Sheep magazine archive 1: issues 3-9

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Lefty online magazine, issue 3: October 2015 to issue 9: April 2016



We wait here as long as it takes. Got it. Fucks

sake. Don’t make me regret recommending you.

I stuck my neck out there and I don’t want you

to ever forget it. How you behave reflects on me

right? Your job is to sit with the car and keep the

engine running. Why? … Why what? Why can’t

we just go back to Bills? Let me give you a clue.

If we go back without the wee fucker then Bill will

ask questions of his own. I’d be happy to let you

take the lead there. You can explain to him while

he has his foot on your neck. No? Then we wait.

Every month. There’s one every month now.

I blame the fucking internet. Its turned every

wannabe into a dealer but it gives me a fucking

headache thinking about it. Its all about supply

and demand. If these wee fuckers flood the

market in Milltown with gear from all over then

we get competition. Everyone drops their prices

to compete with each other and that’s bad for

you and me. That’s why we have to introduce

a third element into the system. A traditional

element that has help carve out the men from

the boys since time immemorial. Fear. Fear and

intimidation. Thats why you and I are sat here

in this car outside the house of the latest stupid

fucker trying to muscle in on our market. Every

quarter he sells is money out of Bills pocket and

out of yours and mine … Its always the same …

first they get a bit and the next their friends are

whistling up at their window at 2 in the morning.

Most of them don’t have the stamina for it but,

for the ones that do, there’s two choices. Join the

club or get fucked.

Get the bundle out of the back will you … no

don’t do that face. At least don’t do that face in

front of Bill. He’ll see that and kick seven shades

out of you. You do what you’re asked and then

you’ll get the rewards. This one is special. Bills’

asked me to make an example of this one to

send a message. A message to the others. We

don’t give this one any choices. Fair? Sit there are

shut the fuck up. Keep the engine running here

he comes now …


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