EPM Showcars Issue 7 2020 Prnt

EPM's Seventh issue of Missouri and surrounding Midwest Showcars

EPM's Seventh issue of Missouri and surrounding Midwest Showcars


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<strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 1


Welcome to our seventh issue of <strong>EPM</strong><br />

<strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine!<br />

My Partner Yvonne and I are so pleased<br />

at how well our issues have done this year<br />

and are very excited about this lastest issue.<br />

We would like to thank all of the<br />

wonderful car owners, models, advertisers,<br />

sponsors and people that have been so<br />

generous with their time and prize possessions<br />

in helping us to create this publication.<br />

I would like to give a special thank you<br />

to the following people without whom this<br />

edition of <strong>Showcars</strong> magazine would not<br />

have been possible. Car Owners: Michael<br />

Goss(2016 Jeep Wrangler), Brian Stewart(2014<br />

Corvette Z51), Joe Giudice(2013<br />

Dodge Challenger SXT), Rich Johnson(1966<br />

Batmobile) and Ben Ditsch(2013 Victory<br />

Trike). Models: Bia Vonroe, Endia Sears,<br />

Jessica Oyer, Kass Kay and Kellie KataStrophe.<br />

A Special thank you to Jodine Romano<br />

of “ Women of American Chrome”<br />

for the recruiting of Olivia Darling and Bay<br />

Poniard. Special thank you’s to Malloy Allen<br />

and Mike Porter our Assistant Production<br />

Team.<br />

To my article writer Yvonne Young.<br />

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm,<br />

attention to detail, your dedication and<br />

hard work.<br />

To our fans, thank for all of your support<br />

by viewing our publication online as<br />

well as purchasing copies of our magazine.<br />

It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy<br />

viewing and reading about these beautiful<br />

vehicles as much as we did bringing them<br />

together for you in this magazine.<br />

Elton Hughes.<br />

Chief Editor<br />

Editor<br />

Creative Director<br />

Photographer<br />

Production Manager<br />

Advertizing Manager<br />

Layout Design<br />

Article Writer<br />

Research<br />

Model Recruiter<br />

Production Assistant<br />

Production Assistant<br />






yVONNE yOUNG<br />

Elton HUGHES<br />




malloy ALLEN<br />


Phone: 816-223-3250<br />

Email: eltonphotomedia@yahoo.com<br />

The articles in this publication is for information purposes only.<br />

<strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility<br />

for any inaccurate, delayed or incomplete information, nor for<br />

any actions taken in reliance therein. The information contained<br />

about each individual, event or organization that has been provided<br />

by any individual, event organizers or organization without<br />

verification by us.<br />

The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author<br />

and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong><br />

Magazine Inc. Therefore, <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine Inc. carries no<br />

responsibility for the opinion expressed therein.<br />

Any form of reproduction of any content on this publication without<br />

the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited.<br />

© <strong>2020</strong> <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine. All rights reserved.<br />

20 82<br />

04<br />

20<br />

38<br />

<br />

54<br />

“2016 WRANGLER”<br />



“KC VETTE”<br />



CHROME<br />

“THE FALLEN”<br />





THE 1966 TV SHOW & MOVIE<br />


82<br />

96<br />

54<br />




STORY<br />

“WAR EAGLE”<br />



2 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 3

4 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 5

2016 jeep wrangler<br />

Interview with Michael Goss<br />

Jeep: 2016 Jeep Wrangler<br />

Models: Jessica Oyer and Bia Vonroe<br />

Car name: “Chiefs Jeep”<br />

We at <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine felt it was appropriate to do this photoshoot at Arrowhead<br />

Stadium since the Jeep is themed for the Kansas City Chiefs! This shoot started<br />

on the lower parking lot near the stadium but unfortunately we were asked to move<br />

due to the Chiefs practice and the Covid-19 going on. We feel we captured the stadium<br />

in the background as well as we could!<br />

Michael is the proud owner of this 2016 Jeep Wrangler! He had originally bought this<br />

Jeep for going off road and having a lot of fun playing in the dirt and mud, which he says<br />

they still do! The Jeep is Michaels daily driver. Michael attends all of the Chiefs home<br />

games and to every tailgate party for the Kansas City Chiefs! Michael has been a Chiefs<br />

fan since 2014, so he decided when he got this Jeep he was going to put Chiefs graphics<br />

on it. He has changed out the graphics three or four times, he usually changes them<br />

for each football season. Michael said that he really likes the look of it now and isn’t<br />

planning on changing it unless it’s to add another Superbowl win. When the Chiefs were<br />

headed to Superbowl LIV in Miami Florida, Michael decided to have the Jeep shipped<br />

to Miami to be displayed in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area in support of the Kansas City<br />

Chiefs! Michael did this with his friend Brian Stewart. This was the location where the<br />

Kansas City Chiefs became Superbowl LIV Champions of the 2019 season “ 50 years in<br />

the making”, Michael and his wife Shannon are Chiefs season ticket holders. They even<br />

have a french mastiff dog and his name is Chief! They make sure to attend all home<br />

games and all Chiefs events along with going to a few road games.<br />

When this fun couple showed up for the photoshoot it was a very pleasant introduction,<br />

so fun and so energetic. You could feel their love for the “ Kansas City Chiefs” football<br />

team.<br />

6 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 7

Q & A: Michael Goss<br />

2016 Jeep Wrangler<br />

Q: What gratification do you get<br />

showing your car?<br />

A: Enjoy everyone's reaction when<br />

seeing my Jeep with the graphics<br />

of support of the Kansas City<br />

Chiefs.<br />

Q: What got you into doing car<br />

shows?<br />

A: I wanted to show my support<br />

for the Kansas CIty Chiefs!<br />

Q: How many car shows do you<br />

do a year?<br />

A: Attending the shows depends on<br />

when and where, I go to about<br />

ten or so.<br />

Q: Are there any certain car shows<br />

that you go to every year?<br />

A: I attend most of the shows locally<br />

and all the home games in Kansas<br />

City at Arrowhead.<br />

Q: Do you have any other hobbies<br />

or interests?<br />

A: I really enjoy going off roading and<br />

playing in the mud, also enjoy<br />

traveling and BBQing.<br />

Q: If money wasn't an object which<br />

car would you buy?<br />

A: I would buy a Mclaren 720S.<br />

Q: What are your original specs?<br />

A: My Jeep Wrangler has the factory<br />

3.6L V6 engine and 5-speed automatic<br />

transmission.<br />

Q: What mods have you done?<br />

A: I've pretty much kept it factory<br />

except for the Chiefs graphics.<br />

Q: What mods do you want to do?<br />

A: None at this time. I like the way<br />

my Jeep is now.<br />

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?<br />

A: I would like to give a BIG SHOUT<br />

Out to my wife Shannon for her<br />

support over the past 21 years and<br />

Sunshine Signs in Branson for<br />

the graphics.<br />

Q: Do you have any other show cars?<br />

A: No, not at this time.<br />

8 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 9

10 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 11

12 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 13

14 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 15

16 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 17

18 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 19

20 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 21

“kcvett”<br />

Interview with Brian Stewart<br />

Car: 2014 Corvette Z51<br />

Models: Bia Vonroe and Jessica Oyer<br />

Car name: “KCVETT”<br />

We at <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine thought it would be best to do this photoshoot at Arrowhead<br />

Stadium since the Corvette is a Chiefs Corvette! We feel we did a pretty good<br />

job doing so. As you see in the photos this was a dual shoot of friends cars themed for<br />

the love of the Chiefs!<br />

Brian has always been a lover of the Corvette. This particular COrvette he named it<br />

KCVETT 2.0, he use to own a C6 that he had designed to his specifications and then he<br />

decided to buy C7 to put his own touch on. He purchased his 2014 Corvette Z51 brand<br />

new. The first thing that Brian had added to the Corvette is under the hood. Having a<br />

bad ass black chrome designed with a skull with an Indian head dress on, to represent<br />

the Kansas City Chiefs! Also under the hood are custom fluid caps with authentic autographs<br />

engraved of the 1696 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl team, this also includes<br />

Lamar Hunts signature. Next he got the personnel license plates. As the 2019 football<br />

season progressed and with the impressive season the Chiefs were having and it appearing<br />

likely the Chiefs were headed to the Superbowl, so his familym met with Custom<br />

Shade, of Springfield Missouri to design the exterior graphics for the Corvettes body.<br />

Brian had his Corvette shipped to Miami to be displayed around Miami/Ft Lauderdale<br />

area to celebrate Superbowl LIV with his friend Michael’s Jeep in support of the Kansas<br />

City Chiefs! Then when the Chiefs won Superbowl LIV, Brian made some minor modifications<br />

to the design adding the 2-3 Jet-Chip WASP routee(the play that changed the<br />

momentum of the Superbowl) to the drivers side of the Corvette and the Champions on<br />

the passenger side. Brain and his wife Karen are Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holders<br />

and have been for a long time. They attend all the Chiefs home games and usually<br />

a few road games. Brian doesn’t take his Corvette to the games and definitely not to<br />

the tailgating parties, he has a big RV that is Chiefs themed for entertaining friends and<br />

family at the tailgate. Brian let me know that their tailgating parties are at F-21 and typically<br />

consist of 50 to 100 people and they all love to cheer for the CHIEFS!<br />

22 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 23

Q & A: Brian Stewart<br />

2014 Corvette Z51<br />

Q: What gratification do you get<br />

showing your car?<br />

A: I really enjoy showing my<br />

support for the Kansas City<br />

Chiefs football team and<br />

seeing the smiles on everyone's<br />

faces.<br />

Q: What got you into doing car<br />

shows?<br />

A: I really enjoy cars and mostly<br />

attend local shows.<br />

Q: How many car shows do you<br />

do a year?<br />

A: I attend about a dozen shows,<br />

but I also attend various Chiefs<br />

events and usually one or two<br />

road game events.<br />

Q: Are there any certain car shows<br />

that you go to every year?<br />

A: I attend the Mid America Motorworks<br />

Funfest event in Effingham, Il.<br />

Q: Do you have any other hobbies<br />

or interests?<br />

A: I really enjoy traveling and love<br />

BBQing!<br />

Q: If money wasn't an object which<br />

car would you buy?<br />

A: I've got my dream car!<br />

Q: What are your original specs?<br />

A: The engine is a 6.2L V8, 7-<br />

speed manual transmission<br />

with the Z-51 performance package.<br />

Q: What mods have you done?<br />

A: I've increased the HP to 500,<br />

modified exhaust, custom black<br />

chrome under hood pieces,<br />

custom under hood graphic,<br />

door sill covers, ground effects,<br />

exterior graphics, after market<br />

caliper covers and red magnet<br />

rotor covers.<br />

Q: What mods do you want to do?<br />

A: Next up are headers and CAM.<br />

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?<br />

A: I'd like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT<br />

to my wife Karen of 25 years, my<br />

2 sons- Garyn and Dalen, Cameron<br />

at American Car Craft in Hudson,<br />

Florida and Carson at Custom Shade<br />

in Springfield, Mo. Also to the<br />

tailgate crew at F-21<br />

Q: Do you have any other show cars?<br />

A: I also own a 1963 Corvette and a<br />

1972 Chevrolet pickup. The rest<br />

of my family owns Corvettes too!<br />

24 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 25

26 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 27

These awesome<br />

custom black<br />

chrome fluid<br />

caps and covers<br />

fabricated by<br />

American Car<br />

Craft in Hudson<br />

Florida, that<br />

include authentic<br />

Autographs of<br />

the 1969 Kansas<br />

City Chiefs Superbowl<br />

Champions.<br />

One of the<br />

covers has an<br />

authentic signature<br />

of Lamar<br />

Hunt. The other<br />

custom pieces<br />

done by American<br />

Car Craft are<br />

side skirts, door<br />

sill covers and<br />

other variousaccessories<br />

and this<br />

also includes the<br />

badass Indian<br />

Skullwith a headdress.<br />

The authentic<br />

Lamar Hunt Signature<br />

and the 1969<br />

Chiefs signatures<br />

in the engine bay<br />

of this Z51 was<br />

replicated from<br />

the custom pieces<br />

Brian had on his<br />

C6 Corvette he<br />

previously owned.<br />

Work of art!<br />

The engine of this<br />

Z51 Corvette<br />

Is a 6.2L V8 with<br />

about 500 HP,<br />

Brian had some<br />

mods done to<br />

the engine to<br />

increase the HP.<br />

The wheelbase is<br />

about 106.7 inches<br />

long, the length<br />

of the corvette is<br />

176.9 inches,<br />

width is 73.9<br />

inches and height<br />

Is 48.8 inches and<br />

curb weight<br />

about 3,400.<br />

lbs.<br />

28 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 29

30 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 31

32 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 33

34 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 35

Chateau Avalon<br />

Chateau Avalon is a Boutique Luxury Hotel with 60 rooms and 23<br />

themes! In the month of November, we do half price rooms for eveyone<br />

on the front line(Police, Military, Firefighters, First Responders, etc).<br />

We have built a new A-Vent space this year that will accommodate up<br />

to 300 people and is perfect for weddings, receptions, family reunions<br />

and much more.<br />

701 Village West Parkway Kansas City, KS 66111 913-596-000<br />

Transform<br />

your ride.<br />

An industry leader in aftermarket automotive lighting for 20<br />

years, ORACLE lighting offers innovative products for a variety of<br />

makes and models. Choose from halo kits, wheel rings, interior<br />

accessories and more to illuminate any road.<br />

VISit www.oraclelights.com or call toll-free 1 (800) 407-5776.<br />

36 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 37

38 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 39

"the fallen<br />

Interview with Joe Giudice<br />

Car: 2013 Dodge Challenger SXT<br />

Models: Olivia Darling, Kellie KataStrophe and Endia Sears<br />

Car name: “The Fallen”<br />

We also did this photo shoot at the American Legion Post 499 on Hwy 7 and at the<br />

farm the American Legion owns in Blue Springs Missouri. The American Flag on the side<br />

of the building was also appropriate for this Challenger that is a tribute to the Fallen<br />

Responders of the 9-11 tragedy.<br />

Joe bought his Dodge Challenger in November of 2012, prior to the purchase of it he<br />

had always wanted one! His intentions on the day when he purchased it, wasn’t to buy a<br />

new car. Joe and his wife were just out looking around but when the saleman approached<br />

them and informed Joe that he could own the Challenger for as little as forty<br />

dollars down! So Joe said ok, let’s do this and he bought it! He made sure he did some<br />

haggling with the price before he agreed to anything. He also requested that there was<br />

20” rims on the Challenger instead of 18” rims. The Challenger originally came stock and<br />

Joe decided to have yellow Challenger graphics on it and get the windows tinted. Later<br />

on when he went with the theme, Fallen Responders of 9-11 he changed the Challenger<br />

graphics to the green thats on the car now.<br />

The thing that sparked him to do the theme on the Challenger was a friend of his<br />

Frankie Junior, he had a 1st responder themed Charger. So when Joe came across the<br />

car club in March of 2013 and saw the themed cars he new from Frankie Jr what he<br />

was going to do “East Meets West”! Joe knew his Challenger would stand out with this<br />

theme. The Twin Towers it was! The first mod was the ghost Twin Towers graphic on his<br />

hood which was also inspired by Frankie Jr and the Challenger had started taking it’s<br />

shape from there. Joe also wanted to add other images to his Challenger, so he added<br />

the other graphics on the trunk, roof, windows and side graphics. He also wanted to do<br />

a dedication to his Fallen Brother “Matthew S Holbowitch” he was not in the towers, but<br />

the dedication is on the engine cover of the engine bay. Joe takes a lot of pride in his<br />

Challenger dedicated to the Fallen Responders!<br />

40 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 41

42 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 43

Q & A: Joe Giudice<br />

2013 Challenger SXT<br />

Q: What gratification do you get<br />

showing your car?<br />

A: I really enjoy the expressions<br />

on their faces and them telling<br />

me their feelings about what<br />

happened on 9-11. Also hearing<br />

their stories.<br />

Q: What got you into doing car<br />

shows?<br />

A: I attended cruises in NYC all<br />

the time. Here locally it<br />

seems like it’s more like a<br />

car show instead of a cruise.<br />

Q: How many car shows do you<br />

do a year?<br />

A: I normally attend about twenty<br />

shows a year, maybe more.<br />

Q: If money wasn’t an object which<br />

car would you buy?<br />

A: I would buy a Lamborghini.<br />

Q: What are your original specs?<br />

A: The engine is a 3.6L V6 with<br />

a 5-speed automatic transmission<br />

and rear wheel drive.<br />

Q: What mods have you done?<br />

A: II’ve added a K&N cold air intake,<br />

did a resonator delete, custom<br />

lighting, engine cover graphic<br />

and custom exterior graphics.<br />

Q: What mods do you want to do?<br />

A: None at this time.<br />

Q: Are there any certain car shows<br />

that you go to every year?<br />

A: I definitely attend all the shows<br />

for Purple Peace Foundation,<br />

HWY7 car shows every Saturday<br />

and Elks Lodge #2509 shows.<br />

Q: Do you have any other hobbies<br />

or interests?<br />

A: I really enjoy cooking, I’m a Chef,<br />

also enjoy bowling.<br />

Q: Do you have any other show cars?<br />

A: No other cars at this time.<br />

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?<br />

A: I’d like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT<br />

to Frankie Junior “East Meets West”,<br />

Michael at Nasty Ringz, Scott Long<br />

at Torque Customs, Solar Pro for<br />

the window tinting and Kel Davis at<br />

Gearheadz Garage in KCK. Also to<br />

Jerry Petterson for all his help,<br />

the American Legion 499 for<br />

allowing us to do the photoshoot<br />

at the hall and at the farm and<br />

Scott Lobaio who painted the flag<br />

on the wall of the American Legion<br />

hall.<br />

44 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 45

46 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 47

The first picture is<br />

of the engine bay<br />

cover that has a<br />

dedication graphic<br />

for one of Joe’s<br />

Fallen brothers<br />

“ Matthew S<br />

Holbowitch”.<br />

The second pitures<br />

is the American<br />

Flag graphic<br />

Joe had made up<br />

in memory of the<br />

lives lost in the 9-11<br />

attack on the Twin<br />

Towers in NYC.<br />

This commemorative<br />

Flag took<br />

about 7 months to<br />

create because of<br />

the auto correct<br />

feature. The American<br />

Flag graphic<br />

was done by<br />

Scott Long at<br />

Torque Customs<br />

In Larson Missouri.<br />

The top picture is<br />

a ghost graphic of<br />

the Twin Towers<br />

of the 9-11 tragedy<br />

in NYC.<br />

Then in the lower<br />

pic is another<br />

amazing graphics<br />

of the 9-11 tragedy,<br />

definitely telling<br />

the story of that<br />

day. All of these<br />

graphics were are<br />

designed by Scott<br />

Long of Torque<br />

Customs. Then the<br />

headlights were<br />

done by Michael<br />

at Nasty Ringz and<br />

the underglow<br />

lighting done by<br />

Kel Davis at Gearheadz<br />

Garage<br />

in Missouri.<br />

48 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 49

50 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 51

52 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 53

54 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 55

“batmobile”<br />

Interview with Rich Johnson<br />

Car: 1966 Batmobile<br />

Models: Jessica Oyer and Bia Vonroe<br />

Car name: “The Batmobile”<br />

This photo shoot was done at Poehler Lofts in Lawrence Kansas and then at a barn<br />

behind Johnny’s Tavern which is part of Johnny’s Tavern. The looks of both of these<br />

locations we felt, highlighted the sleekness of the Batmobile.<br />

Rich is the very proud owner of this one of a kind, custom 1966 Batmobile replica<br />

that he built by himself. He has always had a love for cars. When he was growing up<br />

his father was always doing car stuff so Rich was right with his dad. Also Rich has been<br />

a mechanic for the past 35 years, he has always built cars and repaired them. One of<br />

Rich’s biggest desires was to build a Batmobile, ever since he was a kid he had fallen in<br />

love with the car. It wasn’t until he was older and when he was watching the movie Rock<br />

Star with Mark Wahlberg that was a rich rock star and he had a Batmobile in the movie.<br />

So that’s when Rich realized that you don’t have to be Batman to have a Batmobile.<br />

Rich decided he was going to build one for himself! As you can see in the photos<br />

that he built it! The process of the build of this car took Rich about five months, working<br />

on it weekends and weekday evenings after his work at his shop was complete. Rich<br />

is the only person that did any of the work on the Batmobile. Rich’s enthusiasm is so<br />

contagious when it comes to this car, you can really tell the pride he takes in it. In the<br />

interview Rich explained to me, that not one person can say they have the exact replica<br />

of the car because throughout the filming of the series they were always changes made<br />

towards what Villain was in the episode. The creators of the Batmobile even changed the<br />

arch at the top of the car, in mid 1966 they raised the arch to film Robin with Batman for<br />

both of them to be seen fully.<br />

Rich also has another hobby that he really enjoys. Rich and is his brother have 60’s<br />

vintage sprint cars they love to drive around the dirt track raceing each other!<br />

56 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 57

Q & A: Rich Johnson<br />

1966 Batmobile custom<br />

Q: What gratification do you get<br />

showing your car?<br />

A: I really enjoy seeing everyones<br />

reaction to seeing the Batmobile<br />

and able to take a picture with it.<br />

Also love hearing the memories<br />

the Batmobile brought back to<br />

them after seeing it.<br />

Q: What got you into doing car<br />

shows?<br />

A: I grew up around cars and have<br />

always appreciated the work that<br />

goes into making them and repairing<br />

them.<br />

Q: How many car shows do you<br />

do a year?<br />

A: I don’t really have a number, I<br />

enjoy cruising around and if I<br />

come across one I might go<br />

and join the show.<br />

Q: Are there any certain car shows<br />

that you go to every year?<br />

A: I don't have any specific shows<br />

that I go to, just enjoy spreading<br />

the love of the Batmobile!<br />

Q: Do you have any other hobbies<br />

or interests?<br />

A: I love music, we have our own<br />

band. We play classic rock and<br />

country music.<br />

Q: Do you have any other show cars?<br />

A: I have several other cars, right now<br />

I'm working on my 2nd gen Batmobile<br />

Q: If money wasn't an object which<br />

car would you buy?<br />

A: I've already got it!<br />

The Batmobile!!!<br />

Q: What are your original specs?<br />

A: Well you know it’s powered by<br />

those classic jet powered engines,<br />

but as a back up it also has a Ford<br />

302 Windsor small block.<br />

Q: What mods have you done?<br />

A: The original car was a 1989<br />

Lincoln Town car that has been<br />

stretched , full fiberglass construction,<br />

fabricated door hinges, hand<br />

built doors, custom hood, custom<br />

bodywork, custom dash, custom<br />

arch, custom canopy, custom<br />

windows and custom rocket pipes.<br />

Q: What mods do you want to do?<br />

A: None at all, love the way it is.<br />

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?<br />

A: SHOUT OUT to everyone who<br />

loves Batman and the Batmobile!<br />

58 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 59

60 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 61

The top picture<br />

shows the detail of<br />

the custom<br />

fiberglass work<br />

that Rich performed<br />

on this<br />

chopped Lincoln<br />

for it to become<br />

the replica of the<br />

1966 Batmobile.<br />

The specific curves<br />

and lines where<br />

the headlight<br />

is located. Then<br />

there is the lower<br />

pic showing the<br />

sleeknees side<br />

view and view of<br />

the rear fins,<br />

how they flair out,<br />

Rich made sure to<br />

install dual parachutes<br />

just in case<br />

he needed to slow<br />

down.<br />

This Batmobile is<br />

amazing!<br />

Rich started this<br />

project out with a<br />

1989 Lincoln<br />

Town car and cut<br />

it in half to convert<br />

it to a 2-door<br />

Roadster, then<br />

stretched from 117<br />

inches to 127<br />

inches to transform<br />

it into<br />

the Batmobile.<br />

Many hours of<br />

fiberglass work,<br />

customizing door<br />

hinges, doors,<br />

door handles, the<br />

dash board, trunk,<br />

hood, custom top<br />

arch, jet launch<br />

pipes even down<br />

to the Bat laser<br />

antenna. Rich did<br />

it all himself!<br />

The bottom picture<br />

shows the<br />

custom Batman<br />

symbol he fabricated<br />

to go on the<br />

rim center cap.<br />

62 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 63

64 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 65

66 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 67

68 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 69

70 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 71

72 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 73

74 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 75

76 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 77

78 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 79

80 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 81

82 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 83

“Crucial Catch”<br />

Interview with Sheriff Don Ash of Wyndotte Sheriffs Department<br />

Car: 2011 Dodge Charger- Breast Cancer Awareness<br />

Models: Kass Kay and Bay Poniard<br />

This beautifully themed Charger’s photo shoot was done at Wyndotte County Lake. Since this<br />

Charger is part of the Sheriffs Dept of Wyndotte County we new it would be the best spot for<br />

the photo shoot!<br />

There were four (4) primary reasons why Sheriff Ash wanted to do the “Pink Patrol Car” –<br />

Donna Criss, Sheilah Young, Catheryn Carroll, and Mary Rinehart. Three of them sworn deputies<br />

and one civilian support specialist and they all were battling cancer. In addition, his wife<br />

Traci was coming out of her own battle with breast cancer. Unfortunately, Donna and Sheilah<br />

both lost their courageous battle, but Catheryn, Mary, and Traci are all doing great.<br />

Traci and Sheriff Ash were on a trip to New York City on business for Kansas City Kansas<br />

Community College; Sheriff Ash serves on the Board of Trustees there. They were visiting<br />

Ground Zero and the 9-1-1 Memorial complex and had spent about four hours there. When<br />

they came out and started for the subway, they came across a NYPD cruiser with the pink<br />

graphics. Traci commented, “You should think about doing that in the Sheriff’s Office.” And of<br />

course, she was right – it was an excellent idea!<br />

A few years before when Traci was just finishing her chemo treatments and had lost all of her<br />

hair, the “Pink Fire Truck Brigade” came for a display at our local mall in Kansas City, Kansas.<br />

People from all over the Metro and even the region came to see the equipment as well as the<br />

men and women that travel with it – many of them survivors themselves. As is their custom,<br />

Traci signed her name on the fire truck and they took photos. They were impressed with the response!<br />

The next night or maybe two after they saw the NYPD Pink Cruiser, Sheriff Ash received<br />

a cell phone call from one of his Commanders who was at the hospital with Donna Criss, and<br />

it was clear that she was getting ready to make the final transition. She was so weak that she<br />

was unable to speak with Sheriff Ash, but he was able to speak to her. He reminded her that<br />

she had been so courageous and brave during her ongoing battle, and she had fought the good<br />

fight and finished the course. He told her how much we all loved her and had been inspired by<br />

her life. Sheriff Ash also told her that we would always remember her and we were going to do<br />

something very special to honor her and her co-workers, and all of the heroes in our community<br />

battling cancer. The Commander told me she just nodded her head and as tears ran down<br />

her cheeks, she gave a big smile.<br />

Sheriff Ash recieved a text message about 3:00 am telling him that Donna had been promoted<br />

from “labor to reward” with no more pain or tears. He knew at that very moment that<br />

we would have our own “Pink Patrol Car” in memoriam.<br />

Thank you for featuring our car in this edition of <strong>Showcars</strong> Magazine and letting us tell our<br />

story in honor of these brave women. Donald Ash, Sheriff<br />

84 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 85

86 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 87

88 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 89

90 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 91

92 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 93

94 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 95

96 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 97

“War<br />

Eagle”<br />

Interview with Ben Ditsch<br />

Motorcycle: 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour Trike<br />

Models: Endia, Olivia Darling and Kellie KataStrophe<br />

Trike name: “War Eagle”<br />

This photo shoot was done at the American Legion Post 499 in Blue Springs on Hwy 7.<br />

This location was the perfect spot for the representation of the theme of this trike.<br />

Ben Ditsch is the proud owner of this 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour Trike. He previously<br />

owned a another themed bike called the “Bearcat Bike” after the college he had<br />

attended, Northwest Missouri State. But due to health issue he had to give it up. Ben saw<br />

this trike online at a dealership in Omaha Nebraska and decided to put down a deposit<br />

for the trike to be held for him. He then asked a few friends from Omaha Nebraska to go<br />

check it out for him. His friends went and checked it out and let Ben know that the trike<br />

was good. That’s when Ben went to Nebraska to purchase the motorcycle. He had to<br />

motorcycle shipped to him in December of 2017. The trike was originally blue in color.<br />

After Ben saw a custom part called a “cheese wedge” by Vic-Litz that was American<br />

Flag themed, he knew right then he wanted the trike wrapped with an American Flag<br />

design. Other reasons for Ben making this trike a Veteran and 1st Responder themed<br />

motorcycle was because his grandfather Wayne Ditsch was in the (Navy) at Pearl Harbor<br />

when it was attacked. His grandfather received a few accomidations for saving<br />

lives of his fellow sailors and his cousin Peter Dietsch, who was a Marine after 9-11. So he<br />

decided to dedicate the motorcycle to them and all the Military and 1st Responders who<br />

are serving and have served for our country. Ben bought the trike in Dec of 2017 and had<br />

it shipped from Omaha Nebraska. The transition of the motorcycle from blue color to the<br />

Veteran and 1st Responder theme, started about March of 2018.<br />

Ben named the bike “War Eagle” due to the Eagle on the front fairing and engraving on<br />

the windshield that was done by “Tattoo your Ride” in Arkansas. The entire bike lights up<br />

Red, White and Blue. The War Eagle trike has won many various awards at the attended<br />

car shows over the past two and a half years. Ben doesnt pass up a Veteran show, Special<br />

Olympics and First Responders car shows and fundraisers. Overall, Ben really enjoys<br />

seeing others smiles and reactions to his trike when hes driving down the highway.<br />

98 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 99

Q & A: Ben Ditsch<br />

2013 Victory Cross Country Tour Trike<br />

Q: What gratification do you get<br />

showing your bike?<br />

A: I really enjoy making people<br />

smile and hear their stories.<br />

Q: If money wasn't an object which<br />

car would you buy?<br />

A: I would love to get a 1950 Belair<br />

and a 1940 Indian motorcycle.<br />

Q: What got you into doing bike<br />

shows?<br />

A: I use to have a 2010 Victory<br />

Cross Country that was themed<br />

after my college.<br />

Q: How many car shows do you<br />

do a year?<br />

A: I usually attend about five<br />

or six shows a year.<br />

Q: Are there any certain car shows<br />

that you go to every year?<br />

A: I attend any car shows that are<br />

pertaining to the Military and<br />

special olympics.<br />

Q: Do you have any other hobbies<br />

or interests?<br />

A: My favorite thing to do is to play<br />

poker and travel on cruises.<br />

Q: What are your original specs?<br />

A: The engine is a V twin 106<br />

with about 140HP after modifications.<br />

Q: What mods have you done?<br />

A: I decided to have a maximus<br />

tuner done and added cams.<br />

Q: What mods do you want to do?<br />

A: None at this time, I'm happy with<br />

how the bike is now.<br />

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?<br />

A: I'd like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT<br />

to Tattoo your Ride in Arkansas,<br />

Sign Co. in KCK and Bike Works<br />

Unlimited in Liberty Missouri.<br />

Q: Do you have any other show cars?<br />

A: No, not at this time.<br />

100 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 101

102 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 103

104 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 105

106 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 107

EVENTS <strong>2020</strong><br />



Kaw Point Park: 3pm to 6pm- hosted by KCrazy<br />

Vinyls, Sept 19th<br />



785-313-7471 SEPT 26TH<br />

ELKS LODGE#2509 CAR & BIKE<br />


MO. 64014 SEPT 26TH<br />


Southpark 1141 Massachusettes St 66044<br />

8am to 3pm www.revitupcarshow.com SEPT 26TH<br />






SEPT 27TH<br />



4:00PM Sponsored by: Paola Chamber of Commerce<br />

SEPT 27TH<br />

EVENTS <strong>2020</strong><br />




OUT CONTEST: Heartland Motorsports Park<br />

8am to 6pm SEPT 27TH, more info www.importfaceoff.net<br />


VOODOO CRUISE: The Fuel House, 611 Loring<br />

Ln, 66012: 11am to 1pm OCT 3RD<br />



ARENA, 64055 OCT 4TH<br />




BE ACCEPTED OCT 10TH, LAURA 660-826-5588<br />




1545 S 135TH ST, 67235 OCT 10TH<br />

108 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | <strong>Issue</strong> 7 <strong>Issue</strong> 7 | <strong>EPM</strong> <strong>Showcars</strong> | 109

An Elton Photo Media Publication<br />

Questions and feedback:<br />

Phone: 816-223-3250<br />

Email: eltonphotomedia@yahoo.com<br />

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