Slipstream - October 2019

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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OCTOBER <strong>2019</strong>

One foot in the past.<br />

Four wheels in the future.<br />

Park Place presents the new Porsche 911. It’s the eighth generation of a sports car that<br />

has enthralled and inspired drivers for more than a half-century—and the 2020 edition<br />

shows no signs of slowing down. With a more powerful and efficient engine, new Porsche<br />

Active Suspension Management and enhanced driver assistance systems. And this<br />

timeless machine comes with an enduring commitment to dealership excellence.<br />

That’s what makes Park Place feel like Your Place.<br />

Park Place Porsche Dallas<br />

6113 Lemmon Ave.<br />

Dallas, TX 75209<br />

214.525.5400<br />

park-place.porschedealer.com<br />

Porsche Grapevine<br />

1280 Texan Trail<br />

Grapevine, TX 76051<br />

833.470.0671<br />


VOLUME 58<br />

ISSUE 10<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2019</strong><br />



6 | Getting to Know the Ladies of the PCA<br />

12 | Maverick Partner Appreciation<br />

15 | Remembering Warren Bischoff<br />

17 | Maverick Drivers’ Education Series: Fall Events<br />

18 | Backpack Run: Murray Kustom Rods<br />

19 | Maverick Marktpreis: Cayman 987<br />

20 | Coffee, Cars & Conversation: George Snowflack<br />

26 | Prolific Parade at Boca Raton<br />

30 | Porsche 911: A Dream Realized<br />


22 | Happy Hour<br />

22 | Motoring Mavs at Mayo<br />

22 | Porsche Promenade People’s Choice<br />

23 | Mavs & Mochas<br />

23 | Maverick Lunch Series<br />

30 | Aloha Tour<br />


2 | Sprockets (President’s Column)<br />

2 | Maverick of the Month<br />

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs<br />

4 | Zone 5 Presidents<br />

11 | New Mavericks<br />

11 | Member Moments<br />

31 | Porsche Trivia<br />

34 | Advertiser Index<br />

34 | Anniversaries<br />

36 | Oversteer (Editor’s Column)<br />

Built in 1931, Highland Park Village paired with Mavs & Mochas both demonstrate a<br />

tradition and appreciation of excellence in design and offer an ongoing of tradition<br />

as a gathering place of like minded people looking to enjoy the best.<br />

Photo by Bill Middleton<br />


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code<br />

here or our online calendar at http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar<br />

<strong>October</strong><br />

Maverick Board Meeting .......................................................... (Wed) 2<br />

Lewisville area lunch................................................................... (Tue) 8<br />

Mavs & Mochas: Tactical Fleet .................................................. (Sat) 12<br />

Autocross #9............................................................................. (Sun) 13<br />

Maverick Happy Hour...............................................................(Thu) 17<br />

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 19<br />

Cars & Cannoli........................................................................... (Sat) 19<br />

Maverick HPDE............................................................................19-20<br />

Maverick Club Race......................................................................19-20<br />

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 24<br />

Halloween Rallye...................................................................... (Sat) 26<br />

Tech Session: APEX.................................................................... (Sat) 26<br />

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 31<br />

November<br />

Mavs & Mochas: Montgomery Plaza ...........................................(Sat) 2<br />

Autocross #10..............................................................................(Sun) 3<br />

Maverick Board Meeting .......................................................... (Wed) 6<br />

Porsche Palooza............................................................................... 7-9<br />

Maverick HPDE.............................................................................. 9-10<br />

Lewisville area lunch.................................................................(Tue) 12<br />

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 16<br />

Tech Session: Werks 11............................................................. (Sat) 16<br />

Cars & Cannoli........................................................................... (Sat) 16<br />

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 28<br />

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 30<br />

On the Cover<br />

Joann Talty, <strong>Slipstream</strong> contributor, poses with<br />

her Beast after enjoying a weekend DE at COTA.<br />

See her feature on page 6.<br />

Photograph by Michael Durovick.<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> (USPS 666-650) is published monthly by the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America, 155 Jellico<br />

Southlake, TX 76092. Subscription price is $24.00 per year. Periodical postage is paid at Fort Worth, TX.<br />

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Hiram Saunders, <strong>Slipstream</strong>, 155 Jellico, Southlake, TX 76092.<br />

Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily endorsed by the Club’s membership or officers. Contributions will be<br />

printed on a space available basis. Chartered regions of PCA may reproduce items from this issue provided the author/<br />

artist and <strong>Slipstream</strong> are credited. <strong>Slipstream</strong> is printed by Ussery Printing Company in Irving, Texas.<br />


SPROCKETS: What Do You Think of the Taycan?<br />

by David Robertson, Region President<br />

It’s hard to believe that it is already <strong>October</strong>! We have<br />

seen a record number of events this year including Drivers’<br />

Education events, Tours, Rallies, Autocrosses, Tech Sessions,<br />

Mavs & Mochas, Lunches, Happy Hours, and charity and<br />

social events. Throughout the next few months there is<br />

much more to come. There is something going on just about<br />

every weekend, so take a look at the calendar and come out<br />

to enjoy. There is really something for everyone!<br />

None of these events would be possible without our<br />

volunteers. Our volunteers come in many forms, from the<br />

chairpersons organizing the events themselves to those who<br />

show up and pitch in where needed. Our club simply would<br />

not exist without the many volunteers who give their time<br />

and energy to make sure everything goes smoothly. When<br />

you attend one of these events or even read this magazine,<br />

please say thank you to the volunteers who get it all done<br />

behind the scenes.<br />

In upcoming events I would like to hear from<br />

everyone about what they think of the new Porsche<br />

Taycan. I have seen prototypes but can’t wait to see<br />

the real thing. This is a huge step for Porsche that<br />

I don’t think we can even compare to any major<br />

change that has come before, such as the 928 front<br />

engine or the first water-cooled 911. I would argue<br />

it can’t even be compared to the hybrid models of<br />

the past few years. Are we witnessing the future of<br />

the sports car?<br />

From what I have read, the new 911 (992) is designed to<br />

allow for an electric motor as well. My biggest pleasure in<br />

being a member of the Maverick Region is speaking with all<br />

of you about these topics. Come out and join us; I promise<br />

that you will meet an expert on just about any question you<br />

have, or at least someone who sounds convincing!<br />


Craig Janssen<br />

As the DE Chief Driving Coach, Craig devours any book, video, or article that<br />

can help him drive faster and teach others to do the same. He is an Engineer by trade<br />

and is very analytical in his approach to making sure that the DE program is safe,<br />

fun and welcoming to all participants. Behind the scenes Craig also works countless<br />

hours to organize the operations of these events as only someone with a true passion<br />

for driving and sharing his knowledge with others can do.<br />

As a kid Craig participated in motocross, off road motorcycle enduros, threewheeler<br />

flat track racing, and surf racing a Hobie, but after a trip to Skip Barber<br />

Racing school in 2003 he says that the real game was on!<br />

Craig currently enjoys his Macan S when he’s not on the track. Thank you, Craig,<br />

for your passion and dedication for making the Maverick DE program a great part<br />

of the Maverick Region!<br />

2 <strong>October</strong>

The Independent Porsche Specialist<br />

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Track day preparation<br />

• Performance and appearance upgrades from GMG, Manthey, FVD and more<br />

• Superior customer service and free loaner cars • PCA discounts<br />

Porsche factory computers • Comprehensive service from air-cooled to 991<br />

We Buy, Sell and<br />

Consign Quality<br />

Pre-owned Porsches<br />

3221 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006 • 214-269-1570 • www.racperformance.com<br />


<strong>2019</strong> Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs<br />

President<br />

David Robertson<br />

617-797-0516<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />

Vice President<br />

Jim Falgout<br />

vp@mavpca.org<br />

Secretary<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

secretary@mavpca.org<br />

Treasurer<br />

Deborah Fike<br />

972-672-4282<br />

treasurer@mavpca.org<br />

Autocross Chair<br />

Mark Schnoerr<br />

ax@mavpca.org<br />

Charity Chair<br />

Chris Hamilton<br />

hope@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Pat Heptig<br />

214-649-7907<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Joel Nannis<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

Coffee Meets Co-Chair<br />

Derrick Tate<br />

972-748-1178<br />

coffeemeets@mavpca.org<br />

Concours Co-Chair<br />

Mike Mahoney<br />

801-230-1482<br />

concours@mavpca.org<br />

Concours Co-Chair<br />

Scott Kellogg<br />

concours@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chair<br />

Renee Hayden<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

DE Registrar<br />

Jason Brodigan<br />

deregistrar@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chief Driving Coach<br />

Craig Janssen<br />

cdi@mavpca.org<br />

DE Medical Chair<br />

Dr. Jeffery Komenda<br />

demedical@mavpca.org<br />

Goodie Store<br />

Chris Flaugh<br />

214-288-5300<br />

goodiestore@mavpca.org<br />

Region Historian<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

historian@mavpca.org<br />

Marketing, Social<br />

Media Chair<br />

Bill Orr<br />

marketing@mavpca.org<br />

Membership Chair<br />

Jim Hirsch<br />

972-740-7377<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Monthly Social Chair<br />

Claudia Reynolds<br />

hh@mavpca.org<br />

PCA Tours Co-Chair<br />

Sam Bryant<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

PCA Tours Co-Chair<br />

Brant Worrell<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

Don Sebert<br />

214-613-6900<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

Jay Lynch<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Registrar, Club Race<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

crreg@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Co-Chair<br />

Bob Kramer<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Advertising,<br />

Coffee Meets<br />

Bill Kruder<br />

214-497-0711<br />

ads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Content Ed.<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor<br />

Kurt Scaggs<br />

469-446-1690<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Event Ad Design<br />

David Tierney<br />

eventads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Mailing<br />

Andy Mears<br />

214-394-5857<br />

mailing@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Printing<br />

Fran Ussery<br />

972--438-8344 (W)<br />

817-481-8342 (H)<br />

printing@mavpca.org<br />

Social Chair<br />

Debi Kruder<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Tech Sessions Chair<br />

Michael Baynton<br />

214-641-2848<br />

techsessions@mavpca.org<br />

Time Trial Chair,<br />

(AX/TT Rules)<br />

Travis Howard<br />

214-616-6152<br />

tt@mavpca.org<br />

TT Registrar, AX/TT<br />

Schools, Swap Meets<br />

Robyn Howard<br />

214-991-0873<br />

drivingschools@mavpca.org<br />

Trivia Chair<br />

Jerry DeFeo<br />

972-240-5800<br />

trivia@mavpca.org<br />

Volunteers Chair<br />

Landon Stogner<br />

214-233-6858<br />

volunteers@mavpca.org<br />

Web Site Chair<br />

James Shoffit<br />

972-786-6246<br />

webmaster@mavpca.org<br />

ARK-LA-TEX<br />

Ken Chandler<br />

bad968@bellsouth.net,<br />

<strong>2019</strong> PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative<br />


Tuffy von Briesen<br />

president@hcrpca.org<br />


Scott Spradley<br />

swsprad@bellsouth.net<br />


Eric Costello<br />

ecostellodo@gmail.com<br />

Link to<br />

Board<br />

Meeting<br />

minutes:<br />


Jason Tollison<br />

presidentcmr@gmail.com<br />


Bryan Kerrick<br />

bksailspadre@sbcglobal.net<br />


Steve Bukoski<br />

president@lsrpca.com<br />


Mikel Matthews<br />

Mikel.matthews@gmail.com<br />


David Robertson<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />

OZARK<br />

Jim Woolly<br />

jim.carol_NOSPAM@sbcglobal.net<br />


Stan Labat<br />

labat@cox.net<br />


Leonard Zechiedrich<br />

whiteriverregionpca@gmail.com<br />

ZONE 5 REP<br />

Chuck Bush<br />

(703) 577-0562<br />

zone5rep@pca.org<br />

www.zone5.pca.org<br />

4 <strong>October</strong>



$195<br />


$187<br />

MOBIL 1 OIL<br />










2520 Tarpley Rd. Suite 700<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

(972) 418-1996<br />

innovativeautosports.com<br />

innovativeautosportstx@gmail.com<br />


Getting to Know the Ladies of the PCA<br />

by Joann Talty<br />

photos by Michael Durovick<br />

Reaching out to some of the<br />

Maverick ladies for this feature<br />

opened my eyes, not only to the<br />

female car owners in the group, but<br />

to volunteers who’ve given countless<br />

hours and have been club members<br />

for a very long time.<br />

Fourteen women shared fun stories, proud<br />

moments, or great memories with me. Nearly<br />

every woman in this piece is in this club for the<br />

friendships, and most of us are eager to learn more<br />

about our cars and what we can do with them.<br />

While some women became Porsche<br />

owners through a significant other<br />

and park his and hers in their garages,<br />

I learned others fell in love with the<br />

brand early on. I was surprised to find<br />

that four of these ladies currently own<br />

more than one Porsche, some have a<br />

long history of Porsche ownership,<br />

and one woman’s household happens<br />

to hold 12 (admittedly owned by her<br />

husband, but still quite impressive.)<br />

We ladies like naming our vehicles,<br />

too, with “Baby” and “Beast” used<br />

more than once.<br />

Whichever models sit in our<br />

garages, I hope all of the female owners<br />

here agree with me when I say it’s good<br />

to be us! Ladies and gentlemen, let me<br />

tell you about a few of the Ladies of<br />

the Maverick Region PCA.<br />

Social Chair for monthly happy<br />

hours, Claudia Reynolds, drives a<br />

2014 Rhodium Silver metallic Boxster<br />

S named “Bonita” (aka the Little<br />

Devil Car when<br />

she displays her<br />

track number<br />

666.) She claims<br />

joining the PCA<br />

this past March<br />

is one of the best<br />

decisions she’s<br />

ever made. Claudia grew up drag<br />

racing in American muscle cars, but<br />

now enjoys her German sports car<br />

at the DE events, PCA rallies, and<br />

Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)<br />

rallies. Claudia shared a favorite<br />

Porsche moment from high school.<br />

Her best friend drove an orange 914<br />

with holes in the floor. Every time her<br />

friend turned left the horn sounded. A<br />

GT3RS is on her wish list and maybe<br />

a radar detector for those tickets she<br />

keeps collecting<br />

Jennifer Parma joined the PCA<br />

in 2018. She purchased “Indie,” her<br />

2007 Midnight Blue Boxster, on a<br />

whim. Both the aggressive body style<br />

and the fact that it is a convertible<br />

drew her in, but she admits once she<br />

drove it, she was hooked. Jennifer<br />

appreciates viewing and learning<br />

Jennifer Parma<br />

about the cars at various events and<br />

hopes to be more involved with club<br />

operations. Next up, perhaps? Look<br />

for her at the track.<br />

You may have met Olga Taylor<br />

in recent years, volunteering at signup<br />

tables with a friendly smile as she<br />

disperses helpful instructions. At age<br />

11, her Dad’s friend gave her a ride<br />

home in his 911 and she was drawn<br />

in by the style, sound, and interior<br />

smell. In 1979, she purchased her<br />

first Porsche: a black 1974 914 1.8L.<br />

She spent two years with the PCA<br />

in Oregon during the 1980s and has<br />

been a Maverick since 2017. She owns<br />

“Baby,” a 1980 Nutmeg Metallic 911<br />

SC Targa she purchased from the<br />

6 <strong>October</strong>

Hermosa Beach dealership owned<br />

by race car driver, car collector, and<br />

racing team owner Vasek Polak in<br />

1984. Her most recent acquisition is<br />

“Buddy,”a black 2009 911 Carrera.<br />

Olga enjoys both the helpful and<br />

friendly people of the PCA, noting<br />

the generous and loving technical<br />

guidance.<br />

Carolle Liu<br />

Carolle Liu loves COCO, her<br />

white 2005 Boxster, for its perfect<br />

balance on an autocross track. A club<br />

member for three years, she drives<br />

her first Porsche top-down as often as<br />

possible. You might catch her loading<br />

groceries into her bonnet. We know<br />

not to offer Carolle help if we see her,<br />

but for the frequent offers of assistance<br />

she receives, she’s been known to ask<br />

a few guys to return her shopping cart<br />

for her. Despite not hitting a cone all<br />

season, she was awarded with the<br />

“Cone Killer” award at a PCA party.<br />

Besides Mavs & Mochas and ER<br />

Autocross events, Carolle too, hopes<br />

to hit the track for a DE event.<br />

A former Boxster owner, Beckie<br />

Gomer currently drives “Pepper,” a<br />

white 2014 Cayenne, a birthday gift<br />

from her husband, Tom. Together,<br />

Olga Taylor<br />

they have owned five<br />

Porsches, but she<br />

credits meeting other<br />

women in the club as<br />

the reason she wanted<br />

her own. A member of<br />

the club since 2013, she<br />

values the friendships<br />

she’s made and the<br />

knowledge<br />

gained about<br />

other models. Mavs &<br />

Mochas, tours, and happy<br />

hours are some of her<br />

favorite events.<br />

Our next member takes<br />

her vehicle off-roading and<br />

overlanding. In <strong>October</strong><br />

2017, she led a group along<br />

the trails at Northwest<br />

OHV Park in Bridgeport,<br />

maneuvering over large boulders<br />

and through crevices to show<br />

drivers what their Porsches can<br />

do. More recently, she’s planning<br />

an overland route near Corsicana,<br />

concluding at Angelita Vineyard and<br />

Winery. Six-year Maverick Sue Crimm<br />

Beckie Gomer<br />

just sold her red 1987 924S, drives a<br />

2009 Meteor Grey Cayenne, and is<br />

Sue Crimm<br />

looking for a Lava Orange Cayman.<br />

Sue enjoys autocross, tours, rallies,<br />

and going to Parade.<br />

Cyndee Ebeling<br />

If you see a 2016 Carmine Red 911<br />

Carrera GTS Cabriolet about town,<br />

on the tours, or on the track driving<br />

with the White group,<br />

her name is “Rebecca,”<br />

named after a redheaded<br />

ghost. The<br />

owner is seven-year<br />

Maverick, Cyndee<br />

Ebeling, who has loved<br />

Porsches since her<br />

teens. She’s owned a<br />

2008 Cayman S and a<br />

2013 911 Carrera S,<br />

loving the speed, the<br />

sound, and unique styling. Several<br />

times a year, she and her friends<br />

plan travels in their 911s featuring<br />

beautiful scenery, great food, and<br />

the curviest routes they can find.<br />

Has Kristyn Starr been your coach<br />

yet at a DE event? She’s been a club<br />

member since 2012 and owns her<br />

dream car: a 2006 Seal Grey Carrera<br />

S named “Baby.” While high school<br />

friends hung posters of heart-throb<br />

boy bands in their rooms, Kristyn<br />


hung a heart-throb car in hers. Encouraged by both parents<br />

to “buy the car” when she began looking, she went for it,<br />

figuring she’d get it out of her system after a few years and<br />

move on. “There is no moving on,” says Kristyn. In a 2013<br />

DE drivers’ meeting, she won the Toyo Tires Rookie of the<br />

Year Award. She found this special since she learned to drive<br />

a manual in her Porsche. How many people get to do that?<br />

Robyn Howard<br />

Our current swap meet chair, Robyn Howard, has been a<br />

Maverick member for 15 years. After her husband purchased<br />

a 911, she wanted one too. She’s owned a 1987 Guards Red<br />

924S and a 2003 Midnight Metallic Boxster. She currently<br />

owns “My Baby,” a 1986 Guards Red 944; “Molly,” a<br />

black 2002 Boxster S; and<br />

her “Beast,” a red 2001 996.<br />

Robyn plans to drive in a<br />

DE event someday when she<br />

isn’t working them. She has<br />

been a corner, tower, and grid<br />

worker at many events and is<br />

currently occupying the black<br />

flag post at our DEs.<br />

Twenty-two year member<br />

and multiple-award winner<br />

Wendy Shoffit has held<br />

countless positions with our<br />

club and has participated in all events but Concours. She<br />

has attended 19 Parades, auto-crossed, time-trialed, and<br />

instructed at the autocross schools. She is the current Club<br />

Race registrar and has done that for 18 years. Wendy has<br />

also served as the club Secretary, <strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor, Social<br />

Chair, registrar for DEs and autocross/time trials, and was<br />

the PCA National Newsletter chair for five years. A former<br />

Boxster and Cayenne owner, she now shuffles between<br />

“Ares,” her white 2016 Cayman GT4, and Artemis, the<br />

white 2016 Macan Turbo along with weekends in her 911<br />

racecar. When asked what else she’d like to try or drive,<br />

club racing and a Taycan just might be in Wendy’s future.<br />

Fran Ussery has been a Maverick since 1983 and has held<br />

various positions within the club including Region President,<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor, and <strong>Slipstream</strong> Publisher. She also served<br />

on the National<br />

Parade Competition<br />

Fran Ussery<br />

Rules committee for<br />

12 years. She used<br />

to own a white 1966<br />

911 and a red 1986<br />

whale-tail Targa,<br />

but currently juggles<br />

between “Ayisha,”<br />

a silver 1973 914<br />

2.0,and “Jezabel,” her<br />

Speed Yellow 2000<br />

Boxster S. Loving the<br />

top-down freedom of<br />

a cabriolet, Fran shared a favorite Porsche moment with me<br />

from the fall of 2000 when she took a week-long Colorado<br />

road trip in her Boxster. Besides photographing her new car<br />

with beautiful mountains and golden Aspens, her bucket list<br />

included driving only state or county roads numbered with<br />

three digits or more, visiting small towns, eating at local<br />

diners, meeting someone new at each stop, drinking coffee<br />

atop a mountain, and executing road curves at twice the<br />

posted limit.<br />

Lastly, I reached out to<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

Linda Bambina, Teri Davis,<br />

and Jan Michel. Longtime<br />

Mavericks must surely know<br />

them since the three have<br />

been with the club since the<br />

‘70s and ‘80s. They’ve<br />

driven competitively, held<br />

multiple offices, and won<br />

numerous awards. These<br />

three are the pioneer women<br />

of our group, along with<br />

Fran, who got involved,<br />

provided a woman’s voice to the group, and made life-long<br />

friendships. If you’d like to be more involved with the<br />

Mavericks, there are a variety of opportunities. Pull any one<br />

of us aside, and we’ll talk you into it.<br />

Linda Bambina & Teri Davis<br />

8 <strong>October</strong>

A Curated Selectionof Pre-owned Timepieces<br />

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205214.522.2400<br />

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400<br />

deBoulle.com<br />

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9/4/<strong>2019</strong> 5:08:16 PM<br />

Hidden Gem<br />

Overlooking<br />

Turtle Creek &<br />

Blackburn Lake<br />


$1,995,000 • 3 Bed • 4.2 Bath • 5,255 Sq.Ft.<br />

3-Car Garage + Gated Parking for 4 Cars<br />

Large Master Suite with His & Her Baths<br />

Study • Yoga/Meditation Room<br />

2 Living Areas • Steps to Katy Trail<br />

Walk to West Village<br />

214.507.6699 • tim@timschutze.com<br />

timschutze.com<br />


10 <strong>October</strong>

Welcome Our New Mavericks!<br />

by Jim Hirsch, Region Membership Chair<br />

New Members August <strong>2019</strong><br />

Carlos Lopez Hurst 2007 Cayman S<br />

Mark Hollingsworth Aubrey 1989 944<br />

Jack Askins Wichita Falls 2008 Cayman S<br />

Greg Lang Allen 2006 Cayman S<br />

Michael Mellerski Flower Mound 2014 Cayenne<br />

Huzefa Tinwala Coppell 2017 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Randy Purifoy Plano 2018 911 Turbo S<br />

Jana Rouble Dallas 1999 Boxster<br />

Theodore Rudman The Colony <strong>2019</strong> 718 Cayman<br />

Michael Nguyen Dallas 2015 911 Carrera<br />

Ken Hoang Allen 1989 911 Carrera<br />

Braden Sparks Dallas 2016 911 GT3 RS<br />

Chris Cruz Carrollton 2018 Panamera<br />

Jason Willett Carrollton 2008 911 Carrera Cabriolet<br />

Steve Thomas Keller 1999 Boxster<br />

Jeff Iverson Allen 2018 718 Boxster<br />

Guy Mouton Southlake 2009 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Curtis Hamilton (Patty) Irving 2015 Boxster S<br />

Steven Sawyer Granbury 2000 911 Carrera<br />

Kathy Aten Plano 2013 Boxster<br />

Toby Kwong Frisco 2015 911 GT3<br />

Edward Johnson Dallas 2011 Panamera Turbo<br />

Wayne Wilder Grapevine 2013 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Transfers In<br />

Dean Cooper (MOH) Allen 2013 991 4S, 2013 Cayenne<br />

Mark Strong (MST) Midlothian 1977 911<br />

Christopher Swift (HV) Fort Worth 2007 911 Carrera<br />

Robert Weber (LST) Plano 2006 Cayenne<br />

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them<br />

Member Moment<br />

Justin Lamb<br />

(joined 6/<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Occupation<br />

Regional sales / Territory<br />

manager<br />

If you have any changes that<br />

you would like to make to the<br />

MRPCA membership guide, contact Jim<br />

Hirsch at membership@mavpca.org<br />

Primary reason for joining PCA<br />

Just purchased my first Porsche and have<br />

visited an event before. Since then I have<br />

always wanted to be a part of this group.<br />

Current Porsche(s)<br />

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo<br />

Favorite Porsche<br />

I love anything aircooled or a 991 GT3.<br />

Best thing about Porsche ownership<br />

The experience every time you get behind<br />

the wheel. The friends you make and have<br />

that all share the same love for the brand<br />

as you do.<br />

Hobby interests<br />

Wrenching on cars, learning new trades,<br />

spending time with my family and friends.<br />

Going on spirited drives.<br />

Member Moment<br />

Laura Hutton<br />

(joined 4/2017, recently<br />

moved here from the<br />

Chicago Region)<br />

Occupation<br />

Business manager but am looking for a<br />

new position in management.<br />

First Porsche<br />

Porsche 944<br />

Current Porsche(s)<br />

2003 Red Boxster<br />

Favorite Porsche<br />

Cayman GT4<br />

Favorite Maverick or PCA event<br />

Rallies and Driver Education events<br />

Best thing about owning a Porsche<br />

Enjoying the drive and being involved with<br />

the club.<br />

Maverick Membership Statistics as of September 1<br />

Primary Members: 2081 Affiliate Members: 1003 Total Membership: 3084<br />


Maverick Partner Appreciation: <strong>2019</strong><br />

by Landon Stogner<br />

photos by Bill Middleton<br />

There are sayings such as “It takes a village,” “It was a<br />

team effort,” or “I couldn’t have done it without you.” All of<br />

these hold true when it comes to putting on all of the events<br />

we have yearly as a Maverick Region.<br />

On Saturday, August 24, we held our second annual<br />

Maverick Partner Appreciation, this year taking it back to<br />

premium thank you prizes next year, please reach out to me<br />

expressing your interest in volunteering to help out at one or<br />

more of our many events. Please visit our volunteer page and<br />

be sure to register so we can reach out to you as one of our<br />

helping hands. http://mav.pca.org/volunteer/<br />

German roots: “Maverick<br />

Partner Wertschätzung.”<br />

We hold this free event each<br />

year with special invitation<br />

to our Club Volunteers and<br />

Advertising Partners as a<br />

way of giving thanks for<br />

supporting the Maverick<br />

Region. This year, the event<br />

was sponsored by Neiman<br />

Marcus Willow Bend in<br />

Plano. We were greeted with<br />

breakfast tacos, a Mimosa<br />

& Bloody Mary Bar, and of<br />

course hot coffee. Neiman<br />

Marcus opened their store<br />

early for nearly 70 Club<br />

Volunteers and Advertising<br />

Partners, allowing us to<br />

mingle through the store,<br />

driving friendships, as we<br />

enjoyed the food and drinks<br />

provided. And did we say<br />

raffles? Our new advertiser<br />

Neiman Marcus is always<br />

generous, with Kristen Wen<br />

winning lunch for four at<br />

their restaurant Mariposa, and Chris Flaugh, our Web Store<br />

Chair, winning a premier brand speaker. As a parting gift<br />

of thanks from the Maverick Region, each Volunteer and/<br />

or Partner was given a logo coffee mug, a micro-fiber towel<br />

with the Maverick logo, and an oh so popular special event<br />

window decal.<br />

There are so many ways to get involved with our club, so<br />

if you would like to receive an invite for you and a guest with<br />

12 <strong>October</strong>

Frisco<br />

Allen<br />

Roanoke<br />

Lewisville<br />

Plano<br />

Carrollton<br />

Richardson<br />

N<br />

Arlington<br />

Irving<br />

Dallas<br />

(214) 393-4480 GARAGESOFTEXAS.COM<br />



14 <strong>October</strong>

In Memoriam: Warren Bischoff<br />

by Tom Martin, as told by Brenda Bischoff<br />

The Maverick Region mourns the loss of one of its dear<br />

members, Warren Bischoff. Warren passed away unexpectedly of<br />

natural causes earlier this year at his home in Highland Village.<br />

He is survived by his wife Brenda, daughter Lauren, and brother<br />

Scott and his family.<br />

Those who knew Warren remember him as a very sociable<br />

fellow; always greeting fellow Mavericks with a big hug and a<br />

smile at Monthly Socials. His was a commanding presence; a<br />

handsome, larger than life figure. If life were simply an episode<br />

of the old TV show Bonanza, then Warren would be Ben<br />

Cartwright, the patriarch of the family.<br />

A true renaissance man, Warren’s love affair with life manifested<br />

itself through his passion for cars, airplanes, history, art, books,<br />

film, travel, music, comedy, games and life’s simple pleasures.<br />

Warren harbored a long-time admiration for everything<br />

Porsche, fueled by his fascination with motor racing, and the<br />

heroes who piloted their Porsches to victory.<br />

Upon enlisting in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict,<br />

Warren served as a helicopter mechanic while stationed in<br />

Korea. Stateside after his two year stint, he began his career with<br />

American Airlines, where he achieved the lofty status of master<br />

aircraft mechanic. Brenda and Warren married in 1975 and settled<br />

in Chicago, before relocating to the DFW Metroplex 29 years ago.<br />

In 2017, Warren joined an elite group of talented, seasoned<br />

individuals when he was presented with the Charles Taylor Master<br />

Mechanic Award, presented by<br />

the FAA only to those aircraft<br />

master mechanics who have<br />

successfully served for 50 years.<br />

Being a car guy, Warren’s<br />

experience as a master<br />

mechanic served him well,<br />

especially in the area of car<br />

restoration. He restored two<br />

Porsches, as well as some good old American iron from the<br />

Golden Age, and also a Ford Mustang that he lovingly restored<br />

with his daughter Lauren.<br />

When Lauren was in high school, the two embarked on a father/<br />

daughter project to restore a 1966 Ford Mustang. The experience<br />

was a bonding one, and needless to say, the already beautiful Lauren<br />

attracted the attention of many of her male classmates when the<br />

project was completed and parked in the school lot.<br />

Brenda and Warren loved to travel together; trips to the<br />

Continent were followed by pilgrimages to Porsche Parade and<br />

Rennsport, where Warren reveled in the sights and sounds of<br />

Porsche’s racing machines. One year, he managed to wrangle the<br />

autographs of ALL the Porsche racing drivers present.<br />

As a gentleman, a husband and a father, and also a member<br />

of the Maverick Region, Warren will be sorely missed by all who<br />

were blessed to know him.<br />

15<br />


16 <strong>October</strong>

Maverick Drivers’ Education Series: Fall Events<br />

by Renee Hayden, Region DE Chair<br />

The fall season of High Performance<br />

Drivers’ Education (HPDE) events<br />

kicks off the weekend of September<br />

14-15 at Eagles Canyon Raceway<br />

in Decatur, TX. It’s our first trip to<br />

Eagles Canyon since the ownership of<br />

the track changed, and the track has<br />

undergone extensive rebuilding. The<br />

totally new asphalt is nothing short<br />

of amazing. The pavement at Eagles<br />

Canyon is as smooth and fast as the<br />

asphalt at Circuit of the Americas<br />

when it was new. The sight lines and<br />

safety are much improved because<br />

the hills that made for so many blind<br />

turns have been moved back and the<br />

track widened. If you haven’t been to<br />

Eagles Canyon in a while, you will<br />

recognize almost all of the track, but<br />

there are many changes that you’ve<br />

just got to see - and more importantly<br />

- DRIVE!<br />

If you missed signing up for the<br />

September event, we missed you<br />

too. The good news is that we have<br />

another event at Eagles Canyon the<br />

weekend of <strong>October</strong> 19-20. You<br />

will find information and a link to<br />

registration at http://mav.pca.org/<br />

Events/DE/. Registration is open<br />

NOW. Don’t miss out!<br />

The final HPDE event of the<br />

season will find us at MotorSport<br />

Ranch in Cresson, TX the weekend<br />

of November 9-10. Registration<br />

for the November event will<br />

open on <strong>October</strong> 9.<br />

Maverick Region PCA HPDE<br />

events are open to everyone age 18<br />

and above, driving any car. You bring<br />

your car and your enthusiasm to have<br />

fun, be safe, learn, and make friends.<br />

We provide certified PCA coaches<br />

in your car, and present training in<br />

classroom sessions. Our events are<br />

extremely popular, an outstanding<br />

value, and sell out quickly.<br />

In addition to all the above, for<br />

our advanced run groups (Yellow<br />

and White), we now offer a new<br />

advanced coaching program, called<br />

Coach for the Day, tailored to the<br />

specific interests of the advanced<br />

participant. This new program<br />

provides the option of selecting one<br />

of our Advanced Coaches to work<br />

with you for the entire weekend or a<br />

portion of the weekend. Prior to the<br />

event, you work with your selected<br />

Advanced Coach to develop a<br />

list of skills and goals you want<br />

to work on during the weekend.<br />

This program will help you make<br />

significant progress in your driving.<br />

Best of all, this program is free!<br />

Come check us out!<br />


Backpack Run: Murray Kustom Rods <strong>2019</strong><br />

by Paul Moseley<br />

photos by Paul Moseley and Dave Spencer<br />

It would make a great movie: When Car Worlds<br />

Collide (or, how a bunch of Porsche people ended up<br />

hanging at one of the best hotrod shops in the country).<br />

Cruising Instagram at midnight is a wonderful thing,<br />

there’s no telling what’s gonna pop up, but a mid-July<br />

post from Heath Murray, owner of Murray Kustom<br />

Rods in Fort Worth, caught my eye:<br />

“If you bring us a backpack, or about $20 bucks worth<br />

of school supplies, we will gladly exchange you a t-shirt<br />

of any size/color/design for this backpack or school<br />

supplies.”<br />

I “liked”<br />

the post and<br />

reached out to<br />

my partner in<br />

crime, Dave<br />

Spencer, for<br />

help. Not<br />

wanting to<br />

surprise a total<br />

stranger by<br />

just showing up, we reached out to Heath and made a<br />

visit to the shop, mentioning we’d like to bring a bunch<br />

of Porsches to mingle with the American iron, if he’d<br />

have us.<br />

Heath was fired up about the possibilities and began<br />

to reach out to other car groups. The end result of our<br />

August 17th gathering, the FWISD AVID effort, which<br />

helps 4,000 disadvantaged students, received over 200<br />

backpacks plus supplies from Heath Murray, the car<br />

community and the Maverick Region’s generosity!<br />

18 <strong>October</strong>

Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:<br />

Maverick Marktpreis: Cayman 987<br />

by Peter Wen<br />

“The thing about the Cayman is - gosh, I hope<br />

they don’t hate me for saying this - I think it’s<br />

just about better than any 911. The Cayman is<br />

one of the best-handling cars I’ve ever driven,”<br />

said Randy Pobst in MotorTrend magazine.<br />

The Cayman won the magazine’s<br />

inaugural Best Driver’s Car in 2009 by<br />

besting the likes of Audi R8, Corvette<br />

ZR-1, CTS-V, and MX-5 Miata.<br />

Yeah, the Cayman is that good!<br />

First launched in 2006, the<br />

Cayman is a coupé derived from<br />

Porsche’s secondgeneration<br />

Boxster. The<br />

two models are virtually<br />

identical except for the<br />

fixed top. Cayman’s<br />

hard top, along with an<br />

extra crossbeam behind<br />

the seats, made it twice as stiff and<br />

10 pounds lighter compared to the<br />

Boxster. With its supercar-like midengine<br />

placement, perfect balance<br />

was achieved. While Porsche made<br />

sure the Cayman can never truly<br />

challenge the flagship 911, its<br />

executives freely admit that the midengine<br />

layout of the Cayman is the<br />

dynamically superior concept.<br />

Upon introduction, the Cayman<br />

won “Best in Show” at the<br />

prestigious 2005 Frankfurt<br />

International Motor Show. Awards<br />

and accolades soon followed<br />

throughout 987’s seven-year<br />

production run. Today, clean, lowmileage<br />

examples can be found for<br />

less than $30,000. Just like Evander<br />

Holyfield, pound for pound, the<br />

Cayman is the Real Deal!<br />

Excellence’s magazine’s Porsche Buyer’s Guide offered these Cayman price ranges:<br />

’07-’08 $19k-$25k<br />

’06-’08 S $20k-$30k<br />

’09-’12 $25k-$35k<br />

’09-’12 S $33k-$40k<br />

’12 R $55k-$65k<br />

Fun fact: The name Cayman came from the caiman, a member of<br />

the alligator family. To celebrate its launch, Porsche adopted four<br />

caimans at Stuttgart's Wilhelma Zoo!<br />

2006 Cayman S<br />

Sold for $25,900 + $1,295 buyer fee<br />

47k miles<br />

Carrara White / Brown<br />

3.4L Flat-Six<br />

6-speed manual<br />

1-owner, clean Carfax<br />

Preferred pkg<br />

2006 Cayman S<br />

Sold for $25,250 + $1,263 buyer fee<br />

32k miles<br />

Guards Red / Black<br />

3.4L Flat-Six<br />

6-speed manual<br />

Clean Carfax, Sport Chrono+ pkg<br />

Red belts and gauges<br />

2006 Cayman S<br />

Sold for $27,250 +$1,363 buyer fee<br />

30k miles<br />

Guards Red / Sand Beige<br />

3.4L Flat-Six<br />

6-speed manual<br />

2-owner, clean Carfax<br />

Shark Werks Tuning Kit<br />

2012 Cayman R<br />

Sold for $62,000 + $3,100 buyer fee<br />

14k miles<br />

Speed yellow / Black & Alcantara<br />

3.4L Flat-Six<br />

6-speed manual<br />

Carbon bucket seats, Sport Chrono+ &<br />

Sound+ pkgs<br />

2007 Cayman S<br />

Sold for $23,000 + $1,150 buyer fee<br />

49k miles<br />

Speed yellow / Black<br />

3.4L Flat-Six<br />

6-speed manual<br />

Clean Carfax, Preferred+ pkg<br />

19” wheels<br />

2006 Cayman S<br />

Sold for $18,076 + $904 buyer fee<br />

91k miles<br />

Black / Black<br />

3.4L Flat-Six<br />

6-speed manual<br />

Sport Chrono pkg<br />

CircuitWerks headers and muffler<br />

At Hagerty, our love for cars and their owners drives our<br />

business forward, allowing us to offer you better<br />

classic car insurance coverage for less.<br />


Coffee, Cars & Conversation<br />

by Bill Kruder<br />

photos provided by author<br />

Well, talk about a chance meeting!<br />

A few weeks ago I was working on<br />

putting a group of cars together<br />

for the Third Annual Park Place<br />

Luxury & Supercar Showcase. The<br />

one elusive car was a 924 - I know,<br />

right? For some reason, rarely do we<br />

have any show up at our monthly<br />

Mavs & Mochas. So, I reached out<br />

to our Membership Chair Jim Hirsch<br />

and asked him to pull the file on 924<br />

owners. Jim sends me a handful, but<br />

says there is this Guards Red 924<br />

Turbo that would be nice, as you don’t<br />

find that many. So I send an<br />

email to the owner and tell him<br />

what we need and to call me.<br />

Well within five minutes I get<br />

a call back and this guy is over<br />

the moon that we would want<br />

his car. We spoke for about<br />

10 minutes, during which he<br />

said he would be out at the<br />

upcoming Mavs & Mochas at<br />

Highland Park Village. Sure<br />

enough, that morning, along<br />

with nearly 200 other Porsches<br />

comes in the lone 924.<br />

So here is the next in my<br />

series of “conversations” I<br />

would like to share with you:<br />

George Snowflack, enthusiast since 2005,<br />

Owner, ‘76 914 2.0, 82 924 Turbo, ‘88 924S,<br />

and <strong>2019</strong> 911T<br />

Bill Kruder: So where are you two from?<br />

George Snowflack: I’m a New Jersey<br />

guy; I grew up in Lake Hopatcong<br />

in Morris County not far from<br />

Morristown, about 60 minutes<br />

northwest of Manhattan.<br />

BK: And where did you go to college?<br />

GS: Wagner College in Staten Island,<br />

about 60 minutes southeast of Lake<br />

Hopatcong; I graduated in 2005 with<br />

a degree in International Business and<br />

Finance.<br />

BK: Did you stay near home after<br />

graduating?<br />

GS: Oh no, that wasn’t necessarily the<br />

plan, but I couldn’t have moved much<br />

further from home. I took a job in<br />

San Francisco and got involved with<br />

start-up software companies.<br />

BK: So how did you end up here?<br />

GS: After spending about five years in<br />

SF, my company presented me with<br />

an opportunity in Dallas, so I made<br />

the move and landed in the Midway<br />

Hollow neighborhood around<br />

Northwest Highway and Midway.<br />

George and Beth Snowflack<br />

BK: I understand you are married?<br />

How did you meet?<br />

GS: Yes, married to Beth for three<br />

years now. It’s kind of funny. I was<br />

hosting a customer dinner at Bob’s<br />

Steakhouse. Beth caught my eye from<br />

across the room - she just had this<br />

gorgeous smile - so I walked over by<br />

her (I had some “liquid” courage)<br />

and introduced myself to<br />

her and her mom who were<br />

enjoying an after-dinner<br />

drink. As it turned out, she<br />

had just moved to Dallas<br />

the day before! She was<br />

opening up a new retail<br />

store at Shops @ Legacy. As<br />

they say the rest is history.<br />

We now have two kids:<br />

Ella, who is 19 months, and<br />

Ava, who is two weeks old.<br />

BK: Let’s talk cars now. What was<br />

your first car?<br />

GS: It was red 1989 Toyota Supra<br />

followed by a VW Scirocco and a GTI.<br />

BK: Where does your car passion<br />

come from?<br />

GS: My entire family but mostly my<br />

dad; he always had this love of all<br />

things cars and motorcycles. As a kid<br />

he would take me to the New York<br />

International Auto Show at Javits<br />

Center. He really wasn’t a German<br />

car guy but just loved to work<br />

on and restore things. Nothing<br />

crazy; his projects were all about<br />

being kept original, reliable, and<br />

functional. Except the El Camino<br />

(laughter); we spent a lot of time<br />

working on my 87 El Camino:<br />

black with a 454 and a 3-speed.<br />

The thing has about 500 hp. It’s<br />

a beast.<br />

BK: Ok let’s talk Porsches now.<br />

What was your first one?<br />

GS: That would be my ‘76 914<br />

2.0; I bought it in 2005. When<br />

I was living in SF, my neighbor<br />

owned it; He had bought it brand<br />

new, and the car was solid. This was<br />

just another project I volunteered<br />

my dad to help me with (laughing). I<br />

kept it all original except the addition<br />

of Koni coilovers and some sticky<br />

tires. We’d drive it up and down the<br />

California coast on Hwy 1; actually<br />

20 <strong>October</strong>

my best memory in that car was our scuba trip. We loaded<br />

up the frunk with our scuba tanks and flippers and made a<br />

bunch of dives through the kelp beds of Monterey Bay.<br />

BK: When did you acquire the 924s?<br />

GS: Actually not that long ago. I bought the Turbo in 2017<br />

and the S in 2018. The cars are so much fun in a similar way<br />

that my 914 is fun, but they also share a lot of DNA with the<br />

Scirocco that I drove as a kid. That has to be one of the things<br />

that attracted me to the 924s.<br />

BK: Tell me about the <strong>2019</strong>. Did you buy it local?<br />

GS: Man, I love this new 911 T that I ordered from Porsche<br />

of Ocala, which isn’t far from Tampa. I could have shipped<br />

it to Dallas, but what fun is that, right?! I asked my dad if<br />

he’d be interested in the 1,200-mile drive to Dallas and he<br />

agreed without hesitation. We planned out the perfect breakin<br />

drive, about 1,200 miles and 16 hours of driving with one<br />

overnight stay in Gulf Shores, AL. What’s so cool about the<br />

car is that it’s rather plain to the eye, and powered by the base<br />

Carrera 3.0 engine, but Porsche did something special with<br />

the T. They put it on a diet (the lightest 991 by about 60 lbs)<br />

by removing the rear seats and all of the sound deadening<br />

material throughout the car, and by stealing parts that are<br />

only available in the higher-end GT car lineup: carbon fiber<br />

buckets, lightweight glass, ceramic breaks, and a close-ratio<br />

7-speed manual transmission only available for this car.<br />

BK: So where do you keep this collection of cars?<br />

GS: I bought a garage at Garages of Texas - the Lakeview location<br />

near Love Field. I keep the cars on the first floor and converted<br />

the mezzanine into my office. We’ve hosted a few Garages and<br />

Gearheads events there. Look for the 924 and come say hello.<br />

Well there you have it: another what-if. Don’t miss out on<br />

those around you. Driving Friendships is what it really is<br />

all about.<br />


Upcoming Maverick Region Events<br />

22 <strong>October</strong>

23<br />

Upcoming Maverick Region Events

autoscope.co<br />

3 Dallas Locations:<br />

Porsche Specialists with over<br />

35 years experience in DFW<br />

Park Cities<br />

6134 Denton Dr<br />

Dallas, Tx 75235<br />

214-350-3050<br />

Plano<br />

601 Coit Rd<br />

Plano, Tx 75075<br />

972-867-7467<br />

White Rock<br />

9796 Ferguson Rd<br />

Dallas, Tx 75228<br />

214-320-8280<br />

The Art of Paint Protection<br />

josh@invisibra.net<br />

214-704-9299<br />

Paint Protection Film<br />

Ceramic Coating<br />

Full Detailing<br />

Window Tinting<br />

24 <strong>October</strong>

Drive Daytona <strong>October</strong> 25-27<br />

Contact:<br />

HMS<br />

Jeff Wiggins 214-957-4385<br />

HeptigMotorsports@gmail.com<br />


Prolific Parade at Boca Raton<br />

by Wendy Shoffit<br />

James and I have now been to 19 Porsche Parades.<br />

We started going in 2000 to Sacramento, CA, and<br />

immediately fell in love with it. We have only missed<br />

one since (Portland 2006) when our schedules just<br />

wouldn’t allow it. Our daughter Jasmine started going<br />

with us a year after our first one, and has now attended<br />

18 – and she’s only 22! There have been some fantastic<br />

locations and some that weren’t quite as well-liked.<br />

This year was at the Boca Raton Resort & Club (a<br />

Waldorf Astoria Resort) in southern Florida. Talk about<br />

beautiful! This place was amazing. The rooms were less<br />

expensive than normal thanks to the group rates PCA<br />

National negotiates. Everything else was not cheap, but<br />

it’s what was mostly expected. I still opted out of the<br />

$15 Toblerone from the mini bar in the room!<br />

This was a great Parade for Maverick Region. At<br />

the Concours Banquet we were awarded Region of<br />

the Year for 2018! This is an amazing honor to be<br />

considered the best region out of 145 regions across<br />

the US and Canada. We had a good sized group in<br />

attendance to accept the honor.<br />

James Shoffit, PCA President - Tom Gorsuch, Linda and Alan Bambina<br />

and Wendy accepting the Membership Growth award<br />

Later in the week we received another big award for<br />

the Region with the largest actual membership growth.<br />

We increased our membership last year by 179 members.<br />

No other region was even close.<br />

The awards didn’t stop there. Jim Hirsch and Kurt<br />

Scaggs won first place in Class VI in the Newsletter<br />

Contest for <strong>Slipstream</strong> as well as Best Newsletter Cover!<br />

Not to be outdone, Bill Orr won BEST Overall Website! Is<br />

it any wonder why we are the top region??? Fantastic job!<br />

photos provided by Linda Bambina<br />

Parade isn’t just about national awards. There are four<br />

major competitive events (Concours, Rally, Autocross,<br />

and Tech Quiz) and several other supporting ones. While<br />

this year there were no Mavericks in the Concours, we<br />

performed well in the Autocross. Fran Ussery won second<br />

place in the S05 class in her Boxster S. Mark Steele took<br />

first in S11 in his 911 C4S. Ed Mayo and Julia Underwood<br />

both took first place in their P06 (men’s and women’s)<br />

classes in Ed’s ’72 911S. Pam Stubbs took first place in the<br />

Novice Class. Lastly, I also won first place in the P17 class<br />

in my Macan Turbo. It was a hot event, but a fun course.<br />

Not many Mavericks entered the TSD Rally, but Fran<br />

and Carl Ussery placed fifth in the Unequipped Class. The<br />

Briggs family was strong in the Art Show, with Heather<br />

winning first place in classic color photography and Reagan<br />

taking first place in the Young Artist category. Brayden<br />

Paes took second place in Young Artist. Jasmine Shoffit<br />

won second place in Computer Generated Art. Bruce<br />

Hollander won second place in Sculpture. Lastly, the Briggs<br />

kids excelled<br />

in the the RC<br />

competition, with<br />

Reagan taking<br />

first in the age<br />

8-9 group in<br />

both On-Road<br />

and Off-Road.<br />

Thomas also<br />

took first in on<br />

and off in his age<br />

12-13 class.<br />

For those<br />

who don’t feel<br />

like competing,<br />

Parade has much<br />

more to offer<br />

for attendees.<br />

Tours have<br />

become extremely<br />

popular. This<br />

year’s offerings<br />

included an<br />

Airboat Tour of<br />

the Everglades, an<br />

off-road SUV tour,<br />

Kennedy Space<br />

Center, dinner<br />

Top: Mavericks stick together, even in Florida<br />

Bottom: James showing off his Pink Pig Club<br />

Race shirt in the special “Pig Pen” area<br />

26 <strong>October</strong>

on a Riverboat, a visit to the Collier Collection, and many more. There’s just<br />

something for everyone. Kids are never bored at Parade with activities every day.<br />

They’re entertained with craft days, mini-concours and “anycross” competitions,<br />

RC cars, and the like.<br />

The Goodie Store is also strong during this week with Parade, PCA, and<br />

Porsche merchandise. You want to buy it?<br />

They’ve got it! The hospitality area is always a<br />

nice cool place to sit and socialize while enjoying<br />

complimentary snacks. Vendors are around with<br />

goodies to give out and advice/information for<br />

those looking for it. Knowledge seekers need<br />

look no further than the Tech Tactics, an all-day<br />

educational seminar series towards the end of the<br />

week. Fitness buffs can compete in the 5K Run/<br />

Walk or Golf tournament.<br />

Add to this the FIVE available banquet dinners<br />

with fabulous food and door prizes, plus a<br />

Volunteer Worker Party (for those who work two<br />

or more shifts) where they give away multiple sets<br />

of tires - what more could you possibly want in a<br />

week’s vacation? Hopefully you will join us next<br />

year in Palm Springs, CA, June 21-27, 2020, or<br />

the following year in French Lick, IN, July 11-17,<br />

2021. Congratulations again to the Region and<br />

all the Award Winners. This was a year for the<br />

record books for sure.<br />

Top: Hannah Sidwell with Jasmine,<br />

Wendy and James Shoffit<br />

Bottom: Mike and Glen Hoskins<br />

with Alan Bambina<br />



Introducing HPDE/Track Day Insurance<br />

High performance driving school is a blast. It’s a chance to push your car and your<br />

skills to the limit, and it will make you a better driver. With Hagerty’s HPDE/Track Day<br />

Insurance powered by RLI, you can keep your focus where it belongs — on driving.<br />

Drive with us. Nolan Eberl-Coe | 682-219-5206 | nberl@hagerty.com<br />

Hagerty Track Day program is underwritten by RLI. Some coverage not available in all states. This is a general description of coverage. All coverage subject to<br />

policy provisions, exclusions, and endorsements. Hagerty determines final risk acceptance. Hagerty & The Steering Wheel Logo are registered or common law<br />

trademarks of the Hagerty Group LLC, ©<strong>2019</strong> The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.<br />


Your mind’s been racing.<br />

Catch up.<br />

Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary<br />

handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full<br />

measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute.<br />

The 911 Carrera.<br />

Porsche Plano<br />

5924 W Plano Pkwy.<br />

Plano, TX 75093<br />

(214) 579-1911<br />

porscheplano.com<br />

©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.<br />

28 <strong>October</strong>


How I came to love Porsches will either tell you how<br />

old or how young I am. Remember those Scholastic Book<br />

Fairs that were held in your elementary school libraries?<br />

When I was in the first grade, my father bought me a<br />

book, simply titled Super Cars.<br />

That book contained pages of<br />

sports cars with their 0-60<br />

times, engine specifications,<br />

power output, and general<br />

information. On the cover of<br />

this book was none other than<br />

the 993 Turbo.<br />

I would spend hours<br />

reading this book over and<br />

over again. The one car I fell<br />

in love with however, was the<br />

911. I would draw it over<br />

and over again and fantasize about driving one. When<br />

one passed on the road, I would shout out to all the<br />

passengers that there was a 911 in our proximity. I told<br />

myself that one my life goals would be to own a 911.<br />

This dream lived on even in my young adult years. In<br />

30 <strong>October</strong><br />

Porsche 911: A Dream Realized<br />

By Ken Hoang<br />

Contact me to learn how you can get<br />

the most out of retirement.<br />

Lisa D. Ward, MBA<br />

Agent, New York Life Insurance Company<br />

777 Mains Street Suite 3800<br />

Fort Worth, TX 76102<br />

817-614-3165<br />

ldward01@ft.newyorklife.com<br />

www.facebook.com/LisaWardNYL/<br />

Insure. Prepare. Retire.<br />

We’ll give<br />

you an<br />

assist on<br />

your future<br />

goals.<br />

SMRU1710429 (Exp.10/21/2018)<br />

©2018 New York Life Insurance Company,<br />

51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010<br />

photos provided by author<br />

class I would sometimes get on my laptop and browse<br />

build threads on Rennlist and Pelican and just appreciate<br />

the Porsche community, while also thinking about what<br />

I would do differently if such a machine would ever<br />

come into my possession.<br />

Over time, the line that<br />

separated dream from reality<br />

started to fade, and I began<br />

The Search. Although it<br />

was the 993 that captured<br />

my heart, after years of<br />

researching more about 911s,<br />

I knew a 3.2 Carrera was the<br />

one I truly wanted (maybe a<br />

993 will be in my garage in<br />

the future!). After local test<br />

drives of both 915s and G50s,<br />

two failed PPIs on prospective 911s, and eight months<br />

of unhealthy obsessive searching (I had a process of<br />

several websites and search queries that I would run<br />

every day, multiple times a day), I found a 1989 3.2<br />

in Illinois. I put a deposit down, booked a one-way to<br />

Peoria with my girlfriend, and drove 800 miles home<br />

in my dream car. I’m sure all the other Porsche owners<br />

reading this will understand this, but the drive home<br />

was surreal. Maybe it’s the honeymoon phase, but I<br />

still catch myself just sitting in my garage sometimes<br />

looking at it.<br />

This isn’t a “Never Meet Your Hero” story. The 911<br />

has lived up to every expectation plus more. When<br />

I turn the key and hear the engine, smell the old<br />

leather, and feel how responsive the car is, I feel like<br />

that same six-year-old kid 20 years ago – only this<br />

time I’m not fantasizing.<br />

Hopefully, this won’t be my last Porsche, but I’m<br />

beyond happy to own this, and even happier to be a<br />

part of such an awesome community. In this era of<br />

technological advancement and the industry’s<br />

embarkment into electric vehicles with auto revmatching<br />

and other driver aides, I’ll be cruising in my<br />

air-cooled Porsche – with manual steering, that aircooled<br />

sound that can’t be replicated by a battery, and<br />

a driver connection that embodies what Porsche meant<br />

when they said “There is no substitute.”

R E I M A G I N E D<br />

1321 COMMERCE STREET | 214.651.3615 | THEFRENCHROOM.COM<br />

You can test your<br />

knowledge (or Google<br />

search ability) of all<br />

things Porsche by<br />

participating in the<br />

monthly trivia contest<br />

posted online at http://<br />

mav.pca.org/trivia.<br />

Answers are due by the<br />

last day of each month.<br />

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift<br />

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case<br />

of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.<br />

Here are the questions and answers for the August <strong>2019</strong><br />

Trivia. We went with a trivia that brings Q&A this month<br />

dealing with the fantastic 917 and other trivial Porsche<br />

Items. The winner this Month was Kenny West, being the<br />

only person getting all 5 of 5 correct.<br />

Answers: 1)b, 2)d, 3)d, 4)c, 5)b<br />

Maverick Trivia: Are you a Porschephile?<br />

Jerry DeFeo<br />

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik<br />

1. Back when Porsche built the 917 for racing, it had to be homologated<br />

to be roadworthy. However, none back then were really built to drive<br />

on the road or street. In time, as the older race cars were sold off,<br />

Porsche did in fact build/convert ______ that were street legal. How<br />

many were built/converted? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 5<br />

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y2mq9z7h<br />

2. One such Porsche 917K was converted for Count Rossi, heir to the<br />

Martini and Rossi fortune, costing lots of money and taking a lot of<br />

effort. It was recently driven at Goodwood in its street form, albeit on<br />

very expired 1991 license plates from ________ .<br />

a. Germany b. France c. Italy d. Texas<br />

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y2mq9z7h<br />

3. Count Rossi’s car, chassis no. 917-030, does not have an orange &<br />

blue Gulf livery, nor does it wear the Martini-Rossi red, black, & blue<br />

stripes on white livery, but instead is just an understated, for a 917,<br />

solid color of _______ , with beige leather interior.<br />

a. Black b. White c. Red d. Silver<br />

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y2mq9z7h<br />

4. Count Rossi’s 917-030 is currently valued at ________ .<br />

a. $25,000,000 b. $30,000,000 c. $40,000,000 d. $50,000,000<br />

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y2mq9z7h<br />

5. In 1967, after his racing days had ended, Lance Reventlow ordered<br />

a 911R from Porsche. All the 911Rs were white, except for Lance’s,<br />

which was painted to match the Scarab Metallic Blue of his race cars,<br />

and one other 911R which was painted _________ .<br />

a. Silver b. Gold c. Red d. Black<br />

Source: Excellence magazine, Feb 2012, p 92<br />


877 C<br />


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32 <strong>October</strong>

From the exotic to<br />

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serving north dallas since 1989<br />

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Maverick September Anniversaries<br />

30 Years<br />

Fred Lagomarsino (Sue)<br />

25 Years<br />

Steve Lindsey<br />

20 Years<br />

Richard Boone (Mike)<br />

Charles Lawson (Shirley)<br />

Mitch Williams<br />

15 Years<br />

Michael Epping (Melissa)<br />

John Strakele (Grayson)<br />

10 Years<br />

Scott Clifford<br />

Ralf Kuehnhoefer (Christel)<br />

Craig Mabrey (Amy)<br />

Ben McCarty (Ben)<br />

Richard Schwausch (Katie)<br />

5 Years<br />

Ron Davis<br />

Paul Desrochers<br />

Joe Ferraro<br />

Mark Graves<br />

Mike Lovell (Patsy)<br />

Voy Mitchell (Marie)<br />

Daniel McDonald (Doris)<br />

George Mones (Linda)<br />

Ken Morgan (Juanita)<br />

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Robert Walton<br />

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Corsicana<br />

Plano<br />

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Flower Mound<br />

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Fort Worth<br />

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Flower Mound<br />

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Shady Shores<br />

Garland<br />

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Parker<br />

Fairview<br />

Plano<br />

Dallas<br />

The Colony<br />

Member Moment - 20th PCA Anniversary, Sept. <strong>2019</strong><br />

Rocky Johnson<br />

Occupation<br />

Retired, SVP/Board Member, International Executive Search Firm<br />

First Porsche<br />

Silver 1998 Boxster<br />

Current Porsche(s)<br />

Sapphire Blue 2016 Boxster GTS<br />

Most memorable Maverick or PCA event<br />

All the positive memories associated with the support and encouragement from friends during<br />

my tenure as club president.<br />

Best thing about Porsche ownership<br />

The many friends and unique experiences that have developed over the last 20 years as a result<br />

of Porsche ownership.<br />

Advertiser Index<br />

Advertising rates available upon request.<br />

For more information contact Bill Kruder at<br />

ads@mavpca.org<br />

Apex Automotive.................................. 21, 32<br />

The Ashe..................................................... 32<br />

Attic Butlers................................................. 25<br />

Autobahn Motorcar Group........................ B.C.<br />

Autoscope................................................... 24<br />

Bennett Motor Werks.................................. 33<br />

BillyGo Plumbing and Air............................ 28<br />

Concorso Detailing...................................... 29<br />

deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry........................ 9<br />

Falgout & Associates, P. C ............................ 24<br />

Fifth Gear Motorsports................................ 36<br />

Financial Enlightenment............................. 35<br />

The French Room........................................ 31<br />

Growler Motor Labs..................................... 18<br />

Garages of Texas.......................................... 13<br />

Hagerty Drivers Club............................. 19, 27<br />

Heptig Motorsports..................................... 25<br />

Innovative Autosports................................... 5<br />

Invisibra...................................................... 24<br />

Louden Motorcar Services....................... I.B.C.<br />

Mayo Performance...................................... 15<br />

New York Life.............................................. 30<br />

The Nest...................................................... 21<br />

OCD’tailers.................................................. 25<br />

Onsite Tires................................................. 28<br />

Park Place Porsche................................... I.F.C.<br />

The Phoenix Insurance................................ 15<br />

Porsche Plano............................................. 28<br />

RAC Performance.......................................... 3<br />

Stuart’s Paint and Body............................... 14<br />

Tactical Fleet................................................ 16<br />

Texas Motor Works...................................... 33<br />

Tim Schutze Real Estate................................. 9<br />

Ussery Printing........................................... 32<br />

Zims Autotechnik........................................ 35<br />

These advertisers support our<br />

Maverick Region.<br />

Tell them you saw their ad in<br />

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34 <strong>October</strong>

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.<br />

Over 300,000 parts in stock.<br />

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Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.<br />

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Oversteer: Letter from the Editor<br />

by Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor<br />

This month instead of debating electric cars or<br />

lamenting my skills as a mechanic,<br />

we’ll hear from a new voice. I’m going<br />

to introduce “Porsche” the puppy<br />

at Patriot PAWS that the Maverick<br />

Region has sponsored with the help of<br />

your donations. Patriot PAWS as many<br />

of you know is an organization that<br />

devotes their time and attention to<br />

serving American Veterans by training<br />

and providing high quality service dogs<br />

at no cost. These dogs help our vets to<br />

restore their physical and emotional<br />

independence. Here is the letter that<br />

we received from Porsche; she’s quite<br />

well spoken for a six month old.<br />

Hi. It’s me Porsche. I am almost 6<br />

months old and boy have I learned a lot<br />

since coming to Patriot PAWS. I am now<br />

with a DFW Puppy Raiser named Tammie who is taking me to<br />

all kinds of great places. We went for a demonstration at a law<br />

firm and also went to play. Two entirely different experiences,<br />

but I learned a lot from both. Cues I have<br />

learned in the last month include “Loose<br />

Leash Walk”, “Eye Contact”, “Go Now”<br />

and “Load Up”.<br />

My favorite toy is a ball, any kind<br />

of ball. As an only pup, I have learned<br />

that I can play all by myself when I<br />

need to. For example, I can roll the ball<br />

and fetch it too. I have learned a new<br />

cue called “Leave It”. That is when I<br />

am supposed to ignore things that I<br />

would like to pick up, but shouldn’t.<br />

And when I do it right, I get a yummy<br />

treat, so it’s worth the restraint.<br />

My Puppy Raiser says I am a sweet<br />

pup with great focus and I work hard<br />

and love to please.<br />

So, in closing, I want to thank you for<br />

supporting Patriot PAWS and making all of this possible.<br />

Love, Porsche.<br />

Porsche Specialists - Experienced Enthusiasts<br />

Dealer-Like Service at Independent Prices<br />

fifthgear.biz<br />

Excellent Service Maintenance & Repair Sales<br />

•All Porsches’ Serviced<br />

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14 Years<br />

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•100+ Years of Porsche Tech Experience<br />

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Tools<br />

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•Same Services and Capabilities as the<br />

Dealers<br />

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on a case-by-case basis<br />

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36 <strong>October</strong>

motorcar serv ces<br />

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Ÿ<br />

Award winning service for 40+ years<br />

Rated “Best in Dallas” a record 3 times<br />

Rated “Best in Texas”<br />

Rated “Top 10 Shops in U.S.”<br />

Rated “Best in the West” by the ROBERT BOSCH Corporation<br />

A Better Business Bureau accredited business for 3 decades with an A + rating<br />

The first ASE “Blue Seal of Excellence” business in Dallas<br />

Racing background at Daytona, Sebring, and Riverside<br />

Master Certified Technicians<br />

BOSCH Authorized Service Center<br />

Air conditioned shop for technician efficiency and comfort<br />

We do not sell cars, thus we must survive on our 40+ year service reputation<br />

See what our customers are saying about us at:<br />

LoudenMotorCars.com<br />

Theresa@LoudenMotorCars.com<br />


635 LBJ FRWY<br />

CROWN<br />

FOREST LN.<br />

RD<br />


N h x<br />


ROYAL LN.<br />

DENTON DR.<br />

LoudenMotorCars.com<br />

11454 Reeder Road, Dallas TX 75229<br />

972-241-6326<br />

FOR 4<br />






Hiram Saunders, <strong>Slipstream</strong><br />

155 Jellico<br />

Southlake, TX 76092<br />

Periodical Postage<br />

Paid at Fort Worth, TX

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