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10 12 x September

10 12 x September February 2 6 - 15, — 19, 2017 2018 x Huntington Learning Center Meet the SAT/ACT Experts Securing Students’ Futures Meet the SAT/ACT Experts Securing Students’ Futures Although Arya (left) and Ziya are identical twins, Huntington Learning Center has created a program tailored to each one’s specific needs. Photos by Aidan (left) and Joshua receive exceptional test preparation from the team at Huntington Learning Center. Huntington Learning Center of Dr. Phillips has been providing students with the the skills skills they they need need to succeed for nearly for more 18 than years. 20 It years. caters It to ca- all to succeed ters students to all with students a study with skills a program study skills for program grades K-12, for as grades well as K-12, tutoring as well for college students. The for facility college offers students. one-on- as subject-tutoring The one instruction facility offers in a quiet, interactive distraction-free one-onone environment. instruction to help students feel better Huntington supported Learning academia. Center also offers Huntington comprehensive Learning SAT and Center ACT also programs. comprehensive Both programs are SAT so and popular, ACT offers programs. Executive Director Both Aziz programs Kabani are said, so popular, “almost half Executive of the students Director we work Aziz with Kabani are preparing said, for “We the SAT work ACT. on preparing have students students from Dr. for Phillips the SAT High or We ACT. School, We Olympia have students High from School, Dr. Phillips West Orange High School, High School, Olympia Lake Highland School, Prep, Windermere West Orange Prep High and The School, First Academy. Lake Highland We Prep, have Windermere a great referral rate Prep from and all the The schools First Academy. of the area and We have from former a great students, referral rate highly from recommending all the schools us to their of the friends. area and Our programs from former yield students big results. highly We recommending increases SAT us scores to their by friends. about 300 Our or see programs more points. yield For the big ACT, results. we usually We see increases at least 5-point SAT increases. scores A by lot of 300 times, or more our students points. are For able the to ACT, get into we universities that least they 5-point would not increases. have been Often, able usually see our to before, students based are able on to their get increased into universities scores. Even that students they would with grades not of have A’s been and B’s able have to a before, hard time based with on the their ACT increased and SAT tests.” scores.” Kabani explained that that one one of the of rea- the “We feel individual attention is the reasons for this for is low nerves. scores is nerves. best way to learn. When students are “Even star students feel feel the the pressure pres- in a group session, they may spend sure of the of SAT the or SAT ACT or test. ACT We test,” teach he said. test- the majority of the time listening to “We ing strategies strive to build and confidence familiarize through the stu- the tutor answer other students’ questions teaching dents with test the strategy type of questions skills and asked. familtiondence. that may not be their question. iarizing This helps students build with the the student’s type of confi- ques- In a two-hour session, there may only asked Confidence these is key, timed especially exams. be 45 minutes to an hour devoted to Confidence with these timed is key.” tests. We make sure the things that student really needs to students Another understand reason advanced the key concepts students know. It is not an efficient use of time. may of the not test.” score as highly as they desire When it’s one-on-one, the teacher can is Another because reason the questions advanced asked students are focus solely on the material pertinent based may not on score material as highly they as haven’t they desire been is to that student’s specific needs.” exposed because the to in questions a while. asked are based That’s exactly what they do at on “The material tests they include haven’t algebra, been exposed algebra Huntington Learning Center. II to in and a while. geometry,” Kabani said. “A Students are often able to use the lot “The of students tests include who are algebra, in calculus algebra or skills they have learned through HLC’s trigonometry II, and geometry,” haven’t Kabani seen said. basic “A algebra lot SAT and ACT programs in other areas of students or geometry who are in in years, calculus so they or trigo- are of their lives, too. not nometry familiar haven’t with seen those basic concepts algebra anymore. or “A lot of students struggle with comeamiliar geometry To re-train years, yourself so they in are these not ar- fapleting the reading portions of these is with very those difficult. concepts What anymore. we do here To tests in a timely manner. The student at re-train Huntington yourself Learning these Center areas is give very might be accurate in the reading section the difficult. students What an we ACT do here or SAT at Huntington test and but only finish half half of of it in it the in the al- thoroughly Learning Center evaluate is give what the they students are deficient an lotted allotted time, time, then then have have to guess to guess the rest the ACT or in. SAT We test then and build thoroughly a program evalu- of rest the of answers. the answers. We We want want them them to be to catered what toward they are those deficient specific in. We needs, then accurate be accurate and and be able be able to finish to finish on time. on so build we a don’t program waste catered time toward going those over They time. leave They leave our program our program knowing knowing how concepts specific needs, the student so we don’t does waste not need time to how pull to things pull things out of out what of they’re what they’re read- help going in.” over concepts the student does not reading the first the first time time and and apply apply it to it the to need Learning help in.” sessions at Huntington answers. the answers. These These are are skills skills that will Learning Center sessions at are Huntington always stay with them through college and one-on-one. Learning Center are always one-on-one. beyond.” PROMOTIONAL FEATURE FEATURE The peaceful classroom settings at Huntington Learning Center allow students to learn without the interruptions they may have at school or home. Another advantage to HLC’s learning sessions is its incredible teaching staff. staff. “We have 30 30 teachers, including including an an actuary actuary scientist, scientist, a rocket a rocket scientist scientist and and former former engineer engineer from Lockheed from Lockheed Martin,” Martin,” Kabani said. Kabani “All of said. our teachers “All of have our teachers strong academic have strong backgrounds. academic backgrounds. know the They material, know and the they material, know and the They they tests. know They the also tests. sincerely They also care sincerely about care the students about the and students are passionate and are about passionate helping about the students helping succeed. the students Students succeed. are paired Students up with are the paired teacher up that with best the teacher meets their that needs. best meets We try their to keep needs. the We teacher try to consistent keep the so teacher that the consistent, student so and that teacher the can student build and up a teacher rapport with can build each other.” up a rapport with each other.” Huntington Learning Center, located in the Grand Oaks Oaks Village Village shopping shopping cen- center at 5060 at 5060 Dr. Phillips Dr. Phillips Blvd., Blvd., Suite Suite 102, 102, in Orlando, in Orlando, is open is Monday-Thursday open Thursday from 9:30 from a.m.-8 9:30 p.m. a.m.-8 and p.m. Saturday and Saturday from 9 a.m.-2 from p.m. 9 a.m.-2 The frequency p.m. The of sessions is based of sessions a student’s is based needs on each and frequency student’s availability. needs and availability. Huntington Learning Center Center is currently is currently offering Southwest Southwest Orlando Orlando Bulletin Bulletin readers read- an offering ers academic an academic evaluation evaluation at a discounted at a discounted $49 rate (valued of $49 at $199). (valued For at more $199). information, For more rate of information, call 407-290-1111. call 407-290-1111. ª x September 6 — 19, 2018 x 11 HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL PREVIEW DR. PHILLIPS HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE All games begin at 7 p.m. DATE OPPONENT LOCATION AUG. 31 TIMBER CREEK HOME SEPT. 7 WEST ORANGE HOME SEPT. 14 APOPKA AWAY SEPT. 21 MAINLAND AWAY SEPT. 28 OAK RIDGE HOME OCT. 5 WEKIVA HOME OCT. 12 FREEDOM HOME OCT. 19 OLYMPIA AWAY OCT. 25 CYPRESS CREEK AWAY FOOTBALL ROSTER # NAME POS. CLASS 1 JAPERRI POWELL LB 12 2 CANAAN MOBLEY QB 10 11 ARRON EDWARDS WR 11 12 TREY SCHYCK WR 11 13 JOSHUA GABBIDON DB 12 14 JADAI SMITH S 10 15 CAMERON WILLIAMS LB 12 16 JAYDEN ELLIS DB 12 17 TARVON YOUNG WR/DB 12 18 ISAIAH GIVENS QB 11 19 SHI GASKIN WR 11 20 MATTHEW MESSINA WR 11 21 JALEN MOORE DB 10 22 DANTE JOHNSON DB 11 23 CHRISTOPHER FULSE LB 10 24 TEVIN GRIFFEY DB 11 25 SHEMAR WILLIAMS DE 11 26 NIKKEM REYNOLDS DB 11 27 MYLES WILEY DB 10 28 STEVE JULSSAINT LB 11 29 STEPHEN DIX LB 11 30 JEREMIAH GRANDISON RB 12 31 KAMERYN METCALF DB 9 32 KOVSKY TIMOTHEE RB 11 33 DEVON CHARITABLE LB 12 34 ANTONE ALEXANDER DB 12 35 RILEY STEPHENS K 11 36 JOANES FORTILIEN WR 9 37 DESHILO BROWN DB 12 38 MARIO LOCKHART DB 12 39 CAMERON STONE K 12 40 JUSTIN CORNEILLE DL 11 41 CHRIS HENSON DL 11 42 JAELEN JACKSON LB 10 43 FRANK MACIEJCZYK DL 12 44 ALBERTO GUZMAN DB 10 45 KEMAAL MCMILLAN DL 10 46 NOAH AUCOIN DL 11 47 CHRISTOPHER DL 12 LIRIANO-JIMENEZ 51 RONNIE HAYES OL 10 53 GERALD GREAVES DL 10 54 JEFFERSON GARCON OL 10 56 MICHAEL MAISONET OL 9 57 CORNELIUS JOHNSON DL 9 58 MALIK CARSON OL 11 64 MIGUEL ORTIZ OL 12 70 KYJUAN PHILLIPS OL 10 72 AUSTIN PURPURA OL 10 75 CHRISTIAN PRZYBYSZ OL 12 77 DEREK HAUPT OL 11 80 REGGIE WEBB WR 11 81 JACKSON HODOR TE 11 85 EMANUEL NOBOA TE 12 88 JALEN WASHINGTON WR 10 3 DEVON BUCKHANON WR 12 4 NIVON HOLLAND RB 11 5 JAQUARRI POWELL LB 12 6 BRANDON FIELDS RB 11 7 BRENDEN CYR QB 11 9 BRYAN BELL-ANDERSON DB 12 10 JACQUEZ JONES WR 11 CONTINUED ON PAGE 12