We are sadly morning the recent passing of Mel Frank as we also Celebrate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Inside this issue features Art, Humor, Jobs, and the Secrets of Successful Scriptwriters! Plus Want a vax? Eviction moratorium and extended rent control. Palm Springs leather Pride 2021 trump and the arts and more FUN.

We are sadly morning the recent passing of Mel Frank as we also Celebrate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Inside this issue features Art, Humor, Jobs, and the Secrets of Successful Scriptwriters! Plus Want a vax? Eviction moratorium and extended rent control. Palm Springs leather Pride 2021 trump and the arts and more FUN.


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<strong>DDG</strong>.<strong>GAY</strong> <strong>PALM</strong> <strong>SPRINGS</strong><br />

February<br />

& <strong>COACHELLA</strong> <strong>VALLEY</strong><br />

<strong>DOCUMENTING</strong> <strong>GAY</strong> <strong>HISTORY</strong> <strong>SINCE</strong> <strong>1994</strong><br />

The Biden-Harris Administration<br />

Joe Biden<br />


Kamala Harris<br />


Mel Frank 2021<br />

INSIDE<br />





WANT A VAX?<br />



<strong>PALM</strong> <strong>SPRINGS</strong> LEATHER PRIDE 2021<br />



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Financial donations are what<br />

keep “food on the table.” We<br />

exist because of individual donors<br />

like yourself. No donation is too<br />

small, nor too big. Our yearly<br />

budget of $450,000.00 provides<br />

food and services to thousands<br />

of people. Churches, individuals<br />

and Foundations are what make<br />

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project<br />

212-549-2500<br />

Adult Protective Services<br />

Hotline<br />

800 491-7123<br />

The (FCC) reserved the 211 dialing<br />

code for community information<br />

and services.<br />

Gay Men’s Health Crisis Hotline<br />

800 243-7692<br />

American Association of Poison<br />

Control Center (800) 222-1222<br />

Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and<br />

Incest National Network (RAINN)<br />

(800) 656-HOPE<br />

See More in our Business Directory<br />

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BUSINESS Directory<br />



Pinocchio In the<br />

Desert<br />

Palm Springs<br />

breakfast and<br />

lunch bistro<br />

restaurant with<br />

a warm and<br />

welcoming, lively<br />

fun European<br />

Atmosphere.<br />

134 East Tahquitz<br />

Canyon Way. PS<br />

Rio Azul -<br />

Mexican Style<br />

Rest. & Bar<br />

Best authentic<br />

Mexican style<br />

restaurant in<br />

the valley.<br />

With patio and<br />

Bar. Home of<br />

an original<br />

and distinct<br />

interpretation of<br />

Mexican food &<br />

Longest running<br />

Sunday Drag<br />

Brunch.(760) 992-<br />

5641 350 South<br />

Indian Cyn. PS<br />

Runway<br />

Restaurant & Bar<br />

The valleys<br />

premier arts and<br />

entertainment.<br />

Featuring<br />

American<br />

Casual Dining<br />

Drinks & Drag<br />

at CCBC Resort<br />

Hotel.68300 Gay<br />

Resort Drive. CC<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

Nearly as perfect<br />

as it gets! Known<br />

as a local hole<br />

in the wall with a<br />

funky vibe and<br />

fantastic food,<br />

frequented<br />

by celebrities,<br />

politicians, word<br />

of mouth visitors<br />

from around<br />

the world. 36815<br />

Cathedral<br />

Canyon Dr. CC<br />

Eagle 501 Bar<br />


bar in the heart<br />

of Arenas, Palm<br />

Springs<br />

301 E Arenas Rd.<br />

PS<br />

The Barracks<br />


No matter your<br />

fetish, if you’re<br />

in the mood<br />

for some great<br />

cruising or just<br />

listening to some<br />

sexy music while<br />

you have a cigar<br />

largest patio bar<br />

in the desert.<br />

67625 E. Palm<br />

Canyon Dr. CC<br />

Tool Shed<br />


the Warm Sands<br />

District in central<br />

Palm Springs.<br />

600 E Sunny<br />

Dunes Rd , PS<br />

Tryst Bar and<br />

Lounge<br />

Eclectic mix of<br />

straight and<br />

gays Everyone is<br />

6 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)<br />

Welcome at Tryst<br />

21+ 188 S Indian<br />

Canyon Dr. PS<br />

MORE <strong>GAY</strong> &<br />

<strong>GAY</strong> FRIENDLY<br />

Cathedral City<br />

The Barracks<br />

Runway<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

AJ Sports<br />

Roost<br />

Trunks<br />

Studio One 11<br />

Desert Hot<br />

Springs<br />

Playoffs Sports<br />

Bar<br />

Palm Springs<br />

Eagle 501 Bar<br />

Rio Azul<br />

Tool Shed<br />

Toucan’s<br />

Streetbar<br />

Oscar’s<br />

Chill bar<br />

Hunters<br />

Stacy’s<br />

BlackBook<br />

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This new column is dedicated to the<br />

following.<br />

How a normal president works.<br />

Statement on the 12th Anniversary of the<br />

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act<br />

JANUARY 29, 2021 •<br />

Twelve years ago to the day, President<br />

Obama and I were a little over a week<br />

into our time in office. While we were<br />

working with Congress on what became<br />

the Recovery Act that kept us from<br />

another Great Depression, we got another<br />

groundbreaking and critical piece of<br />

economic legislation passed and to the<br />

President’s desk. I stood next to him and<br />

the incredible woman for whom the first<br />

law he would ever sign was named after,<br />

Lilly Ledbetter.<br />

Before she was a household name, she<br />

was like so many other women in the<br />

workforce – who worked hard, with honor,<br />

only to find out she was being paid less<br />

than a man for the same work.<br />

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act marked<br />

one small step to give women a fair chance<br />

to get ahead in this country. But we’re still<br />

far from full fair pay in the workplace — as<br />

we’ve seen in this pandemic and economic<br />

crisis.<br />

Women are disproportionately working<br />

on the frontlines caring for our loved<br />

ones and working to beat the virus, but<br />

they continue to earn less than their male<br />

counterparts. The pandemic is widening<br />

Biden Normal<br />

women’s income and wealth gaps, as more<br />

than two million have dropped out of the<br />

labor force, partly reflecting the increased<br />

domestic labor demands on women during<br />

the pandemic.<br />

Vice President Harris and I will lead an<br />

economic recovery that not only brings<br />

women back into the workforce, but<br />

that also breaks down barriers that have<br />

left women, especially women of color,<br />

unseen, underpaid, and undervalued.<br />

We applaud Senator Murray and<br />

Congresswoman DeLauro for<br />

reintroducing the Paycheck Fairness Act,<br />

which will take critical steps to end pay<br />

discrimination and increase transparency<br />

by protecting workers from retaliation<br />

for simply sharing their wages with their<br />

colleagues. It will also ban employers<br />

from seeking salary history, so they have<br />

one less false justification for underpaying<br />

women and people of color. And,<br />

it will provide tools to hold employers<br />

accountable for engaging in systemic<br />

discrimination. We urge Congress to<br />

pass it and to go further to end pay<br />

discrimination –starting by dramatically<br />

increasing funding for enforcement so that<br />

employers are held accountable.<br />

We also need to take additional steps to<br />

help women have more choices to rejoin<br />

or stay in the workforce and to have more<br />

options for high-paying jobs. That includes<br />

by providing paid family and medical<br />

leave, making child care more affordable<br />

10 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)<br />

continued on page 22

Next Mass weekly Zoom Mass every Saturday at 430.<br />

Call or 442-282-8333 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

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cover<br />

19. Biden<br />

13. Mel<br />

politics<br />

15. Successful Scriptwriter by Vic.<br />

10. Biden Normal<br />

19 Rent Control<br />

entertainment<br />


14 Palm Springs leather PRIDE<br />

30 F**Ked Up Funny<br />

business<br />

06 Business Directory<br />

06 Featured Bar/Dining<br />

06 Resorts<br />

18 Massage<br />

16 CCBC IS Hiring<br />

health<br />

19 Eviction Moratorium Extended<br />


February (do you see that extra “r”?) is one<br />

of the most frequently misspelled words in<br />

the English language.<br />

15 Successful Scriptwriters by Vic.<br />


Black History Month<br />

Valentine’s Day<br />

Return Shopping Carts to the<br />

Supermarket Month.<br />

February1870<br />

-The 15th Amendment guaranteedthe<br />

right of citizens to vote.<br />


12 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)<br />



Currently online only February<br />

As we went to print, I learned of Mel Frank’s<br />

passing. I do not have any details at this point.<br />

But Mel was a mentor to me and a number of<br />

people in Palm Springs. One of the oldest LGBT<br />

business owners. It feels like yesterday that I<br />

met him but was so many years ago. It was my<br />

at my first Desert Dailyb Guide<br />

presentation of our new web site<br />

at Heaven. Later he invested in<br />

a touchscreen kiosk i sold. And<br />

critical to the <strong>DDG</strong> survival. I once<br />

told him very soon this data will<br />

all be on a phone. He laughed<br />

and grabbed my arm in his loving<br />

way but without weight. And said<br />

“Hey, don’t say that “You will be<br />

out of work!”.<br />

Mel Frank<br />

Trump Passed 2021<br />

But we all learned to adapt. Truth<br />

be told, I stole him from another<br />

magazine in a very clever way. It<br />

was my integrity he would kid and<br />

I would say I worked your ego.<br />

Years later I invited him as my<br />

guest to the When I Rise Barbara<br />

Smith Conrad Gala hosted by our<br />

mutual friend Arlene Rosenthal.<br />

I called it the night I spend with<br />

living gods story.<br />

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Team <strong>DDG</strong><br />

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COVID.<br />

are not intentional. © 2020<br />

Vic Gerami<br />

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TheBluntPostWithVic.com<br />

Reserved.<br />

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<strong>PALM</strong> <strong>SPRINGS</strong> LEATHER PRIDE 2021<br />


Palm Springs Leather Order of The Desert is proceeding with planning to present<br />

Palm Springs Leather Pride 2021 during the period of October 28-31, 2021.<br />

Since COVID-19 continues to be a concern, it is necessary to delay a final decision<br />

about whether to present the event until July/August 2021 at which time we will send<br />

an update and post the decision on our websites and Facebook pages.<br />

We are planning to bring back all your favorite events - pool parties, formal dinner<br />

and Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest.<br />

palmspringsleatherpride.org. info@pslod.org<br />

14 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)

The Secrets of Successful<br />

Scriptwriters in Hollywood<br />

By Vic Gerami<br />

30-Year Industry Veteran, Jeff<br />

Kitchen, Explains<br />

the Art, Craft, and Business of<br />

Bankable Scriptwriting<br />

Palm Springs is often referred to as<br />

Hollywood’s playground. The city’s history<br />

of Hollywood connections dates back to<br />

the filming of the 1915 version of Peer<br />

Gynt, followed by Zane Grey movies.<br />

Studios discovered the wonders of location<br />

shooting in Palm Springs with vacant land,<br />

mountains, and boulders for Westerns and<br />

sand dunes for films about the Arabian<br />

desert.<br />

some formerly retired, are getting into<br />

writing. Some are veteran writers for<br />

Hollywood and/or Broadway, while others<br />

are newcomers. So, what are the most<br />

important things to consider for those who<br />

want to be scriptwriters/screenwriters?<br />

Alfred Hitchcock said, “To make a great<br />

film you need three things—the script,<br />

the script and the script.” But to craft the<br />

blueprint for a movie, TV show, or stage<br />

play is much harder than most people<br />

think. More special effects, gunplay, car<br />

chases, or laughs can enhance a good<br />

script, but by themselves they’re nothing.<br />

A script must get an audience up on the<br />

edge of their seats and keep them there,<br />

holding them in its thrall. That’s the job<br />

of a dramatist. Once you crack the script,<br />

everything else follows.<br />

Palm Springs is still thriving in the In the history of entertainment, a handful<br />

entertainment industry, with not just one, of names are uttered when industry<br />

but several annual film festivals. The city insiders speak of the best in any category.<br />

is also home to the Desert Screenwriters The Russian actor, director, and coach,<br />

Guild, an organization that brings Konstantin Stanislavsky, considered the<br />

screenwriters together from Hollywood father of modern acting is such a name.<br />

to Palm Springs and the surrounding He founded ‘method acting’ and his deep<br />

desert communities. With the influx of training inspired generations of great<br />

productions due to the popularity of actors. Many of the old school Hollywood<br />

streaming Expect networks, Shut Downs, many please desert contact residents, location writers first. were Delivery trained options as available 15<br />

continued on page 27

BUSINESS Directory<br />

QUADZ<br />

RetroRoom<br />

Lounge<br />

Jobs<br />

CCBC is hiring<br />

fantastic people<br />

for our Front<br />

Desk & Housekeeping<br />

Dept.<br />

See Indeed.com<br />

for details or<br />

click LINK<br />



downtown Palm<br />

Springs, Our 3.5<br />

acre fantasy<br />

playground<br />

is perfect for<br />

weekend getaways<br />

and<br />

extended stays.<br />

ccbcresorthotel.<br />

com<br />


760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San<br />

Lorenzo Rd<br />

92264 Palm<br />

Springs CA<br />

Romantic and<br />

relaxing or fun<br />

and frisky. At<br />

the Triangle Inn<br />

Palm Springs, the<br />

choice is yours.<br />

Historic Palm<br />

Springs Resort<br />

is a feast for<br />

all your senses,<br />

with a special<br />

flair for Southern<br />

(California)<br />

hospitality.<br />

triangle-inn.com<br />

Personal Service<br />

NOTE: Some<br />

business may<br />

be restricted<br />

or unavailable.<br />

Depending on<br />

COVID Please<br />

call first.<br />

Massage<br />


Exceptional,<br />

Sensual,<br />

Soothing, body<br />

work for men<br />

of all ages.<br />

Outcalls only.<br />

Call Adam for<br />

an extraordinary<br />

experience<br />

in innovative<br />

erotic relaxation.<br />

760-835-0727<br />

CCBC Resort 760<br />

324-1350 See<br />

page 2<br />

68-300 Gay<br />

Resort Drive<br />

Hey guys...take<br />

CCBC is the<br />

a break from<br />

largest clothing<br />

life and come<br />

optional Gay<br />

relax with a<br />

men’s resort<br />

great massage<br />

in Southern<br />

by trained<br />

California.<br />

hands. I am<br />

Located just a<br />

a Professional<br />

few 16 Desert minutes Daily from Guide always on line and Massage soon in print (ASAP)<br />

Therapist<br />

here offering<br />

something<br />

therapeutic,<br />

restorative and<br />

sensually tailored<br />

to your needs. I<br />

am well trained<br />

and provide a<br />

session that is<br />

unparalleled.Say<br />

hi and tell me<br />

how I can make<br />

your body feel<br />

awesome! The<br />

massage is done<br />

on a table. I see<br />

people at my<br />

location. I am<br />

off Ramon by<br />

Sunrise.<br />

845-866-0498<br />

Mark<br />



Patriot Services<br />

LIC General<br />

contractor<br />

Handyman<br />


760-327-9619<br />

continued on page 18

Expect Shut Downs, please contact location first. Delivery options available 17

BUSINESS Directory<br />

Painter<br />

Hauling<br />

Red’s Hauling.<br />

We remove trash<br />

and unwanted<br />

items. Garage<br />

clean outs.<br />

Call Red at<br />

760-288-6956<br />


Cabot’s Pueblo<br />

Museum<br />

760-329-7610<br />

McCallum<br />

Adobe 760-323-<br />

8297<br />

Indian Canyons<br />

760-323-6018<br />

Palm Springs<br />

Aerial Tram<br />

760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air<br />

Museum<br />

760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art<br />

Museum<br />

760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands<br />

760-328-2829<br />

Patton Memorial<br />

Museum<br />

760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree<br />

National park<br />

760-367-5500<br />


Joseph Rhea<br />

legal criminal<br />

law human rights<br />

760 322-3001<br />


Gear Leather<br />

and Fetish<br />

760-322-3363<br />

We carry only<br />

the finest quality<br />

leather and<br />

fetish goods,<br />

gym wear, toys<br />

and furnishings,<br />

all designed<br />

to get you off<br />

and make you<br />

look good while<br />

you’re doing it.<br />

gearleather.com<br />

650 E. Sunny<br />

Dunes<br />

18 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)<br />

Off Ramp<br />

Leathers<br />

760-778-2798<br />

offrampleathers.<br />

com New and<br />

used leather<br />

and fetish/BSDM<br />

gear.<br />

Alterations<br />

and repairs<br />

handmade item<br />

by Paul. Great<br />

selection of<br />

consignment<br />

items.<br />

650 E. Sunny<br />

Dunes Rd., Unit 3,<br />

Palm Springs, CA<br />

continued on page 24

Want a vax?<br />

You should!<br />

Check your current<br />

eligibility for COVID-19<br />

vaccines.<br />

California is launching a new tool to<br />

help you know when it’s your turn to<br />

receive the COVID-19 vaccine.<br />

Harnessing the innovative spirit of<br />

California, My Turn allows you to<br />

receive a notification via text or email<br />

when it’s your turn. This new tool will<br />

help us vaccinate every Californian as<br />

quickly as possible.<br />

Right now, eligible folks in Los Angeles<br />

and San Diego can begin scheduling<br />

appointments to receive the vaccine<br />

through My Turn. Online appointment<br />

scheduling for other groups and<br />

residents in different counties will be<br />

available in the coming weeks.<br />

For now, everyone can check to see if<br />

they’re eligible to receive the vaccine,<br />

and receive a notification via text or<br />

email when it’s your turn.<br />

Eviction Moratorium<br />

Legislation extends<br />

statewide through June 30,<br />

2021 and protects tenants’<br />

credit<br />

Creates State Rental Assistance Program<br />

to allocate $2.6 billion in federal rental<br />

assistance dollars to assist struggling<br />

tenants and small property owners<br />

On Monday, Governor Newsom,<br />

Senate President pro Tempore Toni<br />

Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony<br />

Rendon announced an agreement on<br />

the legislation to extend the eviction<br />

moratorium established last year under<br />

AB 3088, which was set to expire at<br />

the end of the month. “Once again,<br />

California is leading the way by enacting<br />

the strongest eviction protections in<br />

the nation, which will provide relief<br />

for millions of Californians dealing<br />

with financial difficulties as a result of<br />

COVID-19,” said Governor Newsom.<br />

https://www.gov.ca.gov/<br />

https://myturn.ca.gov/<br />

Having trouble? Don’t have an email<br />

address or mobile phone?<br />

Call the CA COVID-19 Hotline at<br />

1-833-422-4255 (M-F 8AM-8PM, Sa-Su<br />

8AM-5PM) for assistance.<br />

If you need assistance contact us or call<br />

211Expect Shut Downs, please contact location first. Delivery options available 19




REPORTER: Adam EMAIL: adamart@desertdailyguide.com Web: coming soon<br />

The year 2020 will be historically known<br />

as the year of the Covid Pandemic. All of the<br />

world had been drastically affected by the death<br />

of over one million five hundred thousand<br />

humans by the end of December 2020, and the<br />

complete disruption of life as it existed prior to the<br />

beginning of Covid. One positive event at the end<br />

of the year was the presidential election and the<br />

removal of Donald J. Trump.<br />

After the election of Trump in 2016, there<br />

was speculation that the arts would benefit from<br />

his administration. Trump was a disaster for the<br />

arts. He did provide ample reasons for artists<br />

of all categories to react against his tyranny. For<br />

which he provided his push back with Twitter<br />

threats, lies, and innuendos. His comments<br />

on Hamilton as “overrated” referring to media<br />

outlets that did not complement his treacheries<br />

he called, failures, and the administration’s<br />

attempts to defund arts organizations such<br />

as the National Endowment for the Arts, the<br />

National Endowment for the Humanities, and<br />

the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which<br />

helps fund PBS and NPR, just as a sample of the<br />

attempts at censorship and tyrannical control.<br />

There is one artist who has used his creative<br />

ability to the detriment of the country and society<br />

by embellishing the tyranny of Trump. One<br />

example of this Utah artist, Jon McNaughton, the<br />

exaggerated fantasy of Trump is his depiction of<br />

Trump riding a Harley with Melania riding behind<br />

him apparently at a Trump rally in front of the<br />

U.S. Capitol. Incidentally, the same building that<br />

was invaded by insurgents, promoted by Trump,<br />

after he refused to acknowledge his loss in the<br />

presidential election. McNaughton continues to<br />

use his artistic ability to attempt to defend Trump.<br />

These examples of Trumps’ war with the<br />

arts parallels with Hitler and the Nazis and the<br />

undermining of the arts during that period of<br />

history. For example,<br />

Hitler began his regime of terror by<br />

creating a rift in the art community. Ten days<br />

after becoming the chancellor of the National<br />

Socialist Party of Germany in 1933 he stated,<br />

that his “party wanted to burn out the symptoms<br />

of decomposition in literature, in theater, in the<br />

press.....in a word the whole culture, we want<br />

to burn out this poison” His reference to the<br />

progressive arts that did not comply with his<br />

psychotic xenophobia of Jews and others that<br />

were not Aryan. Hitler, himself had attempted<br />

to become an artist but had been rejected at art<br />

school in Austria.<br />

Reaction from artists was swift and<br />

continuous. Alec Baldwin on SNL, impersonated<br />

Trump providing a better personalization of<br />

Trump than Trump as himself.<br />

Nude life-sized statues of Trump with an<br />

extended stomach and small penis mysteriously By the end of 1933, Hitler has succeeded in<br />

appeared in 5 major cities. Night show talk hosts removing all Jews from Germany’s educational<br />

found continuous ways to expose his failures with and cultural system. At the end of 1935, Hitler had<br />

attempts to make them humorous. The disaster of removed all musicians, artists, architects, and all<br />

the Covid-19 Pandemic of which Trump’s lack of creative people who were not certified as Aryan<br />

response excelled in at least doubling the number (a member of the superior white race). Visual<br />

of deaths along with the trauma to the economy artists were ordered to represent situations in their<br />

which was disproportionately exaggerated in the art that only supported the Aryan superiority as<br />

arts.<br />

determined by Hitler and his cohorts. Those<br />

20 Desert Daily Guide always on line and who soon did in not print comply (ASAP) were ordered to stop creating

art. This was enforced by the artist’s residence<br />

being visited periodically to assure that they<br />

were not creating art. If it was determined<br />

that they were not complying they could be<br />

imprisoned or executed.<br />

The Bauhaus art community which is<br />

credited with the introduction of Modernism<br />

in design and architecture was constantly<br />

under scrutiny by Hitler. Walter Gropius one<br />

of the founders of the Bauhaus visualized<br />

this as an epicenter for the future of style and<br />

philosophy that today is still prevalent, This<br />

is evident during Modernism week each year<br />

in Palm Springs. Gropius was not a political<br />

person, he preferred to advance his ideas<br />

through a progressive social consciousness<br />

of improving the lives of working people<br />

by creating housing and workplaces that<br />

reflect healthy, safe, clean, well designed,<br />

and aesthetically pleasing environments. He<br />

stated, “Let us create a new guild of craftsmen,<br />

without the class distinctions that raise an<br />

arrogant barrier between craftsmen and<br />

artists.”<br />

was pounded into people repeatedly through<br />

various media. He said, “ the receptive powers<br />

of the masses are very restricted and their<br />

power of understanding is slight.” Is this<br />

statement reminiscent of the Trump? How<br />

many hundreds of times was the statement,<br />

“witch hunt” used, along with “fake news”,<br />

“deep state” etc. Repetition creates legitimacy,<br />

especially for tyrants.<br />

We are very lucky to have avoided the<br />

disaster of becoming puppets of the Trump<br />

tyranny and his supremacist, misogynistic,<br />

xenophobic, psychosis. How close we were, AT<br />


The participation of art and artists in helping<br />

to prevent this catastrophe and is underlying<br />

the presence of the best of humanity.<br />

An anonymous statement describes<br />

Gropius and the arts during the reign of<br />

Hitler as, “Gropius’s aim was to introduce<br />

soul into the age of the machine. The Nazis’<br />

was to introduce the machine into the soul.”<br />

Hitler’s aim was to completely control the<br />

populace, the arts were a constant irritation<br />

to his goal. He understood that propaganda<br />

was most effective when the same message<br />

Expect Shut Downs, please contact location first. Delivery options available 21

Biden Normal<br />

and schedules more predictable and<br />

flexible, and building training pipelines<br />

into high-paying jobs. It also includes<br />

raising the minimum wage and boosting<br />

pay for those in the care economy –<br />

including child care workers, home health<br />

aides, and pre-school teachers. And, we<br />

must make it easier for workers to organize<br />

and bargain collectively, a critical path to<br />

reducing the wage gap for women.<br />

As we do this work, we urge employers<br />

across the country to partner with us<br />

and take immediate action to change<br />

the culture and pay practices that foster<br />

discrimination.<br />

We cannot move forward while leaving<br />

half of our country behind. I hope there is<br />

a bill that comes to my desk for me to sign,<br />

with Vice President Harris standing next<br />

to me as we ensure that women are valued,<br />

appreciated, and given the fair shot they<br />

deserve.<br />

President Biden Announces New Steps<br />

to Boost Vaccine Supply and Increase<br />

Transparency for States, Tribes, and<br />

Territories<br />

Executive Order on Reforming Our<br />

Incarceration System to Eliminate the<br />

Use of Privately Operated Criminal<br />

Detention Facilities<br />

Memorandum Condemning and<br />

Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and<br />

Intolerance Against Asian Americans and<br />

Pacific Islanders in the United States<br />

Readout of President Joseph R. Biden,<br />

Jr. Call with President Vladimir Putin of<br />

Russia<br />

Readout of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.<br />

Call with Chancellor Angela Merkel of<br />

Germany<br />

Also...<br />

Remarks by President Biden at Signing<br />

of Executive Orders Strengthening<br />

Americans’ Access to Quality, Affordable<br />

Healthcare.<br />

Executive Order on Strengthening<br />

Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act<br />

Remarks by President Biden in Signing<br />

of Executive Order Reversing the 2018<br />

Transgender Military Ban<br />

What I’m doing is enabling all qualified<br />

Americans to serve their country in<br />

uniform, and essentially restoring<br />

the situation as it existed before, with<br />

transgender personnel, if qualified<br />

in every other way, can serve their<br />

government in the United States military.<br />

Statement by President Joseph R.<br />

Biden, Jr. on International Holocaust<br />

Remembrance Day<br />

22 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)

tenantstogether.org<br />

List of Rent Control<br />

Ordinances by City<br />

Only 28 out of 482 cities in California<br />

have strong tenant protections. The<br />

statewide rent cap passed in 2019<br />

is a solid start, but does not go far<br />

enough to stop displacement and<br />

evictions.<br />

Palm Springs: Not a lawyer but this<br />

old renter rates them a “needs TLC”<br />

City of Palm Springs Tenant Protections<br />

The information below is provided<br />

by Tenants Together, based partially<br />

on research conducted by the Urban<br />

Displacement Project, and was last updated<br />

in October 2018. For complete information<br />

on the City’s tenant protections, please visit<br />

their website here.<br />

Disclaimer: This website is for general<br />

information and none of the information<br />

provided constitutes legal advice. In<br />

addition, please note that ordinances<br />

are periodically updated, modified, or<br />

interpreted by regulations. We recommend<br />

contacting the City for the official version<br />

of its law in the event that you intend to<br />

rely on this information.<br />

Rent control is effective at keeping people<br />

in their homes. Rent control policies<br />

limit rent increases and provide greater<br />

housing stability for tenants. Rent control<br />

ordinances in California allow landlords to<br />

set the initial rent in any amount, but limit<br />

rent increases after a tenancy begins.<br />

Rent control is often combined with<br />

eviction protections, known as “just cause<br />

for eviction,” to make sure that landlords<br />

do not get around the rent increase limits<br />

by simply evicting tenants arbitrarily<br />

and bringing in new tenants. Just Cause<br />

protections provide basic fairness and<br />

prevent retaliation, discrimination, and<br />

harassment proactively.<br />


are still covered by this link.<br />

“https://www.tenantstogether.org/covid-<br />

19-tenant-defense”<br />

Emeryville<br />

Fairfax summary coming soon<br />

Glendale<br />

Maywood<br />

San Diego<br />

San Rafael summary coming soon<br />

Unincorporated Marin County summary<br />

coming soon<br />

Union City<br />

This project is a collaboration between<br />

Tenants Together and the Anti-Eviction<br />

Mapping Project.<br />

More on our colaboration with this work<br />

in next the next issue.<br />

Stay Tuned! Stay Informed!<br />

Tenants Together is a statewide coalition<br />

of local tenant organizations dedicated<br />

to defending and advancing the rights<br />

of California tenants to safe, decent, and<br />

affordable housing.<br />

Expect Shut Downs, please contact location first. Delivery options available 23

BUSINESS Directory<br />


LGBT<br />


CENTER 760-416-<br />

7790 thecenterps.org<br />


SOCIETY 800-227-2345<br />

AMVETS:<br />

Veterans club<br />

760-324-5670<br />

Coachella Valley Sexual<br />

Assault Services Rape<br />

Crisis Center<br />

(760) 568-9071<br />


760-832-9770<br />

DESERT<br />


desert-stonewall.org<br />

DESERT WINDS freedom<br />

Band<br />

760 776-2700<br />

<strong>GAY</strong> ARTISTS -<br />

760 835-0727<br />

Gay Book Club of PS—<br />

write to<br />

bookclubofps@yahoo.<br />

com<br />

Transgender community<br />

transcc.org<br />

<strong>PALM</strong> <strong>SPRINGS</strong> <strong>GAY</strong><br />

MEN’S<br />

CHORUS<br />

760-219-2077<br />

<strong>PALM</strong> <strong>SPRINGS</strong> LEATHER<br />


272-5553<br />

<strong>PALM</strong> <strong>SPRINGS</strong> PRIDE<br />

pspride.org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert<br />

760-424-8014.<br />


Gay Men CCBC Resort<br />

Family DeAnza Desert<br />

Sun Resort<br />

Starland<br />

Community Desert<br />

retreat<br />

All listings are<br />

now free to all<br />

current and past<br />

advertisers<br />

By way of thanks to<br />

their support for us<br />

over the years.<br />

24 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)

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26 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)

playwrights, and now writers emerge from<br />

film schools and writing classes. One of<br />

the top-rated dramatic writing teachers<br />

working today is Jeff Kitchen.<br />

Jeff to discuss his career, his techniques,<br />

and Scriptwriting Mastery, his new<br />

training program, a comprehensive digital<br />

apprenticeship for writers.<br />

VG: With the increase in production due<br />

to streaming services such as Netflix,<br />

Amazon Prime, and Hulu, plus ‘reality’<br />

entertainment now a fixture in the<br />

21st century, how do you see the state<br />

of scriptwriting and screenwriting in<br />

Hollywood today?<br />

JK: It’s a truly great time to be a writer<br />

today because there’s such an explosion of<br />

opportunity. Producers have repeatedly<br />

told me they’re starving for people who<br />

can write scripts that work, so if you want<br />

a career then master your craft. Dramatic<br />

writing is notoriously difficult and tricky,<br />

but newcomers often think it’s easy. It’s<br />

hard work, but if you can show up with<br />

deep skills as a storyteller and substantial<br />

craft as a dramatist, then you can forge a<br />

career for yourself. The door is wide open<br />

Jeff was classically trained as a playwright and studios want to try new things because<br />

and for thirty years he’s trained thousands the whole game has changed. So, make<br />

of writers from Broadway to Hollywood. bold choices and dazzle them with your<br />

Among his former students are multiple vision—but make sure it works on the<br />

Oscar and Emmy nominees, showrunners page. That’s your job as a scriptwriter—<br />

and directors, writers, and producers. to tell a good story and to make it work<br />

Author of Writing a Great Movie: Key dramatically.<br />

Tools for Successful Screenwriting, Jeff<br />

has trained development executives at VG: What are three things that you would<br />

all the major Hollywood studios, who tell writers who want to get into script or<br />

they consistently say he teaches the screenwriting specifically?<br />

most advanced development tools in the JK: 1) MASTER YOUR CRAFT. The craft<br />

industry. With aspiring screenwriters of the dramatist is about adapting a story<br />

flocking to LA each year to pursue their for a theatrical performance—whether as<br />

dream, I wanted to interview one of the a film, TV show, or on stage. You’ve got to<br />

leading dramatic writing teachers and tell a good story and it must be actable and<br />

coaches Expect in Shut the business. Downs, I please sat down contact with location grip an first. audience. Delivery options available 27<br />

continued on page 28

Dramatic writing is generally considered deepen and broaden your inner resources.<br />

the most elusive of all the literary<br />

Listen for the stories that percolate all<br />

mediums, so you need solid skills if you around you, and then make them your<br />

want a writing career. There are certain own. Producers are starving for original<br />

distinctions that help make the skills work creative material, so grow your own and<br />

and if you muddy those distinctions every put it out there. The more craft you have<br />

time, they become inconvenient, then you as a dramatist, the bolder the story choices<br />

lose their power. Scripts are more you can make.<br />

constructed than written, so mastering 3) BE TENACIOUS AND SAVVY. Making<br />

plot construction and dramatic principle a living as a writer is no easy feat. You need<br />

is crucial. You must be able to wade into grit and you need perspective. You need to<br />

the chaos of story creation and structure it know how to handle rejection because it’s<br />

into compelling dramatic plot, no matter a huge part of the game. Wanting to never<br />

what the genre. It’s like being a helicopter have your writing turned down is like<br />

pilot—hard to learn, but once you do you being a boxer and expecting to never get<br />

can always find work.<br />

punched. Learn to take care of your inner<br />

2) FIND YOUR OWN VOICE. Write a lot. needs so you can survive emotionally.<br />

Don’t get sidetracked by distractions or Understand that your writing won’t be a<br />

rejections. Dig deep into your own creative fit for everyone. Think about movies you<br />

reservoir and keep cranking out scripts, loathe that other people think are genius.<br />

but don’t be a robot. Don’t just copycat It can take time to find the people who fit<br />

trends because that’s what there’s too much your sensibility. Find your own creative<br />

of already. Always look at things through rhythm so you can keep to a pace that<br />

the eyes of a writer, turning things over works for you. Cultivate your creativity.<br />

in your mind and playing What If. Put You’ve also got to think strategically and<br />

yourself in other people’s shoes and think work smart to create a career. The ability<br />

about what you would do in their place. to collaborate (I don’t mean co-writing but<br />

What if you are a ghost with unfinished interacting professionally with others) is<br />

business? What would it feel like? How crucial because you end up working with<br />

could you affect the world of the living? so many people, and if you don’t play well<br />

What if you’re a corrupt politician who with others, they won’t want you back.<br />

found one honest thing worth fighting for? I heard one casting director say that she<br />

What if you’re lost in the woods and know would never work with this particular<br />

you’re going to die? Listen to your inner person again “because life is too long.” Be<br />

voice. You are a distinct person with your professional, reliable, and consistent—<br />

own take on situations. What do you bring someone that other people want to work<br />

to the table? What do you love? How are with.<br />

you wired and how are you warped? The VG: What is the greatest misconception<br />

deeper you go into your own particular about scriptwriting?<br />

taste and energy, the less you imitate<br />

others. 28 Desert Read Daily all the Guide time so always that you on line and soon in print (ASAP)<br />

continued on page 29

JK: That a good story automatically makes<br />

a good movie, TV show, or play. A story<br />

must be dramatized so that it works as<br />

a performance medium. In the theater<br />

they have a good saying for it. They say<br />

the story might sound good around a<br />

campfire but it’s not stageworthy—it’s not<br />

capable of being performed so that it grips<br />

an audience. A good script is consistently<br />

dramatic, with no flat sections, which<br />

means you keep the audience on the<br />

edge of their seats for most of the show.<br />

Consistent coherent compelling Dramatic<br />

Action is the secret ingredient. Dramatic<br />

Action is not car chases and shootouts; it’s<br />

a state of action that you put the audience<br />

in, wondering how things will turn out,<br />

what comes next, how it will end. So, it’s<br />

not just storytelling. You need storytelling<br />

skills as big as you can get them, and you<br />

also need substantial craft as a dramatist.<br />

VG: Your digital apprenticeship program,<br />

script.kitchen, offers Scriptwriting<br />

Mastery, a high-intensity training<br />

program for serious scriptwriters. What<br />

are some of the benefits of your program<br />

and how does it help writers in their<br />

career?<br />

JK: I teach seven of the most powerful<br />

dramatic writing tools in the industry and<br />

my students are rigorously trained in them<br />

by constantly building multiple scripts.<br />

They work hard to master each tool and<br />

principle, and then to merge them all into<br />

one fluid capability. The entire program is<br />

laser-focused on teaching the craft of the<br />

dramatist. This two-year training program<br />

will turn them into a seasoned professional<br />

scriptwriter, ready to tackle any project<br />

in any genre. They’ll be trained how to<br />

trap a protagonist in a dilemma to create<br />

riveting dramatic action; how to develop<br />

dynamic, complex, flawed characters that<br />

feel familiar; how to put their finger on<br />

the theme that’s emerging through the<br />

complete action of a story rather than<br />

the theme they insist it must be; how to<br />

jumpstart a story, utilize all its native<br />

elements, and amplify its strengths; how<br />

to use the power of logic to fuse all the<br />

elements of a story into one main action;<br />

how to dramatize every part of a story so<br />

none of it is flat dramatically; how to make<br />

the audience the central focus of all their<br />

work; and how to work from the general<br />

to the specific as they construct their plot<br />

and flesh out its details, keeping only that<br />

which is necessary to propel the story<br />

forward. The main thing I teach is how to<br />

engineer a script properly before you write<br />

it, and the way I teach it is by a rigorous<br />

apprenticeship built around constantly<br />

working on multiple scripts of all genres.<br />

For more information about Jeff Kitchen<br />

and Scriptwriting Mastery, please visit<br />

http://script.kitchen<br />

BIO: Vic Gerami<br />

Vic Gerami is a journalist, columnist,<br />

media commentator, and the host of his<br />

prime-time program THE BLUNT POST<br />

with VIC (TBPV) on Independent +<br />

Progressive Radio KPFK 90.7 FM (Pacifica<br />

Network). Vic is also the editor + publisher<br />

of The Blunt Post.<br />

Expect Shut Downs, please contact location first. Delivery options available 29

Fucked UP Funny<br />



The Donald has not stopped yapping. But<br />

his platform is gone from most reputable<br />

media sources. And his approval rating is<br />

tanking. Now only Qanon followers and<br />

Christians seem to sing his praises.<br />

#socialdistancingif<br />

But when Screen Actors Guild announced<br />

they would deplatformed him he wrote the<br />

silly revenge letter on the next page. The<br />

child wrote this very sane perfectly written<br />

letter, probably a person that thinks they<br />

are a Baron.<br />

Many in this community are SAG<br />

union members, I’m sure they will get a<br />

chuckle.<br />

One of his banned platforms weighed in. A<br />

Twitter user proposed creating a “petition<br />

to digitally replace trump in ‘Home Alone<br />

2’ with 40-year-old Macaulay Culkin.”<br />

“Sold.” Culkin wrote in response.<br />

In addition to the tweets, a petition on<br />

Change.org asks Disney to replace Trump<br />

with President-elect Joe Biden.<br />

Bad idea was it to sing “Happy<br />

Birthday” while washing your hands?<br />

Someone in China expect a gift.<br />

Ran out of toilet paper and started using<br />

lettuce leaves. Today was just the tip of<br />

the iceberg, so my tomorrow romaines.<br />

Mums always told us we wouldn’t<br />

accomplish anything by lying in bed all<br />

day. But look at us now, saving the world<br />

like John Lennon!<br />

Being quarantined with a ex lover is like<br />

having an insane parrot glued to your<br />

shoulder you still have to feed.<br />

Trump has reached Machine Gun Kelly<br />

fame. The gangster from Memphis not<br />

raper Richard Colson Baker was born on<br />

April 22, 1990, in Houston to missionary COVID means never having to say “I<br />

parents. Who chose an actual gangster wouldn’t touch you with a six-foot pole”<br />

as his role model and identifies as an<br />

anarchist. But then there is the spat with The World Health Organization<br />

M&M. I have no idea but its between two announced that dogs cannot contract<br />

idiots with fake names. Who cares! COVID-19. Finally we know it was<br />

30 Desert Daily Guide always on line and WHO. soon in WHO print let (ASAP) the dogs out.

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32 Desert Daily Guide always on line and soon in print (ASAP)

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