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Vol. 77 | No. 2

April 2021


Quarterly publication distributed to approximately 31,800 Registered Nurses and APRNs in Louisiana

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Greetings, dear


The past year has

brought so many

changes to our nursing

world. This year, the

ANA has extended the

recognition of the Year

of the Nurse to 2021

to continue the welldeserved


of nurses! It was almost

Ecoee Rooney one year ago that our

hospitals began to see

their first COVID-19 patients. In one very long and

challenging year we have learned so much and

we have been through so much. The Louisiana

Nurses Association continues to stand strong in

our anti-discrimination, anti-hatred position after

seeing an increase in lethal hate crimes, including

hate-based acts toward our Asian brothers and

sisters. We stand together as one profession with

many paths, in the belief that all persons are to

be seen and treated with unconditional positive


In speaking with nurses around our state

throughout the year, I acknowledge how much

we have given of ourselves to our patients, our

families, and our communities. Many are tired,

with minds and hearts filled with the sadness

we see in the lives that we touch every day. In

a profession so focused on giving, we need to

acknowledge the importance of giving back to

ourselves. Self-care is a radical act of our ethical

obligation to ourselves, each other, and the

people we serve.

Taking the time to make meaning of our

experiences, grow through continuing nursing

professional development, and living fully in our

bodies, our minds and our spirits will bring us to

the growth we deserve. If you have not yet, take

full advantage of the resources available to you.

Whether it is the employee assistance program

at your hospital, a therapist or counselor, take

time to process what you have experienced.

Take care of your spirit and mind through daily

mindfulness, finding gratitude, and recognizing

the good you do every day for the citizens of

our state. Take care of your bodies by resting,

moving, eating and hydrating well, and keep

wearing masks, social distancing, and getting


There is now hope in our communities,

thanks to brilliant viral immunologists led by

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, the science of mRNA

vaccines, and the thousands of volunteer test

subjects that participated in clinical trials for

the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson

trials, including members of my family. We

have vaccines that have been approved by the

Food and Drug Administration and a light at

the end of a long, dark tunnel. My hope is that

each of you reading this have been vaccinated

or have a plan to be vaccinated, and that you

are using your voice as members of the most

trusted profession to be an example and

demonstrate our practice grounded in science

and get the shot.

I look forward to seeing all of our members

at Membership Assembly, whether as delegates,

or attendees. Please reach out to your District

President if you still wish to become a delegate

to Membership Assembly and represent your

district in voting for new board members, bylaws

changes, and resolutions that will shape the

future actions and direction of our organization.

Become an LSNA Affiliate Member Page 14

current resident or

Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage Paid

Princeton, MN

Permit No. 14

As many may know, the World Health

Organization extended the recognition of

the Year of the Nurse and Midwife into 2021.

The American Nurses Organization joined

the World Health Organization and global

colleagues in extending the Year of the Nurse

into 2021. This world-wide recognition builds

on the increased visibility of the contributions

of nurses from 2020 and ANA’s expansion of

National Nurses Week to Nurses Month in May.

The Louisiana State Nurses Association

would like to thank and recognize each of the

nurses in our state and a special gratitude

to each of our members. In February, LSNA

purchased special pins and with support from

Nurses Strong

Ochsner Health, these were mailed to each of

our members. We ask our members to wear

them with pride recognizing the strength

and resilience of nurses across the world who

face their profession with dignity, pride, and


During Nurses Month, we will be planning

more special recognition of our members,

and invite all of you who have not yet joined

to consider joining the Louisiana State Nurses

Association. Whether you are a member, or

not, please know that the Louisiana State

Nurses Association is the voice for all 68,000

nurses in our state. We hope you will join us

and get involved!

Page 2 • Pelican News April, May, June 2021


Director’s Message

Thea Ducrow

This spring is an exiting

time for LSNA and LNF.

The Louisiana Legislature

convenes on April 12. The

Louisiana Association of

Nurse Practitioners are

shepherding continued

full practice authority for

Nurse Practitioners. LSNA

has led the efforts to

champion these efforts to

build a coalition of nurse

organizations as a part

of the work to establish

a commission on advanced practce nursing. LNF

announced that the 2021 Virtual Nightingale Gala

will be held in October. The Henkel Corporation is

donating haircare products across Louisiana. LNF will

distribute over $190,080 worth of haircare products

for the second year in a row.


Louisiana has a large list of nurses to keep

updated and we want to reach you all.

Please be sure to email lsna@lsna.org with

address changes / corrections or if the nurse

listed is no longer at this address. Subject

Line: Pelican News Address Change /

Removal – Last, First Name

It is our pleasure to

get you comfortable,

stylish scrubs you want

without the hassle of

a uniform store trip.


Call for Nominations

Elsie B. Meaux, RN, BSN, MHA

President-LSNA District IV

Chair – LSNA Nomination Committee


“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are

to become more than wishful thinking, we will need

the engagement of volunteers more than ever.”

— Kofi Annan

Nominations are now open for the 2021-23 LSNA

Board of Directors. It is very easy for us to just

pass this by and think “someone else will do this,”

but I hope you will all stop for a few minutes and

consider the roles that are open and step up to

make a difference in our profession. The current

open postions are:


(2 year term as President Elect, 2 years as President,

2 years as Immediate Past President)


(2 year term)


(2 year term)

Director of Organizational Advancement

(4 year term)

Director of Nursing Leadership and

Professional Development

(4 year term)

Nominating Committee

(2 year term – 3 names to be selected)

Audit Committee

(2 year term – 3 names to be selected)

The obligations of each of these positions are

outlined on the LSNA website or you can contact

me to review various positions. Voting will take

place at the Membership Assembly in April.

Why should I volunteer? I don’t have time to do

this. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know anyone

on the board. I am not qualified. Are any of these

questions running through your mind? As I look

back over how much our lives have changed in the

past year, it is hard not to ask, “what can I do and

how can I make a difference?” Things are changing

faster than many of us can keep up with. It is up

to our organization, the Louisiana State Nurses

Association (LSNA) to be our voices and be proactive

in events that will effect our profession.

These board positions will give you the perfect

opportunity to learn more about our profession,

state and national agendas and work with some

extraordinary men and women in the field of nursing

and healthcare. In each of these positions are others

who will mentor and help you in your duties.

Over my 45 years of nursing, I have volunteered

for many positions in different organizations, and

at many different levels with time limits from a

couple of hours to several years. Each of them has

provided me with great opportunities, given me

growth in my nursing career, provided me with a

wonderful network of peers and graced me with

some lifelong friends. I hope you will consider

volunteering for one of these open positions. It

WILL be one of the most memorable and rewarding

times of your career.

543 Spanish Town Road | Baton Rouge, LA 70802

P: 225-605-3090 | F: 225-381-0163


LNF Board of Trustees

President............................................................................... Denise Danna

Vice-President.....................................................................Chad Sullivan

Treasurer.........................................................................Barbara Morvant

Secretary............................................................................. Barbara McGill

Trustee.........................................................................Cynthia Prestholdt

Trustee....................................................................Ahnyel Jones-Burkes

Trustee..................................................................................Ecoee Rooney

Trustee.............................................................................. Benita Chatmon

Trustee................................................................................. Jamie Wiggins

Trustee....................................................................................Chad Sullivan

LSNA Board of Directors

Executive Board

President..............................................................................Ecoee Rooney

President-Elect............................................................................. VACANT

Secretary...........................................................................Justin Fontenot

Treasurer.......................................................................... Denise Hancock

Transition into Practice...................................................Austin Nelson

Directors of

Clinical Practice, Health Policy.....................Ahnyel Jones-Burkes

Membership, Recruitment, & Retention............. Benita Chatmon

Nursing Leadership &

Professional Development........................................Angela Capello

Organizational Advancement....................................Allison Delphin

Non-Voting Board Members

Immediate Past-President...................................... Georgia Johnson

LASN President.............................................................Christina Hebert

LANPAC.........................................................................Patricia La Brosse

LNF.......................................................................................... Denise Danna

District Presidents

Alexandria..........................................................................Debra Hickman

Baton Rouge.................................................................... Yvonne Pellerin

Northshore.................................................................... Georgia Johnson

Lafayette.................................................................................. Elsie Meaux

Lake Charles........................................................... Peggy Hershberger

Monroe.................................................................................. Debra Walker

New Orleans...................................................................... Kendra Barrier

Ruston.................................................................................. Kathy Roberts

Winnfield......................................................................................... VACANT

Shreveport................................................................................ Lisa Wilhite

Tangipahoa............................................................................. Laura Lucky

Bayou........................................................................ Renata Schexnaydre

Feliciana............................................................................ Yvonne Pellerin



Executive Director

Thea Ducrow, Ph.D. | executivedirector@lsna.org

Nurse Lead Planner

Kim Cheramie


Administrative Assistant

Tiara Battieste | lsna@lsna.org

Head of Finance Committee

Denise Hancock, PhD, RN, LCCE

Article Submission

Submission Deadlines for 2021 Editions of the Pelican

March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1, 2021

(submissions by end of the business day)

We appreciate your continued cooperation in adhering to the

submission guidelines so we can ensure the Pelican remains

a professional, highly regarded publication and resource for

all professional nurses in Louisiana. LSNA looks forward to

hearing from you and if you know of anyone who would like to

submit an article please forward this information to them.


• Send all submissions to lsna@lsna.org

• Subject line: Pelican News Submission: Name of Article

• All submissions are subject to editing by the LSNA Executive


• Only electronic submissions are accepted and they must be

an attachment to an email (Microsoft Word only).

• A submission cannot be in the body of an email

• Must include the name of the author(s) and a title in the


• All pictures must have a caption with names of all persons

depicted. Names must be complete and submitted at time of


• Pictures cannot be embedded in article; submit with the

article but in a separate format (png,.tif, .jpg)

• LSNA reserves the right to pull or edit any article / news

submission for space and availability and/ or deadlines.

• If requested, notification will be given to authors once the

final draft of the Pelican has been submitted

• LSNA does not accept monetary payment for articles

• Any submissions after the deadline will be considered for the

following issue

Please email lsna@lsna.org with all inquiries regarding the

Pelican News.


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Publishing Agency, Inc., PO Box 216, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613, (800) 626-

4081, sales@aldpub. LSNA and the Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency, Inc.

reserve the right to reject any advertisement. Responsibility for errors in

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product. Articles appearing in this publication express the opinions of

the authors; they do not necessarily reflect views of the staff, board, or

membership of LSNA or those of the national or local associations.

Louisiana Pelican News is published quarterly every January, April, July

and October and is the official publication of the Louisiana State Nurses

Association, a constituent member of the American Nurses Association.

April, May, June 2021 Pelican News • Page 3

District News

New Orleans District Nurses Association, Region VII


New Orleans District Nurses Association welcomes our new officers, Dr. Kendall

Young and Ms. Lauren Bridevaux.


NODNA has open positions for: Director of Communications, Director of Events

/ Student Nurses Night, and Director of Organizational Advancement. Anyone

interested, please contact Kim Guilbeau, Director of Membership, Recruitment, and



New Orleans District Nurses Association

Student Nurse Leadership Award

Dr. Kendra M. Barrier

President, NODNA

Lauren Bridevaux,


Treasurer, NODNA

Kendall Young, DNP,


Vice President, NODNA

Dr. Aimme McCauley presented LaCine Bertrand

with the NODNA Student Nurse Leadership Award.

LaCine Bertrand was the President of the Diversity,

Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Student Taskforce,

now the DEI Student Association, and was the

Community Service Coordinator for the Student

Nurses Association in fall 2020.


On behalf of NODNA, please accept our sincere appreciation to Dr. Ahnyel

Burkes-Jones, Dr. Denise Danna, and Ms. Chantel Moffat, for their selfless

contributions, leadership, and dedication that each has provided to nurses and

our surrounding community. Their service, passion, and commitment has set

an example for current and future leaders and will be cherished as meaningful

memories of shared experiences by those of us fortunate to have worked

alongside of them.

New Orleans District Nurses Association

Rising Star Award

Dr. Aimme McCauley presented Nadia Restreppo

with the NODNA Rising Star Award along with a $500

scholarship check. Nadia currently serves as Vice

President of her class and the Class Representative

on the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Student


NODNA Distrct News continued on page 4

Dr. Ahnyel Burkes-Jones

2017 – 2018 Vice

President and Director of


2016 – 2017 Director of


Dr. Denise Danna

2014 – 2020 Treasurer and

Director of the Finance


Chantel Moffat, BSN, RN

2017 – 2020 Director of





Glenwood Regional Medical Center is a 278-bed, state-of-the-art

hospital located in West Monroe, Louisiana.

To access electronic copies of the

Pelican News, please visit


$10K Sign-on Bonus for experienced ICU RNs

New Grad $10K Sign-on Bonus with a 2 year commitment.

RN In-House Contracts available in critical care units at

$65.00 per hour plus shift diffs

Competitive Rates, Benefits and Shift Differentials

New Grads welcome to apply

APPLY TODAY by visting www.glenwoodregional.org

Please contact our Nurse Recruiter!

Tommy Adams



Glenwood Regional Medical Center

503 McMillian Rd. West Monroe, LA 71291

Page 4 • Pelican News April, May, June 2021

District News

NODNA Distrct News continued from page 3


Ecoee Rooney, DNP, NPD-BC, SANE-A, President, LSNA and NODNA

member, presented, Finding Your Brave, at the December 17, 2020 meeting.

NODNA welcomes all members to join us in fun engaging social events by

attending the meetings and programs. Our meetings and programs are all

via Zoom so attending meetings and programs may be done from relaxing

environment of your home. Please visit www.nolanurses.org and follow us on

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for programming updates. NODNA

provides nurses an opportunity to earn CE Credit and network with other

nurses throughout the New Orleans Metro Area.

I would like to thank each nurse for their membership, as our membership

continues to grow. The Board of Directors and I want our members to know

that each member is in our daily thoughts, knowing that our members will

remain resilient as they continue to face daily challenges during the pandemic

and drastic weather changes. I also know that your families, employers, and

communities appreciate everything you do. Lastly, NODNA encourages our

members to educate themselves about the COVID vaccine, share the facts about

the vaccine with your community, so people are able to make informed vaccine

decisions based on evidence and not myths. Vaccine information is located

on the LA Department of Health (LDH): https://ldh.la.gov/covidvaccine/ and

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): https://www.cdc.gov/


Thank you for your support. All the best,

Kendra M. Barrier, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE

President, New Orleans District Nurses Association

News from District 4 – LSNA

Elsie B. Meaux, RN, BSN, MHA

President, District 4

As we move ahead into the new year, it has been a busy time in District 4. In

January we continued with our bi-monthly meetings both socially distancing

face to face at a local restaurant and simultaneously viewing on ZOOM. It is

our desire to meet the comfort level and desire of attending a meeting for all

of our members and we plan to continue to provide both options for all of our

future meetings. In January, we had our installation of new officers for the 2021

board. Our new board is:

Elsie Meaux- president; Ali Lossi - Vice President; Lisa Broussard-secretary;

Kevin Besse - treasurer; and board members – Carllene MacMillan, Meghan

Mattison, Justin Fontenot, and Christy Lenahan.

We have identified as one of our priorities of the new year moving forward

is the engagement of more members and we have identified several new

committees/task forces to work with the board to assist with duties and involving

more members. Those include: Membership will be led by past vice president-

Shelia Pritchett, Regional Action Coalition led by Mary O. Broussard, Acadiana

Celebrate Nursing Awards, Community Outreach, Health Policy, Professional

Practice, Finance and Scholarship.

Several of our members have been active in the community in assisting with

the administration of Covid vaccines at various sites and also continuing to assist

with Covid testing sites. We are reaching out to our membership to ensure that

we have updated information so that all of our communications are received. Our

district is continuing our planning of our 21st Acadiana Celebrates Nursing Awards

which will be held on May 7th. We look forward to celebrating not only our 25

outstanding honorees, but also highlighting the contributions of nursing to the

community over the past year.

Chad A. Sullivan, RN, JD

Keogh, Cox & Wilson, LTD.

Baton Rouge, LA • 225-383-3796

Offering Disciplinary Defense

to Registered Nurses




Email: csullivan@keoghcox.com



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3 years of experience


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April, May, June 2021 Pelican News • Page 5

District News

LSNA District 4/Acadiana Black Nurses Association Collaborations

Dr. Enrica Singleton and Dr. Nellie Prudhomme

LSNA District 4 and Acadiana Black Nurses

Association (ABNA) Lafayette partnered to provide

support to the Acadiana community during challenging

times -2020 Hurricane Laura Relief and the-2020-

2021 COVID pandemic. Over thirty percent (30%) of

ABNA members serve jointly as members of LSNA/

ANA and other nursing organizations and actively

participate and support LSNA District 4 in meetings

and sponsored community activities.

During the last quarter of 2020, LSNA and ABNA

partnered to deliver essential supplies to residents

in the devastated area of Lake Charles following

Hurricane Laura. ABNA Chapter of the National Black

Nurses Association (NBNA) was awarded a $1000.00

grant from NBNA and another $500.00 donation

Senator Gerald Boudreaux to purchase and deliver

essential supplies (cleaning and recovery) and clothing

items to the residents. District 4 LSNA representatives

distributed masks, essential health and cleaning

supplies to residents in the devastated area.

L-R : Dr. Nellie Prudhomme, Angela Brown, RN,

Patsy Bienvenu,RN; Sharonetta Brooks, RN, and

GraciAna Breaux, RN.

Army National Guard/Volunteers

Advocacy in Action

Several members have been positioned

strategically on a national, state and local level

to address COVID 19 community related. ABNA

members have been engaged At the table in

order to provide culturally specific content and

context about COVID 19 impact on minority

communities. The inclusion allows for meaningful

representation and a speaker forum to eventually

foster empowerment and resilience of the minority

community during this pandemic.

Kneeling: Dr Iris Malone (ABNA President);

L-R: Patricia LaBrosse [(LSNA/ABNA), Elsie Meaux

[President LSNA District 4] Lucile Woodard (LSNA/

ABNA), Patsy Bienvenu, Dr. Jeanine Thomas

(LSNA/ABNA), Sharonetta Brook (LSNA/ABNA);

Standing: Linda Pritchard (LSNA); GraciAna

Breaux (LSNA/ABNA), Mathilda Johnny, Dr. Nellie

Prudhomme (LSNA/ABNA), Vanessa Mouton-

Sholes, Ida Fuselier, Sherilyn Greene (LSNA/ABNA),

Angela Brown (ABNA).

COVID -19 Testing, Education, and Vaccination

LSNA and ABNA’s cadre of nurse practitioners,

nurse educators, clinical nurse managers, and

partnered to provide over 300+ service hours

conducting COVID 19 testing and distribution of

health education materials to individuals arriving

for COVID testing at the Cardiovascular Limb

Institute (CLI) site in Lafayette and surrounding

Acadiana parishes.

To join our Team,

apply @ Amedisys.com



Dr Iris Malone, FNP performing COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 Vaccination

Wat Thammarattanaram Buddhist Temple

March 20, Broussard, La. – LSNA/ABNA members,

Dr Kevin Besse and Mrs. Lucille Woodard, RN,

partnered with other volunteers, LAVA and

Louisiana Army National Guard, in answering the

call to meet the critical need for mass COVID


Progressive Baptist Church Community Center –

Dr. Iris Malone, ABNA President, partnered with

Louisiana National Guard on a weekly schedule for

a “Sleeve Up” event encouraging Lafayette’s Black

residents to get vaccinated.

Dr. Kevin Besse,

Lucille Woodard

Dr Iris Malone,

ABNA President


• In-house training with career


• Tuition reimbursement program

• Affordable benefits including

major medical, dental, vision,

and retirement

• Family oriented workplace with

flexible schedules

• Great work family atmosphere

• Competitive wages

• Great opportunity to gain

experience in all facets of


Apply: www.allenhealth.net • 337-738-2527

Dr. Sandra


Dr. Jeanine


Louisiana’s Governor’s COVID-19

Health Equity Task Force

Dr. Iris


Governor Biel Edwards appointed Dr. Sandra

Brown, Dean of Nursing @ Southern University

to serve as a Co-Chair on the COVID-19 Health

Equity Task force to address the health disparities

specifically challenge minorities and vulnerable

populations in the state. Dr. Jeanine Thomas,

Associate Dean for Nursing and Allied Health at

South Louisiana Community College @ Lafayette,

was named to the Nursing Subcommittee of the

Health Equity Task Force.

Mayor’s COVID-19 Task Force

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory appointed

Dr. Iris Malone, ABNA President, to serve on the

Mayor’s COVID-19 Task Force as a nursing liaison to

tackle healthcare disparities suffered by Lafayette’s

Black community.

Acadiana ABNA continued on page 6

Page 6 • Pelican News April, May, June 2021

District News

Acadiana ABNA continued from page 5

Health Policy/Advocacy Achievements


La Brosse

Dr. Cheryl


Dr. Denise


Patricia La Brosse, MSN PHMCNS-BC, was

presented the National Patient Advocacy Award , a

National ANA award, by ANA president, Dr Ernest

Grant via Zoom. Mrs. LaBrosse, an Adult Psychiatric

Mental Health Clinical Specialist with Lafayette

General Ochsner University Hospital & Clinics in

Lafayette also served as the LANPAC Chairperson

The Louisiana Nurses Political Action Committee

Dr. Cheryl Taylor, PhD, FAAN, Professor ,

Southern University @ Baton Rouge participated in

multiple communication venues during the COVID 19

Pandemic and as a member of ABNA Health Policy

committee, Dr. Taylor has been active in addressing.

Health Equity and Diversity initiatives through panel

discussions, National virtual summits, and National

League for Nursing’s Steering (NLN) committee

member with COVID Bioethics Commission..

Dr. Denise Linton, DNS, FAANP, Professor,

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Dudley Joseph

Plaisance/BORSF Endowed Professorship in Nursing,

was inducted as a 2020 Fellow in the American

Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP). Dr Linton

chairs the ABNA Bylaws committee chair and Health

policy committee member.

January 2021 . Using Zoom as its virtual platform,

ABNA members witnessed the installation of newly

elected members to its Executive Board. Amidst

a global pandemic, ABNA members witnessed

exciting developments and a renewed commitment

to fulfilling the mission of ABNA to serve all indigent

populations of the Acadiana region by providing a

forum for black nurses to advocate and implement

strategies to ensure access to the highest quality of

healthcare for persons of color

Bottom L-R : Lucile Woodard, (President-elect);

Dr. Iris Malone, (President). Top L-R: Ida Fusilier

(Secretary); Dr. Jeanine Thomas (Parliamentarian);

Phylis Rodgers, (Financial Secretary);

Sharonda Johnson, (Treasuer)

Excellence in education/scholarship. –ABNA

members remain committed to supporting a diverse

workforce by awarding scholarships which target

minority nursing students attending vocational,

associates, baccalaureate and graduate (Masters,

Doctoral) nursing programs.

Dr. Enrica




Mouton –


Lucille &



Associates (ASN)/Baccalaureate (BSN) – The

Enrica K Singleton (EKS) scholarship, designated

for students completing the Associates or

Baccalaureate nursing degree program, is funded

through the generosity of the family of Dr. Enrica K.

Singleton and awarded to students whose academic

and community profiles mirror that of the EKS

criteria-academic, service and leadership.

The Launcher stipend, designated for LVN/LPN

students, is funded through the generosity of ABNA

members, Venessa Mouton-Sholes, RN and Mr. &

Mrs. Lucille (Clarence) Woodard, RN.

Brittney Lavell Boudreaux (BLB) Memorial

Scholarship for Advanced Practice Nurses

Research, Service, and Scholarship

Brittney Lavell



The BLB Memorial Scholarship is

funded through the generosity

of Ms. Boudreaux’s parents,

Louisiana Senator Gerald and

Mrs Corliss Boudreaux. This

award is designed to: assist

nurses to study at the advanced

practice level; increase diversity

in the workforce and create or

develop the desire in nurses to

achieve success in leadership

roles. Ms Boudreaux was actively

involved in community activities,

receiving numerous awards and

honors. Professionally, she held membership in Sigma

Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society,

American Nurses Association (Texas District 9), the

National Association of Neonatal Nurses (Houston

Chapter), the National Association of Critical Care

Nurses, the National Black Nurses Association, and

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

Ms. Boudreaux, an Acadiana native, was a

2008 graduate of Northside Senior High School

in Lafayette, received the BSN Degree in Nursing

from Dillard University in 2012 and a MSN Degree

in Nursing Leadership and Administration from

the University of Texas Health Science Center in

Houston in 2019. At the time of her passing, Ms.

Boudreaux was pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing

Practice at University of Texas. Her leadership

skills were recognized in her role as a Neonatal

ICU Manager at Texas Children’s Hospital as she

received the New Emerging Leader Award in

2018. Her leadership role included orienting new

staff and students to policies and procedures

on her unit and serving as their preceptor,

thus facilitating their socialization to the work


Information about ABNA and the scholarships

can be found at the Chapter website:


ABNA Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 93111

Lafayette, La. 70509

Attention: Dr Nellie Prudhomme

Chair, ABNA Scholarship Committee

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Page 8 • Pelican News April, May, June 2021


On the Move 2020


Patricia A. La Brosse, PMHCNS-BC

LANPAC Chairperson

Patricia A.

La Brosse

Greetings from your

Louisiana Nurses Political

Action Committee!! It is that

time of the year again, and

we are gearing up for the

47th Regular Session of the

Louisiana Legislature. It will

open at Noon on Monday,

April 12, 2021, and close

no later than 6:00 p.m. on

Thursday, June 10, 2021. Each

legislative member may prefile

an unlimited number of

local and special bills and

may introduce up to five such

bills that have not been pre-filed. In addition, each

legislator may prefile up to, but not more than five bills

whose subject matter is outside the subject matter

restrictions of this session (the General Appropriations

Bill; capital budget, appropriations; new or existing

taxes; fees, to name a few). Currently, there are 57

pre-filed pieces of legislation. To access important

information found on the Regular 2021 Information

Bulletins for both Chambers, please visit https://legis.


Resources to assist growth of your knowledge

base regarding legislative activities are available on

the legislative website www.legis.la.gov. There you

will find a treasure trove of information including laws;

bills; sessions; names and contact information for your

legislators; house and senate committees and their

members; and the opportunity to set up your own

personal bill tracker. In addition, you will see when

committees will be meeting, their agendas, and find

past committee meetings in the Broadcast Archives.

As always, your LANPAC Board of Trustees will work

closely with the Louisiana State Nurses Association

(LSNA) to support legislation that is endorsed by the

organization’s Health Policy Committee. Pertinent

legislative material will be accessible on www.lsna.org.

On another note, the LANPAC Annual Meeting was

held virtually on Monday, December 14, 2021. Along

with the regular business items, an election was held

for those offices with terms ending in 2020—Vice

Chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer. The Chairperson

and Member-at-Large terms are 2019-2021. LSNA and

the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses (LASN)

each have appointed representatives to the Board

of Trustees. Currently, the LASN position is vacant.

Current Board of Trustee members include:

Tamara M. White, Vice

Chairperson — Tamara is a

Registered Nurse with over 13

years clinical experience. She

is currently enrolled in

Chamberlain’s College of

Nursing’s Doctor of Nursing

Practice Program with an

anticipated date of completion

in September of 2021. Tamara

is a Licensed Nursing Facility

Administrator and has vast

Tamara M. White knowledge and experience in

the long term and skilled

nursing setting. She currently

serves as a practical nursing instructor and provides

independent clinical consulting through her company,

Pillar Healthcare Consultants, for multiple home and

community-based programs and specialty hospitals.

She currently resides in New Orleans, LA.

Lisa M. Deaton, Secretary/

Treasurer — Lisa has been a

registered nurse for 45 years,

and holds a B.S. in Nursing as

a graduate of Southeastern

Louisiana University in

Hammond, LA. She is

currently retired from practice

but has remained engaged in

nursing by actively serving on

the LA Action Coalition Core

Leadership Team and on the

Lisa M. Deaton LANPAC Board of Trustees for

the last six years. She was

Health Policy Chair for LSNA 2006-2014 and has

served on the Board of Directors for the Baton Rouge

District Nurses Association for the last three years,

including serving as 2019-2021 President. This is her

second term as LANPAC Secretary/Treasurer.

Ivory Davis

Ivory Davis, Trustee-at-Large

(serving an unexpired term)

— Ivory is the CEO & Owner

of Rosenthal Consulting

Solutions, LLC (RCS): a

minority nurse-owned case

management consulting firm

specializing in Worker’s

Compensation, Case

Management, and medical

record reviews. She obtained

her Bachelor of Science in

Nursing from Grambling State

University and her Master’s in

Public/Community Health Nursing from LSU Health

Sciences Center in New Orleans, LA. She is a highly

active health advocate in her local community. She

serves on the Grambling State University School of

Nursing Advisory Board, Shreveport Healthy

Communities coalition, and Future of Nursing:

Campaign for Action/Louisiana Action Coalition

Regional Action Committee. Ivory also serves as

Women’s Health and Wellness Chair for Sigma Rho

Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc,

and is Treasurer of Pearls of Humanity Foundation.

April, May, June 2021 Pelican News • Page 9



Chadwick Kenney-Possa,

LSNA Appointed Trustee —

Chad is the Nursing

Supervisor at Our Lady of the

Lake Regional Medical Center

Main Surgery in Baton Rouge,

LA. He is also a Family Nurse

Practitioner student at

Franciscan Missionaries of Our

Lady University in Baton

Rouge, LA. His professional

memberships include

American Nurses Association,

Louisiana State Nurses

Association, American

Nephrology Nurses Association, Louisiana Association

Nurses Political Action Committee, the Association of

periOperative Registered Nurses, and as a student he

belongs to the Louisiana Association of Nurse

Practitioners. He is the proud foster parent to two

fourteen-month-olds, in hopes to become their

adoptive parent in the near future. His passion is

nursing and continuing to advance his education

through advanced practice. He is an avid activist for

Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge, Companion Animal

Alliance, Big Buddy, STAR, and many other non-profit


Patricia A.

La Brosse

Patricia A. La Brosse,

Chairperson — Patricia has

been a psychiatric-mental

health advanced practice

registered nurse for over 30

years. Her background includes

direct patient care, various

administrative roles, nursing

educator, researcher, author,

consultant, and presenter at

local, state, national and global

conferences. Currently Patricia

provides outpatient behavioral

health services at Ochsner

University Hospital and Clinics

as well as at Dr. Joseph H. Tyler, Jr. Behavioral Health

Clinic, both in Lafayette, LA. She is a member of several

nursing organizations, having served in multiple

leadership roles. Her service to the LSNA Board of

Directors spans 16 years in a myriad of positions,

including President.

The willingness of the Board of Trustees to

agree to engage in the work is evidence of their

commitment to the work ahead this year. Along

with supporting the LSNA Health Policy strategies,

we will be engaged in activities to provide state

legislative candidate information to the voters of

Louisiana. To grow our outreach efforts, we need

financial support. A well-funded political action

committee will help show strength in numbers and

a commitment to engage in the political process.

Contributions are voluntary and may be made

by nurses and friends of nursing. All amounts are

Recruiting all RN’s

New Base Pay Rates

Eastern LA

Mental Health System

Call (225) 634-4303

for more info

The largest publicly founded

Mental Health System in Louisiana

welcome, and any amount of $50.00 or more

qualifies the donor as a voting contributor of

LANPAC. Along with donations at https://www.

lsna.org/lanpac, we are excited to report that

we now have a PayPal option for contributions.

The account is under lanpac1986@gmail.com.

Be certain to choose the friends and family option.

Join our efforts to help grow our ranks, maintain a

political presence, advocate for the patients we have

chosen to serve, and better represent our profession.

For additional information, please contact Patricia

La Brosse, PMHCNS-BC, LANPAC Chairperson, at

lahasky@aol.com or (337) 344-4987. Your voice is


“If I were to remain silent, I would be

guilty of complicity” —Albert Einstein

Leading the way in Mental Health Care!

Page 10 • Pelican News April, May, June 2021

Introducing the Latest Joe Ann Clark/ANF Graduate

Nursing Education Award Recipients

Cynthia Prestholdt, PhD, RN, Chair

LNF Scholarship & Awards Committee

Dr. Cynthia


The prestigious Joe Ann Clark Graduate Nursing

Education Award was established in 2012, to honor Dr.

Joe Ann Clark for her distinguished career in professional

nursing in Louisiana. The goal of this award is to provide

financial support for selected Louisiana registered nurses

pursuing graduate education as nurse educators in an

educational environment. In addition to contributions

to the Louisiana Nurses Foundation (LNF), scholarship

funds were also received from the American Nurses

Foundation (ANF) as the final year of a three year grant

period. The combined funds of ANF and LNF provided

scholarships of $1,000 each to three Louisiana graduate

nursing students to help defray Spring 2021 academic

expenses. As before, recipients were selected on the

basis of established criteria and potential commitment

to ongoing contributions to teaching, leadership and advocacy in the nursing

community. There have now been 16 graduate nursing students named as

Joe Ann Clark Graduate Nursing Education Award recipients since 2012!

LNF is proud to introduce the following new graduate nursing award/

scholarship recipients:

Kim Gatlin is from Ponchatoula, LA and is enrolled as a DNP student at

Southeastern Louisiana University. She received funds as an Anna Gallagher/

ANF Scholarship recipient. She is an LSNA and LANP member, is a neonatal and

preoperative care nurse who enjoys working with the under-served population of

expectant mothers at Restoration House, and as a family advocate. Her goal is to

teach nurse practitioner students. She expects to graduate in Spring, 2023 and “looks

forward to one day giving back to the community and fellow nursing students.”

Katie P. Welch is from West Monroe, LA and is an MSN student at the

University of Monroe. She received funds as a Fresenius Kabi/ANF Scholarship

recipient. She has been a hospital education department Clinical Coordinator,

was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, and

served on medical missions to Nicaragua in 2013, 2014, & 2015. She is currently an

undergraduate nursing instructor at ULM, teaching theory and clinical lab courses.

“I enjoy teaching more than any other job in nursing that I have ever had.” She

plans to graduate in May 2021.

Kim Gatlin Katie P. Welch Robin R. Wood

Robin R. Wood is from Bossier City, LA and is a DNP student at

Northwestern State University. She received funds from LNF. She is a member

of ANA and LSNA, Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies, and

is a Fellow in the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. She is

nationally certified as a DOT medical examiner. She has published some 30

pediatric articles in newspapers, directed at parent information and childcare.

She has lobbied at the state level and plans to serve as a change-agent for

rural health in local and statewide policy. She hopes to teach on the graduate

level and expects to graduate in August 2022.

Last year’s Joe Ann Clark Graduate Nursing Education awardees

included Katherine Bass, a MSN graduate nursing student from Mandeville,

LA and enrolled at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans. She

received LNF and ANF funds as the Fresenius Kabi/American Nurses

Foundation Scholarship. Mitzie R. Meyers of Mandeville, LA received

the Anna Gallagher/American Nurses Foundation Scholarship as well as

funds from LNF. She is pursuing her PhD degree in Nursing Education and

Administration at William Carey University. Both of these recipients plan to

graduate in the summer of 2021.

Gratitude is again expressed to the members of the LNF Scholarship &

Awards Committee for their diligence, expertise, and conscientious objective

evaluation efforts: Dr. Patti Christy, Nancy Darland, Dr. Carol Gordon, Maxine

Johnson, Dr. Stephanie Pierce, Dr. Valerie Schluter, and Dr. Lorinda Sealey,

along with Dr. Denise Danna (ex officio), President LNF Board of Trustees and

Dr. Cynthia Prestholdt (Chair).

Thank you Louisiana Nurses!

Happy Nurses Week!

Phone Number: 318.865.9800

Website: louisiananursinghomeattorney.com

April, May, June 2021 Pelican News • Page 11

Louisiana Nurses


LNF Acknowledgement of Dr. Cynthia Prestholdt, PhD,

RN, and Her Unwavering Commitment to Louisiana

Nursing Students Through Student/Faculty Scholarship

Dr. Cynthia


Louisiana Nurse Foundation (LNF) has had the privilege

for 14 years to have Dr. Cynthia Prestholdt serve as

the Chairperson of the LNF Scholarship and Awards

Committee since its inception in 2007. Dr. Prestholdt

has recently announced her retirement as Chair but will

remain active with LNF.

The LNF Board would like to express their appreciation

for Dr. Prestholdt’s dedication and commitment to the

Scholarship and Awards Committee over the years.

Her leadership in this area is unprecedented. Under her

leadership, the Scholarship and Awards Committee has

developed award criteria and nomination process for both

the Woodard Scholarship program for Undergraduate

Nursing students and the Joe Ann Clark Awards for

graduate students becoming faculty. The high integrity of

the LNF program has brought national recognition as an exemplar process.

Under her tenure, the LNF program has awarded a total of ninety-six (96)

undergraduate scholarships, ninety-three (93) Woodard Scholars and three (3)

American Nurses Foundations awards. In addition, sixteen (16) Joe Ann Clark

scholarships were granted.

The success of the LNF Scholarship program has been marked by Dr.

Prestholdt’s zealous oversight to assure high integrity in the application and

selection process and her unwavering commitment to the nursing students of

Louisiana. Cynthia, we will always be indebted to you for your vision, leadership, and

dedicated service.

Ready to advance your career?



The Exectutive Dean Charity Campus/Dean of Nursing

serves as the administrative head of the Charity Campus and

is responsible for directing the development of the academic

programs and curricula of the Nursing Division that meet

the expressed needs of healthcare partners.

Visit careers.dcc.edu for more information and to apply.

Master’s degree in nursing required, doctorate in nursing,

nursing education, or related field preferred. Three years

administrative experience in nursing education or institutional

management and three years of clinical experience required.

Donate to the Louisiana Nurses Foundation at no extra cost to you!

Here’s how:

Just go to www.smile.amazon.com, and designate the Louisiana

Nurses Foundation as your charity. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your

purchase to LNF.

Just think of all the purchases you made in 2020 on Amazon. If every

Louisiana RN, would donate through the Smile.Amazon program, the

dollars would really add up. Please join in designated LNF as your charity

and spread the work to your colleagues that they can do it too!

LNF Board of Trustees

April, May, June 2021 Pelican News • Page 13

LSU Health New Orleans Nursing Faculty

Elected to State and National Leadership Posts

February 25, 2021

Demetrius J. Porche, DNS, PhD, ANEF, FACHE,

FAANP, FAAN, professor and dean of the School of

Nursing at Louisiana State University Health Sciences

Center New Orleans, was elected to the Board of

Directors of the American Association of Colleges

of Nursing. He will serve a two-year term as a Board


Dr. Porche has also been elected to Chair the

Louisiana Health Works Commission, a collaborative

working group to integrate and coordinate resources

relative to health care workforce development within

various state departments and key organizations.

Dr. Porche has served in a number of prominent

leadership roles in nursing education, research,

policy, and regulation, including president of the

Southern Nursing Research Society, the Southern

Regional Education Board Council on Collegiate

Education in Nursing, and the American Assembly

of Men in Nursing; member of the Louisiana State

Board of Nursing; and university representative for

the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia

Education Programs. His areas of scholarship

include executive leadership, emergent leadership

and men’s health. In addition to his service on the

board of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing

Education, Dr. Porche is chair of AACN’s Diversity and

Inclusion Committee, was a member of the Doctoral

Conference Planning Subcommittee, and currently

serves as a mentor through AACN LEADS and as a

State Grassroots Liaison.

Jennifer Manning, DNS, ACNS-BC, CNE, Associate

Dean for Undergraduate Nursing Programs Associate

Professor of Clinical Nursing and Director of the

Baccalaureate Articulation Program at LSU Health

New Orleans School of Nursing, has been elected to

the Board of Directors of the National Association of

Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Dr. Manning is a three-time graduate of Louisiana

State University Health Sciences Center School of

Nursing, earning the last of her degrees, a Doctor

of Nursing Science, in 2014. Dr. Manning began

her nursing career as a critical care nurse at East

Jefferson General Hospital (EJGH), where she

currently serves as a part-time nurse researcher. Her

research interests include nurse work environments,

leadership, and best practices in nursing education.

She began her nurse educator career as a critical care

faculty in 2008. In 2013, she accepted a position as

the RN-to-BSN Articulation Program director and in

2015, was named Associate Dean for Undergraduate

Nursing Programs. In 2008, she obtained board

certification as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and, in 2014,

completed her Certified Nurse Educator certification.

Dr. Manning served as president of the Epsilon Nu

chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor

society from 2013-2015. She was appointed to the

Louisiana State Board of Nursing in 2018 for a fouryear


LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans (LSU

Health New Orleans) educates Louisiana’s health care

professionals. The state’s health sciences university

leader, LSU Health New Orleans includes a School

of Medicine with branch campuses in Baton Rouge

and Lafayette, the state’s only School of Dentistry,

Louisiana’s only public School of Public Health, and

Schools of Allied Health Professions, Nursing, and

Graduate Studies. LSU Health New Orleans faculty

take care of patients in public and private hospitals

and clinics throughout the region. In the vanguard of

biosciences research, the LSU Health New Orleans

research enterprise generates jobs and enormous

annual economic impact. LSU Health New Orleans

faculty have made lifesaving discoveries and continue

to work to prevent, advance treatment or cure disease.

To learn more, visit http://www.lsuhsc.edu, http://www.

twitter.com/LSUHealthNO, or http://www.facebook.


The American Association of Colleges of

Nursing (AACN) is the voice for academic nursing

representing more than 840 member schools of

nursing at public and private institutions nationwide.

AACN is the national voice for baccalaureate and

graduate nursing education. AACN works to establish

quality standards for nursing education; assists

schools in implementing those standards; influences

the nursing profession to improve health care; and

promotes public support for professional nursing

education, research, and practice. Learn more at


The National Association of Clinical Nurse

Specialists is a membership organization devoted

to advancing the unique expertise and values the

clinical nurse specialist brings to delivering highquality,

evidence-based, patient-centered care and

to reducing the cost of health care delivery. NACNS

has more than 2,000 members and represents the

more than 70,000 clinical nurse specialists working in

hospitals and health systems, clinics and ambulatory

settings and colleges and universities today. For more

information or to join NACNS visit https://nacns.org.

Louisiana School

Nurse Organization

(Affiliate of NASN)

Through our specialized, evidence-based

practice, we autonomously strive to protect

and promote student health, facilitate optimal

development, and advance academic success.

Join LSNO today and help us forge the future

of our profession @ www.lsno.org

Page 14 • Pelican News April, May, June 2021

Excellence in Nursing Education

Demetrius J. Porche, DNS, PhD, PCC, ANEF, FACHE, FAANP, FAAN | Chair,

Louisiana Council of Administrators in Nursing Education (LaCANE)

Dean, Louisiana State University Health –

New Orleans, School of Nursing

As the international nursing community celebrates the Year of the Nurse

and Midwife, the Louisiana Council of Administrators in Nursing would like

to acknowledge the achievements of Louisiana nursing schools. Louisiana

nursing schools have a history of preparing the state’s nursing workforce while

achieving national recognition. Excellence is a journey, not an outcome, but

the achievements that characterize excellence are worthy of recognition. One

achievement is the student outcome metric of NCLEX-RN licensure pass rates.

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Pearson/VUE

third quarter 2020 NCLEX-RN examination data, there were 158,789 individuals

who took the NCLEX-RN examination with 138,985 (87.53%) passing the NCLEX-

RN exam successfully. Out of the 55 state or territory jurisdictions that completed

the exam, there were only 17 (31%) that attained a pass rate of 90% or greater. The

third quarter Louisiana NCLEX-RN pass rate was higher than the national average

of 87.53% for a pass rate of 93.08%. In addition, for the third quarter of 2020,

Louisiana ranked 5th out of all jurisdictions in the NCLEX-RN pass rate.

The NCLEX-RN achievements are attained through the leadership, dedication,

and outstanding education provided by Louisiana nursing faculty. However,

our nursing school administrators, faculty, staff, and students accomplishments

exceed the metric for NCLEX-RN licensure pass rates. On behalf of LaCANE, I

Become an LSNA Affiliate Member

Benita N. Chatmon, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE

As an alternative to dual individual membership, LSNA developed the Affiliate

Membership that allows another professional nursing organization, that maintains

a mission and purpose harmonious with the purpose and functions of LSNA to join

LSNA. The true need is to develop a strong, collective voice for nursing; none of us

can do this alone. LSNA has the potential to unite our voices.

We hope to establish partnerships that will continue for many years supporting

advocacy, education, safe practice, and professional autonomy. The strength and

vitality of nursing rests in the hands of nurses who make a difference every day in

our communities and our active engagement in our professional organizations.

LSNA would like to congratulate the following organizations for joining as an

affiliate member:


• LA Emergency Nurses Association

• Sigma Theta Tau International Epsilon Nu at Large Chapter

• Southeast Louisiana Staff Development Organization

We encourage other nursing organizations to join the effort. It’s not too late,

there are various benefits to joining.

The benefits of affiliate membership:

• An affiliate may have one delegate

representing their organization at the

LSNA House of Delegates biennial

Membership Assembly

• May provide informational reports or

presentations to the LSNA Board of

Directors or Membership Assembly

within the organizational affiliate’s


• Submission of representatives

qualified for appointment to LSNA

ad hoc groups, task forces and/or


• Dissemination of information to LSNA

members via electronic or print media.

• Exhibit opportunities at the LSNA

Membership Assembly, Link to the

Legislature and other LSNA events.

• Collaboration with LSNA on

legislative issues.

• A free link to Affiliate’s website from

the LSNA website.

• LSNA member communications and

Constant Contact Alerts, sent to the

Association designee to share with

their membership.

• Publication of one educational article

in the Pelican News per year related

to your association specialty.

• Participation in the Annual Health

Policy Consortium to discuss

key issues affecting nursing and


• The opportunity to participate in

the nomination/selection process to

fill Louisiana State Board of Nursing

vacancies and other Boards and

Commissions vacancies.

• The opportunity to create joint

position statements co-authored by

both associations

• Promotion of the organization as an

affiliate of LSNA

• The opportunity for CNE Joint

sponsorship of LSNA CE offerings.

• Pay the LSNA member fee to attend

the Annual LINK to the Legislature


As a fellow association representing the welfare of nursing and

healthcare, we share a mutual interest. We are seeking your affiliation

with LSNA. Affiliate Membership allows another nursing organization,

that maintains a mission and purpose harmonious with the purpose

and functions of LSNA and is not a labor organization, to join LSNA.

would like to recognize these local, state, and national level achievements. As we

celebrate the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, it is only befitting to recognize our

nursing schools.

Fletcher Technical Community College

• Fletcher’s ASN program had a very successful ACEN accreditation virtual site

visit in September of 2020.

• Fletcher successfully initiated an LPN to ASN hybrid program in the fall of


Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, School of Nursing

• BSN program awarded the Program of Merit for Health Professions

Designation by the Gerontological Society of America. They are the first and

only nursing program in the nation to receive this status.

Louisiana State University Health – New Orleans, School of Nursing

• National League for Nursing Center of Excellence

• National Student Nurses Association Stellar School Award

• The Louisiana Center for Promotion of Optimal Health Outcomes: A Joanna

Briggs Institute Center of Excellence (LA Center) – 10 Year Anniversary

• Sigma Theta Tau International, Epsilon Nu Chapter Key Award

• Initiated the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) degree

• Dean Demetrius Porche elected to chair the Louisiana Health Works

Commission and elected to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing

(AACN) Board

• Dr. Jennifer Manning elected to the National Association of Clinical Nurse

Specialist Board

• Dr. Jennifer Martin appointed to the Professional Development Committee of

the National Collegiate Honors Council

• Dr. Leanne Fowler has been selected to participate in the inaugural AACN

Diversity Leadership Institute and elected for a second term to the Board of

Directors of the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF)

• Dr. Linda Ledet appointed to serve on the Steering Committee of the APNA

Education Council.

• Dr. Marcy C. Purnell has been appointed as the Tenet Health System/Jo Ellen

Smith, BSN Chair of Nursing. She currently holds one published patent and

has three patents pending relating to her work in bioelectrodynamics. She has

served as principal investigator on seven funded research projects and as subinvestigator

on an additional six projects. She has recently published a novel

mechanism in Discovery Medicine that suggests a previously unrecognized

cascade of events that may trigger crises in sickle cell patients.

• The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Association has been formally

approved and recognized as a student organization in the School of Nursing

McNeese State University, College of Nursing and Health Professions

• Classes started January 18 online, but we are projected to be able to move

back into our nursing building next week after being out since August 27,

2020 due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta. We would like to thank nurses and

students from around the state who have contributed to relief efforts at


• Our RN to BSN program received a 1.4-million-dollar Department of Labor

grant to provide tuition support to RNs living in rural parishes seeking to

complete their BSN online.

• Dr. Ann Warner is the new interim dean beginning January 4, 2021. Our

outgoing dean, Dr. Peggy Wolfe is rejoining the graduate nursing program as


Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, College of Nursing

and Allied Health

• Dr. Sandra Brown, Dean of the College of Nursing and Allied Health, was

appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards to serve as Co-Chair of the

Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force

• Historical virtual chartering of Southern University School of Nursing (SUSON)

Alumni Association. Members of the chartering ceremony included 70 charter

members and 15 honorary chartering members

• Membership in the National Hartford Center for Gerontological Nursing


• Enrollment of Undergraduate nursing program in Centralized Application for

Nursing Programs (NursingCAS)

• The School of Nursing’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program has

remained open throughout the pandemic without interruption of services to


• Funding obtained for the purchase of a mobile health clinic to provide health

outreach services to medically underserved and vulnerable populations in

East Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes, including inner-city and rural

communities within a 50-mile radius of the School of Nursing.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

• Designated an NLN Center of Excellence, Creating Environments That

Promote Pedagogical Expertise of Faculty, 2020-2024

• Nursing program designated End-of-Life Nursing Consortium (ELNEC) Hall of

Fame School

• Development of College Level Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collaborative

Workgroups focused on student initiatives, faculty recruitment and

development, and undergraduate and graduate curricula

• UL Lafayette RN to BSN student elected President of the 60,000-member

National Student Nurses’ Association

• Dr. Ziad Ashkar, Professor in the College of Nursing and Allied Health

Professions, Director of the Louisiana Center for Health Innovation, the Dr.

Robert Rivet Endowed Chair and the Acadian Ambulance Service/BORSF

Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Health Informatics and Endowed Nursing

Professors, Drs. Deedra Harrington and Christy Lenahan, were awarded a

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) grant in the amount of $271, 850

April, May, June 2021 Pelican News • Page 15

for the implementation of a COVID-19 Telehealth


• Dr. Paula Zeanah, Lafayette General Medical

Center/Our Lady of Lourdes Eminent Scholar

Endowed Chair in Nursing and the Director

of Research at the Picard Center for Child

Development and Lifelong Learning at UL

Lafayette, received the 2020 Award for Child

Advocacy from the Louisiana Chapter of the

American Academy of Pediatrics

• Drs. Paula Zeanah, Jeanne Cartier, and Cynthia

Suire, led a team of faculty members from UL

Lafayette who collaborated with researchers,

faculty, and mental health and social services

sector leaders from across Louisiana to produce

the state’s first and most comprehensive report

on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in

Louisiana. After the report’s publication and

presentation of findings at the Health Summit

2020 in Baton Rouge, Dr. Zeanah was featured in

a documentary, Toxic Stress: Adverse Childhood

Experiences in Louisiana, which aired on the

Louisiana Public Broadcasting Network.

• Dr. Lisa Broussard, Associate Dean and Acadian

Ambulance Endowed Professor in Nursing, and

a colleague were selected by Sigma Theta Tau,

the International Honor Society for Nursing,

to develop the faculty development program,

Scholarship of Teaching, which was produced in

collaboration with the authors of the companion

faculty programs, Scholarship of Discovery and

Scholarship of Practice.

• Dr. Melinda Oberleitner, Dean of the College of

Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Professor

in the Department of Nursing, and the BORSF/

SLEMCO Endowed Professor in Nursing, was the

only nurse from Louisiana selected for induction

as a 2020 Fellow in the American Academy of

Nursing (FAAN).

• Dr. Denise Linton, a Professor in the Department

of Nursing and the holder of the Dudley Joseph

Plaisance/BORSF Endowed Professorship

in Nursing, inducted as a 2020 Fellow in the

American Association of Nurse Practitioners


Recruiting Registered Nurses

and Practical Nurses Licensed


Leading the way in Mental Health Care!

Benefits include:



Paid holidays & paid vacation

Special entry rate of pay

Sick leave with flexible scheduling

Call Shawanda Gordon at (318) 484-6331 for more information.

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