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Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2019


I remember as a kid living on our farm in Victoria,

Texas often wondering about God. There was a

single tree in a field a couple hundred yards from

our house and I used to go and sit under that tree

for what seemed like hours and wonder about life

and God. Through the Catholic church we

attended, I was exposed to God frequently and I

would go and sit under that tree and wonder

about what I didn’t understand. Later, as a

teenager, I would wonder to myself if the authors

of the Bible were real people?

Did you know that there is a lot proof that the Bible is real and true? For example:

1- There are over 14,000 writings from hundreds and thousands of years ago that support

the stories in the Bible.

2- The Bible has many stories of events that happened a long time ago and most of the

stories were written by people who were actually there and saw it happen. Also, the

stories support each other by talking about the same events that were seen by different


3- Other people from long ago wrote stories that were not part of the Bible. However, many

of their stories included events that are in the Bible. This is more proof that the Bible

is true.

4- Archeologists have uncovered historical

I want to be so full of

Christ that if a mosquito

bites me, it flies away


Can you unscramble these words?





evidence that supports hundreds of Biblical

events and statements. Recently they

discovered a church in Turkey from about

500 AD with many pictures about the life of

Jesus. This discovery is more evidence that

the Bible is true.

5- Researchers believe they have also found the

remains of the Egyptian army which

drowned in the Red Sea in the Exodus.

6- Historians confirm that they have found the

remains of Christ’s tomb.

7- Archeologists believe they have found the ash covered

remains of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorah.

8- This is only a partial list of evidence supporting the

Christian Bible.

YES! The Bible is Real and True!

(continued on page 2)

Great Kids and Great Dreams

page 2


Matthew and his friends were camping out in his back yard and

it was getting late. From inside the house, Matthew’s dad could

see that the boys were still awake and he went outside to check

on them. The boys asked his dad to tell them a story before they

went to sleep. “Okay,” said Matthew’s dad, “I’ll tell you a story

from the Bible.” When he said that, Matthew’s friend Oscar,

laughed and sarcastically said, “Oh yeah, this should be a real

story alright.” Matthew’s father went ahead and told the boys the

story of Exodus, “The Egyptians had held the people of Israel in

slavery for many years and God chose Moses to lead the people

out of Egypt into freedom. God sent many plagues on the people

of Egypt to convince them to let His people go. Finally, the

Pharoah (the king of Egypt) agreed to let the Israelites go. The

people from Israel gathered all their things and marched to the Red Sea. However, Pharoah

changed his mind and led his soldiers after God’s people. When Moses saw the Egyptian army

coming fast after them, he raised his rod toward the waters of the Red Sea. Immediately the

waters began to separate and left a large path of dry land in the middle. The people of Israel

were able to cross over to the other side safely. When Pharoah saw them escaping through the

middle of the Red Sea, he ordered his army to follow after them. When the Israelites were all

safely on the other side, the parted waters collapsed on top of the Egyptian army and killed

them all! The people of Israel were now safe and delivered from their slavery!” When Matthew’s

dad finished the story he went in the house so the boys could go to sleep. Oscar told Matthew,

“That’s a good story Matthew, but you know it is not true, don’t you?” Matthew didn’t say

anything, but the next morning, when they were eating breakfast together, Matthew asked his

dad if the story was true or not? Matthew’s dad showed the boys on the computer where

archeologists had found the remains of the Egyptian army at the bottom of the Red Sea. Oscar

turnd to Matthew and said, “Wow! I guess the story is really true. Hey Matthew, can I go to

church with you?”


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(Remember that this was a Great Dream and didn't really happen, but

it could happen with Great Kids like you!)


"Father God thank You for our blessings. Teach us to be Great

Kids with Great Dreams. Teach us and other people about the

truth of Your Word. We love You and thank You for loving us and

answering our prayers. In Jesus Holy Name, AMEN!"


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