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Selwyn Times: September 05, 2018

8 Wednesday

8 Wednesday September 5 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Exciting time for youth council A reader respond to the article about pot holes on West Belt in Lincoln Selwyn Youth Council chairwoman Paige Sullivan writes about what it has been up to and what is to come THE SELWYN Youth Council is one step closer to our newest event, BOOST 2018, with activities and a timetable being drafted up. It is looking to be an exciting few weeks, with fun activities being held for teenagers living in Selwyn. The idea came from an overall theme of boredom coming from teenagers in the district, commenting that there is nothing for them to do during their school holidays. Keep an eye out for sneaky hints being dropped between now and October. Doing our part to support a clean and green New Zealand, the youth council has also decided to go paperless at meetings. After being handed a huge stack of paper each at our latest meeting, youth councillors all agreed that it was better aligned with not only the values of the youth council, but our personal values, to go paperless. From now on, each youth councillor will be expected to bring a device to access paperwork in meetings. Recently, two members of the youth council presented at the Local Government New Zealand conference. They spoke of the successes of the youth council and the supportive relationship we hold with the district councillors. We are all extremely proud of them. Speaking of representing Selwyn, two members of the youth council also attended Festival for the Future on behalf of the youth council. They networked with over 1000 other young people, and attended workshops and training. One youth councillor commented that it was “mind-blowing” to be in the same room with people CHANGES: The Selwyn Youth Council has gone paperless at its meeting. ​ “just like her.” The Selwyn Youth Council was excited to attend the YMCA Canterbury Youth Awards last week, a red carpet event that celebrates incredible rangatahi in the Canterbury region. They enjoy catching up with other young people they met at the South Island Youth Connect held by Youth Voice Canterbury earlier this year. •To keep up to date with what the youth council is up to, get in touch or leave some feedback visit its Facebook page @ SelwynYouthCouncil. Mike Green – Further to my letter in the Selwyn Times (June 14) regarding the long wait for repairing of potholes, I am pleased to report that only two days after my letter appeared we have had a repair. Coincidence? I couldn’t possibly comment on the quality but it can be viewed by any interested party on Dunns Crossing Rd between Boulez Mews and 228 Dunns Crossing Rd. Readers respond to Rolly Inn potentially being added to the heritage items list Marilyn Ollett – For the Selwyn District Council to even consider calling the Rolly Inn a heritage building is a joke. It is far from a fine example of architecture. Yes, it’s a traditional, old-style pub but as such has a limited clientele. I believe Rolleston residents – and southbound travellers – would be better served by a new development. Russel Hunter – Making the Rolly Inn a heritage building would be a backward step for Rolleston. It’s nothing but an eyesore and would be better redeveloped. Theo Rautenbach – Demolish the old building and redevelop. Join us foR a day this spRing to help RestoRe native biodiveRsity in CanteRbuRy. With the help of our supporters we will provide Transport, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea, so you just need to register and jump on board. saturday 22 september – Hororata and Springfield RegistRation essential: suggested donation $10 adult and $5 Child Back up dates in case of stormy weather are September 15 and 29 respectively.

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday September 5 2018 9 Murray George – I read with interest the article regarding the Rolly Inn. At first I thought it was the article was a joke. I totally agree with Craig Watson. Who are these faceless individuals on the District Plan committee? Time to name them as you have with Craig. Who was the bright spark who thought this one up? I’m sure it wasn’t the whole committee in unison. The council would be better placed trying to save money for its ratepayers instead of dreaming up things to spend money on – I’m sure this listing would involve a ratepayer contribution? If the committee member has to have his/her 10min of fame perhaps they would be better contributing personally to restoring some of the Heritage buildings in Christchurch. The Inn is a dump and an embarrassing eyesore. Gary Thompson – What an absolute farce that anyone would think keeping the Rolly Inn would be good for Rolleston. It is an embarrassment and should CHANGES: A petition has been started for a second, larger dog park in Rolleston following a fence recently being installed in the Foster Park dog exercise area. go. With the other modern buildings already along the main highway and the proposed new buildings it will make Rolleston look more attractive for tourists to perhaps explore and shop in Rolleston instead of seeing the Rolly Inn and just passing by. Graeme Baird – I am appalled at the latest council decision to grant the Rolly Inn heritage status, as a long-time Rolleston resident I find that this building is an eyesore and has seen better days, with the opportunity to clean up this corner and not at the council’s expense I would have thought it to be a no-brainer to making the Rolleston State Highway frontage more desirable to tourists and general public passing through. Here’s hoping the council changes its decision. A reader responds to the fences be installed in the Rolleston dog park Greta Peebles – Why did the ‘training club’ in Rolleston have the right to destroy what was a beautiful dog park. We have been going to the park for four years and liked and enjoyed the park and stream. Our dog loved it. Very sad to see a minority have the right to destroy. famous four square See instore for details Cadbury Novelty Bar Single 30-60g (excludes Luxury Flake) 99 c ea $ 15 .99 Eta Ripple Cut Chips 150g $ 1 99 ea Pams Fresh Potatoes 2.5kg Prepack Product of New Zealand LOVE LIVE SPORT COME ON IN THIS MONTH FOR ALL BLACKS GAMES + NRL RUGBY LEAGUE FINALS At the heart of Lincoln 2 Gerald St • 03 325 2408 Find us on facebook • OPEN 7 DAYS Fresh NZ Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets $ 11 99 kg $ 4 99 pk Wither Hills 750ml (excludes Pinot Noir) $ 11 99 ea Steinlager Pure 12 Pack 330ml Bottles $ 24 99 pk Specials available South Island only from Monday 3rd September until Sunday 9th September 2018 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.