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Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2019


Someone once told me that my father, Paul J. Bianchi, Jr., was

really a ‘fair’ person. He tried to be fair in all he did. I remember

as a kid growing up on our farm that my dad had given both

my older brothers calves of their own and I was jealous because

I didn’t have one. I didn’t think it was fair. Looking back, I’m

sure I just wasn’t ready to have my own calf. Finally one day

my dad called me into the bathroom at the end of the hallway.

I didn’t know if I was in trouble or what was going on. He

pointed out the bathroom window at a black angus calf and

told me that one was mine, but I had to take care of it! I was so

excited and I loved that little calf so much. My dad was a model

of fairness and I have always tried to be like him in that area.

Great Kids understand that their decisions and actions have effect on other people, perhaps

even far reaching across distance and many years. This applies to big decisions such as who

are friends are, are we going to be really good students, and are we going to try and live like

Jesus wants us to. It also applies to small decisions, such as buying gifts for others or

clothing or games or should we go to the movies or not?

Often we try to do the easiest thing and even go out of our way not to offend others or 'shake

things up'. However, Jesus did not take an easy path and He definitely shook things up. As

we go about our daily activities and decision-making, Great Kids Do The Right Thing in God's

eyes instead of what we think is pleasing to ourselves and others. How do we do this? By

keeping God as the center of our lives and asking

Little Johnny's new baby brother

was screaming up a storm.

Johnny asked his mom, “Where’d

he come from?” “He came from

heaven, Johnny.” Johnny

responded: “Wow! I can see why

they threw him out!”

Can you unscramble these words?





Him how He wants us to live. We must make God

more important than our families, our school, our

country, (yes, even sports) and everything else in our

earthly lives. Of course, this does not mean we can

disrespect our parents, our teachers, and our elders.

In fact, Great Kids rely on them for guidance

according to God’s Word. If we consider God's ways

as our guiding force, then we will make better

decisions and take actions that will help ourselves

and other people for many years.

George Washington said that our happiness is

connected to our desire to be fair and do good things

for other people. In other words, Great Kids won’t be

happy unless they try to be fair and help other kids

and adults.

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Great Kids and Great Dreams

page 2


Rebecca saw her in the cafeteria several times eating by herself. Her name is Rachel and she is new in

school. Rachel’s family moved here from Nebraska and she started at Rebecca’s school in the middle of the

year and she didn’t know any of the other kids. Rebecca told her mom about how she eats alone and she

felt sorry for her. Her mom suggested that she take her lunch over to her table and eat with her and get to

know her.

The next day Rebecca did just that. Rachel seemed happy that someone else wanted to be with her. She was

shy and talked a little funny, but Rebecca and her got along well. Soon they were talking and laughing

together. Rachel also told Rebecca that her parents were looking

for a new church to attend.

Rebecca invited her to come to church

with her on Sunday.

After lunch, Rebecca’s friends

were teasing her about eating with the

new girl because she was different

than they were. They started mimicking

the way Rachel talked and Rebecca told them to stop and said that

Rachel was nice and that she

liked her.

A couple of weeks later one of

party and Rebecca said, “Hey,

at her and said, “No way” and

again. Then Rebecca said, “You

don’t even know her. I am her

her and be fair to her, then I won’t

she could invite Rachel, but not

Rebecca’s friends was having a slumber

let’s invite Rachel.” Her friends laughed

started mimicking how Rachel talks

are not being fair to her because you

friend, too. If you don’t want to invite

come either.” Then her friends told her

to expect them to be her friends, too.

Rachel was excited to come to the slumber party with Rebecca. At first the other girls ignored her until

they started playing a game and Rachel joined in and they started laughing at how she talked. Rebecca

looked at her friends and said she liked the way Rachel talked. Rachel smiled and said, “It’s okay Rebecca,

I think you all talk funny and I still like you. I bet I can win this game!” After that, all the girls became

friends with Rachel. Rebecca was happy that her friends were fair to Rachel and became her friends.

(Remember that this was a Great Dream and didn't really happen, but it could happen with Great Kids like you!)


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"Father God thank You for our blessings. Teach us to be Great

Kids with Great Dreams. Teach us to always be fair to other kids

and other people. We love You and thank You for loving us and

answering our prayers. In Jesus Holy Name, AMEN!"


This is an excerpt from Michael Bianchi’s upcoming book,

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