north of<br />

Baan Dam Museum, Hacienda Coffee House<br />

& Restaurant serves its coffee in a cottage and<br />

English garden. Savour a cup inside the cottage,<br />

or bring it outside for some fresh air in the<br />

garden. Meantime, in the isolated highlands<br />

of Mae Suai, Doi Chang Coffee Farm is known<br />

for beans with a strong caramel sweetness<br />

and a nutty undertone, as well as its strong<br />

community involvement in producing organic<br />

coffee beans. chivitthammada.com, facebook.<br />

com/LocalCoffeeandHomeRoaster, facebook.com/<br />

Time-Chiang-rai, hacienda-coffee-house.business.<br />

site, facebook.com/DOICHANGCOFFEEFARM<br />



CHINA<br />



Yuntai Garden in Guangzhou reigns in its prestige as one of the<br />

largest parks of its type in mainland China, covering an area over<br />

120,000 square metres. Located at the base of the Baiyun Mountain<br />

in Guangzhou, Yuntai is considered to be the epitome of modern<br />

gardens, integrating Eastern and Western architecture with a blend<br />

of modernity and antiquity. Visiting this sight is magnificent any time<br />

of the year, but during Mid-Autumn Festival, Yuntai further enhances<br />

its beauty by hosting a magnificent lantern show during the months<br />

of <strong>Sep</strong>tember and <strong>Oct</strong>ober from 6-10pm. 801 Guangyuan Zhong Lu,<br />

Baiyun District, Guangzhou<br />


Mooncakes In Autumn<br />

As the blissful days of summer come to a close and<br />

the splendour of fall arrives, Chinese homes are abuzz<br />

with traditions and celebrations for the Mid-Autumn<br />

Festival. Zhongqiu Jié, as it’s known in Mandarin, has<br />

many additional names used throughout the region:<br />

Lantern Festival - a term used in Singapore, Malaysia,<br />

and Indonesia; Moon Festival – which surrounds the<br />

Japanese traditions of moongazing and lunar worship;<br />

or Reunion and Children’s Festival; to name a few.<br />

Despite the many names and titles, the traditions<br />

remain unified, supporting the concept of family and<br />

friends gathering and giving thanks for a bountiful<br />

harvest and prayers for success and good fortune in the<br />

months to come.<br />

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of celebration,<br />

showcasing harmony and unity through various<br />

traditions, and includes carrying brightly-lit lanterns,<br />

the preparation and exchange of mooncakes, comraderie<br />

among friends and family over tea and wine, and<br />

sometimes the occasional matchmaking alongside<br />

various games and activities.<br />

On the day of the festival itself, family members<br />

gather together to offer a sacrifice to the moon. In the<br />

modern era this “sacrifice” translates into a variety of<br />

customs, from simple appreciation of such a bright full<br />

moon – to eating the rich and decadent moon cakes<br />

dessert eaten in celebration.<br />



The city of Chongqing has always<br />

been at the centre of mainland<br />

China’s drive to urbanise and<br />

develop many of its western<br />

provinces. As it continues<br />

to diversify, so does its food<br />

selection – and so we have a<br />

very unique gem near Sichuan<br />

Province. Russian Kitchen, as it’s<br />

simply and directly translated<br />

from its Chinese name, has<br />

received stellar reviews since its<br />

opening in May 2017.<br />

+86 (0) 236 758 7366<br />


On most days, Chengdu is known for just two things: its fiery cuisine and<br />

the pandas. No visit to this city in the Sichuan provide is complete without<br />

riding out just minutes from downtown Chengdu to the<br />

Chengdu Panda Base. Autumn is one of the best<br />

seasons to see panda babies as the giant panda<br />

mums have their offspring in the summer.<br />

You may have to jostle your way around as<br />

thousands of visitors descend<br />

on this place every year. But<br />

consider a visit here to see<br />

giant pandas rescued from<br />

the wild. panda.org.cn<br />


Baiyun mountain, looming right behind Yuntai garden in northern Guangzhou, has been one of the most famous and marvellous<br />

spectacles of nature in the province and even all of Canton province since ancient times. The collection of peaks reaches nearly<br />

400 metres above sea level and provide a gorgeous view from below as snowy white clouds perch on them. By cable car, one can<br />

also ascend to the summit, permitting a breath-taking view of the Canton landscape and Guangzhou underneath, like fingers of<br />

the Pearl River Delta spreading as if to grasp the horizon itself.<br />

A scenic destination since ancient times, it is actually a range of 30 peaks, the most famous of which is the Moxing Ridge. Its summit<br />

is about 382 metres above sea level, and from there you have a splendid view of the city and the Pearl River.<br />

Among its many treasures is the Nine Dragon Spring in the 16,000-square-metre Forest of Steles, which was built in the Qing<br />

Dynasty, now under the cultural relics protection in Guangzhou City, along with the tomb of Zhang Yuqiao, a Ming Dynasty singer.<br />





In late March this year, Hong Kong<br />

welcomed Sushi Saito, the first<br />

overseas branch of Tokyo’s three<br />

Michelin-starred restaurant.<br />

Housed on the 45th floor of the<br />

Four Seasons, the restaurant serves<br />

the freshest seasonal seafood,<br />

hand-picked by Chef Takashi<br />

Saito himself every morning at<br />

Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market before it is<br />

transported to Hong Kong.<br />

It is this care and attention to<br />

detail that has made Sushi Saito the<br />

“best sushi restaurant in the world”<br />

according to most<br />

diners. Just like<br />

the outlet in<br />

Tokyo, this<br />

Hong Kong<br />

outpost<br />

successfully<br />

preserves the highly-respected Japanese culinary art<br />

form with its authentic Edomae sushi.<br />

With its intimate setting made up of two separate<br />

dining rooms, which sits groups of eight at each time,<br />

getting a seat at Sushi Saito can be difficult. But if<br />

you’re fortunate enough to find yourself at a lunch or<br />

dinner sitting, then rest assured you’ll be treated to an<br />

out-of-this-world dining experience delivered by one<br />

of the true masters of Japanese cuisine.<br />

45/F, Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central,<br />

Hong Kong, opens daily 1pm-1.30pm; 6pm-8pm,<br />

globallink.com.hk/sushisaito<br />


When there’s a need to escape the busy<br />

confines of Hong Kong, Strokes may well be<br />

the place for it. The F&B outlet on Fashion<br />

Walk on Causeway Bay isn’t your typical<br />

watering hole as it merges an indoor minigolf<br />

course with a bar and restaurant. Billed<br />

as a premier Crazy Golf & Lifestyle Club,<br />

Strokes boasts 9,000 square feet of space,<br />

which consists of a 9-hole course featuring<br />

loop-the-loops, tunnels, and ball jumps; along<br />

with a bar and diner.<br />

Although most patrons come here to<br />

sink putts and play a round or two, Strokes<br />

also serves up a pretty hearty and healthy<br />

menu with offerings such as protein salad<br />

bowls, cauliflower beef burgers and steak<br />

tacos. Its bar, on the other hand, is manned by skilled<br />

juicers, baristas and mixologists, who are ever ready to<br />

serve up a variety of thirst quenchers at all hours of the<br />

day. G2-3, 1/F, Fashion Walk, 9 Kingston St, Causeway<br />

Bay, opens Mon-Fri, 11.30am-1am; Sat 11.30am-3am;<br />

Sun, 11.30am-11pm, strokeshk.com<br />


Celebration<br />

of Dance<br />

The Hong Kong Ballet<br />

Company is putting on<br />

a creative showcase<br />

with the help of some<br />

of the best local<br />

choreographers and<br />

artists. Hong Kong<br />

Cool, which is produced<br />

in partnership with<br />

West Kowloon Cultural<br />

District and Hong Kong<br />

Arts Centre, will see<br />

dance makers partnering<br />

with composers, painters,<br />

sculptors, fashion designers<br />

and video artists for a unique<br />

display of arts and culture.<br />

The event will boast seven<br />

world premieres and each<br />

show will culminate with a<br />

screening of Oliver Shing’s<br />

documentary, The Unheard<br />

Beat, which reveals the sweat,<br />

passion and drama behind the<br />

creative dance process. 13-16<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>tember, Studio Theatre,<br />

Hong Kong Cultural Centre,<br />

hkballet.com<br />







Open Farm To<br />

Table<br />

In a concrete jungle like Singapore,<br />

it is refreshing to see a restaurant<br />

champion the efforts of sustainable<br />

farming and seasonal cooking. That’s<br />

the message Open Farm Community<br />

(OFC) imparts unto its diners as it<br />

strives to deepen the relationship<br />

between urban communities with<br />

nature by supporting the local<br />

urban farming movement. Since its<br />

inception in 2015, OFC has celebrated<br />

local farmers, creative chefs, and<br />

delicious seasonal fare.<br />

The open-concept kitchen<br />

and restaurant in Minden<br />

Road recently welcomed<br />

Head Chef Oliver Truesdale-<br />

Jutras and Sous Chef Phoebe<br />

Oviedo, the new creative<br />

culinary force at the OFC. The<br />

duo has already embarked<br />

on dishing up inventive and<br />

hearty dishes all made with<br />

locally-sourced ingredients.<br />

The OFC also organises a<br />

curated farmer’s market,<br />

which allows guests to deepen<br />

the pleasures of simple,<br />

freshly harvested ingredients<br />

that is both nourishing and a<br />

visual feast. 130E Minden Road<br />

Singapore, opens Mon-Thu:<br />

12pm-4pm; 6pm-11pm, Sat &<br />

Sun: 11am-5pm; 3.30pm-10pm,<br />

openfarmcommunity.com<br />


Fine Dining Takes Flight<br />

A unique pop-up dining<br />

experience, Plane in the City<br />

literally lives up to its name<br />

as it is housed in a refurbished<br />

Boeing 737. The plane, now<br />

retro-fitted into a fine-dining<br />

restaurant, will be parked at<br />

the Kuala Lumpur city centre<br />

until mid-2019. Plane in the<br />

City is offering diners a chance<br />

to savour a fine dining meal<br />

prepared by one of the city’s<br />

finest hotels in the interior of<br />

the aircraft.<br />

Promoted as an aircraft<br />

dining experience, ‘passengers’<br />

have the option of dining from<br />

a three or four-course menu<br />

and the opportunity to visit the<br />

cockpit of the airplane or walk<br />

on its wings. Seating 20 at a<br />

time, Plane in the City operates<br />

two sessions every Tuesday to<br />

Thursday and three sessions<br />

from Friday to Sunday, with<br />

dining packages beginning from<br />

RM199 per person. Skyland, Jalan<br />

Bukit Bintang, planeinthecity.com<br />


Resorts World Sentosa is putting on another epicurean feast this<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>tember with the return of The Great Food Festival. Like last year’s<br />

event, the gourmet food festival will provide foodies with access<br />

to over a 100 signature dishes from Michelin-starred and awardwinning<br />

restaurants.<br />

More than just an event that celebrates good food,<br />

The Great Food Festival will also allow visitors to attend<br />

celebrity chef master classes and hands-on workshops<br />

during the duration of the event.<br />

Visitors will not only gain an insight to cooking prepared<br />

by the masters themselves, but also the opportunity to rub<br />

shoulders with the culinary stars of Singapore and sample<br />

some pretty amazing meals and treats. The Great Food<br />

Festival takes place from 27 to 30 <strong>Sep</strong>tember<br />

at Resorts World Sentosa, tgff.com.sg<br />


Housed in a beautiful heritage building, Screening Room on Ann<br />

Siang road provides the perfect escape from the busy bars below.<br />

A multi-faceted entertainment and hospitality venue, the outlet<br />

provides the perfect setting of good food, delicious drinks and great<br />

music to put its guests at ease.<br />

However, one of the main appeals of this unique F&B retreat<br />

is that it houses its own boutique film theatre. The Screening<br />

Room lives up to its name by providing guests with a calendar<br />

of exciting films and screenings held throughout the week. From<br />

timeless classics to foreign productions as well as live telecasts of<br />

big sporting events, the Screening Room provides a total feast for<br />

all senses under one roof. 12 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore, opens daily<br />

5:30pm-2am, screeningroom.com.sg<br />






A Taste Of Russia<br />

Strong ties between the Soviet Union and Cambodia date back to the<br />

mid-50s. That’s why a restaurant like Irina, which serves authentic<br />

Russian cuisine, doesn’t seem out of place in Phnom Penh.<br />

In a way you could say that the establishment is helping to further<br />

strengthen relations between the two nations by providing locals as<br />

well as visitors an authentic taste of Russia. Opened since 2000, the<br />

family-run restaurant is not short on traditional Russian fare and<br />

classic dishes, as well as specialities from neighbouring Ukraine,<br />

Georgia and Uzbekistan.<br />


Artist Em Riem has been<br />

championing Cambodian<br />

art across the globe but it is<br />

here in Phnom Penh where<br />

he has honed his abilities<br />

in order to develop the art<br />

form. With XEM Design: La<br />

Galerie, which he opened<br />

in 2008, the local artist<br />

showcases his best works<br />

drawn from his experience<br />

as a child growing up under<br />

the Khmer Rouge.<br />

Stepping into his gallery,<br />

you will immediately notice<br />

the large-scale portraits<br />

of Khmer Rouge victims,<br />

alongside unique installations,<br />

abstract works, sculpture, and<br />

ceramics. A former student<br />

of Parisian institutions<br />

Saint-Etienne Ecole des<br />

Beaux-Arts and the Ecole<br />

Nationale Superieure des<br />

Arts Decoratifs, Em Riem’s<br />

art is often described as<br />

sophisticated and diverse,<br />

but it also serves to educate<br />

and inspire a new wave of<br />

Cambodian artists.<br />

XEM Design: La Galerie,<br />

13D Street 178, Phnom<br />

Penh, view by appointment,<br />

facebook.com/galeriexem.la<br />


When Chef Joannès Rivière came to Cambodia<br />

in 2003 to work as a volunteer cooking teacher,<br />

he would not have imagined that 15 years later,<br />

he would be the owner of one of the 50 best<br />

restaurants in Asia. But that’s exactly what the<br />

Frenchman has accomplished as he has built on<br />

the reputation of Cuisine Wat Damnak as one of<br />

the finest restaurants in Siem Reap.<br />

Housed in a traditional Cambodian wooden<br />

house in the heart of Siem Reap’s Wat Damnak<br />

village, the restaurant’s approach to its eclectic<br />

menu is to bring together Cambodian flavours<br />

with French culinary techniques and flair.<br />

The restaurant only serves ingredients<br />

sourced from local farms around Siem Reap in<br />

order to maintain freshness and to help sustain<br />

local agriculture. Cuisine Wat Damnak changes<br />

its menu regularly to reflect the seasons,<br />

ensuring a changing, creative experience for<br />

diners at all times. Cuisine Wat Damnak, Wat<br />

Damnak village, Sala Kamreuk Commune,<br />

Siem Reap, opens Tue-Sat, 6.30pm-9.30pm,<br />

cuisinewatdamnak.com<br />

The menu include staples such as blini with mushrooms, chicken<br />

kiev and feta meatballs, but also unique offerings such as golubtsy<br />

(pork stuffed in cabbage), selyodka (Russian salt-cured mackerel)<br />

and a variety of dumpling dishes like pelmeni and vareniki. As you<br />

might expect, Irina carries an extensive vodka selection to go with<br />

your hearty Russian meal. 22 Street 29, Phnom Penh, opens daily,<br />

9am-11pm, facebook.com/russianrestpp<br />


Founded by film directors Rithy Pan and Leu Pannaker,<br />

the Bophana Center seeks to inspire, train, and educate<br />

Cambodians about the movie industry. Located in Phnom<br />

Penh, the centre showcases archival audio-visual footage<br />

about Cambodia from across the world.<br />

The Bophana Center not only provides free public<br />

access to film footage but also the historical significance<br />

behind this creative industry. Additionally, the centre<br />

doubles as a learning centre by educating and training<br />

young Cambodians for careers in filmmaking, broadcasting<br />

and new media. bophana.org<br />






Elevated Luxury<br />

The Anantara Quy Nhon<br />

Villas, the third property<br />

in the portfolio of luxury<br />

resorts in Vietnam by<br />

the Anantara Hotels and<br />

Resorts, is scheduled to<br />

open in late November<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. Located in a secluded<br />

bay in south central<br />

Vietnam in Binh Dinh<br />

province, Anantara Quy<br />

Nhon Villas will have 26<br />

one and two-bedrooms<br />

of ocean-facing villas on<br />

7.2 hectares of landscaped<br />

tropical gardens.<br />

The spacious villas offer<br />

an enticing visual of sleek<br />

timber and granite sundecks<br />

with minimalist plunge<br />

pools with extended low<br />

overhang roofs that offer a<br />

fresh, contemporary feel.<br />

Vietnamese blue stone are<br />

among some of the design<br />

features, while granite and<br />

marble elements add a<br />

touch of modernity.<br />

Restaurants emphasise<br />

local seafood and regional<br />

flavours; a top-notch<br />

Anantara Spa perched on<br />

a hillside offers maximum<br />

wellbeing. anantara.com/<br />

en/quy-nhon<br />


If you happen to be in possession of a 100,000 Vietnamese<br />

dong bill, notice the Temple of Literature depicted on it. If you’re<br />

in Hanoi and a fan of ancient architecture, consider a visit to<br />

some of the best preserved architecture styles and home to the<br />

first national university of Vietnam.<br />

The Temple of Literature dates back eight centuries, evident<br />

in the wood and tiles composition; and standing tall on the<br />

grounds are hundred-year-old trees that have witnessed<br />

incredible history. The Temple of Literature is about 10 minutes<br />

from Hoan Kiem lake in the northern capital, constructed in<br />

1070 under the Ly Thanh Tong dynasty.<br />

The first to honour Confucius, it now archives and<br />

celebrates the doctorates and high rank scholars of Vietnam.<br />

With its many courtyards with pagodas and ponds, all have their<br />

great significance and picture-perfect views. Come examine<br />

time, the altars become popular among students wishing for<br />

good grades. People use to rub the blue stone turtles present in<br />

one of the courtyards but in order to preserve them, students<br />

(and everyone else) these days are discouraged from doing so.<br />

Entrance fee is 10,000 VND, opens 8:30am to 11:30am,<br />

13:30pm to 16:30pm everyday except Mondays and national<br />

holidays. vanmieu.gov.vn<br />




YANGON<br />


Brittle Sweet<br />

Memories<br />

Your trip is coming to an end but<br />

it’s not over until the gifts list<br />

gets completed. For travels to<br />

Myanmar, suitcases filled with<br />

local handicrafts and perhaps<br />

some gemstones make some<br />

nice memories. However, one of<br />

the more popular souvenir items<br />

for everyone should be peanut<br />

crisps and peanut butter brittle.<br />

Because peanuts are grown<br />

widely in many parts of this<br />

country, especially around<br />

Bagan and Mandalay, it’s the<br />

ideal present. Peanuts are found<br />

in many local dishes, either<br />

sprinkled on top of noodles,<br />

pounded into salads, served in<br />

a peanut soup or toasted and<br />

simmered with palm sugar to<br />

make peanut candy crunch and<br />

peanut brittle.<br />

With the many types and<br />

flavours to choose at the local<br />

markets, the more simple crispy<br />

confections come in several<br />

flavours. Choices include sesame<br />

and cashew nut or butter peanut candy crunch,<br />

which are slightly sweeter versions. You’ll also<br />

find Myanmar chocolate on the shelves to satisfy<br />

every sweet tooth, packed with fruits and nut<br />

combinations. A block of organic sweet jaggery, a<br />

sugar made from the sap of toddy palm trees, is a<br />

local dessert often eaten right after a heavy meal<br />

to help with digestion which offers a rich taste and<br />

makes an ideal gift.<br />

Traditional jaggery used to be serve in chunks<br />

but now the dessert has become a delicacy and<br />

updated as bite size and in a stylish package.<br />

These sweets and desserts are now part of the<br />

Burmese identity. Before leaving Myanmar,<br />

pop into any supermarket and look for a shelf<br />

with ‘The Pride of Myanmar’ sign, for the many<br />

delicacies to bring home.<br />

All Photos Thawat Tangtienchai<br />


It’s basically all day dining at the Brunch Society,<br />

of western favourites with Asian influences, and<br />

a well-stocked bar for drinks. Stylishly done,<br />

the restaurant is located in the happening spot<br />

of Sule Plaza, just a short walk to Shangri-La<br />

Hotel at one end and the Sule Pagoda at the<br />

other. What attracts the crowd is not just its<br />

sleek utilitarian interior and industrial look,<br />

it’s also the vibrancy of the dishes prepared<br />

by an experienced <strong>Thai</strong> chef who was trained in<br />

the United States. There is also a wide range of<br />

beverages for you to enjoy, from regular cocktails<br />

to decent coffee and tea. With its friendly and<br />

reasonable prices, it’s a nice place to hold a business<br />

lunch in Yangon or a great meal and quick bite for<br />

travellers. facebook.com/thebrunchsociety<br />


Among one of the traditions left behind<br />

by the British continue in popularity in<br />

Myanmar – the afternoon tea. This longstanding<br />

tradition still can be enjoyed in<br />

many restaurants and hotels in Yangon,<br />

not to mention that it’s become quite<br />

a fashionably social event in Yangon.<br />

To experience the best afternoon tea<br />

tradition, indulge yourself in a cuppa at<br />

one of Myanmar’s finest, The Strand Hotel<br />

Yangon on the banks of the Yangon River.<br />

The historic Strand’s Victorian-styled<br />

architecture was built in 1901 by the<br />

ambitious Sarkies Brother and eventually<br />

became one of Asia’s most prestigious<br />

hotels. Now renovated and under new<br />

ownership, the elegant colonial building<br />

retains much of its original details with its<br />

high ceilings, classic rattan furniture, and<br />

modern touches while retaining service of<br />

the highest standard.<br />

Seat yourself in The Strand Café to<br />

embrace the colonial era atmosphere,<br />

then enjoy a full British ‘high tea’ with<br />

savoury treats and patisseries, and equally<br />

delightful cakes from local ingredients.<br />

The tea service features the requisite<br />

silver tea trays and china served by a<br />

professional team who are just as elegant<br />

in their Burmese longyi. Afternoon tea at<br />

The Strand Café is available daily from<br />

2-5pm, facebook.com/TheStrandYangon<br />



LAOS<br />





Located within walking distance to the 16th-century Pha That Luang, Vientiane’s mostrespected<br />

pagoda, sits a new boutique hotel, Le Thatluang D’or by D Varee. Inspired by both<br />

French colonial and traditional Lao architecture, the design elements set a new benchmark<br />

in hotels and its urban immersion into the Vientiane scene. Noted for their restored<br />

architectural structures and designs, the hotel offers 50 guestrooms ranging from a Deluxe<br />

to Presidential Suite. The Deluxe room, at 35 square metres, is ideal for couples or business<br />

travellers who prefer a lifestyle hotel in Vientiane. The 71-square-metre Premier Suite,<br />

on the other hand, offers plenty of space for guests to relax with a balcony overlooking a<br />

leafy neighbourhood. All rooms provide a strong sense of ultimate comfort with beds and<br />

luxurious details. Le Thatluang D’or by D Varee also provides a fine dining experience at<br />

Suankua Bistro, an open-air restaurant. Guests can find some down time at their swimming<br />

pool and fitness centre. That Luang Neua, Saysettha, Vientiane, +856 21 41 7958,<br />

+856 21 41 7959, dvaree.com<br />


Do you need to squeeze in a few hours of shopping on your trip to<br />

Vientiane? A stop at Saoban means bagging some quality Lao crafts<br />

that vary from bamboo basketry to silk scarves, to forks and spoon<br />

recycled from bomb remnants.<br />

To promote sustainability, fair trade and traditional craft skills,<br />

Saoban’s products are created straight from Lao villages. Skillfully<br />

made by hand, all the goods employ traditional materials and<br />

techniques passed down from generations. Buying from Saoban<br />

supports employment and training for artisans, with profits from<br />

the sale of Saoban products staying in the village, thereby creating a<br />

stable, sustainable livelihood for rural families and communities. Laos<br />

is a country of diverse ethnic groups, with each of them highly adept<br />

in their own unique craft and artisanal skills. This rich<br />

diversity produces abundant styles and directly<br />

linking local craftspeople to alternative<br />

markets which helps preserve the<br />

centuries-old art silk cultivation and<br />

knowledge. 97/1 Chao Anou Road,<br />

Ban Watchan, Chanthabouly,<br />

Vientiane, +856 21 241 835<br />


A Curated Joy<br />

The Maldives doesn’t lack in<br />

luxurious resorts and with<br />

the opening of Joali this<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>tember, luxury meets<br />

curated art and amenities<br />

to provide guests with what<br />

the property calls the “Joy<br />

of Living” experience.<br />

Individualised stories<br />

inspire the design of elegant<br />

rooms, marked by artisanal<br />

amenities, curated in-room<br />

libraries, and select objets<br />

d’art. Butler and valet<br />

services make the living<br />

easy, along with their<br />

stunning infinity pools at<br />

this luxurious retreat. Art<br />

and design is central to<br />

Joali’s aesthetic offering,<br />

evident in the creative<br />

design and layout of the<br />

architecture and their own<br />

art space, the Joali Art<br />

Studio & Gallery. Guests<br />

benefit from 73 beach and<br />

water villas and residences,<br />

restaurants with a global<br />

slant on fusion cuisine,<br />

an ESPA Spa, and fitness<br />

and sports activities.<br />

With sustainability a top<br />

priority, Joali organises<br />

jaunts to learn about coral<br />

degradation or visits to local<br />

communities. joali.com<br />

French expat Micka Perier,<br />

an experienced coffee<br />

roaster, recently introduced<br />

Le Trio, Vientiane’s first<br />

boutique coffee roastercum-coffee<br />

bar in the<br />

downtown area. Set inside a<br />

small yet stylish shop house,<br />

Le Trio impresses coffee<br />

aficionados with a a gleaming<br />

roasting machine that<br />

occupies most of the modest<br />

space. The beans are grown<br />

in Bolaven Plateau – a coffee<br />

grower’s utopia in Southern<br />

Laos – and Perier blends<br />

them for their different and<br />

unique characteristics. Open<br />

daily 8am-4pm, Setthathirath<br />

Road, Near Nam Phu Square,<br />

letriocoffee.com<br />


The Finest<br />

Bolaven Roast<br />


<strong>Sep</strong>tember marks the beginning of the festive season in Mumbai, which carries<br />

on over the next couple of months. The 10-day long festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi<br />

and Navratri are the most awaited celebrations in the city, Here’s how and where<br />

to join in the festive fervour in Mumbai.<br />

Ganesh Chaturthi is a celebration of Lord Ganesh (Ganapati), arguably<br />

Mumbai’s favourite deity. It begins with the installation of a Ganesh idol both<br />

in private homes as well as in public pandals (a temporary structure erected<br />

for housing the idol). These range from small ones in an apartment complex to<br />

massive public pandals that are thronged with devotees from all over the city.<br />


The other major festival celebrated in Mumbai is Navratri. This festival honours<br />

the goddess Durga and her triumph over the demon Mahishasura. At night, it’s<br />

time for revelry – men and women wear colourful, traditional outfits and perform<br />

the garba and dandiya dance, a high-energy dance involving complex whirling,<br />

rhythmic clapping and elaborate steps while tapping together wooden batons.<br />

This year, Navratri begins on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 10. There are several places where<br />

you can watch and even participate in dandiya like Kora Kendra Ground<br />

(Haridas Nagar, Borivali), Goregaon Sports Club (Link Road, Malad), and<br />

Police Hockey Ground (Ghatkopar).<br />

138<br />









AWARDS <strong>2018</strong><br />

Bangkok Airways recently won 2<br />

Skytrax Awards for “World’s Best<br />

Regional Airline” and “Best Regional<br />

Airline in Asia” at the prestigious<br />

Skytrax World Airline Awards <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Mr. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth,<br />

Bangkok Airways’ President (4th<br />

from left) together with the airline<br />

management attended the award<br />

ceremony held at The Langham<br />

Hotel in London, England.<br />

Mr. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth<br />

said, “It is a very special year for<br />

Bangkok Airways as we celebrate<br />

our 50th anniversary. The airline<br />

has been awarded by Skytrax<br />

World Airline Awards <strong>2018</strong> as<br />

winners for ‘World’s Best Regional<br />

Airline’ for the fourth time and<br />

‘Best Regional Airline in Asia’ for<br />

the eighth time this year. The<br />

Skytrax World Airline Awards are<br />

well recognised and respected across<br />

the aviation industry worldwide.<br />

It is considered a global benchmark<br />

of airline excellence, based on<br />

votes by global passengers.”<br />

“We would like to thank all the<br />

voters for the continued support<br />

and confidence that you have for<br />

us. The awards offer a great deal<br />

of encouragement for everyone<br />

at Bangkok Airways to continue to<br />

deliver the best to our passengers.<br />

The management team and everyone<br />

at Bangkok Airways will continue<br />

our commitment to provide high<br />

quality service and safety to make<br />

every journey an exceptional one.<br />

At Bangkok Airways, we believe<br />

your happiness is our best reward,”<br />

Mr. Puttipong added.<br />

Bangkok Airways is a regional<br />

carrier providing full services with<br />

the highest standard to underline<br />

its commitment as “Asia’s Boutique<br />

Airline”. It is the one and only airline<br />

in <strong>Thai</strong>land that allows passengers<br />

in both economy and business<br />

classes to access the lounge. All<br />

meals served on board are well<br />

prepared and creatively made with<br />

best quality ingredients in food.<br />

Bangkok Airways was previously<br />

awarded “Best Regional Airline<br />

in Asia” by Skytrax World Airline<br />

Awards in 2004, 2005, 2008,<br />

2009, 2014, 2016, 2017 with the<br />

latest win in <strong>2018</strong>. The airline also<br />

received awards for “Southeast<br />

Asia’s Best Regional Airline” in<br />

2006 and 2007 and “World’s Best<br />

Regional Airline” in 2014, 2016,<br />

2017. This year, <strong>2018</strong>, marks the<br />

fourth time the airline receives<br />

the title from the prestigious<br />

Skytrax Awards.<br />

เมื่อเร็วๆ นี้ สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส ได้รับรางวัลสายการบิน<br />

ภูมิภาคยอดเยี่ยมของโลกและรางวัลสายการบินภูมิภาคยอดเยี่ยม<br />

แห่งเอเชีย จากการประกาศผลรางวัล สกายแทร็กซ์ เวิลด์ แอร์ไลน์<br />

อวอร์ด ประจำปี 2561 โดยมีนายพุฒิพงศ์ ปราสาททองโอสถ<br />

กรรมการผู้อำนวยการใหญ่ (ที่ 4 จากซ้าย) และคณะผู้บริหารของ<br />

สายการบินฯ เข้ารับมอบรางวัล ณ โรงแรมเดอะแลงแฮม กรุงลอนดอน<br />

สหราชอาณาจักร<br />

นายพุฒิพงศ์ ปราสาททองโอสถ กล่าวว่า “ปีนี้เป็นปีที่พิเศษ<br />

ของบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส ในโอกาสที่บริษัทดำเนินธุรกิจมาครบรอบ<br />

50 ปี การได้รับประกาศจากทางสกายแทร็กซ์ เวิลด์ แอร์ไลน์<br />

อวอร์ด ให้เป็นสายการบินภูมิภาคที่ดีที่สุดในโลก เป็นครั้งที่ 4 และ<br />

สายการบินภูมิภาคที่ดีที่สุดในเอเชีย เป็นครั้งที่ 8 ถือเป็นเกียรติและ<br />

เป็นความภาคภูมิใจของพวกเรา รางวัลนี้ถือเป็นรางวัลอันทรงคุณค่า<br />

มากที่สุดรางวัลหนึ่งของอุตสาหกรรมการบินของโลก เพราะมาจาก<br />

ผลการโหวตของผู้โดยสารทั่วโลก”<br />

“ผมขอขอบคุณทุกแรงสนับสนุนและความเชื่อมั่นจากผู้โดยสาร<br />

ที่ร่วมโหวตให้กับบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส ซึ่งถือเป็นกำลังใจให้กับผู้ปฎิบัติ<br />

งานที่จะส่งมอบการบริการที่ดีที่สุดให้กับผู้โดยสารต่อไป ผู้บริหาร<br />

และพนักงานของบางกอกแอร์เวย์สทุกคนจะยังคงมุ่งมั่นที่จะให้<br />

บริการแก่ผู้โดยสารให้ได้รับความสะดวกสบายและปลอดภัยตลอด<br />

การเดินทาง เพราะเราเชื่อว่าความสุขของผู้โดยสาร เปรียบเสมือน<br />

รางวัลอันมีค่าของพวกเรา” นายพุฒิพงศ์ กล่าวเสริม<br />

บางกอกแอร์เวย์สเป็นสายการบินระดับภูมิภาคที่ให้บริการ<br />

เต็มรูปแบบ (Full Service) ภายใต้สโลแกน “Asia’s Boutique<br />

Airline” หรือ “ความประทับใจแห่งเอเชีย” มีการให้บริการอันเป็น<br />

เอกลักษณ์เพื่อทำให้การเดินทางของผู้โดยสารทุกคนเป็นความรู้สึก<br />

พิเศษ อาทิ บริการห้องรับรองผู้โดยสารที่ให้บริการผู้โดยสารทั้ง<br />

ชั้นธรรมดาและชั้นธุรกิจ บริการเสิร์ฟอาหารทุกเที่ยวบิน โดยเมนู<br />

อาหารมีการสร้างสรรค์และได้รับการพัฒนาอยู่ตลอดเวลาเพื่อให้<br />

เป็นที่ชื่นชอบของผู้โดยสาร<br />

สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์สได้รับรางวัลสายการบินภูมิภาค<br />

ยอดเยี่ยมแห่งเอเชียจากสกายแทร็กซ์ เวิลด์ แอร์ไลน์ อวอร์ด มาตั้งแต่<br />

ปี 2547 ปี 2548 ปี 2551 ปี 2552 ปี 2557 ปี 2559 ปี 2560 และ<br />

ล่าสุดปี 2561 รวมทั้งได้รางวัลสายการบินภูมิภาคยอดเยี่ยมแห่ง<br />

เอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ ในปี 2549 และ ปี 2550 และได้รับรางวัล<br />

สายการบินภูมิภาคยอดเยี่ยมของโลกครั้งแรกในปี 2557 ครั้งที่สอง<br />

ในปี 2559 ครั้งที่สามในปี 2560 และล่าสุดปี 2561 ซึ่งถือเป็นครั้งที่<br />

สี่ที่สายการบินฯ สามารถคว้ารางวัลอันทรงเกียรตินี้มาครอง<br />

The boutique carrier, Bangkok Airways,<br />

led by Mrs. Chanthip Thongkanya,<br />

Vice President – Office of the President,<br />

together with Le Cordon Bleu Dusit<br />

Culinary School by Ms. Suchada<br />

Sthapitanonda – Executive Director,<br />

organised an exclusive pastry workshop<br />

to celebrate Bangkok Airways’ 50th<br />

anniversary. This special workshop was<br />

held at the Carème Kitchen of Le Cordon<br />

Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Bangkok.<br />

Special guests attending the event<br />

included popularly-known actress and<br />

model Khemmanit “Pancake” Jamikorn.<br />

The class was taught by the the<br />

instructor and Head of Patisserie, chef<br />

Marc Champire. All guests learned the<br />

basics in pastry making, as well as the<br />

intricacies of creating the French entremet<br />

of Cherry Pistachio. Everyone enjoyed the<br />

hands-on experience in the creation and<br />

assembly of this sweet French delicacy.<br />

Immensely impressed with the class and<br />

the pleasing results in creating their own<br />

handmade entremet, all the participants<br />

eagerly took the pastries home as a gift<br />

for their loved ones.<br />






SURVEY<br />

Bangkok Airways Public Company<br />

Limited led by Mrs. Darunee Debavalya,<br />

Senior Director – Customer Satisfaction<br />

and Relationship Management (2nd<br />

from left), together with Mrs. Waewta<br />

Chaiyapol, Director – Customer Relations<br />

and Experience Management (3rd from<br />

left) had the pleasure of selecting 10<br />

lucky winners as part of the Bangkok<br />

Airways Public Company Limited<br />

Customer Satisfaction Survey in July<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. The ceremony was held at the<br />

Bangkok Airways Ticketing Office on<br />

Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.<br />





สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส โดยนางจันทร์ทิพย์<br />

ทองกันยา รองผู้อำนวยการใหญ่ สำนักผู้อำนวย<br />

การใหญ่ ร่วมกับ โรงเรียนสอนการประกอบอาหาร<br />

เลอ กอร์ดอง เบลอ ดุสิต โดย นางสาว สุชาดา<br />

สถาปิตานนท์ ผู้อำนวยการโรงเรียนฯ จัดกิจกรรม<br />

เวิร์กช็อปทําขนมเค้กสไตล์ฝรั่งเศสสุดเอ็กซ์คลูซีฟ<br />

เพื่อเฉลิมฉลองเนื่องในโอกาสครบรอบ 50 ปีของ<br />

สายการบินฯ โดยมี แพนเค้ก-เขมนิจ จามิกรณ์<br />

นางแบบ/นักแสดง เข้าร่วมกิจกรรม ณ โรงเรียน<br />

สอนการประกอบอาหาร เลอ กอร์ดอง เบลอ<br />

ดุสิต กรุงเทพฯ<br />

บริษัท การบินกรุงเทพ จำกัด (มหาชน) หรือ<br />

สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส นำโดย คุณดรุณี<br />

เทพวัลย์ ผู้อำนวยการอาวุโสส่วนบริหารความ<br />

พึงพอใจและความสัมพันธ์ลูกค้า (ที่ 2 จากซ้าย) และ<br />

คุณแววตา ชัยพล ผู้อำนวยการแผนกบริหารลูกค้า<br />

เวิร์กช็อปดังกล่าวได้รับเกียรติจาก เชฟมาร์ค<br />

ชอมปิเร่ หัวหน้าเชฟประจำหลักสูตรการประกอบ<br />

ขนมอบของโรงเรียนสอนการประกอบอาหาร เลอ<br />

กอร์ดอง เบลอ ดุสิต เป็นเชฟผู้สอน โดยผู้เข้าร่วม<br />

เวิร์กช็อปทุกท่านได้เรียนรู้วิธีการทำเค้กฝรั่งเศส<br />

“Entremet Cherry Pistachio” พร้อมการลงมือ<br />

ปฏิบัติในทุกขั้นตอนและเพลิดเพลินไปกับการ<br />

สร้างสรรรค์ผลงานการตกแต่งหน้าเค้กด้วย<br />

ตนเอง ซึ่งผู้เข้าร่วมกิจกรรมทุกท่านได้รับ<br />

ความรู้ ความสนุกสนาน และ<br />

ความประทับใจทั้ง<br />

จากการสอน<br />

ของเชฟมาร์ค<br />

ทีมงานของโรง<br />

เรียนฯ และ<br />

ผลงานเค้ก<br />

สวยๆ จาก<br />

ฝีมือตัวเองที่<br />

นำกลับไปอวด<br />

ครอบครัวอีกด้วย<br />

สัมพันธ์และประสบการณ์ลูกค้า (ที่ 3 จากซ้าย) เป็น<br />

ประธานจับรางวัลผู้โชคดี 10 ท่าน จากการสำรวจ<br />

ความพึงพอใจของผู้โดยสาร ครั้งที่ 1 ประจำปี<br />

พ.ศ. 2561 ณ สำนักงานออกบัตรโดยสาร<br />

สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส ถนนวิภาวดีรังสิต<br />

142<br />




From now on, Bangkok Airways<br />

Economy Class passengers can<br />

enjoy upgrade services that include<br />

lounge privileges and seat upgrades.<br />

For your highest level of<br />

convenience, our airline now offers<br />

new services to benefit travellers.<br />

All Economy Class passengers can<br />

upgrade their seat to Business<br />

Class or Premium Economy Class<br />

seats with all the privileges equal<br />

to Business Class passengers,<br />

such as use of the Premium Lane,<br />

additional 10kg luggage with priority<br />

tags, an inflight meal, amenity kit<br />

and a chance to use the Business<br />

Class Blue Ribbon Club Lounge.<br />

All you have to do is contact our<br />

staff at the Airport Ticketing Office,<br />

Check-in Counter or Boutique and<br />

Blue Ribbon Club Lounges for an<br />

upgrade payment on the chosen<br />

travel date.<br />

Moreover, Economy Class<br />

passengers can also have access<br />

to the Blue Ribbon Club (BRC)<br />

Lounge at 950 Baht per person,<br />

with the service available at the<br />

following domestic and international<br />

airports including Suvarnabhumi,<br />

Samui, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai,<br />

and Luang Prabang. The premium<br />

services at the BRC Lounge include<br />

a hot meal, snacks & cakes, soft<br />

drinks & beverages, computer use,<br />

free Wifi, a private shower room,<br />

massage chair, television, newspapers<br />

and magazines.<br />

For more information on lounge<br />

and seat upgrades, terms and<br />

conditions apply, contact the<br />

Bangkok Airways Call Centre at 1771.<br />

ตั้งแต่วันนี้ ผู้โดยสารชั้นประหยัดของสายการบินบางกอก<br />

แอร์เวย์สสามารถอัพเกรดการใช้บริการห้องรับรองและ<br />

ที่นั่งเป็นชั้นโดยสารธุรกิจได้แล้วด้วยราคาสุดคุ้ม<br />

เพื่อความสะดวกสบายสูงสุดของผู้โดยสาร สายการบิน<br />

บางกอกแอร์เวย์สเปิดให้บริการสุดพิเศษเพื่อให้ผู้โดยสาร<br />

ชั้นประหยัดอัพเกรดตั๋วเครื่องบินจากชั้นประหยัดเป็นชั้น<br />

ธุรกิจหรือชั้นพรีเมียม โดยผู้โดยสารจะได้รับสิทธิประโยชน์<br />

เช่นเดียวกันกับผู้โดยสารชั้นธุรกิจทุกประการ อาทิ<br />

พรีเมียมเลนเพื่อผ่านพิธีตรวจคนเข้าเมืองได้อย่าง<br />

รวดเร็ว น้ำหนักกระเป๋าเพิ่มขึ้น 10 ก.ก. โดยไม่ต้องรอ<br />

กระเป๋านาน อาหารชั้นเลิศ ชุดเครื่องใช้จำเป็น และสิทธิใน<br />

การใช้ห้องพักรับรอง Blue Ribbon Club สำหรับชั้น<br />

ธุรกิจ โดยสามารถติดต่อซื้อบริการอัพเกรดได้ ณ วันที่<br />

ผู้โดยสารเดินทางเท่านั้น ที่ Airport Ticketing Office<br />

เคาน์เตอร์เช็คอิน เคาน์เตอร์บริการหน้าห้องรับรอง<br />

Boutique และ Blue Ribbon Club (BRC) หรือหากใน<br />

สถานีต่างประเทศที่ไม่มี Airport Ticket Office สามารถ<br />

ซื้อได้จาก City Ticket Office<br />

นอกจากนี้ ผู้โดยสารชั้นประหยัดของสายการบิน<br />

บางกอกแอร์เวย์สยังสามารถติดต่อหน้าห้องรับรองเพื่อ<br />

ใช้บริการใน Blue Ribbon Club ด้วยราคาเพียง 950 บาท<br />

ต่อท่าน เปิดให้บริการที่สนามบินในประเทศและสนามบิน<br />

นานาชาติ ได้แก่ สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ สมุย เชียงใหม่<br />

เชียงราย และหลวงพระบาง ซึ่งให้บริการอาหารปรุงร้อน<br />

ขนม และเครื่องดื่มต่างๆ เครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์ สัญญาณ<br />

wifi โทรทัศน์ ห้องอาบน้ำส่วนตัว เก้าอี้นวด หนังสือพิมพ์<br />

และนิตยสารเทียบเท่าชั้นธุรกิจ<br />

สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับบริการอัพเกรด<br />

การใช้บริการห้องรับรองและที่นั่งเป็นชั้นโดยสารธุรกิจ<br />

ได้ที่ Bangkok Airways Call Centre #1771<br />

(เงื่อนไขเป็นไปตามที ่บริษัทฯ กำหนด)<br />




Bangkok Airways and Booking.com, one of<br />

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สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส และ Booking.com<br />

หนึ่งในเว็บไซด์การจองห้องพักที่ใหญ่ที่สุดในโลก<br />

มีความยินดีมอบสิทธิพิเศษให้กับสำหรับสมาชิก<br />

ฟลายเออร์โบนัสและผู้โดยสารบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส<br />

ด้วยข้อเสนอส่วนลดราคาห้องพักพิเศษกว่า<br />

การจองโดยตรงกับเว็บไซด์ Booking.com ซึ่ง<br />

ลดสูงสุด 25% สำหรับการจองห้องพักในจังหวัด<br />

ท่องเที่ยวยอดนิยมภายในประเทศ เช่น กรุงเทพฯ<br />

เชียงใหม่ สมุย ภูเก็ต รวมถึงพัทยา ระหว่างวันที่<br />

1 กรกฎาคม - 31 ตุลาคม 2561 (เข้าพักตั้งแต่<br />

1 กรกฎาคม - 31 ธันวาคม 2561)<br />

พิเศษไปกว่านั้นสมาชิกฟลายเออร์โบนัสยังจะ<br />

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สมาชิกในขณะทำการสำรองห้องพักกับเรา<br />

สิทธิพิเศษนี้เฉพาะการสำรองห้องพักในเว็บไซต์<br />

www.bangkokair.com หรือ www.booking.com/<br />

bangkokair ผ่านช่องทางนี้เท่านั้น สำรองห้องพัก<br />

พร้อมรับคะแนนได้ตั้งแต่วันนี้ถึง 31 ตุลาคม 2561<br />

และสามารถเข้าพักได้ถึง 31 ธันวาคม 2561 นี้<br />

สามารถอ่านรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมได้ที่<br />

flyerbonus.bangkokair.com<br />

144 145




Bangkok Airways Public Company<br />

Limited, led by Mr. Komkrit<br />

Ngamwongwirot — Regional Sales<br />

Director, recently joined hands with<br />

the <strong>Thai</strong>land Convention and<br />

Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) as<br />

represented by Mrs. Nichapa<br />

Yoswee, Senior Vice President —<br />

Business in organising a familiarisation<br />

trip to Chiang Mai for 30 travel<br />

agents and press members from<br />

Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar<br />

and Vietnam (CLMV). To sweeten<br />

the incentive for CLMV business<br />

travellers to choose Chiang Mai<br />

and <strong>Thai</strong>land for their meetings and<br />

incentive travels, both organisations<br />

offered the joint promotion campaign<br />

“Fly and Meet Double Bonus.”<br />

The familiarisation trip took<br />

place in Chiang Mai during August<br />

1 to 4, <strong>2018</strong> under the theme<br />

“Chiang Mai: Yesterday, Today,<br />

and Tomorrow”. The presentation<br />

depicted the city’s journey through<br />

the passage of time. Chiang Mai’s<br />

seven hundred years of history is<br />

steeped in a heritage of unique<br />

arts and craftsmanship that’s been<br />

passed down and further nurtured<br />

by the current generation. Now the<br />

city is becoming a business events<br />

destination with a strong potential<br />

to host meeting functions. By looking<br />

to the future, Chiang Mai aims<br />

to secure its status as a leading<br />

destination for business events in<br />

northern <strong>Thai</strong>land.<br />

During the trip, the participants<br />

from the four countries had the<br />

chance to visit both modern and<br />

specialised venues for events in<br />

Chiang Mai, while noting the city’s<br />

history and heritage. They also<br />

engaged in creative and enriching<br />

activities that could potentially<br />

benefit business travellers, including<br />

meeting and discussing goals with<br />

leading <strong>Thai</strong> business events<br />

suppliers in Chiang Mai.<br />

Bangkok Airways is proud<br />

to be a part of “Fly and Meet<br />

Double Bonus,” and holds a strong<br />

presence in CLMV connecting<br />

<strong>Thai</strong>land with Cambodia, Lao<br />

PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam.<br />

With an extensive flight network,<br />

the joint and exclusive offer<br />

with TCEB and their support<br />

with the “Fly and Meet Double<br />

Bonus”, Bangkok Airways looks<br />

forward to welcoming frequently<br />

business travellers from <strong>Thai</strong>land’s<br />

neighbouring countries.<br />

Bangkok Airways’ CLMV<br />

destinations at the present include<br />

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Vientiane,<br />

Luang Prabang, Mandalay, Nay Pyi<br />

Taw, Yangon, Phu Quoc, Danang,<br />

and Hanoi; direct flights are available<br />

from Chiang Mai to Mandalay,<br />

Yangon, and Hanoi.<br />

สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์ส นำโดย คุณคมกริช งามวงศ์วิโรจน์<br />

ผู้อำนวยการส่วนขายภูมิภาค ร่วมกับ สำนักงานส่งเสริม<br />

การจัดประชุมและนิทรรศการ (ทีเส็บ) โดยคุณนิชาภา ยศวีร์<br />

รองผู้อำนวยการอาวุโสสายงานธุรกิจ จัดทริปแนะนำเชียงใหม่<br />

ผ่านบริษัทตัวแทนขาย (Agent) และสื่อมวลชน จำนวน 30 ราย<br />

จากกัมพูชา ลาว พม่าและเวียดนาม (CLMV) ระหว่างวันที่ 1-4<br />

สิงหาคม 2561 ที่ผ่านมา พร้อมนำเสนอแคมเปญ Fly and Meet<br />

Double Bonus ที่ทั้งสองหน่วยงานพัฒนาร่วมกันและเปิดตัวไป<br />

แล้วก่อนหน้านี้ เพื่อดึงดูดนักเดินทางธุรกิจจากกลุ่มประเทศ<br />

CLMV ให้เดินทางมาจัดงานประชุมองค์กรและท่องเที่ยวเพื่อเป็น<br />

รางวัล ในจังหวัดเชียงใหม่<br />

การจัดทริปในครั้งนี้ มีขึ้นภายใต้แนวคิด “Chiang Mai:<br />

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” ถ่ายทอดเรื่องราวของ<br />

เชียงใหม่ผ่านกาลเวลา เชียงใหม่มีอดีตอันรุ่งเรืองและมรดกทางศิลปะ<br />

และวัฒนธรรมอันมีคุณค่ามากกว่า 700 ปี และได้รับการสืบสานมา<br />

จนถึงในปัจจุบัน จนกลายเป็นเมืองที่มีศักยภาพในการรองรับการ<br />

จัดงานประชุมระดับชาติต่างๆ ที่มีเอกลักษณ์เป็นของตนเอง และจะ<br />

ก้าวต่อไปเป็นเมืองชั้นนำสำหรับจัดงาน MICE ของภาคเหนือ<br />

ผู้เข้าร่วมงานจากทั้ง 4 ประเทศได้มีโอกาสสัมผัสประสบการณ์<br />

ตรงผ่านกิจกรรมเชิงสร้างสรรค์ต่างๆ และได้เยี่ยมชมสถานที่จัดงาน<br />

จริงที่มีความทันสมัย เป็นเอกลักษณ์ และมรดกทางประวัติศาสตร์<br />

รวมถึงแหล่งท่องเที่ยวต่างๆ ที่น่าสนใจสำหรับกลุ่มนักเดินทางธุรกิจ<br />

ที่มาเยือนเชียงใหม่ โดยบริษัทตัวแทนขายยังได้ร่วมการเจรจาธุรกิจ<br />

กับบรรดาผู้ประกอบการในอุตสาหกรรมไมซ์ชั้นน ำของเชียงใหม่อีกด้วย<br />

สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์สมีความภูมิใจที่ได้มีส่วนร่วมกับ<br />

แคมเปญ Fly and Meet Double Bonus เพื่อตอบสนองนโยบาย<br />

รัฐบาลในการกระตุ้นอุตสาหกรรมไมซ์สำหรับประเทศไทยในตลาด<br />

CLMV และด้วยเส้นทางบินที่ครอบคลุมเมืองหลักต่างๆ ในประเทศ<br />

กัมพูชา ลาว พม่าและเวียดนาม รวมถึงการสนับสนุนจากทีเส็บผ่าน<br />

แคมเปญดังกล่าวนั้น ทำให้มั่นใจได้ว่าประเทศไทยจะเป็นจุดหมาย<br />

ปลายทางที่น่าสนใจของนักเดินทางธุรกิจจากกลุ่มประเทศ CLMV<br />

ปัจจุบันบางกอกแอร์เวย์สมีเส้นทางบินครอบคลุมกลุ่มประเทศ<br />

CLMV เช่น จากกรุงเทพฯ ไปยังพนมเปญ เสียมราฐ เวียงจันทน์<br />

หลวงพระบาง ย่างกุ้ง มัณฑะเลย์ เนปิดอว์ ดานัง เกาะฟู้โกว๊ก (เวียดนาม)<br />

และมีเส้นทางบินตรงจากเชียงใหม่สู่ย่างกุ้ง มัณฑะเลย์และฮานอย<br />





Mr. Jirapon Hirunrat – Bangkok Airways’ Vice President for Network and Fleet Management (2nd from left), Ms. Kanpiorn Suwan – Siam Commercial Bank’s<br />

FSVP for Credit Card Usage & Partnership Management ( 3rd from left).<br />

SCB Credit Cardholders can now enjoy boutique services and<br />

awards from point redemption within the Bangkok Airway’s Flyer<br />

Bonus Frequent Flyer Programme. Discover arrays of awards to<br />

redeem from such as, Bangkok Airways and partner airlines flight<br />

awards, hotel vouchers, car rental, Bangkok Airway’s lounge access<br />

and lifestyle awards.<br />

For SCB Private Banking, SCB First and SCB My Travel Credit<br />

Cardholders, receive a transfer rate of 2,000 SCB Rewards Points<br />

for 1,000 FlyerBonus Points. Plus, for other SCB Credit Cardholders,<br />

a transfer rate of 3,000 SCB Rewards Points would equal 1,000<br />

FlyerBonus Points.<br />

The partnership between FlyerBonus and Siam Commercial Bank<br />

is to assist in providing SCB Credit Cardholders with passion for travelling,<br />

exclusive and hand-picked privileges. Nonetheless, also providing a<br />

more seamless way to travel with Bangkok Airways, which will then<br />

double the value of transactions through SCB Credit Cards.<br />

Convert SCB Rewards points now through SCB Easy App or<br />

contact SCB Credit Card Customer Services at 02 777 7777.<br />

สมาชิกผู้ถือบัตรเครดิตไทยพาณิชย์สามารถบินสไตล์บูทีคและ<br />

แลกรับของรางวัลบัตรโดยสารสายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์สและ<br />

สายการบินพันธมิตรที่ร่วมรายการ บัตรกำนัลที่พักโรงแรมชั้นนำ<br />

บริการรถเช่า การเข้าใช้บริการห้องรับรองพิเศษบลู ริบบอนคลับ<br />

และแลกรางวัลไลฟ์สไตล์ต่างๆ ผ่านรายการสะสมคะแนนฟลายเออร์<br />

โบนัสได้แล้ววันนี้<br />

ทั้งนี้อัตราแลกคะแนนสำหรับสมาชิกบัตรเครดิต SCB Private<br />

Banking, SCB First และ SCB My Travel เริ่มต้นที่ 2,000 คะแนน<br />

SCB Rewards เพื่อแลกคะแนนสะสมฟลายเออร์โบนัส 1,000 คะแนน<br />

สำหรับบัตรเครดิตไทยพาณิชย์ประเภทอื่นๆ ทุกๆ 3,000 คะแนน SCB<br />

Rewards สามารถแลกคะแนนสะสมฟลายเออร์โบนัส 1,000 คะแนน<br />

ความร่วมมือด้านรายการสะสมคะแนนฟลายเออร์โบนัสกับบัตร<br />

เครดิตไทยพาณิชย์นั้น เป็นความตั้งใจตอบแทนลูกค้าผู้ถือบัตรฯ ที่มี<br />

ไลฟ์สไตล์รักการเดินทาง ให้ใช้จ่ายผ่านบัตรเครดิตไทยพาณิชย์ได้คุ้มค่า<br />

มากกว่าเดิม โดยสามารถนำคะแนน SCB Rewards ไปใช้สำหรับ<br />

การเดินทางกับบางกอกแอร์เวย์สได้สะดวกยิ่งขึ ้น<br />

ช่องทางการโอนคะแนนผ่าน SCB Easy Application หรือ<br />

ศูนย์บริการลูกค้าบัตรเครดิตไทยพาณิชย์ 02 777 7777<br />


150 151


AIRBUS A319<br />

NUMBER OF FLEET : 15<br />

LENGTH : 33.84 m<br />

WINGSPAN : 34.1 m<br />

HEIGHT : 12.17 m<br />

ENGINE : IAE V2500<br />


920 km/h<br />


39,800 ft<br />


12 seats & 108 seats / 144 seats / 138 seats<br />


TAKE ME<br />

HOME<br />

READ<br />

<strong>Fah</strong> <strong>Thai</strong> is the inflight magazine<br />

of Bangkok Airways. It is YOUR<br />

MAGAZINE. It is distributed with our<br />

compliments on all Bangkok Airways<br />

flights. We hope you enjoy it .<br />


ONLINE!<br />

AIRBUS A320<br />


LENGTH : 37.57 m<br />

WINGSPAN : 34.1 m<br />

HEIGHT : 12.17 m<br />

ENGINE : IAE V2500<br />


870 km/h<br />


39,800 ft<br />


162 seats<br />

•••••<br />

We also come in a digital format. You can read us at:<br />


And feel free to send us your feedback.<br />

Your voice is our inspiration!<br />

ATR 72-500<br />


LENGTH : 27.17 m<br />

WINGSPAN : 27.06 m<br />

HEIGHT : 7.65 m<br />

ENGINE : 2 x 2,750 hp<br />

Pratt & Whitney<br />

Canada PW127F<br />


509 km/h<br />


25,000 ft<br />


70 seats<br />

Read more<br />

ATR 72-600<br />


LENGTH : 27.166 m<br />

WINGSPAN : 27.050 m<br />

HEIGHT : 7.72 m<br />

ENGINE : 2 x 2,750 hp<br />

Pratt & Whitney<br />

Canada PW127M<br />


509 km/h<br />


25,000 ft<br />


70 seats<br />



Bangkok, Koh Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai :<br />

Numerous flights every day from a variety of destinations<br />

Chiang Mai : 1 flight per day from Phuket ;<br />

1 flight per day from Koh Samui<br />

Chiang Rai : 3 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Hat Yai :<br />

1 flight per day from Phuket<br />

Koh Chang/Trat : 3 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Krabi : 3 flights per day from Bangkok ;<br />

1 flight per day from Koh Samui<br />

Lampang : 3 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Mae Hong Son : 1 flight per day from Chiang Mai<br />

Pattaya : 1 flight per day from Phuket ;<br />

1 flight per day from Koh Samui<br />

Sukhothai : 2 flights per day from Bangkok<br />


Chengdu : 4 flights per week from Koh Samui<br />

Chongqing : 3 flights per week from Koh Samui<br />

Da Nang : 1 flight per day from Bangkok<br />

Guangzhou : 4 flights per week from Koh Samui<br />

Hanoi :<br />

1 flight per day from Chiang Mai<br />

Hong Kong : 2 flights per day from Koh Samui<br />

Kuala Lumpur : 1 flight per day from Koh Samui<br />

Luang Prabang : 2 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Malé :<br />

1 flight per day from Bangkok<br />

Mandalay : 11 flights per week from Bangkok ;<br />

4 flights per week from Chiang Mai<br />

Mumbai : 1 flight per day from Bangkok<br />

Nay Pyi Taw : 6 flights per week from Bangkok<br />

Phnom Penh : 6 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Phu Quoc : 5 flights per week from Bangkok<br />

Siem Reap : 5 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Singapore : 2 flights per day from Koh Samui<br />

Vientiane : 2 flights per day from Bangkok<br />

Yangon : 4 flights per day from Bangkok ;<br />

1 flight per day from Chiang Mai<br />



Luang Prabang Beckons<br />

Low-key Luang Prabang<br />

with its old world culture,<br />

colourful markets and<br />

graceful temples continue to<br />

nurture the traveller’s soul.<br />


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