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The Customer Magazine of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group Issue 1/2019 44th Year/No. 207


opens up new


Barrier-free ropeways with

feel-good factor

Mulden lift

in Leogang

First-class 8-seater chairlift



Information and

communications technology

for ropeways

8-CLD-B Mulden lift, Leogang, Salzburg (AUT)




Mobility for all

How Doppelmayr/Garaventa ropeways ensure convenient mobility for

all passengers.



D-Line station in glass

The new gondola lift in Gstaad impresses with its cuboid station with real glass facade.

Monoskier tries out the

new Gampen lift

Barrier-free trip up the mountain – Claudia Lösch

tried out the new D-Line chairlift in Ischgl. WIR

accompanied her.



Comfort without compromise

On our way to the ski slopes, as an exciting ride

experience in our leisure time or as part of the

daily commute, there are many ways in which a

ropeway can make a positive contribution to our

lives. In our role as manufacturer, it is our task to

know passenger needs and to offer our customers

high-performance products that provide the best

solution for their ropeway project. We take all

requirements into account so that we can enable everyone to enjoy an

exceptional ropeway experience in the interests of inclusion.

We cater for a wide range of passengers. Our ropeways carry families with

children, seniors, people with physical impairments, passengers with

sports equipment, experienced ropeway users as well as first-timers and

plenty more besides. Simple use and barrier-free access is therefore a

major priority for us when developing our products.

World premiere for OMEGA V


Kohlmais lift in Saalbach: The fi fth generation of the OMEGA

cabin series brings passengers to the local mountain in


Since this year’s winter season, the 8-seater D-Line chair has also been on

the market. The Mulden lift makes full use of the possibilities that the latest

ropeway generation has to offer. In terms of passenger comfort, there were

no compromises in the design of this lift.

In Gstaad, the Saanersloch lift boasts a world fi rst in terms of its architecture,

with the cuboid station roof with real glass facade.

Another milestone was set in Japan, where the Sunrise Express is the first

D-Line combination lift. This means the D-Line range is now complete.

The latest developments in the industry will again be on show at this year’s

Interalpin in Innsbruck. This international trade fair event is a highlight for

Doppelmayr/Garaventa and an important platform for dialog with customers

and business partners from around the globe. Visit us at our stand, take

your seat on the D-Line and allow yourself to be inspired by the world of



Michael Doppelmayr


Ordering spare parts made easy

The Ropeway Assistant enables Doppelmayr/Garaventa

customers to order spare parts and tools for their ropeways

quickly and easily.


Facts & Figures

Interalpin – hotspot for alpine technologies

The Interalpin show in Innsbruck, which fi rst

opened its gates in 1974, now ranks as the

world’s most popular fl agship trade fair for the

ropeway sector. Every two years, entrepreneurs

and trade visitors come to fi nd out about the

latest innovations and developments in the world

of mountain experiences. The Doppelmayr/

Garaventa Group has been showcasing its broad

portfolio at Interalpin for many years. Alongside

its comprehensive offer for winter applications,

summer use of the mountains, sustainability,

resource-effi cient technologies and urban transport

are all areas of growing importance.

More information about

Interalpin can be found at:


MAY 8-10, 2019

Hall A, Stand 9


at Interalpin 2019


First Interalpin: 1974

Visitors in 2017: 26,400 visitors

85 nations

Exhibitors: 650 (from 50 nations)

Exhibition space: 40,000 square meters

“Distinguished training company” for the eighth time

Doppelmayr has held the title of “Distinguished

training company” ever since the

Province of Vorarlberg first launched the award

in 1997. In November 2018, the company received

the accolade for the eighth time. The

title remains valid for three years, which means

that Doppelmayr can reapply for it in 2021.

Since the company was founded, Doppelmayr

has always attached great importance to the

vocational training of young people. The leading

ropeway expert is currently training 107 apprentices

in the various trades that are required

in the fi eld of ropeway construction: electrical

and metal engineering, mechatronics, IT and

design engineering. Doppelmayr apprentices

get to work on actual orders at an early stage

and acquire a lot of experience in different

departments and areas – every year they

achieve excellent results in the Vorarlberg

apprentices' skills competitions.

Brief outline of the award

A training company has to meet a host of criteria

before it is awarded the title of “Distinguished

training company”. The accolade is generally

given to companies and institutions that demonstrate

excellence in their apprentice training.

Items examined include how subject matter is

taught, the success of apprentice training, the

commitment to those with learning diffi culties or

disadvantaged youngsters and the further training

of instructors. Representatives of the award

commission visit the training companies to obtain

an exact picture of the training given to youngsters.

At the present time, the title is held by

391 companies in Vorarlberg – 20 percent of all

training companies.

Facts & Figures

Doppelmayr as “Distinguished training company”:

8 times (continuously since 1997)

Validity of the award: 3 years – up to 2021

Apprentices at Doppelmayr (status 2019):

107 apprentices

Awarded by:

Provincial Government, Economic Chamber,

Vorarlberg Chamber of Labor

2018 award:

Given to 131 Vorarlberg companies

Current total:

391 companies across all sectors

(20% of all training companies)

Facts & Figures


Employees Worldwide

A thoroughly


business year

















Sales Revenues by

Regions 2017/2018




10 %


USA, Canada












Rest of the World

Sales Revenues in Million Euros

628 795




801 846








The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group can be

proud of its results for the last fi scal year, which

saw sales revenues rise from the previous

year’s 801 million euros to reach 846 million

euros. This represents an increase of 5.7 percent.

Customers in the winter tourism sector who are

keen to invest, large projects in growth markets

and a dedicated team made this success


The clear sales driver in 2017/2018 was once

again winter tourism – two-thirds of the Group’s

projects are implemented in this sector.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa generated 40 percent

of its overall sales revenues in the Alpine countries

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France

and Italy. Milestones set in 2018 were the

reversible aerial tramway up to Germany’s

Zugspitze and completion of the world’s

steepest funicular railway up to the Stoos

in Switzerland. Garaventa won the 2018

IHZ Innovation Award for its innovative design

of the cars on the Stoos funicular (see report

on page 35).

Gratifying development in Asia

Development in Asia, which accounted for

21 percent of sales revenues, was more than

gratifying for Doppelmayr/Garaventa. In Vietnam,

the world’s longest tricable gondola lift now

links up the vacation islands of Phú Quốc and

Hòn Thơm, and has consequently claimed its

place in the Guinness World Records. China’s

first tricable gondola lift crosses Lushan National

Park. Contracts for another nine ropeways

for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

will ensure continued strong growth in the

Asian market in the future. A new Cable Liner

from Doppelmayr Cable Car at Sheremetyevo

Airport in Moscow and completion of the

material ropeway in Cerattepe, Turkey, again

demonstrate the professional and highly effi cient

work performed by the Doppelmayr subsidiaries

and the great commitment of their workforce.

Growth in expertise

The company has gained more know-how in

the area of ropeway control systems through

the integration of the Frey Group. LTW Intralogistics

is expanding its software expertise

with the takeover of the Vienna-based software

company Metasyst Informatik GmbH. With

these two companies and worldwide growth,

the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group has welcomed

213 new employees to the family.

The outlook for Doppelmayr/Garaventa is positive

in all areas. The growth in Asia and South

America as well as the stable ropeway business

in Central Europe are promising indicators

for the future. The company will also be

systematically expanding is service network for


All aboard

and enjoy the ride

Mobility is a major factor influencing our quality of life.

Being able to move freely and comfortably from A to B

makes life easier for us. This is why Doppelmayr/Garaventa,

as a ropeway manufacturer, engages with this topic and

has adopted an integrative approach. Because ropeways

should be readily accessible to all – which, needless to say,

includes people with impaired mobility such as seniors, children

or the physically disabled. The needs of all passengers

are considered in the development of ropeway systems

from the world market leader.

No barriers to reaching your destination

Ensuring genuine easy access for all

Fast, comfortable travel with your bike

Simply take the bike with you

Family-friendly and compatible

Fun for passengers young and old

Accessible for everyone

Comfort for guests of all ages

A day on the slopes

The Smith family are fully equipped for skiing

and standing at the ticket counter with their children.

They are looking forward to spending a

day together on the slopes. Four-year-old

Johnny took his first ski course at the beginning

of the season; seven-year-old Anna is

already a pretty good skier and has ridden on a

chairlift several times. They start off with a few

rounds on the practice slope. This surface lift is

ideal because you can choose between taking

a platter on your own or using a T-bar with another

person. Exactly the right thing for practicing.

Then it’s off to the big slope. The Smiths

take the new chairlift to get there. It’s an ultramodern

installation that only opened this winter.

Boarding is child’s play. The family can simply

ski to the lift and stand in line at the loading

gates. As soon as these open, the skiers move

forward onto the loading conveyor. Johnny is

not so tall, but the height-adjustable conveyor

automatically adapts to suit the smallest passenger.

This means that he too can easily take

his place on the seat. The chairs move through

the station at very low speed, giving each passenger

plenty of time to board. Everyone there?

Yes. The Smiths are all seated on the comfortable

6-seater chair. Anna immediately notices how

nice and warm the seats are. The restraining bar

has already closed – all automatic. It lands exactly

between the knees. That gives the entire family a

sense of security. There’s a cold wind blowing, so

Mr Smith closes the bubble. Johnny fi nds this

funny because now everything looks blue. At the

top station, the restraining bar opens again by

itself. The Smiths marvel at the glistening snow in

the distance. At a count of 1-2-3, all four of them

are off the chair and gliding on the crunching

snow toward the ski trail in eager anticipation.

8 All aboard and enjoy the ride

Ropeways are a means of transport and

an attraction at the same time. They help to create

unforgettable leisure experiences worldwide.

Heading for the great outdoors

Change of scene: The retired couple Rose

and Fred have always enjoyed being in the

mountains. When they were younger, they

spent most of their free time hiking. Unfortunately,

their advanced years now mean that

they are no longer so sure on their feet, but

they still want to take advantage of the magnificent

fall day for a walk. Their favorite route

lies on a picturesque plateau, where they can

sit on a bench, marvel at the mountain peaks

opposite and leave all their cares behind.

At one time, they used to walk all the way on

foot – a day trip in the fresh air and a relaxing

change from the stressful world of work.

Nowadays, they both prefer to take the lift

up the mountain. This enables them to get

to their destination quickly, in comfort and

barrier-free. It’s quite busy. A lot of people are

milling around at the bottom station. Apparently,

they aren’t the only ones who are keen

to take advantage of the good weather for a

day out. Rose and Fred wait for their cabin.

It’s very spacious. One arrives every few

seconds, so passengers don’t have to wait

long. Now it’s their turn. They share the

cabin with a young man. He’s a mountain

biker and on his way to the downhill trail.

Taking his bike with him on the lift is no

problem. With a flick of the wrist, he folds

up the seat bench and pushes his bike into

the cabin. There’s even a special holder for

his bike. Rose and Fred also have plenty

of room. During the trip, the three of them

talk about their passion for the mountains –

the young man is amazed to hear all the

places that the couple have already visited.

They are approaching the top station. The

cabin moves through the station at reduced

All aboard and enjoy the ride


Ropeways offer barrier-free access

for all: including passengers with baby

strollers, wheelchairs or bikes.

Passengers glide above the city in

a new transport plane.

speed. Rose and Fred go first. The young

man skillfully pushes his bike out of the lift

cabin. He winks goodbye as he sets off.

Off to work

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. Peter is an early

riser and already on his way to work. He lives

in a suburb of a major city and uses public

transport every day to get to his downtown

office. Parking in the city is expensive and

parking spaces are in any case hard to find.

A few years ago, the city council installed a

new means of transport. A ropeway is now

part of the public transport network. For Peter,

this is particularly practical as the route

takes him very close to his apartment. It’s

just a few minutes’ walk to the ropeway

station. He can use his bus ticket on the

ropeway. The trip takes barely a quarter of

an hour. The monitor inside the cabin is

showing today’s weather forecast, followed

by the departure times for the subway that

links up with the ropeway. The transfer is

straightforward and doesn’t involve waiting

in the cold. Peter’s wife also regularly travels

on the ropeway. Thanks to the large cabins,

she can comfortably walk straight in with

the baby stroller. For her, that’s easier than

riding the bus, where she has to rely on

friendly passers-by to help her lift the stroller

on board. She has also seen a wheelchair

user on the ropeway who was able to board

effortlessly all by himself. Even the ropeway

stations are entirely barrier-free. No escalators,

stairs or steps so that everyone

really gets to enjoy easy access. During the

relaxing trip, the cabins cross a big river. The

view of the city is breathtaking. The ride is an

experience for that reason alone.

10 Interview

We believe in

perfect comfort

WIR spoke with Kornel Grundner, managing director

of Leoganger Bergbahnen Ges.m.b.H

WIR. What was the motivation behind

investing in a new lift?

Kornel Grundner: Over the past few

years, the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm

Leogang Fieberbrunn has seen excellent

development in terms of trip numbers and

first-time visitors. We’ve also seen strong

growth in trip numbers in the Leogang area,

which also gave rise to a need for higher


WIR. Why did you decide in favor of a

Doppelmayr installation?

Kornel Grundner: In the past, Leoganger

Bergbahnen has always found Doppelmayr to

be outstanding when it comes to reliability and

service. Needless to say, we also drove a hard

bargain on price and, here again, Doppelmayr

was able to put forward the best offer.

WIR. What role did comfort and design

play in your decision?

Kornel Grundner: The tourist region

Saalfelden Leogang and the entire Skicircus

have placed the emphasis on perfect comfort

for many years now and, as a result, are certainly

seen as a premium ski resort. We are

once again confirming our goal with the new

8-seater D-Line generation chair. The minimalist

color scheme for the chairs and the topnotch

logo embroidery along with the styling of

the station exteriors provide a coordinated

design language on the mountain that harmonizes

with our magnificent landscape.

WIR. Doppelmayr has introduced many

innovations with the new D-Line generation.

Which of the D-Line features bring you the

greatest added value?

Kornel Grundner: For us, comfort and

safety for our guests were the essential features

and the most important factors in the

construction of the new 8-seater Mulden lift.

With the fully automatic restraining bar, the

seat heating and bubbles plus the increased

capacity of 3,500 PPH, the new D-Line generation

from Doppelmayr perfectly addresses our


WIR. There’s a lot going on in the Saalbach

Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn region

right now. What major investments are planned

in your ski resort for the coming years?

Kornel Grundner: In addition to the investments

by the other companies in Saalbach

Hinterglemm and Fieberbrunn, such as the

new Zwölferkogel gondola lift, the merger with

Zell am See via Viehhofen lies ahead. As part

of our plans to further increase comfort

and safety, Leoganger Bergbahnen is currently

working on replacement of the existing

6-seater Asitzkogel chairlift, which will involve

another new 8-seater chairlift in the foreseeable

future. Perhaps that will again be a D-Line

from Doppelmayr!?

WIR. Thank you very much for speaking

with us.

D-Line comfort package for Leogang

8-CLD-B Mulden Lift | Leogang, Salzburg (AUT)

Leoganger Bergbahnen GmbH

548 m 3,500 PPH 5 m/s 3.8 min 34 8-seater chairs December 8, 2018 D-Line

The new Mulden lift in Leogang is unique in Austria: The 8-seater

D-Line chairlift brings optimal comfort to the ski resort.

With the construction of the 8-seater Mulden

chairlift, which was offi cially opened on December

8, 2018, Leogang has pursued the resort’s

objective of continuous improvement in comfort

for guests. Its predecessor was the Asitzmulden

lift, a detachable 6-seater chairlift. In the case of

the new installation, Leoganger Bergbahnen

opted for the D-Line from Doppelmayr – and

fi rst-class travel for its guests.

Comfort and safety

The Mulden lift offers skiing enthusiasts a high

level of comfort in the form of seat heating, individual

seats and bubbles as well as setting

benchmarks in the area of safety. It is Austria’s

fi rst 8-seater D-Line chairlift and incorporates

the autolock function for automatic closure,

locking and monitoring of the restraining bar,

ensuring maximum safety during the trip. The

new ropeway installation has also increased

capacity from 2,400 to 3,500 passengers an

hour – which relieves the Saalbach-Leogang

bottleneck. Styling was another important factor

for Leoganger Bergbahnen. The chairs feature

a timeless combination of black and gray, with

custom embroidery on the backrest depicting

the Leogang lion and the Saalbach

clown. The new Mulden lift provides an important

return route for guests using these two

ski resorts.

The latest technologies

The ropeway control system Doppelmayr

Connect with deactivation concept has been

used on the Mulden lift. The Doppelmayr

Direct Drive ensures particularly low noise

emissions and less maintenance. This puts

Mulden lift at the state of the art in terms of

modern ropeway technology.


the now replaced 6-seater Asitzmulden

lift, which was originally built in 2002,

has found a new home?

The installation is back in operation at the

small ski resort of Vent in the Ötz Valley after

undergoing a thorough inspection. Here, a

surface lift has made way for the detachable

6-seater chairlift, which now provides a

welcome increase in comfort for adults and

children alike.

12 Interview

D-Line for aesthetic, technological

and commercial reasons

WIR spoke with Matthias In-Albon, CEO of Bergbahnen

Destination Gstaad AG (BDG).

WIR. Mr In-Albon, you have been CEO of

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG since

2015 and have put a lot of things on an entirely

new footing as part of a comprehensive restructuring

and modernization process. What

was the motivation behind the construction of

the new Saanersloch lift?

Matthias In-Albon: 2016 was dedicated

to restructuring, 2017 to modernization, and

2018 saw the start our forward strategy with

the construction of the Saanersloch lift. After

almost 40 years in operation, the gondola lift

that in its time had been the fastest, most

cutting edge and offered the greatest comfort

was taken out of service and made room for

the first D-Line gondola lift in Switzerland – another

investment in modernity and innovation.

WIR. What made you opt for Doppelmayr’s

new D-Line ropeway generation?

Matthias In-Albon: Gstaad stands for the

true alpine experience and lifestyle. We can offer

our guests two large connected ski areas –

each with its own strategic positioning.

Zweisimmen-Saanenmöser-Schönried targets

its offer first and foremost at the sporty daytripper;

it also has a direct link to public rail,

which means the ski area can be reached in

74 minutes from Bern. The second ski area,

Gstaad-Saanen-Rougemont, is used mainly by

hotel guests and affluent chalet owners. Here,

the product features focus on pleasure,

boutique and lifestyle. This new strategic positioning,

with the new ropeway installation as a

contributing factor, enables us to address the

individual needs of our groups of guests in a

more targeted fashion. One of the challenges

we face is certainly the image of Gstaad – for

instance, many families still think that a visit

here would be too expensive. In fact, a day

pass at our resort doesn’t cost any more than

in other ski regions, and we have a host of

attractive additional offers for families and

young people.

WIR. What role does the continuing

advance of digitalization play?

Matthias In-Albon: For us, digitalization

is very important – certainly up to the point

where the guest reaches the ski slopes. That’s

when I’d like to take their cell phone away! But

joking apart: We want to be authentic, to place

the emphasis on pleasure. Where we have to

be strong is in the digitalization of work processes

and maintenance planning – in other

words, ERP. Here, we’re talking about interfaces

and the communication between software

systems such as the snowmaking management

system and the snow depth measuring

system in order to ensure intelligent automation

and optimal support for operations. What I

don’t understand is that, so far, we haven’t

seen a legal framework and any solutions for

autonomous lift operations from the manufacturers.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to

recruit personnel to perform the monitoring

tasks. With today’s technology, this work can

be extensively supported or automated and

monitored from a central control room.

WIR. We can expect to see a series of new

developments in Gstaad in the next few years.

What other investments are in the pipeline?

Matthias In-Albon: Following the sucessful

implementation of the Saanersloch replacement

gondola lift, this spring will see the start

of construction for the replacement of the Eggli

gondola lift, including the ski lodge. Then

there’s the expansion of summer operations

with the planned mountain attractions. Here,

we shall be focusing on our youngest guests.

This spring we shall start building two experiential

play areas on two mountains – and

expect to be opening them in time for the

summer season.

WIR. Many thanks for taking the time out to

talk to us!

Matthias In-Albon: To put it briefly: for aesthetic,

technological and commercial reasons.

The last point encompasses the annual cost savings

for maintenance and operation as well as the

lower costs for noise protection in comparison

with previous models. In a nutshell: The D-Line

meets the requirements of today’s guests.

WIR. You are looking to position yourselves

as the leading alpine destination for guests

who focus on comfort. How do you go about

achieving that position? What challenges does

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad have to face?

Projekte International

First D-Line station with real glass facade

10-MGD Saanenmöser–Saanenwald–Saanerslochgrat | Saanenmöser, Gstaad (CHE)

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG (BDG)

2,858 m 673 m 2,000 PPH 6.0 m/s 11.0 min 69 10-passenger cabins

A world first has opened in the Gstaad ski

area: The Saanersloch lift is a D-Line installation

incorporating the first stations in cuboid

design with real glass facades.

Saanenmöser, in the ski area operated by

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad (BDG),

has boasted a brand-new ropeway since

December 2018. The Saanersloch lift is the

only D-Line gondola lift in Switzerland to

date and impresses not only with its ropeway

technology but also with its architecture and

aesthetics. The stations are the first worldwide

to feature the cuboid design in real glass.

Launching into a new era

Gstaader Bergbahnen has kicked off a modernization

process aimed at boosting the level

of comfort in the region and presenting the

area as an attractive destination for guests who

appreciate creature comforts. It therefore made

perfect sense to add a D-Line ropeway from

Doppelmayr/Garaventa to the offer as this provides

everything guests could wish for in terms

of comfort. Taking quality as well as design to a

new level has enabled the operating company

to meet the expectations of even the most discerning

guests. Moreover, the investment also

promotes sustainable operations. Cutting-edge

D-Line ropeway technology means savings in

running costs and annual maintenance for

Gstaad. A photovoltaic installation on the roof

of the bottom station cuts energy costs.

Quantum leap in ropeway construction

The new D-Line cabins offer plenty of room,

relaxing comfort seats and tinted windows.

The elegant real glass facades of the station

buildings in Gstaad are the first of their kind

worldwide. As well as representing a quantum

leap in ropeway construction for the operating

company BDG, the modern glass surfaces

can be equipped with an LED media facade

at a later date. This opens up great new

possibilities as the “glass medium” is ideal for

presenting the latest information for visitors as

well as advertisements in a large format.

The installation developed by Doppelmayr/

Garaventa with its innovative glass facade

represents a quantum leap in ropeway

construction. Matthias In-Albon, Director,

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG

Projekte International

World premiere for the OMEGA V cabin

10-MGD Kohlmais Lift | Saalbach, Salzburg (AUT)

Saalbacher Bergbahnen GmbH

3,200 PPH 6.0 m/s 95 OMEGA V 10-passenger cabins December 2018 D-Line

Section 1: 1,113 m 365 m 4.4 min Section 2: 1,176 m 404 m 4.4 min

Doppelmayr has come up with some very

special features for the new Kohlmais lift in

Saalbach. It is also the first gondola lift to be

equipped with next-generation OMEGA V


It’s a real eye-catcher. The stations are in elegant

red, with brand-new fiery-red OMEGA V

cabins to match. The installation in question is

the Kohlmais lift in Saalbach, which went into

service in December 2018. The new D-Line

gondola lift replaces an outmoded triple

chairlift as well as a pulsed-movement aerial

ropeway. It carries up to 3,200 passengers an

hour direct from the village center up to Saalbach’s

local mountain, the Kohlmais. The lift’s

location in a densely populated area called for

a low-noise solution. The D-Line’s impressively

quiet running means that local residents are

not disturbed by lift operations. Passengers

also benefit too – gliding quietly uphill in comfort

on board the new OMEGA V cabins. The

acoustic ceiling and the innovative ventilation

concept with draft-free fresh air intake ensure

a pleasant indoor ambience. Additional benefits

include ergonomic seats and generously

proportioned panorama glazing, which gives

the cabin occupants magnificent views of the

village center and surrounding mountains. This

cabin is the fifth generation of the popular

OMEGA series from CWA – taking development

without compromise to a new level with a host

of new features and technical details.

Tailor-made ropeway

The dimensions of the bottom station with underground

cabin parking, employee apartments

and a two-level underground parking

garage are also spectacular. Construction of

the station in this central location created the

need for efficient and space-saving logistics,

which Doppelmayr and all the other contractors

involved with the project were able to

optimally accommodate.

The entire ropeway technology – particularly in

the case of the mid station – was adapted in

line with the particular circumstances on the

mountain. These meant the solution had to be

as compact as possible. The operating company,

Saalbacher Bergbahnen, attached great

importance to the lift’s availability. Even in the

event of a power outage, for example, the lift

can be emptied and the passengers rapidly

and safely brought back to the base.

The D-Line’s advanced technology and variable

design concept open up many possibilities for

customers in the form of tailor-made ropeway engineering

and individual styling, as demonstrated

by the new Kohlmais lift with its striking red design.

Doppelmayr fully addressed our requirements

when designing the lift. They gave

us all the technical refinements we

wanted and implemented

them perfectly. Dipl.-Ing.

Walter Steiner, Construction

Manager and Operations

Director, Saalbacher

Bergbahnen GmbH

International Projects


The next level of mobility

for Colombia’s capital

10-MGD Ciudad Bolívar | Bogotá (COL)

Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (IDU)

3,247 m 263 m 3,600 PPH 5.5 m/s 13.4 min 163 10-passenger cabins

An aerial ropeway in the south of the

Colombian capital Bogotá brings a time

saving of up to two hours for commuters.

Colombia’s capital has chosen the aerial

ropeway as a means of urban transport. Getting

to work in the Ciudad Bolívar district in

the south of the city has become a simple

matter. A detachable gondola lift provides the

people who live in this district with a particularly

convenient direct link to the TransMilenio

terminal of Bogotá’s successful express bus

service. The three-kilometer-long ropeway

opens up an entirely new transport plane and

glides above a densely built district of the city

where the streets are too narrow for cars,

buses and other means of transport. The

catchment area for the gondola lift’s four

stations covers a large part of this district and

guarantees good accessibility to the lift for

residents. The ropeway is an integral part of

the TransMilenio transport network, which

means that passengers holding bus tickets

can also use the gondola lift.

Optimal views instead of traffic jams

The aerial ropeway crosses a hilly area with

ease and provides passengers with a convenient

and fast route to the bus terminal. The

gondola ride can save passengers up to two

hours’ traveling time on a daily basis. Instead

of getting stuck in heavy traffic, they can sit

back and enjoy the optimal views on the short

trip in one of the 163 cabins. During the

planning and implementation phases, a major

priority was making the installation barrierfree

so that everyone can use the ropeway

with ease. For the operating company, this is

a fundamental principle and the installation

achieves it without limitations. The lift improves

the quality of life for the residents of

Ciudad Bolívar as passengers are brought to

their destination by a means of transport

which is emission-free and virtually noiseless.

It has also become an attraction for the


The TransMiCable transport project is of huge

importance for Bogotá’s urban development.

As well as installing a fast, fi rst-class transport

system for the people using extremely clean

technology, we are simultaneously creating

new possibilities with great

social benefi ts.

Felipe Ramírez Buitrago,

Deputy Director of

Technology and Operations,



International Projects

Custom solution for

the Sonnblick Observatory

6-ATW Sonnblick | Rauris, Salzburg (AUT)

Sonnblick Verein

3,054 m 1,478 m 104% 6.0 m/s 10.0 min 6-passenger cabin

weather conditions. This meant that at wind

speeds of 30 km/h and above, the lift had to be

shut down for safety reasons and consequently

it was often impossible to get to the research

station for days at a time.

November 2018 saw the opening of an entirely

new-design, modern ropeway installation from

Doppelmayr – a prototype compact ropeway.

The six-passenger cabin, which also has a

freight deck, climbs the 1,478 vertical meters

in ten minutes, making the trip on the new

installation twice as fast. The frequently high

wind speeds and side winds posed a particular

challenge. This was resolved with a double

track rope with 1.2-meter gauge. Special ballast

weights on the slack rope carriers act as a

counterbalance to side winds, enabling the

tramway to carry ZAMG employees from the

bottom to the top station at wind speeds of

80 km/h and more without any difficulty. The

installation is solely for use by personnel and

therefore not accessible to the public. It is

operated by the Sonnblick Association. “The

new tramway brings greater safety and increased

comfort for our staff. It also makes

visits to the observation station from national

and international researchers easier to plan,”

explains Elke Ludewig, director of the Sonnblick


© Hermann Scheer and Doppelmayr

The new Doppelmayr aerial tramway for

the meteorological observation station provides

researchers with a reliable means of

getting to work.

The Sonnblick Observatory was founded in

1886 and is located at 3,106 meters in the

Hohe Tauern national park, on the border

between Carinthia and Salzburg. It is Europe’s

highest meteorological observation station

that is manned all year round. Since the 1950s,

the only transport link from the base up to the

observatory had been a material ropeway,

which the researchers at the Central Institute

for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG)

also used to get to work. The adventurous ride

in an open carrier used to take 20 minutes.

However, operations were very dependent on

The project was implemented with the support

of the Ministry of Education, Science and

Research. At the observatory on the Sonnblick,

interdisciplinary teams work on over 40 international

research programs a year. It was here

that a temperature of - 37.4 °C was measured

on January 1, 1905 – the lowest ever recorded

in Austria under normal conditions. The highest

wind speed ever recorded in Austria also originates

from the observatory, which has measured

peak wind speeds of over 220 km/h under

storm conditions on several occasions.

The exceptional location of our

observatory is just as unique as

the solution required, and that

is precisely what Doppelmayr

delivered for us.

Elke Ludewig, Director,

Sonnblick Observatory

International Projects


The first French D-Line

6-CLD Pic Vert | Hautes-Alpes, Les Orres, (FRA)


1,543 m 580 m 2,400 PPH 6.0 m/s 63 6-seater chairs December 15, 2018 D-Line

Two premieres in France: The ski resort

Les Orres places its trust in D-Line and

Doppelmayr Connect for its new chairlift.

The ski resort Les Orres in the Hautes-Alpes

department sets new benchmarks in terms

of comfort, safety and technology with its

new 6-seater detachable chairlift. The Pic

Vert chairlift marks two premieres: As well

as being the first D-Line generation ropeway

in France, it is equipped with the new

Doppelmayr Connect control system. As the

replacement for two fixed-grip chairlifts and

a surface lift, the new installation impresses

with a capacity of up to 2,400 passengers an

hour. To coincide with the construction of the

new lift, the ski trail infrastructure has also

been improved, particularly for beginners.

Passengers now enjoy shorter waiting times

and a fast trip to fun in the mountains while

marveling at the idyllic views down into the

valley. The individual footrests and lockable

restraining bars ensure a safe and comfortable

ride, especially for the younger guests.

Efficient, comfortable and maintenancefriendly

Doppelmayr addressed the customer requirement

for reduced energy costs through the use

of a water-cooled motor – the exhaust heat can

be used to heat the control room adjacent to

the top station.

The Pic Vert 6-seater chairlift also incorporates

an automatic carrier parking facility. This

means chairs can be parked and launched

onto the line rapidly, reliably and, of course,


The D-Line installation optimally meets the

specification of the operating company, SEM-

LORE, for quiet operation and straightforward

maintenance. Doppelmayr France implemented

this project within a very short time frame –

between July and December – and the chairlift

went into operation on schedule for the start of

the season on December 15, 2018. During the

summer months, pedestrians and people with

impaired mobility can also look forward to a

modern and comfortable means of transport.

This was the first time that we worked with

Doppelmayr and we are entirely happy

all round: The price-performance ratio is

exactly right and the fast, precise and

solutions-oriented work of the Doppelmayr

team enabled us to open on time.

Xavier Corne, Managing Director, SEMLORE


International Projects

Direct route to the ski area

10-MGD Schlossalm Lift | Bad Hofgastein, Salzburg (AUT)

Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG

3,000 PPH 6.0 m/s December 1, 2018

Section 1: 1,275 m 455 m 3.7 min 50 10-passenger cabins

Section 2: 2,114 m 763 m 6.1 min 72 10-passenger cabins

The new Schlossalm lift in Bad Hofgastein

is the centerpiece of the biggest investment

project ever undertaken by Gasteiner Bergbahnen

AG. The new 10-passenger gondola

lift from Doppelmayr provides a major boost

in terms of comfort and capacity.

There’s an upbeat mood in Bad Hofgastein. The

project of a generation, “Schlossalm NEW”,

is aimed at ensuring the attractiveness of the

ski resort for decades to come. The operating

company, Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG, is

investing a lot of money in this project, which

envisages the construction of cutting-edge

ropeway installations and the complete restructuring

of the skiing and hiking facilities on

Schlossalm mountain. The new Schlossalm lift,

which opened on December 1, 2018, marks an

important milestone. The 10-passenger gondola

lift runs directly from the base to the ski area

via a mid station. It replaces three existing lift

installations – a funicular as well as a double

and a quad chairlift. In addition, capacity

has been more than doubled from 1,400 to

3,000 passengers an hour.

The OMEGA IV cabins have an orange paint

finish. Inside, passengers benefit from maximum

comfort in the form of heated seats and

Wi-Fi. Doppelmayr Connect ensures straightforward

ropeway operation with a clearly laid out

user interface. A spectacular feature of the lift is

the quadruple tower number 17, which guides

the ropeway over a rocky mountain ridge.

Installation of the tower foundations and assembly

were particularly time-consuming due

to the diffi cult terrain and challenging alignment.

The second leg from the mid station also incorporates

a comprehensive recovery concept.

Perfect integration into transport network

The new bottom station is also extremely

impressive. Alongside the carrier parking facility,

it houses a restaurant, a parking garage, ski

hire with ski storage plus a sports shop. The

exterior of the building creates a very modern

impression, with its unique architecture and

striking orange stripes. At the same time, the

overall concept is extremely practical. Guests

reach the loading area for the lift from the

new parking garage, from the newly installed

outdoor parking lot or from the bus station,

which is located immediately next door to the

gondola station.

A pedestrian subway is no longer required,

waiting times are a thing of the past, every

passenger has a seat and it’s no longer

necessary to change at the mid station.

The new lift brings guests ‘non-stop to the top’

and to the ski area’s optimal distribution point.

In terms of design, the new ropeway

is also visually striking and ensures

that Bad Hofgastein receives

greater recognition as a winter

sports resort.

Wolfgang Egger, CEO,

Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG

The world’s biggest aerial tram with open roof deck

99-ATW Grande Motte | Tignes (FRA)

Société des Téléphériques de la Grande Motte (STGM), Vanoise National Park

1,696 m 420 m 1,010 PPHPD; 99 pax +1/cabin 10.0 m/s 5.0 min

2 cabins, 99 pax +1 each; deck 20 pax Winter 2018/19

In the luxury ski resort of Tignes in the

heart of the French Alps, a world-class tram

takes guests up to the glacier.

At over 2,000 meters, the French municipality

Tignes is one of Europe’s highest villages and,

along with Val d’Isère – which hosted the 1992

Winter Olympic Games – belongs to the Espace

Killy ski network. The high alpine location

means exceptional weather conditions.

The completely refurbished aerial tramway

was specially designed by Garaventa to

withstand the extreme weather at an altitude

of over 3,000 meters. The Doppelmayr/

Garaventa aerial tramway has a striking

feature: The two CWA cabins, which can

each carry 99 passengers, have an open

roof deck to take another twenty passengers.

Open-top trips up to the Grande Motte Glacier

will be possible from May 2019. The ride on

the roof deck will be a special experience for

day-trippers and skiers – the ski area around

Tignes is also well-known for summer skiing.

Panorama experience, plenty of room and

top comfort

The two cabins offer passengers ultramodern

comfort and a unique 360-degree view

of the natural landscape, which includes

the entire Mont Blanc group and the highest

peaks of the Savoy Alps. The Grande Motte

tramway is the biggest ropeway with open

roof deck and can carry more than one

thousand passengers an hour.

Part of a global project

The open-deck tramway is part of the ALTIDUDE

EXPERIENCES construction project and is

being implemented jointly by the Société des

Téléphériques de la Grande Motte (STGM) –

which operates the Tignes ski area – and the

Vanoise National Park. The tramway blends

in perfectly with the entire region. ALTITUDE

EXPERIENCES will be accessible to the public

from May 2019. Visitors can experience the

special panorama at various viewing points

and information areas and get to know the

exceptional surroundings and the region’s


© Hofer Wolfgang

Goodbye chairlift, hello gondola!

10-MGD Panorama | Steinhaus im Ahrntal, South Tyrol (ITA)

Klausberg AG

1,004 m 453 m 2,700 PPH 5.0 m/s 30 10-passenger cabins December 1, 2018 D-Line

The new gondola lift in the Skiarena

Klausberg replaces a chairlift that dates

back almost 30 years.

The Hühnerspiel triple chairlift at the Klausberg

ski resort in South Tyrol’s Ahrn Valley boasted

a long service record. After 28 years in operation,

it was replaced by a modern D-Line

generation installation from Doppelmayr/

Garaventa. “Panorama” is the name chosen

for this new 10-passenger gondola lift. It epitomizes

both the impressive mountain landscape

in the Ahrn Valley and the new ropeway,

and is proudly displayed on stations and

cabins. Thanks to the new location of the top

station, the lift stretches further up the mountain

and enables winter sports enthusiasts to

enjoy a longer downhill run.

Luxury for passengers

The Panorama gondola lift ranks among the

ropeways with the highest capacity in South

Tyrol. It can carry up to 2,700 passengers an

hour and provides passengers with plenty of

room and luxury features in the 30 cabins: ample

legroom, wide seats and large panorama windows

affording fantastic views. In addition, the

cabins have heated seats and ski holders inside,

which make for a comfortable, hassle-free ride.

Second Doppelmayr Sector Drive in Italy

The advanced drive model for the new gondola

lift, the Doppelmayr Sector Drive, is the second

of its kind to be used in Italy. The electric motor

is whisper-quiet and extremely low-vibration.

In addition, high efficiency and low energy consumption

are key features of this model. The

new Panorama lift also has low maintenance

requirements and is particularly user-friendly,

largely thanks to the Doppelmayr Connect

control system.

With the new D-Line lift,

we have significantly

upgraded our ski resort –

our guests now enjoy

one hundred percent


Walter Fischer, CEO,

Klausberg AG.

International Projects


Modernized Mühlegg

funicular back in service

38-FUL Mühlegg Funicular | St. Gallen, Canton St. Gallen (CHE)

Mühleggbahn AG

322 m 71 m 450 PPH 5.0 m/s 2 38-passengers cars November 17, 2018

St. Gallen’s historic funicular has reopened

with significant value added following a

seven-month refurbishment.

The Mühlegg funicular connects the historic

quarter of St. Gallen in the south with the St.

Georgen district higher up and has been an integral

part of the cityscape since 1893. Back

then, it was the city’s fi rst ever public means of

transport. In November 2018, the upgraded

Mühlegg funicular went back into service following

a seven-month break for modernization.

The funicular, which can carry up to 450 passengers

an hour, is now entirely barrier-free. Every

passenger is now able to enter the car without

having to negotiate any steps or ramps. Loading

and unloading has been made much easier

thanks to doors at the uphill and downhill ends

of the car, particularly for passengers with baby

strollers, wheelchairs or bicycles. The car

features generously dimensioned glazing and

carries passengers from the edge of the city

direct to the center in less than two minutes –

many residents use the funicular as a means of

transport for getting to work or for accessing

St. Gallen’s recreational areas.

Added value for the passengers

As well as ensuring barrier-free access, the

upgrade included an overhaul of the 125-yearold

tunnel wall. Despite the fact that this

reduced the tunnel’s cross section, it was still

possible to increase passenger capacity to

38. The upper and lower terminal buildings

have also been modernized. Garaventa was

responsible for the entire ropeway equipment

including the track. “The aim of the rebuild

was to enable us to offer every passenger

genuine value added. We achieved that with

an integral station and vehicle concept,” says

Garaventa project manager Ueli Sutter.

From 1893 until 1950, the Mühlegg funicular

operated as a two-car system. Filling and

emptying water tanks enabled propulsion to

be generated by gravity. It later ran as an

electrically powered rack-and-pinion railway

from 1950 to 1974. Following another rebuild

in 1975, this became the first automated funicular

in Switzerland. The fi rst funicular car was

replaced by a more contemporary model in

2004. Since 2018, the Mühlegg railway has

become an ultramodern urban funicular thanks to

the new integral station and vehicle concept.

The passenger flow concept put forward

by Garaventa, with doors at the uphill and

downhill ends of the car, has significantly

enhanced the comfort and user-friendliness

of the funicular for our guests and has

therefore been a complete success.

Roland Streule, Technical Director,

Mühleggbahn AG / Managing Director,

Streutec GmbH


the funicular has grown very close to

the hearts of St. Gallen’s population?

Alongside the city council and Mühleggbahn

AG, a local friends’ association provided

the funding for the project. The offi cial

opening ceremony on November 17, 2018

was attended by many visibly delighted

local residents.

World fi rst: Combined D-Line comfort in Japan

6/10-CGD Sunrise Express | Minami Uonuma City, Niigata (JPN)

Ishiuchi Maruyama Resort

1,157 m 301 m 3,105 PPH 5.0 m/s 5.1 min

The Sunrise Express in the Japanese ski

resort Ishiuchi Maruyama is the first D-Line

combination lift worldwide.

The Ishiuchi Maruyama ski resort has entirely

fulfilled its aim of addressing a broader target

group with the new D-Line combination lift. As

the installation offers passengers both cabins

and chairs, the resort attracts not only winter

sports enthusiasts but also non-skiers. The ski

area is one of the biggest within the catchment

area of Tokyo and can be reached in 70 minutes

from Tokyo railroad station with the Shinkansen

high-speed train.

Attraction for different target groups

The city’s residents appreciate Ishiuchi Maruyama

as a recreation area. As well as drawing skiers

and snowboarders, it has plenty of leisure

activities to offer day-trippers who are on foot.

And that’s precisely what the Sunrise Express

is designed for: Winter sports practitioners can

ride the 6-seater chairs straight to the slopes

without having to remove their skis, while

pedestrians choose the comfortable 10-passenger

cabins for their trip to the snow or to

enjoy the views. The D-Line chairs provide

ample room and are fitted with heated seats

and bubbles. The spacious OMEGA IV cabins

with elegant leather seats also ensure a comfortable

trip into the mountains. Once at the

top, guests have a wide choice of snow trails

and mountaintop restaurants as well as a

Snow World for the entire family. The Sunrise

Express was built jointly with Nippon Cable, who

have been the Doppelmayr Group’s licensed

partner in Japan for over 40 years. Ishiuchi

Maruyama ski resort is one of the resorts Nippon

Cable Group owns worldwide.

The promotional video

of the Ishiuchi Maruyama

ski resort can be viewed at:

The Sunrise Express offers all our guests –

skiers, foot passengers or families with

children – a comfortable ride to the mountains.

We see many guests come to the resort

just to have a ride to experience the comfort.

The new lift has definitely boosted the attractiveness

of our ski resort.

Shungo Ohkubo, Managing Director,

Nippon Cable Group

Doppelmayr and Nippon Cable –

More than 40 years of partnership

As a means of transport, ropeways enjoy a tradition in Japan that stretches back over more than a

century. The island nation is home to some 500 ski resorts. Its mountainous landscape with abundant

snow offers the ideal conditions for winter sports. Nippon Cable was set up as a local ropeway

manufacturer in 1953. The license agreement between Doppelmayr and Nippon Cable has

existed since 1977. The two companies have been linked by a close business relationship based

on trust ever since. This collaboration has enabled Nippon Cable to consolidate its position as

market leader in the Japanese ropeway industry. The construction of the world’s fi rst D-Line combination

lift, the Sunrise Express in the Ishiuchi Maruyama ski resort, epitomizes that achievement.

International Projects


Two innovations in one

8-CLD-B Sonntagskogel Lift 2 | Wagrain, Salzburg (AUT)

Bergbahnen AG Wagrain

652 m 202 m 3,200 PPH 5.0 m/s 2.84 min 38 8-seater chairs December 1, 2018 D-Line

The new Sonntagskogel lift 2 in Snow

Space Salzburg is an 8-seater D-Line chairlift

that features two innovations at the same time.

When it came to planning and implementing

the Sonntagskogel lift 2 in Snow Space

Salzburg, the customer placed all their trust in

Doppelmayr’s innovation capability. As a result,

the new 8-seater chairlift is not only a D-Line

installation but also incorporates two innovations:

On the one hand the lift is the fi rst in the

world to be fi tted with heated backrests, on the

other the lockable restraining bars have a tilt


The new backrest heating is the perfect complement

to the proven seat heating system. It provides

passengers with warmth in the sensitive

lumbar region and takes ride comfort to a whole

new level, especially on cold days. The seat heating

system – a Doppelmayr development – has

been adapted and, following a test phase,

integrated into the backrests on the 38 chairs.

Enhanced safety

The second Doppelmayr innovation contributes

not only to passenger comfort but also to

safety on the chairs. The automatic restraining

bar tilt function reminds the passengers to

close the restraining bar and places it in an

ergonomic position that makes it easier for

younger passengers to reach and close the

bar. The new system is completed by the locking

system, which locks the restraining bar

once it has been manually closed and ensures

that it cannot be opened again during the trip.

The new 8-seater chairlift is equipped with

proven features such as bubbles, a low-maintenance

direct drive and a loading conveyor

with elevating platform that automatically

adjusts to suit the height of the youngest passengers.

This is a safety function that makes

loading particularly easy and brings benefi ts for

families with children and for ski school classes.

Greater attractiveness thanks to shorter

waiting times

The new installation replaces a quad chairlift

and significantly cuts waiting times, making

this section of the ski area even more attractive

for repeat uphill trips. The Sonntagskogel

lift 2 also serves an important role as a return

route in the ski area, which makes lift

availability crucial. This installation is the first

Doppelmayr project under the umbrella brand

“Snow Space Salzburg” with the ski resorts

Wagrain, Flachau and St. Johann. A specially

styled chair design in the Snow Space look

was chosen for the lift.

“We can rely on Doppelmayr’s innovation

capability when it comes to offering our guests

an unforgettable winter sports experience.

With the world’s first chairlift incorporating

heated backrests, we have achieved a

new level of comfort and are underlining

our position as a premium

ski resort with another

technical highlight,” says

Snow Space Salzburg CEO

Wolfgang Hettegger, who

is visibly delighted with the

new Sonntagskogel lift 2.

© Mike Vogl


International Projects

High capacity plus comfort

6-CLD-B Gampen Lift | Ischgl, Tyrol (AUT)

Silvrettaseilbahn AG

2,416 m 924 m 2,800 PPH

5.5 m/s 7.88 min 122 6-seater chairs December 2018 D-Line

The new Gampen lift in Ischgl climbs a vertical

rise of almost one kilometer. The design

of the 6-seater D-Line chairlift perfectly reflects

the distinctive features of the ski resort.

Silvrettaseilbahn AG is constantly investing in

innovations and improvements that offer

Ischgl’s skiers the best possible winter sports

experience. The latest example is the new

Gampen lift E4, which opened in December

2018. The 6-seater chairlift replaces a quad

chairlift and extends from the 1,924 m Fimba

to the Palinkopf at 2,848 m, which is the highest

point in the ski area. At 924 meters, the

Gampen lift climbs the greatest vertical rise of

any 6-seater bubble chairlift worldwide.

Doppelmayr has built a large lift installation

with impressive dimensions, as borne out by

figures such as 2,416 m length, 25 towers and

122 chairs. The goal was to cut the trip time to

this very popular section of the ski area and to

increase capacity. The uphill ride to the

Palinkopf takes just eight minutes with the

new lift.

a loading conveyor in the bottom station

makes for easy boarding.

Unique Ischgl design

Doppelmayr has styled the lift entirely in the customer’s

corporate color scheme – as already implemented

on the Palinkopf D1 6-seater chairlift.

Both the stations and the chairs feature the striking

black and red Ischgl colors. The chair backs

have been printed with different animals to be

found in Ischgl’s mountains, making each chair

unique. The variability of the D-Line enabled the

distinctive features of the ski resort to be refl ected

in the design. That’s what makes the Gampen

lift unmistakable and a true eye-catcher – for a

unique winter sports experience.

The new D-Line chairlift Gampen E4 is another

milestone in the history of the Silvretta Arena.

Quality, innovation and design were once

again the deciding factors.

We’re already looking forward

to our next D-Line lift from


DI (FH) Markus Walser,

Board Member,

Silvrettaseilbahn AG

The D-Line chairlift is not only exceptionally

high-capacity but also meets top standards in

comfort. Ergonomically shaped individual

seats, bubbles and the integrated seat heating

offer guests an outstanding ride experience.

The lift also has a system that locks the

restraining bar after manual closure – so that

it can’t be opened during the trip. In addition,

International Projects


Barrier-free access to the Palinkopf

The new Gampen lift offers passengers

with impaired mobility simple and safe

access as well as optimal comfort. The seat

dividers on the D-Line chairs can be removed

to allow monoskiers a barrier-free trip.

Claudia Lösch is looking forward to a great

day’s skiing in Ischgl. The abundant fresh

snow and brilliant sunshine promise perfect

outdoor fun on the ski trails. The monoskier

and former disabled sportswoman starts off

from the bottom station of the Silvretta lift in

the center of Ischgl. In her wheelchair, she

takes the elevator up to the platform. The

Funitel from Doppelmayr then brings her

straight to the ski area. On arrival at the top

station, the double Olympic champion at

Vancouver 2010 swaps over to her sit-ski,

which was specially developed for wheelchair


In her active racing career, Lösch, who is

originally from Lower Austria and now lives in

Innsbruck, has got to know a host of ski

resorts worldwide. Accessibility and lift installations

are major issues in her choice of ski

region. “Chairlifts and surface lifts are what I

like best,” she says. Her sports equipment can

easily be used on surface lifts by fixing a rope

to the moniski’s seat or on chairlifts by adjusting

the seat height on her monoski.

Accessibility for all

From the Palinkopf, Claudia Lösch cuts elegant

curves as she skis down the long and

spectacular run to the bottom station of the

Gampen lift. The entrance to the lift is level and

easily accessible. This enables Claudia to

rapidly reach the loading area. Once there, a

member of the ropeway crew briefly stops the

lift. With a simple flick of the wrist, he removes

the seat divider in the middle the D-Line chair,

creating a level and wider seating area. “That

means I have unobstructed access to the seat.

Also, the low loading height and horizontal

seat surface on the Doppelmayr chair are extremely

practical,” emphasizes Claudia Lösch.

Closing the restraining bar is entirely straightforward

as the strap makes it particularly easy

to reach, which is an advantage for all chairlift

passengers. Austria’s 2016 disability sportswoman

of the year finds ample space between

the footrests and enjoys the breathtaking views

of Ischgl’s mountains during the uphill ride.

Disembarking at the top station is equally unproblematic

for Claudia: “A long and slightly

downward sloping unloading area like here is

helpful – that gives you enough time to get out

of the seat and the slope helps with forward


When developing the Doppelmayr D-Line,

safety and disabled-friendliness were major

priorities along with capacity and comfort in

order to ensure optimal accessibility and a

comfortable uphill ride for all passengers –

from skiers, snowboarders and adaptive skiers

to seniors and children. Nonetheless, Claudia

Lösch still sees potential for improvement: “It

would be good if you could remove several seat

dividers at once – that would be a great advantage

at ski resorts which are hotspots for

sit-skiers. Then several of us could use a chair

at the same time.” This is a feature that can

be readily accommodated at the customer’s


The seat divider can be removed with a simple

flick of the wrist.

Monoskiers find ample space between the


Breathtaking: Claudia Lösch enjoys the views

of Ischgl’s mountains.


News from Around the World

First aerial tramway in Peru

The Peruvian city of Calca is providing

access to an important Inca archaeological

site with the construction of the country’s fi rst

aerial tramway from Doppelmayr/Garaventa.

The tramway project is of particular significance

for several reasons. For international

visitors, the new installation provides access

to Huchuy Qosqo, a historically important archaeological

site of the Incas. Huchuy Qosqo

is located at over 3,600 meters above sea level

and is embedded in an attractive landscape

with breathtaking views of the Valle Sagrado,

the sacred valley of the Incas. Up to now, the

ascent into this region was only possible on

foot and took several hours. In future, the

aerial tramway will be a convenient means

of visiting the historic site for day-trippers.

For Doppelmayr/Garaventa, this is the first

ropeway in Peru.

Driver for sustainable tourism

The project engineering for the new tram

has already been completed. Production at

Garaventa and cabin construction at CWA are

in full swing. The tramway stations are due to

be assembled in fall 2019. Rope installation

is scheduled for early 2020, with start-up to

follow in the summer. The official groundbreaking

ceremony was attended by Calca’s

mayor, Adriel K. Carrillos Cajigas, the Austrian

ambassador in Peru, Dr. Gerhard Zettl, and

Garaventa sales manager Thomas Hunziker

along with Rafael Lemos and Alexander

Baumgartner from Doppelmayr Peru. The

project managers from Doppelmayr/Garaventa

joined the Austrian ambassador in emphasizing

the importance of ropeways both for

Peru’s rural areas and for public transport in

cities. They highlighted the fact that such installations

are an ecological way to create new

jobs and drive forward the development of sustainable

tourism. The environmentally friendly

means of transport is safe, virtually noiseless

and congestion-free, and also serves as a

flagship project for further installations in Peru.


... construction of the aerial tramway in

Calca/Peru adds another country to the list

of nations – now totaling 96 – where

Doppelmayr/Garaventa installations are

in operation?

Next-generation lift to the

Planai in Schladming

Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen invests in comfort

for guests with a new D-Line gondola lift.

After a proud 33-year service record, the Planai

lift is to be replaced by a new gondola lift.

Since the 2013 Ski World Cup, more and more

guests have been visiting the Styrian mountain

and leisure region. In order to offer the

required capacity and bring a new level of

comfort to Schladming, the operating company,

Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen, is implementing

the biggest innovation in its history. From

December 2019, a high-capacity 10-passenger

gondola lift from Doppelmayr offering firstclass

travel and modern design will await

Schladming’s guests. Optimal comfort will be

provided fi rst and foremost by the new OMEGA V

cabins from CWA featuring barrier-free loading

and unloading, individual seats in a luxurious

wood and leather construction plus panorama

glazing to maximize the view. The new D-Line

gondola lift will operate in the summer as well as

in the winter, providing guests with an enjoyable

uphill and downhill ride experience.

© Kreiner Architektur

News from Around the World


Construction start for ropeway

link in Berner Oberland

© Jungfraubahn AG

© Jungfraubahn AG

In Switzerland, Doppelmayr/Garaventa is to

build a 3S lift up to the Eiger Glacier and a

gondola lift up to the Männlichen that will both

start from a shared terminal in Grindelwald.

The operating companies Gondelbahn Grindelwald-Männlichen

(GGM) and Jungfraubahnen

are collaborating on a joint project to build a ropeway

link that will access both the Eiger Glacier

and the Männlichen region from 2019/2020.

The starting point will be an ultramodern

terminal in Grindelwald Grund. With the new

railroad station Terminal Grund (Rothenegg) belonging

to Berner Oberland-Bahn, the two lifts will

also link up with the public transport network. In

future, this will cut travel time to the Jungfraujoch

and into the ski area by a total of 47 minutes.

Construction of the Eiger Express – the sixkilometer-long

3S lift from Grindelwald Grund

to the Eiger Glacier – is also already underway.

Towers one and three have been assembled

and work on the top and bottom stations for

the 3S lift will start in midsummer 2019. The

opening is planned for December 2020.

Project with many benefits

The ropeway link is a once-in-a-generation

project and will ensure a successful future

for the Jungfrau region as a year-round destination.

The long journey to get there will become

a thing of the past with the ropeway link.

The new terminal with shopping facilities, ski

storage and parking garage will also create

around 50 new jobs.

A fi rst glimpse of the

ropeway link project can

be found here:

© Jungfraubahn AG

High-speed construction timetable

The construction start for the new Grindelwald-Männlichen

gondola lift (GGM) takes

priority as the concession for the old lift is due

to expire. The current installation will make its

last trip at the end of March 2019 and will be

demolished in April. The top station of the new

lift has already been completed and the work

being carried out by Doppelmayr/Garaventa at

the mid station is in full swing. Parts for the

new towers will be flown in and the bottom

station built between the end of May and

mid-July 2019. The ropeway is scheduled to

go into operation for the start of the winter

sports season in December 2019.


Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group

Director duo with a great

passion for the job

Gerhard Gassner became the new joint managing director of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

as of January 2019. Alongside Thomas Pichler, he forms the two-man team at the headquarter

in Wolfurt. WIR spoke with the two of them about their roles, experiences and goals.

Gerhard Gassner is the managing director

of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH responsible

for the areas of logistics, production,

administration and finance.

WIR. As the former managing director of

your own family business, Gassner Stahlbau

GmbH, you already have experience of the

ropeway industry. What changes has the

move to the parent company brought for you?

Gerhard Gassner: During my 14-year career

as managing director at Gassner Stahlbau GmbH,

I already worked in the areas which are now

part of my duties. The move to the parent company

has significantly increased the dimensions

involved. Whereas my previous focus

was on the products made by Gassner – i.e.

chairs, towers and cabin hangers – I’m now

dealing with the entire ropeway installation.

Another huge change is the international aspect,

with production plants in other countries, which

also involves more travel. Something else that’s

new for me: The size of the company means I can

no longer be in touch with every employee.

WIR. Digitalization is also making inroads

into the ropeway sector. What can we expect to

see from Doppelmayr/Garaventa in this area in the

future? What has already been implemented?

Gerhard Gassner: At Doppelmayr/

Garaventa, the digitalization drive goes under

the name of “SMART Ropeway”. SMART Ropeway

encompasses all the topics associated

with digital data, expands the product and service

portfolio and thus creates value added for

our customers. We are developing offers and

functions that will make day-to-day operations

easier for the ropeway operating company.

That can mean operational support for the

ropeway or assistance with repairs and maintenance,

and plenty more besides ... but I

don’t want to reveal all just yet.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group


WIR. Employees are one of the most

important resources for any company. What

do you consider to be important in the area of


Gerhard Gassner: Yes, that’s right. Committed

and motivated employees are the most

valuable asset that a company can possess.

Because they are the ones who achieve

excellence and go the extra mile for customers.

When it comes to leadership, I value interpersonal

relationships based on openness,

respect and appreciation. It’s important to create

an environment in which employees can

work autonomously, experience job satisfaction

and identify with the enterprise. I see my

role as that of supporting my employees and

motivating them to think in terms of the big picture,

also in relation to efficiency. Customer

focus is also extremely important.

Thomas Pichler has been managing director

of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH since 2015.

He is responsible for sales, marketing and


WIR. With the launch of the D-Line, you were

instrumental in shaping a crucial phase for the

company. What did you learn from this process?

Thomas Pichler: The launch of a new

product is a very exciting process. In the case

of the D-Line, it was actually an entire product

line where we reengineered each individual

component. The feedback we’ve received confirms

the ideas that went into the D-Line. We

took the three focus groups customers, passengers

and ropeway personnel as the benchmark

and thought about how we could optimize

their ropeway experience. Passengers

now enjoy greater comfort, and maintenance

and operation of the installations is much

easier for ropeway personnel. Also, new possibilities

have been opened up for our

customers in terms of design. What we have

learned is: It pays to take feedback seriously

and to rethink ideas from scratch during the

development process.

WIR. What, in your view, defines a

Doppelmayr/Garaventa ropeway installation?

Thomas Pichler: Every Doppelmayr/

Garaventa ropeway is a reflection of our

corporate DNA. For me, that means reliability,

versatility, efficiency and quality. For passengers,

comfort and safety are writ large with our

products – all over the world and in every

application. Each customer is unique and,

equally, every ropeway we build to address the

customer’s needs is unique. That means there

is something special about every project.

WIR. We’re constantly seeing exceptional

ropeways with lists of superlatives or new

technical features in the press. How does

innovation happen at Doppelmayr/Garaventa?

Thomas Pichler: Our customers are certainly

one of the major drivers of innovation.

In our case, new developments often arise from

an exciting idea put forward by a customer.

Challenges like these give us the inspiration

to come up with new solutions, develop

our products and optimize the technology.

One of the keys to innovation is therefore

close collaboration with our customers and

listening closely to what the market wants on

the one hand, and highly motivated and qualified

employees who can think outside the box

on the other.

WIR. Thank you for talking to us!

From left to right Dr. Günter Tik, Dr. Fredmund Malik and Dr. Ottokar Strobich

The three musketeers take their leave

Courage, loyalty, reliability, friendship and

charm are the virtues of the musketeers. The

departure of the long-serving members of the

Doppelmayr Group’s supervisory board, Dr.

Fredmund Malik, Dr. Günter Tik and Dr. Ottokar

Strobich, marks the end of an era for three

personalities of this ilk at the home of the

leading ropeway expert. They made a huge

contribution to safeguarding the future of the

company. And they were always the driving

force, providing the courage for technical

and organizational innovation and acting as

a bulwark for operational management in

turbulent times.

Dr. Fredmund Malik

Back in the 1970s, Fredmund Malik was managing

director of Bergbahnen Diedamskopf

Au-Schoppernau (AUT). During this period, he

focused his efforts on the modernization and

expansion of the ski area, which gave him a

deep insight into the ropeway business and

its markets at an early stage. From 1996 onward,

he was chairman of the AMD foundation

board, chairman of the supervisory board of

Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH and subsequently

chairman of the supervisory board of

Doppelmayr Holding AG as well as chairman

of the board of directors of Ropetrans AG.

With his innovative management methods,

Fredmund Malik was instrumental in driving

forward the development of corporate strategy.

The success of the company and securing its

market position were always his overriding

goals. It was in no small part due to his contribution

that Doppelmayr/Garaventa was able to

expand its technology and market leadership

and open up new market segments.

Dr. Ottokar Strobich

When Doppelmayr was considering the fiscal

optimization of its corporate structure, Artur

Doppelmayr appointed Ottokar Strobich as an

adviser. The public accountant was considered

to be an expert in tax law in Austria, where he

earned himself the reputation as being a financial

law wizard. He was always called upon to give

advice when fundamental decisions regarding

corporate policy had to be made. The clear

structure achieved with his help brought the

company group not only financial but also legal

and organizational benefits. As a result, the various

supervisory board committees gained an

in-depth understanding of market conditions.

Ottokar Strobich was appointed as successor

to Fredmund Malik on the supervisory board of

Doppelmayr Holding AG in 2006 and held the

post of chairman until stepping down in 2018.

Dr. Günter Tik

Günter Tik contributed valuable know-how to

the Group. He was appointed to the supervisory

board of Doppelmayr Holding AG in 1994 on

the recommendation of Ottokar Strobich.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa also benefited greatly

from his management experience in large

industrial corporations and his knowledge of

modern accounting and IT-assisted controlling.

He achieved a change in prioritization at the

level of top management and drove forward

policies aimed at securing the future by means

of adequate self-financing. This led to successful

innovations as well as rationalization of

the production chain and a wide-ranging

standardization of products. As a consequence,

there was a dramatic increase in productivity,

which was partly attributable to the introduction

of the Doppelmayr modular design principle.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa wishes to thank

Dr. Fredmund Malik, Dr. Ottokar Strobich and

Dr. Günter Tik for their untiring commitment

to maintaining and securing the future of the

Group. They stand as an example and a

benchmark for integrity, loyalty and professionalism.

These values, which they brought to

life, will continue to accompany the company

and its employees in the future.

Customer Support


Ordering spare parts

made easy with the

Ropeway Assistant

Doppelmayr has developed a new service tool to make

the process of ordering spare parts faster and simpler.

Ropeway Assistant

– Electronic spare parts catalog

– Online ordering through

the Doppelmayr website

– Mobile application

– Password-protected login

– For D-Line and 3S installations

Doppelmayr’s Ropeway Assistant gives

customers a convenient, time-saving

and individual means of ordering spare

parts for D-Line and 3S ropeway installations.

The new tool is akin to an online shop. Access

is via the customer support section on the

Doppelmayr website. The emphasis was

placed on simple access and fast page loading

when developing the electronic spare parts

catalog. That’s why online orders can also be

placed from the top station using a mobile

device, such as a cell phone or tablet.

Easy to use

This is how it works: After logging into the

service section of the Doppelmayr website

using a password, the customer is shown all

his or her D-Line and 3S installations under the

menu item “Ropeway Assistant”. The next step

is to select the lift for which tools or spare parts

are required. The Ropeway Assistant automatically

identifi es which parts belong to the respective

installation. Navigation to the required

part is drastically shortened as the article

selection is already subdivided into equipment

groups such as drive station, line or carrier. The

designation, ID number and a drawing are

stored for each component. The user can now

select the required spare part and place it in

the shopping cart – as a helpful piece of additional

information, the system shows the number

of components installed, which enables the

user to check whether the quantity ordered is

correct at the same time. Once the required

items have been confi rmed, the order and the

stored information selected such as delivery

and billing address go straight to the relevant

subsidiary or to Wolfurt, where they are processed.

The rest of the ordering process

remains unchanged, and the order history can

be traced at any time.

Ropeway Assistant available globally

The Ropeway Assistant gives customers a faster

way to fi nd out the exact spare part needed –

a huge reduction in the work involved for both

the customer and the team who handle order

inquiries at Doppelmayr. The Ropeway Assistant

is being rolled out internationally and new

installations are added on a continuous basis.

Local organizations are currently presenting

the tool to customers. In addition, there is one

person to contact for each country, who is

available to answer any questions.

With the Ropeway Assistant, Doppelmayr is

offering a new digital service that makes work

considerably easier for customers – in line with

the concept of the SMART Ropeway.

Further information

can be found online:

32 In Brief

Managing director Anton Schwendinger

dies after severe illness

Doppelmayr/Garaventa mourns a prominent

and respected figure.

Anton (“Tone”) Schwendinger, board member

of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH, passed away

on December 28, 2018 following a severe

illness. For 30 years, he was instrumental in

shaping the company and contributed to its

positive development. As managing director,

he was responsible for the areas of controlling,

finance, quality management, administration,

HR, logistics and production.

Anton Schwendinger was born in Dornbirn on

April 6, 1963. After completing his obligatory

schooling, he went on to do a dual apprenticeship

as metalworker and technical draftsman.

This was followed by training to become

a master craftsman for mechanical engineering

and operating technology. In 1988,

he joined Doppelmayr in Wolfurt as project

manager for the introduction of the ERP system

known as PUISS-O. With hard work, commitment

and extensive further training, he was

able to fulfill his career potential and subsequently

held several managerial posts. As

production manager, he played a pivotal role

in consolidating the company’s position as the

world market leader in ropeway construction.

He was a strong advocate for retaining and

expanding Wolfurt as the company’s production

and development site. On July 1, 2012,

he was appointed to the post of managing

director and exercised this role with great

commitment and enthusiasm up until his


Anton Schwendinger will always be remembered

by colleagues, customers and partners

not only for his outstanding technical expertise

but also and in particular for his dedication, his

positive attitude and ability to motivate, and

the way in which he responded to employee

needs. Tone, you are sadly missed.

German Minister-President Kretschmann

visits Wolfurt

Winfried Kretschmann, minister-president

of Baden-Württemberg, visited Vorarlberg

in November 2018. Vorarlberg and Baden-

Württemberg have been working together

closely on energy, environmental and climate

policy for many years and regularly

exchange views on these topics. One of the

items on the agenda was a trip to Doppelmayr

to take a look at apprentice training at

a Vorarlberg company and to share ideas

on the recruitment of skilled workers and

vocational training. Kretschmann underlined

the importance of the dual system of vocational

education and training for the economy in

both countries and the promising future prospects

for young people that are associated

with it.

Interest in urban ropeway solutions

Winfried Kretschmann and his delegation,

which included Minister of Transport

Winfried Hermann, were also keen to find

out more about the possibilities of

innovative ropeway systems in the urban

environment. Doppelmayr’s managing director

Thomas Pichler presented a series of

successful projects that illustrate just

how efficient, environmentally friendly and

space-saving ropeway installations in cities

can be.

In Brief


Sharing ideas

across borders

Doppelmayr customers visit Doppelmayr customers:

Employees from the Slovenian ski resort

Kranjska Gora came to Austria as part of a

company visit in September 2018 – or to be

more precise, to Saalbach in Salzburg. There,

they went to see the Schönleiten installation,

a 10-passenger D-Line gondola lift, in conjunction

with a ropeway project of their own they

have in the pipeline. The guided tour provided

an insight into the overall concept of the ropeway

and included a look at the station and drive

technology along with the workshop. During the

tour and the restaurant visit that followed, the

main focus was on the new ropeway technology

and the opportunity to share experiences.

Aerial ropeway on her

Majesty’s secret service

© Bergbahnen Sölden/Kristopher Grunert

A unique installation centering on the most

famous secret agent in cinema history has

been created in Sölden under the theme title

“007 Elements”. The choice of location is no

accident as Sölden provided the setting for the

James Bond film “Spectre”. Visitors travel in

style with a 3S lift to the experiential world inside

the Gaislachkogl mountain at an elevation

of 3,000 meters – riding in one of the two

cabins that have been specially fitted out for

the exhibition experience. Input Projektentwicklungs

GmbH was involved in implementing

this project.

The classic John Barry film music from four

powerful loudspeakers sets the mood during

the trip. True to style, the soundtrack begins as

the ropeway accelerates. Input developed a

custom color especially for the cabins:

platinum gold. This was applied using a

custom-manufactured, top-quality film and

gives the lift an elegant Bond flair. The cabin

concept was developed, designed and recorded

in collaboration with Neal Callow, art

director for the last four Bond films.

The exhibition itself takes visitors on a journey

through the world of 007 – in the form of ten

differently themed spaces. The film universe of

the secret agent is interactively brought to life,

from the legendary title sequences, to the

villain’s hideaway and the spectacular action


34 In Brief

Federal Minister Karin Kneissl

visits Doppelmayr

Dr. Karin Kneissl, Austria’s Federal

Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign

Affairs, visited Doppelmayr at the

beginning of the year. She was welcomed

to Wolfurt by Hanno Ulmer along with other

Doppelmayr representatives. Kneissl

gained an insight into the world market

leader for ropeway engineering and

emphasized the importance of Austrian

businesses during her visit: “Companies

like Doppelmayr are Austria’s economic

calling card.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes

Austrian export business worldwide,

focusing on cooperations, networking and

support as its prime goals.

From left to right: Markus Wallner, Vorarlberg’s provincial governor; Gerhard Gassner,

managing director (Doppelmayr); Minister Karin Kneissl; Hanno Ulmer, executive director,

and Alexander Klimmer, executive sales director (both Doppelmayr)

Gunther Lugauer is new managing director

of Gassner Stahlbau

The 44-year-old Tyrolean Gunther Lugauer

was appointed as the new managing director

of Gassner Stahlbau GmbH in September

2018. He took over the reins from Gerhard

Gassner, who became managing director of

Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH as of January

2019. Gassner Stahlbau has been a

member of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group

since 1998 and specializes in the production

of ropeway chairs, towers and cabin


Gunther Lugauer brings a successful career

track record as well as technical know-how to

the post. After attending vocational college,

Lugauer went on to study engineering management

and mechanical engineering at the Technical

University of Graz. Following graduation,

his fi rst rung on the career ladder took him to

the development of automatic assembly

machines for the semiconductor industry. He

then moved into production planning for plant

and machinery at thyssenkrupp Presta.

As production planner – later taking up a management

position – Lugauer’s responsibilities

included setting up plants in China and

Germany as well as acting as project manager

for customer projects. The father of two is

looking forward to tackling new challenges at

Gassner Stahlbau. He attaches great importance

to interactions with employees based

on appreciation and respect, and sees employee

satisfaction and motivation as the basis

for future success.

In Brief


Symbol of Austria

Garaventa sponsors young talent

Since the 2018/19 ski season, Garaventa “Marco Odermatt is committed, grounded

has been supporting ski racer Marco Odermatt

as his premium sponsor for the next dedicated and very passionate about what

and focused. Our employees are also highly

four years. The 21-year-old from Nidwalden they do. That makes it a perfect fit.” For the

is one of the greatest young talents in Swiss exceptional athlete, Garaventa also represents

the ideal partner and a huge stroke

skiing. At the 2018 Junior World Ski Championships

in Davos, Odermatt came away of luck: “So many of your lifts have carried

with five gold medals. Garaventa CEO Arno me up the mountain and enabled me to

Inauen is delighted about the partnership: practice my sport.”

A Doppelmayr gondola cabin is representing

Austria for six months at the Joint

Research Center (JRC) of the European

Commission in Ispra (IT) to mark the country’s

presidency of the EU Council. The cabin

is adorned with the Austrian and European

flags and for all 2,000 employees at the JRC

provides a clearly visible symbol of the country’s

tourism, successful businesses and innovations.

While the ropeway has made the

mountains more accessible for people, it is

currently conquering more and more cities

worldwide, providing an environmentally

friendly solution to traffi c congestion problems

and an attractive improvement in mobility. JRC

staff can access information about the cabin

on their own website.

Innovation award for the Stoos funicular


Inclined length

Vertical rise

Number of towers



Trip time




Max. inclination

Garaventa has won the 2018 innovation

award presented by the Chamber of Industry

and Commerce for Central Switzerland

(IHZ) for developing the design of the passenger

compartments used on the new

Stoos funicular, the world’s steepest installation

of this kind. The jury was particularly

impressed with the various innovations

required to climb the amazing track grade

of up to 110 percent, or 47.7 degrees. An

exceptional feature of the Stoos funicular is

its sun-yellow cars, which feature level

compensation to ensure maximum passenger

comfort no matter how steep the

slope. The innovation award is presented



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And that’s why we want to say thank you.



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