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Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2018<br />


Since I'm just a Really Big Kid, I will talk to you like I'm a<br />

kid just like you.<br />

All of us kids want to be 'great'. We want to be better than<br />

all the other kids. I want to hit the baseball better and run<br />

faster and make better grades. Whatever I am doing, I<br />

want to be better than the other kids. Most kids want to<br />

be great at sports and school and art and music. Wanting<br />

to be excellent at what we do is a good thing. It's good for<br />

us kids to want to be great at whatever we are doing. The<br />

challenge is that none of us are better at everything we do<br />

than all the other kids. So, what do we do?<br />

Yes, Jesus expects us to try and be excellent at everything we do, but He really doesn't care if we are better than the<br />

other kids. He just wants us to be the best we can be. You see, Jesus is more concerned about being great forever. This<br />

means He wants us to be great in Heaven after we die. God doesn't care if we are better than the other kids here on<br />

earth. In fact, in Luke 18:14 Jesus tells us that those kids who brag on themselves will be small in His sight, but God will<br />

honor the kids who are shy or modest about their accomplishments. He will consider them to be <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong>! Jesus<br />

wants us to help other kids and other people. He calls it 'serving' them. When we help other kids and other people and<br />

serve their needs, God will honor us as <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong>! Jesus considers helping and serving kids and other people to be the<br />

same as serving Him.<br />

Here is my definition of <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong>: "<strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> help, serve, and lead other people by showing them and teaching<br />

them to live like Jesus wants us to."<br />

In Matthew 16:27, Jesus tells us that He is coming back for us. When Jesus does come back, He will judge us all for how<br />

well we served Him by helping and serving kids and other people. God expects <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> to be leaders for our families,<br />

our communities, and our schools. As we grow up, God wants us to teach<br />

the next leaders about Him so that people will live like God wants them to<br />

and our world will be a nicer place for everybody.<br />

A. Because He didn’t<br />

want any advice<br />

on how to do it.<br />

A. A little before Eve.<br />

Moses spent many years teaching Joshua to be the next leader of the nation<br />

of Israel. Moses was a great leader and he taught Joshua well. In Joshua<br />

24:31 the Bible tells us that the people of Israel served God while Joshua<br />

was alive. Joshua was a very good military leader and the one God selected<br />

for His people at that time, but he failed to teach and raise up a Godly<br />

leader for the people of Israel after he died. Joshua lived to be 110 years old.<br />

Do you know what happened to the people of Israel after Joshua died?<br />

Judges 2:10-15 tells us that the people stopped loving God and didn't live<br />

like He wanted them to. God became very angry with the people of Israel<br />

and He punished them and the people suffered a lot because they did not<br />

obey God.<br />

It is important for <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> to live like God wants us to and to teach<br />

other kids and other people how to live like God expects. If we can do this,<br />

then God will be happy with us and the world will be a nicer place.<br />

(continued on page 2)

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> and <strong>Great</strong> Dreams<br />

page 2<br />


Today, I got to pick up my grandniece, Nikolette, from school. Nikolette and her mom live with my brother,<br />

Bill, not far from where we live. Bill had jury duty today and Nikolette's mom was just starting a new job and<br />

they asked me to pick her up from school. I was happy to help because Nikolette, now 13, is really growing into<br />

a young lady and I enjoy talking with her. Besides, my brother had helped me quite a bit in the past.<br />

When Nikolette got into the car, I could tell that she was upset about something. I asked her if she wanted to<br />

talk about it and after a minute or two she said, "Some kids were picking on my friend during PE because her<br />

shoes had holes in them."<br />

Then I asked her to tell me what happened. "I ran over and told them<br />

to leave her alone or I<br />

was going to report them for bullying." "That is good<br />

Nikolette! Did they leave her alone?" "Yes." "So", I asked,<br />

"what is the problem now?" It seemed that<br />

Nikolette was about to<br />

cry when she said, "My<br />

friend told me that<br />

her dad lost his job<br />

because of hurricane<br />

Harvey and now they<br />

don't have money for<br />

food and clothes." "How<br />

do you feel about<br />

that?" "Sad", she said.<br />

"How can you help<br />

her?" "Well, I'm going to<br />

pray for her." and<br />

then her face lit up as she<br />

said, "You know<br />

what uncle Mike, we've been<br />

waiting to have a<br />

garage sale. I will talk to<br />

mom and see if<br />

we can donate the money to<br />

her family!" I said, "That's a great idea<br />

Nikolette! Who else<br />

can you get to help with the<br />

garage sale?" "I know, I'll get my<br />

friends from school to donate<br />

things and all the money can go to my friend!"<br />

Nikolette was excited and many<br />

of her friends donated things for the garage sale. It was a big<br />

success and they were able to<br />

really help her friend's family!<br />

(Remember that this was a <strong>Great</strong> Dream and didn't really happen, but it could happen with <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> like you!)<br />


"Father God thank You for our blessings. Teach us to be <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> with <strong>Great</strong> Dreams. Teach us to help kids<br />

and other people. Father God we pray for all those we know who<br />

To<br />

Or provide feedback,<br />

send an email to:<br />

have problems in life and we ask You to bring them close to You<br />

and show them Your love. We love You and thank You for loving<br />

us and answering our prayers. In Jesus Holy Name, AMEN!"<br />

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