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Our April 2019 Edition

4 Pete’s Corner

6 Hey Pete!

9 What You Seek Is Knowledge

10 Biz Cards board!! Hey its free

11 More reflections using MS Paint

15 Cell phone photography - Jamaican Sunsets

16 Disposing of Old Computers

19 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

with Windows Notepad

26 Check if Your Asus Laptop has the

‗Shadow Hammer‘ Malware

28 Something to enlighten you up!

29 Passover Blessings

30 Back Cover – Lord Hands

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Pete’s Corner!

This month‘s issue is about how to do reflections in your cell phone, I

must say, it‘s pretty fantastic hack. Hey Pete I show how it is done and the

article ―More reflections using MS Paint‖ and yes, that‘s no typo, how to

use Microsoft Paint © to create great looking computer generated


Nope, not my signature, it is a new font we found ―Songstar Free‖ if you

like to have it then just click on Songstar Free and it will take to the web

site to download.

If you have a computer question that you can‘t find an answer to, email us

at: computereas@juno.com we have a full staff of computer techs that will

find you an answer and even How-To if need to.

Have a wonderful Easter and very blessed Passover

Thank You for reading CE Magazine…


Please Don’t Be A


4 month public announcements run by CE Magazine


How do you do that?

Here is some reflection trick‘s using

two cell phones versus a cell phone

and a camera, by the way, that cell

phone in your desk drawer that is not

used anymore, well, you just found a

new use for it.

So, how do you do it Pete? It took me

about 15 tries to get it right and the

picture on the right is the angle of the

reflector cell and the picture cell.

The picture cell points at your target

and the reflector cell adjust till you

get the effect you want. So as

mentioned above I got the hang of it

after 15 tries and my target the

house across the street.

1 st: Shot the before picture of a


2 nd: I played around and played

around till I got the effect I wanted.


3 rd: Then some fine tuning in Corel Draw 12

End product

The kayak with

person paddling

with the reflection

of him and his

kayak with gentle

ripples makes it

look like a

believable deep

water flood.


This is how it‘s done with a camera and cell phone…

Want to more then click on Camera hack

Have fun



What You Seek Is Knowlege

You Will Find In those Links

Take a look-see!








I will show you how to do reflections on

pictures using MS Paint, ―Believe It Or

Not‖, so, with no further ado let‘s start.

1: Find a picture and right click, a little

menu will pop up, choose edit

2: Top left select ―Resize‖

in the Resize and Skew

reduce your picture from

50% to 80% if it is a large

picture, ex: wallpaper. In

this demo I reduced it to

130% to fit on the page



3: Click on select and a cross hair with a lil circle in the middle pops up.

Align the center of the cross hair on the upper left corner, click the right

mouse button and hold it while you drag it to the other end and down to

where you want to be the reflection top. As you can see I choose ¾ of the

picture I‘m going to copy. Now on the left side of Select you see ―cut and

copy‖ click on copy then click outside the copy zone that you just copied.


4: Click on paste

then go to Select

choose Flip

Vertical and you

will get a upside

down picture as

seen below

5: Click (orange

box) the little dot

and drag it down to

you see the size you

want, remember

reflection of objects

are about a quarter

the size of the

artifact it is



Play with it and you will find how easy it really is and if catch the bug to do more then check in

to Corel or Adobe for some real tools to lift you from good to fantastic reality..

Final product using MS paint on windows 8.1….

Have fun…..

Happy Easter


Cell phone photography

Did you know you do not need expensive cameras to take awesome

pictures when you have a cell phone!

Jamaican Sunsets

03/26/2017 gfisk Photo

Six shots from five nights – vacation 2017. Shot with Microsoft Lumia 950

Sunset – Negril Jamaica Sunset – Negril Jamaica Sunset – Negril Jamaica

Sunset – Negril Jamaica Sunset – Negril Jamaica Sunset – Negril Jamaica

For more information on Jamaican photos go to https://www.gfisk.com/jamaica-sunsets/ and

click on the pictures for full size awesome pictures!

For more information and links, click on the link g.fisk

Pete note:

This site also has some fantastic articles Computer, Downloads, Photo, Info, Search and Images

do check it out!


This is a must for all computer and cell phone users!... Computer-Ease

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Information

Home › Privacy, Identity & Online Security › Online Security

Disposing of Old Computers

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Getting rid of your old computer? You can ensure its hard drive doesn‘t become a treasure chest

for identity thieves. Use a program that overwrites or wipes the hard drive many times. Or

remove the hard drive, and physically destroy it.

Understand Your Hard Drive

How to Clean A Hard Drive

How to Dispose of Your Computer

Understand Your Hard Drive

Computers often hold personal and financial information, including:


account numbers

license keys or registration numbers for software programs

addresses and phone numbers

medical and prescription information

tax returns

files created automatically by browsers and operating systems

When you save a file, especially a large one, it is scattered around the hard drive in bits and

pieces. When you open a file, the hard drive gathers the bits and pieces and reconstructs them.

When you delete a file, the links to reconstruct the file disappear. But the bits and pieces of the

deleted file stay on your computer until they‘re overwritten, and they can be retrieved with a


data recovery program. To remove data from a hard drive permanently, the hard drive needs to

be wiped clean.

How to Clean a Hard Drive

Before you clean a hard drive, save the files you want to keep to:

a USB drive

a CDRom

an external hard drive

a new computer

Check your owner‘s manual, the manufacturer‘s website, or its customer support service for

information on how to save data and transfer it to a new computer.

Utility programs to wipe a hard drive are available both online and in stores where computers

are sold. These programs generally are inexpensive; some are available on the internet for free.

These programs vary:

Some erase the entire disk, while others allow you to select files or folders to erase.

Some overwrite or wipe the hard drive many times, while others overwrite it only once.

Consider using a program that overwrites or wipes the hard drive many times; otherwise, the

deleted information could be retrieved. Or remove the hard drive, and physically destroy it.

If you use your home or personal computer for business purposes, check with your employer

about how to manage the information on your computer that‘s business-related. The law

requires businesses to follow data security and disposal requirements for certain information

that‘s related to customers.

How to Dispose of Your Computer

Recycle it.

Many computer manufacturers have programs to recycle computers and components. Check

their websites or call their toll-free numbers for more information. The Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) has information about electronic product recycling programs. Your

local community may have a recycling program, too. Check with your county or local

government, including the local landfill office for regulations.

Donate it.

Many organizations collect old computers and donate them to charities.


Resell it.

Some people and organizations buy old computers. Check online.

Remember, most computer equipment contains hazardous materials that don‘t belong in a

landfill. For example, many computers have heavy metals that can contaminate the earth. The

EPA recommends that you check with your local health and sanitation agencies for ways to

dispose of electronics safely.

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September 2011


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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

with Windows Notepad

By Jack Busch

Last Updated on April 20, 2018

Notepad is the barest of bones plain text editor you can get for

Windows, and that‘s why so many of us love it or hate it. Although

I‘ve long since moved on to the free feature-packed Notepad++, many

still use good old Notepad as their primary text editor. Notepad has

been bundled with Windows ever since Windows 1.0 launched in 1985 and it‘s only

evolved slightly. But after decades of use, there are a few groovy features hidden in

Notepad that you may have never known existed. Check them out.


1. Insert the Time and Date

Press F5 or choose Edit and Time/Date to insert the time and date automatically

into Notepad. Handy for all those captain‘s logs you‘ll be keeping on your next

starship journey.

2. Switch to Right-to-Left Reading Order

Right-click in Notepad and choose Right to Left Reading Order to change the way

the text is displayed. This is useful if you‘re typing in a language that is read from

right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew. As you‘ll notice from the screenshot, it only

reverses the order of the letters and words if you are typing in a language that reads

from right to left. For English, it arranges it much as if it were right-aligned, except

the punctuation ends up on the left side of the line.


3. Insert a Timestamp Each time a File is Opened

Create a new .txt file and at the very top of the first line, insert: .LOG. Now,

whenever you open the file in Notepad.exe, Notepad will automatically insert a

timestamp on the next line. This is handy if you have scripts or other automated

network tasks where a log file is created.


4. Customize the Header and Footer in Notepad

Notepad doesn‘t have the rich text editing features of bona fide word processors,

but you can still add a header and footer to each page for printing. To do so, click

File and choose Page Setup. Here, you‘ll see the Header and Footer boxes. You

can enter plain text here, or special characters which automatically insert the date,

time, page number and other information.


See the chart below for the special characters you can use in Notepad headers and


5. Go To a Specific Line

Press CTRL-G or click Edit and choose Go To… to jump to a specific line in the

text document. Note that you must have Word Wrap turned off (click Format and

choose Word Wrap) for the Go To… feature to work.


You don‘t need to number your lines for this to work, and if you do, Notepad will

just go by its numbering, with the first line number as 1, the second as 2 and so

forth. This might be helpful if you‘re using Notepad.exe to code or script, and your

browser spits out an error such as ―Syntax error on Line 642.‖ You can then open

up Notepad.exe, hit CTRL-G and type in 642 and automatically be taken to the

offending line of code. That‘s much easier than counting them by hand.


Also, note, that when you first hit CTRL-G, the number in the field will be the

current line number, which his helpful for keeping track of where you are in your

text document. You can also see the Line and Column number by clicking View and


Status Bar.


So, there you have it—Notepad.exe does more than you thought it could. While this

might not elevate it to the full-featured level of programs like Notepad++, these

groovy tips can save you some time if you prefer to stick with Notepad.exe for your

plain text editing endeavors.

Editor note!

For much, much more on this site click this link:




Home Page gPost

Check if Your Asus Laptop has the ‘Shadow

Hammer’ Malware

By Guy McDowell

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

This week hackers launched operation “Shadow Hammer” which installed backdoors on thousand’s of

Asus computers. Here’s what you need to know if you have an Asus laptop.

Someone hacked into Asus computers slipped backdoor malware into one of the

company‘s computer updates. As a result, the backdoor could allow hackers to

freely access your computer anytime and without your knowledge. You don‘t have

to be a computer security specialist to understand the magnitude of that. Here is

what you need to know about the so-called ―Shadow Hammer‖ attack and how to

check if your system has been affected.

Asus and the Shadow Hammer Malware Attack

On the upside, your computer is probably not at risk. Shadow Hammer only affects

Asus laptops and not many at that. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab estimated that

around a half a million laptops received the tainted update as an orchestrated attack

running from, ―June 2018 to November 2018 undetected until now,‖ according

to Miriam Cihodariu of Heimdal Security. With the news of the virus being

announced on March 20th, Asus and Kaspersky had already begun working on


ways to deal with the virus since Kaspersky alerted Asus to its existence on January

31st, 2019.

Kaspersky analyzed over 200 samples of the infected update to determine the nature

of the virus and whom it may affect. The hackers hard-coded a list of 600 MAC

addresses. Every device that can connect to a network through cable or wireless will

have a Media Access Control (MAC) address and they‘re all unique. Having hardcoded

a small list of MAC addresses suggests that the attack had predefined targets.

Check if Your System is Affected

So, as far as having your laptop left open to these hackers, it‘s highly unlikely that

you‘re part of the unlucky 600. If you‘re still concerned, you can download ASUS‘

Shadow Hammer diagnostic tool and check your own computer. If you need a

second opinion, download Kaspersky‘s Shadow Hammer detection tool. Both tools

will compare the MAC addresses on your laptop to the list of 600 MACs extracted

by Kaspersky.

Asus has already put a fix in place in the latest version of its Live Update software

(ver. 3.6.8). If you have an Asus computer that received the bad update, you‘ve

probably already received Asus‘ fix. But if you‘re not sure, you can download the

safe version of Live Update from Asus. This version will close the backdoor — if

you even have it.

Take note that this was a concerted attack that infiltrated the 5th largest computer

maker in the world and they managed to infect an official update. A company of

this size and nature should have security on par with the greatest nations in the

world. This is an early warning sign of the level of attacks that independent and

state-sponsored hackers are able to make.


Something to enlighten you up

First Ever Headshot of Jesus Christ Found

from The Daily Mail

Is this the first ever portrait of Jesus? The incredible

story of 70 ancient books hidden in a cave for nearly

2,000 years


The image is eerily

familiar: a bearded young

man with flowing curly

hair. After lying for nearly

2,000 years hidden in a

cave in the Holy Land, the

fine detail is difficult to

determine. But in a certain

light it is not difficult to

interpret the marks around

the figure‘s brow as a

crown of thorns.

The extraordinary picture

of one of the recently

discovered hoard of up to

70 lead codices – booklets

– found in a cave in the

hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee is one reason Bible historians are clamouring to

get their hands on the ancient artifacts.

If genuine, this could be the first-ever portrait of Jesus Christ, possibly even created

in the lifetime of those who knew him.

[ click to continue reading ]

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To the Jewish side of my family, my Stepmom, my step

aunt and my step grandparents who showed me how

to love unconditionally, may peace and love be with

them always and you, our readers.


Passover 2019 will begin in the evening of Friday, April 19

And ends the evening of Saturday, April 27


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