Times of the Islands Winter 2019/20


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green pages newsletter of the department of environment & coastal resources

This aerial photo shows the extensive mangrove forests in South Caicos.


meaning they play a crucial role in maintaining the structure

and integrity of an ecosystem and are an indicator

for the health of an ecosystem. Using baby Baited Remote

Underwater Videos (BRUVs), which consist of a weighteddown

camera and bait (local fish) attached to PVC piping,

we found that lemon sharks, nurse sharks, barracuda,

and southern stingrays were in higher abundance near

the mangroves around the airport when compared to

near the dump or fishing plant.

These results provide important insights into the current

health status of our local mangroves and are also

useful baseline knowledge for any future disturbances.

The airport, dump and fishing plant are well situated

within these mangroves, which will help protect them

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