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Summer in the salon is a time of emotional contrasts - there's the excitement and

anticipation of clients who are about to head off on their holidays, juxtaposed with those

who have just returned - often cantankerous and moody at the prospect of having to return

to work! The hairdresser-cum-therapist inevitably takes it all in their stride, at the same

time as imparting invaluable advice and product recommendations on how to get that

Hair: Philip Downing

Colour: Christel Lundqvist

Photo: Alex Barron-Hough

Make-up: Amy Barrington

Styling: Jiv D

Products: TIGI

tangle of sun- and sea-damaged hair looking normal again. If only they'd have taken your

advice before going away and invested in some sun protection - for the hair that is!

Summer also opens up many more

opportunities to get onto Social Media

and promote the amazing creative work

you're doing in the salon. If you're not

there already, maybe now is the time.

Being a player in the online community can transform your business and enhance your

career. Take Instagram for example – particularly popular in the salon world, it’s a brilliant

way to showcase your handiwork to clients. OK the idea of posting that first picture of your

work might seem a bit intimidating, but once you've done it you'll probably find yourself

pleasantly amazed by the fantastic reaction it achieves. Welcome to the global work of hair!

Gary Kelly,

Editor-in-Chief, Estetica UK

EsteticaNetwork globalises

the wonderful world of hair:

in print, online and on social!

Publisher and Director

Roberto Pissimiglia



Sergi Bancells


Gary Kelly



Laura Castelli

International Editorial


Fatima Pilone

Editorial Staff

Alice Gioannini


Manuela Artosi

Davide Cardente

Production Supervisor

Carlo Tiani



Stefano Migliavacca

Estetica n. 3/2018


Book Infringe Take#2 8

Exhibition Fashion Sources 10

Trends No Stress Summer 12

Social #instafashion 16

Anniversary Happy 35th! 20

Events Colour Glitz 22

Vision Loving the Look 25

Hair achieves


excellence on

the runways,

as well as

behind the




Gary Kelly, Maria Weijers


Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto


Elisabet Parra,

Bel M. Dolla, Cristina Hernández

Deutsche Ausgabe

Judith Lorenzon, Michaela Dee


Daniela Giambrone, Lucia Preziosi


Victoria Clifford


Erika Del Paso,

Héctor RamÍrez, Ernesto Álvarez,

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán


Alejandra Acuña,

Marie Scarano


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese, Wilma

Sommariva, Valentina Stella

Digital Conscious Coupling 84

News 89

Products 90

international trends

Wedding hair 34

Summer blond 62

Share in their success: be inspired

by our greatest hair icons.

After launching

their first printed

issue of INFRINGE

in 2017, Anthony

and Pat are so excited

to share their

ongoing exploration

of the vast world

of hair culture

and creativity.

Panos Damaskinidis

Alex Black

Infringe take#2

Anthony & Pat Mascolo’s INFRINGE is an Anthropology of Hair,

exploring its effects on culture, photography & fashion. Gary Kelly

This Spring saw the launch in London of INFRINGE #2 - a unique publication for anyone

with a passion for hair; it takes a very different viewpoint, though - exploring hair across

all creative disciplines. Now in its 2nd year, it presents interviews, editorials, artworks and

photo-essays, with contibutions from the likes of Trevor Sorbie and Bob Recine.

For this issue, INFRINGE

travelled the world

extensively in order to

capture unique stories; the

highlight was a team visit to

Tokyo, where they observed

and documented some

fascinating hair rituals.

Girls Unawares

8 book

Anthony Mascolo & Panos Damaskinidis

The second issue of this beautiful coffee-table book is available to

buy both online at as well as through selected

outlets globally: an absolute must for anyone with a passion for hair.

“When we launched our first printed issue last year, we had a niggling worry: would we

run out of hair stories to tell? Far from it! Many, many people who have got in touch from

all over the world to share their own hair stories. If anything, it’s made us realise we’ve

barely even scratched the surface!” Anthony & Pat Mascolo, Founders & Editors-in-Chief.

Parker Day

Anthony Mascolo & Panos Damaskinidis

Alma Haser Alberto Maria Colombo Anthony Mascolo & Panos Damaskinidis

Speckled Crimson Ruff by Michelle Lowe-Holder, ‘Flock & Fold’Collection AW11, Photography by Polly Penrose

Pine Marten fur hat, Caroline Reboux, 1895, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London



For anyone interested in the history of dress, the

V&A in London is now staging an intriguing new

exhibition called Fashioned from Nature. Gary Kelly

The complex relationship between the clothes we wear and the natural world around us is one that

dates back to the dawn of humanity. Staged at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Fashioned from Nature

is the first exhibition in the UK to explore how this relationship has evolved from late Medieval times

to the present day. It will present examples of fashionable dress alongside natural history specimens,

innovative new fabrics and dyeing processes, inviting and encouraging visitors to the exhibition to

think more deeply about the the sources of their clothes. As well as showcasing historical garments

the exhibition also presents examples of how nature is still an integral part of fashion and design.

10 exhibition

Suit, camouflage printed cotton, designed by Richard James, 1998 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

As in our own industry, where we are

embracing sustainability and waking up to

the environmental impact of what we do,

the fashion industry has also come on leaps

and bounds in promoting planet-friendliness.

Greenpeace Detox Catwalk in Bandung © Greenpeace/ Hati Kecil Visuals

Ensemble, Stella McCartney, Winter 2017 © Stella McCartney

No Stress Summer

Times change: in-salon expertise means that tired, dried

out hair is no longer synonymous with summer hair. Gary Kelly

Hair by Andrew Jose using TIGI Haircare

Calling all salon staff: the power is in your hands! You hold the key to the age-old conundrum of how to deal with

sun & sea-damaged, exhausted, post-holiday hair. It's simple - just remember that prevention is better than cure!

While there are some truly formidable professional damage repair treatments you can retail through your salon,

suncare products are now up there in a league of their own - and salon clients are keen to invest. Whether tousled &

beachy, a 'stepped out of the shower' wet-look, or glossly party chic, holiday hair should always be damage-free.

12 trends

Hair by Anne Veck

Clients wouldn’t

dream of sitting on

the beach without

sun tan lotion, so

the need to protect

their hair is like

stating the obvious.”

Robert Eaton,

Russell Eaton salons.

Hair by IdHAIR International Art Team

Hair by Andrew Jose using TIGI Haircare

Hair by Robert Eaton, Russell Eaton Salons

using Wella Professionals

Hair by IdHAIR International Art Team

Hair: Goldwell

Lisa Farrall of Wig London using Fudge Professional

“Sprays such as

Fudge Professional

Salt Spray wake up

your hair and give it

a really raw beauty.

On fine hair they

also create volume.”

Lisa Farrall.

Selected from the FUTUREWISE Collection; Hair by TONI&GUY using label.m Professional Haircare

Indira Schauwecker, International Artistic Director, TONI&GUY, reveals her 3-step solution for perfect summer

hair: “Step one is NOURISH for hydration: our brand new label.m After Sun Mask left in overnight and rinse in

morning. Next is PROTECTION: essential for optimising colour which can oxidise rapidly, as well as preventing

dryness. Finally it’s all about MOISTURE to lock-in nutrients and to keep the hair supple with nice movement.

label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Radiance Oil can be applied to dry hair as part of general style maintenance – but

is also an efficient blow-dry primer to give hair a serious restoration boost and an illuminating finish.”




With almost 800k followers, Edgar Artis is revered on

Instagram... for making everyday objects look amazing!

Gary Kelly

As well as food, everyday objects and shapes are overlaid with elements such as

flowers, pearls and shells. Edgar Artis developed his art by attending the prestigious

the IFA fashion school of Luxury and Design in Paris.

If you have the ability to make a plate of spaghetti look fashionable, then

you are an artist extraordinaire. It stands to reason that you must possess the

rare gift of making the prosaic appear special, or the ordinary extraordinary.

This is the true talent of the Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis who designs his

models and then "dresses them" with all sorts of food and bric-à-brac anyone

could come across around the home. Check out his tutorials and artwork on

YouTube and prepare yourself to be amazed...



1983: Hair On Broadway (HOB) opens

its first salon in Mill Hill, North London

2012: HOB opens its first male grooming salon - HOB Man

Happy 35th!

Since opening their first salon in 1983, the team at HOB

Salons has grown a reputation built on commitment,

excellence& a determination to bring quality and creativity.

Prestigious business accolades such as being crowned British Hairdressing Business Directors of the Year are not just handed

out to anyone - they are testament to founder and HOB Director, Paul Simbler's business acumen and guardianship over a

business employing 700 staff with a multi million pound turnover. Co-founder and Director, Clive Collins, delivers highenergy

leadership skills which have played a fundamental role in the group's development. Creative Director, Akin Konizi,

who joined the group in 1985 has developed dedication, skill and passion required to warrant his status as one of the

hairdressing greats. Four-times British Hairdresser of the Year, his photographic imagery is revered the world over.

Akin with Ellie Goudling Pixie Lott is one of many celebrity clients Paul with Alexis Sanchez Jess Glynne Paris Hilton David Beckham

1995: Salon no. 5 opens in

Temple Fortune, North London

2006: Akin wins Fellowship

Hairdresser of the Year

2007: Akin, Paul and Clive at the

opening of the HOB Academy

2008: Akin wins his first British

Hairdresser of the Year title

... and in the same year, British

Masters Award at the Australian

Hair Fashion Awards

20 anniversary

2001: Akin releases his first-ever collection with HOB Salons ... and his latest to date, in 2017

2012: The HOB Creative Team enters the BHA Hall of Fame after winning

the Artistic Team trophy for the third time

2015: Winners of the BHBA Training Award

2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013:

Akin has won British

Hairdresser of the Year

a phenomenal four times.

Colour Glitz

Battersea Evolution in London was the venue for this year’s

L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final, which saw 1,000 guests

unite to enjoy one of the UK’s most glamorous hair events.

(left): The models take

to the stage before the

winner of the Grand

Trophy is announced;

(right): the winning

team from Trevor

Sorbie Salon with GM,

Béatrice Dautzenberg,

and host for the

evening, Reggie Yates.

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Award 2018 - the hair industry’s longest running and highly renowned hair accolade - was

lifted this year by the team from Trevor Sorbie Salon, followed by Charlie Miller in second place and Jamie Stevens

taking third. The much acclaimed Men’s Image Award was won by The Boutique Atelier, while the runner up in the

men’s category was Atchison Hair. The evening of the Grand Final is also the occasion for celebrating the winners of

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Regional Awards, this year were presented to all eight regions by Dylan Bradshaw, from

Dylan Bradshaw Ireland and Siobhan Jones from Headmasters, both of whom emphasised how high the standard

of hair work was and subsequently how difficult the judging process had been. The L’Oréal Professional STAR Award

is a special accolade which goes to the judges’ favourite. The winner for 2018 was Taylor Clayton Spicer from Paul

Edmonds, London, who wins a place on an exclusive winner’s photoshoot in Paris. The other highly significant

presentation is to the winner of The Afro Look Award. Presented by Junior Green, the title this year went to Rick

Roberts, Beverley. Our congratulations go to all this year’s finalists and winners. For a full list of regional winners

and runners-up, please visit our website

22 events

The Grand Final Show was entitled 21st Century Image’ and portrayed how beauty is captured and reproduced within

today’s ever-changing media driven world. Percy and Reed opened the show with ‘The Moving Image’ Dark l Light

(below right); followed by ‘The Instant Image’ by Ken Picton Salon (below left & middle). Brooks & Brooks (above)

finished the show with ‘The Editorial Image’ which captured the artisty of the finished look through the traditional lens.

Best of

B ri t

Aggressive texture and

geometric shapes that are

juxtaposed against soft

pinks to show the strength

and feminity of the

modern woman.

Hair:Sarah Cotton

Photos: Jonathan Cotton

Make-up: Lucy Flower


the Look

Inspired by an amalgamation

of clashing prints independent

looks, this collection is aimed

at a girl who is confident,

determined and knows exactly

what she wants out of life.

Hair: Scots Hair Design Creative Team

Colour Technician: Emlyn Wright

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough

Make-up: Julia Wilson

Styling: Rhona Enzuma

Best of

B ri t

“Youthful, streetinspired

styling with

strong client appeal”



28 vision

Best of

B ri t

“Working cut and

colour in synergy

in order to create

customised looks ”

Hair is even more beautiful

when the client adores it for

its bespoke individuality.

Hair: (l)Akos Bodi; (r) Piero Gentile

Colour: (l) Warren Boodaghians;

(r) Kerrie O’Reilly

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough

Make-up: Amy Barrington

Styling: Jiv D

Products: TIGI Copyright Colour/Care

Naturally beautiful tones in

perfect synergy with stylishly

crafted hair deliver a truly

stunning combination.

Hair: Guy Kremer

International Art Team

Photos: Jamie Blanshard

Make-up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Rubina Marchiori

Best of

B ri t

“A flawless complexion

demands to be in

partnership with naturally

beautiful hair”



Best of

B ri t

The stylish impact of

naturally textured hair

is incomparable when

understated and finished to

this level of excellence.

Hair: Evelina Lundgren

@ Andrew Jose

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough

Make-up: Julia Wilson

Styling: Rhona Emma

Products: Tigi Copyright

Colour and Catwalk

32 vision



La versatilità del biondo. Sa essere

elegante il giusto, per momenti

importanti come una cerimonia

nuziale. Ma sa essere altrettanto

sbarazzino e leggero, perfetto per

look estivi 24h. Senza mai perdere

quel suo talento nell’affascinare.

The versatility of blond. It can be

elegant enough for important

moments like a wedding ceremony.

But is can also be just as breezy and

light, perfect for 24/7 summer looks.

But it never loses its knack for


Die Vielseitigkeit von Blond.

Es weiß, bei wichtigen Momenten wie

einer Hochzeitszeremonie elegant zu

sein. Aber genauso zeigt es sich

leicht und cool für den perfekten 24h

Sommer-Look, ohne jemals dieses

Talent der faszinierenden

Anziehungskraft zu verlieren.

La polyvalence du blond. Il sait

être élégant juste ce qu’il faut, à

l’occasion de moments importants

tel qu’un mariage. Mais il sait être

aussi désinvolte et aérien, l’idéal

pour les looks d’été 24h/24. Et ce,

sans jamais perdre sa capacité

de séduction.

La versatilidad del rubio. Sabe

ser elegante, para momentos

importantes como una ceremonia

nupcial. Pero sabe ser igualmente

atrevido y ligero, perfecto para looks

veraniegos las 24 horas. Sin perder

su gran talento, ser fascinante.




Hair: Loïc Masurel

for Revlon Professional

Creative direction hair team:

A. Brasola, D. Vault Baker, M. Velotti for concept

Photo: Kamil Strudzinski

Hair Designer:

Salvo Filetti @ JoyÀcademy

Un occhio alla tradizione, un occhio

all’avanguardia. La modacapelli

nuziale contemporanea soddisfa tutte

le inclinazioni. Regalando soluzioni

romantiche e di taglio classico,

insieme a look più di rottura, dalle

contaminazioni coraggiose e


A nod to tradition, an eye on the

avant-garde. Contemporary wedding

hair styles suit everyone’s desires.

Giving romantic solutions and a

classic cut, together with a

break-away look, with global and

alluring influences.

Mit Blick für die Tradition und für

Avantgarde Stile. Die zeitgemäße

Brautfrisurkunst erfüllt alle Wünsche.

Was darf es sein? Romantische

Lösungen und ein klassischer Schnitt,

zusammen mit einem edgy Look,

mutig, kühn und verführerisch?!

De la tradition mais aussi de

l’avant-garde. La mode coiffure de

mariage contemporaine satisfait à

toutes les inclinaisons. En offrant des

solutions romantiques et à la coupe

classique, ainsi que des looks plus

iconoclastes, aux contaminations

audacieuses et séduisantes.

Un ojo a la tradición, un ojo a la

vanguardia. La modacabello nupcial

contemporánea satisface todas las

inclinaciones. Regalando soluciones

románticas y de corte clásico, junto a

looks más rompedores, con

contaminaciones valientes y


Hair: Cebado

Hair Designer: Salvo Filetti @ JoyÀcademy





Art Director: Alessia Solidani for Kemon/Hair: Stefano Cinquegrana, Riccardo Rota, Emanuela Silvano,

Raheleh Vatanparast for Kemon/Photo: Carlo Battillocchi/Styling & Wedding Dresses: Salvo Presti

Hair: Gandini Team

Photo: Paulo Renftle

Make-up: Alemka Krupic

Styling: Giuseppe Dicecca



Hair: Trizzi team

Photo: Marcello Bocchieri

Make-up: Mariangela Nicastro

Wedding hair

Hair: Mary Alamine,

Travis Bandiera, Emma Gottwald,

Elie Kashi

@ Royals Hair Artistic Team

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Chereine Waddell

Styling: Angela Liang


Art Director: Alessia Solidani for Kemon

Hair: Stefano Cinquegrana,

Riccardo Rota, Emanuela Silvano,

Raheleh Vatanparast

Photo: Carlo Battillocchi

Styling & Wedding Dresses: Salvo Presti

Hair: Mod’s hair

Wedding hair

Hair & make-up: Ute Hützen

and Team Hair Inn! Hützen

Photo: Petra Hützen

Styling: Florian Fuchs


Fiori e spose vanno d’accordo

da sempre. La novità di stagione sta

nelle dimensioni – corolle extralarge

per un effetto naturale ed esotico – o

nei materiali. Sì, perché possono

anche essere in metallo o in tessuti

sintetici a decorare tiare e cerchietti.

Flowers and brides always go

together. The season’s latest trends

focus on dimensions - extra-large

corollas for a natural and exotic

effect. Yes, because they can also be

in metal or in synthetic fabrics to

decorate tiaras and headbands.

Blumen und Bräute haben sich schon

immer gut verstanden.

Die Neuheit der Saison liegt in der

Größe - extra große Blumenkronen

für einen natürlichen und exotischen

Effekt - oder im verwendeten

Material. Ja, denn sowohl Metall als

auch synthetische Stoffe verzieren

Tiaras und Stirnbänder.

Les fleurs et les mariées sont depuis

toujours un duo gagnant.

La nouveauté de la saison réside

dans les dimensions – des corolles

extra larges pour un effet naturel

et exotique – ou dans les matières.

Hé oui, car aussi le métal ou les

tissus synthétiques peuvent orner les

tiares et les serre-tête.

Las flores y las novias siempre

se llevan bien. La novedad de la

temporada radica en sus

dimensiones: corolas extragrandes

para un efecto natural y exótico,

o en los materiales. Sí, porque

también pueden estar hechas con

metal o fibras sintéticas para decorar

tiaras y diademas.

Hair: Cebado


Hair: Olga García

@ Olga García Estilistas

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Wilder Rodríguez

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

Hair: Anne Veck

@ Anne Veck Salons

for Revlon Professional

Photo: Deborah Selwood

Make-up: Charlotte Akosua

Styling: Bicester Bridal

and Jamima Bridal

Products: Revlon Professional

Artistic Direction: Benjamin Pinon

& Gaëtan Guégan for Coiff&Co

Photo: Marwan Moussa

Make-up: Nathacha Maillard

Styling: Tanina Barra

Hair and make-up: William Cerf

& Emma Guerri for Saint Algue

Photo: Romain Rosa

Styling: Aurore Donguy



Hair: Michael Albor for Matrix

Photo: Bob Packer

Hair: Francine Ladrière

Photo: Nicolas Huret

Make-up: Celine Muah

Styling: Benoit Witkowski










Art Director: Alessia Solidani for Kemon/Hair: Stefano Cinquegrana, Riccardo Rota, Emanuela Silvano,

Raheleh Vatanparast for Kemon/Photo: Carlo Battillocchi/Styling & Wedding Dresses: Salvo Presti

Hair: Matrix


Hair: Raffel Pages

Photo: David Arnal


Per le spose che non vogliono

rinunciare al loro rebel side, la

modacapelli internazionale propone

abbinamenti inusuali: rasature

estreme abbinate a ciocche lunghe,

intrecci etnici sottolineati da nastro di

colore a contrasto. Rivoluzione in


For brides who don’t want to put

their rebellious nature aside,

international hair fashion trends

propose unusual solutions, including

extreme buzz cuts combined with

long locks, ethnic braids embellished

with colourful contrasting ribbons.

Revolution in white.

Für Bräute, die nicht auf ihre

rebellische Seite verzichten möchten,

bietet die internationale Frisurkunst

ungewöhnliche Kombinationen:

extreme Rasuren kombiniert mit

langen Strähnen, ethnische

Verflechtungen unterstrichen durch

kontrastfarbige Bänder. Es lebe die

weiße Revolution.

Pour les mariées qui ne veulent pas

renoncer à leur côté rebelle, la mode

coiffure internationale propose des

combinaisons inusuelles : des

coupes rasées extrêmes assorties à

de longues mèches, des tresses

techniques soulignées par un ruban

de couleur en contraste. La

révolution en blanc.

Para las novias que no quieren

renunciar a su lado rebelde, la

modacapelli internacional ofrece

combinaciones inusuales: afeitados

extremos combinados con largos

mechones, trenzados étnicos

evidenciados por una cinta de color

contrastante. Revolución en blanco.

Hair: Paul Serville

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Lockie Stonehouse

Styling: Victoria Harvey

Wedding hair

Hair: Luigi Neri @ Class

Photo: Fabio Munis

Make-up: Simone Belli, National

Make up Designer L’Oréal Paris

Styling: Victoria Harvey


Hair & make-up: Ute Hützen

and Team Hair Inn! Hützen

Photo: Petra Hützen

Styling: Florian Fuchs

Hair: Anne Veck @ Anne Veck Salons

Photo: Pawel Spolnicki

Make-up: Gosia Peruzynska

Styling: Kasia Zaborek - Verise Bridal

Products: Matrix and Sleek

Hair: Paul Falltrick

@ Paul Falltrick Creative

Photo: Barry Jeffery

Make-up: Elizabeth Rita

Styling: Masha Mombelli

Products: Matrix


Hair: Loïc Masurel

for Revlon Professional




Hair Designer: Salvo Filetti @ JoyÀcademy

Hair: Matrix


Artistic Direction and Hair: Sharon Blain

Photo: Milos Mlynarik

Make-up: Chereine Waddell

Styling: Amber Leigh,

Madelaine Caldwell, Breeanna Wardrop,

Valeria Sanchez, Hannah Bailey

Hair: Danilo Profeta and

Grazia Bianchi @ Massimo Serini

for System Professional

Products: System Professional


Hair: Cebado

Riflessi dorati, come quelli

croccanti di una spiaggia di primo

mattino o morbidi e rotondi di una

pelle ambrata e abbronzata il

giusto. Il biondo estivo spazia dal

platino più candido al miele più

profondo. Regalando seduzione a

ciocche e ricci.

Golden highlights, like the crisp

sunlight on an early morning

beach, or soft and round like

perfectly tanned amber skin.

Summer blond ranges from the

palest platinum to the richest

honey. Making strands and curls


Goldene Reflexe, wie das Funkeln

eines Strandes in den frühen

Morgenstunden oder weiche und

schön gebräunte bernsteinfarbene

Haut. Das Sommerblond reicht

vom reinsten Platin bis zum

tiefsten Honig. Reichhaltige

Strähnen, die verführen!

Des reflets dorés comme ceux

craquants d’une plage aux

premières lueurs du matin ou ceux

doux et fluctuants d’une peau

ambrée et bronzée juste ce qu’il

faut. Le blond de l’été s’étend du

platine le plus candide au miel le

plus profond. Offrant ainsi

séduction aux mèches et boucles.

Reflejos dorados, como los de una

playa temprano por la mañana o

los suaves y redondos de una piel

ámbar y bronceada. El rubio de

verano va desde el platino más

cándido al miel más profundo.

Regalando seducción a mechones

y rizos.

Hair: Indola


Hair & Concept: Kevin Murphy & team

Hair: Nathan Cherrington

@ Toni&Guy Concord

Make-up: Chereine Waddell

Styling: Melissa Nixon

Hair: Team Tecnico Stilistico Medavita

Photo: Raul Zini



Art Direction, hair and styling: Artistic Team Rizos/Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Pilar Lucas @ Rizos/Products: L’Oréal Professionnel

Hair: William De Ridder/Photo: Patje Verbruggen/Make-up: Chris Del Anno

Art Direction: Fabien Provost for Fabio Salsa

Photo: Adel Awad/Make-up: Faar by Alia

Hair: Alima Baz for Eugene Perma

Photo: Pawel Labe

Hair : Maison Gérard Laurent/Photo: Notoys

Hair: Jack Howard @ Paul Edmonds

Photo: Jay Mawson/Make-up: Violet Zeng



Hair and Concept: Luigi Neri @ Class

Photo: Fabio Munis

Make-up: Simone Belli, National

Make Up Designer L’Oréal Paris

Styling: Simone Bartolotta

and Salvatore Martorana



Hair & Make-up: Kerstin Hajdu

Photo: Sabine Liewald

Styling: Goya Marini

Wild and restless,

highlighted for extra

depth and dimension.

“Sizzling summertime

curls and textures”

for all occasions.

Hair: Anna Pavlicova

@ Salon Petra Mechurova

Photo: Nikola Srajerova

Make-up: Tomas Hemr

Styling: Lenka Pavlu



Hair: Christophe Durand

and Montibello Creative Team

Photo: Jens Grundmann

Make-up: Egon Crivillers

Styling: Rosa Codina

and Gema Font

Hair: JPMS Artistic Team

Photo: Todd Marshard

Make-up: Fiona Stiles

Styling: Emma Trask

Products: Paul Mitchell

Blond can be much

more than just fun.

It can also be an


fashion statement”.

Dare to be you - leave

plain glam behind.

Hair: Sam Burnett

@ Hare & Bone

Photo: Jenny Hands

Make-up: Violet Zeng

Products: KMS



Hair: Jamie Stevens

@ Jamie Stevens Hair for Matrix

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lauren Mathis

Products: Matrix

Hair: Leonardo Rizzo @ Sanrizz Artistic Team

Photo: Jamie Blanshard/Make-up: Maddie Austin

Hair: Anna Pavlicova @ Salon Petra Mechurova

Photo: Nikola Srajerova/Make-up: Tomas Hemr

Artistic Direction: Cento per Cento/Hair: Vitality’s/Photo: Fabio Leidi

Art director: Paolo Crepaldi/Photo: Fabio Munis

Make-up: La Truccheria/Styling: Alessandra Duò

Hair: Paul Falltrick @ Paul Falltrick Creative/Photo: Barry Jeffery/Make-up: Elizabeth Rita

Hair: Marco Todaro, Technique Arpège Arphair/Creative Director & photo: Alex Belli/Make-up: Alessandro Filippi

Hair Designer: Salvo Filetti for Compagnia della Bellezza

Make-up: Sonia Sangiorgio, Claudia Ferrara



Artistic direction: Team Rizos

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Pilar Lucas for Rizos

Hair: Dee Parker Attwood

Photo: Karla Majnaric

Make-up: Liz Jenkinson

Styling: Dan Ryan



Hair & products:

Schwarzkopf Professional

Perfectly primped princess

or over-the-top punk.

“Understated or overstated,”

the blond universe is always


Artistic Direction: James Longagnani

Creative Direction: Alessandro Squarza

Photo: Marco La Conte

Make-up: Katja Wilhelmus

Styling: Emanuela Mari

Products: Wella

Creative Direction and hair:

Giovanni Iovino for Cotril

Products: Cotril



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Social media is brilliant for promoting yourself, your salon

and your work. Posting that first Instagram image may

feel unnerving, but consciously connecting with the

outside world is the essential tool to get you on the map.

Maria Weijers

Social media is all about making connections, being noticed, acknowledged and followed. Your posts

getting positive feedback from people and brands you admire is sure to put a spring in your step.

Even negative comments have a value as it shows you’re being watched.

Being a player in the online community can transform your business and enhance your career. Take

Instagram for example – particularly popular in the salon world as it’s a brilliant way to showcase

your handiwork to clients (business building) and creativity to fellow professionals (career progressing).

Many people refer to Instagram as being a modern-day business card as it instantly spreads

your message far and wide.

But if you’re an algorithm newby who is nervous about dipping a toe in social noise – remember

everyone started somewhere so the sooner you get going the better. Don’t fret thinking you’ve got to

be a social media expert; no one knows it all and it’s a case of trial and error to start with. The beauty

of social media is you can post any type of image – an amazing new haircut on a client, a salon event

or something inspirational, maybe an awesome photographic image which reflects your creative vibe.

Your first post doesn’t have to be a landmark image (although it helps!) and by initially posting a

variety of imagery, response will inform you what works best.

Creating a strong visual style is important, but make sure your stream has variation. For example, just

as a colourist wouldn’t show only brunettes, a haircutter shouldn’t show only severe geometric shapes.

Once you get the measure of your signature style, focus on quality over quantity and perhaps post

just once a day using relevant hashtags to amplify and extend reach.

Of course, social media success quickly snowballs to create a greedy creature needing constant feeding.

Staying on top of it with regular posts can become an onerous, time-consuming job in itself.

Luckily you have ready-made assistants to help in the form of happy clients. Everyone loves a selfie

and encouraging them to show off their new look on their own Instagram feeds with a #hashtag to

you ensures keeping your salon high on the digital radar.

84 digital

Blue Tit

London salons Blue Tit

like to keep it real on social.

Great haircut and cute dog

drew 400+ likes, the cool

copper hair and inked arm

combo proving equally

Instagram popular.


Picture power. Affinage’s arresting images attracted 1,000 likes on Instagram and

reached a digital audience of over 350,000, the Candy Pop sunglasses model securing

seven magazine covers worldwide.


Freefall imagination and uncensored creativity yield

captivating imagery which attracts massive social

media engagement for RUSH. Perfect examples are

these mysterious, mesmerising pics by Art Team

member Seung Ki Baek.

Jamie Stevens

Favourite images posted on Instagram – the crimp from his BHA

collection and the designer Stories from Arabia’s LFW catwalk

image score high social media success for Jamie Stevens.

Remi Cachet

By cosying-up with popular

blogger Anna Zeller, extension

brand Remi Cachet secured major

exposure in festival season. Daily

blogs on fresh new styles drove

shared content and traffic across all

media channels.

Electric Sessions

Social media sells! An Electric Salons’ pop-up seminar in the USA totally

sold out, thanks to this vintage-inspired ‘Wanted’ notice being posted on

the seminar presenter’s Instagram feeds reaching 64,000 followers.


Global fame means Anthony Mascolo – seen here on an Instagram post for a step-bystep

colour, cut and product video – always gets a great response for TIGI. The finished

style helped promote TIGI’s copyrightcolour product.

D&J Ambrose

Captured in the moment, these strikingly cool, ahead of the fashion

curve vibrant models caused an ongoing fast and furious flurry of

response on D&J Ambrose’s social streams.



Estetica eCommerce

is now online

Just a simple click, even from your smartphone or tablet,

and you can have the magazine in your salon.

Subscriptions, albums, offers, and special package deals

with discounts you’ll love!


For further info on subscriptions:

EDIZIONI ESAV SRL – Via Cavour, 50 – 10123 Torino (Italy)


For a full list of the winners at this year's Xposure

student competition visit

The trendiest hair

colours of the

summer were

showcased during

this year's Graduate

Fashion Week.


Xposure Winners

Wella Professionals’ student

competition, Xposure, has

reached its climax for 2018 and

the names of the talented

winners have been announced.

Supported by some of Wella’s

leading artists, Xposure is an

ideal opportunity for students

to take their first steps on the

competition ladder.

Blue Tit Pop-Up

Blue Tit recently hosted a

pop-up salon at Field Day

Festival 2018, one of the UK’s

biggest music festivals, bringing

together alternative music

artists and DJ’s to produce a

hedonistic weekend of music

& dancing. 6 creatives were on

hand to offer a menu of styles.

Graduate Fashion Week

For the 15th year running,

L’Oréal Professionnel continues

its support of Graduate Fashion

Week in its role as official hair

sponsor. The hair team of 25 led

by Andrea Daley from Barbara

Liverpool Daley and Jason Hall

from Jason Hall Hairdressing

created the catwalk hairlooks

for the 24 college shows,

attracting over 30,000 guests.

Dubai Breaks Records

Beautyworld Middle East 2018

recently completed a triumphal

three-day run, breaking a

number of records by setting

new highs in exhibitor

participation and floorspace

sold. The numbers confirm the

tremendous cross-regional

reach and draw of the event.

Blue Tit’s pop-up salon proved to be a huge

hit once again, with braids – especially mini

and Dutch styles – proving to be a

perennially popular festival-look.

Beautyworld Middle East 2018 drew in a

total of 36,394 trade visitors and buyers

from across the wider region.





The Sun Reflects range by Dualsenses includes a UV Protect

Spray protects sun-stressed hair from colour fading through

UV radiation and from moisture loss. It also provides

protection from the effects of the sun, chlorine and sea water.


For the revitilisation of dull

blondes and greys, Insight have

introduced its Anti-Yellow

Shampoo within its Incolor range,

derived from organic extracts that

brighten and enhance colour.


Calling all blondes: Bring out your inner

chameleon this summer with the launch

of Schwarzkopf Professional’s New

BlondMe blush wash and Blonde Lifting

Shades - delivering on-trend blonde

perfection with customisable solutions.

ghd stylers

Perfect for summer! Introducing the new

ghd gold earth gold and pure gold stylers;

part of the limited edition Saharan gold

collection. Featuring dual-zone technology

for premium performance, it also boasts an

improved heat-up time of just 25 seconds.

Alter Ego

New intensifier cream from

Alter Ego Italy has an

ammonia-free formula which

balances or neutralises

unwanted reflections for

harmonious colour effects.

Alternatively, it intensifies

reflections for an expressive

and intense colour service.

Wella Professionals

EIMI has joined London

Pride as an official 2018

partner. Prior to the

London Pride

Parade, EIMI will launch

two of its bestselling

products - Sugar Lift and

Pearl Styler - in limited

edition rainbow coloured

packaging in salons across

the UK and Ireland.



Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from

harmful UV rays. Stepping outside without protection

puts your hair at risk and can cause faded colour, lack of

moisture and overall distress. Heat Protect Spray by ghd

has added UV protection, so you're safe!


Elevate your hair with Spiritualized Dry

Shampoo Mist by R+Co. It transcends

ordinary dry shampoo. Its revolutionary

formula has suspended cleansing powder

leaving hair and scalp feeling wonderful.

Fudge Professional

Salt Spray gives extra body and

texture to hair and is ideal for that

raw, textured look - especially when

protection from UV damage is

required. Totally versatile as a

styling product, it can be applied to

damp hair, scrunched through the

lengths and left to dry naturally.


Bed Head Beach Freak is just one of a range of

holiday styling products by TIGI. Formulated with

UV complex and Seaweed Extract, it filters and

protects, as well as detangling beach hair and

building up protection against future damage.


Rich in antioxidant fruit, label.m

After Sun Mask hydrates hair, while

UVA/UVB filters and anti-chlorine

molecules protect hair from further

damage. Seriously counteracting

damage caused by climate and the

inevitable post-holiday hair woes.

System Professional

With intense Keratin UV

protection, Solar Sun Oil adds

softness during and after sun

exposure. The UV filters,

combined with a luxurious

blend of oils, deeply condition

and protect the keratin for

lasting smoothness.




MCB by Beauté Sélection,

the international

professional fair, gathers

together the elite of coiffure

together in Paris.


privileged location featuring

innovations and trends,

MCB by Beauté Sélection

once again proposes a

unique artistic program

and business


FOCUS ON innovation

The main protagonists in the world

of hairstyling have always chosen

Paris and MCB by Beauté Sélection

to present their latest innovations to

sector operators. The fair indeed

plans a space entirely dedicated to

all the latest news. What’s new in

Paris is the location that gathers

together everything that is new in

products and services offered by

exhibitors, and it will also host the





non-stop activities:

all this marks the

long-awaited Parisian


A full immersion

amidst the World



and the most

prestigious shows:

in Paris from 8-10

September 2018.

competition that will award the

most innovative products and

services: don’t miss the appointment

set for Sunday, 9 September at 11:30.

Other events

There will also be the long-awaited

World Hairdressing Championships,

organised by OMC, featuring

for the third year 50 nations and

1300 candidates. The competitors

will face off at coiffure, beauty, care,

and make-up trials, while this year’s

biggest news is that the barbers/men

sector will also compete in the Free

Fade Cut and Tattoo Design. With

Estetica Design, What’s up in Paris

will present a selection of the most

beautiful European salons, to be

awarded on the main MCB by

Beauté Sélection stage on Sunday,

the 9th, at 3:10 pm. During this fifth

edition, the spotlights will also be on

The Mentor Best Emerging Talent

event, co-produced by Estetica

France, presenting four French

mentors: Beata Bourillon, Gérard &

Laurent, Céline Autunès and Marie

Coccoluto. Their teams of young

talents will compete in an artistic

battle to take place on Monday, 10

September, from 11:00 to 11:45.

Another eagerly awaited event is

entitled “Le Succès Selon” - or

‘success accor-ding to’ highlighting

the experience and market vision of

great hairdressing personalities, like

Franck Provost, Ludovic Geheniaux,

Franck François. Each of these top

entrepreneurs will have 15 min to

inspire and captivate the audience.

This year the fair will also focus on

Made in France with a round table

held by L’Eclaireur on the topic of

innovating and manufacturing in

France. Save the date for 8 Sept from

3:00 to 3:50 in the Workshow 2 hall.

The fair confirms itself as an

international platform of global

beauty, where numerous worldfamous

hairstylists will unveil their

ideas on trends in Haute Coiffure

runway shows.

More than a platform for

innovation, MCB by Beauté

Sélection focuses on creativity











Spa style


Quality hairdressing

really is a minimum

expectation of every

client, so how do you

go beyond that?

The promise of luxury,

exclusivity and an

unrivalled customer

experience is consistently

promoted by salons

looking to attract a

discerning clientele and

increase the value of their services.

Retaining loyalty depends on

how the client looks and feels,

but it also relies on their overall

experience too. “Luxury is not

exclusively about the delivery

of services, but the way your team

interacts with clients,” explains

Takara Belmont’s Territory Sales

Manager, Katie Wrighton. “Many

elements, including interior design

and decor, contribute to the

customer experience - equipment

plays a vital role too”. To enable

even high-end salons to upgrade

their service offering, Katie

recommends Takara Belmont’s

Yume shampoo systems.

Designed to elevate the customers’

backwash experience, they allow

for the addition of new premium

treatments, such as head massage,

facials and beauty treatments

to boost revenues and create

fresh income streams, while

transforming salon into a haven of

tranquility and serenity. The Yume

DX and Yume Espoir deliver the

ultimate in comfort and relaxation

with full backwash recline. They

feature easy chair manoeuvre and

gently transition the client in and

out of the treatment position.

Double gel-filled neck cushions

and pillows delicately support the

head to promote a sense of total

well-being. Spa Mist II brings

even more possibilities when

paired with the Yume Series.

This treatment processor

generates an ultra-fine mist to

open the hair cuticle at a low

temperature allowing the

concentrated ingredients and

colour pigment to penetrate each

hair shaft without damage or

dilution. As a result, hair health

and condition are actively and

visibly improved, treatment results

prolonged, and colour intensity

and vibrancy are enhanced.

Transform your offering quickly

and discover more visit

or call 020 7515 0333.

Alternatively email Takara Belmont


Whilst the Yume Series and Spa Mist II operate

independently, their combined effect creates a

unique ambience and dramatically improves

customer satisfaction.



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