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The Customer Magazine of the Doppelmayr Group Issue 2/2021 46th Year/No. 213

New: Bike Cab

A cabin just for bikes



Full overview with clair

Peak Line

New station concept for aerial


2 Contents


New resort management software clair

With clair, resort operators have a perfect overview of operations,

maintenance and repairs on all installations and systems.



Lifts ready for the Olympics

The Olympic Winter Games will be held in Beijing in February 2022.

All nine new installations have already been completed.

Convenient mobility for

hotel guests

The new D-Line SkyDream Parks Gondola

connects the various hotspots at a hotel complex

in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.



Inspired by Motion


Peak Line: Modular, maintenance-friendly

and compact

The new tramway station concept sets new benchmarks in

terms of user friendliness and completion time.

Motion inspires us. It lies at the origin of our product and the core of our activities.

It is the driving force for progress and the source of innovation.

Our customers are at home and make mobility possible wherever there are people

on the move – in alpine, tourist and urban settings. They take a very close

look: What do guests need? What draws people? What is the best route? New

ideas arise from this experience and from their passion for continuing to make

this happen in the future.

It is exactly the same at Doppelmayr. We learn from what we experience – from

the solutions that we implement jointly with our customers and from the wealth

of experience gained with our ropeways that move passengers reliably on a

daily basis around the globe.

Within the realms of our capabilities, we should all set ourselves the goal of

making the world better for people, both now and in the future. For Doppelmayr,

this means using our know-how to provide a top-capacity, sustainable and comfortable

product that brings added value to everyday life. Our team of professionals

pursues this goal with great dedication and commitment. The success

stories of our customers confirm that this effort is worthwhile.

When we think about the future, we see a connected world. One in which the

emphasis is on interaction and in which we jointly create an ecosystem where

the strengths of every individual matter.

Because we want to continue making a difference by setting things in motion.


CWA: Cabins for every application

At their site in Olten in Switzerland, the Doppelmayr

Group’s cabin manufacturer develops well-conceived

solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

Thomas Pichler

István Szalai

Executive Directors, Doppelmayr Holding SE

4 Facts & Figures

The Doppelmayr Group conquers social media

Lots of people follow Doppelmayr on social

media – whether it’s YouTube, Facebook,

LinkedIn or Instagram. The interest is huge,

with over 19,000 followers checking out the official

Facebook channel for news on the latest

topics and international projects, finding out

the latest on new technical developments and

being the first to discover fascinating background

stories. There is also a lot happening

on social media in other areas. Subscribers to

the Doppelmayr YouTube channel and on

LinkedIn experience breathtaking ropeway videos

from all over the world. A brand-new feature

is the dedicated Instagram channel for

apprenticeships at Doppelmayr where apprentices

tell their lively and entertaining stories relating

to their training experiences in their own

authentic and likeable style.

Follower statistics:

Doppelmayr Transport








1,089 987



6,956 4,689




Doppelmayr Seilbahnen


Doppelmayr Seilbahnen

Doppelmayr Cable Car



40 years of LTW Intralogistics GmbH

Always up

to date with

Ropeway News

Ropeway News is the name of a brand-new

customer newsletter from Doppelmayr. Up to

six times a year, this will provide updates on

fascinating projects and products from the

global market leader in ropeway construction.

Look forward to exciting stories and videos,

technical background information plus facts

and figures from the world of ropeways.

LTW Intralogistics can look back on 40 successful

years and is launching a journey into

the past. “Back to the roots” is a vintage series

broadcast on various media channels

that delves into the company’s own identity

and has amusing, exciting and informative

stories to tell. But even more important is the

look into the future – all in line with the theme:

new decade, new corporate image. The first

step is the new website. The focus here is

quite clear: LTW evolved from being a component

supplier to become a complete solutions

provider. The modern, innovative company

knows no limits when it comes to

implementing customer-specific solutions.

The diversity of the projects it has realized

and the spectrum of services are presented

in a new video. LTWcare is also presented for

the first time. With LTWcare, customers can

enjoy optimized support with a large selection

of service products to choose from. Another

highlight to look forward to will be the opening

of the new office building that is due for completion

in summer 2021.

Sign up here:

Facts & Figures


Insights – inspired by motion

On May 5, the Doppelmayr Group presented

“Insights – inspired by motion”, a new digital

format providing exclusive inside perspectives.

Viewers were shown an informative program,

as told by customers who have built innovative

ropeway installations or Doppelmayr

experts who presented the technology behind

new products. Innovations include the Peak

Line, for example, a modular station concept

for aerial tramways. The new Bike Cab is an

efficient transport vehicle for gondola lifts that

enables the simple and rapid carriage of

bikes. At the same time, digital topics and

products that extend beyond ropeways are

also gaining in importance. The resort management

software clair is one example highlighted

by Insights. It was also possible to

experience a host of exciting projects around

the globe from an entirely new viewpoint.

Catch up on the full-length

digital event at


The 2021 Year Book is here!

Check out

the digital

edition here:

In what parts of the world can you fi nd new ropeways

from the Doppelmayr Group The 2021

Year Book gives you a perfect overview to answer

that question by presenting all the installations

that were built during the course of last

year. There were 73 projects in total. Their distribution

is very international: Ropeways were built

in 20 different countries around the globe. In

terms of ropeway systems, the great popularity

of detachable gondolas and detachable chairlifts

remained undiminished, with 20 of each

type being built.

This time round, the Year Book can be experienced

in a new dimension. With the Artivive app,

different project pages can be brought to life

with augmented reality.

Project overview

3S lifts: 2

Funicular railways: 2

Pulsed movement

aerial ropeways: 2

Combination lifts: 1

73 projects

65 customers

Monoracks: 3

Reversible aerial

tramways: 3


gondola lifts: 20

Europe: 43

Australia & New Zealand: 2

North America: 14


chairlifts: 8

73 projects


Asia: 14

In 20 countries

Surface lifts: 12


chairlifts: 20

Clair: Full overview

at all times

The new resort management software clair gives tourist resort operators

the perfect overview of their installations and systems. Ropeways, trail

groomers, snowmaking equipment and service buildings are shown centrally

and integrated on a user interface. The result is maximum transparency and

effi ciency in operations, maintenance and repairs.

Atourist resort consists of a wide range

of infrastructural units. This can be

everything from ropeways to snow

cannons and trail grooming equipment to

buildings. At the moment, operations, maintenance

and repairs are usually organized separately.

The downside: a high level of time and

effort. In addition, it is often difficult to maintain

an overview. Optimization of the information

flows and activities are increasingly becoming

the deciding factor when it comes to ensuring

smooth-running processes for all employees

throughout the entire resort – because the

tasks involved are growing in complexity.

“Clair brings together under one user interface

the information and operations of all systems

that were previously organized on a standalone

basis. That gives all personnel a perfect

overview at all times and enables them to perform

their tasks efficiently,” says clair product

manager Saša Maretić. Work activities are

centrally managed, defined and allocated with

clair – and all tailored to the individual needs

of each resort. Personnel can document dayto-day

tasks such as routine inspection runs

on the ropeway in the digital operations log.

All maintenance and repair jobs can also be

planned, executed and documented with clair

– such as inspection work on the trail groomers

or snow cannons. Every employee can

view the information relating to installations

via a dashboard in real time. In addition, machine

data can be accessed and compared.

Daily operations can then be optimized on

this basis.

The modular structure of clair

enables us to perfectly address

customer needs and to offer a

product that is optimally tailored

to the user.

Saša Maretić, clair Product Manager

8 Clair: Full Overview At All Times

Clear and user-friendly

Clair is a web-based application that is open

to all installations and systems – irrespective

of manufacturer. The software user interface is

clearly structured, making it easy to find your

way around. “Our goal was to show the wide

range of activities of our customers clearly and

simply. To address the varying requirements,

we’ve developed a modular system that offers

flexibility and individual customization. The

result is a modern and user-friendly tool that

provides a full overview, creates transparency

and achieves efficiency throughout the entire

resort,” explains Saša Maretić.

In future, clair will be continuously expanded to

include new functions that make the daily work

routine even easier for a resort’s employees.

The new system will bring a host of benefits not

only in tourist regions but also in cities.

For more about clair, visit www.clair.cc

Check out the

clair video here:

Clair: Full Overview At All Times


The benefits at a glance

Greater overview and

efficiency in daily operations

All installations and systems

integrated into one tool

Vendor-neutral integration

of all installations

Harmonized organization of

maintenance on all installations

Secure communication between

all users in the resort

Assisted and transparent

planning with one software

All information

available at all times

Clearly structured tasks

and activities

Peak Line: Premium

quality meets design

Modular, maintenance-friendly and compact: With the Peak Line, Garaventa is

presenting an innovative tramway station concept that sets new benchmarks in

terms of user friendliness and faster completion.

The Peak Line is a station concept for

reversible aerial tramways. What distinguishes

the Peak Line from a "conventional"

tramway is the ingenious modular

system with its clearly defined interfaces to

civil engineers, architects and planners. This

enables rapid planning and completion of a

Peak Line project.


The Peak Line is available in a small (for 30-

to 55-passenger cabins) and a large version

(for 60- to 100-passenger cabins) and is suitable

for twin-track reversible tramways without

track rope brake and with fixed track rope

tensioning. When developing the Peak Line

concept, provision was made for the incorporation

of autonomous operation (AURO).

Modern design

Modern architecture and innovative technology

merge into one in the station structures.

The buildings are bright and open with clear

design lines. The consistent design concept

runs all the way through from the loading

platform to the station cladding and cabins.

The open front section – which does not require

a supporting structure – provides an

unhindered view of the line and the surrounding


Modular concept

The Peak Line offers an extensively optimized

structural and mechanical station concept. All

ropeway components are built and positioned

on and around central concrete masts. The

masts therefore become the central element

linking the electro-mechanical equipment and

the building. This arrangement, which separates

the components from the track, enables

the gauge width in the stations to be optimally

adapted to the requirements of the tramway.

Despite the standardization, the Peak Line offers

a high level of individualization with a host

of design possibilities.

Individual styling

The standard version of the Peak Line features

mesh cladding for the station facades.

This creates a wide range of options for individual

styling of the tramway installation.

Technology & Innovation


Basic constellation

Small (cabin size 30-55 passengers) or

large version (up to 100 passengers)

Drive in basement ("conventional")

1 emergency drive

Loading platform design with portal frame and glass

Concrete mast with mesh cladding

Completely open platform area without covers

Loading via central platform, unloading via

outer platforms


Emergency drive: diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic

Loading and unloading via central platform

Type of cladding for mast

Design of loading platform

Design of platform roofing

Parking for both cabins in the bottom station

Integrated recovery concept

Watch the Peak Line

video here:

Various other materials like expanded metal,

wood or glass extend the cladding options.

Further attractive design notes for the station

buildings include media modules, which can

be used to project moving images or graphics,

as required. The screen elements quickly

become advertising or information surfaces.

Roofing options for the platforms include

open, partially covered or closed designs.


The intelligent layout concept significantly

enhances maintenance convenience for the

tramway crew. For convenient access to the

tramway equipment, the stairway has been

integrated into the concrete mast. In the tension

station, the Peak Line also has a newly

developed retensioning unit. This enables

rapid repositioning of the haul rope counterweight

with the aid of hydraulic cylinders,

thus reducing the required travel distance for

the counterweight. The Peak Line can also be

designed with an integrated recovery concept

incorporating two emergency drives. In

addition, both cabins can be parked in the

bottom station.


To ensure particularly high comfort for passengers

and crew, the Peak Line is designed

for low noise and low vibration. The selected

layout means that rope sheaves can be dispensed

with on the rope saddle in the bottom

station. In the top station, a newly developed

sheave assembly featuring a damped and

rocker-mounted design is used. This guarantees

pleasant acoustics for tramway users and

employees alike.

Short completion times and minimum


Thanks to the standardized interfaces and

consequently short work processes in construction,

the completion times for a new

aerial tramway project can be kept very short

and planning costs reduced. The simplified

shape of the foundations and the compact

stations also mean lower costs. The low

depth of the counterweight shaft not only optimizes

costs but also contributes to a small



Technology & Innovation

Bikes get

their own cabin

The Bike Cab is the latest solution for the simple, safe and

convenient transport of bicycles. Eight bikes can be carried

simultaneously with just one Bike Cab.


any Alpine tourist regions provide attractive

offers for their guests in the

summer season as well as in the winter

months. Bike parks and mountain bike routes

rank as major visitor magnets. The spectrum

covers a wide field – there is everything to cater

for visitor needs from beginners all the way

through to professionals. Guests make intensive

use of such offers as biking in the mountains is

currently enjoying a boom. As a means of transport,

ropeways play a central role in the biker

experience. Innovations in ropeway technology

enable highly convenient mobility for riders

wishing to take their bikes to the mountain with

minimum effort. Doppelmayr has developed a

broad portfolio of sports equipment carriers. The

latest innovation is the Bike Cab for detachable

gondola lifts. Eight bikes of all kinds – mountain

bikes, downhill bikes, fat bikes, etc. – can

be carried with the Bike Cab. This guarantees

a high transport capacity and great appeal for

biking fans. The Bike Cab was designed for

D-Line gondolas, and retrofit options for other

Doppelmayr systems are planned for the future.

Easy loading and unloading

by the riders

Transport of up to eight

bikes per Bike Cab

Suitable for bikes of all

kinds - up to 25 kg

Easy loading and unloading

The suspension and detachable grip on the Bike

Cab are identical to those on cabins for passenger

transport. The heart of the Bike Cab, the

component with the actual bike holders, is located

in the center. As the Cab transits through

the station, the assembly rotates about its own

axis to allow the bikes to be attached one by

one. This is all made possible by an ingenious

mechanical solution consisting of toothed belts

and pulleys on the underside of the Bike Cab

and a toothed guide in the station.

With the new Bike Cab, tourist regions benefi t

from the effi cient and comfortable carriage of

bikes up the mountain. Alongside the proven

Bike Clip for chairlifts, Doppelmayr has now

also developed the perfect transport solution for

gondola lifts with this innovation – to ensure an

unforgettable mountain experience for guests.

Check out

the Bike Cab

video here:

Loading and unloading is performed simply and

quickly by the riders themselves, who attach

their bikes to the bike holders in the bottom station

and then board the next cabin. The bikes

are carried safely up the mountain and in the

top station guests have plenty of time to retrieve

their bikes. Then it’s off to the downhill thrills.

When it comes to the changeover from winter

to summer operation, the amount of conversion

work to be carried out on the ropeway is minimal.

The toothed guide has to be installed in

the station. The loading and unloading areas are

divided into sectors and marked for the passengers.

Only minor adjustments are required on

the electrical side.

Specifications and benefits:

Ropeway system: 10-MGD

Wheel size between 24” and 29”,

tire width up to 12 cm

Safe transport

High transport capacity of ropeway


Speeds of up to 7 m/s possible

First-class anticorrosion protection

Individual designs of mesh banners

Bike park-compatible

Combined effort

6/10-CGD Tulfein Express | Tulfes, Tyrol (AUT)

Glungezerbahn Ges.mbH & Co. KG

2,003 m 493 m 1,093 PPH (initial phase) 5.0 m/s 7.8 min 13 26

20 municipalities and the tourism association

in Tyrol show what sharing a common

goal and the belief in a project can achieve.

The Glungezer ski area is particularly popular

as a destination for local residents in Tyrol’s

Inntal (AUT). The fi rst combination lift was built

here some 50 years ago – back then a world

fi rst that operated as a surface lift in the winter

and a single-seater chairlift in the summer,

bringing guests to their mountain experience.

This innovative idea, which was entirely in line

with the needs of visitors, has been continued

with the construction of the new Tulfein Express.

In order to ensure the maximum skiing

experience, 6-seater chairs are provided, which

allow skiers to retain their skis during the trip. In

the summer, hikers prefer to use the 10-passenger

cabins. They like to head for the Zirbenweg,

an easy seven-kilometer hiking trail that

leads from the Tulfein Alm to the Patscherkofel.

It scores with an unparalleled view of the Inntal,

which guests already get to enjoy during their

ride on the new combination lift from the

Halsmarter station to Tulfein.

Vision for the region

The Tulfein Express is part of a major modernization

project that also encompasses the

10-passenger gondola lift Glungezer 1 built in

2018 along with snowmaking equipment and

a storage pond. This regional project was

financed by the owners, the Tulfes municipality

and the tourism association for the Hall

Wattens region, together with the 19 neighboring

municipalities (non-repayable grant) – all

of which lie within the catchment area of the

ski area. The Province of Tyrol also cofunded

the project. This solidarity is reflected in the

20 cabins on the Glungezer 1. Each is dedicated

to one of the municipalities that made this

development and ultimately the preservation

of the Glungezer possible. It is not uncommon

to see one guest or another waiting for “their

own” cabin.

We are very proud of what we have jointly

achieved for our guests. In spite of a very

economic and thrifty investment,

we have created an

offer that fully addresses

the needs of our customers.

Walter Höllwarth, Managing

Director, Glungezerbahn

International Projects 15

A ropeway that connects

10-MGD Zinal–Sorebois–Espace Weisshorn | Zinal, Valais (CHE)

Remontées Mécaniques de Grimentz-Zinal SA

2,733 m 1,024 m 1,800 PPH 6.0 m/s 9.8 min 59 10-passenger cabins 12/2020 D-Line

The villages of Grimentz and Zinal in the

Swiss ski area of the same name are now

linked by a new D-Line gondola lift.

The new centerpiece of the Grimentz–Zinal ski

area in the canton of Valais is the 10-passenger

gondola Zinal–Sorebois–Espace Weisshorn.

For visitors, this means access to the entire ski

area within minutes. The new lift brings passengers

in comfort from Zinal directly to the Espace

Weisshorn, with no change required. From

here, they can proceed to Grimentz with the

feeder, a reversible aerial tramway.

an entirely new, modern ropeway experience.

The gondola lift is the first D-Line in this ski

area and impresses with top-class technology,

quiet operation and attractive design. Transport

capacity has also been more than doubled

from 700 to 1,800 passengers an hour.

Ultramodern OMEGA V cabins ensure particular

ride comfort. Features include barrierfree

access, ergonomically shaped individual

seats and a well-conceived ventilation concept.

The semi-automatic parking system for

the cabins is housed underground in the bottom


New ropeway experience

Doppelmayr has replaced an aerial tramway

that covered the same route up until 2020 with

Safety assured by comprehensive

recovery concept

Safety was a major consideration when designing

this installation. As the ropeway crosses

impassable terrain, it has been equipped

with a sophisticated recovery concept. An emergency

drive in the intermediate station and another

in the bottom station ensure that the passengers

can be safely returned to the stations

in their cabins at any time. Another safety feature

is the RPD Nexo system for rope position

monitoring. This identifies any deviation of the

rope at an early stage and automatically lowers

rope speed to reduce the risk of a deropement.

In addition to passenger safety, this helps

to ensure high availability and therefore operational


The new gondola lift Zinal–Sorebois–Espace

Weisshorn enables us to offer our customers

a comfortable means of transport with

modern, spacious cabins. Thanks to the

increase in transport capacity, waiting in line

will become a thing of the past. And that

means happy customers. The fact that we

were able to build this two-section installation

with Garaventa in just one

summer season is a fantastic


Pascal Bourquin, CEO,

Remontées Mécaniques de

Grimentz-Zinal SA

The Olympic story continues

Olympic Installations for Beijing 2022 | Yanqing, Beijing (CHN)

Beijing Enterprises J.O. Construction Co., Ltd.










Lift A1

Lift A2

Lift B1

Lift B2

Lift C

Lift D

Lift E

Lift F

Lift G

936 m

1,353 m

848 m

250 m

1,745 m

490 m

392 m

1,936 m

1,406 m

120 m

213 m

300 m

76 m

627 m

210 m

157 m

560 m

515 m

3,200 PPH

3,200 PPH

3,200 PPH

3,200 PPH

2,400 PPH

1,200 PPH

1,200 PPH

1,200 PPH

1,200 PPH

6.0 m/s

6.0 m/s

6.0 m/s

6.0 m/s

5.0 m/s

2.3 m/s

2.3 m/s

5.0 m/s

5.0 m/s

All nine new ropeway installations in

Yanqing are ready for the big events in

February 2022.

74 kilometers northwest of downtown Beijing

lies Yanqing – one of three venues for the 2022

Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is

also the location of the Alpine Center, where

the alpine competitions as well as the bobsleigh,

luge and skeleton events will be taking

place. In the past few years since Beijing won

the bid to host the Winter Olympics, a wide

range of amenities have been created so that

guests and athletes can enjoy the best possible

Olympic experience.

The ski resorts are a major factor for the success

of Winter Games. Zhangjiakou is already

a well-known and highly regarded ski region,

which will mainly host the Nordic competitions.

Genting Resort Secret Garden, one of the most

famous ski areas in Zhangjiakou and equipped

with five high-speed lifts from Doppelmayr, will

be the venue for the Olympic freestyle skiing

and snowboarding events. Yanqing, on the

other hand, was created to host the alpine skiing

events. Associated amenities such as a

high-speed rail link to Beijing, the Olympic

International Projects


Village, a Media Center for professional broadcasts

around the globe and plenty more besides

will be available here. All new ropeways

– nine in total –, which will carry the athletes

and their teams to the slopes and the guests

to the Olympic sites, were planned, manufactured

and built by the leading ropeway supplier.

Doppelmayr is proud to be continuing the long

and successful story.

Nine new ropeways

Five detachable 8-passenger gondola lifts,

two detachable 6-seater chairlifts with bubbles

and two fi xed-grip quad chairlifts are ready

and waiting for the Olympics. A project of this

size can only be successfully mastered with

detailed planning, comprehensive know-how

and a fantastic team. A large proportion of

the ropeway technology was produced in

Wolfurt (AUT). The Doppelmayr subsidiary in

Sanhe (CHN) made the tower elements.

Management and local implementation were

performed by a highly experienced and

professional team consisting of installation

supervisors, commissioning engineers and

project managers from Austria, China and

many other countries.

4-CLF Lift E

8-MGD Lift C

4-CLF Lift D

6-CLD-B Lift F

8-MGD Lift B2

8-MGD Lift A2

8-MGD Lift B1

6-CLD-B Lift G

Olympic Installations for Beijing 2022

Google Earth

8-MGD Lift A1

Yanqing National Alpine Ski Center

Olympic Village

8-MGD Lift A1

8-MGD Lift A2

8-MGD Lift B1

8-MGD Lift B2

8-MGD Lift C

4-CLF Lift D

4-CLF Lift E

6-CLD-B Lift F

6-CLD-B Lift G

18 International Projects

New chairlift with a host of highlights

8-CLD-B 12er Chairlift | Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Tyrol (AUT)

Fisser Bergbahnen Ges.m.b.H.

1,651 m 607 m 3,000 PPH 6.0 m/s 5.1 min 63 8-seater chairs 12/2020 D-Line

The new 12er chairlift in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

impresses with family-friendliness and many

safety features for the youngest guests.

The focus is on families in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

That was also the reason why the new 8-seater

chairlift has been equipped with a lot of features

that address the needs of families with

children first and foremost. In the bottom station,

a loading conveyor is provided to make

boarding signifi cantly easier for the very youngest

skiers. During the trip, the restraining bar

on the chair is locked and the locking system

is not opened again until the chair reaches the

top station. Adults can therefore enjoy a relaxing

ride with up to seven children. In addition,

the 12er lift has plenty to offer in terms of comfort:

seat heating and bubbles ensure an enjoyable

ride experience on the chairlift in all


Upgrade for the ski resort

The operating company Fisser Bergbahnen

wants to offer their guests a mountain experience

that is close to nature. The new chairlift is

the perfect fit for this concept. It is particularly

low-noise and low-vibration – thanks to the

typical features of the D-Line generation such

as rubber-lined running rail mountings, the

low-noise bullwheel design in the stations or

the chair suspension. An understated, very coherent

and timeless design was also chosen

for the chairs and the stations. The topics of

wind and ease of access from the legendary

Zirbenhütte were also major parameters in the

planning stage. Furthermore, the new location

of the bottom station relieves the load on the

Schöngampbahn and Almbahn lift installations.

Ski trail improvement measures were

implemented near the 12er chairlift, which

mean another major upgrade for the Fisser

north side.

State-of-the-art engineering features have also

been incorporated on the 12er chairlift. It is

equipped with the ropeway control system

Doppelmayr Connect. The RPD Nexo system for

rope position monitoring ensures a high level

of safety and availability. The low-maintenance

Doppelmayr Direct Drive is housed in the top

station. Thanks to its quiet running, visitors to

the viewing platform, which is located directly

alongside the top station, are not disturbed.

Both the ropeway operators and the guests

benefit from the advantages of the new chairlift

– for the perfect mountain experience.

We’ve been getting a great deal of extremely

positive feedback regarding the new lift,

especially in terms of comfort and design.

We are delighted that the upgrade of the

Fisser north side with the new lift and the

associated ski trail offer has been such a

resounding success. The collaboration with

Doppelmayr, the general contractor

Melzer&Hopfner and all the contractors

involved was excellent and

we would like to express our

sincere thanks to all of them.

Benny Pregenzer, Managing

Director, Fisser Bergbahnen


International Projects


Turnkey project and Russian showcase

10-MGD Veronika | Krasnaya Polyana (RUS)

Ano Sportclub Rosa

2,040 m 661 m 2,400 PPH 6.0 m/s D-Line

The 30th ropeway at Olympic venue Rosa

Khutor is Russia’s first D-Line.

In 2014, the Winter Olympics were held in

Sochi (RUS). The largest of the ski resorts

where alpine skiing competitions took place

was Rosa Khutor. Here, 30 ropeway installations

already provide guests with access to

more than 100 kilometers of slopes. The latest

is a D-Line gondola lift from Doppelmayr. The

southern slope where the lift is located is also

very popular with snowboarders and families.

The top station offers an extraordinary panoramic

view of the surroundings and invites you

to take a break at the viewing platform. The

parking system for the cabins is accommodated

underground so that the building could

be kept as inconspicuous as possible.

Optimal comfort all year round

Passengers taking the Veronika gondola lift appreciate

the spacious cabins and the effi cient

ventilation system, which ensures a pleasant

climate during the trip. Non-slip flooring is provided.

LED lighting enables the creation of

spectacular lighting effects for the cabins during

evening rides. In the summer, bikers will

also be pleased with the gondola lift as the

Varia Bike Rack enables them to transport their

bikes conveniently up the mountain. The Bike

Rack is fitted to the external ski rack and the

bike is simply hooked in. Then the riders can

sit back and look forward to the downhill fun.

Partner in all situations

In Doppelmayr Russia, Rosa Khutor chose a

competent partner who completed the turnkey

installation on time for the start of the 2020/21

winter season. Working in close cooperation

meant that the gondola lift was implemented

entirely in line with the customer's wishes.

One example is the service carrier, which

Doppelmayr technicians equipped and customized

according to individual requirements.

With the Veronika gondola, Rosa Khutor has

accomplished a showcase project in the

Russian ropeway industry. Oleg Zege, CEO of

Doppelmayr Russia explains: “This project is

of major importance for Doppelmayr Russia.

First of all, it’s a landmark number: the thirtieth

lift installation at the Rosa Khutor resort. The

fact that this is once again a Doppelmayr lift

confirms the high level of mutual trust and

responsibility between our company and our

partner. Second, this is the first D-Line generation

lift in Russia and the CIS – and the most

cutting-edge ropeway technology in the world!

We are proud that year on year we have been

able to jointly build world-class projects with

Rosa Khutor in spite of the difficult conditions

that currently prevail worldwide.”

The opening of the Veronika lift is defi nitely the

most important event of the season for us and

was eagerly awaited by many. It is particularly

gratifying that we were able to achieve this in

such diffi cult times and provide enjoyment for

our guests. I’m sure that the technology and

comfort of the new ropeway installation will

positively impact their mood and enhance the

overall impression of their stay at our resort.

Alexander Belokobylsky, CEO, Rosa Khutor

Alpine Resort

The battery-powered Monorack, an all-round talent

Chalet Imagine – Electric Monorack | Verbier, Valais (CHE)

Nancy & Jean Russotto

45 m 14 m 1 passenger + 80 kg baggage 0.7 m/s 6 kW 100% / 45° Standard battery 3.6 kWh

1 kW / 230 V M Drive torque 640 Nm U Operating voltage 48 V Rail height 0.5 m

Monoracks from Garaventa are a popular

transport solution for steep and diffi cult terrain.

The new battery-powered electric Monorack

brings additional applications and a host of

benefi ts.

The Monorack transport system for passengers

and freight has long been a popular solution

when it comes to climbing huge gradients

in impassable terrain and reaching places that

are difficult to access. High on performance,

compact und fl exible – these are the hallmarks of

the single-track rack-and-pinion railways that

come in a choice of either gasoline or electric

drive. The low-emissions and low-noise electric

Monoracks are particularly popular as a feeder

solution in residential areas such as terraced

communities, hotels and vacation houses. A

new and even more flexible solution is the battery-powered

Monorack – which is not only

environmentally friendly and easy to operate

but impresses with a long service life and high

reliability thanks to its sturdy construction.

Convenient access to chalet

In the idyllic mountain village of Verbier in the

Swiss canton Valais, an electric Monorack with

battery drive from Garaventa is already in operation.

The owner-occupants of Chalet Imagine

enjoy a comfortable and convenient ride to their

house along with their baggage. Equipped with

the latest battery technology and a modern control

system with radio remote, the batteryoperated

Monorack climbs the vertical meters in

less than a minute. The maximum payload for

this version is 160 kg. When designing this installation,

Garaventa attached great importance

to ensuring that the visual design and alignment

harmonize perfectly with the landscape.

Individual, cost-effective, environmentally


The environmentally friendly electric Monoracks

with battery drive offer many benefits.

They can be operated on-board or by radio

remote control without a great deal of previous

knowledge, the battery is automatically charged

in the stations, they are low-noise and the

maintenance work is limited to the annual service.

The rails are available as a modular system

and the vehicle also comes in a choice of

different versions. Customers can jointly select

the train composition and alignment with the

project manager to suit their specific requirements.

The single-track rack-and-pinion railways

are cost-effective as they require no foundations

up to a guideway height of three meters.

The Monorack is a versatile, sturdy and

cost-effective means of transport. The

battery-powered Monorack not only extends

the possible applications but also brings a

host of new benefits.

Lukas Schatzmann, Monorack Project


International Projects


OMEGA V with vision

10-MGD Nagasaka | Nozawa Onsen (JPN)

Nozawa Onsen

3,109 m 790 m 2,400 PPH 6.0 m/s 10.0 min 80 10-passenger cabins 12/2020 D-Line

The new Nagasaka gondola at Nozawa

Onsen Resort offers guests a ride experience

with plenty of ambience plus a host of stateof-the-art


A visit to Austria and a trip to see the Kirchenkarbahn

installation in Hochgurgl inspired

Mikio Katagiri, CEO of the Japanese ski resort

Nozawa Onsen, with great enthusiasm for the

new D-Line ropeway generation. He was particularly

impressed with both the visual design

and the quiet, comfortable ride. In collaboration

with Doppelmayr licensee Nippon Cable,

construction of the new 10-passenger Nagasaka

gondola lift for the popular winter and

summer destination got underway in spring

2020. Since December 2020, the new lift has

brought winter sports enthusiasts to the mountain

peak in comfort and is set to do the same

for day-trippers in the summer.

World premiere with glass

The ropeway boasts brightly colored OMEGA V

cabins, which are a big hit with the guests.

Comfortable upholstered seats, a fresh-air ventilation

system and panorama windows ensure

a particularly enjoyable 10-minute trip. Two of

the 80 cabins are fi tted with a glass fl oor. This

is currently unique worldwide as the Nagasaka

gondola is the fi rst-ever installation where the

OMEGA V has incorporated this design feature.

The ropeway as a whole includes a host of technical

highlights. In addition to the Doppelmayr

Connect control system, it has a fully automatic

parking system in the top and bottom stations,

enabling rapid and efficient carrier launch and


Installation challenge

The Nagasaka gondola is an important feeder

installation to the Nozawa Onsen Resort. The

decision to demolish the predecessor ropeway

demonstrates courage and confidence on the

part of the project partners. The travel restrictions

due to the Covid-19 situation posed the

entire team with some tough challenges. The

installation had to be performed remotely. With

the aid of digital tools such as video telephony,

the installation team in Wolfurt were able to

assist their colleagues from Nippon Cable on

site. Professional and flexible teamwork made

it possible for the opening of the new lift to go

ahead in time for the start of the winter season.

Thanks to the perfect coordination between

all the partners involved and their great

fl exibility, Nozawa Onsen Resort now has

one of the most cutting-edge

gondola lifts, which we were

able to open on schedule for

the start of the season.

Mikio Katagiri, CEO, Nozawa

Onsen Resort

D-Line to the beach

8-MGD SkyDream Parks Gondola | Nuevo Vallarta (MEX)

Grupo Vidanta

3,313 m 3 m 1,400 PPH 5.0 m/s 5 Stations

A new gondola lift in Mexico links the different

hotspots of a future theme park with

a modern hotel complex.

The new 8-passenger SkyDream Parks Gondola

from Doppelmayr provides a new kind of mobility

for guests at the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort.

The ropeway offers a fast, comfortable and

scenic ride between the various hotspots within

the resort as well as at the VidantaWorld theme

park, which is currently under construction.

Design meets comfort

In addition to cutting-edge ropeway technology,

the architectural integration of the ropeway installation

into the resort was a major focus. The

selected colors and materials ensure that the

gondola blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

Brown tones and wooden elements

can be found in the stations as well as in the

cabins. During the trip, ambient lighting underneath

the seat benches, background music and

a sophisticated ventilation concept create a

pleasant atmosphere.

Seven VIP cabins for special occasions offer

every conceivable luxury, with mini-refrigerator,

sound system, 24-inch monitor and an LED

display. The passengers themselves get to

choose whether the glass floor in the VIP cabins

should be transparent or opaque.

Cutting-edge ropeway technology

The SkyDream Parks Gondola with its 8-passenger

cabins is the first D-Line to go into service

in Latin America. Featuring a Doppelmayr

Direct Drive with three rings, a fully automatic

parking system and the proven recovery concept,

this installation is state of the art. From a

ropeway engineering perspective, the layout of

the line is a novelty. The ropeway has a total of

five stations from the beach to VidantaWorld –

two terminals and three intermediate stations.

The entire route was implemented with just one

rope loop.

The cable car is the ideal means of transport

for our resort and VidantaWorld. It is always

our goal to provide the best experience for

our guests. That is exactly

what the D-Line offers plus

unparalleled comfort and

luxury. Antonio Lugo,

Construction Director,

Grupo Vidanta

International Projects


D-Line of many colors

6-CLD-B Stříbrnice | Stříbrnice (CZE)

Kraličák s.r.o.

984 m 246 m 2,550 PPH 5.0 m/s 3.8 min 53 6-seater chairs 12/2020 D-Line

The new 6-seater chairlift at the Czech ski

resort Kraličák provides a major boost for the

future of the entire region.

The Czech Republic’s first D-Line offers passengers

top comfort. With the new 6-seater

chairlift, the Kraličák ski area has addressed

the needs of children and families. Options

such as seat heating, bubbles and restraining

bar locking system ensure a safe and pleasant

trip in all weathers. When deciding on the design

of the ropeway installation, the customer

was able to include a large number of special

features thanks to the D-Line palette. The

sheaves, chair suspension springs and the

chairs sport different colors. The chair backs

with individually designed mesh banners

showing animals from the region also help to

give the lift its individual style. In addition, the

ski trail infrastructure was expanded to coincide

with the construction of the lift. New blue

runs provide more possibilities for families and

represent a significant upgrade for the entire

ski area.

Starting signal for a new future

The 6-passenger chairlift replaces a fixed-grip

double-seater chair lift. At the same time, it

provides an important boost for the region

around the ski resort, which is currently enjoying

an upswing. In the near future, new accommodation

offers, restaurants, a toboggan

run and even a small brewery are planned. As

well as delighting winter visitors, the new lift

will also enable rapid and comfortable access

to the mountain for hikers and bikers in the


A new chairlift in the heart of the ski resort

6-CLD-B GaisKogel Chairlift | Kühtai, Tyrol (AUT)

Bergbahnen Kühtai GmbH & Co KG

1,037 m 322 m 2,000 PPH 5.0 m/s 4.0 min 44 6-seater chairs 12/2020 D-Line

The new 6-seater chairlift in the Tyrolean

ski area Kühtai was built in just 20 weeks.

In December 2020, Bergbahnen Kühtai opened

their new GaisKogel lift. Thanks to perfect planning

and the smooth collaboration between all

the partners involved, it was possible to meet

the rigorous time schedule of just 20 weeks in

spite of the Covid-19 restrictions. Equipped with

seat heating and bubbles, the 6-seater chairlift

promises passengers a warm and cozy ride to

the ski trails. For winter sports fans, the new

ropeway provides a welcome improvement over

the steep GaisKogel surface lift that the new lift


Well conceived through to the

smallest detail

The aim of providing guests with a comfortable

ride experience extends throughout the entire

ropeway project. A relaxing and safe journey is

assured for even the youngest guests. A loading

conveyor helps them to board in the bottom

station and the restraining bars lock as soon as

they have been closed. In technical terms, the

D-Line caters for every need. The RPD Nexo

system monitors the position of the haul rope

directly on the sheave assemblies and safeguards

operations. The gearless Doppelmayr

Direct Drive is particularly low-noise, energysaving

and low-maintenance.

Our guests are delighted with

the new chairlift. Comfort

has now been given a

significant boost – in all

weathers. Willi Mareiler,

Operations Director,

Bergbahnen Kühtai

The working relationship was totally professional

all the way through from the fi rst

walkover assessment to

the installation and the fi nal

meeting – a collaboration

based on partnership and

integrity! Philip Haslwanter,

Managing Director,

Bergbahnen Kühtai

A feast for the eyes

The installation shines not only with inner values

– the fi rst thing anyone visiting Kühtai will

notice is the bottom station of the new chairlift

with its exceptional architecture. Inside the

building, which is clad with a striking wooden

facade, are the ticket offi ce and public restrooms.

The “Kühtai-yellow” bullwheel in the

bottom station attracts everyone’s attention.

The next eye-catcher is the chair design: Virtually

all the D-Line styling options were utilized

on the GaisKogel lift. The Kühtai logo adorning

the seat backs, yellow stitching on black fabric

and fi ve different mesh banner motifs make the

snazzy lift quite unique.

International Projects


Peace Gondola for Korea

10-MGD Paju Imjingak Peace Gondola | Paju, Gyeonggi (KOR)

Paju Imjingak Gondola Corp. Ltd

807 m 4 m 2,000 PPH 5.0 m/s 4.0 min 26 10-passenger cabins 01/2020 D-Line

© Remontées-mécaniques.net

In the South Korean city of Paju, a D-Line

from Doppelmayr is part of a popular and

historic tourist spot.

Imjingak Resort in the northern part of South

Korea is an unusual place. It was created in

1972 and is part of the Demilitarized Zone

(DMZ), a four-kilometer-wide buffer zone between

North and South Korea. The park was

built as a symbol of hope and consolation for

those who are separated from their friends

and families due to the division of Korea. An

observation deck allows visitors to gain an

overview of the site; numerous monuments

and historical exhibits including an old wartime

locomotive are reminders of the past and

attract international tourists as well as local


© Remontées-mécaniques.net

Eye-catcher with a view

Since 2019, a D-Line gondola lift has acted as

a link within the site. The Paju Imjingak Peace

Gondola brings passengers in comfort to the

other side of the Imjin River. The ride in one of

the 26 colorful cabins with panorama windows

takes about four minutes and provides a unique

view of the DMZ. Some of the cabins also have

a glass floor, which visitors find particularly

amazing as they cross the river. The 807-meter

route encompasses three towers, one of which

is located in the Imjin River. The buildings into

which the ropeway stations are integrated offer

guests shopping and catering facilities. With

their low-vibration and low-noise features, the

D-Line and the Doppelmayr Direct Drive were

the ideal choice for this application.

The Peace Gondola is very popular with

our guests. They appreciate the interesting

trip and the views of this

historic site.

Won Jin Choi, Chief of

Operating Headquarter,

Paju Imjingak Gondola

Corp. Ltd

26 News from Around the World

Special ropeways of superlatives

A reversible aerial tramway and a funicular

railway are about to cause a sensation in


Tramway in Baoquan

Baoquan in Henan Province is currently witnessing

the creation of China’s biggest aerial

tramway. The two attractive cabins with capacity

for 180 passengers are not only visual

eye-catchers but also provide very special

views with a glass element in the fl oor. During

the trip, passengers cross the Baoquan Reservoir,

which is used by a pumped-storage power

station. The new tramway will provide a stunning

highlight as the vistas from the top terminal

are beyond compare.

Funicular in Tianmeng

Tianmeng Tourist Area in Linyi, Shandong has

plenty to offer with more than 100 tourist destinations.

These include the 1001-meter Wanghai

Tower and the world’s longest foot bridge. The

latter is 505.5 meters long and, with its glass

floor, is not for the faint-hearted. Another attraction

is about to be added in the form of a

new funicular from Garaventa. Alongside two

modern stations, a spectacular line is being

built on steel bridges with an Abt-type passing

loop and 160-passenger cars. The construction

work is currently in full swing.

A new chapter for the

Silvretta Montafon ski area

© Obermoser + Partner Architekten zt GmbH

© Lang Vonier Architekten

As from the 2021/22 winter season, optimal

service and completely new experiences await

guests with the Valisera gondola lift.

An entirely new chapter is about to open with

the construction of the new Valisera Gondola in

Vorarlberg, in the far west of Austria. Guests in

the Silvretta Montafon ski area can look forward

to an ultramodern 10-passenger D-Line gondola

lift from Doppelmayr. The operating company

decided in favor of the innovative AURO

version for top service quality, reliability and

ride experience. Ropeway operation will be autonomous,

enabling the ropeway crew to

concentrate entirely on the wellbeing of their


Exciting mountain experiences

In spring 2021, the old ropeway was demolished

after 40 years of faithful service. The locations

of the stations and the alignment have been retained

from the old Valisera lift. In the bottom station,

Silvretta Montafon is to create a unique experiential

concept for visitors. With the Silvretta

Park, which will include among other things indoor

market catering, shops and a restaurant,

guests will be able to buy everything they need

from the first to the last minute of their day on

the mountain. The new Valisera Gondola is due

to open for the 2021/22 winter season.

Further information on autonomous ropeways

can be found at www.doppelmayr.com/AURO.

News from Around the World


Relaunch at Snow Space Salzburg

The Salzburg ski resort is ringing in a new

era with the Flying Mozart 10-passenger gondola


A modern D-Line gondola from Doppelmayr is

currently under construction at the Austrian resort

Snow Space Salzburg. The Flying Mozart

is to replace the old gondola lift that provided

33 years of reliable service and in 58,000 operating

hours carried 33.7 million winter sports

enthusiasts and hikers up to the Grießenkar

at 1,991 meters without a single accident. In

future, the new gondola will be able to carry

up to 4,000 guests an hour. The construction

work was able to resume earlier than planned

in spring 2021.

Wolfgang Hettegger, CEO of the operating

company Snow Space Salzburg Bergbahnen,

expressed an upbeat mood: “We are fully

aware of our responsibility as a flagship tourist

operation and the reach that the construction

project for the new Flying Mozart Gondola will

have. The decision to resume the construction

work earlier than originally planned and to

complete the ultramodern 10-passenger gondola

in time for the 2021/22 winter season is

intended as a clear signal to the many tourist

operations in our region that the only way is

up following the complete suspension of this

year’s winter season and that we can look

forward to very different winters in the years

to come.”

Construction of the new Flying Mozart

Gondola is one of the cornerstones of the

once-in-a-generation project known as the

12-peak, 5-valley ski experience. The first

milestone project was already successfully

put into service for the start of the past winter

season with the new Panorama Link between

Wagrain and Kleinarl/Flachauwinkl. The new

ultramodern Flying Mozart Gondola will complete

the ski link and enable the region to take

its place among the biggest and most varied

winter sports destinations in the Alps.

Ropeway for 2023 Federal Horticultural

Show in Mannheim

A ropeway from Doppelmayr will link the

exhibition grounds Spinelli and Luisenpark at

the Federal Horticultural Show in Mannheim

(“BUGA 23”) from April 14 through October

8, 2023. The detachable gondola lift will carry

up to 2,800 passengers per hour and direction

along the 2.1-kilometer route. The trip time

in the comfortable OMEGA V cabins will take

roughly eight minutes. The ropeway installation

will be presented as a sustainable mobility

solution at BUGA 23 – visitors will experience it

as a means of urban transport. The gondola is

to be constructed in 2022.

Further information on

BUGA 23 is available at:



The Federal Horticultural Show in Mannheim

will run for 180 days from April through to October

2023 on the former Spinelli military base in

Mannheim’s northeast and in parts of Luisenpark.

A program of over 5,000 events and at-

tractions is planned. The organizers of BUGA

23 expect to see 2.1 million visitors. BUGA 23

is both a horticultural show and an urban development

with room for new ideas and part

of Mannheim’s Northeast Green Corridor Project,

connecting 230 hectares of green spaces

that stretch into the city center. At the former

Spinelli Barracks, more than 62 hectares of

land are to be cleared and relandscaped for

the 2023 Federal Horticultural Show.

CWA cabins and

vehicles in motion


Ropeway cabins and vehicles from CWA are used around the globe and are valued

by ropeway operators and passengers alike for their excellent workmanship and high

comfort. Over the years, the Doppelmayr Group’s cabin manufacturer has evolved

into an industrial enterprise that impresses its customers with well-conceived solutions

and new features.


he company employs around 170 people

at its base in the Swiss city of Olten.

With this team, CWA develops, designs

and manufactures the cabins and vehicles

that, with few exceptions, are sold to locations

around the world through the Doppelmayr

Group’s sales organization. The product portfolio

offers carriers for all ropeway applications:

from cabins for continuous-movement ropeways

and reversible aerial tramways to vehicles

for funicular railways and custom solutions

such as theme parks. CWA’s services also include

the overhaul of cabins and vehicles as

well as worldwide customer support.

Modern products for modern times

In the last three years, CWA has launched new

cabins for monocable and tricable ropeways

onto the market. The OMEGA V was presented

in 2018 as the fifth generation of the company’s

bestseller, followed by the launch of the

ATRIA for 3S systems in 2019. In terms of functionality

and design, both cabins were consistently

aligned with Doppelmayr’s cutting-edge

ropeway technology and offer passengers an

entirely new ambience inside combined with

even wider perspectives. Thanks to their modular

construction, options can be selected to

address the needs of the ropeway operator and

also retrofitted at a later date. The OMEGA V

now also comes in an AURO version for autonomous

ropeway stations. The first AURO

installation with this CWA cabin went into service

in Zermatt on the Kumme gondola lift in

December 2020 and was presented in detail in

WIR Issue 1/2021.

Doppelmayr Group


Industrial manufacturing methods

With the further development of the OMEGA,

CWA also redesigned its manufacturing facility

and industrialized key production processes.

In addition to its expertise in lightweight aluminum

construction, the company has acquired

a leading role in bonding technology. A major

emphasis is placed on quality assurance. The

inspections are in some cases directly integrated

into the automated process, such as in the

case of component bonding, or take the form

of specifi c function tests that also include the

electrical and electronic components. All cabins

and vehicles are subjected to a fi nal inspection

before they are released for shipment.

Valuable specialist know-how

CWA also specializes in the manufacture of 3S

and tramway cabins as well as funicular and

special vehicles. The company relies on the

proven craftsmanship of its skilled workers in

this area. These contracts tend to be one-off

products or occasionally small series. The external

design and interior fittings can be customized

and the cabin or vehicle therefore

becomes an eye-catcher for the ropeway installation

in its own right. Virtually anything is

possible, from the futuristic shuttle design with

modern interior to the vintage-style funicular

with ergonomically shaped wooden benches

and retro-look lamps. These unique designs

epitomize the versatility and in-depth knowhow

of CWA.

Facts and figures

Founded: 1939

Location: Olten, Switzerland

Headcount: 170

Products: Cabins and vehicles for

monocable and tricable continuousmovement

ropeways, reversible aerial

tramways and funicular railways as

well as special vehicles for shuttles

and theme parks

Activities: Development, design,

manufacture, sale, customer support,


30 Customer Support

At our customers’ service

– relaunch of the customer

support website

A good website is dynamic and needs to be continually updated and improved. Simply

having a site that looks good is not sufficient in itself; it’s the technology behind it that

counts – and no one knows this better than Doppelmayr. The customer support website

has therefore been relaunched following extensive preparations. Since January 2021,

customers have been able to navigate with particular ease through the service offers.

in 16 languages. And in view of the growing

number of users who access the internet from

their smartphones, the responsive design of

the website has been improved and developed

for mobile devices in order to enhance

the user experience.

While user needs were the main focus

when revamping the customer support

website, a modern design and

constructive user experience were also major

priorities. Successful elements and established

functions have been retained and at the same

time a host of new features included. Thanks to

the clear overview at service.doppelmayr.com,

all it takes is a few clicks to rapidly access the

required content and functions.


The new website at a glance

The new, optimized menu navigation is delightfully

simple. Selecting the self-explanatory

icons gives the user direct access to services,

the latest training program and the individual

customer service portal as well as information

and news relating to customer support.

In particular, Doppelmayr has taken into consideration

where and how customers use the

website. The new site is available worldwide

New functions

Ordering tools and spare parts is now even easier.

Customers without access to the Ropeway

Assistant enter their lift installations once on the

portal using the lift name and number. When

orders are placed, the installation’s ID can then

be added with a single click. New functions are

also available for the address book. Customers

can now save their own addresses, which is

particularly useful when billing and delivery addresses

differ or if different delivery addresses

are used for different spare parts storage locations.

A new well-conceived process for the

digital transmission of Doppelmayr bulletins was

also created when redesigning the customer

support website.

An eye for the future

It’s not just the frontend of the new customer

support website that’s state of the art. The

backend already includes provision for system

expansion to include new features and functions

in the future.

In Brief


Kumme gondola as

shining co-star




Champion RopeCon ®

Booysendal South

Ski legend Didier Cuche, a new electric

sports car, the Matterhorn… and in the midst

of it all the Kumme gondola! The new ropeway

installation in Zermatt is given a prominent

role in the advertising clip from car

maker Audi – and proves that it can certainly

match the star performer in terms of sporting

elegance. With the idea of allowing nature to

recharge his batteries, the former alpine ski

racer sets off on a trip to the Matterhorn ski

paradise. And, needless to say, the journey

would not be complete without a ride up to

the Unterrothorn on the first AURO ropeway

from Doppelmayr.

Check out the

full clip here:

The Association of Metaltechnology

Industries has honored the RopeCon ®

Booysendal South in South Africa with

the Champions in Hidden Markets Award.

This accolade is bestowed every two

years and is aimed at putting the spotlight

on exceptional projects in unusual markets.

The transport system RopeCon ®

Booysendal South ensures an efficient

connection between new mining areas in

Booysendal South and an existing concentrator

plant for platinum ore. It is the

ideal and most sustainable solution when

it comes to transporting material in diffi -

cult terrain.


Province of Tyrol award

for Falginjoch tramway

Inclined length

Vertical rise



Trip time




Max. inclination

Max. gradient


Standard battery


Rail height


The architectural concept for the Falginjoch

tramway 3,113 m has been recognized with

the Province of Tyrol Award for New Construction

2020. Both aesthetics and innovation were

the main assessment criteria for the jury. “The

project succeeds in maintaining a balance between

abstraction and precise architecture. At

this extreme location, the architecture seems to

be a tool that sharpens the perception,” said jury

member Anne-Julchen Bernhardt. The Funifor

tramway that was opened on the Kaunertal

Glacier at the end of 2019 impresses with its

exceptional design, sustainability, performance

and barrier-free access. Architect Carlo Baumschlager

explains: “The basis for all design

considerations was the requisite visible technical

installations belonging to the ropeway technology

such as drives, towers and rope anchoring.

These key visual elements inspired the minimalist

approach in concrete, steel and glass.”

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