DDG December 1, 2023 covering Palm Springs desert cities since 1994.

On 1st December, WHO, together with communities and partners will commemorate World AIDS Day 2023, under the theme “Let communities lead”. Local Gay Icon posthumously honored humanitarian Timothy Ray Brown, widely known as the “Berlin Patient,” with the 464th star on the Palm Springs Walk of the Stars. Human Rights Day 10 December. and more...

On 1st December, WHO, together with communities and partners will commemorate World AIDS Day 2023, under the theme “Let communities lead”. Local Gay Icon posthumously honored humanitarian Timothy Ray Brown, widely known as the “Berlin Patient,” with the 464th star on the Palm Springs Walk of the Stars. Human Rights Day 10 December. and more...


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LGBTQ people are among the many<br />

subgroups of Americans known to<br />

experience high rates of food insecurity.*<br />

*The Williams Institute<br />

The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert<br />

provides food for 30,000+ people annually.<br />

Scan here<br />

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Holiday<br />

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G E A R L E AT H E R C O G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />


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welcome<br />

<strong>December</strong> 1, <strong>2023</strong><br />

V0lume 28 Issue4<br />

On 1st <strong>December</strong>, WHO, together<br />

with communities and partners will<br />

commemorate World AIDS Day <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

under the theme “Let communities<br />

lead”. Communities living with, and<br />

affected by, HIV, networks of people<br />

from key populations and youth<br />

leaders have been, and continue to<br />

be, essential for progress in the HIV<br />

ABC News Reports<br />

Students participated in a<br />

walkout at a South Florida<br />

high school on Tuesday Nov<br />

29, a day after their principal<br />

and four other staff members<br />

were removed from their<br />

positions as officials<br />

investigate allegations of a<br />

transgender student being<br />

allowed to play on a girls’<br />

volleyball team, in violation<br />

of state law.<br />

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do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the <strong>DDG</strong>, its staff, or its advertisers. <strong>DDG</strong> is not<br />

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Any likeness of any person living or dead is strictly PARODY!<br />

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response.<br />

Human Rights Day is celebrated every<br />

year on 10 <strong>December</strong>. It commemorates<br />

the day in 1948 the United Nations<br />

General Assembly adopted the<br />

Universal Declaration of Human<br />

Rights. This year we celebrate the 75th<br />

anniversary of the UDHR.<br />

“When fascism comes to<br />

America, it will be wrapped<br />

in the flag and carrying a<br />

cross.”<br />

—Sinclair Lewis<br />

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will@<strong>desert</strong>dailyguide.com<br />


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G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

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REPORTER: Adam EMAIL: adamsartexpose@gmail.com ADAMSARTEXPOSE’<br />




Banksy is the current name of the graffiti<br />

street artist who emerged in Bristol,<br />

England in the early 1990s. He has <strong>since</strong><br />

become a well-known anonymous artist,<br />

political activist, and, filmmaker<br />

His early art was inspired by the Bristol<br />

graffiti artist 3D. He was chased by the<br />

police while working on a mural. Taking<br />

refuge under a truck while lying there<br />

he noticed a stenciled number on the<br />

underside of the truck This inspired him<br />

to change his art to stenciled images<br />

which can be spray painted quickly.<br />

Much of his work would be categorized<br />

as temporary art. It is primarily painted<br />

on walls or structures built as walls for his<br />

paintings. The phrase, shop till you drop,<br />

was imagined by Banksy as a shopper<br />

falling with a shopping cart painted on<br />

the side of a skyscraper in London, a<br />

timely image with the current Christmas<br />

shopping season.<br />

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Although his art is considered temporary<br />

much of it has been reproduced<br />

through photographs and made into<br />

prints. Exhibitions of his work have been<br />

throughout the world. A California<br />

exhibit in Los Angeles in 2003 was at<br />

33/1/3 Gallery in Silver Lake. A framed<br />

reproduction of a Banksy image of a<br />

girl with a heart-shaped red balloon<br />

titled, Love is In The Air”, was sold by<br />

Sotheby’s in 2017 for $1.5 million. While<br />

it was being displayed at the auction it<br />

shredded itself and gained a new title,<br />

“Love is in the Bin.”One of his works in<br />

London was painted on a house. Some<br />

realtors felt the mural would depreciate<br />

the price, instead, it increased its value<br />

by several millions and the sale was<br />

considered a painting with a house<br />


Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Banksy stated “He doesn’t agree with<br />

the concept of awards ceremonies but<br />

he is willing to make an exception for<br />

one that he is nominated for.<br />

Related to the Academy statue he said,<br />

“The last time a naked man covered in<br />

gold paint was in his house it was him”.<br />

During 2009 he traveled to Palestine<br />

where he completed several images<br />

on walls throughout the West Bank.<br />

The highly published work “The Flower<br />

Thrower” was one of the images<br />

painted in Palestine. Considering the<br />

Israeli Humas war, Banksy’s mural, Don’t<br />

Succeed, Call An AirStrike, seems to<br />

fit the current solution for the existing<br />

problem.<br />

The anonymity of Banksy provides some<br />

problems in retaining authorship of the<br />

original created art. Banksy says he is<br />

not concerned about the money that<br />

his art is making investors and galleries<br />

but would like to be considered as the<br />

originator. Banksy’s art is provocative,<br />

challenging, and emotionally enticing.<br />

The reason that he is considered<br />

an activist and subversive and also<br />

immensely popular is that his art evokes<br />

an acknowledgment that may vary<br />

depending on your ideology. At this<br />

time of divisiveness, political upheaval,<br />

and violent reactions there is a message<br />

to Banksy’s work that evokes a response<br />

that may temper overreaction and<br />

bring a more tranquil result, especially<br />

considering that Christmas is a time of<br />

peace and goodwill toward others.<br />

The film, “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, A<br />

Banksy-supported film about street artists<br />

premiered at the Sundance Film Festival<br />

in 2010 and has been nominated for an<br />

Academy Award for documentary film.<br />

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<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Chamber of Commerce<br />

Announces <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Walk of the Stars<br />

to Honor Timothy Ray Brown with 464th<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA – The <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Chamber of Commerce<br />

will posthumously honor humanitarian Timothy Ray Brown,<br />

widely known as the “Berlin Patient,” with the 464th star on the<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Walk of the Stars. The star will be unveiled at the<br />

Downtown <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Park on Friday, <strong>December</strong> 1st at 11:00<br />

a.m. The Star Dedication Ceremony is open to the public.<br />

WHAT: 464th Star on the Walk of the Stars<br />

WHO: Timothy Ray Brown<br />

WHEN: Friday, <strong>December</strong> 1st at 11:00 a.m.<br />

WHERE: Downtown <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Park<br />

“Timothy Ray Brown’s indelible mark on the world of HIV cure<br />

research and his unwavering dedication to raising awareness<br />

is admirable and we’re honored to be celebrating him with the<br />

464th star on the <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Walk of the Stars.,” said <strong>Palm</strong><br />

<strong>Springs</strong> Chamber CEO, Nona Watson.<br />

by funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).<br />

Upon relocating to <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, Brown and his partner, Tim,<br />

actively participated in the Let’s Kick AIDS Survivor Syndrome<br />

social group. Their dedication extended to supporting the HIV<br />

& Aging Research Project – <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, where they held<br />

influential roles on the Stakeholders Advisory Board, shaping<br />

research agendas and educational programming. Brown<br />

consistently engaged in significant HIV research conferences,<br />

such as the <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Symposium on HIV/AIDS and the West<br />

Coast Retrovirus Meeting, both attracting leading scientists from<br />

the United States and around the world.<br />

In July 2012, Brown announced the establishment of the<br />

Timothy Ray Brown Foundation in Washington, D.C., a<br />

foundation dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS.<br />

In September 2020, Brown revealed leukemia had returned<br />

in 2019 and that he was terminally ill. Brown passed away on<br />

September 29th, 2020. He was 54 years old.<br />

Please contact walkofthestars@pschamber.org or call the <strong>Palm</strong><br />

<strong>Springs</strong> Chamber of Commerce at (760) 325-1577 for additional<br />

information on <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Walk of the Stars.<br />

<strong>DDG</strong> Note: Timothy Ray Brown and his partner, Tim<br />

Hoeffgen, were active, proud members of our local LGBT<br />

community, and I was very touched by the support shown by<br />

our leather community that paused during a leather contest to<br />

acknowledge Brown’s many contributions.<br />

Timothy Ray Brown played a pivotal role in advancing HIV cure<br />

research, marking a historic achievement as the first person<br />

successfully cured of HIV/AIDS. At the 2008 Conference on<br />

Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, where his cure was<br />

initially disclosed, he was deliberately given the moniker “The<br />

Berlin Patient” to protect his anonymity. Making a pivotal<br />

decision, Brown chose to step into the public eye in 2010, a<br />

disclosure that sparked global inspiration among researchers to<br />

embark on an ambitious HIV cure research agenda, supported<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />

Tool Shed Owner<br />

Rob Cole<br />

Celebrating Timothy<br />

Ray Brown’s many<br />

achievements and<br />

dedication to our<br />

LGBT community<br />

Photo by A.A.<br />


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14 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

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In<br />

The<br />

News...or not<br />

by AioBUS<br />

The Great Debate<br />

This debate will go down in history as<br />

a modern-day version of the Scopes<br />

Monkey Trial. It will be the first time both<br />

sides have come clean with their issues.<br />

This nation has stood for rights <strong>since</strong><br />

1925 when the great attorney Clarence<br />

Darrow joined the fight for the right<br />

to teach any theory, including those<br />

that may deny the story of the Divine<br />

Creation of man as taught in the Bible.<br />

In opposition to teaching bans, local<br />

businessmen George Rappleyea and<br />

Scopes got themselves arrested, and<br />

the pair enlisted the aid of the American<br />

Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to organize<br />

a defense. Christian fundamentalist<br />

William Jennings Bryan assisted the<br />

prosecution.<br />

Thus, the stage was set for one of the<br />

most famous trials in U.S. history.<br />

In a dramatic twist, Clarence Darrow<br />

called only one witness, Bryan, and<br />

mopped the floor with his arrogance.<br />

On July 21, in his closing speech, Darrow<br />

asked the jury to return a guilty verdict<br />

so that this verdict could be appealed.<br />

After eight minutes of deliberation,<br />

the jury returned with a guilty verdict,<br />

and Raulston ordered Scopes to pay<br />

a fine of $100, the minimum the law<br />

16 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

allowed. Later, in 1927, the Tennessee<br />

Supreme Court overturned the Monkey<br />

Trial verdict on a technicality but left<br />

the constitutional issues unresolved until<br />

1968, when the U.S. Supreme Court<br />

found it violated the First Amendment.<br />

To all, it was settled.<br />

Until The Great Debate and other GOP<br />

disasters<br />

Like the great debate on Fox, each side<br />

was subjected to significant ridicule<br />

and contradictory statements to the<br />

amusement of the crowd.<br />

Finally, it was agreed that both sides<br />

claim they love America, and you may<br />

have a different opinion, and for now,<br />

that’s okay. But from where I see it,<br />

only one side was talking about all of<br />

America.<br />

Highlights:<br />

It was DeSantis and Hannity vs. Newsom<br />

and Biden. says the New York Times<br />

“Joe Biden will be our nominee in a<br />

matter of weeks,” Mr. Newsom said<br />

before adding of Mr. DeSantis, “In a<br />

matter of weeks, he will be endorsing<br />

Donald Trump.”<br />

Mr. Newsom added that inflation was<br />

down to 3.2 percent. Wage growth<br />

had topped 4 percent, and economic<br />

growth in the last quarter was a blistering<br />

5.2 percent, he said, adding, “Those are<br />

facts you don’t hear on Fox News.”<br />

-Meanwhile, New York court reinstates<br />

Trump’s gag orders in civil fraud case:<br />

Santos expelled Kevin McCarthy says<br />

Matt Gaetz “Belongs in Jail,”

Blue Bunny<br />

The Drag Icon Celebrates Xmas in <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>!<br />

By Skip Sheffield<br />

In Lady Bunny: A Very<br />

Blue X-Mas, everyone's<br />

favorite holiday ham<br />

dishes a sleigh full of truly<br />

disgusting jokes along<br />

with her trademark<br />

parodies of over thirty<br />

Christmas classics,<br />

including "Rudolpho the<br />

Uncut Reindeer" and “I<br />

Saw Daddy Fisting Santa<br />

Claus.”<br />

Lady Bunny will perform<br />

two shows of Lady Bunny:<br />

A Very Blue X-Mas at<br />

Oscars (125 E Tahquitz<br />

Canyon Way #108) on<br />

Thursday, <strong>December</strong> 21<br />

at 7:00pm and 9:30pm.<br />

18+ only. Shows are outside with<br />

limited heaters. No audio or video<br />

recording is allowed.<br />

Tickets are $55.95-$79.95 at<br />

Oscars<strong>Palm</strong><strong>Springs</strong>.com.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Ties That Bind<br />

New Film Explores the Drama of Gay Friendship<br />

By Tom Tietjen<br />

Bad Together follows<br />

Robbie (played by Andrés<br />

Erickson), who is newly<br />

dumped and in such dire<br />

need for companionship,<br />

he’s willing to embrace the<br />

company of anyone who<br />

extends a hand. Enter<br />

Cameron (played by Queer<br />

Niro), the life of the party<br />

who appears to revel in the<br />

admiration he receives from<br />

others. Behind the happy go<br />

lucky exterior, however, is a<br />

man who constantly craves<br />

validation and is struggling<br />

to find a clear sense of<br />

purpose in his life.<br />

Bad Together releases to<br />

TVOD on Apple and<br />

Amazon on <strong>December</strong> 5.<br />

Over four years, the guys<br />

create a relationship that<br />

may not be healthy for either<br />

one of them.<br />

18 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Tolerance Education Center vandalized<br />

In this time of rising antisemitism, the likes of which we have never seen before in<br />

this country, we are deeply saddened and concerned that the Tolerance Education<br />

Center has been vandalized. The bronze sculpture outside the Tolerance Education<br />

Center was toppled and damaged Sunday morning, November 19th.<br />

The sculpture, by Dee Clements, was commissioned by our founder, Earl Greif in<br />

2008, to shed light on his own and others' experience during Nazi imprisonment and<br />

genocide. This act of vandalism, given the weight of the sculpture, was most likely<br />

pre-planned as it required heavy equipment to do the damage.<br />

The mission of the Tolerance Education Center is to promote tolerance and<br />

understanding and reduce bigotry and hate. Since Oct. 7, <strong>2023</strong>, we stand<br />

squarely with the supporters of democracy and the State of Israel in the ongoing<br />

fight against Hamas. This act of aggression and cowardice, whether against<br />

our mission, our stand, or our presence in Rancho Mirage, will not deter us from<br />

our programming and fulfilling the objectives of tolerance education through<br />

Holocaust education as articulated by our founder.<br />

We need your help to continue our work in these dark and<br />

uncertain times. We need to know you are with us, and we<br />

need extra security as a part of our ordinary operations.<br />

Today, we reach out to you for your help and ask you to<br />

give to The Tolerance Education Center. Please donate<br />

If you have any information which may help in exposing<br />

the perpetrator(s), please do not hesitate to get in touch<br />

by emailing us at support@toleranceeducationcenter.org.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Welcome!<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

3601 E. Mesquite Ave, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong><br />

Demuth Community Center<br />

God’s Love &<br />

Good Works.<br />

760.327.3802<br />

www.bloominthe<strong>desert</strong>.org<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

Facebook<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />


YouTube<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />

Mass over Zoom every SUNDAY at 4 PM Pacific.<br />

Call or 442-282-8389 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

20 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Revolution Stage 611 S. <strong>Palm</strong> Canyon<br />

Drive, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92264<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


1<br />

A B C D<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

A B C D<br />

22 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

E F G<br />

E F G<br />

HOTELS<br />

The Hacienda<br />

Vista Grande Resort<br />

Inndulge <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong><br />

Desert Paradise Resort<br />

All Worlds Resort<br />

Twin <strong>Palm</strong>s Resort<br />

El Mirasol Villas<br />

Triangle Inn<br />

Mirage 2<br />

Santiago Resort<br />

GAY BARS<br />


FOOD<br />

Townie Bagels<br />

Ristretto<br />


Sunny Dunes Barber Shop<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Tire &<br />

Automotive<br />

One Eleven Vintage Cars<br />

Kennard’s Automotive<br />

PSP AIRPORT 11 min<br />



Q Trading Co<br />

Off Ramp Leathers<br />

Gear Leather and Fetish<br />

Sunny Dunes Antique Mall<br />

Little Shop of Treasure<br />

Pink Cactus<br />

Builders Supply<br />

Antique Galleries of <strong>Palm</strong><br />

<strong>Springs</strong><br />

Modmart<br />

Cool Places to Visit<br />

Moorten Botanical<br />

Garden<br />

Tahquitz Canyon TRAIL<br />

Indian Canyons<br />

Prescott Preserve<br />

Revolution Stage Company<br />

continued from page 23<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />



Featured Listings<br />

Tool Shed LEVI/LEATHER In the Warm<br />

Sands District in central <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>.<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky.<br />

At the Triangle Inn <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, the<br />

choice is yours. Historic <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong><br />

Resort is a feast for all your senses, with<br />

a special flair for Southern (California)<br />

hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

We carry only the finest quality leather<br />

and fetish goods, gym wear, toys and<br />

furnishings, all designed to get you off<br />

and make you look good while you’re<br />

doing it. gearleather.com<br />

650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

offrampleathers.com New and used<br />

leather and fetish/BSDM gear.<br />

Alterations and repairs handmade item<br />

by Paul. Great selection of consignment<br />

items. 650 E. Sunny Dunes Rd., Unit<br />

3,<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA<br />

24 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

GAY/GAY FREMDLY BARS if we missed<br />

any let us know or do not. Because The<br />

Dude abides.<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong><br />

Dick’s on Arenas: A popular gay bar with a<br />

friendly atmosphere and a patio. It is located<br />

at 301 E Arenas Rd, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262<br />

Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill: A Mexican<br />

bar and grill with a relaxing ambiance and<br />

refreshing drinks. It is located at 350 S Indian<br />

Canyon Dr, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262 2.<br />

Tool Shed: A casual levi gay bar buy day sand<br />

leather by nigh with a BACK PATIO and a<br />

jukebox. It is located at 600 E Sunny Dunes Rd,<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92264 3.<br />

Toucan’s Tiki Lounge: A popular gay bar with a<br />

Hawaiian tiki-theme and a lively atmosphere.<br />

It is located at 2100 N <strong>Palm</strong> Canyon Dr, <strong>Palm</strong><br />

<strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262 4.<br />

Streetbar: A lively gay bar with karaoke nights<br />

and drag shows. It is located at 224 E Arenas<br />

Rd, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262 5.<br />

Oscar’s: A popular gay bar with a lively<br />

atmosphere and a patio. It is located at 125 E<br />

Tahquitz Canyon Way, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262<br />

5.<br />

Chill Bar: A casual gay bar with a dance floor<br />

and a patio. It is located at 217 E Arenas Rd,<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262 5.<br />

Hunters <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>: A premier LGBTQ+ oasis<br />

in <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> that offers an unforgettable<br />

experience combining exquisite dining,<br />

vibrant nightlife, and a welcoming, inclusive<br />

atmosphere. It is located at 302 East Arenas<br />

Road, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA, 92262<br />

Stacy’s: A popular lesbian bar in Cathedral<br />

City that offers karaoke nights and drag shows.<br />

It is located at 220 E Arenas Rd, Cathedral City,<br />

CA 92234<br />

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BlackBook: A trendy cocktail lounge in<br />

downtown <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> that offers live music<br />

and DJs on weekends. It is located at 315 E<br />

Arenas Rd #101, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262<br />

QUADZ: A casual gay bar with pool tables and<br />

karaoke nights. It is located at 200 S Indian<br />

Canyon Dr #100, <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92262<br />


Playoffs Sports Lounge: A friendly and eclectic<br />

sports oasis with 12 high-definition big screen<br />

televisions that show all the major sporting<br />

events and many of the sports packages,<br />

including the NFL Sunday Ticket. It is located at<br />

12105 <strong>Palm</strong> Dr, Desert Hot <strong>Springs</strong>, CA 92240<br />

Cathedral City<br />

The Barracks: A popular gay bar with a leather<br />

theme, pool tables, and a patio. It is located<br />

at 67625 E <strong>Palm</strong> Canyon Dr, Cathedral City,<br />

CA 92234<br />

Roost Lounge: A cozy bar with a vintage vibe<br />

and a patio. It is located at 68718 E <strong>Palm</strong><br />

Canyon Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234 1.<br />

Runway: A trendy gay bar with a dance floor<br />

and a patio. It is located at 68300 Gay Resort<br />

Drive, Cathedral City, CA 92234<br />

Sunshine Cafe: A popular gay bar with a lively<br />

atmosphere and karaoke nights. It is located<br />

at 36815 Cathedral Canyon Dr, Cathedral City,<br />

CA 92234<br />

AMP Sports Lounge: A sports bar with a friendly<br />

atmosphere and a patio. It is located at 68718<br />

E <strong>Palm</strong> Canyon Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234<br />

Studio One 11: A modern gay bar with a<br />

dance floor and karaoke nights. It is located at<br />

67555 E <strong>Palm</strong> Canyon Dr Ste A103, Cathedral<br />

City, CA 92234<br />


Family DeAnza Desert Sun Resort<br />

Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Sea Mountain Luxury Nude Resort and<br />

Spa Hotel DHS<br />

SOCAL Nude beaches which are also<br />

called “free beach”, or “clothingoptional”.<br />

Blacks Beach Nude Beach in San Diego is<br />

located just north of La Jolla Shores and<br />

beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs.<br />

Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach<br />

Corona Del Mar is one of California’s best<br />

nude beaches.<br />


AMVETS Express Reservations: free round<br />

trip to Loma Linda VA clinic to<br />

760-699-8849<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.Org<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Gay<br />

Men’s Chorus 760-219-2077<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Leather Order of the Desert<br />

760 272-5553<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Pride<br />

Pspride.Org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert<br />

info@ptod.us<br />

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Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


26 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.


Lifeline Support for Affordable<br />

Communications<br />

www.fcc.gov/lifeline-consumers<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Affordable Care Act Plans - Check<br />

to See if You Qualify<br />


Thursday nights VILLAGEFEST takes place<br />

in downtown <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> on <strong>Palm</strong><br />

Canyon Drive every. villagefest.org<br />

June through September from 7:00 p.m.<br />

until 10 p.m.<br />

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum<br />

760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Aerial Tram<br />

760-325-1449<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Air Museum<br />

760-778-6262<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Art Museum<br />

760-325-7186<br />

<strong>DDG</strong><br />

Visitors Guide<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Art Museum was founded in<br />

1938 as the <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Desert Museum at<br />

La Plaza in downtown <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>. Natural<br />

science exhibits, Cahuilla Indian artifacts, and<br />

hiking excursions dominated the institution’s<br />

programming. 62+ $14,00 All visitors are<br />

recommended to make a reservation online<br />

before arriving at the Museum.<br />

The <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Aerial Tramway<br />

Summer Pass Ticket<br />

Adult & Seniors $85<br />

Child (ages 3-10) $45<br />

Valid for parking and unlimited Tram rides<br />

till July 31,<strong>2023</strong>.—the world’s largest rotating<br />

tram car—travels over two-and-one-half miles<br />

along the breathtaking cliffs of Chino Canyon,<br />

transporting riders to the pristine wilderness<br />

of the Mt. San Jacinto State Park. During<br />

your approximately ten-minute journey, tram<br />

cars rotate slowly, offering picturesque and<br />

spectacular vistas of the valley floor below.<br />

Once you reach the Mountain Station—elevation<br />

8,516 feet—enjoy two restaurants, observation<br />

decks, natural history museum, two documentary<br />

theaters, gift shop and over 50 miles of hiking<br />

trails.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


The Indian Canyons<br />

Fifteen miles long, <strong>Palm</strong> Canyon is one of<br />

the areas of great beauty in Western North<br />

America. Its indigenous flora and fauna, which<br />

the Cahuilla people so expertly used, and its<br />

abundant Washingtonia filifera (California Fan<br />

<strong>Palm</strong>) are breathtaking contrasts to the stark<br />

rocky gorges and barren <strong>desert</strong> lands beyond.<br />

A moderately graded foot path winds down<br />

into the canyon for picnicking near the stream,<br />

meditation, exploring, hiking or horseback<br />

riding. For more information call 760-323-6018<br />

www.indian-canyons.comlocated at 38520 S.<br />

<strong>Palm</strong> Canyon Dr. <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong><br />

Hours<br />

Oct. 1 - July 4: daily 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.<br />

(Last vehicle in at 4 p.m.)<br />

July 5 - Sept. 30: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.<br />

(open only Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Last<br />

vehicle in at 4 p.m.)<br />

No animals allowed.<br />

Uber/Lyft Drivers are required to display<br />

company stickers in their windshield for drop off<br />

and pickup.<br />

The <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Air Museum is a living<br />

history museum dedicated to educating the<br />

public about the role Air Power played in<br />

preserving American liberties and way of life.<br />

The Museum preserves, exhibits, and flies<br />

aircraft from World War Two, Korean War,<br />

Vietnam War and the Global War on Terror. A<br />

good portion of the aircraft in the collection are<br />

in flyable condition.<br />

Open Cockpit Saturdays<br />

Museum guests are treated to the extra special<br />

experience of being allowed to sit at the controls<br />

and pose for pictures. From 10:30-12:30 each<br />

Saturday, a selected aircraft will be opened up<br />

and made accessible to the public. Museum<br />

Volunteers will also be on hand to answer<br />

28 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

questions and provide the historical back drop<br />

for the aircraft you are sitting in.<br />


Like a North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is<br />

an American long-range, single-seat fighter and<br />

fighter-bomber used during World War II and the<br />

Korean War, among other conflicts.<br />

Some Special require additional fees or donation<br />

If you have questions or concerns, please email<br />

giftshop@palmspringsairmuseum.org<br />

745 North Gene Autry Trail <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong>,<br />

California 92262<br />

760-778-6262<br />

Also the museum will be bringing three vintage<br />

warbirds to participate in the races this year!<br />

Each year we struggle to make the costs of<br />

insurance for the aircraft. Your donations can<br />

make a difference and we will provide you with<br />

some cool merchandise as a thank you!<br />


Discover how the <strong>desert</strong> comes alive after dark!<br />

Do you know which animals change colors when<br />

you use a blacklight? Using our blacklights, we<br />

will take a short walk along the Art Smith Trail<br />

basin looking for the many nocturnal creatures<br />

that inhabit our <strong>desert</strong>. And a week-long Summer<br />

BioBlitz.<br />

<strong>desert</strong>mountains.org<br />

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, 47900<br />

Portola Ave, <strong>Palm</strong> Desert, CA 92260<br />

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in PalDesert<br />

is a unique zoo and botanical garden that<br />

specializes in the <strong>desert</strong>s of the world. Open<br />

daily from 8:00am-5:00pm, with last admission<br />

at 4:00pm. For the most current information,<br />

please visit www.living<strong>desert</strong>.org

ANNOUNCING <strong>2023</strong>’S CALIFORNIA<br />



California Arts Council awards nearly $33<br />

million in projected funding support for<br />

arts infrastructure and engagement to<br />

bolster the vitality of California’s diverse<br />

communities through creativity<br />

Today, the California Arts Council (CAC)<br />

announced 856 grant awards totaling<br />

more than $32.75 million in overall<br />

projected investments for operational<br />

and project support to nonprofit<br />

organizations and units of government<br />

throughout the state of California.<br />

The nearly $33 million in grant awards<br />

for the <strong>2023</strong> grant cycle, which includes<br />

projections for two-year programs,<br />

sets a new record for the state arts<br />

agency’s investment in California’s arts<br />

and culture workforce via permanent<br />

state and federal allocations for local<br />

assistance funds, upwards of $2.8 million<br />

more than its last record-setting year in<br />

2020.<br />

“In this last year, the California Arts<br />

Council has been working diligently<br />

to listen to our field, to be responsive<br />

to the moment, and to do our best to<br />

make our investments strategic and<br />

equitable,” said California Arts Council<br />

Executive Director Jonathan Moscone.<br />

“I am proud that we are able to disperse<br />

more than 850 grants throughout the<br />

state so that the arts can continue to<br />

have a deep and positive impact on<br />

the vast and diverse communities of<br />

California.”<br />

Organizations were awarded grants<br />

across six different program areas<br />

designed to benefit the whole of<br />

California’s arts and culture ecosystem,<br />

with focused considerations for firsttime<br />

applicants, small and mid-size arts<br />

and organizations, folk and traditional<br />

art forms, county local arts agencies<br />

and arts service organizations, and<br />

opportunities with deep investment for<br />

both general operating and projectbased<br />

support.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


PSCC Schedule<br />

Enjoy Holiday Drink Specials All Season<br />

Long!<br />

FILM<br />

12/1 - Fellini Retrospective - THE WHITE<br />

SHEIK<br />

12/2 - Desert Film Society - THE CRIME IS<br />

MINE<br />


Saturdays: Outdoors <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong><br />

Certified Farmers’ Market<br />

12/03 - <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Springs</strong> Vintage Market<br />


12/1 - 12/3 Modern Men: Coachella<br />

Valley’s Men’s Chorus - COMFORT & JOY<br />


12/8 - Sand, Stars, & Guitars - LEVI KREIS -<br />


PLAY<br />


Sundays - Keisha PSCC home<br />

D. Live! - From The<br />

Carpenters To Chaka Khan<br />

Mondays - Mon Petit Salon - Jeremie<br />

Levi Samson + Guests<br />

Tuesdays - Leanna and the Jazz<br />

Collective<br />

Wednesdays - The Mod Squad Variety<br />

Show - Jeff Stewart, Francesca Amari,<br />

Wayne Abravanel<br />

Thursdays - Americana Open Mic and<br />

Pro Showcase - Dede Ondishko and<br />

Boo Rigney- Appearing NOV 30: ERIC<br />



‘Slay: The Art of Drag’ Summer <strong>2023</strong><br />

Exhibition. Artist Craig Mann.<br />


11/24 - 12/10 - The Bent - ITS ONLY A<br />

30 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />


Joy<br />

Holiday<br />

for good<br />

&<br />

BAD boys<br />

Gear has special giis at every price, including hundreds for less than $50!<br />

Stuff his stocking with an incredible present that you’ll both remember.<br />

L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


32 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

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