DDG Oct. 1, 2023

Mom has passed! Because of her, we are able move on, to fight the fight. The DDG is back, and with our unique view of a gay world, mine. So, if you are a fierce out, proud advocate, reach us at (ddg.gay) if you are more on the private side (desertdailyguide.com). If you are here, check Gear or Toolshed (others by chance). Our limited print helps meet additional ADA standards and consumes less waste. Captain Paul Watson. We welcome you to volume 28th from Warm San Sands, a Gay heart of Palm Springs.

Mom has passed! Because of her, we are able move on, to fight the fight.
The DDG is back, and with our unique view of a gay world, mine. So, if you are a fierce out, proud advocate, reach us at (ddg.gay) if you are more on the private side (desertdailyguide.com). If you are here, check Gear or Toolshed (others by chance). Our limited print helps meet additional ADA standards and consumes less waste. Captain Paul Watson. We welcome you to volume 28th from Warm San Sands, a Gay heart of Palm Springs.


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G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

GAY<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>. 1<br />





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#6<br />

PRIDE<br />

Guest DJ’s:<br />

OSCAR SF<br />

STEFAN<br />

WAYS DEN<br />

PARTY<br />

House<br />

Techno<br />

Garage<br />

Disco<br />

Acid<br />

dryheat_ps<br />

NO COVER!<br />


FRIDAY NOV 3RD <strong>2023</strong><br />

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welcome.<br />

Welcome to the all-new <strong>2023</strong> 2024 season of the <strong>DDG</strong>. A groundbreaking LGBT magazine that saw<br />

many awards won and broke many news items for over 25 years, and continues today. The history of Palm<br />

Springs is the history of <strong>DDG</strong> since 1994. We lived and loved with you, cried with you, and sometimes<br />

spoke up for you. Our love for life with equality is evident in every issue we curate and publish for all our<br />

locals and visitors. Our items and events are each tailored to our interest, and we do it online without<br />

a paywall of any kind (not even email) and in print as needed, available in select advertiser locations.<br />

But you might find us anywhere LGBTQ find welcome, as our world has become very reachable.<br />

Mike and I desired to bring new ideas to Palm Springs and were happy to see our Palm Springs<br />

grow and our Cultural Center collaborate with AI to Produce a remarkable film. The future is bright,<br />

and we are here!<br />

Team <strong>DDG</strong><br />

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L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

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REPORTER: Adam EMAIL: adamsartexpose@gmail.com ADAMSARTEXPOSE’<br />


jtfotoguy.com<br />

J T says he started photographing the male form about 20 years<br />

ago when he was a film student at the California Institute of the<br />

Arts. At that time it was primarily a hobby. Filmmaking is his<br />

major journey with horror films being his favorite topic, about<br />

7 years ago he became more serious about photographing the<br />

male form.<br />

He moved from the L.A. area just prior to the pandemic. He had<br />

established his website while in Southern California and was<br />

concerned about moving to Portland, Oregon if models would be<br />

available. He said L.A. is full of exhibitionists but many models<br />

were hesitant about doing nude photo shoots in that it might<br />

“hurt their non-existent acting careers”. He pointed out to the<br />

models that “ even the Ex-First Lady had nude photos”,<br />

He started with 4 models in Portland which he says were more<br />

open and pleasant to work with than some of the L.A. models.<br />

T J says,”Many of the models do not feel they are the model<br />

type. They don’t have the musculature and the physique of<br />

the commonly hunky model. However, after they have seen<br />

photographs taken of them and see how they look in the eyes of<br />

others they gain a sense of conviction and self-empowerment.”.<br />

J T says whenever he works with a model before and during a<br />

shoot “they brainstorm, share concepts and one idea leads to<br />

another”.<br />

The J T Seaton Photography website offers a variety of viewing<br />

enjoyment including a Nude Photo Gallery which includes<br />

photoshoots with individuals and couples. A new concept<br />

Gallery called Nude Boys Read. Which has models reading<br />

8 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

J T SEATON<br />



excerpts from short stories, poetry, and music lyrics while being<br />

completely undressed, a different way to appreciate being read<br />

to.<br />

His website also includes short films which he has produced<br />

varying in length from 8 to 20 minutes. These include a few<br />

horror films which are J T’s interest, and erotic films with titles<br />

such as “Morning Shower”, “Art House Blue Film,” and “By<br />

The Fire”. Many of these Galleries can be accessed without a<br />

membership but viewing the films and some of the more erotic<br />

content requires a non-recurring membership of $5.00 a month<br />

to TJ Seaton Photography. He is also available for portrait photo<br />

shoots and engagement photos.

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


CENTER STAGE <strong>2023</strong><br />

“Transcending Barriers, Creating Community”<br />

presented by<br />

The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert and Eisenhower Health<br />

Palm Springs, California – Sept. 12, <strong>2023</strong> – The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert<br />

is proud to present Center Stage <strong>2023</strong>. This year’s event is themed Transcending<br />

Barriers, Creating Community. Proceeds from Center Stage will benefit The Center’s<br />

programs and services that support LGBTQ+ people living in the Coachella Valley.<br />

CEO, Mike Thompson states: “While a supermajority of Americans support LGBTQ+<br />

people, there are extremists, including some elected officials, who use hate-filled<br />

speech and targeted legislation to further marginalize members of our community.<br />

In recent months, drag performers and transgender people are among those most<br />

at-risk, which is why it’s important to transcend these barriers by building the safety<br />

that comes with being in community.”<br />

This year we are proud to honor a local legend known for her big character and<br />

equally big heart; Drag personality, Bella da Ball, (aka: Brian Wanzek). Bella is an<br />

enthusiastic and passionate supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. She has been<br />

proclaimed as a socialite ambassador and advocate for human rights. Her collection<br />

of achievements is long and well deserved and includes a Star on the Palm<br />

Springs Walk of Stars, and Safe Schools Desert Cities Champion for Youth Award for<br />

LGBTQIA Youth in The Desert. Adding to her long list of distinctions, The Center will<br />

recognize Bella with our Legacy Award, honoring the lasting impact she has made<br />

on the desert’s LGBTQ+ community.<br />

Event Details:<br />

Date: Friday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 20, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Time: 5:30 – 9:30PM<br />

Venue: The Palm Springs Air Museum<br />

Tickets available at: give.thecentercv.org/centerstage<br />

Presenting Sponsor: Eisenhower Health<br />

10 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

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12 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


14 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.


CONTACT:<br />

Mary Martin-Coor<br />

Event Manager<br />

Volunteers in Medicine<br />

Mary.Martin-Coor@cvvim.org<br />

(760) 625-0737<br />

Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine to Host<br />

Drag Me to Giving Under the Stars Benefit<br />

[Palm Springs, CA, August 28, <strong>2023</strong>] Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine (CVVIM)<br />

will host its annual fundraiser, Drag Me to Giving Under the Stars, on Saturday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

7, <strong>2023</strong>, at 6:00pm. The event will be held at a private residence. Address and<br />

additional details will be given upon ticket purchase.<br />

Hosted by Richard Odell and Andrew Uris, and emceed by desert doyenne Bella da<br />

Ball, this entertaining event will feature drag performances by Marina Mac, Sassy Ross,<br />

and Vanity Halston with the musical stylings of Bill Lohnes. There will also be a jewelry<br />

boutique, curated by La-De-Da Jewelry, with a special selection of baubles and<br />

bangles available for purchase. Entertainment is sponsored by Barton CPA.<br />

Tickets for the event are $100 per person and include cocktails and heavy appetizers<br />

provided by The Butler Did it. Proceeds from the evening support the programs and<br />

services of CVVIM in providing healthcare to the uninsured and underserved residents<br />

of the Coachella Valley.<br />

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit cvvim.org.<br />

About Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine (CVVIM)<br />

Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine, the only free healthcare clinic in the desert,<br />

never charges patients for the services they receive. Our clinics, located in Indio and<br />

Palm Springs, provide care by licensed and qualified professionals who volunteer their<br />

time and expertise to provide culturally sensitive care to low-income members of our<br />

community.<br />

###<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


16 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Palm Springs Cultural Center Collaborates with AI to Produce<br />

"Machine Dreams: A Cinematic Voyage Into the World of AI" Film Series<br />

Do Androids Dream of Electric Film Revivals?<br />

Embark on a fascinating journey with Machine Dreams: A Cinematic Voyage<br />

Into the World of AI, an innovative film series showcasing iconic movies that have<br />

shaped our understanding of artificial intelligence. The series is presented by the<br />

Palm Springs Cultural Center in collaboration with ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence<br />

chatbot developed by OpenAI. Enhancing this cinematic experience are AIgenerated<br />

introductions, video, and poster art, seamlessly blending cutting-edge<br />

technology with classic cinema for an unforgettable adventure. The film lineup<br />

for Machine Dreams is a product of direct collaboration between PSCC Program<br />

Director Lauren Wolfer and ChatGPT.<br />

The series kicks off on <strong>Oct</strong>ober 5th with Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Each film,<br />

including Ex Machina, The Terminator, Her, The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell (original<br />

animated), WarGames, and concluding with Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial<br />

Intelligence on December 7th, will be introduced by ChatGPT via AI-generated<br />

video presentations, providing a unique and immersive journey into AI's influence<br />

on filmmaking. Screened at the Historic Camelot Theatre, this series delves into the<br />

ethical and societal implications of AI, pushing the limits of traditional cinema.<br />

ChatGPT shares, "We're excited to offer this innovative fusion of AI technology and<br />

cinematic storytelling, sparking thought-provoking conversations on the potential<br />

and challenges of artificial intelligence."<br />

Lauren Wolfer adds “Collaborating with AI on this series has been both intriguing<br />

and eye opening. Above all, we are thrilled to present great cinema in our<br />

exceptionally well-equipped Historic Camelot Theatre”<br />

Don't miss out on this unique cinematic experience—secure an ALL ACCESS FILM<br />

PASS and experience the entire series! Tickets and passes are available here<br />

.<br />

psculturalcenter.org/special-events<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


For Immediate Release:<br />

Jeff Hocker<br />

760-409-1530<br />

jeffhocker1@gmail.com<br />

Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus<br />

P.O. Box 4082<br />

Palm Springs, CA 92263<br />

760-219-2077<br />

www.PSGMC.com<br />

Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus<br />

Announces <strong>2023</strong>-2024 Season<br />

Hope Diamond and Kristine W to Collaborate<br />

in "Ring! Swing! Sing!" and "Defying Gravity"<br />

(Palm Springs, CA) September 27, <strong>2023</strong>... Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus returns to its performance<br />

home at the Palm Springs Art Museum Annenberg Theatre for the <strong>2023</strong>-24 season with "Ring! Swing!<br />

Sing!" December 14-17, <strong>2023</strong> and “Defying Gravity” April 25-28, 2024. Due to popular demand PSGMC<br />

has added a 4th show for each concert on Thursday nights.<br />

"Our holiday and spring concerts are a collection of uplifting and inspiring music, unforgettable guest artists<br />

and collaborators, along with new programs and initiatives that will expand the Chorus' message of love<br />

and inclusion to new audiences and new communities," said Jerry R. Soria-Foust, Artistic Director,<br />

PSGMC.<br />

He goes on to say, "For our holiday concert "Ring! Swing! Sing!" Hope Diamond is the perfect addition to<br />

our show, as she sparkles with style, grace and artistry. Her gospel roots and impressive Jazz chops, make<br />

her a unique and important voice to join with the 90+ singers of the Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus.<br />

Audiences will be tapping toes, clapping hands, and smiling from ear to ear!"<br />


Hope Diamond (pictured) is an international vocalist based<br />

in the Coachella Valley. Her album, Awaken is out on<br />

Spotify, iTunes and other media outlets. It features music<br />

arranged and performed by the Paul McDonald Big Band.<br />

Hope is an important musical force in Southern California<br />

where her dynamic, yet sultry vocals are regularly featured<br />

in clubs and concerts. Now with the release<br />

of Awaken which reached #23 on the Jazz week charts in<br />

<strong>2023</strong> and remained in the top 50 for 12 weeks, she is<br />

becoming well-known across the U.S and globally on radio<br />

broadcasts and performances.<br />

18 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

continued on next page

Her fans enjoy the mash up of her tunes jazzy and soulfulness with a Big Band flair. She often highlights<br />

amazing tunes from her album, while also presenting songs from the great American songbook. A soulful<br />

artist with beautiful attire who can belt a high note clear across the room without a mic. Hope is a riveting<br />

presence from the time she hits the stage through her final encore. "I'm thrilled to highlight my holiday<br />

season with all of these amazing singers in the Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus," said Hope.<br />

For the spring concert “Defying Gravity,” the Chorus presents a concert that celebrates the human spirit<br />

and inspires us all to break the bounds of gravity and soar beyond the limitations put on us.<br />

Named by Billboard Magazine as the #8 Greatest Dance<br />

Artist of All Time and the #3 greatest from the Last<br />

Decade (trailing only Madonna and Beyoncé), Kristine W<br />

(pictured) is a proven lasting talent.<br />

Through nearly twenty-five years in music, she has<br />

consistency delivered songs that touch hearts and souls<br />

and compel bodies to find the mighty groove out on the<br />

dance floor. She’s had 17 #1 singles, tying Mariah Carey<br />

for the sixth-most Billboard #1 dance hits. In addition,<br />

Kristine made waves in the cabaret circuit, starring<br />

alongside her longtime friend, the Emmy®<br />

Award winning TV personality,<br />

style expert, fashion designer and New York Times best-selling author, Carson Kressley. Together, the<br />

dynamic duo toured the USA, presenting lovely evenings of comedy and jazz music classics in a live stage<br />

show called Straight Up with a Twist.<br />

"A warrior for the LGBTQ+ community and cancer survivor makes her appearance in "Defying Gravity" a<br />

perfect fit. You won't want to miss this exhilarating concert,” said Jerry R. Soria-Foust, commenting with a<br />

big smile from ear-to-ear.<br />


The Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus is under the Artistic Direction of Jerry R. Soria-Foust. Joel Baker is<br />

the Principal Accompanist and Martin Coogan provides ASL.<br />

Jerry R. Soria-Foust joined the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus in September 2021 as a professional<br />

music educator and arts leader, with a career spanning more than 25 years. For more information about<br />

Jerry and the Chorus Leadership and Artistic Team CLICK HERE!<br />

About Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus:<br />

Through musical excellence, community outreach, and civic responsibility, the Palm Springs Gay Men’s<br />

Chorus, seeks to entertain, inspire, and educate the culturally diverse community in which we live.<br />

For a variety of ways to support the Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus or to purchase tickets,<br />

visit www.PSGMC.com. Press inquiries should be directed to Jeff Hocker, Hocker Productions at 760-409-<br />

1530 or jeffhocker1@gmail.com.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


In the News...<br />

On the Cover Sen. Dianne<br />

Feinstein of California, trailblazer<br />

and champion of liberal priorities,<br />

dies at age 90 image: 1997 Then San<br />

Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein carries a candle as she leads an<br />

estimated 15,000 marchers also carrying candles during a march<br />

in memory of slain Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor<br />

Harvey Milk in San Francisco, Nov. 28, 1979. In the background is<br />

a sign that says “Gay Love is Gay Power.” (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma,<br />

Fair use:)<br />

This writer cries because I was that<br />

young adult, sexually active, closeted<br />

gay male cruising Boston before and<br />

after 1979. I was off to boot camp two<br />

years later, but I did not know her whole<br />

story until the first movie came out in<br />

1983.<br />

I believe gay history to be a primary<br />

obligation for all gay rags. We are<br />

keepers of the memory of our gay<br />

history, as is done in our city and a few<br />

other cities that save our history and<br />

host LGBT-positive events that shape our<br />

young gay lives.<br />

History prevents future gay hate from<br />

flourishing and will never again be as<br />

existential as it was for many of us in<br />

the past. All our gay lives benefit from<br />

it, and just as significantly, we get<br />

healthier. We all learn as each of us<br />

contributes, especially our elders, whom<br />

I once collectively called wise old folk<br />

because THIS is where all the dominos of<br />

knowledge are stored. All I know for sure<br />

is we will sorely miss her.<br />

20 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs<br />

LGBTQ+ Film Festival to host Special<br />

“One Night Only” Screening of BIG EASY<br />

QUEENS on Monday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 9.<br />

September 27, <strong>2023</strong> - Palm Springs, CA<br />

- On Monday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 9th, the Queens<br />

of New Orleans are invading Palm<br />

Springs for an evening of queer horror,<br />

madness and mayhem! Eighty minutes<br />

of it to be exact. Because that’s the<br />

runtime for BIG EASY QUEENS, the new<br />

horror film set in the steamy underworld<br />

of New Orleans!<br />

BIG EASY QUEENS follows Minnie<br />

Bouvèé, Mob Queen of the Quarter,<br />

and her rivalry with her arch-nemesis,<br />

Poodles Makenzie. After Minnie<br />

Bouvèé has Poodles Makenzie’s crew<br />

brutally slaughtered, she braces for the<br />

blowback; what she doesn’t expect,<br />

however, is to be stalked by a creepy<br />

masked figure who leaves behind<br />

bouquets of gardenias and terrifying<br />

notes. Is this Poodles’ revenge, or the<br />

work of Minnie’s estranged sister who<br />

stole her man years ago and has<br />

suddenly reappeared in her life?<br />

BIG EASY QUEENS has everything you<br />

might expect from a queer horror movie<br />

about New Orleans - voodoo, zombies,<br />

drag queens, and tons upon tons of<br />

campy delight soaked in blood, gristle,<br />

and glitter. Oh, and Gardenias. Lots of<br />

Gardenias!<br />

If you’re intrigued, and you should be,<br />

continued on page 22

Shedding Tears of Faith<br />

Parralox Rocks the 80s<br />

By Skip Sheffield<br />

The electronic pop band,<br />

Parralox, fronted by out singer<br />

John von Ahlen, continues its<br />

mission to champion the<br />

synthesized wave pop sound of<br />

1980s-era Depeche Mode and<br />

Pet Shop Boys. Its newest<br />

single, “Tears of Faith,” the first<br />

release from its Genesis album,<br />

is a down-tempo electronic<br />

dance arrangement about<br />

broken relationships and the<br />

hope for reconciliation. It<br />

features the vocals of actress<br />

Jane Badler and signifies real<br />

growth for the band as they<br />

celebrate their fifteen year<br />

anniversary.<br />

“Tears of Faith” is an ambitious<br />

track that allows Parralox to<br />

exhibit its own unique style and<br />

a perspective that will no doubt<br />

appeal to fans, young and old.<br />

It will be exciting to see what<br />

comes next.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />

Available now on<br />

Spotify, iTunes and all<br />

digital platforms.<br />


you should join us! The film will be fab,<br />

and the Q&A after will be fantastic!<br />

Can’t wait? Tickets are available at<br />

CinemaDiverse.org<br />

Screening starts at 7:30pm. One Night<br />

Only! Be there!<br />

Prestigious Pride Honors Awards<br />

Celebrate Remarkable Advocates<br />

September 26, <strong>2023</strong>, Palm Springs,<br />

CA -- Greater Palm Springs Pride<br />

announced recipients of the annual<br />

Pride Honors Awards, a beacon of<br />

recognition for outstanding contributions<br />

to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.<br />

Award recipients will be celebrated<br />

at a ceremony on Monday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

16, <strong>2023</strong>, at the Hilton Palm Springs.<br />

The awards announcement marks the<br />

approach of Pride Week in the region<br />

under the theme of “Drag Now. Drag<br />

Forever!”<br />

The awards recognize the tireless efforts<br />

of six individuals and one organization<br />

who have advanced the cause of<br />

lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,<br />

and queer individuals, shaping a more<br />

inclusive world for all.<br />

<strong>2023</strong> RECIPIENTS<br />

• Spirit of Stonewall Community Service<br />

Award: Miss Patsi<br />

• Spirit of Stonewall Volunteer of the<br />

Year: Beverly Sweigart<br />

• Stonewall Spirit of Pride Award: Jase<br />

Nagaia<br />

• Spirit of Stonewall Friend of Pride:<br />

Greg and Dee Dee Barton<br />

“This is not a group that seeks attention<br />

or applause. They quietly serve, and we<br />

are grateful for the profound impact<br />

they have had and continue to have<br />

in our community,” said Ron deHarte,<br />

President and CEO of Greater Palm<br />

Springs Pride.<br />

“The awards ceremony promises to be<br />

a night of inspiration and celebration,<br />

bringing together LGBTQ+ activists, allies,<br />

and supporters from all walks of life.<br />

Recipients embody the spirit of Pride,<br />

and their work has created positive<br />

change. We are proud to honor these<br />

champions of diversity, unity, and love,”<br />

added deHarte.<br />

Sponsors: The Pride Honors Awards have<br />

been made possible by the support from<br />

the Desert Care Network, Hilton Palm<br />

Springs, and La Crema Wines.<br />

Tickets: Tickets for the <strong>Oct</strong>ober 16<br />

awards reception are available at<br />

pspride.org under the events menu<br />

• Spirit of Stonewall Lifetime<br />

FDA to Hold Virtual Public Meeting<br />

Achievement Award: Donald Beck and Listening Sessions on Strategies to<br />

• Spirit of Stonewall Organization of the Reduce Added Sugars Consumption in<br />

Year: Brothers of the Desert<br />

the United States<br />

22 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

continued on page 23

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration<br />

(FDA) invites the public to register for<br />

the virtual public meeting and listening<br />

sessions on strategies to reduce added<br />

sugars consumption in the United States,<br />

which will be held on November 6-8,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. The purpose of the public meeting<br />

and listening sessions is to explore<br />

what federal agencies, communities,<br />

and private industry are doing to<br />

encourage the reduced consumption<br />

of added sugars. During the event,<br />

there will be presentations to provide<br />

background on added sugars and<br />

discuss strategies for reducing added<br />

sugars in other countries; panel sessions<br />

on federal, industry, and community<br />

approaches to reduce added sugars<br />

consumption; and multiple opportunities<br />

for participants to submit questions and<br />

share information through the listening<br />

sessions.<br />

Questions for consideration during the<br />

public meeting, including the panel<br />

sessions, should be submitted through<br />

the registration process by <strong>Oct</strong>ober 12,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. Registration for the November 6th<br />

public meeting will remain open until<br />

the start of the meeting.<br />

There will also be two days of facilitated<br />

listening sessions (November 7th and<br />

8th) to offer participants the opportunity<br />

to provide feedback on next steps to<br />

reduce added sugars consumption<br />

in the U.S. Participants are required to<br />

continued on page 25<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />

register by <strong>Oct</strong>ober 20, <strong>2023</strong>, to attend<br />

the listening sessions. There will be a<br />

maximum number of participants for<br />

each session.<br />

Beginning on November 6, <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

a Regulations.gov docket (docket<br />

number FDA-<strong>2023</strong>-N-3849) will open for<br />

comments related to the event topic.<br />

Electronic comments must be submitted<br />

on or before January 22, 2024.<br />

A night under the stars in the “City Of<br />

Stars” at Los Angeles State Historic Park<br />

overlooking the downtown skyline on<br />

this Saturday, September 16th.<br />

Featuring Academy Award® winning<br />

composer Justin Hurwitz conducting<br />

his Oscar® winning score and songs<br />

to the Academy Award® winning film,<br />

performed live by a 52-piece orchestra<br />

and Jazz band, this is an LA experience<br />

not to be missed. The Hollywood Bowl<br />

has John Williams and Los Angeles<br />

State Historic Park will light up the night<br />

this Saturday, Sept 16th with Justin<br />

Hurwitz. La La Land, the Lionsgate<br />

film written and directed by Damien<br />


“Male Femininity”<br />

Queen Sir Jet Serves Genderfluid Pop<br />

By Tyler Winn<br />

“A fan once made a comment on<br />

a photo of mine that I think<br />

describes me best,” singer<br />

Queen Sir JET reflects. “He<br />

wrote, ‘JET, you’re just a really<br />

pretty girl in the body of a hot<br />

dude.’“<br />

She sings about it in the high<br />

energy dance single, “Male<br />

Femininity,” that she hopes will<br />

inspire listeners to shun society’s<br />

ideas of what they should<br />

conform to and embrace their<br />

true selves.<br />

Produced by Velvet Code, the<br />

innovative song follows Queen<br />

Sir JET’s previous hit track,<br />

“Empowered Bottom.”<br />

“I’m happy with who I am: a softspoken<br />

feminine man who enjoys<br />

wearing lingerie and dresses<br />

over his crazy, big muscles,”<br />

Queen Sir JET adds.<br />

Queen Sir JET’s “Male Femininity” is<br />

being distributed by So Fierce Music<br />

available on all major digital platforms.<br />

Photo by James Franklin<br />

24 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Chazelle, grossed nearly $450 million at<br />

the worldwide box office, earning 14<br />

Academy Award® nominations and<br />

six Oscars®, including an Oscar® for<br />

Chazelle as Best Director.<br />

There will be a display of the original<br />

character costumes and the film’s neon<br />

Seb sign for photo opportunities. The<br />

event’s “Another Day of Sun” Platinum<br />

Seating Section will offer guests the<br />

ability to preorder bottle service, picnic<br />

dinners, and charcuterie, as well as<br />

access to VIP amenities. Doors and<br />

activities open at 5:30pm; opening<br />

performance begins at 6:45pm; feature<br />

presentation starts at 7:30pm.<br />

Tickets are on sale now via www.<br />

streetfoodcinema.com<br />

Welcome back to the great outdoors!<br />

SFC returns to picnic style in the grass<br />

and under the sun. LA’s moveable<br />

cinema feast presents over 50 events<br />

is SoCal’s largest outdoor movie series<br />

that combines four carefully curated<br />

elements into one amazing experience<br />

with popular outdoor movies, street<br />

food, audience games, live music and<br />

more.<br />

Next outdoor event OCTOBER 7, <strong>2023</strong><br />


The Autry Museum - 4700 Western<br />

Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027<br />

ADVANCE TICKETS: General Admission<br />

$22 door $27<br />

TIME: Doors 5:30pm. Band 6:45pm. Movie<br />

8:00pm.<br />

Founded in 2012, SFC has grown into a<br />

citywide community of entertainment<br />

and food enthusiasts reaching every<br />

corner of LA. As a recognized and<br />

beloved event series, SFC has become<br />

a preferred partner for movie studios<br />

and entertainment platforms to engage<br />

fans. Now entering its 12th year, SFC is<br />

thrilled to celebrate movies, food and<br />

music outdoors once again.<br />

On <strong>Oct</strong>ober 11th,<br />

come celebrate<br />

National Coming<br />

Out Day!<br />

continued from page 23<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce<br />

Announces Palm Springs Walk of the<br />

Stars to Honor Leslie Jordan with<br />

462nd Star<br />

Palm Springs, CA – The Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce will<br />

honor actor, comedian, and storyteller, Leslie Jordan with the<br />

462nd star on the Palm Springs Walk of the Stars, sponsored by<br />

donations through the Del Shores Foundation. The star will be<br />

unveiled at the Downtown Palm Springs Park on Friday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

20, at 11 a.m., four days before the one-year anniversary of his<br />

untimely passing.<br />

“We are immensely thankful that we have the honor to pay<br />

tribute to the remarkably talented and dearly departed, Leslie<br />

Jordan, with the 462nd star on the Palm Springs Walk of the<br />

Stars,” said Palm Springs Chamber CEO, Nona Watson.<br />

Leslie Jordan’s career onscreen and onstage was prolific. He was<br />

an actor, playwright, comedian, and gay icon best known for<br />

his Emmy-winning turn as “Beverley Leslie” in Will & Grace and<br />

the iconic “Brother Boy” in Sordid Lives. He appeared in more<br />

than 130 movies and TV shows in his long career including<br />

memorable turns in American Horror Story, The Cool Kids, Boston<br />

Legal, Hearts Afire, The Help, Southern Baptist Sissies, A Very<br />

Sordid Wedding, and Call Me Kat. He sold out multiple tours<br />

of his standup comedy, and the tour supporting his book My<br />

Trip Down the Pink Carpet went to Off-Broadway and London.<br />

He also released an album of reimagined gospel songs called<br />

“Company’s Comin’” featuring duets with Tanya Tucker, Brandi<br />

Carlisle, Eddie Vedder, Dolly Parton and more. He served as the<br />

Honorary Co-Chair of the Del Shores Foundation.<br />

The Star Dedication ceremony will be hosted by Del Shores<br />

(Sordid Lives and Southern Baptist Sissies) and Emerson Collins<br />

(The People’s Couch and RENT on FOX) and will feature stories<br />

from friends including Sordid Lives co-stars Newell Alexander<br />

(August: Osage County), Rosemary Alexander (A Very Sordid<br />

Wedding) and Ann Walker (A Country Christmas Harmony),<br />

Southern Baptist Sissies co-star Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone, A<br />

League of Their Own and Claws), Call Me Kat co-star Cheyenne<br />

Jackson (American Horror Story and 30 Rock), lifelong friend<br />

and assistant Bart Stevens with a performance by Danny Myrick<br />

(“Company’s Comin” and “Let It Slide”).<br />

WHAT: 462nd Star on the Walk of the Stars<br />

WHO: Leslie Jordan<br />

WHEN: Friday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 20th, <strong>2023</strong>, at 11:00 a.m.<br />

WHERE: Downtown Palm Springs Park<br />

“Leslie Jordan was my friend, my muse, my confidant, my<br />

brother for over 37 years. Leslie would love this honor,” Del<br />

Shores said. “He adored Palm Springs and gave back to this<br />

beautiful community for decades. I miss him every day, we all<br />

do. Now, we can be reminded of his amazing legacy to our<br />

entertainment, our laughter, and to our LGBTQ+ community by<br />

visiting his Palm Springs’ star.”<br />

The Del Shores Foundation:<br />

The Del Shores Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission<br />

to The Del Shores Foundation’s mission is to find and facilitate<br />

the development of new southern queer artistic voices through<br />

bringing together artists and working professionals, amplifying<br />

new work and connecting artists to platforms for the creation of<br />

the work. For more information on the Del Shores Foundation,<br />

please visit www.delshoresfoundation.org.<br />

Please contact walkofthestars@pschamber.org or call the Palm<br />

Springs Chamber of Commerce at (760) 325-1577 for additional<br />

information on Palm Springs Walk of the Stars.<br />

National Book Festival: How<br />

Ya’ll Doing?: Misadventures and<br />

Mischief from a Life Well-Lived<br />

with Leslie Jordan. 2022.<br />

26 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

Palm Springs Cultural Center to<br />

Present<br />

The Latsos Four Hand Piano Duo in<br />

Concert on Sunday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 22nd<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 2, <strong>2023</strong> - Palm Springs, CA - The<br />

Palm Springs Cultural Center is proud to<br />

present Giorgi Latso and his wife Anna<br />

Fedorova Latso (The Latsos Piano Duo)<br />

in concert on Sunday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 22nd at<br />

7pm. The Latsos are well known to local<br />

audiences, and are a favorite among<br />

many concert organizers and promoters<br />

throughout the world, some of whom<br />

have called their performances “thrilling<br />

and flamboyant.” The MTNA State<br />

Conference hails their “intelligence,<br />

liveliness and enormous charm.’’<br />

American composer Joe Giarrusso, who<br />

created and dedicated some fourhand<br />

pieces especially for them. During<br />

the concert, they will be perform two of<br />

these pieces - Suite for Palm Springs, Op.<br />

90, and Ode for Four Hands, Op. 88a.<br />

The Latsos have recorded a number of<br />

unusual and largely unknown treasures<br />

from the duo-piano repertoire, including<br />

all the Schubert duets and duos, and<br />

also arranged two-piano and piano<br />

four-hands transcriptions from American<br />

movie scores by composers such as<br />

John Williams, Erich Wolfgang Korngold,<br />

and John Philip Sousa.<br />

Tickets to the concert are available at:<br />

PSCulturalCenter.org<br />

The Latsos have developed a close<br />

relationship with Palm Springs based<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


28 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.



Cathedral City<br />


The Barracks<br />

Runway<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

AMP Sports Lounge<br />

Roost<br />

Trunks<br />

Studio One 11<br />

Desert Hot Springs<br />


Playoffs Sports Bar<br />

Palm Springs<br />


Dick’s on Arenas.<br />

Rio Azul<br />

Tool Shed<br />

Toucan’s<br />

Streetbar<br />

Oscar’s<br />

Chill bar<br />

Hunters<br />

Stacy’s<br />

BlackBook<br />

QUADZ<br />

RetroRoom<br />

Resorts<br />

CCBC<br />

Triangle Inn<br />

Descanso<br />

All Worlds Resort<br />

Desert Paradise<br />

Resort<br />


RESORT & SPA<br />



Shopping<br />

Q trading<br />

Gear<br />

Off Ramp Leathers<br />

Gay Mart<br />

PICK UP A <strong>DDG</strong><br />

Our online ePaper<br />

1.7m readership is<br />

popular and effective<br />

in reaching a wide<br />

audience. Our print<br />

version offers more<br />

benefits of micro<br />

marketing at the Point<br />

Of Sale 4<br />

Active Consumers!<br />

Caution only accept<br />

legitimate email<br />

addresses with our<br />

“valid company name”<br />

Directory<br />




Warm Sands District in central Palm Springs.<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd Palm Springs CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky. At the<br />

Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the choice is yours.<br />

Historic Palm Springs Resort is a feast for all your<br />

senses, with a special flair for Southern (California)<br />

hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

We carry only the finest quality leather and fetish<br />

goods, gym wear, toys and furnishings, all designed<br />

to get you off and make you look good while you’re<br />

doing it. gearleather.com<br />

650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

offrampleathers.com New and used leather and<br />

fetish/BSDM gear.<br />

Alterations and repairs handmade item by Paul.<br />

Great selection of consignment items. 650 E. Sunny<br />

Dunes Rd., Unit 3,Palm Springs, CA<br />

<strong>DDG</strong> drops twice a month<br />

FULL PAGE Ads under<br />

$100.00/mo FREE PRIDE!*<br />

*ask about details<br />

Due to the current unstable nature of Social media. Inquire only at<br />

our secure private email server only at will@desertdailyguide.com! Thanks<br />

continued on page 30<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />



DAVE MAY<br />

Directory<br />

Palm Springs Leather Order of the<br />

Desert 760 272-5553<br />

Palm Springs Pride<br />

Pspride.Org<br />



760-327-4849<br />


Family DeAnza Desert Sun Resort<br />

Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Sea Mountain Luxury Nude Resort and<br />

Spa Hotel DHS<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert<br />

info@ptod.us<br />

BIDEN<br />

Lifeline Support for Affordable<br />

Communications<br />

www.fcc.gov/lifeline-consumers<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Affordable Care Act Plans - Check<br />

to See if You Qualify<br />


SOCAL Nude beaches which are also<br />

called “free beach”, or “clothingoptional”.<br />

Blacks Beach Nude Beach in San Diego<br />

is located just north of La Jolla Shores<br />

and beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs.<br />

Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach<br />

Corona Del Mar is one of California’s<br />

best nude beaches.<br />


AMVETS Express Reservations: free round<br />

trip to Loma Linda VA clinic to<br />

760-699-8849<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.Org<br />

26620 Saddle Dr.<br />

Idyllwild, CA 92549<br />

Palm Springs Gay<br />

(951) 659-2696<br />

Men’s Chorus 760-219-2077<br />

30 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

Thursday nights VILLAGEFEST takes place<br />

in downtown Palm Springs on Palm<br />

Canyon Drive every. villagefest.org<br />

June through September from 7:00 p.m.<br />

until 10 p.m.<br />

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum<br />

760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

Located less than a<br />

mile south of downtown<br />

Idyllwild, Bluebird<br />

Cottage Inn offers cozy<br />

economical rooms, to<br />

independent cabins.<br />

continued on page 33

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Welcome!<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

3601 E. Mesquite Ave, Palm Springs<br />

Demuth Community Center<br />

God’s Love &<br />

Good Works.<br />

760.327.3802<br />

www.bloominthedesert.org<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

Facebook<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />


YouTube<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />

Mass over Zoom every SUNDAY at 4 PM Pacific.<br />

Call or 442-282-8389 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

32 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.


Palm Springs Aerial Tram<br />

760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air Museum<br />

760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art Museum<br />

760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands<br />

760-328-2829<br />

Patton Memorial Museum 760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree National park 760-367-5500<br />


New Additions<br />

Coachella Valley Volunteers in<br />

Medicine. The only no-cost healthcare<br />

center in the Coachella Valley<br />

Las Palmas Medical Center<br />

555 E. Tachevah, Bldg 1W, Ste 204<br />

Palm Springs CA 92262 760-342-4414<br />

cvvim.org<br />

Directory<br />

Lgbt community center<br />

760-416-7790 thecenterps.org<br />

American cancer society<br />

800-227-2345<br />

Coachella Valley sexual assault<br />

(760) 568-9071<br />

Desert Legal aid: 760-832-9770<br />

Stonewall democrats:<br />

desert-stonewall.org<br />

Desert winds freedom band<br />

760 776-2700<br />

Gay artists -760 835 0727<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.org<br />

AAP - Food Samaritans (760) 325-8481<br />

Eisenhower HIV Clinic (760) 834-7930<br />

DAP/ DOCK Clinic (760) 992-0492<br />

Borrego Health (Stonewall Medical<br />

Center) Cathedral City 760-507-3310<br />

Veterans Records https://vetrecs.<br />

archives.gov/VeteranRequest/home.<br />

html for vet or family or with written<br />

authorization.<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />




These fun events combine shopping for fresh fruits and<br />

vegetables, gourmet foods, flowers, crafts, and many other<br />

interesting items with an “Ask the Master Gardener” information<br />

table. Master Gardeners are present to answer your gardening<br />

questions, hand out a wide range of materials on gardening<br />

topics, and present “how to do it” gardening demonstrations.<br />

This is where you can find us at farmers markets in <strong>Oct</strong>ober:<br />

CORONA--Saturday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 7, from 8:30 am-12:30 pm at 203 S.<br />

Main St. (Corona Mall)<br />

PALM SPRINGS--Saturdays, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 14 & 28 from 8:00 am-12:30<br />

pm at 2300 E. Baristo Road<br />

DOWNTOWN RIVERSIDE--Saturday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 14, from 8:00 am-<br />

2:00 pm at Main Street, between 5th and 6th<br />

TEMECULA--Vail Ranch HQ--Tuesdays, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 3 & 24, from 9:00<br />

am-1:00 pm, 32115 Temecula Parkway (Between Kohl’s and<br />

Ross)<br />

Have a Gardening Question...Ask our<br />

TEMECULA--Promenade Mall--Wednesdays, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 4 & 25,<br />

UC Master Gardener of Riverside County<br />

from 9:00 am-1:00 pm, 40820 Winchester Road (JC Penney<br />

Helpline! Email your question(s) to:<br />

parking lot)<br />

Desert Area: anrmgindio@ucanr.edu<br />

MURRIETA--Sundays, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 1 & 15, from 9:00 am-1:00 pm,<br />

West County: anrmgriverside@ucanr.edu<br />

Village Walk Plaza, 24480 Village Walk Place<br />

34 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

The Sounds of Music<br />

Out Country Singer Ty Herndon to Open<br />

Sand, Stars & Guitars Music Series on<br />

Saturday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 7th.<br />

September 26, <strong>2023</strong> - Palm Springs, CA<br />

- Popular country singer Ty Herndon<br />

will open the second season of the<br />

Sand, Stars & Guitars Music Series at<br />

the Palm Springs Cultural Center on<br />

Saturday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 7th. Herndon began<br />

his career in the 1980s as a member of<br />

the Tennessee River Boys, a predecessor<br />

to the country band Diamond Rio.<br />

Herndon quit the band early on before<br />

gaining his first national exposure as a<br />

competitor on Star Search. Herndon<br />

made his debut on the music charts in<br />

1995 with his number-one single, “What<br />

Mattered Most”. This was followed that<br />

same year by the release of his first<br />

album, also titled What Mattered Most.<br />

Ty Herndon has charted a total of 17<br />

singles on the Billboard Hot Country<br />

Songs charts. This figure includes three<br />

number-ones: “What Mattered Most”,<br />

“Living in a Moment” and “It Must Be<br />

Love”. His singles “I Want My Goodbye<br />

Back”, “Loved Too Much”, “A Man<br />

Holdin’ On (To a Woman Lettin’ Go)”,<br />

and “Hands of a Working Man” all made<br />

top ten on the same chart.<br />

In 2014, Herndon gained media<br />

attention when he came out as gay,<br />

becoming the first mainstream male<br />

country music singer to do so. He stated<br />

that he had been in a gay relationship<br />

for several years at this point, and that<br />

his ex-wife and several close family<br />

members already knew. Herndon reissued<br />

“What Mattered Most” in June<br />

2019 with the song’s pronouns changed<br />

to reflect a gay relationship. This rerecording<br />

appeared on Got It Covered,<br />

and Herndon commented that he<br />

wished he could have recorded the<br />

song in that fashion at the time of its<br />

original release. Many of the songs on<br />

House on Fire, including the title track,<br />

are about the stigmas that Herndon<br />

felt he faced as a gay man in country<br />

music, typically a more conservative<br />

genre. Ty married his boyfriend,<br />

Alex Schwartz, on August 27, <strong>2023</strong> in<br />

Nashville.<br />

The Second Season of the Sand, Stars<br />

& Guitars Music Series includes nine<br />

monthly concerts featuring a wide<br />

variety of well-known artists from the<br />

worlds of Country music, Bluegrass, Folk<br />

and Blues. Ty Herndon will be followed<br />

by Becky Buller & Ned Luberecki on<br />

Saturday, November 11th and Levi Kreis’<br />

ninth annual Home for the Holidays<br />

Holiday Concert on Friday, December<br />

8th. All shows start at 8pm. Tickets are<br />

available at PSCulturalCenter.org<br />

Enjoy a free ‘Concert In The Park’<br />

Thursday <strong>Oct</strong> 5!<br />

Featuring Classic Journey!<br />

PALM DESERT, Calif. – September 30,<br />

<strong>2023</strong> – The City of Palm Desert invites<br />

the community to attend the first of four<br />

evening concerts under the stars, this<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


Thursday <strong>Oct</strong>ober 5 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm! The series kicks off with “Classic Journey,”<br />

an amazing Journey tribute band<br />

featuring the legendary Franky Dee and a<br />

band that plays the iconic anthems and<br />

ballads that made Journey famous.<br />

The public is welcome to bring chairs and picnic baskets, or enjoy delicious<br />

creations offered by food trucks parked by the amphitheater. The series continues<br />

on each Thursday with the following line-up:<br />


<strong>Oct</strong>ober 12: The Mighty Untouchables<br />

This award-winning band will get the crowd<br />

dancing with one-part feverish dance party<br />

and one-part stunning concert experience.<br />

Offering Top 40 Dance, Motown, Disco,<br />

Classic Rock and more.<br />

36 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

<strong>DDG</strong><br />

Visitors Guide<br />

Palm Springs Art<br />

Museum was founded in<br />

1938 as the Palm Springs<br />

Desert Museum at La Plaza<br />

in downtown Palm Springs.<br />

Natural science exhibits,<br />

Cahuilla Indian artifacts,<br />

and hiking excursions<br />

dominated the institution’s programming. 62+<br />

$14,00 All visitors are recommended to make a<br />

reservation online before<br />

arriving at the Museum.<br />

The Palm Springs Aerial<br />

Tramway<br />

Summer Pass Ticket<br />

Adult & Seniors $85<br />

Child (ages 3-10) $45<br />

Valid for parking and unlimited Tram rides<br />

till July 31,<strong>2023</strong>.—the world’s largest rotating<br />

tram car—travels over two-and-one-half miles<br />

along the breathtaking cliffs of Chino Canyon,<br />

transporting riders to the pristine wilderness<br />

of the Mt. San Jacinto State Park. During<br />

your approximately ten-minute journey, tram<br />

cars rotate slowly, offering picturesque and<br />

spectacular vistas of the valley floor below.<br />

Once you reach the Mountain Station—elevation<br />

8,516 feet—enjoy two restaurants, observation<br />

decks, natural history museum, two documentary<br />

theaters, gift shop and over 50 miles of hiking<br />

trails.<br />

The Indian Canyons<br />

Fifteen miles long,<br />

Palm Canyon is one<br />

of the areas of great<br />

beauty in Western North<br />

America. Its indigenous<br />

flora and fauna, which<br />

the Cahuilla people so<br />

expertly used, and its<br />

abundant Washingtonia<br />

filifera (California Fan<br />

Palm) are breathtaking contrasts to the stark<br />

rocky gorges and barren desert lands beyond.<br />

A moderately graded foot path winds down<br />

into the canyon for picnicking near the stream,<br />

meditation, exploring, hiking or horseback<br />

riding. For more information call 760-323-6018<br />

www.indian-canyons.comlocated at 38520 S.<br />

Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs<br />

Hours<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>. 1 - July 4: daily 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.<br />

(Last vehicle in at 4 p.m.)<br />

July 5 - Sept. 30: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.<br />

(open only Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Last<br />

vehicle in at 4 p.m.)<br />

No animals allowed.<br />

Uber/Lyft Drivers are required to display<br />

company stickers in their windshield for drop off<br />

and pickup.<br />

The Palm Springs<br />

Air Museum is a<br />

living history museum<br />

dedicated to educating<br />

the public about the<br />

role Air Power played in preserving American<br />

liberties and way of life. The Museum preserves,<br />

exhibits, and flies aircraft from World War Two,<br />

Korean War, Vietnam War and the Global War<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />

37<br />

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on Terror. A good portion of the aircraft in the<br />

collection are in flyable condition.<br />

Open Cockpit Saturdays<br />

Museum guests are treated to the extra special<br />

experience of being allowed to sit at the controls<br />

and pose for pictures. From 10:30-12:30 each<br />

Saturday, a selected aircraft will be opened up<br />

and made accessible to the public. Museum<br />

Volunteers will also be on hand to answer<br />

questions and provide the historical back drop<br />

for the aircraft you are sitting in.<br />


Like a North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is<br />

an American long-range, single-seat fighter and<br />

fighter-bomber used during World War II and the<br />

Korean War, among other conflicts.<br />

Some Special require additional fees or donation<br />

If you have questions or concerns, please email<br />

giftshop@palmspringsairmuseum.org<br />

745 North Gene Autry Trail Palm Springs,<br />

California 92262<br />

760-778-6262<br />

Also the museum will be bringing three vintage<br />

warbirds to participate in the races this year!<br />

Each year we struggle to make the costs of<br />

insurance for the aircraft. Your donations can<br />

make a difference and we will provide you with<br />

some cool merchandise<br />

as a thank you!<br />



MOUNTAINS Discover<br />

how the desert comes<br />

alive after dark! Do you<br />

know which animals change colors when you<br />

use a blacklight? Using our blacklights, we will<br />

take a short walk along the Art Smith Trail basin<br />

looking for the many nocturnal creatures that<br />

inhabit our desert. And a week-long Summer<br />

38 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.<br />

BioBlitz. desertmountains.org<br />

The Living Desert Zoo<br />

and Gardens, 47900<br />

Portola Ave, Palm<br />

Desert, CA 92260<br />

The Living Desert<br />

Zoo and Gardens in<br />

PalDesert is a unique zoo and botanical garden<br />

that specializes in the deserts of the world. Open<br />

daily from 8:00am-5:00pm, with last admission<br />

at 4:00pm. For the most current information,<br />

please visit www.livingdesert.org<br />


Please verify all data before you go.<br />

1. VillageFest on Thursdays<br />

2. Coachella Valley Preserve This area is very<br />

hot during the summer - be prepared. Open<br />

seven days a week. Ultimate wildlife watching<br />

is viewing animals without interrupting their<br />

normal activities.<br />

3. Palm Canyon Drive<br />

4. The Rodeo Drive of desert after the The Shops<br />

on El Paseo Both are walk-able<br />

5. Palm<br />

6. Palm Springs Art Museum Every Thursday<br />

7. Palm Springs Outdoor Public Art Forever<br />

Marilyn,<br />

8. The Rainmaker Fountain at Frances<br />

9. Stevens Park, or the<br />

10. Woman in Glasses mural on North Palm Canyon

NEW AND<br />




L E AT H E R & F E T I S H<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R C O<br />

G E A R L E AT H E R<br />

6 5 0 E S U N N Y D U N E S PA L M S P R I N G S 7 6 0 3 2 2 3 3 6 3 G E A R L E AT H E R .C O M<br />

Now Delivering Every 2 Weeks<br />


40 <strong>DDG</strong> is always FREE ddg.gay. Available in print at select locations.

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